Whoring The Debt Away

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. I do not own Bleach or any of the related characters, locations, etc. I make no money off of this work.

Whoring The Debt Away

A Bleach Erotic Fan-Fiction

Chapter 1 : Bad Debt, Bad Deal

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content and strong language. If you are offended by such things please do not continue any further.

Author's Notes : This story is my part of an art trade between myself and my pal Nomo. It features the always smoking hot Yoruichi being blackmailed into paying a debt off using her body.

It was reaching the late afternoon on the lazy summer day in Karakura town. To keep the stifling warm breeze at bay the door to Kisuke Urahara’s shop was closed though it had not been latched when Yoruichi had stepped out and flipped the sign to say closed as well. She had been left alone to run things in his absence as Kisuke had taken the rest of the shop’s inhabitants with him on his most recent trip. As usual business had been light and she had opted to close up early so she might sneak in a cat nap.

Yoruichi Shihouin was a stunning dark skinned beauty looking especially sexy dressed as she was at the moment. Not overly concerned with covering herself or concealing her lovely body she had used the golden opportunity of Kisuke being away to steal one of his long black coats with the large white diamonds emblazoned around the lower section. She loved wearing it and having his scent all over her skin as she was only clad in a white thong beneath the coat that came down to around her knees. She had tied it in the front so her nakedness wasn’t obvious as long as she didn’t move too vigorously. Even with the long coat on it couldn’t conceal her enticing body entirely as her full breasts pressed out and forced the fabric to take on their shape. Her long athletic yet oh so sensual legs were bare beneath the coat all the way to her bare feet, hinting at her nakedness beneath it. Her delicious chocolate colored skin, yellow eyes, and long purple hair combined to make her an exotic beauty far removed from the typical resident of Karakura town.

Her back was to the door when she heard the small bell ring letting her know it had been opened. She was facing the counter. There was the sound of several people entering the small shop front.

“I’m afraid we’re closed at this time. I’ll have to ask you to come back tomorrow.” She turned to look at the late customers. They didn’t look like the type of people who were normally customers of the shop. Five men stood there spread out across the front of the shop. Yoruichi actually recoiled a bit when she saw them. They were definitely not pretty boys by any stretch of the imagination. Four of them were dressed basically identically with basic dark suits and leather shoes. Their heads were shaven and they bore scars and other signs of having lived a rough life. A couple of them were notably heavy set with their suits bulging out around the waist from their rotund bellies. Then in the center was a much older man. His hair was grey as was his own much more finely tailored suit. Liver spots were visible upon his face and his wrinkled jowls hung from his face not unlike a bulldog.

“Hours of operation don’t apply to me miss. I’m here to see the owner. Can you tell me if he’s in?” The way both he and his goons looked at her made Yoruichi shiver. There was a barely disguised lust in their gaze as they looked up her long sexy legs or at the hint of cleavage visible around the neck of the coat she wore.

“I’m afraid he’s away on business at this time. You’ll have to visit with him when he gets back.” She wrapped her arms around her waist and waited for them to leave, stamping her foot impatiently.

“I’m afraid that won’t do. You see he owes me money. And I intend to collect, one way or another, tonight.” As he spoke the four guards who flanked him approached a bit closer to her. Yoruichi stiffened as they moved in a seemingly threatening way.

“I don’t know you or anything about this money he supposedly owes you. I’m going to have to ask you to leave now. Don’t make things get rough.” She arced an eyebrow at them. Despite her posturing she had no intention of trouncing these fools even though with her power and skill she could easily. It was a serious no-no to muck about in the human world with non-Soul Reaper affairs. Killing some goons would definitely get her in hot water. Hopefully they’d get the hint and leave.

Instead, being threatened by a woman seemed to have an entirely different effect on them. The brute squad smirked and continued to come closer.

“Oh please, don’t threaten me. You have no idea who I am. Don't make me go all over the legal procedures to take your pathetic store and if you make me so much problems I can’t guarantee this traditional fully wooden building won’t just have an accident and burst in to flames'' His voice took on a nasty tone as he implied a possible use of arson on the little store. Yoruichi froze as she thought about the consequences. If someone did break in or burn down the shop not only would Kisuke lose his store but there was a greater concern. Beneath the shop lay numerous secrets in his labs and training grounds. She had to protect them from being outed to the public or the consequences would be dire.

“Fine then. I don’t have any money to speak of however. You’ll still have to wait till he arrives back.”

“I am not a patient man, if you can’t pay me one way you’ll pay another. See if she has something worth trading.” He pointed at one of the heavier set men. The guard stepped up to her and grabbed the lapels of the coat. Pulling them apart more of her copious brown titflesh was exposed. The top tie holding it closed pulled open and the round sides of her voluptuous orbs were on display.

“Hey!” She made no move but barked at him as he manhandled her.

“Enticing. It seems you may be able to pay off your friend’s debt after all. Your body will take the place of the cash he owes.” A chill ran down her spine. This was the cost she would have to pay to keep her lover’s secrets and protect their home. She just shut down, standing there with the goon holding her by the coat. The only movement she made was to nod her head slightly at his blackmail offer.

“Go on. We need to see a sample to see if you’re fit to come to my club and work off the debt.” Yoruichi just focused on a spot on the floor not wanting to look at the ugly men gathered around her with their obscene deal. When she didn’t make a move to help the one holding her grew impatient. Tugging at the coat again he popped the other tie letting it fall open around her. Her nakedness was visible to the group and they marveled at the amazing body she hid beneath the black coat. Yoruichi let out a surprised squeak when suddenly the fat man’s hands ripped her thong clean off of her. With a single movement he pushed her up against the counter and bent her over its wooden top. The coat pulled up over her bare ass revealing the round mound of brown which glistened slightly in the light of the store.

Whether she didn’t move from sheer shock or because she had already given in and accepted her fate the guard did not know. He didn’t really care as he pawed at her curvy sexy ass with his hands. Then unzipping his slacks he pulled out a thick already semi-erect cock. There was nothing gentle about what came next. It wasn’t lovemaking. The thug stuck his prick against the soft cleft of her pussy lips and shoved himself in.

''N-n..uhh" Yoruichi lay there unresisting as she felt herself violated by the tubby pug faced minion. A tear ran down her cheek however as she realized she had just been penetrated by someone who wasn’t her lover.

She could feel his cock grow inside her as he slammed into her hard and fast. Her tummy was pressed down tight to the counter as he reamed her tight little cunt over and over again. The tops of her thighs slammed up against the counter and the small shop front was filled with the sounds of creaking furniture and flesh hitting flesh. He reached down and grabbed her by her purple ponytail with one hand. Tugging her face up a bit he leaned down over her body. Yoruichi could feel his large stomach pressing against her back and she was even more disgusted than ever to be getting fucked by the fat ugly lackey. With her face tilted up he pressed his lips against hers in a cruel mockery of a kiss. His tongue teased against her lips and she shuddered not only from the disgust she felt but also from the increasingly pleasurable waves emanating from her cunt as he pounded her like a hammer hitting a nail. At least it would be over quickly she tried to rationalize. At the rate he was going he’d cum in a couple of minute’s tops. She hadn’t thought about how that would play out yet.

“You’re so hot! I can’t wait to shoot my cum into your raw cunt. I wish you were my woman all the time!” He had stopped his lewd assault on her lips to whisper his disturbing words in her ear as he rammed her even harder and faster than before.

“No! Wait! Don’t pour your dirty cum out inside me!” She cried out too late. As she begged him not to fill her womb with his seed he did just that. Gooey hot cum spurted out inside her pussy painting her wet fleshy walls with his spunk. He pumped a few more times letting the rest of his ball juice squirt out inside her before pulling his member out and rubbing it clean on the back of her sexy brown thighs. Yoruichi felt more tears come as she hoped that this was over. Surely she had paid enough letting the fat goon fuck her on the counter and steal her dignity. Then she another set of man’s hands on her ass.

“All of you give her a test run. She’ll need stamina to work the club. See what this bitch is made of.” She could feel the warm cum oozing out of her cunt and dripping down the insides of her thighs when she felt another hard cock poke against her freshly fucked hole. He didn’t seem to care that she was still filled with his co-worker’s jizm. He just shoved his long fat cock up into her well lubricated snatch and started going to town.

“Nnnn…Unhhh…” Yoruichi grunted as she was entered once more. This one found it amusing to grip her wrists and use her them like handlebars. He pulled back on her so that when he slammed in it pressed her back against the counter smooshing her gloriously large round tits against the top. Her nipples were erect and ached from the stimulation as did her cunt at being fucked so raw and hard twice in a row.

Like the first one to claim her he couldn’t last long. The vigorous hammering of her tight pussy felt too damn good to resist. He was still plowing her with abandon when he grunted and began to pump a huge load of his seed out inside her. Yoruichi could feel her legs grow weak and shake against the counter as the barrage of fucking began to take its toll on her. He deposited his entire creampie into her cunt before letting his flagging member pull out from between her lower lips.

When he had finished with her Yoruichi tried to stand. Raising up from the counter her shaking legs were barely able to keep her upright. Then she stepped into a pool of warm wet cum which had dripped onto the floor as it poured out of her. Slipping on the slick spot she landed on her back. The coat was on the floor beneath her spread wide open to reveal her large sexy breasts with their slightly darker nipples as well as the rest of her sensuous dark brown skin. The third goon to approach her knelt down between her spread legs. His cock was already erect and dangling out of his pants as he gripped her legs under her knees. He positioned her legs up in a widespread V shape, sticking up in the air as he pressed his cock against her entrance.

“Unnhhh, n…no…” The first two had been bad enough with her bent over the counter but now Yoruichi was looking straight up into the man’s ugly mug as he shoved his fat dick into her soft cum drenched twat. Like the others he fucked her rough and hard driving her back into the floor of the store front as he pounded away at her cunt. His arms reached around her legs which were thrust up over his shoulders so he could paw at her tits. He pinched her erect nipples and slapped at her huge sexy titties as he drove into her like an animal.

While she was on her back getting drilled the fat fucker who had bent her over the cabinet first crouched down by the sexy brown skinned woman. Gripping her by her purple hair he picked her head up off the ground and pressed his cock against her lips. He was erect again and his cock still smelt of sweat and sex as it rubbed up under her nose.

“Oh yeah, open your mouth and suck my dick you hot little bitch.” Yoruichi stared up at the fat man with her yellow tear filled eyes. Thinking of her duty to protect the store and its secrets she parted her lips and felt him push his cock-head inside. She could taste the mix of her pussy juices and his cum smeared all over his cock as it rubbed up against her tongue. She barely made any effort to suck or lick his cock as he shoved it between her lips but it didn’t matter. He fucked her mouth rough and hard and she choked on his length as it teased her throat. Then without so much as a warning his member twitched inside her mouth and she got a full throat full of hot spunk.

The seed was still swimming in her mouth when she felt the third man empty his balls into her cunt as well. She felt sick, full of the seed of three strange men she had never met before. She didn’t even know their names and here they were using her like a common whore. To top it off she was exhausted and sore after being ridden hard three times in a row. The third man rubbed up against the backs of her thighs a bit longer letting every last drop of his creamy semen spill out inside her. When he pulled out she was left lying there spent. There was another yet to take a turn however.

The last of the four guards reached down and gripped one of her ankles. Yoruichi let out a little yip as she was flipped over unceremoniously onto her stomach. Gripping her hips he pulled her large sexy ass up into the air. Her head still rested upon the floor as she felt him getting into place behind her. He pressed his thick fuck-stick against her. Unlike the others however his tip poked against her tight little pucker. Pressing down into her his cock began to penetrate her asshole spreading it around his width.

“No….Nnnnhhhhh…” Yoruichi’s eyes widened and she gritted her teeth. She had been caught unprepared never expecting that one of them would try and claim her ass instead of fucking her pussy. With no care for her comfort he began to fuck her just as rough and fast as his co-workers had done. His heavy hairy balls slapped up against her thoroughly fucked cunt as he drove his entire fat length into her anal cavity. As he sodomized her there on the floor the others took turns getting down and splattering her face with extra loads of jizz. The sick slimy yellowish cum ran down the sides of her dark pretty face making a mess of her as she just tried to ride out the last one hoping he would cum quickly and end the ass ramming.

The feeling of her tight sphincter gripping all along his shaft as he fucked her up the butt had him cumming fast. Yoruichi lay there with her face rubbing back and forth against the floor and coated in semen as she felt the fat cock wedged into her asshole begin to spew a load of thick dick-cream up into her anus. It painted her bowels with a thick coat of jizz which would have felt quite odd to her if she hadn’t been reduced to laying there with her breasts rising and falling against the floor as she breathed heavily. When he had pulled his cock out of her ass they flipped her over onto her back once more. Feeding her a few more loads into her gaping mouth they snickered to themselves as they put their cocks away and rose to their feet.

“This was the audition. Lucky for you, you passed. Tomorrow night you will come to my club. There you will work off the debt owed to me. ”The old man had not taken part but he had watched every single moment of it. One of his men set a card with the club’s information on it atop the counter. Yoruichi laid there unmoving other than her breathing. She was conscious but only barely able to hear him as he instructed her.

This wasn’t over. Not yet. Yoruichi would have to go through a lot more to pay this debt.

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