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Gym Shorts and Seduction

After the Fullbring Arc…
Karakura Town

Ichigo walked out of his high school, the afternoon bell ringing to signal the end of the school day. He felt good; better than ever, in fact. His powers had returned and his friends were free of Tsukishima's memory manipulations. To Ichigo, all was well.

And yet…

Walking down the street, Ichigo whirled around but saw nothing. Perhaps he hadn't quite readjusted his senses after getting his Soul Reaper powers restored or maybe he was just imagining things. But despite both possibilities Ichigo couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched.

He quickly headed home. Ichigo was confident that even if something was stalking him, he could handle himself in combat now that he had his powers back. As he entered his family's home and headed up to the room, the feeling disappeared and he breathed a sigh of relief. As he walked into his bedroom he closed the door behind him and took off his uniform, stripping down to his boxers and lying on his bed to take a nap. "Wonder what happened to Kon?" he wondered aloud before he simply shrugged and closed his eyes.

What Ichigo didn't quite realize was that he had been correct. Someone had been following him. And that same someone was watching him right now from across the rooftop, cheeks tinged pink from seeing his toned, nearly naked body on full display right in front of the window.

It took Captain Soi-Fon all she could to keep herself from dipping a hand in her pants. She'd discarded her Haori, garbed only in her Stealth Force Commander outfit since it was so warm in the World of the Living. She stared at Ichigo's body hungrily, a hot blush spreading across her face while she stared at him. She knew this was wrong; stalking a young man who wasn't even considered an adult yet was crossing a boundary if not several.

But she couldn't help it. Try as she might, she couldn't deny the truth: she was sexually attracted to Ichigo Kurosaki.

The captain/assassin was well aware that it was uncouth for a woman of her station to lust after a Substitute Soul Reaper, even one as celebrated as him. And at first, she felt no real emotions towards Ichigo Kurosaki. From when she first saw him at Rukia's execution to when he defeated Aizen, Soi-Fon felt nothing towards him besides respect for his sacrifice and efforts; maybe a little admiration and jealousy since Yoruichi seemed so fond of him.

Yet when Ichigo showed up out of the blue to reaffirm his status as a Substitute Soul Reaper, something had changed. When she first arrived at the Head-Captain's chamber and scolded Ichigo for not addressing her properly, she felt something stir within her. Everyone had been too focused on Ichigo talking with the Head-Captain to notice Soi-Fon staring at him with her face flushed. After Ichigo left with Ginjo's body, Soi-Fon shook off the feeling and dismissed it as a fleeting thought.

Days later, however, she had been passing by Squad Six and spotted Ichigo having a spar with Renji. At first she was taken aback by how more oversized his Zanpakuto seemed to become, but that was before she saw him take off his shirt from being overheated. When she saw his built physique along with his handsome face Soi-Fon was overcome with feelings that she thought were reserved only for Yoruichi.

Nobody noticed her quietly race off towards her barracks. That night had been spent alone in her bed, moaning Ichigo's name while she made love to herself with a sex toy, imagining that it was the Substitute pounding her pussy instead of the rubber phallus. She fell asleep quickly that night, dreaming of Ichigo and ended up needing to change the sheets again in the morning.

Soi-Fon had hoped that if she put Ichigo out of her mind and stayed away from him that the feelings of deep admiration and lust would subside. But her feelings for Ichigo became unbearable; they'd become an itch she was unable to scratch, a desire that couldn't be sated no matter what she tried.

Despite knowing that stalking the seventeen year old would land her in trouble if she were caught, Soi-Fon started following him, watching him as he went to school, fight Hollows and when he was at home like he was now. Her hope was that seeing how average Ichigo really was would help her feelings tone down. But they hadn't. Seeing Ichigo up close only made her more hot and bothered.

The aroused assassin licked her lips while she stared at Ichigo's hot body. Something she'd come to appreciate was how the countless hours of training had given him a fit and toned body that most men would kill for. Just seeing him there in nothing but his boxers caused her legs to rub together, a warm moistness beginning to stain her underwear.

"What should I do? Should I knock first? I should wait until he's dressed if I do anything. But…dammit, he looks really good in those boxers. What would he even say?" She thought about it and her expression soured. "I still don't know if he and that airheaded orangette are in love. And he probably has feelings for Rukia Kuchiki. Maybe I should try to see if they have any romantic interests."

"Or maybe you could just go down there and stop stalking him like a creeper," came a voice from behind the woman.

Soi-Fon mentally screamed a curse at herself and whirled around. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw, of all people, Yoruichi standing behind her. "Lady Yoruichi!" she squeaked, her face turning bright pink with embarrassment. "It's…it's not what it looks like!"

Yoruichi stood in her orange jacket and black pants, arms folded with her head cocked as she looked at the blushing captain with an interested look on her face. "Oh really? Because from what I've been seeing it looks like you're having romantic feelings towards Ichigo and have been stalking him for days now."

"You knew?!" Soi-Fon gasped. To be uncovered by her personal goddess felt so humiliating. The Soul Reaper wanted to just turn into a puddle with embarrassment. "I…know it's shameful. I'm acting no better than one of those cheerleaders at Ichigo's school ogling her crush. But…I…" She put her hands to her chest and looked back at Ichigo, feeling her heart throb with want. "I can't stop feeling these emotions every time I look at him. And the aching is becoming unbearable."

"Aww! Looks like my Little Bee is finally starting to like boys!" teased the playful werecat. She tussled Soi-Fon's hair like a parent playfully admonishing her child. "My Soi-Fon is growing up at last!"


Looking past Soi-Fon at the sleeping Ichigo, Yoruichi smiled. "Well, you can't do much better than Ichigo. Even I can admit that he's one hunk of a young man."

"Yes but…" The strong demeanor Soi-Fon was known for crumbled away to reveal a woman riddled with insecurities. She looked at the ground while Yoruichi continued to tease her. "It really is inappropriate to have feelings for him. I'm a captain."

"So? There isn't a law that forbids captains from having relationships. Or even from getting it on with other men in general."

"Yes…I remember your late night "parties" you held at the Shihoin Clan manor back when you were my captain…" The blush on Soi-Fon's face intensified when she recalled back to a particular night when she spied on one of Yoruichi's parties. "But…but doesn't that orange-haired girl have feelings for him too?"

"Well I'm sure she does but Ichigo is too clueless to really see her true feelings. The boy's got a good heart but isn't bright when it comes to women," admitted Yoruichi.

Inside his room, Ichigo sneezed in his sleep…

"So, you're getting hot and bothered because of Ichigo." Yoruichi crossed her arms and thought about it for a few moments. "Well, you've never really experienced strong emotions like this, have you?"

'Nobody except for you,' mentally answered Soi-Fon but she held her tongue. The braided assassin merely nodded in response. "I thought…maybe if I go to him and…you know…" She looked away, her blushing face a clear indication of what she meant, "I could get all this pent up arousal inside of me out of my system. I hate acting like this but I'm not sure of what to do."

"Well, if you're going to invite Ichigo into your pants, then you're going to need to work on your approach a little more. Ichigo is not going to pick up on subtle signals. You're going to have to seduce him," she replied with a cheeky grin.

"S-seduce?" An image of herself laying on her side dressed in sexy lingerie popped into her head, beckoning Ichigo to come nearer.

"Yeah. Don't worry. I'll help you out. And give you some much needed pointers. Best not let the virgin in there take control of things once you do make a pass."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's be honest, Soi-Fon. You're a very strong, capable woman but in bed…you're a total sub."

The blush spread to Soi-Fon's ears. She had from time to time partook in Yoruichi's "parties" at her behest so she wasn't unaware of the pleasures of the flesh. But like what Yoruichi said, when it came to hitting the bedsheets, she was rather passive and not in control. "Do you think Ichigo likes strong women?"

"That's a given. Considering all the women in his life, most of them are stronger than him in some capacity," laughed Yoruichi.

"But I don't know what to do."

Putting her hands on Soi-Fon's shoulders, the tall purple-haired woman gave her a supporting smile. "Don't worry. I'll teach you everything you need to know about seduction. By the time I'm done, you'll have all you need to make Ichigo yours."

The implication made Soi-Fon blush even harder. She hoped that she was actually falling in love with Ichigo Kurosaki; it was her hope that her affections were simply physical and once she got it all out of her system she can go back to her normal self again. "Okay…"

"I'll go and see if Kisuke can make you a special Gigai for you to interact in the World of the Living with." Soi-Fon realized she must have instinctively made a face when Yoruichi frowned. "Now, Soi-Fon, you're going to have to trust me on this one. And that includes trusting Kisuke."

"I trust Kisuke Urahara about as far as I could throw him…"

"You sure about that? I bet you could throw him pretty far." Yoruichi chuckled before she decided to move things along. "Anyway let's go. We've a lot of work to do."

Soi-Fon followed Yoruichi towards the direction of Urahara Shop, though not before she gave the sleeping Ichigo one last look.

A few hours later…
Urahara Shop

"Lady Yoruichi!" squeaked Soi-Fon as she stood before her mentor in the outfit she'd provided. "How is this going to help me?"

"Oh come on, Soi-Fon? Where's your sense of adventure?" Yoruichi stepped into the room wearing a similar outfit. "If you want to seduce Ichigo, you're going to need to think outside the box." The room had been set up in a jiffy by Kisuke to resemble a dance studio, complete with a wooden floor and a wall of mirrors.

The afternoon light filtered through the window, glinting off of Soi-Fon's new "training uniform". The short assassin's Stealth Force Commander outfit was gone, folded neatly on a bench on the other side of the room. Instead the captain wore a skintight gymnast's leotard that was fittingly colored in her black and yellow. Her breasts, though not quite as big as Yoruichi's or Unohana's, pushed tightly against the constrictive fabric. She stood awkward, tugging with the bottom of the leotard with the horrid feeling that her ass was practically on full display.

Yoruichi stood next to her in an equally tight leotard, though hers was colored in black and red. "Oh, we're just going to go over a little exercise. Like I said, you can't just go up to Ichigo and come on to him. You have to make him want you. So for right now we're going to do a little roleplaying. You're a young, naïve teenager wanting to learn gymnastics and I'm your seductive teacher. "

As if to prove her point, Yoruichi walked up to a bar attached the wall and started doing gymnast's stretches. Soi-Fon stared intently as the Flash Goddess raised her leg high, exposing her leotard-covered crotch. "You see, Soi-Fon? You have to make every movement count." She turned away and continued to stretch, making sure that her breasts jiggled and her ass bounced with every movement, completely enrapturing Soi-Fon's gaze. "You need to capture his attention the moment you enter the room."

Soi-Fon wanted to start drooling when Yoruichi started doing gymnasts exercises. She didn't even know that Yoruichi even had any experience doing gymnastics. "So…I should make him want me off the bat?"

"Not quite." Yoruichi walked past her, shaking her hips and drawing Soi-Fon's gaze to her leotard-covered booty, the skintight fabric digging into her plump cheeks. "You should try to be innocent at first. Ichigo's no fool. He'll spot you a mile away if come on strong by the beginning. You have to be smart when you go in for your move."

Yoruichi disappeared with a burst of Flashstep and reappeared behind Soi-Fon. "Then, when you have his full, undivided attention, you gently push him." Soi-Fon squeaked when the woman's warm hands touched her naked thighs. "You should start doing your stretches. I'll give you a hand."

The shorter of the two started to do the stretches Yoruichi showed her but she was still confused. "Is…is this really necessary? I don't think Ichigo does gymnastics."

"Oh, he's into a lot of sports. You know that the sports clubs at his school all want him on their teams. But this little exercise is just an example." She put her hands on Soi-Fon, helping her bring up her leg. Soi-Fon felt her blood run hot as Yoruichi's hands ran along her body teasingly. "You were so fixated on me and now that I'm so close, you can't think properly, can you?"

Soi-Fon had no reply which proved Yoruichi's point. She may have developed feelings for Ichigo but her less-than-professional desires for Yoruichi were well intact. "So I get his attention innocently…then get close…"

"Get his blood red hot." Taking her hands off of Soi-Fon, Yoruichi took a few steps back and gestured for Soi-Fon to start dancing with her. They began the exercises with Yoruichi's hands traveling all over Soi-Fon to help her keep balance. Soi-Fon's brain started turning to mush as those hands groped her breasts and touched her crotch. Already the spot between her legs was beginning to darken with wetness. "Make him start wanting you and not even care if it shows." Yoruichi stepped back in front of Soi-Fon and wrapped her arms around Soi-Fon. "And then…when you both can't take it anymore…"

Yoruichi's words disappeared when Soi-Fon kissed her. The captain's hands went to the Flash Goddess's tempting booty while she made out with her. For the briefest of moments all thoughts of Ichigo faded away. Soi-Fon let her passion take hold and held her close, loving the firmness of Yoruichi's breasts pushing against hers.

The ladies made out for a good minute before Yoruichi pulled away. "Good. I think you get the point. But remember…" Yoruichi teasingly poked Soi-Fon's forehead. "You're seducing Ichigo. So save some of that pent-up lust you've got for him."

"R-right…" Soi-Fon's whole face was red. She could see that Yoruichi knew exactly what she was talking about. "So…are we going to keep doing gymnastics?"

Shaking her head, Yoruichi walked over to a series of boxes that lined the other end of the wall and started digging. When she found what she was looking for, she pulled out a few new outfits. "Let's keep going with our little roleplay. So tell me which one you want to start with…" She held out cheerleader uniform in one hand. "You wanna try a little cheerleading?" Then she held out a schoolgirl uniform. "Or wanna roleplay your first day at high school?"

Soi-Fon stood there with blushing cheeks. 'Am I learning how to seduce? Or is she just doing everything she can to seduce me?'

Yoruichi grinned at Soi-Fon's innocent reaction. True, she was trying to help Soi-Fon learn the basics of using her feminine wiles but that didn't mean she couldn't have some fun at the woman's expense. Especially with reactions like those…

Several days later…
Karakura High School; Fieldhouse


Sweat rolled down Ichigo's face. He kept his pace steady, making sure to keep his breath in line with his jogging to not wear himself out. After two full laps around the painted track that lined the cement he finally came to a stop and caught his breath. While he slowly steadied his panting breath, he calmly walked over to a nearby cooler he brought and pulled out a colored sports drink. He sat down on the cooler, taking slow sips of the red liquid while he let his muscles relax.

"Should be in good form for next week. Gonna have to make sure Uryu is on Hollow patrol so I'm not interrupted." He reached into the bag that lay next to the cooler, pulling out a large wad of cash; the track team were surprisingly willing to pay big for Ichigo's help if it helped them win nationals. "Well, least the coach was willing to let me train on a weekend."

The track coach and Ichigo got along well. So well, in fact, that when Ichigo asked if he could use the fieldhouse on the weekend so he could train on his own, the coach agreed and loaned the teenager his key. It wasn't that Ichigo didn't like his teammates on the track team. He was more used to solitary training after everything that happened as a Soul Reaper.

That and some of the girls constantly tried to flirt with him.

Cooled down, Ichigo tossed the now empty bottle to the side and stood up to begin another round of laps. His concentration was cut off when he heard the door to the fieldhouse open on the far side of the building. "Huh?" The building's only had a few lights on, leaving most of the building in darkness. A figure was illuminated in the bright light from outside before the door closed behind them. "Who's there?" Ichigo was certain that the coach had told nobody of his private running and he only told his dad and sisters where he'd be today.

Footsteps ominously filled the large room. Tensing, Ichigo reached into his pocket to pull out his combat pass in the event that an enemy had shown up. "Who's there?" he demanded, this time with more force in his voice.

A figure stepped closer to the lights and revealed herself. "Oh. Hello, Ichigo. I didn't expect you to be here."

Ichigo was taken aback when he saw who it was. "Soi-Fon?" But as she got closer he noticed a few odd changes to her appearance. "Um…are you in a Gigai? You seem…younger."

The Soi-Fon that stood in front of the Substitute Soul Reaper was the same height as she normally was but her face seemed much younger. Whereas the captain would normally look like a woman in her prime she looked closer to Ichigo's age, albeit her brown eyes still retained their sharpness. "That's correct. The Gigai I normally use for visiting the World of the Living was being repaired so I asked Yoruichi if Kisuke Urahara could make me a new one. She said she specifically had it made to make me look younger to help me blend in."

That wasn't the only thing Ichigo noticed. What really caught his attention was Soi-Fon's choice of attire. The captain walked in front of Ichigo wearing a green sports top and a matching pair of gym shorts that looked incredibly skimpy, hugging her body tightly to show off all her curves. They looked more like gym bloomers except way tighter. Her sneakers tapped lightly on the concrete, looking brand new. The golden rings on her braids clinked as she walked past Ichigo, stopping a few feet in front of him before she started to stretch out her legs.

For a moment, Ichigo's eyes were drawn to Soi-Fon's shapely rear while she stretched in front of him before snapping out of it. 'Whoa! Focus, Ichigo! If she catches you staring at her she's likely to rip you a new one!' Shrugging off the shock of seeing her, Ichigo decided to ask the most obvious question. "Soi-Fon? What are you doing here? Why are you at my school? And where'd you get that outfit?"

Shrugging, Soi-Fon turned around and crossed her arms, inadvertently pushing up her breasts in the process. "I come by every so often to check on Lady Yoruichi. I wanted to do some light sparring with her for some exercise but she's having a lazy day in her cat form. I didn't want to hang around since Kisuke was there. So I figured I might as well get my exercise doing laps here. I've come here quite a few times in the past. It's much quieter than using a gym. I wasn't expecting you here though."

"Okay but how did you get in here? My coach gave me a key but I locked the place from the inside so I wouldn't be disturbed."

The woman gave the orange-haired teenager an amused smile. "Oh come on, Ichigo. You know what I can do. Do you really think that lock picking is beneath the head of the Stealth Force?" She wanted to giggle from Ichigo's naiveté.

"Oh. Right. That makes sense." Ichigo scratched the back of his head and looked at the woman curiously. Soi-Fon wasn't really so chatty so it was quite a surprise to find her so friendly. "Where'd you get those clothes?"

"Lady Yoruichi bought them for me. She said I'd look good in them." Raising an eyebrow, Soi-Fon cocked her head. "Why? Do you have a problem with them?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"No! Not at all! I think you look great!" stammered a nervous Ichigo. He didn't want to tick off the woman yet for some reason he could tell that she wasn't that hostile.

"Well, that's good to hear." She turned away from Ichigo. "Anyway, could you do me a quick favor?"


Soi-Fon stretched her arms above her head and although her back was turned to Ichigo, her grunt of discomfort betrayed the grimace on her face. "This Gigai that Kisuke made me is brand new and it feels…stiff since I'm not used to it. Could you help me stretch?"

Ichigo could understand Soi-Fon's request. Rukia used to complain that the Gigai that Kisuke gave her didn't feel quite right and didn't move the way she wanted to. Granted, a huge reason why was because of Kisuke's sneaky machinations to make her more Human but Ichigo had learned not to trust Kisuke's craftsmanship. "Sure. I'll make sure you don't hurt yourself."

"I appreciate it."

Walking up behind her, Ichigo put his hands on her slim shoulders and kept her steady as she raised one leg behind her to stretch out the muscles in her foot and leg. As she continuously did this for several minutes, going from one stretching exercise to the next with Ichigo making sure she didn't hurt herself, the young man noticed something…odd about her.

'Wait…is that…perfume?'

The scent was faint. He hadn't noticed it when Soi-Fon had walked up to him. But the smell reminded him of freshly picked strawberries and he found it to be…relaxing. 'Yoruichi gave her the Gigai and those tight gym clothes. I guess she must have put on perfume earlier today since it's not so strong.' While he was thinking this, his eyes started to wander, finding focus in the captain's shapely rear. 'Wow…those gym shorts are really tight on her; they almost look like panties. It's kinda hot,' he couldn't help but think.

Soi-Fon felt Ichigo's hands start to relax behind her and she couldn't fight the smile on her face. Like Ichigo had thought, the perfume that emanated from her was courtesy of Kisuke by request of Yoruichi. However, it did more than give the short captain a strawberry scent.

"It's a special perfume," explained Yoruichi while Soi-Fon inspected her new Gigai. "The scent isn't very strong but its mixed with an aphrodisiac. Ichigo will have to get close to you for it to affect him but I'm confident you can handle it."

"Okay." Soi-Fon took the bottle from her mentor and looked at it dubiously. Anything that was made by the hand of Kisuke Urahara deserved scrutiny. She trusted Mayuri Kurotsuchi's inventions more than the crafty shopkeeper. "But wait, won't it affect me too?"

The smirk Yoruichi had on her face said it all.

Soi-Fon gulped, her body feeling warm from the effects of her perfume. She stepped away from Ichigo and his soft hands and stepped onto the painted concrete track. "Alright. I'm all warmed up. If you're finished just standing there, you can jog alongside me. I'd prefer Lady Yoruichi joining me but you'll make an adequate substitute since I'm in a Gigai."

Ichigo had no time to process that loaded sentence before Soi-Fon started running. Shrugging off his earlier thoughts, he quickly took off at a run and started to jog after her. The rings on Soi-Fon's braids clinked as she ran along the track, huffing while keeping a steady pace. She noted Ichigo making it up to her and turned her head.

The captain was given a good serving of eye candy. Dressed in a white t-shirt and jogging shorts, the latter drenched with sweat, Ichigo showed off his physique in a way that made Soi-Fon's heart race. The perfume didn't help keep her arousal in check either. Her urge to immediately pounce onto the boy was strong and hard to resist. But she remembered Yoruichi's lessons and kept her lust in check. For now.

Running alongside the short woman, Ichigo gave a quick glance of his own and struggled to keep his focus. Soi-Fon's body glistened with sweat, her breasts bouncing with each step she took, restrained by her tight green sports top. 'Wow…they're bigger than I thought.'

Seeing Ichigo eyeball her, Soi-Fon glanced over at Ichigo. "Eyes forward, Ichigo. If you keep staring I'll have to charge you," she teased.

"S-sorry!" Ichigo's cheeks blushed and he kept his eyes away from Soi-Fon's bouncing tits.

"So…" Soi-Fon huffed as they cleared a lap. "So tell me, Ichigo, are you in the mood for a race?"


"Why don't we see who can clear this lap first? I need to put this Gigai through its paces now that it's warmed up."

"That's fine with me. When do we start?"

"Right now!" Soi-Fon took off in a burst of speed, surprising the young man with her swiftness.

"Hey! That's cheating!" Ichigo sped up his pace to keep up with the woman.

Ichigo had almost caught up with Soi-Fon and was about to overtake her when the captain suddenly loudly cursed and bent forward, losing her balance. "Dammit! Cramp!" Because Ichigo was running as hard as he could, when Soi-Fon slowed down Ichigo collided with her and the two tumbled to the ground.

Rolling onto the hard cement floor with a loud thud and a slew of curses, Ichigo landed on top of Soi-Fon with an "Oof!" As his vision stopped spinning, he realized with horror just where his hand was.

"Oww!" Soi-Fon felt sore from hitting the ground but was unharmed nonetheless. "Damn Kisuke and his shoddy craftsmanship!" Feeling something on her chest, she looked down and blushed when she found Ichigo's hand resting on her boob.

Fearful of getting punched in the face, Ichigo scrambled to get off the woman and offered her a hand. "I'm sorry!"

Sitting up, Soi-Fon reluctantly took his hand and let him help her up. "It's fine. I shouldn't have asked to race before I knew this Gigai's limits." She put a hand to her side and winced. In all honesty the cramp and her subsequent tumble were not faked but she was going to use this opportunity to the fullest. "I'm going to take a break. You might as well take one too. You look exhausted."

"Sure. Are you okay?"

Walking over to a huge mat that was stashed in the corner of the fieldhouse used for gymnastics practice, Soi-Fon sat down on it and nursed both her side and her legs, feeling the cramps hit her hard. "I'm sore. It's been a long while since I had any proper exercise."

"It's okay. Here." He walked over to the cooler and grabbed another sports drink. "Drink this. It'll help."

"Thanks." Soi-Fon drank the bottle down and looked down at her aching legs. "Ouch…"

Hesitantly, Ichigo knelt down in front of her. "Need me to massage your legs to help work out the cramp?" He was used to dealing with cramps and knew how to help ease the pain from them. The gesture was mostly token; Ichigo didn't think Soi-Fon would actually let him so much as touch her, let alone massage her.

To his surprise, Soi-Fon spread her legs slightly in front of him and nodded. "Go ahead. I appreciate it."

Nodding nervously, Ichigo reached for Soi-Fon's soft, sweaty leg and started to gently massage the woman. His heart beat fast, having never massaged another person, let alone another woman before. The scent of Soi-Fon's perfume seemed to grow, making him feel hot while his hand worked its way up Soi-Fon's leg. Soi-Fon let out a soft sigh as his fingers touched her thigh before he switched to the other leg.

"Your hands are softer than I thought," complimented Soi-Fon, smiling at him.

"Um…thanks." Ichigo was a little confused since Soi-Fon seemed nicer than usual but he kinda liked her when she nice. She looked prettier when she was smiling.

Putting a hand on her side, Soi-Fon winced. "You think you could massage me here?" Ichigo nodded and sat down next to her, putting his hands on her right side. "That feels good…" she purred, her hot breath touching Ichigo's face.

The two looked at each other for a long, slow minute. Neither said a word. As their eyes met, Ichigo's hands instinctively worked their up the woman's side until they veered dangerously close to Soi-Fon's breasts. "Soi-Fon…" Ichigo started, not sure of what to do.

"Tell me, do you want to keep working out? Maybe…" Placing a hand on Ichigo's thigh, Soi-Fon ran it upward until it reached the large tent in Ichigo's gym shorts. "We could give this an exercise?" She wanted to giggle at Ichigo's gasp when her palm pressed against the underside of his manhood. "You have been staring at me the whole time, after all."

Ichigo couldn't think. The scent of Soi-Fon's perfume. The come-hither look in her soft brown eyes. The Gigai that made her look younger and cuter. Her gym clothes that looked like her tits and ass were going to pop out. The softness of her body at his fingertips. Her hand cupping his cock, already straining against his shorts as if pleading to be let loose. All of it woke something up inside Ichigo that he couldn't ignore and he only had one thought that became ironclad in his thoughts.

'I want her so bad!'

No longer caring how brazen he was, Ichigo closed the gap between them and pressed his lips against Soi-Fon's.

When their lips touched, Soi-Fon mentally cheered and blessed Yoruichi for her lessons. The kiss was awkward and clumsy, most likely due to Ichigo's inexperience, but Soi-Fon couldn't care at all. If Ichigo was clumsy then she'd be clumsy with him. She deepened the kiss, throwing her arms around his broad shoulders while he pulled her into his warm embrace. When her tongue demanded entrance Ichigo willfully opened his mouth to let her in. Their tongues collided while their sweaty bodies pressed together.

His lust for Soi-Fon reaching its boiling point, Ichigo reached around her to squeeze her soft ass while his hand ran through her black hair, her braids blinking behind her. He'd never kissed anyone before and didn't imagine his first kiss would be shared with Soi-Fon. But she wanted him and he wanted her so bad. "Soi-Fon…" he muttered before Soi-Fon pulled him into another deep kiss. Her hands explored his orange hair, making him want to melt from her seductive touch.

The kissing made Soi-Fon feel like her skin was on fire. Her arousal soaked right through her gym shorts. When Ichigo's hand squeezed her ass, she made a lewd moan. In this moment she threw everything she was away. She wasn't a captain, an assassin or even a Soul Reaper. All she was in this moment was a horny woman who wanted so desperately for the man of her dreams to take her and make her his.

Unable to bear it any longer, Soi-Fon reached for the bottom of Ichigo's sweat-covered t-shirt and yanked it over his head. Her eyes lit up when she saw his glistening chest, kept toned and muscular thanks to his training both Human and Soul Reaper. Ichigo stared hungrily at Soi-Fon's chest and emboldened by Soi-Fon taking off his top, proceeded to do the same. His hand roughly grabbed her sports top and yanked it up to expose her round breasts to him.

While the woman's tits weren't as big as her mentor's or Orihime's, her C-cup breasts were still big enough to make Ichigo want them. Soi-Fon leaned backwards to let Ichigo partake of her chest. Gripping her ass with both hands and pulling her into his lap, Ichigo buried his face in Soi-Fon's breasts. It didn't matter to him that she was covered in sweat; it only served to turn him on more. "Ah! Nghhh!" The horny Soul Reaper clung to Ichigo as he pleasured her breasts with his hot mouth. His mouth continuously sucked and nibbled on her hard pink nipples, switching from one to the next to see what would get the best reaction out of her. Soi-Fon's hands gripped the teen's shoulders tightly, cooing as her breasts were lavished with his tongue and lips. "Yes! Ooooohhh!" The bulge in Ichigo's pants pressed against her clothed honeypot, sending shivers down her spine.

Running her hands all over Ichigo's back sensually, Soi-Fon buried her face in his hair and inhaled his sweaty scent. This was easily the most turned on she'd ever been in her entire life. Not even Yoruichi made her this wet. Her hips started rolling, grinding her pussy against his clothed bulge. Moaning into the boob in his mouth, Ichigo sucked on her like a baby. The sounds Soi-Fon made as he pulled back on her tit with his teeth were adorable.

Unable to withstand the surge of feelings anymore, Soi-Fon pulled Ichigo's head out of her tits and roughly shoved him onto the mat. Whipping off her useless top, Soi-Fon tossed it into the shadows. Ichigo embraced her in another kiss before she slid down his naked chest, smiling as he moaned from her breasts rubbing against his hot skin. Sliding off the large cushioned mat, Soi-Fon dropped between his legs. Her small hands made quick work of taking off Ichigo's shoes, tossing away her own right after, before she grabbed her paramour's shorts and tugged them down to reveal her long sought-after prize.

Her face so close, Soi-Fon's eyes widened as she was smacked in the face by Ichigo's erect manhood. 'Holy…I know Lady Yoruichi said she saw him naked and that she was impressed by what she saw but…fuck he's big!'

Ichigo was a great many things. Deputy Soul Reaper. Student. Athlete. Part-time odds job helper. And it seemed to Soi-Fon that if Ichigo ever had the inclination he could become a porn star, he was certainly equipped for the task.

The sweaty scent of Ichigo's cock hit the woman as it touched her and she gulped, a little intimidated by its size and length. Undeterred, the horny assassin gripped the base of Ichigo's clamhammer and gently stroked it. Hearing Ichigo give a light moan emboldened Soi-Fon and she started jerking him off faster.


Her name. Just hearing her name moaned through Ichigo's lips threatened to make Soi-Fon lose all reason and jump Ichigo's bones. But she wanted to savor this moment. She'd waited and waited, watching and fantasizing about Ichigo. Now she had him naked and aroused for her all alone where nobody can bother them.

She kissed the head of Ichigo's thick erection, her lips stained with pre-cum. "You like that, Ichigo? You like it…when I do this?" " She dragged her tongue up the side of his veiny length. His taste was heavy on her tongue but she didn't mind. Pushing his cock up, she turned her attention to his thick balls. "Mmmmmh!" Her tongue dragged along his tender sac. "You taste good…" she purred.

"Nghh! Soi-Fon! Oh!" Ichigo arched his back. Soi-Fon's hot tongue on his cock and balls felt better than anything he'd ever felt. "That feels amazing! Don't stop!"

"With pleasure." The horny woman wrapped her lips around Ichigo's tip. Looking down, Ichigo watched the woman slowly lowered her head. A hot vacuum surrounded the large cock, followed by a deep moan as Soi-Fon gobbled his cock. "Mmmmh!" Her mouth felt like it was melting from the heat of Ichigo's manhood. Her head bobbed up and down while she tried to take as much of him into her mouth as he could. Yoruichi had given her a few pointers and it wasn't the first time Soi-Fon had ever given a man head but Ichigo was bigger than any man she'd lain with. Still, the taste and smell awoke the woman in her and she wanted to keep Ichigo moaning from her blowjob so she gave it her all.

Watching the woman suck him off with eyes staring lustfully up at him, Ichigo struggled to maintain himself. His hips instinctively started to thrust upwards, pushing more of his cock into her mouth and making her gag. Saliva dripped down Soi-Fon's chin and her face turned slutty while she took Ichigo as deep as she could go. She couldn't' go very far without hitting her gag reflex but it was a good first try as far as deep throats go.

For a moment, Soi-Fon wanted to keep going until she felt Ichigo erupt in her mouth. She hated the taste of cum in her mouth but the woman who lusted for Ichigo that'd replaced the normal captain felt the desire to taste his seed on her tongue.

But the aching need in her womanhood begged for him and she couldn't ignore it. She pulled her mouth away from his slickened cock, gasping for air while nursing her sore throat. "Fuck, Ichigo. Just sucking on this has made me wet."

"You sure?" Ichigo smirked and raised an eyebrow. He sat up and put a hand on the wet spot in Soi-Fon's shorts. "You were pretty wet when we were making out."

"You mean like right now?" Soi-Fon wrapped her arms around his shoulders again to meet him in another lewd kiss. While he learned all the ways to make Soi-Fon moan with his tongue, Ichigo's hands traveled down to Soi-Fon's shorts. Soi-Fon stood up so that Ichigo could pull down them down to let her dripping womanhood breath. Ichigo didn't question why Soi-Fon wasn't wearing any panties. He merely let her step out of her shorts and tossed them into the shadows, leaving them both completely naked.

Pushing Ichigo back down onto the large cushiony mat, Soi-Fon crawled on top of him. Straddling his waist, her heart pounded in her chest as she lifted her hips. She took hold of his cock and aimed it at her entrance. Looking at Ichigo before she could spear her pussy with his clamhammer, they locked eyes. No words were said between them; Soi-Fon's eyes looked at him lustfully, almost lovingly. Ichigo gave his consent with a nod, his hands gripping her soft thighs. Taking a deep breath, the captain lowered herself down onto Ichigo. The large head pushed against her pink folds until they gave way, slipping inside of her.

Feeling Ichigo enter her made Soi-Fon gasp. She put her hands on her crush's toned belly to steady herself while she lowered herself completely. Despite how wet she was there was a little discomfort for her since Ichigo was on the large side. "Oooooh!" Her head tilted back and she let her body move on its own, her hips moving up and down again and again. Looking down, she saw Ichigo's cute expression as he fucked a woman for the first time and smiled, knowing she was his first.

An incredible tight and wet sensation enveloped Ichigo's manhood. His mind went blank at his first feel of a woman's body. "S-Soi-Fon!" he sputtered, gripping the woman's thighs tightly. He watched as the small captain's cunt sank down around his cock over and over, her womanly walls tightening around him every time his cock nestled deep inside of her. "Ahhh…"

Fap! Fap! Fap! Fap!

Soi-Fon's brown eyes grew hazy, her body speeding up the tempo. Her breasts jiggled with every bounce. Grabbing hold of Ichigo's hands, she brought them to her tits and let him grope them while she rode him like a stallion. "Oooooh! Yes! Oh yes!" Her ass smacked the teen's hips with every slide down his cock. 'Fuuuuck my pussy feels so good! Nghhhhh!' Her head tilted back when Ichigo's thumbs pressed against her nipples harder, jolts of ecstasy surging through her chest. 'Oh fuck I'm about to cum!' She didn't want to cum so soon but Ichigo was bigger than she expected and she was close to gushing when they first kiss already; it was amazing she'd held it in for as long as she did.

"Ah! Ahhhhh!" Her mouth opened and a constant onslaught of moans slipped from her lips. Already her hips were moving on their own. She fell forward and pressed her breasts against Ichigo's hard chest, crashing her lips against his. "Mmmmh!" Ichigo's arms embraced her, holding her tightly while she tried to ride him into the mat.

When Soi-Fon's lips left his, Ichigo's face showed just how close he was to cumming too. "So-Soi-Fon!" Ichigo grunted. His hands went to the woman's round ass, gripping it tightly. Soi-Fon's face twisted when he started bouncing her harder up and down on his cock, feeling him hitting her deep. "I'm…I'm about to cum!"

Caressing his face, Soi-Fon rolled her hips. The pair moaned in unison. "Me too. I…want you to cum inside me!" Her lips smiled lovingly down at her crush. Gripping his shoulders, Soi-Fon pushed herself back up, pinning him to the mat and letting her continue to roll her hips. "Oh yes! There! Right there!" Her smile turned lewder as Ichigo's clamhammer rubbed her G-Spot, making her see stars. "Oh fuck! Cum inside me, Ichigo!"


Continuing to smile, Soi-Fon slowed her hips to a stop, putting a short pause to her relentless riding. "Don't worry. This Gigai my Konpaku is stored in isn't capable of conceiving. I can't get pregnant." Or at least, that was what Yoruichi had told her after Kisuke finished making the Gigai; she was dubious of Kisuke making the Gigai but she trusted Yoruichi's word if nothing else. She took hold of his hands and threaded her fingers with his. "So you can give me all the cum you have in those thick, big balls of yours."

The fear of knocking up Soi-Fon put to rest, Ichigo squeezed Soi-Fon's hands and started to thrust up into her warm, snug honeypot. "Ohhh!" His body tensed up as it readied itself for climax. Soi-Fon's tits jiggled wildly like water balloons, bouncing in front of Ichigo's face almost hypnotizing the horny boy.

Soi-Fon was taken by surprise when Ichigo suddenly sat up and wrapped his arms around her slender waist. At first she thought he'd just continued to bounce her up and down in his lap. Her eyes widened in surprise when Ichigo suddenly rolled her over onto her back, pinning her to the gymnastics mat with his heavy weight. She knew she should scold him, not wanting to lose the control she'd dominated over Ichigo. But when Ichigo gripped her soft thighs and pushed them up, her feet dangling in the air, his cock slammed all the way inside of Soi-Fon's pussy, bottoming out her insides while she took him up to the base. Keeping her pinned in a mating press, Ichigo reared his hips back and started pounding the captain's pussy like his life depended on it. 'Ohhhh! He's so deep! I can feel him grinding against my womb!' Her moans grew louder, echoing throughout the fieldhouse. 'He's thrashing around so hard inside me! It feels so good!'' Closing her eyes, Soi-Fon embraced the ecstasy bestowed upon her by her paramour. 'Deeper! More! I want him to make a mess of my pussy!'

Fap! Fap! Fap! Fap! Fap! Fap! Fap!

Sweat rolled down the Substitute Soul Reaper's body. Nothing mattered anymore. Just the woman beneath him moaning and tightening around his shaft with every plunge of his cock. His balls were heavy, ready at last to give the slutty woman what she wanted. The pressure inside of him reaching its zenith, Ichigo could take no more. Being a virgin, there was no way he could outlast a woman like Soi-Fon. "Cumming!" He gave a quick grunt and leaned down to kiss Soi-Fon, letting her devour his moan of ecstasy as he slammed into her one last time before letting go of everything.

A burning hot wetness filled Soi-Fon. To feel Ichigo's seed fill up her womanhood was the push Soi-Fon needed to join him. "MMMMMMH!" Her tongue went to town on Ichigo's mouth while she tensed up. Her pussy gushed around the thick clamhammer buried balls deep inside of her and stained the mat with her love juices. 'My insides are so full…' A happy feeling spread throughout her while she basked in Ichigo's warmth, his cock not stopping until her entire womb was full. 'Even if Kisuke was lying about the Gigai I don't care. I love this.'

His body spent, the young man pulled out of Soi-Fon, her pink hole dripping with white baby batter. Panting for breath while his hips felt like jelly, he rolled off of Soi-Fon and laid down beside her. Still seeking his warmth, Soi-Fon snuggled up with Ichigo on the mat, pressing her beautiful naked body against his side and resting her weary head on his shoulder. "That…was…amazing…"

"Mmmmh, yes you were," replied Soi-Fon, kissing his cheek.

The pair laid on the large bulky mat in silence as they cooled down. Soi-Fon felt a stab of uncertainty hit her heart. She'd gotten what she wanted; she'd lain with the young man who'd captured her affections and had been the object of her lust. Yet it was only now that she realized she never planned on what to do after the deed had been done. She'd assumed that her feelings for Ichigo would vanish once she'd gotten the carnal need for him out of her system.

Lying beside him the dark fieldhouse, skin on skin, his seed nestled deep in her womanhood, Soi-Fon looked up at Ichigo and the throbbing heat inside her still resided. 'I suppose it was more than just his grown-up body that I was attracted to. His courage, his power, his selflessness. Whenever I think about them my heart flutters. It's not just physical intimacy I've been craving. I can't deny it: I'm in love.'

Realizing that her feelings were more than just physical, Soi-Fon decided to see how things would go from here. If Ichigo was willing.

"Hey, Ichigo?"

"Yeah?" panted back a tired teen.

"I…don't suppose you'd like to come back to my place?" She looked up at him and gave him a warm smile. "I got a hotel room since I didn't want to spend my nights under the same roof as Kisuke Urahara. We could…continue our little workout there," she added with a hint of seduction. "Then maybe we could get dinner?"

Ichigo was surprised. He'd been caught up in the moment to really focus on Soi-Fon and his feelings for her. There was no doubt Soi-Fon was attractive; the fact that he fucked her silly was proof enough. It felt odd for her to be asking to continue this, especially asking him out to dinner but there as a part of him deep down that wanted to see where this was going. He liked Soi-Fon and he wanted to get to know her better. Especially after today.


The pair regrettably broke their warm embrace and scrambled to find their clothes in the barely lit fieldhouse. Once they were dressed, Soi-Fon started stretching again. "Race you to the hotel?"

"As long as you don't cheat," teased Ichigo.

Soi-Fon responded by giving him a kiss on the cheek. "That's only if you aren't fast enough."

The two jogged out of the fieldhouse and into the bright sun, Soi-Fon's heart fluttering as they ran together while blessing Yoruichi for her lessons in seduction…

The End

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