Without Restraint

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Kurosaki Ichigo frowns as he listens to the groans coming from the hooligans that he had just finished beating down, his grip on his guide cane tight in case one of them gets the hair-brained idea to try and grab it from him. It's not really a problem if they do, but he's already broken several of them since starting high school last month and in fights much like this one, so he needs to take care of this one if he wants to avoid a lecture. "So, does anyone want to tell me what they see over there?" he asks as he points in what he hopes is the direction of the knocked over flowers left as an offering for Kasumi, the little girl that had been killed here in the alley a few weeks ago.

"Uh," one of the hooligans, a L'il Yama if he recalls correctly, shuffles a bit where they're laying on the ground. "There's nothin' over there, berry head."

"It's on the other side," Kasumi quietly informs him, and he immediately shifts where he's pointing, much to his irritation.

"Oh, uh, that's an offering for some dead kid," hooligan number two, a certain L'il Toshi, answers now that he's pointing in the right direction.

"And why is it on its side?" Ichigo asks, his voice sounding a bit harsher on this question compared to the first one.

"Uh, because we was skateboarding through the alley, and we knocked it over," the one called L'il Mitch answers meekly.

"Then don't you think you should apologize to her?" Ichigo motions to Kasumi now, hoping that she's in the right spot for his little trick, and sure enough, all three of the hooligans shriek before they scramble to get their skateboards and run. He gives them a couple of minutes to clear out before he turns to face Kasumi, and, for a second, he can make out a small-sized grayish-white blob against the darkness that is his world. It's gone as fast as it came, and he blinks his eyes a couple of times to make sure that he's still blind. Yep. Definitely still can't see.

"Are you okay, mister?" Kasumi asks with a touch of concern to her voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Ichigo responds a bit gruffly, then makes his way over to the offering of flowers. "Sorry I had to use you like that."

"Oh, it's fine, mister," Kasumi assures him, and he assumes that she's floating along beside him. "After all, I did ask you to get rid of them for me."

"I'm glad I was able to help you out then," Ichigo says in a gentler tone and stops shy of the light pole where the offering is at. "You said that the bottle broke?"

"Oh, don't trouble yourself with that!" Kasumi's voice moves from beside him to in front of him, right where he suspects the bottle to be. "You've already done more than enough, and I'd feel bad if you cut yourself up trying to stand it back up."

"I'm not scared of getting a little cut up," Ichigo says as searches for the bottle with his guide cane. It takes him only a couple of passes to find the bottle and a moment more to carefully stand it up with the flowers in it. "See? It's all good now."

"Thank you, mister," Kasumi softly intones, and he waves her off.

"No need to thank me. You just go ahead and pass on," Ichigo says as he turns to make his way home.

"Okay!" Kasumi cheerfully calls after him.

Once Ichigo is around the corner he stops and leans against the alley wall and lifts his free hand to his face. It's been a while since he thought about being able to see again. A few years, in fact, and almost six years since he lost his sight. Just that single glimpse of something digs up what little he remembers from that day, the only stain to his otherwise perfect memory.

He doesn't remember much of what happened when the light had come down from the sky and had stolen his sight, except that it had been raining and his mom had been scared afterward.

So very scared and, though she had done her best to hide it from him, angry.

And he had been scared too at first, not knowing the purpose of the light or why it had come down to take his sight.

And then he had been angry.

So, so very angry when he had caught the whispers between mom and dad about some legendary Quincy King who was behind the light, that it was called an Auswählen, and that it should have targeted his mom because she had been tainted by something called a Hollow.

Ichigo didn't know what the Auswählen would have done to his mom at the time, that it might have inadvertently caused her death because she would have been powerless against a Hollow trying to lure him to his own death later on, but he knows that it would have been bad.

Any attack against his mom is bad.

The legendary Quincy King is bad for wanting to take something from his mom; is even worse than bad for making his mom upset by taking his sight!

Some of that anger has faded over time as he got used to living without his sight, but he doesn't forget the light of the Auswählen and the supposed legendary Quincy King behind it. He holds on to the memory of the rain and the light, what he had learned afterward when mom and dad had thought he was sleeping, and the vow he had made to himself. That he'll one day find the Quincy King, legend or not, and pay him back for what he's done. For making his mom upset…and for the pains that he had to go through because of his loss.

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