My Pride, My Lust, and My Love

BY : RaizenYusuke
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This continues where fifth chapter left off. It was originally one chapter, but I think it is more mangable this way and easier to read. Sorry if you expected different girls at this point. I didn't intend for this chapter to get so long, but it got away from me and I had to changes. Good news is this chapter does start to transition things from the first arc to the Soul Society arc.

“We have to class,” Ichigo reminded. They had been gone long enough as it was. People might get suspicious with all three of them gone. If Tatsuki or one of Inoue’s other friends came looking for her they could end up caught.

Again his warning was ignored. Orihime continued to touch herself, while Rukia continue to ogle her. “It would be rude to keep her wanting,” Rukia said.

Could either woman be satiated? They were both so starved despite everything they had done. Any other guy in his situation would hardly consider this a problem. He might not have even thought it was problem under different circumstances.

“You still haven’t fucked her yet,” Rukia said bluntly. “I know you want to. I know you want to fuck both of us.” She brushed his now deflated dick, causing it to twitch. “We have been gone longer to deal with Hollows. We can afford a little more time.”

His resolve was crumbling. The thought of having Inoue and Rukia again stirred his raw member. It would be some time before he could fully erect, but it wouldn’t take too much time. He could probably go one more round. As if she could read his thoughts Rukia smirked and patted him on the cheek. “Good boy.”

Ichigo slapped her hand away and glared daggers at her. The raven haired midget was getting too big for her britches. “Need to get you ready,” Rukia stated. “I know just what you need.” Was she going to do what he thought she was? Rukia pulled his arm and led them to Inoue. The formerly naïve girl’s fingers pumped away. “Such an honest girl,” he heard Rukia say. She pulled Inoue down into a kiss again. Both girls moaned. “We need to help Ichigo.”

The lust that had infected her moments ago had been banished instantly. Clarity returned to Orihime at the mention of the boy of her dreams needing her help. “What is wrong with Kurosaki-kun?”

“He needs something to get him worked up.” Rukia hoped the insinuation hadn’t gone over her naïve friend’s head. “It is up to us to give him a good enough show.”

“A show?” repeated Orihime. What kind of show did Kuchiki-san have in mind? The new transfer student crushed her lips onto hers. ‘Oh. Kurosaki-kun needs that kind of help.’ Orihime receded back into the wonderful throes of carnal lust. “Kuchiki-san,” Orihime uttered, thick with arousal. Her hands ceased their actions without Orihime’s permission. Her body overruled her in hopes of gaining Kuchiki-san’s attention. Her body’s hopes were granted swiftly by Kuchiki-san. The fingers that had been buried into her core were brought up close to Kuchiki-san’s mouth. Orihime held her breath in either anticipation or fear. She wasn’t sure which it was. “Kuchiki-san, what are you doing?” Her question was answered when her friend sucked her fingers. Orihime’s whole body shuddered.

The violet spheres that were Kuchiki-san’s eyes were hot with sensuality that mesmerized Orihime. “Naughty girl,” Kuchiki-san purred. Heat raced to her face. Orihime wanted to hide away, but Kuchiki-san wouldn’t have it. She began unbuttoning Orihime’s blouse tantalizingly slow. “Naughty and tasty,” she continued. “He wants you so badly.” The words were so soft that they caressed Orihime’s ears as gently a lover’s hand might. Just as with a lover Orihime drifted into peaceful lull that made it difficult to comprehend Kuchiki-san.

“Huh?” Orihime asked dumbly. Kuchiki-san was highly amused by her response.

“Ichigo,” she clarified. “He wants you so badly.” Kurosaki-kun was there. Of course he was. Why did she forget that? Orihime followed Kuchiki-san’s line of sight and saw her beloved staring at them with an unknown expression. She didn’t recognize it. “He can’t take his eyes off of you. Who could blame him?” The last button came undone. The blouse was hanging open, revealing the white bra she wore. Orihime didn’t notice the other woman greedily taking her in. She was focused on Kurosaki-kun. He was looking at her. Childish glee burst forth from her chest. He was only looking at her too.    

“Huh!” Orihime yelped. Kuchiki-san’s hands fondled her breasts suddenly. Kurosaki-kun’s gaze went to Kuchiki-san. Disappointment washed over her until she saw the dark look her favorite scowling boy was giving the other woman. Did he not like Kuchiki-san doing this to her? “Ku…uh!” Hot lips were on her throat. The kisses roamed over her throat then her collarbone eliciting moans from her.

Seeing Inoue so flustered aroused Ichigo. Listening to her throaty moans wound him up. He wanted her. He wanted her as badly as Rukia claimed. Ichigo would rather be the one with his hands on Inoue. He couldn’t deny witnessing girl on girl action as Keigo would call it was extremely arousing, yet there was a part of him was bothered by it. These conflicting feelings were confusing. He tried to push them aside, but they came back all too soon when the noises Inoue made grew louder. Rukia bit down on her cleavage lightly.

“Kuchiki-san….” He heard her whimper. Rukia had moved one hand from the buxom girl’s chest and moved it to her groin. No doubt she was rubbing Inoue’s drenched sex. “Ah…Kuchiki-san…ah…” Rukia was having Inoue all to herself and damn if it wasn’t making him envious and aroused. His hands were itching to get ahold of the most popular girl of the first years.

“Kurosaki-kun.” Shocked at Inoue’s outburst Ichigo could only stare blankly. “Kurosaki-kun….I….” She called his name. She really called his name. Shock was replaced by a sense of thrill. The thrill to know that even while Rukia was the one touching her that Inoue was thinking of him in some capacity. Rukia left a trail of kisses down to Inoue’s stomach, reaching dangerously close to her core, yet she was thinking of him. “Kurosaki-kun, I want to help you.”

Help him? She was helping him plenty. “Inoue.”

“Do you really want to help Ichigo?” Rukia asked Orihime. She planted one last kiss at the auburn beauty’s bellybutton.

“Y-yes,” Orihime stammered. The raven haired woman rose, ignoring her hot and wet core. Orihime had to clench her jaw shut to muffle woeful cry. It was excruciating to have her so close to where she wanted to be touched most ignored. As if she was to hear her thoughts Kuchiki-san smirked. It made her stomach turn, but rather it was a good or a bad thing Orihime didn’t know.    

“Let’s help him then.” Rukia directed Inoue to knee down alongside her in front of Ichigo or more specifically his penis. “You see he needs help getting hard,” she revealed. “We can help him get harder faster if we work together.”

“Work together?” Orihime repeated, uncertainty coloring her words. She thought they were already working together. “How do we work together?” She hoped her question wasn’t too dense. Tatsuki and the other girls would give her weird looks when she said something they found too dense or silly. Kuchiki-san had more experience with sex than she did. For all Orihime knew this was such a simple act that it was painfully obvious.

The more experienced woman thankfully didn’t scoff at Orihime for her lack of knowledge. Kuchiki-san shared an encouraging smile with her that made Orihime feel better. “We’re going to suck Ichigo’s cock.” Rukia wrapped her hand around the member. “We’ll have to take turns at first, but once he starts getting harder we’ll be able to suck him off at the same time,” she explained. “The good thing about Ichigo’s size is that he’s big enough for the two of us to suck his cock at the same time.” Inoue appeared to comprehend her, but Rukia assured Inoue that she would catch on quick all the same. Any remaining fear she might have had were expelled completely by then.

“How about you go first?” Rukia offered, casually. It was too casual in Ichigo’s mind. This wasn’t like some food Rukia was offering Inoue to sample. Plus he didn’t like how he was seemingly being ignored. ‘It is not like you are going to stop them,’ his subconscious argued. It was right. He was hardly about to object when Inoue took hold of his still stiffening dick. “Do you have a good hold of him?” asked Rukia.

Orihime nodded. “I think so?” She looked up to Ichigo for confirmation. When he told her she was good a bright smile materialized. She lunged forward and took part of him into her mouth. The last time she did this for him he was fully erect. It was strange to have him in her mouth without him being ready for her. Then again he hadn’t experienced two orgasms before she performed oral sex on him.

“Don’t be afraid to start off strong,” Rukia advised.

Orihime heeded the advice and sucked the shaft as hard as she could. He groaned out. “N-not that hard,” Ichigo pleaded. She let up and soon his pained groans became ones of elation. A hand found its way into her hair. “Just like that.” Orihime could feel his member stiffening more and more in her mouth. The taste was different with Kuchiki-san’s essence on there. It wasn’t a bad taste. No, it added more flavor, gave it a spice. Spicy food was among her favorite meals. This was a treat for her taste buds. She had to admit there was something new and exciting to tasting him now.

As the volume of his cries grew Orihime’s confidence increased accordingly. As his member grew she was forced to release more of him. The memory of trying to take all of him in was fresh. The thought of coughing while Kuchiki-san was watching was unappealing. She wanted to somewhat look experienced in front of Kuchiki-san. “Inoue,” Ichigo groaned, approvingly.

Proud of Inoue’s work Rukia observed as her pupil successfully carried the boy to his euphoric journey. What she lacked in experience Inoue more than made up in for her wiliness to give it her all. It wasn’t long before she got Ichigo semi-erected. If she didn’t stop her now Rukia was sure Inoue would have fully revitalized him on her own. Rukia saw a tinge of disappointment in Inoue when she took over. To her credit Inoue hadn’t uttered a complaint. She watched Rukia lap up the underside of the cock. “Yeah, that’s good,” Ichigo whined.

Feather light kisses and heavy tongue brushes injected more life into the member in no time at all. There was enough of him for Rukia to enact her plan. Inoue was giddy when Rukia invited her to join in. They split up the task. Inoue kissed and licked the head lovingly, while Rukia sucked the base. Ichigo openly wept from pure elation. “Oh, I-I n-n-never knew…it could be t-this good,” he announced, more to himself than to them. He was powerless before them. It was a turn on for Rukia. Her tongue brushed over his testicles. Inoue kissed away the pre-cum before swallowing the head whole.

It wasn’t long before her Substitute was begging them to stop. “No more….N-no more! I’m go…going to….cum,” he warned. The girls stopped, although Inoue finished by giving one last kiss the throbbing erection. He reeked of raging hormones. Chocolate eyes were devoid of any kindness or harshness he was known for. All that was left was pent up sexual frustration. He was ready to unleash it all.

“Kurosaki-kun.” His stare bore on Orihime. She was enveloped in her own sexual energy. They were two infernos threatening to consume everything in their path. When they met it would be explosive. Rukia could sense that much. “Kurosaki-kun, it’s my turn now.” Orihime got on her feet, although her legs were shaky. “You were with Kuchiki-san. Now it is my turn. Do me.” She threw her arms around him and initiated a searing kiss. From what Rukia could see it was powerful enough to make blood boil. When it ended there was only a sliver of the Ichigo she had grown familiar with during her stay in Human World.  

To the depowered Shinigami it was more accurate to say his humanity was stripped and replaced by a bestial presence. “I’m going to fuck you.” Any inhibitions Ichigo might have had were incinerated. He attacked her very swollen lips with fever. “I’m going to fuck you,” he repeated. His lips claimed her neck and top of her breasts or as much as he could claim while she wore a bra. He couldn’t get enough of Inoue. It was obvious with how his hands shook as they braced her waist. Her small lovely moans goaded him on.

She made no objections. All his fears and concerns of her rejecting him for his baser desires were so foolish that Ichigo would laugh at them. Inoue for all her innocence and gentle nature was still a woman with her own desires. Right now she desired his touch. Her hands ran through his hair, pushing him to take more of her voluptuous breasts. He obeyed her will. He kissed as much skin as he could before the meddlesome bra got in his way. He had as much patience with this bra as he did with Rukia’s, if not less so. The Substitute prepared for the daunting task ahead of him the garment inexplicitly burst open and enormous mounds were freed. A pair of hands cupped them, a pair of hands not belonging to Ichigo. His brow furrowed. “Rukia,” he growled darkly.

Behind Inoue was the insatiable seductress. Naturally she was the culprit to the undone the bra and now she was the one reaping the benefits, much to Ichigo’s annoyance. “I thought I would help you out,” Rukia said, innocently enough. Ichigo wasn’t fooled. She tweaked erect nipples, ushering an erotic moan from Inoue

“Kuchiki-san!” she exclaimed. As good as it felt to have her breasts touched she would rather have Kurosaki-kun touching them. Fortunately Kuchiki-san’s hands moved downward. Her beloved wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. His lips were kissing at her nipples. “Yes. Kurosaki-kun, please don’t stop.” He suckled one globe, while a hand fondled the other. The warmth of his breath and brush of his tongue created a marvelous sensation. “Yes. Yes. Please don’t stop,” Orihime chanted. “Ye…Aaaaahh!” Kuchiki-san inserted a few fingers into her without warning, causing quite the surprise. Her first thought was to object, but it wasn’t entirely unwelcomed. The way Kuchiki-san used her fingers were almost magical. She unlocked the secrets of her body and used them to set it aflame. Her body burned so hot that Orihime couldn’t understand how her body was still intact. Surely real flames had consumed her with how hot she was feeling.

Everything was sensitive and raw. When his tongue or her fingers touched something it ached, yet felt so magnificent. They were overloading her brain. She could feel all the little Orihimes running rampant in her head, trying to keep it all together and failing. How could they expect to maintain anything when her body was drowning in pleasure like this? She wasn’t even speaking in coherent sentences at this point, which Kuchiki-san teased her about. White hot pain overwhelmed her. A tidal wave occurred and crushed her whole body. Vaginal walls collapsed around the fingers. “Yes! Oh yes!” she mouthed out almost soundlessly.

Given how wound up Orihime was before it hadn’t surprised Rukia she came already. The younger woman’s fluids covered her digits. Not wishing to waste this opportunity she tasted the other woman. ‘Odd taste,’ she thought, ‘yet strangely appealing.’ Perhaps the odd woman mirrored her cooking, odd at first, yet secretly possessing a unique flavor all to itself. The orange haired teenagers were locked in yet another passionate embrace. Their lips were liable to fall off at this point.

The kiss was broken by Ichigo. “I can’t take it anymore.” He spread her legs further apart. “I need to be inside of you.” Orihime nodded vehemently. She pulled them back to the wall for support. He was very, very impatient. He shoved his shaft right into her. He was met with little resistance thanks to how soaking wet her folds were. He was able to get a good portion of himself inside of her.

“Oooooh!” moaned Orihime. She almost forgot how full he made her feel. Pain still reverberated throughout her, but so did the pleasure. His need for her drove him in deeper and stretched her out more and more. Her arms around him tightened more and more with it. Pain and pleasure were indistinguishably linked. Her vision blurred from the tears that formed, yet she welcomed them.

Paradise greeted him. Her walls clung to him so tightly that they were against releasing him even one bit. The incredible warmth radiating from her insides made leaving an insane notion. Ichigo sunk further into depths of sexual nirvana and Inoue’s pussy. A spell was cast over him. All he could see was Inoue. All he could smell was Inoue. All he could feel was Inoue. This woman became his whole world and he was ready to worship her for allowing him this privilege. “Inoue,” his voice quaked with adoration and longing he couldn’t explain. He could chalk it up to the spell. It was the only logical explanation. Searching for logic in all of this was probably absurd.

It was absurd how different being with Inoue was from Rukia. Due to her smaller size Rukia was tighter, but he couldn’t fit his entire girth into her. With Inoue he could sheath his full length into her. It made a difference. It made a very notable difference to Ichigo. “Shit, this feels amazing.”

“Kurosaki-kun,” Orihime summoned him. Their lips collided once he met her gaze. She wasn’t sure who initiated it, though she suspected she was the instigator. “Please move.” In their position she couldn’t move her hips well enough. Everything depended on him. “Please move.” Another needy kiss was all she needed to convey what her words couldn’t. Her nearly unquenchable hunger and her endless devotion were all exposed to his very soul. “I want youuu…” He started thrusting into her madly. “Oh….ooooh….Kurosaki-kun.”

Invigorated the Substitute set a maddening pace that left Orihime reeling. His fears of hurting her from their last coupling were nonexistent. He pumped in his hips against her almost violently. Pain rippled through her, but was losing its power. Pleasure churned from her belly. It was becoming overpowering. Delighted cries passed through her lips. “G-good….It’s good….It’s so good!” exclaimed Orihime.

“Y-yeah, it is,” he concurred. “It is so fucking good.” He fucked her hard and fast, yet she enjoyed it. Dark fantasies he had entertained were becoming reality. Inoue demanded more. How could this not be a dream? It escaped Ichigo, but he met her demand and increased his speed.

“Right there!” she bounced her hips back against him. “Right there, Kurosaki-kun!”

“You like that?” His mouth found her bountiful bosom again.

“Uh-huh!” Orihime answered eagerly. “M-more please! Do that more please!” she practically begged. He licked the areola and nipple of her right breast heavily. 

Not wanting to disappoint her he repeated his previous thrust. “Yes! Thank you! Thank you!” Ichigo thought it was a bit amusing as he sucked the sizable asset enthusiastically. “Oh! Oh yes! It feels so good, Kurosaki-kun!” Holding back his orgasm was the challenge. It was approaching, although this time Ichigo was able to fight back against it. He needed to stave it off or find a way to get Inoue there faster. An idea didn’t form until after he switched to the other breast. It would require him to relinquish the coveted mound, to his regret. This couldn’t be all about him though. He wanted Inoue to enjoy herself as well. That meant he would help her find her release.

A profound sense of emptiness came over Orihime when Kurosaki-kun removed his erection from her. Unbearable yearning plagued her. He spun her around. The wall occupied her line of vision, much to her dismay. Her lust drunken lover was much more pleasing to her eye. “What are you doing?”

He leaned forward and growled in her ear, “I’m going to fuck from behind.” He felt her body first shudder then stiffen under him. Pride filled him. Ichigo shoved his cock back into her.

“Kurosaki-kun?” she asked bewildered. He rammed his cock in and out of her at an even faster pace. To stop herself from falling forward Orihime had to throw her arms out and grab onto the wall. From there he refused to let up. He pounded into her harder and harder. This new position gave him more control and allowed him to slip in and out even easier. It felt so much better than it did before. Orihime wanted to cry out, but her voice was stolen. Every last one of her pleasure receptors was overloaded. Her whole body was just a conduit for meant for pleasure.

Every thrust was a sharp megavolt. Every cell was sparkling with life. Inoue shuddered against him, while her voice died. To feel and see such a powerful effect on her gave him even more satisfaction. Her walls were contorting around him tightly. Her fair skin flushed.

“Are you almost there?” He couldn’t resist the urge to fondle her breasts again.

Miraculously her voice returned to her then. “Yes…. I’m almost….almost….there….” Broken up words were the best she could in place of whole sentences. He overwhelming. All she could do was take his mad thrusts. The way he palmed her breasts was rough, yet felt incredible. Orihime was on nearing the edge and Kurosaki-kun was pushing her toward it. “S-so close….Oh….I’m so….oh yes….Yes….Ku-Kurosaki-kun…..Kurosaki-kun….Kurosaki-kun!” She was pushed over the edge as her climax overtook her.

When the walls started to collapse around his dick some small voice reminded him not to ejaculate inside Inoue for fear of unwanted pregnancy. He pulled out and willed himself not to cum. Chances were he couldn’t repeat that feet again in a million years. He was extremely lucky not to have given in as he did with Rukia. Of course now his dick was aching fiercely.

“You know there is way you could take care of that.” He forgotten Rukia was there. “Don’t you want to know how?”

“Let me guess it involves you.” Rukia shook her head, which left him confused.

“This involves Inoue. It is something only she can do.” Intrigued her Substitute shot a questioning look at her. “One benefit to having large breasts like hers is that they can fit a penis in between them.” His eyes enlarged like saucers. Lust darkened them. Her meaning wasn’t lost on him. He turned back to the younger woman. “I believe in your world it is called a tit fuck or boob job.”


Reading all the trashy manga Keigo pushed him enlightened Ichigo on tit fucking. It wasn’t something he would go around bragging about. After all he didn’t want to be lumped as a pervert like Keigo was, but he had been curious to say the least about that certain sexual act. He never really thought he would have the chance to explore it, at least not for a long while. The thought disappeared in the back of his mind. It never became an obsession like it was with Keigo. It was just a passing fancy. It was no wonder why it hadn’t come to him even when his relationship with Inoue developed into something physical.

Here he was now, ogling the chest that had many of his classmates spellbound. He prided himself on resisting his hormones, but even Ichigo was entranced by the mounds. Being the only one who could touch them as he pleased was a turn on. The thought of them around his dick was enough to make his mouth water. He could only imagine now, but he didn’t have to. It was much safer using her breasts to cum than using her pussy. Ichigo made up his mind.       

“Inoue, I need your help.” He explained what he required of her. Orihime was all too happy to comply. Her only reservation was her ignorance on what to do, which evaporated when Ichigo assured her he would tell her what she needed to do. Orihime knelt on the discarded pants. They put her massive mounds to use. She held them in place, while Ichigo put his cock through her cleavage. The heavy weight put great pressure around him, but it was stimulating. “Are you ready?”

“Uh-huh.” He talked her through moving her chest up and down. Helpless groans rushed out. Apparently she was doing things right.

“Ah,” moaned Ichigo. “That’s it. Try holding them tighter.”

“Like this?” She squeezed her breasts more, squashing his manhood even more. Groans turned into blissful weeping. It was adorable to see the normally mean faced boy experience such joy. Who knew she could use her breasts like this to make him feel good? If she had known about this she would have done this sooner for him.

“Aaaaaah! Inoue! This is fantastic!” Orihime was going to remember to do this for him again. Tatsuki-chan had really given her great advice. Her breasts really could please Kurosaki-kun! She redoubled her effort. The pleasured cries increased. Yes, she was going to do this for him again.

He had no idea what got into Inoue to make her speed up, but he wasn’t going to complain about it. It couldn’t be said that the girl was lazy that was for sure. She put her best foot forward in everything she did it seemed. That positive trait carried over into sex. Inoue had caused his voice to rebel against him. Ichigo couldn’t control what came out of it at this point. The impending orgasm was beating down on the door. There was no fighting it this time. “Inoue, I’m about to cum,” he warned. The buxom woman hadn’t let up though. “Fuck. Hey, listen! I’m going to cum soon. Y-you have to stop.”

Orihime shook her head and looked at him as if he had lost his mind. “It’s okay. You can let go.”

“B-but, I’ll…” It was too late. His seed gushed out. Ichigo watched in silent horror as his semen shot through her cleavage and hit Inoue in the face. Her chin and nose were covered. Did he really have to cum right as Inoue’s face came close to his head? ‘This is why I wanted you to stop.’ She was a mess. There was no other word for it. A normal girl might have shrieked or shouted at him for ejaculating over her face, but Inoue wasn’t a normal girl.

Instead of scorn or blame Inoue wiped the semen and stared at it on her hand with fascination. She stuck her tongue out to taste the remains experimentally. Her tongue sparked to life. Inoue lapped the every last bit of his cum until she was spotless. “Yummy!” she declared.

The girl’s taste buds were bizarre. Ichigo couldn’t imagine a girl to happily proclaim yummy after eating cum for the first time. He could search for a hundred years and he wouldn’t find another woman like Inoue. She was very unique. “You know you didn’t need to eat all of that. I could have gotten you something to wipe it off.”

Orihime shook her head. “It’s no trouble at all. I wouldn’t want to make you go all the way to bathroom just to get me paper towels when I could wipe it off with my tongue.” It amazed him at how accommodating she strove to be. Inoue would rather put burden after burden upon herself before she even considered asking someone else to trouble themselves. “It was really tasty. I had no idea that you taste so good, Kurosaki-kun,” she finished with a smile, as if it were the most casual conversation ever.

“Geeze, you really are odd.” He regretted the words instantly. Inoue’s jovialness soured into hurt.

“Am I odd?” She looked wounded puppy.

It hurt him to hear how broken she sounded now. “It’s not bad. You’re odd, but it’s not bad,” he said weakly. His words failed to assuage her of her hurt. Ichigo searched for any words to fix this, but nothing came. A fist came crashing down on the back of his head. The force of the blow left him stinging.

“Idiot!” scolded Rukia. She made her displeasure for him known. “How can you call a woman you just had sex with odd!? Do you really have no manners whatsoever?”

“Did you really need to hit me?” Ichigo glared at Rukia. His anger slowly rose.

“Apparently, I do, because you don’t have any manners!” Rukia threw back.

“I was trying to apologize!” defended Ichigo.

“You call that an apology? You never even told Inoue you were sorry!”

He recoiled. She was right. He hadn’t actually apologized yet. Ichigo turned to the hurt Inoue. Anger from his sore head was forgotten. Remorse washed over him. “Inoue, I didn’t mean to insult you. I really am sorry. Being odd isn’t a bad thing. It’s kind of why I like you so much.” The woeful expression was replaced by a hopeful and grateful one. Seeing her spirits pick back up brought a smile to his lips. The woman had a strange power to influence those around her. When she was sad it was felt by everyone around her. When she was happy it was infected everyone around with its warmth.

“I like you a lot too.” She liked him a lot too. She really just said that. It sounded more romantic in her head. He probably thought it was lame. When she braved a peak she saw him smiling at her. She could feel her heart skip a beat, but Orihime didn’t break eye contact with him. Just by looking at him alone Orihime knew he didn’t think what she said was lame. He valued what she said and took it to heart. Insecurities she held were unimportant. In the end he hadn’t seen them at all and accepted her as she was. All the fears of making a fool of herself or uneasiness she felt about being around him with Kuchiki-san were so small. She could be herself around him without worry. Orihime took immense comfort in that. She knew she was falling deeper in love with him. Orihime hadn’t thought she could love him more.

How would he react if she shared that with him? It was probably too soon, but Orihime wanted to shout it out. A voice in her head that sounded a lot like Tatsuki stopped her. She expressed her love with a stolen kiss. It was the safer option, but Orihime couldn’t help like she was being cowardly. “I like you, Kurosaki-kun,” she reiterated.

He smiled at her. “I like you too.” He planted a kiss on her forehead, making her giggle. Ichigo was growing fond of it. He heard worse sounds in his life. He wouldn’t mind hearing it again in the future.

Rukia watched on, feeling pleased with the cute display in front of her. Ichigo usually couldn’t stand for silliness or nonsense of any kind from everything that she knew of him. The rare possible exceptions to this perhaps being his sisters and even then he tried to play it off as if he were annoyed. He wasn’t glaring or frowning at Inoue. His face was free from the creasing his constant scowling caused. He was smiling and not trying to hide it. Rukia was glad she had decided to bring Inoue with her.

If she did one thing right during her stay in the Human World then she could say with confidence that encouraging Inoue to pursue Ichigo was one of them. She was a good person. Ichigo needed someone like that in his life. Inoue could help him take the armor he hauled himself up in off and enjoy life more. Ichigo deserved that rather he realized it or not. Helping the two of them become closer was something she could look back on with no regrets. ‘At least I did this right.’ Her Substitute and Inoue made a cute couple. It pained her to intrude on this moment they were having, but time was not on their side. They probably pushed things enough as it was. She cleared her throat, getting Ichigo and Inoue’s attention and ruining their moment.

The romantic in her was kicking and screaming. “I hate to break this up, but it’s about time we get going. We still have class to get to.” The reminder of the class still awaiting them sent her Substitute and Inoue into a panic. They scrambled to get their clothing as fast as humanly possible. Inoue tripped and fell on her face. By the time Rukia thought to help her friend she already gotten back on her feet and hastily putting her panties back on one handed, while rubbing her poor face with the other one. The depowered Shinigami was impressed with the skilled hand she saw. With the speed at which they were going Rukia was liable to be left behind. She stopped gawking and started dressing.

The whole ordeal was chaotic. Ichigo blamed Rukia for wasting too much time. Not one to take things lying down Rukia argued that Ichigo was as much at fault as Rukia was. They bickered over who was at fault, with Inoue trying to mediate things with little success. Finally the arguing died down when both had gotten so fed up that they decided to stop talking to each other. This went on until everyone had finished dressing. “Ichigo, you stay here for a while,” Rukia said.

“Why do I have to wait here?” He was already piling up absences as it was. Ichigo saw no reason to extend them any further when he didn’t have to.

“Fool! How do you think it will look if all three of us come in at the same time?” People were prone to gossip no matter what realm they originated from, Soul Society or Human World, it made no difference. All it took was one student to notice a hair out of place or a curious look and rumors would all around school before they could hope to stop it. While Rukia was confident in her own ability to mask her emotions she doubted either Ichigo or Inoue could conceal anything if all three of them came to class together. Inoue was barely holding it together now. It was smarter not to go in at the same time. “Just hold back for ten minutes or so.” Ichigo was unhappy to hear that, but she didn’t care. “Inoue and I will go back first together. It won’t look suspicious for two girls to be together.”

He couldn’t argue against that. He might not be happy about it, but he would have to bow to the reasoning. That was where the strength in Rukia’s argument laid. Ichigo would have no counter for it. She was proven correct when her Substitute made halfhearted and rather flimsy objections. Rukia was able to dismiss them with a hard look. To spare him some of his dignity she ignored him and focused on Inoue to make sure nothing was out of place. There was some red on the girl’s cheeks. Her skin glistened, revealing the sweat that had coated her face. These were things a trip to the bathroom could fix. It would give her time to calm the anxious girl’s nerves. “Come on,” she called Inoue.

“We’ll go to the bathroom first to clean up then head back into class. Ichigo will wait at least ten minutes before he returns.” He made no protests. Rukia took it as a good sign that he would execute her commands. She took Inoue’s hand and started leading her away to deny him the chance to change his mind.

As Orihime was being escorted by the surprisingly strong Kuchiki-san she hurried to get one more glance at Kurosaki-kun before they departed. There were a number of things she could have said to him. She wanted to say all of them to him, but there wasn’t enough time to say them now. Telling him one thing would have to suffice. “Bye, Kurosaki-kun. See you in class.” She waved him before the door closed, separating them.

“Don’t look so glum,” Rukia said. “You’ll see him again soon.”

“I’m not glum.” The raven haired woman rolled her eyes. “I-I’m not,” she asserted, weakly. Kuchiki-san wouldn’t believe her at all. “Kurosaki-kun looked upset. Maybe we should have let him go first.”

Rukia scoffed. “He will be fine going after us. We are ladies. It is only polite that he allow us to go first.” That would give him more time to regain his composure. “Ichigo always gets upset over every little thing, but he gets over it pretty fast.”

“Kurosaki-kun was upset then.”

She chose her words poorly. “Not at you. He was upset at me, but it is a minor thing. Trust me he will be over it before the end of the day.” That won Inoue over at least. “He can’t be upset at you, not after the moves you pulled on him.” She could feel Inoue melt. The woman was quite the vixen in the heat of things, yet here she was still bashful. “I told you he wanted you there. He could barely take his eyes off of you.”

“He looked at you too,” Orihime said, trying to repay the compliment. Of course she did her best to equalize things, completely missing what Rukia was doing.

“Yes, but he was enthralled with you. He still is. I saw how he looked at you.” He was interested in Inoue beyond a shadow of a doubt. They were likely to act on their attraction and become a couple just like it happened in her romance manga. It was normal and peaceful, far away from the Shinigami world Rukia had thrust Ichigo in. “He likes you,” she reminded teasingly. It was wicked of her, but she found endless source of amusement from seeing the girl go scarlet.

“He likes both of us.” Orihime sought to compromise. Kuchiki-san would deem her as being modest, she was being truthful. Kurosaki-kun was attentive to both of them. It was enough for her to be desired by the object of her affections. Not just desired, she saw the way he looked at her lovingly as Kuchiki-san insinuated. He hadn’t really looked at Kuchiki-san like that had he? ‘Kuchiki-san is just being polite. I’m sure Kurosaki-kun liked us both equally.’ She wondered what it would be like to be the sole recipient of his affection. “Thank you for inviting me here.”

Would Inoue still thank her if she knew the type of danger she put Ichigo in? “There is no need to thank me.” Her efforts weren’t worthy of praise. She was only making amends the best way she could. “After all it was your idea for us to double team him.”

“I told you he couldn’t resist the two of us,” Orihime said, much too happily.

Rukia couldn’t bring herself to reprimand her. They chatted away over silly meaninglessly little things. They fixed themselves up in the bathroom as if she was an ordinary girl. Their return to class had earned them a light scolding was so painfully mundane. Fondness of this life she forged for herself was persistent, though she would not falter. The time had come for her to leave. Soul Society would be coming for her soon. To protect the people she had grown to care about she had to go. This was a great memory she gave to them at least. Ichigo would survive without her. Inoue would take care of him. The others would forget her in time, Arisawa, Asano, and the rest would only remember her as the new girl who came and went in the blink of an eye. It was better this way. Ichigo would even keep her powers and have the chance to avenge his mother. Urahara could watch over him. This way no would get hurt.

That was what she told herself at least. She deflected Inoue’s inquiry when she asked her if anything was wrong after school. She flat out ignored Ichigo when he tried to chew her out when class let out. Rukia gathered all traces of herself from Ichigo’s room and departed without sparing another word. Her seamless escape failed before it even began. Her oldest friend and brother intercepted her. Everything went to hell from there.

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