Whackybiscuit's Lunar New Year Celebration

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Whackybiscuit's Lunar New Year Celebration
Yoruichi's Tiger Party

Kisuke's Shop

Kisuke walked down the hallway and poked his head into Yoruichi's room. "Hey, Yoruichi. Tessai is going out to get a cheeseburger with the kids. Want him to pick you up one too?"

Sitting on her futon with a box in front of her, the famed beauty Yoruichi Shihoin looked up at her friend and smiled. "Nah, I'm good. I'm just about to head out to the Soul Society so I'll be busy tonight."

"Going to visit Soi-Fon, I assume?"

To his surprise, Yoruichi shook her head. "No, I was invited to a party celebrating the Lunar New Year."

"Oh?" Kisuke raised an eyebrow. "Is it the Kuchiki Clan? I know you and Byakuya are back on speaking terms now that your exile is over."

Again Yoruichi shook her head. "Nah, not the Kuchiki Clan. It's a party at one of the minor clan's mansion. Don't wait up for me. This is probably going to be one of those all-nighters the nobles like to have."

"I see…" Kisuke looked at the box suspiciously before turning back to Yoruichi with a curious expression. "So what's in the box? Is that your party gift to the nobles for inviting you?"

"No, it's just my eveningwear. I had to order it online since I…don't have anything appropriate for a party like this."

When Yoruichi gave him a knowing smirk, Kisuke gave a light chuckle. If Yoruichi wasn't going to tell him then he wouldn't ask. Besides, he had a fairly apt idea of what kind of party this was, especially if Yoruichi's track record with parties was any indication. "Well, I'm sure they'll be glad to have you back after you got exiled for so long. Okay then. Have fun. More cheeseburgers for me." Kisuke turned and left the room, leaving Yoruichi to prepare for her special party.

Once the sly shopkeeper had left the room, Yoruichi opened up the white box and looked inside at her "eveningwear" before her lips stretched into a lewd grin. "Oh tonight is going to be fun…"

Hours later…
Soul Society

At a small mansion in the Seireitei, a group of men were partying it up as they rung in the Lunar New Year. These were nobles that were part of a separate branch of one of the minor clans and while none of them were Soul Reapers they were just as motley, ranging from the short to the tall, the young and the old and the skinny, the built and the fat. The rest of their clan and the staff were celebrating elsewhere. Tonight's party would be exclusive to them…along with the entertainment that came with it.


Inside the large meeting room one of the men stood up and raised a glass. Like his brethren he was tall with long blond hair that was tied in a ponytail. He was the most handsome among his clan and also happened to be the head of it. "Here's to a new year! And to help us celebrate the Year of the Tiger," the leader grinned from ear to ear as he gestured to a side door, "the lovely Flash Goddess herself is here to provide us tonight's entertainment."

The door slid opened and every man in the room felt his blood become hot at the sight of the gorgeous beauty that stepped through the doorway.

"Mrrow…" playfully purred Yoruichi was she strutted into the room, dressed in her new "eveningwear". As befitting the Year of the Tiger, Yoruichi's outfit was completely tiger themed, although her outfit could barely be called even that. In front of all the men leering at her she wore a tiger-fur tube top that just barely covered her nipples, looking like her breasts might burst right out of it along with matching tiger-striped panties. She walked in barefoot, her legs covered with tiger-striped leggings that went halfway up her voluptuous thighs. On her arms she wore tiger-pawed gloves. Around her neck was a furry white collar and her hair was adorned with a cat-ears headband. What caught most men's attention was the tiger-cat tail that dangled behind the woman.

"Hello boys. So glad you could invite me to your party," Yoruichi greeted, walking into the middle of the room in front of the clan leader.

"And thank you for accepting our offer. These parties just haven't been the same since you got exiled."

"Well, at least I don't have to keep lying to Soi-Fon where I go at night," Yoruichi said with a cheeky smirk. "So tell me, boys, are you going to just keep sitting there drinking saké all night? Or are we going to get this party started?"

Her answer came when every man in the room stood up and stripped out of their clothing. The golden eyes of Yoruichi lit up when she saw the naked men as they surrounded her. It was certainly a showing of just about every body type. But what really drew her attention were the huge erect cocks they were all sporting, all of them aimed squarely at her. "Mrrrow…"

Hands from every direction started to touch Yoruichi's body. The werecat purred as hands both gentle and rough groped her. The men gleefully touched every part of Yoruichi's beautiful body. Yoruichi moaned as her breasts and ass were squeezed and fondled, shivers running down her spine as more hands ran across her naked belly and her smooth thighs. When fingers touched her clothed pussy, they found that she was already wet. One of the men teased the tail that poked through the back of her panties, making the purple-haired woman squirm in the men's grasp. A pair of fingers traced Yoruichi's soft lips, the woman opening her mouth to suck on them. As the men fondled her, her own hands reached out and each grabbed a throbbing cock, gently stroking them both with her gloved hands.

"Hey now," said the clan leader, the blonde man just as naked as the rest of the men. "You know the rules, Lady Yoruichi. Leader gets first dibs."

The men all reluctantly backed off, Yoruichi needing a few seconds to regain her bearings once the avalanche of touches and groping subsided. Walking over to the leader, she let the man pull her into a deep kiss. He lifted her leg up to let his massive cock rub against her clothed pussy. "Mmmmh!" As they pulled away, Yoruichi licked her lips before she dropped down to her knees. The clan leader gripped his long shaft and smacked the werecat in the cheek with it, tracing her lips with his tip. Yoruichi was certainly impressed. "I suppose you aren't the head of your clan for nothing…" she murmured. Her lips parted and she took the man into her mouth.

"Ohhhh…" All the man could do was moan while one of the most beautiful women in the Soul Society gave him head. Yoruichi showed off just how skilled a cocksucker she was, taking more and more of the man into her mouth with each bob of her head. The taste of the thick cock settled onto her tongue. She looked up at him, pleased to see his pleasure-filled face while she took him deeper.

The men around them watched with growing impatience, stroking themselves while imagining how good it would feel to have the famed Flash Goddess suck their cocks. Their leader put a hand on Yoruichi's head, forcing her to take him in deeper. Thankfully Yoruichi was a pro at deepthroating and suppressed her gag reflex. "Gkkk!" Saliva drooled down her chin, dripping onto her barely concealed breasts. 'Fuck, he's huge. They're all so big! Oh how I've missed this!'

Even the toughest man would feel his resistance crumble from Yoruichi's deepthroat. Feeling his balls tightening up, the head clansman pulled her head away from his cock, Yoruichi letting out a heavenly moan as his tip slipped from her lips. "Ready for your milk, kitty?" he asked with a cock grin, stroking himself quickly and aiming his tip at the horny Soul Reaper's face.

"Yesss…" Yoruichi lewdly slurred, opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue. "Kitty wants your cum…"

Her wish was granted. With a soft groan the head clansman blew his load. The men watched as his cum shot into her mouth, his seed hitting the back of her throat and landing on her tongue Yoruichi greedily accepted the man's cum, letting it settle in her mouth. In front of the other men she opened her mouth, showing them all the cum she'd taken before closing her mouth, swallowing hard and feeling his warm spunk settle in her belly. "Mrrow…" she purred, licking her cum-stained lips.

Without a word, the head clansman nodded at the rest of his men now that he'd gotten things started. Looking down at the slutty woman, he motioned for one of his men. Yoruichi heard someone approach her from behind. Craning her head up, she saw a fat man with a wide smile on his face leering down at her. In his hands was a tiger-striped blindfold. "Ooooohh…" Yoruichi knew what the men had in mind.

She let the man put the blindfold over her eyes. With her sense of sight cut off, her sense of smell, taste and touch would be amplified. All the better for what was about to happen next.

"So boys, who's first?"

The thick scent of men surrounded the blindfolded woman. The hands returned, touching her all over as the men poked her face with their cocks. Shivers of pleasurable anticipation running up her spine, Yoruichi stuck out her tongue and started to lick the meaty tips. "Ahhhh…" The taste and smell of so many men overwhelmed Yoruichi's senses, her pussy soaking through her panties. Her hands came up, gently fondling two men's balls while her head went back and forth, licking on sucking on the cocks in front of her.

After several minutes, Yoruichi was pulled backwards until she lay on her back. Again the hands returned, spreading her legs while the men touched her. While many of them wanted to get right to the fucking, it was important they savored every moment of this and not rush to the finale so quickly.

"Ahhhhh…" Yoruichi writhed on the floor while the men touched her. One of the clansmen, a short stout man with shaggy blonde hair, tilted the werecat's head back and slid his cock past her hungry lips. "Gckk!" As the man started to plunge his cock into her mouth, her throat bulged.

Another of the men eyed Yoruichi's breasts, still contained by the tube top. He unceremoniously grabbed the tiger-striped tube top and pulled. The fabric tore with ease, freeing Yoruichi's tits for all to see. The dark-skinned mounds jiggled as they were set free. All of the men felt their arousal surge when they saw that Yoruichi's dark nipples had been pierced.

"Mmmmmh!" Yoruichi moaned into the cock in her mouth when lips wrapped around her nipples, licking them aggressively. Their hands groped and squeezed Yoruichi's tits while they toyed with her nipples. Another man settled between Yoruichi's legs and brought his mouth to her panties. Even though the werecat's womanhood was still clothed he didn't care at all, giving Yoruichi's wet pussy a good lick. Ignoring the thin piece of fabric that obstructed him, he continued licking the werecat's wet pussy. Yoruichi would have kept moaning had it not been the colossal cock ramming its way down her throat. When the man pulled out to let her breathe, he shifted his hips and rested his balls on her mouth. "Mmmmmhh!" The thick musk made Yoruichi wetter, sucking the huge sac on her face and licking it.

The men constantly shifted positions. Every man in the room got a chance to skullfuck Yoruichi, to let her suck on their balls Her pierced titties and her pussy were constantly lavished with tongues, each man dying to get a taste of the Flash Goddess.

Eventually the slutty Yoruichi couldn't take it anymore. The taste of sweaty cocks and musky balls made her want to go all the way. After a young man, who barely looked seventeen, pulled his cock out of her mouth she licked her lips. "Fuck me…" she begged. "Take those huge cocks of yours and fuck me!"

The leader of the clan clapped his hands, letting everyone know it was his turn again. The hands and mouths left Yoruichi, who lay on the ground in a lustful heat desperate for cock. "Come and get it, Kitty," he teased, sitting feet away from her.

Rolling onto her belly, Yoruichi crawled over to the blond man. Reaching him, she started to worship his cock again with her hot mouth before she stood up. Hooking the edges of her soaked panties with her thumbs, she slowly bent over and peeled down the useless garment.

As her plump, luscious ass was put on full display before everyone, the men's eyes were glued to the tiger tail. The tiger tail that was revealed to be plugged into her asshole. Climbing onto the man's lap, she raised her hips, letting the clan headsman guide the blindfolded slut down onto his thick clamhammer. "Oh yes!" Yoruichi cried out as her womanhood was invaded by the noble's cock, sinking down until she'd taken every inch of him. "Fuck me!"

Gripping hold of Yoruichi's waist, the man started to bounce the tiger-themed werecat up and down. It was quite the show for the men in the room to watch Yoruichi Shihoin ride another man like a stallion. The clan leader let go of Yoruichi's waist and instead turned his attention to her bouncing breasts, cupping them.

"Ooooh!" Yoruichi threw her head back when he started to suck on her pierced nipples, bouncing faster. "That's right! Suck my tits! Fuck my pussy!"

Knowing that his clansmen were probably becoming impatient again, the blond leader nodded at one his trusted advisors, a strong muscular man with a bald head and a thick beard. Grinning, the man walked over to the fornicating duo and knelt down behind Yoruichi. As the noble leader held the woman still for a moment, the advisor grabbed the slutty kitty by her fake tail and yanked hard.

Everyone watched with perverted glee when they discovered that Yoruichi's tail wasn't attached to a butt plug, but connected to a string of pink anal beads. The balls were huge, leaving Yoruichi's asshole gaping. Feeling her toys leave her ass all at once, Yoruichi's eyes rolled into the back of her head. "Kyaaa!" she squealed, her head thrown back as her pussy tightened at once. "Cumming! Fuck! I'm cumming!" The tight pussy gushed, her juices splashing onto the man's lap beneath her.

Yoruichi wasn't given any time to recover before the man behind her roughly shoved his cock into her gaping asshole. The horny men grinned as her face twisted with pained pleasure. "Ohhhh! My ass!"

Hands gripped her hips and the two men started to move in tandem. Yoruichi could feel her lower half melt as her holes were ramrodded to hell and back. Another man, the fat one from earlier, walked up beside her and turned her head, guiding his cock into her mouth. "Mmmmmh!" Yoruichi moaned as she was thrown into cock heaven, the men in her holes shifting in tandem, with one pushing in while the other pulled out.

'Fuuuuuuck…my pussy is so full and my asshole is on fire! And he's so big in my mouth. Mmmmh!' Behind her blindfold Yoruichi's eyes started rolling back in her head, especially after the man in her mouth pushed further, the tip going past her throat. Unable to handle it, the Flash Goddess came a second time, her scream of ecstasy muffled by the thick girth in her mouth.

"I think she's starting to like it," smirked the clan leader as he felt Yoruichi tighten around him once more. He could feel his own body start to edge further to release but he willed himself not to cum just yet. He had something special in mind for later…

As Yoruichi came down from her high, the cock in her mouth left her and the man pounding her from behind pulled out, leaving briefly to clean himself up. She was lifted off of the head clansman's lap and settled on the floor again on her shaky knees. The scent of thick man musk wafted around her and she knew she was surrounded again. "Are you ready to continue, Kitty?" they all asked.

Yoruichi grinned from ear to ear. "Oh yes. Fuck this Kitty…"

Hour after hour of the debauchery passed as each man took a turn with the beautiful Soul Reaper. Every single man took the chance to fuck her mouth, pussy, tits and ass. It became a sensual blur to Yoruichi as she was passed around like a slutty party favor.

One moment she was on her back with a man stuffing her face with cock while another straddled her chest, fucking her titties and playing with her pierced nipples as a third man pounded her asshole. The next thing she knew she was dangled upside down, her ponytail undone to allow her purple hair to cascade down towards the floor while she and another man got each other off with a standing 69. Two men put her on her hands and knees to spitroast her, saliva dripping down her face as she was continuously stuffed with manmeat, her ass clapping repeatedly as her pussy was ravaged.

Over and over again Yoruichi was brought to climax; each time she came it was more intense than the last. Slowly she was losing her mind to lust.

Just when Yoruichi had believed she'd been fucked in every conceivable way in one night, the men decided to up her ante. She was on the floor with her ass sticking up and her wrists tied behind her back, crying out as the youth with the shaggy blond hair pounded her pussy from behind. The young man stopped when one of the men tapped him on the shoulder and whispered something into his ear. Nodding, he pulled out of Yoruichi.

"Huh?" It took a minute for the lust-crazed Yoruichi to realize her pussy was empty. "Why'd you stop?" She asked before she was lifted up, placed onto the young man as he laid down on his back. The werecat moaned as his cock slipped back into her pussy…before she gasped when one of the older men, one of the clan's elders got behind her and started to push into her pussy as well. "Kyaaaa!" Her mouth hung wide and her tongue rolled out while she wailed, her pussy stretched to its very limit before the men started to move inside her. Just having two cocks slamming in and out of her pussy at once was enough to make her mind melt from another orgasm.

The men gave her the same treatment to her asshole. Yoruichi howled with ecstasy as she was lifted up, her asshole speared by two thick cocks. "Gahhh! Oh fuck! Fuuuuuck!"

The moon made it's long crawl across the night sky. By the time the debauchery came to its conclusion, Yoruichi felt like she was never going to walk again.

"Mmmmhhhh…" She lay at the feet of the clan leader, polishing off his cock with her tongue. "Kitty wants her cum," she slurred, licking the tip. Despite fucking her for hours, none of the men had cum yet. She'd been expecting to be mercilessly creampied or giving a huge bukkake but so far she'd yet to taste any seed since they started.

"Oh you'll get your milk. We have a surprise for you, Kitty…" Yoruichi groaned in disappointment when he got up and walked away, only for her ears to pick up the sounds of men groaning from the other side of the room.

When a man removed her blindfold, she saw all the men jerking off, shooting their white load into a large saké bowl. Once the last man had finished, they set the dish down in front of her. "Well, Kitty? Here's your milk."

It was so wrong and yet Yoruichi wanted it so bad. The men watched lustfully as she licked up their spunk, devouring their seed from the bowl until she'd licked the bowl clean. "Mmmmh!" Once her "meal" had been finished, she sat up and rubbed her belly, feeling so full. "My belly feels so full. That was so good," she slurred, licking her lips.

All of the men either sat down or left to go clean themselves up. Everyone was tired and exhausted. Sitting down in a chair, the clan leader wiped his sweaty brow. "That was a hell of a way to ring in the New Year." He looked down at his guest and smiled. "Can I assume we can ask you to entertain us again for next year? These parties just aren't the same without you."

"I'm so looking forward to it…" Yoruichi smirked. "One question though, you guys have been having these parties while I was gone? Who have you been hiring to keep you entertained?"

Laughing, the man cast his gaze out the window to in the direction of several of the Squads' barracks were. "Oh we had a few eager volunteers. Anyway," he turned back to Yoruichi. "How did you like your first party in over one hundred years?"

Crawling back over to him, Yoruichi grinned as she took his cock into her gloved hands.

"Mrrrow…it was purrrfect…"

The End

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