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Karin had juggled a lot since Ichi-nii lost his powers. She hadn't witnessed the strife or fully understood the history of Hollows, Aizen, and the black robes her brother donned when leaving his material body. All she knew was that he suffered enough, had a chance to be normal, and therefore left her to fend for the Kurosaki flock. Their dad was hopeless and Yuzu still hadn't become any more omniscient when it came to the hauntings in their house/clinic. Therefore, neither sibling knew about the fatty and his gawky compadre floating around, invading personal space particularly around her. The fat one took a chopstick in the eye, and that was the last she heard of him for a while.

"What was that?" asked Ichi-nii, breaking away from his dull squabble with Yuzu.

Karin tipped her bowl calmly to her lips. "Nothing."

And it should have been nothing. Feeble apparitions like these were often scared off by the fact that she could hurt them; Ichi-nii was too kind when dealing with the dead, negotiating and provoking them to depart in peace rather than giving them a well-deserved wallop.

Karin wondered if his stance on exorcising would change if he saw what girls had to put up with when perverts were invisible – to most people – and could slip through walls. She was in the shower, rinsing out her hair, breasts and crotch bared and vulnerable, when the fat, round head of the nerd poked through the wall in front of her. One lens was still broken by her chopstick, but the other was in fine form, allowing his pervy eyes to subjectify every part of the girl in front of him.

At once, she lost her cool – for just a moment – and growled softly as she covered her chest and crossed a thigh over her groin so that he couldn't prolong his gaze. He wheezed. "You broke my glasses."

"I regret not doing worse," she sneered at him, glancing over her shoulder to see if his partner was coming up from the rear; luckily, there was nothing.

The fatty drifted through the faucet as if meaning to join her in the shower, and being partial to ghostly influence – despite her rejection of them in principle – Karin had to make way or feel him press up against her. He huffed, hunching in front of her. Though his thick glasses held a heavy glare that hid his beady eyes, she could feel him scanning her over and over. Boys did that a lot now. She thought that Yuzu would be the one to worry about their buxom mom's figure, but she wound up with breasts that swung in sports and needed support even now. Holding them behind her arm just demonstrated to him how large they actually were for someone of her age. Not that he didn't see enough of them coming in, she thought resentfully, chiding herself for dropping her guard.

"You should just pass on already. Is that what happened to your buddy?" She acted as coldly as she could.

"M-Mom will be furious when she finds out I broke my glasses before going to her. I don't want to go just yet."

Promising a lengthy stay and pinning the fault on her. Karin was tempted to kick him in the groin and then invite him to stay as long as he wanted; she needed to work on her soccer kicks. But then, she also hated the idea of him levitating around her every morning, while she slept, and during baths… like now.

"Your mom probably has new ones waiting," she said obnoxiously. "Now leave." How she wished for a Zanpakuto herself to cram on this dope's head.

All at once, the ghost shoved his pursed-up face at her, every ugly feature from his scraggly mustache hairs to his acne hovering uncomfortably close to her. "You can't be so cruel! This is your fault!"

"How is it my fault?" Karin shot back, still guarding her chest. "You shoulda passed on a long time ago, instead of drifting around like a perv."

His nostrils flared, his head tilting as if to tell her where he was looking. "I-I was planning to go that day" – Liar– "but then you broke my glasses."

Karin kept her mouth shut, even though she wanted to thrash this bastard for acting like she was the wrong one.

"I'll stay here a long time." The corner of his glasses twinkled.

Karin did not want to play his game and turned her head sharply to one side. "Fine, just get out of here and enjoy the downstairs…"

The ghost didn't enjoy that at all and said, "Your sister's chest isn't as large as yours." He smacked his lips wetly while Karin's eyes flashed open. "But she's growing hair."

Karin seethed, glaring at him. He violatedYuzu without her even knowing? "You bast…!"

"I'll leave, I'll leave!" he hurried to say, throwing his arms between him and her cocking fist. She hesitated only to hear his impending terms. "But only after…" He slurped, head tilting up and down as he took in the sight of the girl who'd forgotten she was naked. "I know what it's like to have sex."

Karin's defense was broken by shock. She lost tension as revulsion turned her stomach. Her breasts were pretty large for someone her age; larger than her hands could carry with light-brown nipples at the crests. Yuzu's were pink; when they were younger, Karin established their nipple colors for their respective tones. And the nerd had said Yuzu was growing hair… So was she; a little meadow of dark encompassing her slit. She liked it, but hadn't decided if she would shave it back.

"You… you're not serious?" Karin couldn't approach him confidently like this. It shook her to know what his negotiations were.

"Please!" He fell to the floor of the tub, his ghostly flames flickering in the shower, and clasped his hands in prayer. "You can see me, so you are the only one I can ask for this blessing!" His head pulled up, sweaty and gross and flushed with perverted hope. "Let me have sex with you!"

It took several days of pestering persistence for Karin to make up her mind. Outwardly refusing his proposal at first, Karin was subjected to the treatment she was likely to get for an indeterminant amount of time, with the pudgy poltergeist lingering over dinner, making rude gestures towards Yuzu, acting like he could touch her tiny tits. And every night, he would return to bow at her bedside and beg her to reconsider. His friend, as it turned out, was still around, trembling and worrying that perhaps they were going to far, staying too long. But fatty was unconvinced.

Karin went to the candy guy with the hat and sandals and asked him about 'good' ghost repellent. Urahara sighed, admitting that there wasn't much use for anti-Plus devices, as Shinigami wanted to send souls to the Soul Society. "Zennosuke-san should be making rounds," he offered, opening his fan and waving away the mild heat. "But he's not entirely reliable."

"Thanks" was all Karin said in reply as she took up the Hollow merchandise and left.

Her mind was made up.

Ichi-nii was gone a lot as of late, and she didn't want to bug him anyway with this trivial matter. Maybe she should have asked him about how he dealt with ghosts before that fateful night a Shinigami stepped into his room. Too late now, and she had her way of getting rid of the ghost.

"I'll do it," she said flatly, dull in face and tone.

The nerd had to take a moment to let the words register. "Wha-what did you say?"

"Don't make me waste all day saying it," she snapped at him, still keeping an even equilibrium to her dilemma. "I'll let you have sex with me."

While his friend stammered and worried, the fat ghost got off his knees. It was the middle of the day, right after school, the longest time away from the school week! "Y-you mean it?"

"Make it fast," Karin griped, turning on her heel and leading him to the bed. She didn't take off her socks, instead pulling her shorts down to show him her commitment as well as the white cotton of her underwear. The white was provoking and did not linger long; she was not kidding when she said make it fast. Yuzu was in the kitchen, just starting on dinner, and the bearded idiot was in his clinic; Ichi-nii was who-knows-where, so she had time for a little phantom fucking.

It wasn't like she had reservations about sex. She'd gone through more than Ichi-nii and Yuzu would probably experience throughout the whole course of their lives! Her soccer team had run a train on her for her first time, each going in rotation until they were all spent. And it eventually led to a full-blown gangbang when they mustered up the nerve to see each other naked. Karin had received everywhere: her ass, pussy, mouth, tits, hands, and even her feet and toes – Heita had rubbed his dick between her feet while the others plastered their cum across her budding body, moaning how he always loved the way she kicked the soccer ball, how her feet looked. She had Ryohei's dick pumping in and out of her mouth while Heita confessed loving her kicks/feet, but she granted him a very lusty look and poked at his balls with her big toe until his cum fired up across her leg. They all went at her as hard as they could, but in the end, the only one who could stand was Karin, simply saying she was going home to wash up so they could play some soccer; she used their discarded – and only – clothes to mop up their mess so that she could get dressed.

For them, she had gotten completely naked. For the annoying ghost, he was lucky that her ass faced him when she bowed in half to take off her panties. Her cute butt flashed her button and the crease of her sex for a moment; he took all of that moment with dazed rapture.

She was wearing her long-sleeved black shirt, the one that fit her form and cradled each breast, and went to lie down on her bed. Legs bent up and open, she exposed her cunt to the undeserving bastard. The nerd wheezed and blubbered, got off his knees and stumbled to his prize. Days of pestering, being perverse and inappropriate, begging at her bedside, he never truly thought it'd pay off!

"Are you sure about this?!" whined the companion, and the fat one was already pulling his cock out the opened fly of his ghostly trousers. His chubby erection was a bit more than she had taken before, but that didn't deter her. She turned her head away, gave a small scoff, and opened her legs a bit more to fit his broad frame against her lithe one.

"I can't believe this is really happening," he bawled while scooting between her legs.

Karin scrunched up her nose, thinking, That's my line. She looked down between her legs and saw the shaft approaching her slit, blunt head engorged and leaking ectoplasm. Though she couldn't say she was 'excited', her pussy had started to bloom in anticipation. She'd only rubbed herself since the gangbang, and those urges couldn't be fulfilled with this jerk. Now he was going to fulfill her himself.

What did a ghost's cock feel like anyway? He rubbed into her labia, mixing his precum with her honey, slathering through the soft hair around her crotch and bumping firmly against her clit. She grimaced, and grunted when he did it again; the third time, she couldn't suppress her gasp. As if that was enough for him, he hurried back down the juicy line to her opening, stated his intentions aloud – "I'm going to put it in now!" – and did just that. Her tight body stretched around his intrusion, a wet sound coming as he drove slowly between her slick walls.

Karin bared her teeth with a soft hiss as he pried deeper into her, his cock more mature than any that had dug into her before, jabbing against her cervix when he went all the way in. "Put… put the blanket over us," she grunted out. While putting on a show for the awkward ghost, she didn't want to risk her ungifted sister walking in on her bottomless and showing a gaping tunnel leading all the way up to her womb with no explanation.

The ghost ignored her request, puffing noisily from his flaring nostrils like an obese bull. "It feels so good," he moaned like a real haunting. "Uhn! Oh! Ah~!" He began to thrust in earnest, throwing his weight into his hips to really give it to her. Even tightlipped, unperturbed Karin couldn't keep a straight, nonchalant face while taking this hammering. Her bedframe lurched into the wall with heavy thuds. Who knew ghost momentum could translate to the physical? No matter; she had to say he buckled her like the full gangbang hadn't.

Her legs fit tightly around his bulky hips and held him from pulling out too far. He pinned her down himself with his roundness, halfway suffocating her so that she had to turn away to get air to her lungs. But despite their closeness, he squeezed a greedy hand up her shirt and found one of her tits, pawing at it, squeezing firmly and pulling the brown nipple to a full point before rolling it underneath his thumb. And he rolled his hips in such a fashion that Karin had to bite her hand to keep from screaming. "It-it's okay if you make noise," he urged her, sweating profusely. "I like your voice!"

"Be quiet!" she got out amongst her hitched and stalling moans. And he listened… for about the second it took him to cover her mouth with his, purging her mouth and muffling his blubbering and snorting. Wet and pushy; Karin's former kisses were dry and nervous, only wet when the kisses came from the tip of twitching dicks that streamed across her face.

While her hands had done naught but twist the sheets underneath her, the ghost snatched them by the wrist and held them down next to her head. His mouth slid off her as he groaned out, "I'm-I'm going to fill you, ma'am!"

She doubted she could conceive with ghostly sperm, but she recoiled at his declaration. His weight packed her down, his hips becoming heavier as he shoved up to his bulbous balls. He howled/wheezed as he dumped his pitiful and plentiful semen up her tunnel, washing through her young womb and bathing her egg. He pulled back sharply, leading her to believe he was done, and then plunged back into his slick to add some more. Her vaginal muscles quivered and supped the fullness of his ejaculate.

"Are you done?" asked the other ghost, bearing witness to the proof of the fat one's release leaking out around his prick. "We should get going…"

The lucky nerd swung his head around, not yet dislodging from Karin's gooey twat. "No way! We-we stay here! She said 'Yes!' I can screw her whenever I…!"

He stopped short when the pommel of a sword smacked the top of his head, leaving an emblem on impact. "It took a while to get around to you Pluses," said the Shinigami holding the Zanpakuto, sporting an outlandish afro. "Glad that I could get to you before you could cause any trouble."

The nerd ghost's body began to fade, evaporating to Soul Society. The gap in Karin's crotch began to devolve around the disappearing penis – the semen stayed puddled up her cunt. "Oh, just when she said yes," he lamented before vanishing completely, leaving a sweat, panting girl on the bed with her legs spread wide.

Zennosuke perked up, realizing her presence. "Oh? You're there? Guess I didn't get here fast enough."

Karin closed her thighs swiftly, which pushed out some of the recently-crossed over ghost's cum. She furrowed her brow at him. "What are you talking about?"

Zennosuke rubbed the back of his head. "That Plus was scheduled a long time ago to have a burial. Apparently he seeks out girls who can see him and then harasses them until they agree to sex. He was very successful." He crossed his arms and nodded.

Groaning, Karin rolled her eyes and folded her arms under her breasts, tilting her legs to one side. "Better to just remember they don't exist," she griped to push the experience into forced denial. It took a moment for her to notice Zennosuke still standing at her bedside. She narrowed her eyes on the way he shuffled and rubbed his hands together nervously. "What is it?"

"W-well, girlie," Zennosuke stammered with his best – which was also his worst – smile, "if you choose to believe we don't exist, and since you're in bed… Heh-heh. Maybe you wouldn't mind?"

Karin sneered at him, then rolled her eyes and gave a sigh. Her legs opened again to offer her used pussy. "Whatever." If it kept him nearby to get rid of ghosts…

"Yahoo!" Zennosuke ditched his sword behind him on Yuzu's bed and began to disrobe as quickly – which was also clumsy – as possible. "About time I get a break!"


Downstairs, where the echoing of the bedframe and Karin-chan's grunts and moans reached, Yuzu looked up from her pan of stir-fry rice. "Karin-chan keeps jumping on the bed and hurting herself. Mmm. Maybe she's lonely." Humming in thought, she went back to her cooking, unaware that the gawky ghost remained in front of her. With his nerd companion gone, he felt less insecure about having his small cock out and rubbing up and down Yuzu's cheek.

"I-I guess I should take advantage before I get buried too."

Yuzu was violated all throughout the kitchen without even knowing it.


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