My Pride, My Lust, and My Love

BY : RaizenYusuke
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It is harem story. Ichigo will be with various girls throughout the series. The story also explores Ichigo’s relationships with both Rukia and Orihime. It is set in various points in the series, but sort of follows a chronological order. Some chapters follow something resembling a plot and others are one-shots. If you are interested in it check it out.

Ichigo wasn’t having a good day. First he overslept and missed his alarm clock thanks to all the hollow hunting he had to do the previous night. Every time he thought he was done Rukia’s stupid cellphone went off, alerting them to another Hollow. They had to race off towards another fight. God did that midget get annoying. All she did was scream orders at him. When she wasn’t doing that she constantly picked apart every little move he made. His stance was wrong or his form was sloppy. He got it already. Ichigo thought it was miracle that he didn’t murder her. He was so tempted to do so. They didn’t get back to his place until after 3 in the morning. The moment his body fell onto his mattress he was out just like a light.

Morning came too damn fast. His father jumped head first into his bed. He locked Ichigo into a headlock. The bright haired teen broke away from it and returned the favor. A sinister smirk emerged from his lips. He certainly taught his father a lesson about self-control. He rammed his fist into Isshin’s stomach, legs, and pretty much just about anything that would cause unspeakable damage. That didn’t stop alleviate his exhaustion. Yuzu scolded him twice for nearly falling asleep at the table during breakfast. Karin made a smartass comment. He didn’t have the energy to retort though. When Ichigo didn’t have it in him to argue back with anyone you knew he was tired. If only he could have just skipped school and crawled back into bed. God knew he could not afford to do such a thing.

Thanks to his Substitute Shinigami duties Ichigo had missed several class sessions. His teachers were starting to give him dirty looks. All the hard work he put into disproving he was a wannabe thug who bleached his hair was flushed right down the toilet. At the rate things were going he would be lucky to pass final exams. What made things worse was the fact that Rukia wasn’t suffering any ill effects from his duties at all. That conniving midget had done some job on Ochi-sensei and his other teachers. They all thought she was this delicate and innocent girl who had string of misfortunes that required her to miss class. Instead of getting glares she got tears of sympathy. She didn’t have so much as bags under her eyes. Did Shinigami not need sleep? Is that why she could stay out at all hours of the night and still look perfectly refreshed?

Whatever the reason was it pissed him off royally. This job was supposed to be a temporary thing. Rukia was supposed to get her powers back and resume her role as Karakura Town’s protector. Here it was months later and the raven haired girl was still powerless. He did say he wanted to stay a Shinigami longer to protect everyone and kill the Grand Fisher, but this was ridiculous. Rukia was turning his life upside down. He was walking the halls like a zombie, barely keeping his eyelids open. The odd looks he had gathered did not register. He just wanted to go to the roof, eat his lunch, and catch some shuteye before class resumed. If only he could find the damn door to the roof.

“Kurosaki-kun!” cried out a bubbly and very energetic voice.

It was loud enough to bring Ichigo out of his sleep deprived haze. He turned to his side to find the over ecstatic, naïve, auburn haired goddess of the freshman class of Karakura High, Inoue Orihime alone. She was waving at him with way too much enthusiasm. His interest peeked. Inoue’s shadow which was also known as her best friend, Tatsuki was nowhere to be found. That was odd considering Tatsuki was in class today. Or he thought she was. The truth was that he was so out of it that he couldn’t remember if what he was thinking of was even from today or two weeks ago. Not wanting to be rude the bright orange almost golden haired boy returned her greetings with a weak wave. Accepting this as an invitation the fellow orange haired teen jogged up to him. He waited for her. He couldn’t help but notice her wide childlike glee. Her brown eyes exuded with a bliss rarely seen in teenagers. The girl as so cheerful despite all the hardship she had to endure. He really admired Inoue for being able to retain such a demeanor in light of everything she experienced.

She caught up to him slightly out of breath. Her smile did not falter though. The goddess’ smile grew more. “How are you, Kurosaki-kun?” she asked hoping to start a casual conversation.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, I guess.”

The smile left Orihime’s face. His words did not reflect his appearance. The bags under his eyes had gotten worse. The spiky almost golden orange locks were more ruffled than usual. The broad shoulders were slunk down. The adorable frown that accompanied his lips felt strained. ‘Why is Kurosaki-kun so tired?’ she asked herself.

She wasn’t smiling anymore. She just tensed up so suddenly. Ichigo did not like it. Inoue without a smile plastered on her face was not right. Seeing her look troubled bothered him for some reason. It brought back disturbing memories of when she was being attacked by her own brother months ago. “Are you fine?” Instantaneously her expression returned to its default mode. She was all smiles again. It made him feel better, but the nagging feeling clinging to his heart did not go away.

“I am doing great! I forgot my lunch in the classroom, so I had to go back and get it. The other girls are waiting for me now. Tatsuki-chan wanted to go with me, but I convinced her to stay. It is silly. I mean I can get my own lunch alone. Tatsuki-chan is super overprotective of me though. I can’t wait to dig into my lunch! I have been thinking about it for the last hour during class. It is one of my favorite meals, mustard rice balls with pickled buttered chocolate sushi!”

At the sound of Inoue’s meal his eyebrow twitched uncontrollably. Sweat fell from the back of his head. Mustard rice balls and pickled buttered chocolate sushi! That was the oddest combination of food he had ever heard of. No. He was wrong. It was not odd. It was damn bizarre.

“Kurosaki-kun,” her gentle tone called out to him. “Are you sure you are feeling well?” Even the Substitute could detect concern in her words.

“Yeah, I feel fine,” he lied.

“But you are looking a little green.” Orihime pointed at her beloved Kurosaki-kun’s face.

Ichigo choked out a rather awkward chuckle. The smile that emerged was even more awkward. Lips curved upward, but quivered as if they could not support the weight. It did not accomplish his goal of easing the auburn beauty. He was ignorant of this knowledge. “I must have….um you know caught a bug or something.”

She could read him like a book. Kurosaki-kun was not a very convincing liar. Briefly she wondered if he was as bad at it as Tatsuki claimed she was. Orihime didn’t really know what to say from there though. They didn’t know each other that well. They greeted each other or occasionally partook in light conversation, but she was not as close to him as Tatsuki or even the new student, Kuchiki-san. The best option was just to play along. Was it her place to pry into his business? He did fall asleep in class a lot today. He looked so tired. This had been going on for weeks. Every time she saw him she was tempted to question this behavior. In the end she would decide against it for fear of bring to his attentions that she watched him in class. She did not want him to think she was some creepy girl who watched his every move. She wasn’t creepy nor did she watch his every move. No she just happened to notice him sometimes during class. It was his fault for looking so cute.

“I hope you get better soon. Maybe you should stay home tomorrow to get some rest.” Sleep would really do him some good. Relief did not come to him. The normally scowling boy’s face wrinkled up as though he had caught a whiff of an unsavory smell.

“I can’t afford to miss an entire day of school. Besides if I missed a day Ochi-sensei would just think I ditched class,” he explained. A sigh soon followed. “I would like to get some rest.”

Wait this was the opening that Tatsuki had told her to watch for. He wanted to get some rest, but could not because of school work. If she were to offer to bring him notes from tomorrow’s lessons he could get the rest he rightfully deserved. Not to mention she would get to come over to his house. Orihime could possibly get to go to his house! How could she pass up such an opportunity? She cleared her throat loudly to draw his attention. The princess straightened her body then put on a stern mask, to portray herself as a soldier on a mission. “Kurosaki-kun, I could um you know…..if you want I could take notes for you tomorrow.” Her fingers seemed to be very interesting. She twiddled, while doing her best not to stammer on her words. “That way you could stay home and rest.” She was very aware that her face was blushing. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire. “I could just come to your place to give them to you. I mean if that is ok with you?”

The unusual girl proved to be more unusual. She was as red as a tomato. For some reason beyond him she started to ramble on about some nonsense about imposing on him. So she was completely weird beyond what one would expect, but he thought she was kind of cute. Ok so it was totally inappropriate to think that way about her. She was a friend of his after all. Friends did not think friends were cute. “Hey,” he interrupted her insistent chattering. “You don’t have to do that. I don’t want inconvenience you.”

The Goddess of Karakura High shook her head fiercely denying his claim. “It would not be an inconvenience at all. If you want I could just give the notes to Kuchiki-san and have her give them to you.” Did she really just say that? How could she be so stupid? Giving the notes to Kuchiki-san, so she could deliver them to Kurosaki-kun defeated the whole purpose! Classic Orihime. She was trying so hard not to be rude that she took herself out of picture completely. Tatsuki was going to hit her in the head over this blunder.

The infamous scowl materialized. Yet another problem emerged from his association with Rukia. Everyone in the school thought they were a couple. Even Inoue herself seemed to be under that impression. He didn’t like to be stereotyped. He didn’t need people to think they were together when they clearly weren’t. “You wouldn’t have to give them to Rukia. You could always come by the clinic to give me the notes.” The Substitute witnessed the auburn beauty’s face completely light up. The atmosphere shifted.

“Really? You wouldn’t mind if I came over to your house… give you notes,” she hastily added the last part. When he responded no she had to summon every ounce of her strength to keep from jumping up and down. “You’ll stay home to get some rest tomorrow and I’ll come over to give you the notes?” she ventured. Orihime crossed her fingers and prayed that the next word out of her beloved’s mouth would be a simple yes.

Once again the atmosphere shifted. The air around him was so thick that he found it difficult to breathe. The thumping in his ear made things more problematic. His heart was beating against his chest, as if demanding it be let out this very instant. He felt a little flushed. Unsure of why these changes were occurring Ichigo stood there dumbfounded. If he said yes to Inoue she would be coming over to his place. He was inviting a girl over to his place. That must be why he froze up. Inoue coming over would be nothing more than her being helpful. However, from an outside perspective it felt like there some intimate gesture or invitation there. It felt different from inviting Tatsuki over. Oh well. He would just have to ignore this….whatever it was. Hollows mostly stalked at night so the chances of him getting a good night’s sleep tonight were slim. Skipping a day of school to catch up on sleep was ideal and very tempting.

‘Missing one day of school won’t harm me that much. If I get notes from that day I should be fine. I could really use the sleep. Screw it. I’ll accept her offer,’ Ichigo thought. “Inoue….”

“Ichigo!” bellowed a rough yet feminine tone.

He let out an aggravated sigh. He knew that tone by now. ‘That is just fucking great.’ He mentally counted the seconds until the petite woman appeared. Soon enough Rukia stomped her way over to the two carrot top teens. Like always Rukia pulled his arm and started dragging him away before a bedazzled Orihime. “Rukia! What the hell are you doing? Can’t you ever just ask me to come with you nicely?” he shouted.

“Ichigo I mean Kurosaki-kun,” she corrected herself upon noticing Inoue was standing there. “I need your help with something. It would mean a lot to me if you came with me now.” Rukia dragged the sorry ass excuse for her Substitute through the hall just as she always did. She put on the false face of an innocent school girl that the people of Karakura High had come to know her as. “I am sorry for this, Inoue-san. But I really need to borrow Kurosaki-kun for a moment.” She closed her eyes and smiled brightly at the taller girl. Not knowing what she interrupted Rukia continued with her task of getting Ichigo out of sight. She needed to free his spirit body from his physical body on the double. Her attention preoccupied she was ignorant of the great disappointment she had caused Orihime.

The auburn princess attempted to put on her best jovial expression on. However, it fell flat. Weakly she waved goodbye to the duo. Once again she wondered what the exact nature of Kurosaki-kun and Kuchiki-san’s relationship was.

“Damn it Rukia! Will you stop pulling on me already! I get it! I get it! A Hollow appeared.” Try as he might Ichigo could not break the vice grip Rukia had on his arm. The pint sized tomboy was much stronger than she looked.

“Fool, don’t go screaming out about Hollows around normal people! What if Inoue was around? How would you explain what they were to her?”

“Quit lecturing me already. It is not like anyone heard me. Besides even if people did hear they would have no idea what a Hollow is. You would just erase their memories anyway like you did with Inoue and Tatsuki.”

“Just because we have the ability to implant false memories into humans’ minds does not mean we should rely on it completely. It is better to pay our tongues mind so we won’t have to use such methods.”

Ichigo rolled his eyes. He heard this lecture so many times that he could recite it back to her word for word. “Get off my back already. Tell me where the Hollow is so we can get this over with.” Patience was something that eluded him. Rukia did her all too conspicuous perimeter searches, zipping around the area with a hand over her forehead like in those stupid movies that had people spying. Once she was satisfied that no one was paying them any mind she spoke.

“Did you remember to bring Kon with you this time?”

“Are you joking? Hell no did I bring that little pervert.”

“Idiot! The reason we have Kon is for situations like this! He is supposed to cover for you, while you go to fight Hollows!” Her anger had overshadowed her need for privacy or the care of drawing unwanted attention.

Ichigo just scowled down at her with disdain. “Yeah and every time Kon covers for me I get into trouble! Last time he was caught in the girl’s restroom and I got detention for a whole month! It was a miracle I didn’t get expelled! That little bastard doesn’t even pay attention in class so I have to get notes from Mizuiro or Keigo! I might as well miss class if he isn’t going to help me.” He crossed his arms in defiance. The violet spheres were clouded with ominous rage that told him this wasn’t over.

“We don’t have time for this. Now let’s go. I’ll remove you from your body and we’ll put it somewhere safe since you obviously don’t want to do your duties properly.”

Didn’t want to do his duties properly? Was she serious? Ever since he took this shitty job he had done nothing, but took his duties seriously! He saved Inoue from her brother. He helped send that boy trapped in a cockatiel to the Soul Society, and on top of that saved both her and Chad from the Shrieker. He battled the Grand Fisher to protect his sisters and avenge his mother’s death. She had no right to tell him that he did not do his duties properly. Rukia took him for granted. Why should he keep doing this if he was going to get backlash from everyone? He would teach her a lesson. “No.”

“What?” She rose an eyebrow unsure what her annoying companion had said.

He reiterated, “No. I am not going anywhere.”

“Are you stupid? This is no time to play games, Ichigo. Hurry up, so we can find the Hollow before he moves to fest.”

“If you have such a problem with the way I do things why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Believe me I would like nothing better than to do just that. However, my powers are still diminished. That leaves me no choice, but to rely on you to do things.”

“That sounds like your problem, not mine. I have my own problems. Before I met you my grades were good and my teachers thought I wasn’t a trouble maker. I have been hunting Hollows long hours into the night for months now. I barely get any sleep. What is worse is that all I do is take abuse from you, on how I am not doing things the proper way. You have been on my case a hell of a lot more since we ran into the Grand Fisher. If I am going to keep doing this I need you to get off my back and give me some breathing room. It is not like you are the one who is getting chewed out by teachers or anything. Being a Shinigami is really troublesome. Frankly I want to quit, so I can focus on my life again.” His words were false. Despite all the hardships he had to endure Ichigo was adjusting to the life of a Shinigami. There was this satisfying warmth that washed over him whenever he saw the face of someone he saved. For the first time he felt like he had been making a difference. He had been given a chance to atone for his mother’s death in protecting everyone in Karakura Town. He could not just throw that away so easily. There was just no reason to tell Rukia that. If she though he might quit she would lay off of him some. Really all he needed was her to back up just a bit. She wasn’t so bad when she wasn’t on his ass. She was almost tolerable.

“You can’t just quit! I told you until my powers return you are this town’s only defense against Hollows? Are you really the type of man who would abandon his duties and turn his back on people who need him?” He didn’t make some smartass comeback or glare at her. Instead he just sighed. She realized just how tired he looked. A teenage boy just should not look so worn out. A new emotion sprang forth, guilt. She had been working him ragged without showing much gratitude. “Ichigo….”

“Let’s get going.” Before she could say any more he walked away. She was frozen in place momentarily, before she went after him. She couldn’t have him quit that much was for sure. She was going to have to give him a little incentive to keep going on with his Substitute Shinigami duties. It would have to something that would also express her gratitude.

In the time it took for them to get there, take care of the Hollow, and get back to school lunch had ended. Ichigo would miss out on eating now. It wasn’t like he needed the energy boost to keep him awake in class. No. He would just crash in the middle of class and miss everything again. He was going to get an ear full from both Ochi-sensei and Keigo for his disappearance. He didn’t look forward to either of their bitching.

“Will you stop sulking already? I apologized,” Rukia muttered for the third time. “How was I to know this Hollow specialized in stealth? Nothing in the briefing said anything about that.” The Hollow wasn’t particularly strong, but his ability to blend into its surroundings made it a very difficult opponent to catch. Ichigo took more than his fair share of hits while trying to locate it. His foul mood from earlier only increased.

“Will you shut up already? You keep saying the same thing over and over again. It is annoying. I just want to get my body, so we can get back to class already.” They had hidden his body in one of the stalls of the boy’s restroom on the third floor near their classroom. Ichigo suspected this Hollow would eat away at his time, so he wanted to store his body somewhere near his classroom to cut travel time. “Here we are,” the Substitute muttered to himself. He approached the restroom door with Rukia following close behind him. “Where do you think you are going?” He pointed on the words engraved on the door. “This is for boys only. That means no girls can come in here.”

She responded with her favorite nickname for him, “Fool, I can’t be out in the open like this waiting for you to return to your body. It is better if we go to class together.”

“What the hell kind of backwards logic is that?!” he hollered. “There could be some guys in here. Unlike me they will see you in that body!”

“Well just go in there and tell me if it is occupied or not.” Rukia glared at him as though he was some kind of idiot. A fact he did not appreciate.

He wanted to protest and point out all the flaws in her logic, but she would never back down. They would just bicker for a good ten to twenty minutes. He really needed to get to class. For once he would swallow his pride and let her have this win. “Give me a minute will you.” He went in and out. Defeating the Hollow must have won them Lady Luck’s graces. The restroom was empty. He did not wish to test how long Lady Luck’s favor would last. Ichigo hurried Rukia to get in there. He did a double take to make sure no wandering boy was on his way there. The coast was clear. The Substitute expressed his gratitude with breath of relief. Rukia had already reached the stall containing his body.

She leaned against the stall’s walls in wait of his return to his body. The abnormal sensation he felt when he first looked at his body from the outside had long since gone. It was as mundane as brushing his teeth now. The Substitute Shinigami dove into his death sedated body. The kick he experienced caused his eyes to shoot open. Technically every time he returned to his body he was returning to life. He imagined that what he felt was akin to a person who had his or her heart restarted by an electrical shock. “We better get going. The longer we stay out here the more trouble I’ll be in with Ochi-sensei.” He prepared to get up from the toilet seat this body had been left on when Rukia motioned for him to stop. “What is it?” He hoped that another Hollow had not appeared.

The pain in his ass’s demeanor was dare he say meek. It was a startling contrast to her usual brash and boastful nature. She rubbed her left arm nervously. The violet eyes that were stunning refused to rest on him. Curious on her change of personality he sat back down. ‘What the hell is going on with her?’

“Ichigo, I have been thinking about what you said.”

He blinked twice, confused by what she talking about. “What I said?” he repeated.

Rukia almost fell over. How dense was this boy? He complained about how doing her job was causing problems in his life not even a full hour ago. Yet he had the nerve to ask her what he said. ‘That, that, that IDIOT!’ the Shinigami thought. She opened her mouth to scream bloody murder at him, but remembered she was supposed to be showing him her gratitude for helping her all this time. Instead she counted to three in her head and exhaled. “You told me how difficult your life has become since our association. Lately I have been a little more difficult…”

He scoffed, “A little difficult?”

Again she had to hold back her tongue. This was hard enough as it was and Ichigo was making it even harder. “My powers weren’t supposed to take this long to return. But for whatever reason they are still diminished. All this time I have watched you battle with Hollows. I have to tell you that I am impressed. I never imagined a human could adjust to battling Hollows and performing all of a Shinigami’s duties. I know this life is difficult for you and has put a strain on your relationships. What I am trying to say is that I appreciate everything you have done. I have even started to take pride in your development.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. Rukia was actually thanking him. She wasn’t berating him or belittling him for something? Had hell frozen over? “Rukia….” He stopped in midsentence. Something brushed his lap. Immediately his eyes shot to the touched area. Rukia’s small hand was resting there. What the hell was up with that?

“However, against the Grand Fisher I was reminded that as powerful as you are you are still a human. You have people who will be devastated if you were to lose your life. I was terrified that you would lose your life in battle against him. After I healed your wounds you asked me if you could stay a Shinigami a while longer, until you could fight him again. The Grand Fisher is an extremely dangerous Hollow. He has killed many experienced Shinigami. You just barely escaped with your life. Ichigo, if you desire to finish your fight with him you have to become much stronger than you are now. In order to get you ready for that fight I have been pushing you. I needed to stop letting you do things, however you like and start giving you formal Shinigami training. In order for you to defeat the Grand Fisher, so that you come back alive to your family and friends I had to make sure you are ready. In my zealous I fear I have been pushing you to your limit. That was not my intention though.”

“The reason you have been on me so much lately was to get me ready to fight him, huh?” He felt like an ass. She was just trying to look out for him. He gave her so much hell for it. Ichigo noticed that Rukia was rubbing his lap slowly. She must have been trying to comfort him.

Rukia continued, “I don’t want you to quit your duties because of me. I think I know of a way to keep you motivated and show my gratitude.”

Baffled by her words again the orange haired young man spoke up. “What are you talking about?” Ichigo had his answer, though it was not in words. Rukia’s hand became bolder. It moved up toward his inner thigh. “Hey! You are getting a little too personal!” She was not deterred. Rukia’s gripped his thigh before she started to massage it. Mortified the conservative young man could only watch in horror. ‘What the hell is she doing?’ he mentally screamed. His brain had all, but shut down. He had never been in such a situation before that his brain had no idea how to cope.

She could feel him tense up. The raven haired young woman had known Ichigo for a few months now. He was surprisingly reserved on matters of the opposite sex. Asano who he hung around with was a sex crazed boy. He was what she expected someone of Ichigo’s age group to be. Ichigo lectured Asano on “keeping it in his pants” all the time. While most of the boys in Physical Education class would occasionally watch the girls during their exercises (which kind of annoyed Rukia) Ichigo did not so much as spare them a glance. That was saying something when the buxom known as Inoue was in their class, wearing a tight shirt, stretching and jumping up and down. She decided that Ichigo was a prude, but the fact was that Ichigo was still a guy.

When he was eating breakfast with his family Kon ransacked his room. Of course she put a stop to it, but not before Kon found an erotic manga that happen to be in Ichigo’s possession. She was shocked at first, but realized she shouldn’t have been. Ichigo was a hormonal teenage boy. It would be weird if he wasn’t interested in sex. Judging by the way he acted and the little interaction he had with girls he was a virgin. This worked for Rukia. She needed a little incentive for him, so she would use sex as it. She was experienced after all. She had experimented quite a few times with her old friend, Renji. She knew the finer points.

God she just needed to loosen him up a bit. Her hands went to his crotch. She unbuttoned his pants then pulled the zipper down. This seemed to bring Ichigo back to reality.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” he hissed.

“You are naïve aren’t you, Ichigo?” she teased, knowing it would rile him up some.

Ichigo seethed. He had to ball his hands into fists to suppress his growing anger. “I know what you are doing, but why are you doing it?”

Rukia brushed his comment off as naivety. “You said you wanted to quit. I can’t afford to have you quit on me until my powers return to their full strength. Today I am going to do give you something enjoyable to keep you motivated. She pulled down his white boxers by the waist band. He continued to protest, but made no further move to impede her. The ice elemental Shinigami was face to face with Ichigo’s deflated member. He seemed to be bigger than the average male. She would not know that for sure until she saw it erect.

The Shinigami wrapped her fingers around it. She started stroking it gently. The groan that followed reached her ears. A fleeting smirk formed. Reluctant or not he found pleasure in her actions. Rukia continued to stroke him, causing it to twitch in response. Ichigo groaned more.

This was humiliating. He shouldn’t be groaning, while Rukia essentially molested him in a stall inside of a restroom. He wasn’t some fucking pervert. “Stop it.” Holy shit, was that his voice? There was no strength behind his words. His tone was so pathetic that Ichigo wanted to kick his own ass for sounding so frail. “Stop it, Rukia.” At least this time there was some base in his voice. Rukia ignored him and continued to give him a hand job.

She was losing patience. She had been going at this for a minute now and Ichigo was still soft. He had stiffened a little, but not enough to stand yet. What was with him? Renji got hard instantly when she did this. Rukia assumed all guys were like that. Ichigo seemed to prove her assumption incorrect. ‘This will take forever at this rate. We still have to go to class. I’ll just have to plunge in there.’ Lowering her head the raven haired girl opened her mouth.

Ichigo sat there perplexed. Unable to discern if what he was watching was reality, he stared out into space. A dream? Could all of this be simply a dream? It would explain why Rukia was giving him a hand job in a bathroom. This was a scene right out of every guy’s fantasy. Warmth immersed him finally freeing him from his daze. Rukia became clear as a picture. The head of his cock was in her mouth. She suckled on the head with much vigor. He was completely unprepared for this. Rukia’s tongue curled around him. The feeling was so alien, but it was so wondrous. Thoughts were no longer fixated on getting her to stop. It felt too wondrous to stop. It would be a crime to do so.

The twitching became more frequent. Rukia could feel it throbbing on her tongue. Her mission was not over yet. She continued to suck on the tip as hard as she could. The depowered Shinigami evoked more coarse moans from her stand in. Smugness swelled within her. She still had the ability to induce pleasure on a man. Ichigo being inexperienced probably had something to do with his anxiousness, but it did not negate from her own skills. Rukia had learned a lot from Renji. They were just kids in the 78th Distract of the Rukongai. They grew up together. When their sexual curiosity sparked they explored it together. Their exploration brought so many new discoveries. She learned that she liked to give head. Her mouth was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones. She took to oral sex quickly. The way her mouth felt when it was invaded was gratifying. It had been decades since she and Renji had done this. She had no other partner after she became a Kuchiki and lost contact with her old friend. Sucking on the tip of Ichigo’s penis reminded her how stimulating it could be.

The petite woman consumed all of him. The tongue thrashed around his manhood. It became more erect. Soon she was forced to let more of him go. Rukia swirled the penis around her mouth. Unconsciously she let out a powerful moan. Unbeknown to her it drove Ichigo’s sex drive into a new gear. The Substitute shut his eyes, reveling in satisfaction.

“Ah…..Rukia,” he breathed out. Coherent thoughts had been lulled into a deep slumber. Hormones controlled his body. They urged Ichigo to embrace Rukia’s blowjob. He didn’t force her to do it. She did not complain and he was enjoying it very much. There was no harm no foul.

“Mmm,” he heard Rukia’s muffled cries. She released his semi-erected member. The raven haired girl licked the tip then kissed it tenderly. Positioning her hands over his thighs Rukia gripped them. The pink organ wiped the underside of his shaft. She moved nice and slow. His thighs trembled. It was not from excitement, but in irritation. Amused Rukia wanted to laugh. Reasoning that laughing, while licking a throbbing cock was not the best time she refrained from doing so. Her tongue stroked the sides. She planted a trail of kisses for each spot she licked at the same pace as before knowing it would annoy Ichigo.

With gritted teeth he struggled to keep his frustrations down. She was going too fucking slowly! The way she just nipped and licked at his dick that drove him crazy. It was enjoyable enough, but she denied him any true gratification by refusing the take him into her mouth. Her actions succeeded in arousing him. His full erection stood proudly.

Rukia eyed the erected penis with lust filled gaze. She couldn’t help, but be impressed. Ichigo was bigger than Renji. If she were to venture a guess she would say that Ichigo was well endowed. She mused at how Ichigo would be popular with the ladies in the future. Her tiny hands began to pump him.

“Rukia,” Ichigo cried out. The violet orbs looked up to him. That annoying smirk that he hated so much was plastered on her face. Normally it annoyed him, but today it aroused him. The twinkle in her eye just gave a sensual design.

“What is it Ichigo? You seem flushed.” Rukia could not resist the jab. Ichigo tried to muster his darkest glare, but the pleasures ravaged his face. It tainted his glare and made him look pitiful than anything else.

“Come on do it right.”

“Do what right?” she feigned ignorance.

He growled menacingly. “You know damn well what I am talking about.”

Not willing to give in Rukia continued her act. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Her hands kept pumping his shaft. “You have to tell me what you want.”

The last thing he wanted to do was give her the satisfaction of begging her for anything. “Quit screwing with me.”

If he wasn’t going to play she wasn’t going to reward him. “Since you do not have anything to tell me I will just go along with my business.” Now she just had to wait. After about a minute of hand pumping the stubborn boy finally gave in.

“Stop it. Come on. You know what I want. Just please suck my dick some more,” he said desperately. God he could not bear to face her. He could visualize that conceited expression she often wore when he had to give in to her demands. The unmistakable sound of the small yet haughty laugh rang through the stall. Damn he hated giving in to her. The loathing that had seeped through to his heart would vanish when Rukia’s tongue brushed the tip of his manhood. She repeated her action a second time. Her lips planted feverish kisses first on the tip of his head, then on the underside of his shaft. She started upward and ended downward. The right side became flooded with kisses as well as his left side. Rukia did not stop until her lips had touched every part of his cock apparently, not that he was complaining. “Mmmm,” he hummed.

Fingers wove their way through his testicles. Her touch was perfect. She wasn’t afraid to firmly grip his balls, but she didn’t crush them either. Unknown patterns were traced on to him by her fingertips. Did the horrific artist attempt to draw invisible figures on even him? She closed her mouth around the base. For his sake she made sure to avoid sinking her teeth in. A loud suckling sound could be heard. “S-Shit, this feels so good,” he muttered. Rukia sucked hard not caring to be discrete. If any guy walked in here they would hear them. “Can’t you be quieter?” he hissed.

She took her mouth off the erected member. He was taken aback by the glare she cast on him. “Stop complaining! Jeez. I am doing this for your sake. The least you can do is show some gratitude!” she half lied. Originally this meant to keep him motivated, but the Shinigami had to admit she was enjoying herself. Not only did she get to hear Ichigo beg her to suck his penis, but she got to toy with him as well. Ichigo muttered an apology. She kept up the glare, but went back to sucking on his flesh. When this was over she would definitely force him to give her a proper apology.

Lulled back into a serene state, the short tempered man placed a hand on Rukia’s head. Dark locks caressed his fingertips with their softness. Hot breath danced over his head. He couldn’t stop himself from flinching. He owed her for allowing him to experience yet another new sensation. It felt as though he were cut into. Only instead of pain he felt a jolt of electricity spring forth.

Having enough of play time Rukia decided it was time to start the endgame. She took in his head. Slowly she inched more of him into her mouth. Without warning she released him. He felt like a baby denied his mother’s nurturing tit. The chill from the room felt two times worse. He craved to be blanketed by that warmth. Rukia must have been able to read his mind or deduce what he wanted from the expression he was making. Immediately she consumed it. She bobbed her head back and forth, thrusting in a swift motion. Each thrust made took a little more of him into her willing mouth. “Hmmmmm,” Rukia hummed away in pleasure. The hardness passing her tongue was electrifying. When it passed her lips burned away everything accept the pleasure receptors. How could she have forgotten how good this felt? Eager for more she readied herself.

She moved to his testicles to suck on them. Alternating between licks and suckling the petite woman teased her favorite spot, the head with her index finger. “Rukia!” he cried in urgency. Right away she knew he was warning her that he was reaching his limit. ‘Not yet! I want to enjoy this more,’ she whined to herself. There was no use complaining about it. It was her fault for teasing him. He had not built up enough resistance yet. She plunged right back to throbbing manhood. She could feel it swelling up inside of her mouth. She swallowed it down to her throat forcing her gagging reflex down.

Panicked Ichigo cried, “Idiot! I am about to cum! Let go or else I’ll…..” She did not heed his words. Instead she hummed, breaking the last dam down. He erupted, unleashing a large load all the way down her throat. “Aaaaaahhhh!” he screamed in ecstasy. His essence rushed out at alarming speed. Her eyes bulged slightly in response. She forced to let go of the ejaculating member before his entire contents rushed down her throat that threatened to choke her. As soon as she released him she started to cough. If that weren’t enough Ichigo was still in the middle of releasing. Their positions put her face in front lines for the remaining whiteness, which sprayed over her lips to the bridge of her nose.

A fierce rage that would surprise most of her classmates (under the impression that her sweet and sunny exterior was her true self) ignited within the depths of her soul. That idiot had gotten her all messy! If looks could kill her stand in would have died three times by now. “ICHIGO! You fool! You stupid….You got this all over me! Agh! I am going to kill you!”

Coming down from his high the Substitute scowled at her or a tried to. The bliss afterglow of his release still affected him, preventing him from scrunching his face up completely. It was far from intimidating. It was frightening though, but not in the way he would have hoped. Someone would say he looked creepy. “Quit hollering at me. I warned you, didn’t I? You are the one who swallowed it all the way down to your throat.” She opened her mouth to argue, but no words came out. Reluctantly she submitted to his argument. She had no other choice. He did warn her. He heard her mutter something about him being a fool. Rukia returned to her normal personality. She barked orders for him to put away his member. She cleaned off the only evidence of their deeds from her face. The pair left the bathroom. Somehow Lady Luck still favored them. No other student was in the hallway nor was there any other boy in the bathroom.

“Hurry up. We are already late for class as it is,” Rukia said harshly. She had not gotten over the mishap.

“Don’t go blaming me for that. I wanted to get going right away. You are the reason we are running so late.”

“Ungrateful brat. You should be thankful that someone like me would even suck you off.” She folded her arms then stormed off in a huff. Ichigo’s fist shook with his legendary fury, face red from anger.

“What a bitch,” he said under his breath. Still he went after her, not realizing an auburn haired girl had walked out of the girls’ restroom. She had heard their entire conversation. If he looked back he would have seen salty discharge leaked from her eyes and the heart shattering pain that had moved to her face.   

The first chapter ends. If you are actually interested in seeing where it is going I have to tell you the first few chapters revolve around Rukia and Orihime. Other girls won’t come until later. I probably won’t update this for a while. It is of pet project I am working on. I hope someone found some enjoyment out of this.         

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