My Pride, My Lust, and My Love

BY : RaizenYusuke
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Here is the next chapter. I read your review AgentGv01 and will try to answer your questions. The story itself will skip to different places in the series. The first chapter is set during the first arc, but let’s say chapter five maybe set after Soul Society arc. The events of the series will take place, but I won’t write the Soul Society arc itself. I will play with continuity as well.

I was under the impression that Renji kept a respectable distance from Rukia until he achieved his goal to surpass Byakuya. It has been a while since I have read or saw the arc, but I was pretty sure Renji felt like he had to surpass Byakuya before he could go back to friendly relationship had with Rukia. Imagined he spent so much time training and with his divisions that they did not really have much contact in the last 40 years beyond professional level. I remember how Ikkaku and the others had to convince him to go see Rukia in person to tell her the good news about his promotion and how hesitant he was. It made me think they had become estranged over the years.

Rukia was just in a sexual relationship with Renji. The simplest way for me to say it is that they experimented with each other they never discussed their feelings or emotions. They became estranged for the next 40 years. Rukia thinks it was just sex nothing more. This answer may not be satisfactory for you. I am sorry if it is not. The chapter was on the long side, so I split it up into two. The next one should be up soon.    

Things had become weird or weirder than usual. He fought monstrous creatures that came right out of the nightmares of children’s imaginations. For him to say that things had gotten weird was saying something. Rukia was still upset with him. He thought it was because he had stained her face, but he heard the pint sized runt whisper under her breath on how ungrateful he was for her services. The nerve, it was not like he asked her to suck him off. Rukia was running hot and cold. She worked him like a dog and belittled him one moment only for her to apologize and be ridiculously sweet the next moment. She had taken his threat to quit seriously it seemed.

Rukia was not the only girl in his life that was acting unusual. Inoue had been avoiding him. He realized this when he greeted her only to have her squeak and hurry away. She stopped greeting him in the morning when he walked in class, a ritual he never paid attention to until she stopped doing it. The zany and eccentric antics she was known for had stopped around him. Inoue had almost completely withdrawn from him. That bothered him. They were not extremely close. He knew that, but over the last few months he had gotten to know her better. They would share a few words now, but that was over. For the life of him Ichigo could not figure out what caused the change.

The increase of hollows’ emergence had him busier than ever. Sleep was an elusive dream for him. He would kill for a good night’s sleep. Apparently killing hollows would not suffice in getting his well-deserved sleep. Between his girl problems and his lack of sleep he was lucky he was able to keep his sanity. He was so exhausted that his overworked body could not even carry him out of bed. Whenever he made the attempt to move he would fall back down just to rest his eyes. Somehow when he opened them minutes passed by. His schedule was thrown off. He was missing breakfast now, yet he found himself not caring. His brain had other concerns that overshadowed eating.

“Are you still sleeping?”

A growl escaped his lips. It never failed. He was going to enjoy something for a change and Rukia would appear to spoil it just like she had done for the past few months. He heard her sigh loudly.

“If you don’t hurry you are going to be late for school,” she lectured. The shinigami put her hands on her hip and shot him a disapproving glare. “You cannot miss school. That is truancy and from my understanding it is frowned upon for students to do in this world.” Still he remained in bed, content with staying there like a dead log. Her lips fell into a frown. “Get your lazy ass up already.”

“I am not going,” he said lazily. Talking had become too tiresome. All he wanted to do was close his eyes.

“You have to go!” Rukia exclaimed, offended by her Substitute’s lack of responsibility. “It is absolutely important that you attend school, graduate, and get a job and be a socially responsible member of society.”

“How do you know so much about all of that? You didn’t even know how to drink from a juice box three months ago and now you know how school functions.”

The frown curled into a proud smirk. The ice elemental radiated with pride as if she had accomplished a great deed. “I have intensified my studies of the Human World. If I do say so myself I am becoming somewhat of an expert of how your world operates.”

“Oi, so you have just been reading more manga.”

“Don’t say it like I am just goofing off! It is an important research tool in my studies!” Ichigo did not respond. He chose to ignore her, which earned her ire. She shook her fist violently as the vein in her forehead appeared. No. She was not going to let him get her angry this early in the morning. Instead she counted to ten and took a deep breath. Her anger did not lessen even an ounce, but she was able to hold her tongue and clear her mind. A new thought popped into her head. What if Ichigo was ill? Energy seemed to have been sucked right out of his veins, leaving only this dead to the world zombie behind. “Ichigo,” her tone was softer. “Are you feeling well?”

“No. I am tired.”

Worry set in. What if he caught something during their late nights of Hollow hunting? She would be at fault here. God how could she let him get ill doing her duties? Shinigami were supposed to protect humans not get them ill. She was a disgrace to the Gotei 13. “Does your stomach ache? Do you have a fever?” Not waiting for him to answer she turned his head roughly and placed a hand on his forehead. Her other hand went to her forehead. He felt normal or least she thought he did.

A deep blush planted itself on his face. He snatched Rukia’s hand off of his forehead. What did she think he was, a little boy?  Damn it was embarrassing. “Knock it off! I am not ill, so you can stop all of this!” he shouted at her.

The concern she foolish felt for him evaporated. Her rage was reaching a new boiling point. She should have known better. Of course he wouldn’t conduct an illness. Her luck was not that good. She was about to tear him a new one when he let out a long worn out breath. Instantly her anger was forgotten. She looked into his eyes. They were not the same bright chocolate colored proud pupils she had come accustomed to. They were littered with sickly brown that buried the pride he possessed. It saddened her to see him like this. Rukia kept quiet and listened.  

“Look I am just tired after last night. Hollows have been coming more frequently and I have not gotten much sleep for the past few days. I can’t keep my eyes open. Yesterday I fell asleep in class. It makes no sense to go to school and fall asleep on my desk.” He expected to hear an outburst on how irresponsible he was being. Instead he got:

“I understand. Lately we have been getting more calls. You should get your rest.”

That was easy. He expected Rukia to keep fighting him on this and force him to go to school in case of a hollow attack. The raven haired girl was being very reasonable for a change.

“If a hollow attacks I’ll use one of those pay phones you told me about to call you here. You can use Kon to leave your body and meet me in your spirit body.”

“Do you remember how to use a pay phone or my number?”

She replied with a nod. “Kon, get out here!”

In the blink of an eye the lion plushie hopped out of the closet and onto Ichigo’s bed. “Nee-san!” he cried. The mod soul jumped towards his beloved Nee-san aiming for her chest. His actions rewarded him with a slap to the head forcing him to crash down on the bed. He whimpered at the injustice he had to endure. The powerful stare from both Ichigo and Rukia hit him square on the back of his head. This forced him to recover to his feet quickly; lest he wanted to feel their wrath. This poor fragile plushie body could not take a lot of abuse. “I am at your services, Nee-san!” he said enthusiastically with a little bow.

“Ichigo is staying home to recuperate today. I want you stay with him. If a Hollow attacks I am going to call him here. He will need you to get into Shinigami form so he can meet me at the spot of any Hollow attack.”

The enthusiasm abandoned the tiny lion. The prospect of spending the entire day with Ichigo, his tormentor was mortifying. He would much rather spend in with Rukia or Orihime. The things he would do if he just had Ichigo’s body for a few hours.

“Do you understand, Kon?”

He was pulled out of his paradise and brought back to the ugly reality he sought to escape. “Y-Yeah!” he stammered out.

“Good.” Rukia turned her attention back to Ichigo. “Do you want me to get your assignments?”

“Actually Inoue was supposed to lend me her notes.”

She blinked not sure what to make of what he said. “Inoue knows you are not coming today?”

He shook his head no. “Three days ago we were talking. She told me that I should stay home and get some rest. She said she would take notes for me if I stayed home. If you talk to her before class she may write notes for me. I am not entirely sure if she will since she has been avoiding me.”

“Inoue has been avoiding you?” Had the world turned upside down? Inoue had the most gigantic crush on Ichigo this side of Karakura Town. It was so massive that everyone except for Ichigo could see it. God that boy was dense. The kind-hearted, but slightly ditzy girl tripped over herself to get Ichigo’s attention, literally. One time she saw the girl trip over her own feet trying to wave at Ichigo from across the street. The girl had it bad. No matter how she looked at it Inoue avoiding Ichigo made little sense unless. Her violet eyes narrowed into an accusing stare. “Did you upset her?”

Ichigo could hear the accusation underneath Rukia’s words and took offence. What the hell made her think he did anything wrong? He never insulted or offended Inoue. “No!” barked the Substitute. He always made sure to be polite around her. She was kind and one of the few people who did not judge him poorly. A stolen glance from underneath his eyelids told him that Rukia was more than a little doubtful of his claim. A vein on his forehead started throbbing. Exhaustion was forgotten and he pulled himself up. “Look I did nothing to upset Inoue in any way! The only thing that I could think of that she might be upset about is the way you dragged me off in the middle of my conversation with her!”

That brat! How dare he blame his screw up with Inoue on her? She opened her mouth to tell him off when she thought back to the disappointment on Orihime’s face when she took Ichigo away. Ichigo did say her dragging him away gave people the wrong impression. Maybe he was right. It was possible that Inoue could have assumed that with all the time Rukia spent with Ichigo that something was going on between the two of them, as if. Sure he was not unpleasant to look at and he had an impressive built from what she saw. He was well equipped, but she did not like him that way. She would have to get to the bottom of this. “I have to get going so I am not late.”

“Wouldn’t want to tarnish the innocent school girl image you built up,” he sneered. He was still irritated by the raven haired girl’s accusation.

Ignoring him Rukia went on, “I will talk to Inoue, find out what is going on, and fix it.”

He went white at the thought of Rukia fixing things with Inoue for him. It would be disastrous. “Wait, Rukia! It is alright. You don’t need to do anything. I’ll talk to Tatsuki about it.”

“Nonsense, you said she was going to give you notes.” She went to the window and started to climb out. “I’ll just tell her you aren’t coming then ask her.” The Shinigami went out the window without another word, leaving a fidgety and bothered Ichigo to himself.

The Substitute rammed his face into his hands. He had a feeling no good would come from this chance encounter.

He wasn’t there yet. Orihime was staring at his vacant desk. Asano-kun and Kojima-kun had entered the classroom already though. Usually if they were not accompanying him that would mean he and Sado-kun had walked together, but that was disproven as well. The silent giant of a man walked into the classroom with no sign of the bright orange haired scowling man by his side. He was not a person known to be tardy. He cut class occasionally, but he was never tardy. What if something happened to him? He could have been hit by a car on his way to school. Or he could have fallen into a bottomless pothole? He could have gotten amnesia and was now wandering around aimlessly. More scenarios play out in her mind, each one more ridiculous the last.

Finally Orihime forced herself to stop. Even she knew that the chances of Ichigo being abducted by aliens and taken to Mars were utterly ridiculous. Apprehension seeped out of every pore of her body. Kurosaki-kun may not have been abducted by aliens something could have still happened that caused his absences.


“Hmm?” she answered not bothering to look away from her beloved’s empty desk. There was no need to. She would recognize Tatsuki’s voice from anywhere.

When Tatsuki noticed where Orihime’s gaze was she gave an exhausted breath. The auburn princess was nothing if not predictable. She always seemed to have Ichigo on the brain for some odd reason. “I don’t understand you at all, Orihime.” Orihime responded with a tiny hmm, but her brown eyes stayed glued to Ichigo’s desk. “You are total a babe who can have any guy you want, but you are stuck on a dense and emotionally distant guy. Weren’t you avoiding him because of what happened with Kuchiki?”

Orihime’s face fell. Tatsuki cursed her own careless words. She had done a great job at depressing her best friend. With a friend like her Orihime would certainly not need any enemies.

Her heart and stomach ached. She did not need to be reminded of Kuchiki-san and Kurosaki-kun. The memory haunted her relentlessly in her dreams. She was walking back to class from the bathroom when she heard the unmistakable voices of the carrot top ruffian and the raven haired new girl. Upon hearing the voice of her beloved her face lit up like a megawatt bulb. Orihime was about to rush over to greet the duo when she heard Kuchiki-san’s outburst about “sucking him off.” Orihime was the first to admit that she was naïve at times and other times things went right over her head, but she knew what sucking off meant. Girls talked after all. Despite Tatsuki’s best efforts to protect her innocence the red orange haired princess was not completely untainted by the harsh realities of the world. Those words had never been truer than now.

Kuchiki-san and Kurosaki-kun always disappeared to some place together. Rumors of the circulated all over their class on the two being an item, but she had never really believed them. Maybe in the back of her mind there was a fear that there was some truth to the rumors, but Ichigo denied anything was going on. Orihime never had any reason to not believe him until the other day. Her normally sunny disposition had been utterly shattered. For the past three days she had been disheartened. Emotions whirled around her, sadness at losing her chance with Kurosaki-kun, jealousy towards Kuchiki-san for taking Ichigo, a bit of anger at herself for not telling him how she felt sooner, and confusion on whether scowling boy and sweet girl were an item or as Tatsuki put it just fooling around. She had no firm grasp on her feelings, which made it impossible to face him. Since that day she saw Kurosaki-kun and Kuchiki-san she had been unable to face him. Instead she did everything within her power to avoid him. The only real time she spent with him was in class. Knowing Kurosaki-kun he did not even notice she was avoiding him.

A miserable sigh snuck past her lips. Why did she have to be so fickle? She had done everything within her power and then some to avoid him and now that he was absent she was worried sick to her stomach. Right now she would give anything just to have one clear emotion to let her know if she wanted to see the object of her affections or for him to remain absent.

Hesitant at acting for fear of doing more damage Tatsuki stood there, her hand outstretched inches away from Orihime’s shoulder, but never touching. It was as if she feared that Hime was a fragile doll that would break if she even looked at her wrong. “Orihime,” she spoke tentatively. Before the black belt could formulate her next strategy the door opened up to usher in the girl inadvertently responsible for her best friend’s romantic woes.

Almost immediately her violet eyes spot the very distinguishable shade of red orange flowing hair that could only belong to the undisputed Goddess of Karakura High. She noticed something was definitely wrong. Inoue’s lively brown eyes were lifeless. The glow she possessed had been vanquished. Rukia thought she had seen an entirely different person who just happened to share Inoue’s appearance. Did her dragging Ichigo away cause the incarnation of happiness itself to lose her happiness? The girl really had it bad for that idiot. She could sort of see why Inoue was attracted to Ichigo. In the right light all of the creases on his forehead (a result of constant scowling), his brow was not furrowed, and when he actually curved his lips into a smile he looked kind of appealing.

Realizing what she was thinking the ice elemental Shinigami shook her head to erase such thoughts clear from her brain. There was no universe where she could be attracted to Kurosaki Ichigo! He was Ichigo, her friend and stand in as a Shinigami. She had said she would talk to Inoue and that is what she was going to do. Rukia made her way to the taller woman. When she walked up Orihime’s hazel orbs widened in pure surprise. The upside down U shape grew wider. Fear had consumed the gorgeous woman. Rukia was perplexed at why the younger girl would react to her like this. “Hello, Inoue-san, Arisawa-san,” she greeted with the artificial sweetness her human persona was known for. Arisawa raised her brow, clearly surprised by Rukia’s appearance.

“Hello, Kuchiki-san,” Orihime spat out. Both Rukia and Tatsuki could feel apprehension soaking her words. Hazel spheres refused to look anywhere, but Rukia’s violet ones. Arisawa acknowledged her presence with a mere head nod. Rukia detected a pinch of hostility in her posture. It was understandable since she was Inoue’s best friend and from her perspective Rukia seemed to be a rival to Inoue.

She forced a much too wide to be genuine smile. “Inoue-san, may I discuss something with you, in private?” The goddess withdrew from her more. Seeing Inoue practically jump out of her skin to get away from her was not an enjoyable sight. It brought back all of the painful memories of when she grew up in the slums of Soul Society and people avoided her.

“Um…..I am not sure….class is going to start soon.” Even Orihime thought her argument was weak. She stuttered and kept evading Kuchiki-san’s eyes. She felt a hand brush her shoulder tenderly. This attracted her gaze into the petite woman’s eyes for the first time.

“Please,” Rukia beseeched her. The jewels that were her eyes shimmered along with it.

In that moment Orihime had forgotten that this was the woman who had done unspeakable things to her treasured Kurosaki-kun. Her kind heart overrode all other functions. “Sure,” she replied. Tatsuki opened her mouth to protest, but Orihime told her that she would be fine. The naïve woman followed behind the worldly woman to the hall. Ochi-sensei was nowhere to be found, giving them some time.

“Inoue, why have you been avoiding Ichigo?” In such a hurry to get answers Rukia failed to realize she had dropped her school girl act, even omitting san from her speech.

Orihime tried to laugh it off, but her awkward smile and uneven chuckles made that impossible. “What do you mean? I haven’t been avoiding Kurosaki-kun. Sure I have been going the opposite direction of wherever he is, but that is just because I kept forgetting things. I really have a horrible memory. Tatsuki-chan tells me that all the time.” Completely panicking Orihime just babbled on and on about anything that came to her mind.

Rukia stood there stupefied at Inoue’s ability to chatter on and on and on about every little thing. The girl talked so fast that she could not comprehend anything in the slightest. She heard that girls were supposed to have their own language that boys could not hope to follow. If Inoue was speaking this girl exclusive language then Rukia did not possess the tongue. “Inoue,” she tried to stop her, but the girl was gabbing too much for Rukia’s words to reach. So she gathered her breath and, “INOUE!” The full figured woman let out a loud squeak, nearly falling. At least she stopped. “Ichigo told me that you have been avoiding him.”

This was horrible. Kurosaki-kun noticed she was avoiding him. Now he probably thought she hated him and that was not true. Wasn’t it? No. Things were a mess right now, but one thing she knew for sure was that her feelings for him remained as strong as ever. Everything was ruined now. He thought she hated him and in turn hated her for that reason. Her goal was not far away. It was the sun and she was earthbound. Would Kurosaki-kun always be beyond her reach?

Rukia continued, “He has not told me this, but I can tell it bothers him.”

Wait. He was bothered by her evasion tactics? Did she dare think that he wanted her to be around him? No such thoughts were absurd. They barely talked to each other. How could he miss her? Plus he had Kuchiki-san who was always hovering around him.

“Inoue,” Kuchiki-san broke her out of her inner monologue. “Am I the reason you have been avoiding, Ichigo?” she ventured slowly. Her question was answered with silence. Inoue twiddled her thumbs. She noticed the taller girl was staring at her shoes intently, as though if she looked at hard enough something would happen. ‘Well I have my answer,’ Rukia thought. “Nothing is going on between me and Ichigo. I know I pulled him away from you, but I um needed his help for….um….something very urgent.”

“You do not have to protect me,” she said in a hollow tone. “I know that you and Kurosaki-kun are together.”

“What? No, no, no, no! I promise you that nothing is going on between us!”

The ghost of a smile salvaged itself from the long face Orihime was giving. “Kuchiki-san, it is fine. You don’t have to lie….”

“I am not lying!” Rukia interrupted.

“I heard what you said.”

Imaginary question marks formed around her head. “What I said?” she repeated slowly.

Recognizing the confusion emitting from her body from her own misunderstandings Orihime decided to elaborate. “I heard you say you um…..sucked…..him off.” Redness stained her cheeks as embarrassment took hold of her.

Color left her face. Mortification had moved itself right on her face in triumph. Inoue had heard her say that! God no, Inoue knew that she had performed oral delights to Ichigo! No wonder the poor girl had thought she was lying. Damn it. Ichigo was right after all. She was the reason for the disharmony between Inoue and him. She just hated to admit he was right. He would never let her live it down. Perhaps she could leave this part out if she could repair the damage. Rukia cleared her throat. Not exactly sure where to start she scratched the side of her face in hopes of getting an idea. When that failed (miserably she might add) she decided to wing it.

“Listen what you heard does not mean anything.” Curious and innocent as a grade school girl, Orihime raised her eyebrow to ask her what she meant. A gnawing feeling ate away at her for what she was about to say. “What I did with Ichigo was just an experiment.” It wasn’t a lie. She did experiment to see if Ichigo responded to her advances to keep him content at doing his Substitute Shinigami duties. “I was curious, so I took Ichigo in the bathroom and acted.” Suddenly their roles had reversed. It was Rukia who could not bear to lay eyes on Orihime. “Ichigo objected, but I kept going until he wanted it….”

“Oh I see……”

She never felt so shameful not even when she was confronted by Byakuya’s disapproving glare. Inoue was nothing, but kind to her and she forced herself on the guy Inoue liked. “But we aren’t…. Ichigo and I are just good friends. Nothing more came from it. It was a fleeting moment of pleasure. Don’t let what I did affect your relationship with Ichigo….” The depowered Shinigami was stopped by a soft angelic laugh. Would she ever understand the girl in front of her?

She just laughed. Kuchiki-san must have thought her odd for it, but she could not help it. After hearing everything Kuchiki-san said made her feel some bizarre sense of peace. The progress she had made with Kurosaki-kun had not been erased. The 93 million miles distance she felt before had vanished. He seemed closer. When she thought of that the young woman could not help, but laugh. “I am sorry I didn’t mean to laugh at you. It is just that I have been so confused at what I am feeling. Because of that I haven’t been able to face Kurosaki-kun. After listening to everything you told me I think I understand my place in Kurosaki-kun’s life a little better, as well as your place.”

“Hmm,” Rukia grunted. For some reason she had taken an interest in Inoue’s revelation.

“Kuchiki-san,” Orihime almost hummed. “We have to work together to snag Kurosaki-kun.”

Her legs gave out, causing her to come crashing down on the floor. What the hell was with this girl?

The red haired princess straightened her face, becoming serious. “If we double team him there is no way he can resist,” she said in a matter of fact tone.

Sweat fell from the back of the Shinigami’s head. “It does not work that way, Inoue. Even if I did like Ichigo, which I don’t we would be rivals.”

“But why?” asked a clueless Orihime. Kuchiki-san sighed in aggravation. “If you like Kurosaki-kun and I like him can’t we both just work together to get him for both of us? That way nobody is sad and there won’t be any misunderstanding.”

The girl was either a hapless ditz or a generous saint. Rukia could not decide. Inoue could be both if she was willing to share Ichigo with anyone. “Listen to yourself. You felt so bad when you thought Ichigo and I were together. How could you share him?”

“I admit it would be hard to see him with another girl, but if it makes him happy I could endure it. I would also get to be with him, to share all those good times with him, and nobody would be hurt.” She closed her eyelids and smiled broadly.

Rukia shook her head, still unable to decide what Inoue was. A part of her admired the girl for her kindness and desire to see everyone happy at the cost of her own. “You are unusual, Inoue. Ichigo won’t be coming in today. He wanted me to ask you if you would write him notes for today.”

The goddess was illuminated with enthusiasm. “Oh that is right. I promised Kurosaki-kun that I would write him notes so he could stay home to catch up on sleep. That must be why he is not here. I will be sure to write down really good notes so Kurosaki-kun can concentrate on resting.”

To Rukia it sounded like she made a vow to her Substitute despite the fact that he was absent. She liked this girl. Inoue may have been a bit of a ditz, but she was quite intelligent. If you added her gentle nature and ability to put others above herself she was one of a kind. It was for those reasons that Rukia had thought of a wicked idea that would help move Inoue closer to Ichigo. “You know what would really help Ichigo is if you study with him today after school that way he will understand your notes.”

She nodded her head vigorously. “You are so right! I can really help him.”

“It would be like a date,” Rukia stated with a smirk. Again the pep in her step had evaporated.

“A d-d-date w-with Ku-Kurosaki-kun,” she muttered. It was all she could do to keep her body from exploding. She, Inoue Orihime going out on a date with Kurosaki-kun was a fantasy she entertained on a daily basis. The question was could she go on an actual date with him and not descend into a blabbering mass of flesh? The last thing Orihime needed was to embarrass herself in front of him. “I am not sure that is a good idea.”

“Look, Inoue if you want to move your relationship with Ichigo forward you are going to have to take charge.”

The words mirrored Tatsuki’s words on the subject. Both raven haired girls seemed to think she needed to make the first move, but it seemed so forward. The petite girl’s finger brushed the auburn bangs above her face, startling her.

“You are simply a stunning woman, Inoue. Your beauty is so astounding that any man would give their right arm for you to just grace them with a smile.” Modesty was another defining trait of Inoue’s. She played with the strands of her hair, meekly washing away Rukia’s compliments. “It is true. You are gorgeous. Why not use that to your advantage?” Orihime silently inquired her to explain. “Inoue, you have not only a full figure, but also two rather large assets at your disposal.” She narrowed her eyes enviously at the buxom girl. Heaven knew she left much to be desired in that area. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, quite the opposite. She was proud of her petite size. But there was no denying that there was a small sense of inadequacy when comparing her breasts to Inoue’s. Thankfully the feeling passed quickly. “If you came at Ichigo with everything you had there is no way he could resist you.”

“Kurosaki-kun isn’t like that,” she said sharply. She surprised herself by the edge in her voice. She presented Kuchiki-san with an apologetic gaze. “Kurosaki-kun is very polite. He never does things like that,” she reiterated.

Rukia scoffed at this notion. “His restraint is admirable, but even he has his limits. If you were to be insistent he would succumb to you. All you need to do is be seductive.” Uncertainty still perched itself on Orihime’s shoulder. She mumbled something about feeling silly. “There is nothing to feel silly about. Guys are simple. Just smile a little, use a sultry tone and they are hooked.” Her experienced was limited to Renji, but she did practice seduction with him. He showed his appreciation.

“Really?” A shrinking Orihime asked.

“Really,” Rukia replied. The two girls discussed strategy for Orihime to use on the unsuspecting Ichigo. They finished just as their teacher came. They returned to class preparing for a normal day that would be far from normal for Orihime. She scribbled down notes for her own use and for Ichigo. In the back of her mind she braced herself for seducing her beloved.

To be continued.

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