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          The wind seeping in through her open window, the cool air of Karakura Town softly blew Inoue’s stark orange hair. A nice feeling, yet one that brushed her by. All she could do was stare outside. If she moved, her heart would crush faster. All through her body, she felt this sizzling feeling of…could it be love? Lust? Her heartbeat and beat and beat. Who was it that she hoped for? Ichigo? No. The truth was, she had denied her own heart’s truth since the start.

          Suddenly, the sound blasting through her, the sound of a bell range throughout the house. Slow and dull, she made her way down, each step making that feeling worse. Yet, when she opened the door, it was as if that same wind from a moment ago cleansed her heart of this burning feeling. It was all because of who stood before her. “R-Rukia…?” She managed, her breath half taken.

          Rukia smirked, her grey school blazer brushing in the wind. With no word, she slipped in, her soft hands catching the door and closing it as she entered. Her eyes sharp, and her smirk sweet yet deadly, she dominated Orihime with her stare.

          “Is everything…okay?” Inoue asked faintly.

          Quick as a flash, Rukia moved closer, her breasts touching Inoue’s arm. Feeling in a ripple in her bed clothes, Orihime watched as Rukia’s cold hand scuttled upwards, settling down upon her cheek. Her perfume…it’s…good…! Kuchiki’s scent gave her that safety sense she never knew she needed.

          “I figured…” Rukia placed her other hand upon Orihime’s waist. “You and I…could use some relaxation.”

          Before Inoue could respond, that perfume scent screamed, and upon her lips she felt that hot, wet sensation from that girl she never knew she loved. As Rukia shattered her kiss, a line of warm drool formed and left again.


          Rukia placed her finger on Inoue’s mouth. “We can’t deny it any longer. You know you want it…”

          And so, with a violent kiss, it began. Rukia’s hand, slashing the wind as it came, slammed into Orihime’s soft, pretty face, and with that thunderclap from the impact, Inoue fell stunned onto her bed. Kuchiki, her clothes tossed aside, threw herself upon her woman.

          “I need a piss…!” Rukia said, her grin full of lust and violence. Orihime bit her lip, the beautiful pain of Rukia’s hand giving her the hots.

          “Then I am your dump!”

          “Good girl!” Rukia moved herself forth, making her vagina really comfortable in Inoue’s mouth. After rubbing it around, giving the sweet girl a taste, she lifted herself up again and pushed. With a warm pulse, searing hot, sun-yellow liquid squirted out, never stopping. The piss crashed against Inoue’s face, splashing everywhere. However, most of it blasted down through her mouth. Inoue gagged, yet only from the sheer amount. Rukia’s piss tastes hot…I…like it…! “Like that, Inoue, yeah?”

          The smell was thick warm, soaked all over herself and the bedsheets below. Having swallowed it all, that giddy feeling made her shake a little. She smirked. “Thanks for the drink!”

          “Any time.” Rukia moved herself back and placed her pussy against Orihime’s. Slowly, she began rocking. Yet, the sensation snapped Inoue. Unable to stop, Inoue’s own vagina began leaking that hot yellow drink. As Rukia sped up, driving the liquid, all over, through the bed, onto her chest. She couldn’t help her smile.

          And, their moans bouncing all around the room, and a boiling smell ever so potent, Rukia mad one grand thrust, and—as if it were a cannon—the both of them blasted cum everywhere. The stuff seeped slowly out of their sexes, yet acting quickly, Kuchiki lifted Orihime’s soaking legs, and firmly placed her mouth upon the source of the leaking cum, drinking her fill. Afterwards, breathing heavily, she tumbled down on the soaked bed, next to her lover.

          The two lay there, hands clenched, bodies bare and sweaty, breathing and breathing, finally having been satisfied of lust. “Did I ever tell you I loved you?”

          “You drank my piss and liked it. And let me fuck you dry. I think you made it clear.” They both smiled, and finished with a slow, wet, warm kiss.

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