Whoring The Debt Away

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. I do not own Bleach or any of the related characters, locations, etc. I make no money off of this work.

Whoring The Debt Away

A Bleach Erotic Fan-Fiction

Chapter 2 : Sleeper Creeper

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content and strong language. If you are offended by such things please do not continue any further.

Author's Notes : This story is my part of an art trade between myself and my pal Nomo. It features the always smoking hot Yoruichi being blackmailed into paying off a debt with her body.

The men had wandered out after sampling Yoruichi’s body. They left her laying on the floor of the shop with their still warm cum leaking out of her. She panted as she rested on the floor feeling disgusted by them and with herself. To protect Kisuke’s secrets she had let the men use her body like she was a whore to pay his debts. Even worse it wasn’t over. This had just been a sample of what she could expect. The smell of Kisuke’s coat no longer comforted her. All she could smell was the scent of sex left over from having been taken first on the counter, then on the floor.

Her body was sore from the brutal pounding she had taken. They had not been gentle lovers by any stretch of the imagination. She lay there a while collecting her strength and resting. When finally she moved to get up she collected her panties that had been torn away and realizing they were ripped and ruined she tossed them out. Making her way to the bath she drew a tub full of hot water and cleaned herself off before climbing in and soaking for a good while.

After climbing out of the bath she toweled off her dark skin with a soft white towel before wrapping it around her large curvy chest and heading to the bedroom. She didn’t want to think about going to his club the next night yet. First she’d get some sleep and leave that for tomorrow. Making her way to her dresser she retrieved a new thong to replace the one that she had been forced to toss out. Sliding on the black panties she tossed the towel into the clothes hamper and crawled into the bed she would have shared with Kisuke if Urahara hadn’t been out of town just then. Of course if he hadn’t been out of town she probably wouldn’t be forced to pay off a debt he owed with her body she thought. With this upsetting thought in her head she settled down to sleep and though it took some time to come eventually the sexy purple haired beauty fell into a deep slumber.

So deep was her sleep that she didn’t awaken to the sound of the door to the shop being forced open. A figure she would have recognized from the incident earlier barged in. The rotund man with the overhanging belly drunkenly staggered into the store. His black suit was a mess with the coat unbuttoned entirely and his shirt disheveled and partially unbuttoned as well. He was visibly drunk with a deep red blush on his bulging cheeks and a glazed over look in his eyes. He hadn’t stopped thinking about stopped thinking about how hot the brown skinned woman had been and how good it had felt fucking her earlier. With a healthy amount of booze in his system from going out drinking with his fellow thugs when he had left the bar he had decided to make a stop back by the shop.

He thought he was being stealthy though in actuality he stumbled and made a fair bit of noise. It was only owing to Yoruichi’s exhaustion and deep slumber that she didn’t awaken at the sound of him tramping through the store and then sliding open the traditional Japanese style paper door to her bedroom. A pervy grin lit up his face as he saw her laying there. The thick warm blanket covering her had slid off of her long sexy brown legs leaving them exposed. The room was dark, lit only by a light in the hall behind the man. It cast his bulky shadow across her body as he stood there looking at her. He looked down at her for a few minutes before he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. Setting it to record he propped it up on a shelf where it captured her sleeping there on video.

“She’s so pretty… I have to have her again.” As he stood there with a bit of drool dripping out over his lower lip he unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect penis. Thinking about how good she had felt when he had bent her over the counter earlier had aroused him so his cock was fully engorged. It bobbed up and down as he stood there towering over her sleeping form. He knelt by the foot of her bedroll she slept upon and reached out to stroke the soft dark skin of her calves. Yoruichi twitched slightly at the touch and mumbled in her sleep but did not awaken. He continued traveling with his hands up her legs sliding them behind her knees then up her thick juicy thighs. Yoruichi was sleeping on her side but as he touched her he gently helped her onto her back.

When he reached the blanket that covered the rest of her he pulled it away showing her voluptuous curvy body in all its glory save for the covering of the skimpy black thong she wore.  He stopped to stroke his cock again as he looked at her chocolatey breasts capped with the darker peaks of her pointy nipples jutting up towards the ceiling. A droplet of precum fell from his tip to land on the inside of her thigh as he stroked his member in his hand. Again Yoruichi shifted ever so slightly but still did not awaken. Putting his fat face down between her legs he stuck out his tongue and began to lick a trail along her inner thigh. Her freshly bathed skin tasted sweet as he lapped at the soft tender flesh.

“Nnnn…Mmmm…” Still unconscious Yoruichi nonetheless began to let out cute little moans as she reacted to the sensation of lips and tongue intimately touching her. He continued down along her other thigh as well before moving back up it and reaching the panties covering her sex. Gripping the waist strings of her little black thong he tugged it down. The panties clung to her curvaceous hips digging into her skin until he pulled them down further until they were around her thighs. Slipping them slowly all the way off, he sniffed the crotch of the thong smelling the sweet scent of her pussy. When he was done huffing her scent he pocketed the panties for later and looked down at her bare clean-shaven snatch. Climbing up so his heavy body hovered over her sexy form he pressed his stiffened member against her lower lips. They parted as he pushed his cock-head up against her. His tip vanished into her folds and he felt the tightness of her cunt once more wrap around his manhood.

“NNnnnn…” Yoruichi let out another mewling moan as she was penetrated in her sleep. Defenseless she lay there asleep as he spread her legs wide and began to drive deeper inside her. His bulky body leaned down over her far sexier one and he began to paw at her tits with his hands. Groping her large sexy titties he squeezed her nipples, plucking at them with his fingers. As he fondled her he continued to build up force with his thrusting. His drunken sloppy efforts resulted in a fierce pounding sensation as his cock was driven up into her cunt and his hairy balls slapped up against her firm round ass.

The rougher harder fucking combined with the teasing of her highly sensitive nipples was what finally woke Yoruichi. She let out another moan as her eyes shot open in alarm. Her yellow pupils fell on the fat man groping and riding her in her sleep.

“Nooo! Not again! Nnnn… What are you doing here?” She thought about fighting him but then recalled the position they had her in. Instead she gripped the mat beneath her as he slammed up inside her over and over again.

“You’re my pretty girl. After you finish paying your debts to the boss you can be my lady. And we can fuck all the time!” As he spoke he lowered his face down to one of her glorious tits and began to lick the round fleshy orb. His tongue stroked up across her dark skin to the deep brown nipple which he flicked.

“No! I’d never be your girlfriend! You’re disgusting!” She was shaking as she felt him hammer away at her increasingly wet cunt.

“See up on the shelf? You’d better do what I say or that man who owns this store is going to see us fucking. I know about you two.” He chuckled wickedly as he taunted her. Yoruichi glanced up to the shelf and saw the phone recording them. Knowing that he was not only banging her but also recording it filled her with disgust. He continued to play with her tits with his hands and mouth, enjoying the feeling of the soft titflesh as he plowed her pussy hard and fast.

“You can’t tell him! He can never know! Please, just use me and then leave me alone.” She spread her legs letting him drive in even deeper. She was moaning more and more now as his cock reached up inside her and stretched apart her fleshy inner walls. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized how much pleasure her body was feeling even though mentally she hated every bit of it. He looked up from where he was sucking on her swollen nipple.

“As long as you spread for me whenever I want he won’t find out. You just need to understand that you’re my girl now. We’re going to fuck whenever I say. Now I’m going to cum inside you again and claim you. Maybe I’ll even knock your ass up. That would really mark you as my property. How do you like that?” He was jamming his fuck-stick into her as fast as ever now. Their thighs were slapping together noisily and his balls banged again her juicy ass every time he bottomed out inside her sloppy wet cunt.

“Nooo! Don’t cum inside me! Please pull out!” She had been in such a state of shock earlier that she hadn’t thought about the fact that they had all fucked her bareback and emptied their seed inside her. He just smirked at her as she begged and kept fucking. He then licked a wet trail from her nipple up over the top of her breast. His tongue lapped up her neck and onto her chin. When he reached her lips he pressed his mouth to hers and forced a sloppy wet kiss onto her. As he kissed his lovely brown skinned prize he reached the point of ultimate release. Yoruichi could feel his long hard cock twitch and spasm inside her as he began to orgasm. As he looked at her point blank in the eyes her yellow pupils went wide in shock and terror. As he began to unload his spunk deep into her unprotected cunt the tears seeped out of her eyes and ran down her cheeks leaving a wet trail on her dark skin. Her eyes narrowed as she reached acceptance of the fact that he had just splattered the insides of her pussy with his virile semen. She could feel the heat of his jizz coating the walls of her pussy.

In her own bed this grotesque man had fucked and cum inside her. And she had let it happen, as part of paying off a debt. She felt filthy and disgusted as she lay there with his twitching cock spewing out a mess of creamy seed inside her soiled cunt and his heavy body pressing down upon hers. It didn’t help when he began to stroke her hair with one hand in what was a mockery of a comforting gesture. He just lay there on top of her enjoying the feeling of her sopping wet pussy wrapped around his cock. With his other hand he touched her dark flesh squeezing her curvaceous hips and narrow waist and on up to her magnificent chest once more. He alternated between forcing kisses all over her lips and face and running his tongue out along her cheek. This unwanted intimacy was met by Yoruichi by just shutting down staring at the ceiling and reminding herself that she had to do this. Both to settle the debt and to keep Urahara from ever finding out about the video. He remained there molesting her for many minutes after he had flooded her insides with his semen.

“There, now when the boss is done with having you work off the debt we’re going to have lots more fun. I’m going to fuck you so many times.” As he spoke he pulled his slackening cock from inside her. A thick strand of goopy semen connected the tip of his dick to the messy creampie he had left inside her. His cock-head rubbed against the soft skin of her inner thigh leaving a trail of the white seed standing out against her dusky flesh.When he finally pulled his bulk up off of her Yoruichi just lay there naked and unmoving. She watched him take his phone and stop the recoding, having captured what he wanted.

“Now remember. Be at the club tomorrow night. And I’ll be paying another visit soon.” He grinned at her lewdly as he slid his phone back into his pocket and his cock back into his pants. He was already thinking about the next time he’d pay her a visit and dump some more cum into his new girl. When he finally was done staring at her nude body and left Yoruichi tugged the blanket back over her and lay there shuddering, hoping none of his fellow goons had had the same idea to try and pay her a visit that night. None did, still she proved unable to get much sleep the rest of the night anyways.

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