Ichigo & the Thunderbolt

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            “Heh.  Not what you were expecting?”  Candice Catnipp, the Quincy with electric-green hair, triumphed over Ichigo!  One of the Special Powers, indeed.  She scoffed at the idea, for here he was now, prostrated before her, panting and dripping sweat onto the floor.  “You sure were disappointing!  His Majesty said that you were supposed to be dangerous!  Taking you out…”  She swung with her right foot, and Ichigo put up a block with the flat of his short sword.  Candice’s attack followed through with a straightforward burst of lightning from her hand.  The blast swallowed up his cry of pain as he was launched from one building to another, tumbling over the floor until he was a sprawled out mess, panting and cursing and barely able to curl his fingers over his dual swords.

            Candice grinned sharply.  “… His Majesty will grant me any wish I want.”

            “Any you want?  Sounds like it’d be a waste.”  The three other survivors of the Bambis had congregated behind their vicious comrade, Liltotto mumbling around a saved lollipop about how Candice’s wishes all seemed to include hair products.  Giselle agreed, adding, “You could get those anywhere.  His Majesty could grant any wish, and you want hair spray?”

            “I never said that’s what I wanted!” Candice roared over her shoulder, though the streak of red across her nose confessed that they were dead-on right.

            Light fist to her pouty bottom lip, Meninas observed, “But you won’t get any reward if that Kurosaki Ichigo is still alive.”

            “I’m taking care of that right now!”  Flaring with her lightning bolts, Candice resumed the warpath, leaving her fellows in the dust behind her.  Suckling her candy, Lili muttered how Candy was stupid and brash.

            “Like Bambi,” drooled Gigi, swooning over the memory of their late leader’s last moments.

            Candice charged headlong through the broken portal, heedless to caution, ready to chop a dead man to a corpse, certain of her win.  She couldn’t believe for the instant that Zangetsu carved through drifting dust that he would hit home.  Yet that one slash dispelled her left electric scythe, dissipating it to the effect of an overloaded wire.  Candy’s eyes widened, a stroke of fear passing through her when she caught the lethal glare of the Special Power lurking in the billow.  But she collected herself, regained her nerve and bloodlust with a sharp growl.  “You think I’m done?!”  She bellowed, swinging her spare lance down like an ax.  One touch would make him buckle, and she’d cleave him with those in her stash.  “I’ll end this!!”

            “RAAHH!!!”  Ichigo’s cut was louder than her words, swinging up with deadly accuracy, cleaving Candice from groin to collar, stunning her, missing her skin by less than a hair’s breadth.  The Thunderbolt froze, registering the single button twirling through the air from her top before her tits burst free… and her shorts split open to show Ichigo the electric-green hair that crowned her neatly-kept pussy.  Her tits rolled out, wobbling out and in, clashing like opposing waves to sync up in movement and settle together.  Pink nipples atop them, facing Ichigo as he lowered his weapons.

            It had been reported that he had a weakness for immodest women.  Why was he staring so hard at her with a deep scowl?  A penetrating look that had Candice recoiling nervously?  “Wha-what’s this all about?” she snarled, losing the edge of her ferocity.

            “What you wear to a fight is just as important as what you hold to fight with,” Ichigo said.  “Shinigami wear layers, and a lot of thought went into their design.”  And then he surprised her again, shrugging off one side of his robe, and then the other.

            All the while, he was recounting his fateful meeting with Shutara Senjumaru…

ccc Yesterday ccc

            “Take off the rest of it.  I’ve lost my patience with you already.”

            “I don’t need to take off the rest, do I?” Ichigo protested helplessly, standing on a pedestal in naught but his fundoshi.  He wasn’t fond of the dated underwear when compared against boxers, but he had little choice when he was transferred from his material body to the ethereal.  His hands clasped in front of his crotch to distance it from the weaver drifting amongst the drapes of capes.

            She moved through the fabric forest like a ghost; her skeletal arms only added to her appearance as an eerie apparition.  For a moment even, she vanished, which sent shivers of dread up his back like bristles, all leading up to the moment he cried out when she appeared behind him as if she had been there all along.  Her chin atop his shoulder, her faux fingers traced lightly over the bareness of his body.  He broke out in goosebumps, shuddering while the hands mapped his chiseled body.

            “Do you understand what you are saying?” her voice drifted warningly to his ear.  He yelped when he felt her touch along the waist of his fundoshi.  “You cannot expect me to weave you an outfit worthy of battle unless I start with the very first thread.”

            “It doesn’t really matter, does it?” Ichigo stammered, looking up as high as he could without leaning his head back.  He was stiff as a board, and he felt her against his back.

            “Hmph,” he heard her grunt and then felt her draw off of him, her presence becoming transient again.  “Tell me: why do Shinigami, Quincy and all others wear clothes in battle?”

            The riddle – if it was one – stumped Ichigo, for the answer was so simple that it shouldn’t even come from the mouth of one of the legendary (though he’d never heard of them since a few hours ago…) Squad Zero.  “Really?”  He was sure she was not being serious, treating him like a child.

            “Comfort,” Senjumaru explained, one hand waving in front of her face and back behind her.  “If you are comfortable, you will respond quicker to discomfort because it will disrupt the more pleasurable feel.  If it was not comfort, why do we not sheathe ourselves in steel and wood?”

            Ichigo thought for a moment to mention chainmail armor and knight of the Round Table for an argument, but somehow, he was smarter than to test his wits against a no-nonsense woman who lived centuries longer than himself.

            “Women have the advantage, don’t they?”  Senjumaru appeared beyond another drifting sheet.  She turned and looked at Ichigo with a ghostly smile.  “After all, why not distract men with their nudity?  It works well enough on a boy like you.”

            “What’s that supposed to mean?” Ichigo snarled, keeping his loincloth hidden still beneath his hands.

            “If I did this, would you be able to swing your sword at me?”  It was without warning that Shutara Senjumaru’s cloak, gi, and hakama detached from her body so smoothly, it looked like she had gone intangible for a moment.  She wore her socks and platform sandals, but she was naked from shin to chin.  All of her seemed to radiate in the dim gloom of her barracks; a line of white… and fiercely beautiful eyes.

            Not that Ichigo noticed…  Not when his mouth shrunk and eyes bugged and pupils dissolved into pinpoints.  He didn’t mean to, but he mapped her body instantly, from creamy calves to wide-set waist.  She was rather narrow and smooth – light in muscle, but somewhat defined in her midriff – and Ichigo noted that this was the first he’d seen of her actual arms, now flamboyantly angled in her aloof, condescending manner.  And between them, her high breasts…  The white binding fell off in ripples like her breasts were tired of being so strictly bound.  In her outfit, she kept her figure a secret, but it was not a stretch to assume that she was not so well-endowed as the bulky Kirio-san.  They rode high on her chest, only slightly larger than what he had glimpsed on Rukia in the past, and curved just slightly so that her dusty-brown nipples struck at an upward slant.

            And, of course, there was her femininity he also could not ignore to maintain gentleman status.  He took rapt note that she had done away with all hair, leaving bare the pink lips of her sex.

            He clapped a hand over his mouth and nose, sputtering behind as he suddenly became lightheaded.  His feet staggered beneath him, but held him regardless.  “Why would you do that?!” he muffled out, fighting the natural urge to ogle all that she offered him.

            The clothes had been shed, but the discs held behind her; the disc of arms, and the ornament behind her head.  Slowly, the arms rose, and in each was a large, sharp needle.  “You’d best arm yourself, Kurosaki Ichigo.  Your life depends on it.”

            The dual swords were near enough to grab, but the thought hadn’t even come to Ichigo’s mind.  That did not stop a flurry of points from carving him this way and that.  It could have been enough to kill him if not for Senjumaru’s talent with the needle.  The lethal cuts were stitched shut so deftly and precise, it was like his skin had never even been separated.

            He staggered, wide-eyed, unable to comprehend what had just happened.  The pain had come and gone in a split-second!  What was that?!

            The six points descended all at once, aiming to skewer his eyes.  He froze up in a way he hadn’t since fighting Kenpachi the first time.  The killer’s presence had been there, yet because of her nakedness, he was helpless!  They dangled in front of him; he couldn’t believe he was looking at them instead of the needles threatening his sockets.

            “I had to cut you,” Senjumaru explained, “so that you would not think I would stop.  Your reaction time is pitiful.  I could have taken your jewels from you without your knowing.  What would be said of your manhood then?”

            Ichigo, awash with confusion, started to question what she meant, but understood at once; his fundoshi unraveled a million threads at once, and that found his testicles cradled in Senjumaru’s palm… her real palm.  He felt that chill in him again.

            “It’d be a waste to send you down there.  You are more valuable than the others.”  Senjumaru overturned the boy, landing him upon a comfortable stack of silk sheets.  “Kirio should have instructed you to the importance.  Unless you have other girls to rely on for the relief of stress?”

            Ichigo fumed at the suggestion.  “I don’t do anything like that!”

            “Then I’ll be the first.”  Senjumaru crawled over him like a spider woman, one limb past the other until in position.  Before Ichigo could protest and muster the nerve to protect his chivalry, his wrists were caught and held overhead by two stick arms.  “At least you work with a functioning weapon,” she said when she held his hardened cock.


            But she didn’t.  She brought him to her nether lips, brushed him along the damp flesh, and gently eased him through.  His jaw dropped with a lingering wail, arms tensing against their bondage in an attempt to grab her curvaceous hips.  Senjumaru sighed evenly, taking him halfway in, breaking, and then swallowing the rest of him into her cunt with a small hitch of breath and a short, throaty moan.  He felt the makeshift bedding beneath them shuffle as Senjumaru grounded herself on his stalk.  Her taut body tightened around it.  “We’ll keep at this,” she told him, “until I believe you are ready.”

            True to her word, Senjumaru set Ichigo through the paces of lovemaking – or sex combat, as she referred to it once.  She allowed Ichigo to load up her womb on several occasions.  When Ichigo needed a break even when her mouth insisted his cock stay hard, she griped briefly about how Kirio would have kept him revived with her cooking.  “We have no time to waste for you to recover,” she told him, redoubling her efforts on oral stimulation before he finally met her expectations.  With how methodically she worked him, it was only a couple of hours before he mastered bending her forward and fucking her ravenously from behind, making her moan out for him as he squished through the loads deposited in her channel.

            And needless to say, there was one other method that she taught him last.  “It will surely drop your female opponent,” she said wryly, panting and sweating and redirecting his stiff cock.  Oil was on hand – “To keep the needle slick,” she had crooned while gently tilting the small flask to drizzle on his cock and then her next opening – and it was of much help.  The tiny hole certainly resisted at first, though Ichigo tried his best to be assertive without overstepping himself and hurting her.  And aside from a small murmur when he first dabbed there, she assured him with that wry smile that the oil was satisfactory.  It just took a harder jab for him to slip in, and it felt like rushing when he spread apart the lining of her rectum.  She hadn’t sounded so jubilant in their earlier throes; her husky moan lasted longer and was above his own voice.  “Yes, like that,” she instructed with a hiss in her voice.  “Do not let the enemy become accustomed.  Do it like before.”

            Ichigo was certainly worried that rutting his trainer’s ass with the same ferocity was perhaps a bit too dangerous.  He settled for a simpler pace; soft and comforting.  He thought that she’d appreciate it until he felt his own cheek jabbed by a needle.  She commanded him again, and this time, with sweat raining down his frame, he rode her like a stallion.  Well, not so much like a stallion the way they were situated.  She laid halfway on her side, after all, reclining on her elbow while her leg rested upon the other.  It was Ichigo’s job to open her cheeks, find her oiled hole, and make love to it.

            “Don’t forget to touch me,” she said amongst the copious moans and groans earned from her throat.  At once, he palmed her breasts, squeezing them easily in his hand, but he demonstrated his education by returning to the smooth valley between her legs.  There, she liked him better, touching her sensitive pearl with flesh slickened with her own arousal and his leaking release.

            He poured into her one more time, a healthy load still after so many prior; she was impressed after she had finished going through the paces of orgasm herself, rosy lips streaming the low song of her pleasure.  Perhaps Ichigo could go further, but he had slipped out before he could prove if he could.  She regarded him with something between a smirk and a scowl; maybe contemptuous approval.  “You have a ways to go, Kurosaki Ichigo,” she told her panting guest before rolling fully onto her back, splaying her legs and letting him bear witness to the amounts of himself that came from her two holes, “but we lack the time needed to help you master the art.”

            Ichigo solemnly agreed.  He didn’t know if this particular training – if it could seriously be called that – would help him fight the Quincy army, but it did well to settle his nerves.  No need to be so modest now while being fitted for new garb…

ccc Present ccc

            Candice’s success rate with men was, sadly, less than Bambietta’s.  Her early-morning primping was necessary just to keep pace with Bambi’s bedpost notches.  It was that damn attitude of hers!  Those fits of anger that boiled up so quickly when someone did the merest thing incorrect!  For example, one of Candice’s latest men seemed so willing at first, if not intimidated when she ordered him to her room.  “Strip down!” she barked hard at him, and he stumbled to comply; even more so when she snapped “Hurry up!”  She’d never know if his cock was glorious or not, as it hung sadly from its nesting of hair.  “Well?!”  He stammered and stuttered, saying that he was a bit tired from a late night of patrol.  Bambi never had those problems, and Candice would be damned if she let men get by with an ‘I’m too tired’ excuse.  “You’re just not doing it right!  Let me!”  She fisted his poor cock, hoping to tug it to life, but the cadet was near certain that she meant to yank off his manhood.

            “Excuse me, ma’am!” he blubbered when he saw an opening to slip away.  He had his pants and underwear bundled in his arms as he shied toward the exit, leaving his beautiful terror bewildered next to her bed.  “I… I’m afraid I’ve forgotten that His Majesty expects me to attend a meeting for the Soldats.”  He excused himself again, and fled.  Not an hour later, Bambi had swept up the pretty boy, whisked him away to her room, and finished him off in two ways.  Candi fussed around in her quarters, sulking and storming about Bambietta not only stealing a cutie from her, but killing him too.

            Now, Kurosaki Ichigo undressed before her; though his top remained on, it was opened and his hakama and fundoshi were both done away with, allowing Candice’s shocked eyes to size him up.  She hadn’t expected him to be so… bold!  And unpredictable!  The daten they had on him was thorough enough to express his weakness to women, particularly the bold and flamboyant, yet he slashed her out of her own clothing and did away with his own without so much as a hitch.  A stab to her eye-grabbing beauty, but she certainly felt the one possessed by insecurity and modesty.

            He’s huge! was also a finishing thought when his cock jutted out in front of him.  Bold like his original Zanpkauto, it sported width and length arrogantly.  And groomed and snipped!

            Candice recoiled some more, bowing a bit while concealing herself as best as she could.  Her shirt was skimpy enough, doing its utmost to provoke eyes to gawk, and the same could be said for how high her skirt had ridden before the point of the damned boy’s blade rid it of zipper and button in a well-aimed strike.

            Ichigo approached deftly with a sudden press of his lips.  Candice, who had trained to prevent blows, was taken by surprise by what should normally be a tender thing.  He bullied her into the wall behind her, though his palms softened the impact for her.  Her eyes were wide saucers when she felt his lips and audacious tongue prodding at her mouth.  This wasn’t his forte; she had kissed in all manner and knew a novice when she encountered one.  The boy was bold… but all boys were bold, and especially stupid when they were bold.  And she could very well turn the tables on him if she wanted.  She let go a smirk before her mouth gave way.

            She tasted… strong and minty, like she had mouth-washed before their conflict, and then followed up with several heavy sprays of breath freshener.  Not like the sour kiss he’d gotten from Senjumaru when her mouth bobbed enthusiastically in his lap until he coiled and sprung.  She had made the kiss wet and impertinent, smearing his own taste across his tongue and lips to make his stomach turn and boil.  The sticky white strung between their mouths when she drifted away, but she was kind enough to move in once more to lap away the bitter dollop that clung to his upper lip.

            But this green-haired Quincy was a savage kisser when it came down to it.  She met his proposal like an animal backed into a corner and bit hard at his bottom lip.  He seethed when her sharp teeth cut him, drawing back but not offering her escape.  She continued to leer while licking up the sample of blood she stole from him.  “If you think I’m just going to let you have your way, you’ve got…”

            Ichigo had no time for clichés and exchanges of wit and threats.  His face tucked in a stern stare before he dipped and caught her thighs.  The ground beneath her feet vanished before she realized that he’d hoisted her into a spread-legged cradle, abandoning her decency for support when her hands locked around his neck.

            She felt her bravado slip.  This was the boy weak to feminine wiles?!  Her bursting bosoms should have had him cowing if there was a shred of truth to that daten!  “Are you serious?!”  His answer was a dismissive glance.  No words to exchange still…

            Then she felt the instrument run into her puffy labia.  She’d grown slick since his audacious approach, but her channel had only had her fingers to dip in the pool.  It had been so frustrating that she almost considered finding out for herself what Gigi did to make Bambi scream so thoroughly when they thought no one was pressing their ears up against The ‘E’s chamber door.

            Candice’s eyebrows furrowed deep.  “You think you’re gonna shove your sword up there?” she spat at him, scowling but with a deep hue of pink shading the bridge of her nose.  The hand at the back of his neck unlatched from the other and grabbed him.  Darts of electricity jumped around her glove; harmless but threatening.  “You’ll be charred to dust, you prick!”

            Ichigo called her bluff and made a smooth stroke that instantly took the fight out of her.  And while she had expected cold and uncomfortable steel to be defiling her, she found she had underestimated him.  That huge cock she had seen sprout from a modest forest of orange hair felt larger than it had looked!  She choked on her own gasp, shocked and ecstatic at once.  Her thighs tensed in his hands, and again, she had to lock hands to hold onto him for support.  Large breasts flattened to his strong sternum, and he felt the plumped nipples centered in the plush mass.  He briefly thought of the times Yoruichi-san’s nakedness shoved up from behind him; an effective tease that riled him in plenty of ways.  He’d hidden his erection from her while she laughed and jibed at his expense.  Now, he could hide that same erection, but inside a woman.

            The Quincy girl might very well have been tighter than Senjumaru-san; it took more rocking and maneuvering to plummet to her depths, though there was a moment in the end when she grit her teeth and snarled through them, “Just shove it all in!!”  He took her command, husking himself within slick walls until he jammed to the back of her.  “Jeez, you’re huge!” she told him like a complaint.  Little was allotted to her in terms of maneuverability – grasped in Ichigo’s hands, dangling off the floor and holding herself up between him and the wall by his neck – but she waddled her lower half, trying to remind her body how to properly holster a big dick like his.  All her pussy seemed to remember was how to drool over a meaty stay, and contract constantly on the cusp of climax.

            Her body was soft despite her demeanor.  Muscled in the right areas, her skin remained smooth and, in the right areas, plentiful.  Ichigo’s lesson from Senjumaru was not what he could call thorough, but there was no need to be told what to do when there was impulse and instinct, of which he was practiced in.  He took a hand to her breasts, squeezing his fingers into them while leaving her leg to droop, her toe dangling an inch from the floor.  His hips kept her from finding purchase, driving her up the wall, grinding her plump ass against ruined concrete.

            Candice pulled her head back, quivering as she glanced down to Ichigo’s groping.  He was just helping himself to her, like she had been laid out for his pleasure.  She growled at the audacity and caught his back with her gloved fingertips, raking like claws along his spine.  It hurt, but in a way that made Ichigo’s sac thump.  In return, he caught and twisted her stiff nipple.  “Ow!!”  The Thunderbolt seethed, red rushing along her face.  Not much in her glower to prove intimidating, but she put up the front.  “Is that the way you want to play?”  She switched swiftly from clawing at his back to grabbing his balls.  Again, they made a thump!, like they’d spill over prematurely but were suddenly blocked.  The mere tic at his eye and the soft grunt led her to believe she held the advantage.  She chortled, rubbing the swollen contents maliciously, not yet going for the kill.  A static shock zipped from her eyelash.  “You think you can win like this?”  Her voice quivered for a moment, unable to withstand the bulging of cock beneath her uterus.

            “I’ll beat you anyway I can,” Ichigo vowed, his voice even and resolved.  It shook Candice for a moment.  How could a man have that look in his eyes… while balls deep inside her?!

            Her simmering was about to come to a boil.  No doubt her flashing-wide eyes and the sudden hum of building electricity warned him there was a good chance of lightning.  Her anger did not vanish when she smiled; it seemed enhanced by the gleaming malevolence.  “Do you think so?” she hissed as her aura intensified.  “Don’t be so cocky!!  Electrocution!!


            The lightning broke the skyline and speared a hole throughout the housing.  It was both magnificent and terrifying, though the three girls watching were hardly impressed.  “I wonder what’s happening,” Meninas McAllon murmured.  “That wasn’t as strong as usual, was it?”

            “I hope she doesn’t destroy the body,” Giselle mused as if Meni hadn’t spoken at all.  She clasped hands beneath her chin, staring heavenward, big eyes glossy in the dissipating stroke of Candice’s rage.  “He would look so good next to Bambi.”

            Lil didn’t comment while gnawing on her lollipop, investigating the quiet after the lightning strike.

            Normally, Ichigo could boast lightning-fast speed, and he at least broke clean from Candice before he could be zapped to useless cinder like Kenpachi.  He was on his back and not in the best angle to defend.  However, Zangetsu was near either side, and it’d only take one edge to fend off following attacks to grab the other.  He was about to make such a daring grab when he found his face stuffed between two lovely thighs, thin hair tickling his nose with the scent of woman, and a woman’s weight holding him beneath her.

            Her arms folded haughtily and tight under her bosoms, supporting them to swelled orbs, Candice peeked back over her rump; Ichigo’s eyes barely peeped out from underneath her.  “Heh!  Not talking so high and mighty now, but I’ll play your little game.”  She uncrossed her arms, breasts coming down with a heavy bounce, so that her hand could reach out and coil its gloved fingers around his rigid cock.  The fear had not been instilled in him after that Electrocution, or his will persevered beneath survival instinct.  Her sharp smile returned as she glared at the penis.  “But you might find you’ll regret it, you bastard.”  She lied across Ichigo’s body, closing her legs slightly to keep his face locked in, his breath full of the heat he brought out from her.  Her tits smoothly melded against his pelvis while her sharp tongue came out to curl along the crown of his cock.  A swift, taunting lick; just the pointed tip curling against his slit.  He made no noise, but his body shifted, his pelvis turning one way and then the other.  Sensitive fool!  She dared to take a more thorough taste of him, though her coating overpowered the manly flavor.  Shoving this into me all of a sudden!  Almost angrily, she sucked him up, putting him partway in her mouth, drawing up to the rim of his cockhead, and then pressing further down.  Who does he think he is?!

            It was a lesson Senjumaru-san did not prepare him for.  She had ridden and been ridden, and she supped cum from him directly, but she had done naught to appropriate him to oral.  And Candice’s mouth was so fierce and distracting, Ichigo buckled like he had when he first held up Zangetsu against Urahara’s fatal blade!  He winced, thrilled and terrified when Candice took a harmless bite at his dick.  The edge of her teeth scraped the puffy head, drawing away with the threat of actually nipping him.  She did it again, and his balls retracted so fast that he thought he was going to spill over.

            No…  Hold it in…!  Ichigo focused, calmed himself with deep breaths – though that did nothing when his member was twitching and ready to side with Candice’s provocations – and then nuzzled her patched of pubic hair.  Lime-green… exotic from the bald, juicy gap that laid between Senjurmaru’s legs.  It tickled his lips and nose when he got close.  He at least knew something about it, and Senjumaru had shown him the spots to touch.

            He licked her jewel first; a presumptuous roll of his tongue across it, turning it side to side with authority.  The Quincy acted immediately with a huff and moan and a stall to her own ministrations to his organ.  She was brash to challenge him like this; prideful and a bit stupid, if he was honest.  A serious enemy would not have held back when she first separated them.

            His eyes were only partially closed, invested in the sensation of her lapping, kissing, and suckling on his cock while her tits piled upon him like comfy pillows.  She herself was not heavy at all…  Women rarely seemed to weigh as much as he guessed.  To him, Candice was a pillow herself; just one with strong legs framing his head.

            He saw her asshole, not far at all from where he licked.  He thought of Senjumaru’s, spreading steadily around his girth to make a tight ring of pleasure.  She had gasped right when he came against that hole.  If Candice was not expecting it…

            His arms curled around Candice’s thighs, anchoring her to him while taking handfuls of her butt.  That got a reaction from her; an explosive one when he held her cheeks apart.  “Hey!” she fussed, shooting daggers back at him while visibly embarrassed.  “Don’t get any ideaahs!!”  She behaved rather cutely when his middle finger pressed against that hole.  She might stave down responses to his tongue lashing against her labia, but it was another matter when he was gently prodding her asshole as if meaning to invade.  “You-you can’t be serious.”  She was struggling to hold it together, but Ichigo relentlessly assaulted her clit whilst tickling her backdoor.  She swore at him, and gave a very serious and gory threat while taking hold of him by the root.  But threats to an enemy were nothing more than bluffs, elsewise there was no reason not to follow them through then and there.  Why speak them at all?  Because she was at a disadvantage.

            She seethed, sitting at a slant over Ichigo, hands holding at his abs as he diddled her cunt and butt.  “Damn you…  Damn you!”  With a burst of fury, she resigned to him, sitting fully on his face, fisting his hair as she buried his face between her cheeks.  “Fine!  You want it?!  Go on!  Lick my asshole, you freak!”

            Buried under her, feeling the gentle bristle of her sex against his chin, Ichigo went along with it, though some trepidation had caused his lapping to hitch at first.  He poked the hole dead-on at first touch, and the shocking beauty jumped a bit, knees twitching together at the sides of his sternum.  But she didn’t falter.  His scalp hurt as she tugged at his hair again; no warnings or berating, just the simmering breath amidst her inner turmoil.  It emboldened him.  She was certainly shaken, so he needed to keep her off balance.

            Candice slobbered a little in her efforts of biting back every yip of pleasure coming from her asshole being coating in spit.  He was so daring – if not totally disgusting!  She hadn’t had a rimjob before, having rushed through sex so often that she usually neglected foreplay.  Yet here was the hybrid freak, listed as weak against beautiful women, making her succumb to his debauchery!  “Grr!”  She ground her ass down to his face, wanting to best him in some way, but failing hard.  Muscles were already twitching and giving response to his insistent licking.  If this went on, she’d definitely…

            “No way,” she seethed through her clenched and salivating teeth.  She appeared savage, a girl gone wild, forced into a corner.  “There’s no way… no way!  I’m…!”  She choked on her own words.  A wave rolled up and through her, pushed when Ichigo’s inconspicuous hand reached beneath her to dabble with her quivering clit.  It ignited like lightning.  The shiver raced up her body, toes to brain, and she stilled only for a second – a seemingly lengthy second – before she shoved her groin back down, submitting to Ichigo as she threw her head back and screamed.  “CUMMING!!!

            Her orgasm was an explosive thing, complete with tendrils of electricity sparking from her back and all around her, a miniature thunderstorm raging atop Ichigo’s face, complete with a deluge to dampen him beneath her.

            It was admittedly frightening… until Ichigo was aware that the bolts were random and not designated to strike him.  She lost all control of herself, as Senjumaru-san promised the enemy would if he was diligent, willing and unpredictable.  It helped, too, that the enemy this time was quick to reciprocate and challenge him right back.  She just about handed him victory!  And he nailed down that victory by licking and kissing Candice’s butt while playing his thumb against her engorged clit.

            Until the lightshow died down to a final flicker, he kept his advantage.  Her weight above him had become unstable; it didn’t take more than a nudge to turn her over onto the floor, gasping and nearly unable to speak.  He, on the other hand, sat up, cupping and flexing his jaw.  Eating out for a prolonged period was strangely taxing.  But the battle was done, and he was the victor.

            Or so he thought for the moment before Candice roared at him.  A strong voice, but a weak posture, she derided him, “You think you won?!  Just you… wait!”  Her arms tried to get her back on her feet.  She’d best him yet, if it was the last thing she did!  His Majesty’s promise of favor didn’t matter!  It was pride that she sought to keep, and if she killed this bastard now, no one would know of her humiliation.  Yet her arms jostled and were ultimately unreliable; all limbs splayed out, gravity pinning her to the floor as she collected herself.  She swore again.

            “It’s over,” Ichigo told her calmly, now equipped with one Zangestu blade.  If he wanted to switch to practical combat, she’d already be dealt with.  “You can’t get up, and I’m not the kind of guy to attack a girl when she’s down.”

            “What did I tell you about being cocky?!”  Somehow, she brought a javelin of lightning into her hand and pitched it at him.  He dispelled it with a basic turn of his blade.  She was up on an elbow at least, and ready to form another one.  She’d run herself dry at this rate, probably past the point of exhaustion to death!

            “Keep them at the disadvantage,” Senjumaru had said when pushing her posterior back to him whilst assuming the stance on hands and knees.  Her grin was small and wicked over her shoulder while he blushed frantically at her lacking modesty.  Her quim was packed with his white, and she wanted him to see while also brandishing her yet-to-be-met hole.  “Take her like you mean to defeat her.”

            And he did, corralling her waist and drawing her buxom booty back to him, turning her on her stomach before she could react.  He felt her fur when he slipped beneath her ridge.  The short hair tickled.  He reset and took appropriate aim.  It had been advised to pump into the secondary hole to keep her down, but he doubted there was enough slick to thread the eye of her posterior.

            “YAHH!!”  Candice might have sounded jubilant if not for the sneer on her reddened face as Ichigo took her, sliding in from behind, carefully filly out the narrow passage to her womb until he was stuck against its portal.  She dropped onto her left cheek, snarling and grunting as Ichigo worked her propped-up butt back to his groin.  Her body held him fast, salving him with her earnest pleasure.  If this was to be her defeat, she considered while clawing the ground until her gloves started to shred, why did it have to feel so good?

            “Dammit,” she swore again and again, and then said, “Fine!  Just fuck me, you arrogant bastard!”

            Ichigo did, gaining some authority and confidence by her verbal consent.  He tugged at her hair – “Don’t pull so much!” she screamed at the follicle violation – and rode her steady and hard.  To ease his treatment of her precious locks, she mustered the strength to fortify her arms beneath her, letting her big breasts rock back and forth beneath her until Ichigo’s wandering hand moved around her waist, up her tummy, across her ribs before coming into possession of the tits.  Like a hill of dough, he kneaded the flesh, finding and stroking the risen and rigid centers of pink.  At the risk of falling lopsided, Candice took a hand from her support to put over his, directing him to how she liked it.  These huge things needed more than just feathery caresses.  She liked it when they were slapped or her nipples pinch.

            With Senjumaru’s smaller set, Ichigo could not practice the thorough paces of pleasing large bosoms, but it satisfied his own desires to feel them swaying in his hands.  And she did enough by herself that he didn’t need to compensate for her.

            Well, he thought while drifting a hand back the way it had gone…  Maybe one thing…

            Her ass crashed against his pelvis like waves to a cliff face, and rippled back in return.  Beneath her, his balls swung pendulously against her clit, stimulating her enough that he was certain she’d get more out of a fixation elsewhere.  If he could not thread her, he’d improvise and was not disappointed with the result.  His thumb sliding into her spit-slick anus took Candice completely unawares, and once again, there were sparks flying – metaphorically and literally.

            She turned the ruined space into an electric room, charring wherever the lightning stroked.  Even Ichigo received some backlash from it, taking a shock to the shoulder, chest and above one eye.  Fortunately, nothing was lethal or concentrated.  If it had been a method attack, he might have been down for the count instead.  But Candice had lost all ambition, committing herself only to her tensing body spraying out around the cock plugging her, wetting his pubic hair in the process as he rode her out.

            Despite her bucking, her Quincy cap stayed on her head as she passed through her second orgasm.  “D-damn…it…”  All her muscles condensed, held as if she’d will herself to break him inside of her, and then all went limp.  Her eyes rolled up as she saluted her Majesty one final time before passing out.  Her spiritual pressure had been depleted, all her Electrocutions and wildfire spending her out.

            Ichigo stayed inside her for a moment, deliberating the ethics of meeting his own satisfaction.  Before Senjumaru-san’s training, and before eating Kirio-san’s energy-boosting snack, he would have been beaten well before the Quincy was even persuaded to meet his challenge.  She was good, after all; her mouth had nearly done him in but for her own folly of weakness.

            He decided to leave Candice, his cock coming out of her with a wet plop.  He was still hard, but he would not resort to his hand unless the enemy was out of range.  He would not tarnish her in that way, branding her with his seed.  “Hmph…”  He moved around Candice’s naked, pale form, to where his clothes remained untouched in bunched piles.

            “So this is what was going on.”

            Ichigo pivoted at once, his single sword held up at the ready.  He flinched slightly, meeting the three remaining opponents; one a busty pink-haired beauty with a uniform more suited for a provocative costume, the other a petite girl with antennae-like hair and big eyes that made him wary, and the last was a small blonde with a mouthful of lollipop candy.  Standing in front of them, naked like this, affected him only a moment; he couldn’t be swayed by modesty or else defeat would be the next step.

            “I’m impressed,” muttered the pink-haired woman, her hand balled into a nervous fist beneath her pouty lips.

            “Me too.  I didn’t expect he could beat Candi,” said weird, antennae girl.

            “I didn’t mean that.”  The other’s eyes had taken an interest in the space between Ichigo’s legs, her eyes partially dazzled.

            The girl snorted around her candy, regarding Candice’s naked and beaten form with little interest.  “Who would’ve known that one of the Special Powers was a man-whore?”

            “She’s beaten,” Ichigo declared firmly, wielding his sword to them in warning.  “I’m not going to fight you if I don’t have to.  Just take her and go.”

            The buxom woman fidgeted, her thighs contracting while her lifted fist flexed in an odd way.  It must have been Ichigo’s imagination, for it looked for a moment that her dainty body had flexed with rippling muscle.  “That’d be against His Majesty’s orders.”

            “We’ll just kill you ourselves,” said the little one, crunching her candy to bits with a sudden flash of fangs, “and split the reward three ways.”

            “My reward will come when you’re dead,” said the weirdo.

            Ichigo wasn’t in any mood to banter any longer.  He held his weapon, and one was enough for them.  His shunpo could nearly match Byakuya’s or Yoruichi’s now, and with enemies so lax…

            He was behind the lot of them in an instant, Zangestsu raised at an angle after making a series of well-placed cuts.  And the Quincy uniforms exploded in a spray of white cloth shreds.  Meninas gave a surprised “Ooh!” as her bosoms came free but for the white-pink lace bra – with matching panties that rode tight against her lower lines and formed a whale’s tail beneath the small of her back, with just the slightest hint of behind cleavage.  She steadied her bounding chest with her hands like calming two rowdy puppies.  She was always the most jiggly of the five Bambis, regardless of Candi’s shameless flaunting.

            Giselle did not react as significantly as her buxom companion; she bowed slightly, back to Ichigo as she wound her arms around her chest.  But underneath the outer clothing… there was a black leather corset, and dark fishnet sleeves that could not have be seen under her baggier top.  And her dark-blue (nearing black) panties fit snugly between her small, pert cheeks.  Ichigo had done away with most of her black leggings in his pass, but from mid-thigh down, they remained intact.

            For both women, he gave them the benefit of the doubt that they would take this display of speed and finesse as a prominent warning, and could flee at their leisure with at least a scrap of clothing.

            Liltotto was untouched… and that certainly didn’t escape her notice.  Her purple eyes trailed down to her Quincy skirt, observing that not so much as a button was lopped off by this Kurosaki Ichigo pervert.  She expected her outfit to explode like the two others, but nothing…  “You didn’t cut me,” she said blandly to Ichigo, her blond hair swishing as she turned to face the otherwise imposing figure.

            And Ichigo faltered to her at once, blushing hard and moving his Zanpakuto to block her sight of his rigid length.  “O-of course I’m not going to cut you!” he shouted with much embarrassment.  He didn’t even like knowing her eyes were on him at a moment like this.


            “Why do you think?!  You’re a little girl!  You’re younger than my sisters!”

            Liltotto leered hard at him.  This was an insult…

            “So… you want to play like this…”

            Ichigo perked up, turning to the strange girl with long black hair.  She moved like a… zombie, or some creepy entity when her head turned back to him, eyes wide and eerily ecstatic.  Was she intrigued… or offended?  What was that madness she was expressing to him?

            While conscious of his nudity around the little one, Ichigo kept his guard up, ready for whatever the weirdo had planned, be it sex or combat.  Yet he found he was not ready… not ready for this, for her to turn  around and face him frontally.  The corset pushed her breasts up, making them seem swollen, though Ichigo could estimate that they were smaller than Senjumaru-san’s… or maybe even Rukia’s.  Her areola – a few shades darker than her pale skin – just barely passed the line of the bust, but the entirety of her nipples was still hidden.  On her petite body, nothing seemed more out of place than the crotch of her underwear.  The hem went in a high arch over either hip, coming down in a U shape at her pubis.  And within the risqué panties was stuffed a large secret.  Ichigo did not know whether to believe it or not, but he couldn’t be swayed to believe she had stuffed a pickle in with her womanhood.

            She looked so… girly, though!  Ichigo jawed wordlessly a moment, not making a clear syllable.  This was beyond Senjumaru-san’s teaching.

            “Bambi!!” the girl suddenly yelled, crooking her back like a wild animal drawing away in dangerous fear.

            “Wha-?”  The crash through stone and cement startled Ichigo to duck.  Was this that girl’s power?!  He had thought a missile had just blown in, but when he looked, it was nothing more than another Quincy… one of dark-hued skin and deader eyes than the one draping against her back.  She stood like there was no life in her, only held up by invisible strings.

            A white fluid, thicker than drool, oozed down from her slightly-parted mouth.

            The eerie girl ran a pointed tongue against the newcomer’s cheek, and then said to her, “I found a new plaything that I want… Ba~mbi~cha~n♪


So here we are…  This was meant to be an Ichigo/Candice shut case, but then the ideas kept rolling, and I saw the opportunity to get Meninas into a story, and then Zombie girl(s) joined in. …  Still on the fence about Liltotto…

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