Bleach: The Bimbos of Hueco Mundo

BY : The_Lithomancer
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Tier Harribel released a disoriented groan as she regained consciousness, her eyelashes grazing the coarse fabric of a blindfold as her eyes opened and blearily stared into the inscrutable void draped across her vision. Her sluggish mind struggled to form a single thought save for the panic-inducing discovery of her captivity, her limbs weakly spasming in place and filling her ears with the sound of clinking chains. But it wasn't long before the lean muscles of Tier’s arms ceased straining against her restraints, her arms dangling uselessly in the air as shame colored her bronzed cheeks. She could feel it in her drugged thoughts and the protesting of her bruised and battered body, that languishing suffusion of physical pain and mental anguish that foretold her utter failure to retain her sovereignty. But Tier refused to allow herself to lament for long in that perpetual misery, she knew she needed to focus on finding a way out of this dilemma. With what little concentration she could bring to bear, Tier churned the sea of distress and pain that swirled within her voluptuous body and forged an adamant determination to grasp for the solace of her thoughts.

But before Tier could even attempt to pierce through the thick fog obstructing her clarity, she felt a pair of soft hands cup her tanned cheeks and tilt her head up, startling the former ruler of Hueco Mundo with the seemingly affectionate gesture. Completely caught off guard, Tier didn't even resist when she felt a massive spherical mound press against her face, smooshing like soft warm dough against her confused countenance. The sensation of silky smooth skin and the smell of fragrant melon caressed Tier’s senses lovingly, slowly melting away her caution and inviting her to simply enjoy the soft embrace. Tier’s lips parted as she struggled to inhale a breath of fresh air free of the distinctive scent of ripe honeydew, her muffled gasps drowned as the massive orb engulfed her face and began leaking a strange fluid in her mouth. As soon as the first gooey splash of ambrosia coated Tier’s tongue, all of her instinctual warning and needs softened into a thick mush that left Tier suckling at the gushing puffy nub presented to her like a newborn babe. Any traces of shame or pain faded away, leaving Tier to gently groan as a feeling of pure delicious goodness suffused her mind. Sucking noises soon slithered it’s seductive melody inside Tier’s ear, encouraging her to simply suck and swallow the heavenly honey even as it dulled her mind and offered only a drugged sensation in return.Tier’s throat gently bulged as she quaffed down the sweet nectar without a second thought, lulled into complacency by the foggy bliss coiling around her mind. 

It made it all the more shocking to Tier when her ears registered the soft groaning of an aroused female, her lips stopping mid-suck as the horror of what she greedily dining on raced through her languid mind; A massive milk-loaded breast. Tier tried to spit out the chemically-laden milk to prevent it from further corroding her thoughts, but she only evoked more mocking groans from her captor as her tongue spasmed against the fat puffy nipple dumping its syrupy bounty in her mouth. 

“Mmm, Peek-a-boo, let’s get a good long look at you!” said a vaguely familiar voice before pulling off her blindfold, haunting her with echoes of her casual mockery and wanton tone. Tier’s eyes squinted in the faint light glistening off her captors large pale milk-bags, struggling to focus on the smirking black-haired Quincy staring down at her until the daunting realization of who she was hit her like a bolt of lightning.

“You’re Giselle...Gewelle,” Tier said dazedly despite having Giselle’s fat gushing nipple pressed against her mouth. With a rush of revulsion and defiance, Tier felt that drugged fog melt in the conflagration of her resolve, replaced by the compulsion to bite down on the milk-pumping teat to teach Giselle a hard lesson on who she was really messing with. But Tier’s flaring aqua eyes gave away her intentions, prompting Giselle to free the former Tres Espada from the smothering embrace of her right breast, but also depriving Tier of the immense satisfaction of her toothy revenge.  

“When did The Wandenreich recruit such a cheap slut like you?” Tier said flatly, her tone as biting and cold as a howling blizzard wind. No embarrassment or helplessness colored Tier’s voice as she fought back against her captor, erasing the smug look on Giselle’s pale face as her wrath struck home. “I guess their standards had to lower significantly to indoctrinate a pathetic excuse like you.”

For a moment, Tier knew that she forced Giselle to give in to her anger, but nothing could have prepared the former Queen for her response. Giselle clenched her fist and brought it to her chest, tapping into her unique ability and forcing Tier’s upper body to strain painfully against her restraints. For a moment that seemed to stretch into a pain-filled eternity, Tier clenched her teeth and stared balefully at Giselle’s venomous expression, but surprise tainted her defiance as Giselle suddenly smiled and wagged her finger chidingly at Tier. 

“No No, You don't get to piss me off. You aren’t allowed to make me feel that. Instead, sweetie, I’m going to make you feel something you’ll never ever forget!”

Tier warily watched Giselle as she tucked her unnaturally large tits back in her lacey bra, winking coyly as she buttoned up her trenchcoat and turned towards the gleaming metal lab cart. From there, Giselle picked up two syringes filled to the brim with a neon pink fluid, taking time to hold them up to the light just to fuck with Tier for a long moment. 

“Would you like to know what this is? This is my little gift to you to help you see things from our point of view,” Giselle said, smirking from ear to ear as she crossed the paltry distance between them and knelt in front of Tier. Tier wanted to struggle and break free of the chained manacles fastened around her deceptively dainty wrists, but Giselle’s power over her was absolute, stemming from the breast milk sloshing within her stomach. But this didn't stop Tier from affixing the most defiant smoldering stare she could bring to bear, her eyes tearing into Giselle as she ripped away Tier’s alabaster top and hefted one of her ample tits.

“You’ll learn in time that this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to you, Tier,” Giselle said softly, her words carrying a prophetic weight as she nonchalantly pressed her free hand against Tier’s caramel-hued breasts.Tier clenched her teeth as she felt Giselle groped insistently at her large tits, kneading and pulling at her dark-brown nipples and giggling obnoxiously when her stacked bosom jiggled like a quivering bowl of chocolate pudding. But by the time Tier caught on to the depraved intentions lurking behind Giselle’s bright blue eyes, it was already too late to stop her. Giselle lined up the shaft of each loaded syringe with Tier’s stiffened nubs and slid the tips slowly inside the mocha-colored crowns of her massive perky tits, eliciting a pent-up groan from the captive Arrancar. Tier helplessly watched as the contents of both syringes slid slowly inside her nipples, shivering as the cold gel flooded her mammary glands and instantly caused them to heat up. Soon the dismal cell was filled with Tier’s restrained groaning and breathless panting as her breasts began ballooning outward, the number “3” on the left side of her right breast wobbling as a torrent of milk churned in her engorged udders. Giselle’s demented smile brightened the room in shades of carnal depravity as Tier’s tits transformed into beachball sized fuckpillows with fat suckable nipples that dripped with her sugary milk. 

“Would you look at that! A Tres Espada with a set of fat cow udders! Aizen would have been so proud of you,” Giselle giggled out as she stood up and sauntered back to her lab cart, her condescending mirth cascading around the dimly lit cell. But no matter how angry or defiant Tier was, it paled in comparison to the overwhelming tide of pleasure that surged throughout her body. Tier’s resistance was like a paper umbrella against a raging tsunami as she desperately tried to contain her reactions and deny Giselle any further satisfaction. But even the faintest gust of wind elicited a helpless groan from Tier’s thickening lips as her body felt like a giant hypersensitive clit teetered on the verge of a brain-melting orgasm.  

“Wh-what did you do to me?” Tier groaned out as she clenched her thighs together to hide the fact her arousal was practically streaming down her legs. Tier was completely unaware of the fact she was suffusing the air around her with a sweet fragrance that wafted off her body like a thick pheromone cloud that screamed “Fuck me!” in the most primal language known to human or hollow. But that detail was not lost to Giselle as her eyes fluttered and her nostrils flared as she inhaled the needy scent of a broodmare in heat. 

“It doesn't matter’re ready,” Giselle murmured out, her eyes growing heavy as she felt the primal temptation to fuck Tier silly and squirt her children directly in her fertile womb.Too caught up in the staggering waves of ecstasy force fed to her by her hypersensitive body, Tier failed to notice the grotesque bulge between Giselle’s legs as the shemale Quincy basked in the glory of her handiwork. 

“You dumb bitch..I-I swear I’ll kill you for this,” Tier moaned out, trying once more to blot out the uncontrollable onslaught eclipsing her mind with a deep-seated primal need to no avail. Instead, her defiance only made things worse for her as Giselle opened her eyes, a giddy smile gracing her features as she stared lecherously down at Tier. Giselle turned to her lab cart and picked up the final item resting on the stainless steel surface; a visor framed by two large plastic pink dorsal fins with a digitized line across the perimeter that glowed with the multi-colored hue of a rainbow. With the shocking feeling of Déjà vu, Giselle crossed the distance between herself and Tier again, but this time set the degrading piece of headwear on the ground as she stared at Tier’s impossibly large tits. 

“No, you won't be able to kill me,”Giselle said, casually brushing off Tier’s ominous threat like a soft feather as she lifted her hands and held them before her with her fingers spread, looking as if she were readying herself to grope something large and round. “Not after this!”

With a melodramatic flair, Giselle shot her hands forward and slapped her hands against Tier’s massive bronzed milk-bags, feeling the doughy expanse of her tits bulge between her fingers and spilled off her palms. Tier’s back arched as she tilted her head to the ceiling and loudly moaned, her tongue spilling out of her mouth and tasting the pheromone-tainted air, her eyes fluttered and completing the image of a pleasure-drunk slut lost in the sea of her own carnal ecstasy. This was a sensation unlike anything Tier had ever experienced, completely powerless as the chemically amplified pleasure washed away every trace of her higher functioning and replaced it with a primal urge that left her writhing like an animal. Tier’s breasts jiggled as a stream of milk sprayed from her nipples, spraying left and right as she spasmed and tried desperately to free herself from the omniscient bliss eclipsing her existence. It was then that Giselle reluctantly pulled her hands away from Tier’s breasts, content to lick up the splatters of sweet creamy milk coating her hands as Tier gasped and groaned in relief. 

“You’re mine now,” Giselle stated possessively, eye-fucking Tier as she analyzed the blonde-haired woman's reaction. Tier merely stayed quiet, her chest heaving as she struggling to regain her composure. “No matter how much you’ll deny it, you’re my plaything now and forever. And you have no idea how good that feels..” 

Tier wanted to retort, to open her mouth and deny the dire predicament she found herself in, but meek moans trickled out of her mouth like the arousal squelching between her intertwined thighs. She looked away as she tried to deny the smoldering heat of her womb wrestled for control over her higher functioning, rendering the Tres Espada paralyzed by the pulses of pleasure permeating throughout her bimbofied body. But just when Tier thought she would have a moment to recuperate, she felt Giselle’s index finger press underneath her chin, forcing her head to tilt up and stare into her merciless blue eyes. This time Tier could see the perverted desire coiling in her icy iris’s, but she barely had time to feel a flash of fear lance her heart before Giselle’s fingers latched onto her nipples.

Tier’s eyes skyrocketed up into her skull as her tongue lolled once more out of her mouth like a slavering fuck-drunk animal! Lewd moans ejaculated from Tier’s mouth like the torrents of milk gushing from her beachball sized udders, her orgasmic melody unrestrained and completely animalistic in nature. A dance of wanton spasming and pulsars of orgasmic bliss thundered through Tier’s body, joined by a torrent of fragrant girl juice squirting from her sopping pussy heralding the first orgasm Tier had ever experienced. Pure delicious bliss swirled throughout Tier’s body, from the caramel-hued half-moon globes of her exposed bubbly ass to her bare bouncing tits spraying gooey lattices of her succulent milk all over the cell floor. Gone was the calm analytical Arrancar, melted into a bubbly pink mush by the smoldering ecstasy burning in her body and replaced by a mindless animal in the throes of her own sloppy climax. Tier didn't even care that Giselle was taking all of this in as she kneaded and pulled at her nipples, sending her deeper into the crude zenith of her chemically-modified body's’ carnal delight.

“Do you want to kill me now?” Giselle asked, taunting Tier as the bimbofied Espada came down from her brain-melting orgasm and endured the red-hot afterglow that covered her body in a thick sheen of sweat. With her resistance melted into molten slag, Tier didn't even object when Giselle fastened the visor to her head, flattening the sweaty locks of her messy golden-blonde hair in the process. Tier’s head lolled to the side as she watched Giselle through unfocused eyes as she stood up and fumbled with her restraints. Too pleasure-drunk to react, Tier’s arms were gradually freed from her restraints, sending the pleasure-drunk Arrancar to her hands and knees above the expanding puddle of her arousal.

“Say hi to C.A.N.D.I for me,” came Giselle’s mocking giggle as Tier stared at her reflection in the translucent pool. But what greeted her was a twisted version of herself, bimbofied and sporting a degrading visor that made her look more like a debased slutty animal than a battle-hardened queen. Tier watched her eyes widen in surprise when the visor turned on, illuminating her sweaty bronzed face adorned with her blue lightning bolt tattoos with its bubble-gum pink glow.  

Hi! I’m C.A.N.D.I! I’m the Conditioning Arrancar Nymphomania Directive Interface here to totally train you into being the awesomest Arrancar sex-pet ever! Are you ready to fuck? *giggle* Because, like, I know I totally am!

“, no, no..What is this! Why can I hear it in my head?” Tier groaned out, horror penetrating her tone as she felt the AI’s vapid giggle pulse between her legs like a vibrator on its highest setting. Tier couldn't help but moan as she felt it’s voice echo throughout her body, fading only when Giselle decided to respond. 

“C.A.N.D.I’s going to mold you into the perfect babymaking slut-cow for my Program,” Giselle said with an exuberant tone, her hands clapping excitedly together like a demented schoolgirl. Despite her new obscenely massive breasts and the hypersensitivity that would have reduced any normal human to a brainless sex-doll, Tier still felt the inferno of her fury and defiance burn within her. Tier’s nipples rubbed against the milk-splattered stone floor as she raised her head, her lips parting to unleash a barrage of hate-stricken defiance only to have her rebelliousness slapped down by the foreign sense of delight thrumming through her transfigured body. Tier’s back arched like a cat as she closed her mouth and struggled not to release the melody of needy moans trapped behind her luscious lips.  

Oh, Tia...We totally need to play nice. We’re not going to, like, say totally dumb things like that when we can beg for some yummy fat cocks!

Tier squeezed her eyes shut as she felt a pair of ethereal hands slide gently between her legs, pressing against the sweet nub of her clit and releasing a small squirt of delightful girl-cream. Tier’s hands splashed in the puddle of her own cooling arousal as she gasped in the aftershock of the sensation, her anger forcibly dissipating as she raised her head and watched Giselle grab onto the cell’s door handle, dramatically pausing for effect as she exclaimed,” Now let's see what we have behind door number one!”   

Curious and wary, Tier felt the floor vibrate as the door slowly opened, feeding Tier with small bursts of pleasure as its hinges squeaked and the metal door scraped across the stone floor. With her world tinted in shades of neon pink, Tier analyzed the horde of Arrancar clambering to get inside the cell, overwhelmed as she sensed the feral simplicity of their desires. They wanted to breed, but not with just anyone, they all wanted to breed her!. 

That's like SO hawt! *giggle* So many hot studs with big yummy dicks just for us!

Tier shook her head in shock as she scooted back and clumsily fell flat on her thick ass, her body spasming erratically as C.A.N.D.I’s giggling overloaded her amplified pleasure centers, but this time it failed to quell her surmounting terror. Even as the notion of being knocked up and domesticated by her fellow Arrancar raced through her, Tier still fought for control over her reactions as she channeled her fear into fighting out of this predicament. No matter what, Tier refused to be taken without a fight and nothing was going to stop her from defending her self-worth. Not an AI program with the personality of a brainless bimbo, not her hypersensitive body that throbbing like a massive clit in heat, and not the smug bitch trying to use her like a lab rat. Tier felt a surge of triumphant determination overcome everything she endured as she prepared herself to fight, but before she could tear off the revolting visor and pulverize it, she felt it’s brainless voice caress her resolve with a single question that stopped her dead in her tracks.

But, Like...what about your Fracción? Don't you want to protect Apacci, Sung-Sun, or Mila-Rose? 

With her hands on either side of the delicate visor, Tier watched the screen suddenly switch to a camera feed showing her unconscious friends, manacled and blindfolded, but free of the degrading alterations inflicted upon her. 

It’s too late for you, Tia. You already have a slutty bimbo body and it won't be long before your big brains totally melt into mush. But if you stop fighting and obey your new Masters, you can spare them from being brainless breeding sluts like you. Sacrifice yourself...and like totally protect them!

Tier’s resolve withered away as she watched her subordinates sleeping faces, hating the AI dearly for manipulating her own morality, but powerless as she contended with The Aspect of Sacrifice that she embodied. To make matters worse, Tier felt C.A.N.D.I slither around in her mind, leeching her resolve and skewing her thoughts until only one option remained. Tier fell to her knees as the feral Arrancar surrounded her, choking the air with filthy issues of their sexual musk as their naked muscular bodies glistened in the dim lighting. As the first Arrancar stepped forward and presented its massive dick, Tier’s choice became abundantly clear; To protect her friends, Tier was going to become the bimbofied breeder The Wandenreich wanted.

Oh..slide that Big Godly cock inside your mouth, Tia! Show them how much of a submissive baby-slut you really are, like, Massage it with your naughty tongue until it's totally covered in your yummy spit!

Tier’s eyes nearly crossed as her eyes slid obsessively up and down the expanse of the Arrancar’s thick foot-long slab of cockmeat throbbing proudly from between his legs, feeling a strange pulse of carnal lust as she swooned over it’s choking musk. A cascade of pink glittery hearts suddenly winked into existence on Tier’s visor, swarming her vision and exploding into a hypnotizing array of multi-colored lights and stupefying slutty giggles that instantly captivated her. Tier’s eyes reflected the rippling swirls of translucent rainbow light, absent-mindedly licking her lips as she felt the swollen purplish crown of the Arrancar’s girth pull her closer. She instinctively knew it was C.A.N.D.I dumbing her down and slowly transforming her into a cock-polishing slut, but she didn't care anymore.The mere notion of touching and needing it felt so good that it swiftly consumed Tier thoughts, melting them away and leaving a landscape of stupefying pink fog and entrancing lights.  

Tier groaned as she pressed her lips against the fat tubular shaft, her eyes-half lidded and empty as she noisily began kissing the underside of the Arrancar’s dick lovingly. She painted a lewd masterpiece with her dexterous tongue and glossy fat lips as her carnal intimacy reveled in the heat and musk pouring from its monstrous length. But there was so much more for Tier to please, and as she rubbed her dick-pampering lips down to the base of his dick, her eyes glazed over the pair of hanging baseball-sized balls with a faint glimmer of greed. A torrent of Indecent moans issued from Tier’s parted lips as she snorted up tiny beads of sweat coating his backed up cum-factories, bobbing her head as she rotated between them and sucked on each one; Her cheeks hollowing while her tongue spit-shined each swollen orb in a thick layer of her affection. 

You’re such a Ball-Polishing slut, Tia, I totally love you! But you love more than just hot pulsating crave the delicious creamy treat lurking within. Ready for you suck out and milk dry with your dumb cock-sucking bimbo lips. Let me take over and show you how it's done! 

No longer capable of resisting the brainwashing AI, Tier felt herself taking a backseat in her own body as C.A.N.D.I forced one of her hands to slide between her legs, her drooling folds squelching as she crammed as many fingers as she could up her elasticized fucktunnel.
Instantly, Tier’s eyes nearly rolled up in her head as she orgasmed explosively, spraying her sweet juices all over the cell floor as she spasmed, licked her way up the fat veiny underside of the Arrancar’s cock, and promptly slid the knot-like crown inside her mouth. can pleasing this fat cock feel so GOOD! Tier thought just before a spurt of lumpy Arrancar cock-syrup coated her tongue with the consistency of tapioca pudding.
Tier’s taste buds rejoiced as she swallowed the heavenly goo piled high on her tongue, leaving behind a bitter and salty aftertaste that she found herself strangely loving. Her mouth bulged as her cock-polishing lips greedily crammed as much cock inside her mouth as she could, bobbing her head in a desperate attempt to milk more of the gelatinous ambrosia out of those bloated balls as they slapped wetly against the underside of her chin. Tier’s pussy clenched around her fingers as she shoved them further up her pussy, driven to new heights of filthy ecstasy as her tongue massaged the underside of the Arrancar’s dick. It soon became a pursuit that eclipsed everything else, blotting out her identity and her entire reason for living until only the desire to use her mouth to vacuum up lumpy ball-paste remained.

That twisted notion only magnified inside Tier’s conditioned mind as she felt the grunting Arrancar intertwined his fingers around the back of her messy golden-blonde hair and pulled her head forward to slam the rest of his mammoth cock down her throat. Tier’s pink lips were stretched into taut lines around the base of his cock as she sluttily gagged and came her brains out, her throat bulging and milking every inch of the girthy meat to alleviate her newfound addiction. A thick stream of throat-slime and pre-cum mixed spit slid out of the airtight seal of her mouth, splattering all over the mocha-hued spherical mounds of her massive tits like shots of frothy cream dumped on top of a latte.Tier’s hands squelched furiously between her legs as the Arrancar pumped his hips in a needy copulatory fashion, molding Tier’s throat into a perfect cocksleeve as his balls began to tense. A symphony of lust-addled moans and feral howling echoed throughout the cell as Tier felt the swollen shaft thrust faster and faster between her lips, drowning out her wet sloppy gagging until the Arrancar roared and slammed every inch of his cock down her throat.  

Tier’s arms hung limply in front of her as she felt the flood of lumpy jizzslop squirt explosively inside her stomach. Helplessly enslaved to C.A.N.D.I’s wanton desires, Tier couldn't even tell if the feeling of contentment suffusing her body in a fuzzy warm glow was her perverted ecstasy or an artificial feeling designed to further corrupt her. All she wanted to feel was the filthy euphoria of becoming a subordinate Arrancar’s blonde-haired spermtoilet.Twin streams of oatmeal-thick cum spurted from Tier’s nose as she struggled to keep up with the Arrancar’s orgasm, thick bulges travelling down her throat as she worked overtime to pack as much of the addictive sperm inside her stomach as she could. The once rippling expanse of Tier’s toned abdominals swelled into a lewd pregnant dome by the time the Arrancar finished dumping its copious payload of slop down her throat, her body covered in thin streamers of the hot goo as it sprayed out of the corners of her mouth. 

Growling contently, the feral alpha Arrancar pulled his still-hard shaft out of Tier’s mouth, creating thick ropes of cum and spit that hung down to the floor as a reminder of the carnal depravity that reduced Tier’s body to a mere spunk receptacle. But the greedy reminder sloshing within her belly and hanging from her cum-coated lips only magnified the dawning horror as C.A.N.D.I retreated from her mind with a haunting playful giggle. Tier stared up at the Arrancar, paralyzed with shock as she fearfully looked at each one, nothing their partial masks and their hungry stares as their cock leaked with dangling worm-like secretions of their ample ball-chowder. 

There there cutie, You needed that. You wanted that. I loved it all just as much as you totally loved the feeling! Just relax and let them knock you up. Do it for your hawt friends…mmm  

Tier couldn't help but moan even as she placed her hands on either side of the visor, trying to summon up the willpower to rip it off her head to no avail. She wanted to deny the memories tumbling around in her pleasure-addled mind, to hope for the state of fugue that would release her from the traumatizing experience, but it was a half-hearted effort leeched of its authenticity by the deep-seated notion that she secretly loved it all along. Instead, she felt the hungry presence of the alpha Arrancar behind her as he forcefully positioned her on her hands and knees, her nipple-clits rubbing against the smooth stone and obliterating the sanctity of her thoughts. Tier’s mouth parted and her aqua eyes flutter as she released a stream of hoarse moaning, fed by the Arrancar’s as they suddenly lunged forward and started groping every inch of her body that they could reach. 

Her pussy dumped a floor of arousal between her thighs as she felt a pair of hands fondle her needy clit and slide a few digits up the constricting maw of her lubricated cunt, her breath coming in heavy pants. Tier squealed and rolled her eyes in delight as two different pairs of coarse hands spanked the thick bubbly expanse of her bronzed muscled ass, leaving behind their reddened handprints as the Alpha of the pack slid its prodigious length between her jiggling chocolate-hued fuckpillows.But the real brain-melter came when two naked Arrancar kneeled on either side of her chest and groped her massive breasts, kneading the hardened nubs of her nipples as they milked squirts of her sweet milk all over the floor. Tier’s eyes rolled up in her head for a moment that stretched into an eternity filled with pink mushy clouds and glittery lights, of brainless giggling and lattices of gooey sperm that floated lazily in the air, begging her to strip away her higher self and slurp up each noodle-thick strand of hot ball-broth. 

Tier was only brought back to reality when another sensation eclipsed the orgasmic bliss melting her brains into a dumb-fucked mess; An alpha Arrancar sliding his godly cock between the squelching folds of her drooling cunt. A symphony of feral growling and slutty squealing reverberated off the walls as Tier found herself fucking back against the heavenly girth as it slammed against her cervix with each primal thrust. A pair of large coarse hands gripped Tier's baby-breeding hips as she was taken like a bitch in heat, unable to form a rational thought save for the mindless nonsensical babbling pouring from her salivating mouth.Another Arrancar conscript was quick to put an end to Tier’s slutty tirade of gibberish as she found herself gulping down a fat fourteen-inch cock, her gagging and muffled squealing vibrating up his tumescent girth until another payload of creamy cock nectar squirted down her throat. Tier’s cheeks hollowed and revealed the indentations of her greedy tongue swirling spastically around the underside of the thick organ until it pulled free of her mouth only to be replaced by another. 

It tastes so GOOD, doesn't it? It feels so awesome getting fucked senseless by that big fat cock! You’re a brainless bimbo just like me, Tia. We totally love cum and cocks, Getting all the time and like getting groped like sex-dolls! don't you love it?

Tier’s vision exploded into a maelstrom of swirling lights and C.A.N.D.I’s dumb giggling as her visor tinted her entire world in shades of bubble-gum pink and cute little hearts that sunk Tier further into C.A.N.D.I’s degrading hypnosis. Without even a shred of resistance, Tier felt C.A.N.D.I burrow deep into her subconscious and release something primal that completely swept Tier away. Gone was the mind-melted Tres Espada that clung to any semblance of her identity even as she greedily relished cum and cocks like a sex-addicted slut; in its place was an animal that had no rationale or shame, just the consuming urge to breed. Tier’s eyes gleamed with hunger as she brutally fucked back against the alpha Arrancar fucking her like his domesticated fuck-kitten, suffusing her wanton moans with feral purring until the combination of their efforts breached past her cervix and caressed his gargantuan knot with the sacred warmth of her womb. 

Tier dimly heard the Arrancar roar just before it dumped its viscous fertile syrup inside her needy womb, her body spasmed as the electricity of her primal ecstasy swept her away in the hot gooey delight of being knocked up like a good little submissive breeding bitch. Her moans were muffled as she quaffed down the chunky ball-batter gushing from the equally swollen head of the orgasming Arrancar facefucking her, his primal roar adding to the cacophony of submissive mewls and feral howling as her fallopian tubes drowned in the gelatinous semen. Distantly, Tier felt a pulse of regret as most of the Arrancar’s waterless sperm splattered down her front like a waterfall of hot slimy cream that piled high on the stone flooring like jello. 

You totally did it...I can feel every sperm cell invading your fertile eggs. It’s so yummy, so addicting. I totally wish I can gargle it down with you! Like, It would be so awesomely yummy! You’ll be a sexy mommy!

But while C.A.N.D.I giggled and offered her congratulations, Tier had no time or higher functioning to spare for the digital bimbo. Instead, she went straight from the fire and into the frying pan as the Alpha Arrancar pulled out of her sloppy pussy. A flood of hot goo slid out of Tier’s gaping cunt like scoops of lumpy yogurt, splattering between her legs as the next primal stud forced her to lie facedown in the puddle of cooling sperm between her hands. Tier’s tongue coiled out of her mouth as she lapped up the gelatinized pile of lumpy sperm, swishing it absent-mindedly inside her mouth as another naked Arrancar thrusted his colossal breeding spike deep inside her warm depths. Tier’s pussy squeezed around the fleshy invader, treating it to a brain-melting massage to coax the hot salty deluge of nut-butter out of his backed-up balls. Tier squealed as she felt him seized her messy golden-hair, forcing her back to arch and her head to tilt as he latched his remaining hand on her shoulder and fucked her viciously into the ground. 

Tier plastered a dumb-fucked smile on her face as her eyes rolled up in her head, her clit-nipples dragging on the slimy ground as the combination of vicious thrusts and her hypersensitive pleasure centers exploding in carnal delight sent her into a ceaseless stream of mind-blowing orgasms. The rippling sound of flesh on flesh could be dimly heard as Tier’s world became a ceaseless expanse of pink glittery clouds that suffused her world in happy giggles and the audible squirting of ejaculating cocks. She could feel her toned bubble ass bouncing in delight as her Arrancar stud slammed his hips against each cushiony bronzed globe and sent his balls slapping against her clit with the graceful arc of a fleshy wrecking ball. But soon, the overwhelming pleasure permeating her bimbofied body became an addictive sensation for the animal that Tier had become as the magellanic cloud of pink glittery fun blotted out all of her worldly sensations minus that delicious feeling. 

As Tier slowly spiraled back into reality, she stared dully into the reflective spermy mush plastering her face against the ground as another Arrancar plowed into her gaping pussy, comfortably ramming the steel bar of his swollen girth up her drowning love-tunnel and splattering flecks of leaking cum all over their conjoined bodies. Tier released a meek groan as the dominant Arrancar grabbed onto her arms and wedged his cock deeper inside her, her back forced to curve gracefully while her body ignited in the addictive conflagration of her sloppy animalistic pleasure. Sweat glistened on Tier’s olive skin as she was brutally taken, her toned thighs feeling weak as they jiggled delightfully with each mind-fucking rhythmic thrust. But it wasn't long before the Arrancar let go of her arms in favor of leaning over her body and licking up and down her cheek possessively as he drenched her womb in a final deluge of fertile cock-milk.  

When the feral Hollow was done drowning her womb in seed, he silently got up and left the room, leaving Tier to turn over and prop herself up as she felt her mental faculties slowly return. But it wasn't long before Tier lamented, feeling the dulled edge of her mind as C.A.N.D.I melted a large portion of her intellect away and replaced it with the sated addiction to fuck and breed. Tier stared down the curve landscape of her pregnant body, unconsciously licking her lips as she stared at each fleck and lattice of quivering sperm that adorned the olive tinge of her skin with a hungry look in her eyes. Her breasts were massive melons jiggling with each subtle movement of her body and crowned by inch-long fat nipples that constantly throbbed with delicious pleasure. Her belly was distended into a swollen cum-belly even as she rapidly gestated her first Arrancar baby, her belly button popping out like a seal as her pregnancy warped her body into the epitome of a fertile breeding goddess. 

But nothing prepared her for the unexpected birth of her first Arrancar child, especially as the momentous occasion pulsed a searing wave of molten bliss up her spine, lightning her pleasure centers on fire as she mindlessly arched her back. Tier raised her hips in the air as she rubbed her belly and flicked her clit-nipples, sending herself tumbling away into a landscape of maternal ecstasy as her hips bucked over and over. It was a sensation more intimate and overwhelming than any orgasm, a bliss that drowned out her world and suffused her in its warm afterglow, but it was also a unique feeling unlike any other as her legs bent and spread out as she felt something slowly slide out of her. Tier moaned and howled out her euphoria as a surge of hot fertile cum blasted out of her pussy, sending her into a fit of pleasurable spasming as her baby squirted out of her gaping folds. Tier’s upper body arched over and over, gasping for air as the incredible feeling of birthing her first child overwhelmed her completely. Tier didn't even realize that she had gotten up at some point, cradling her wailing little bun as she hugged him close and brought the cute little thing up to her milk-loaded teat. 

As she came down from birth-induced orgasm, Tier knew she stood upon the precipice of wanton animal lust and her resilient personality. But as her beautiful baby sucked greedily from one of her clit-nipples, Tier shuddered and began to feel her entire identity start to crack as a warm fuzzy afterglow of maternal love swept over her.  

Moonlight slide between the dusty dark-teal curtains of Nel’s quarters as night fell on the shattered palace of Las Noches. Even though half of the palace lay in ruins after The Wandenreich conquered the capital, Nel’s room managed to stay in the same pristine condition...until Giselle came along.The tell-tale signs of Giselle’s path of perversion lay strewn around the room, defiling the pristine chambers until it became a depraved prison for the female Arrancar that was once Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. Nel’s long aquamarine hair tumbled down to one side as she laid unconscious on the massive bed that dominated her ample quarters, her face pressed against the silken sheets with her thick muscled ass raised majestically in the air; partially obscuring the tattoo that once marked her as the Tres Espada, yet doing nothing to conceal the rest of her defiled body. Lumpy lattices of gelatinized cum splattered every inch of Nel’s creamy body, quivering gently in the gentle moonlight as lewd reminders of the countless hours of mind-melting sex she endured. The product of those perverse copulations remain stuck to her voluptuous body; Pink condoms that looked like overstuffed garbage sacks that slowly drained their payload of viscous sperm down the curve of Nel’s back, forming a thin pool of slimy spunk that clung to the side of her face. But that pool of dismal spunk paled in comparison to the one growing between her parted legs, fed by the undulating maw of her gaping anus as it ejected the contents fucked up her ass like a slow-moving sewer drain.  

A loud muffled groan issued from the cum-glazed Arrancar as she started spasming and unconsciously thrusting her hips up and down as if fucking an imaginary cock, regaining consciousness only to find her lower body consumed with the primal urge to fuck and breed all over again. Nel gasped for breath as she struggled to regain control of her body, clawing at the sheets as she tilted her head up and let out a keening moan as she voided the spunk packed in her bowels. She trembled in equal parts horror and ecstasy as a waterfall of cooled alabaster sludge squirted out of her well-fucked shitpipe with the disgusting sound of lumpy slop splattering all over her cum-soaked sheets. By the time it was over, Nel’s eyes had long rolled up in her skull as a torrent of filthy pleasure got the better of her, orgasming pathetically even as her debased cum-farting slid in her ears. Nel let out a sigh of relief as she crawled out of bed and fell to her knees, her hair hanging in front of her face like an aquamarine curtain covered in thick ropes of sperm that clung to her silken locks like fat porcelain worms. Her hands trembled as she reached forward and grabbed the cum-splattered ball of her torn forest-green gown, dimly noting the thick streams of cum and slight discoloration where they were used as a free cum rag by her new mistress. But Nel had no other choice, resigning herself to put on the soft cum-tainted garment and hug herself with a slight grimace, trying to blot out the sensation of cold gooey sperm squirming against her skin. Nel brushed her hair out of her face as she surveyed the forlorn clumps of cum-coated thongs and condoms for anything else to add to her meager clothing, her expression brightening briefly as she spotted a pair of spandex shorts draped over a nearby lamp. 

Nel stumbled to her feet as she made her way to her prize, sliding the stretchy fabric up the creamy expanse of her toned thighs and sighing happily as the spandex clung to her bulging buttocks. Feeling a large portion of her composure restored, Nel managed to make her way into the adjacent bathroom, not even thinking about closing the door as she turned the light on and assessed herself in the mirror. Nel felt a faint pulse of horror as she stared at herself in the mirror and found herself completely unrecognizable, like a sluttified parody of herself completely consumed by a sperm-addiction that rendered herself covered in its sticky embrace. Her hazel-colored eyes, once vibrant and gleaming with her adamant resolve, were hung dull and glassy as she struggled to summon up the brainpower to think. Nel ran her fingers briefly through her messy hair, absent-mindedly twirling a luscious clump around in her fingers as her eyes were irresistibly pulled down to the innocent looking gold cylinder on the porcelain countertop.Her lips parted automatically as she fought the strange temptation to grab the tube of lipstick and apply a thick glossy coating all over her full lips. It only took a moment to defeat her crumbling resolve as she grabbed the gleaming tube and pulled the top off with a sharp, “pop!”, applying a thick coating of the crimson shade to her thickened and bimbofied lips without even thinking of the consequences until she was done. 

As soon as Nel felt the familiar heat permeating her crimson lips, she dropped the tube and dimly heard it clatter on the floor as she gasped and watched her lips swell until they resembled bee-stung crimson dick-pillows. Shame pulsed through Nel’s curvy body as she tentatively pressed her fingers against her enlarged lips, moaning gently as she felt them throb with pleasure like a pair of bloated clit-petals that yearned to fasten themselves around a thick hard cum-spewing shaft! Nel leaned against the countertop as she absent-mindedly licked her lips, feeling more of that delicious goodness pulsing from them even as she tried desperately to pierce the inscrutable pink fog of her sluggish mind to think of a way out of her slutty predicament. But as usual, Nel couldn't even form a sophisticated thought without it melted by her surmounting perversion, her thoughts ruled by cocks, cum, and the glittery pink mush of her lust-addled brain. But her saving grace came a mere moment later as she turned her head and stared at the shower, feeling a surge of delight and disgust as her skin squirmed with jellied sperm. She could wash it all away, leaving herself purified and pristine without the deplorable reminder of all the mind-melting fuck sessions inflicted upon her. Nel bit her lower lip as she warred internally with the notion, trying to ignore the accumulating delight stemming from her lips as she debated. 

“I really hope you weren't thinking of washing all that yummy sperm off your body after I worked so hard ejaculating it all over you, my little Fucktoy,” came the mocking tones of her mistress, jolting Nel out of her reverie before she could make up her mind and step away from the precipice of her sexual enslavement. Nel felt herself practically melt in her mistress’s dainty grip as she slid her arms around her from behind and explored her cum-splattered body, taking great delight in cupping her large breasts and softly squeezing. 

“I-I’m not..a fucktoy,” Nel moaned out, trying to break free of Giselle’s perverted embrace and her own conditioned submission. But Giselle quickly turned her around and looked her hungrily, eye-fucking her dominantly as she cupped her cheeks and leaned so close to her face that their lips practically touched. 

“Yes, you are. You’re my sex-addicted...submissive little fucktoy and you body wants nothing more than to get on its knees for me,” Giselle seductively whispered as Nel practically melted under Giselle’s intent stare, her knees buckling as she struggled to resist reverting back into that domesticated fuckpig that Giselle loved fucking to her heart's content. 

“No...noo...nnngh,” Nel moaned out as she slowly squatted in front of her mistress’s thick tubular bulge outlined in her body-hugging black leggings. Every detail of Nel’s thick ass was on full display as the spandex greedily clung to the pair of fat pale moons, disappearing up the jiggling valley of her asscrack as they softly clapped together like a pair of doughy globes covered in a thin sheen of oil. Without a single thought in her head, Nel submitted to her conditioned nymphomania as she pulled down Giselle’s tight leggings and pathetically moaned as her massive cum-drooling cock slapped wetly against her cheek. Nel distantly heard Giselle’s mocking laughter as she rubbed her balls up and down her cum-splattered cheek, using her like the submissive bimbofied sex-doll she was rapidly becoming. Nelliel’s melted identity was completely eclipsed by the pair of bloated mango-sized balls resting against her closed eyes, choking the very air she breathed with their mind-addling musk. Her nostrils flared like an intoxicating animal in heat as her body began to heat up and throb with need, covering her voluptuous figure in sweat as Giselle caressed her cheeks and draped her thickening shaft on her forehead. This was Giselle’s favorite game to play, one that Nel felt herself obediently playing even as she found herself spiraling down into the masochistic depths of her self-destructive perversion. All Nel could do was squat like a shameless slut in front of Giselle as her pheromones stupefied her completely, groaning weakly with her mouth parted as her glazed eyes stared blankly at Giselle’s smirking face. 

“Good girl,” Giselle cooed out with a slight moan as she angled the bulbous crown of her girthy fifteen-inch shaft in front of Nel’s plump crimson lips. “Be a good little bitch and show me how much you love this fat veiny cock...” 

Nel paused for a moment, her glazed eyes flaring with life for a moment until she gave in to the irresistible addiction consuming her mind, resuming her dead-eyed stare as she suddenly pressed her face fervently against Giselle’s rock-hard shaft and released a loud pent-up moan. 
Nel bobbed her head without a care in the world as she indented the side of her cheek with the swollen crown of Giselle’s cock, her head swaying gracefully from side to side as she sucked off her mistress and moaned in carnal lust, pulsing vibrations of hot submissive need up Giselle’s prodigious girth. Driven by the melody of Giselle’s moaning and heights of her own conditioned cock-lust, Nel slid her mistress’s shaft down her throat with a loud “GLUCK!”, Her pillow clit-lips forming an airtight seal around her cock as she sluttily gagged and throat-fucked herself lewdly. Nel’s right hand slowly slid down the sticky expanse of her toned cum-splattered stomach and disappeared underneath her torn teal skirt, furiously rubbing at her drooling folds as her throat-pussy massaged Giselle’s meat. Her tongue expertly slid against the underside of Giselle’s shaft and coiled dexterously around her beloved girth, her lewd fellatio showcasing her insatiable cock-lust as she employed every trick imprinted in her cock-addled mind. But the creamy treat she so desperately yearned for was denied to her when Giselle mockingly giggled and pulled her spit-shined organ out of her mouth, the shaft covered in multiple crimson lipstick rings as it drooled a thick line of pre-cum that glistened enticingly in the moonlight. 

“Are you a fucktoy now?” Giselle spat out tauntingly as she rammed her unnaturally large shemale cock underneath the top of Nel’s torn gown and moaned as her cock slid up the valley of Nel’s doughy spit-glossed fuckpillows.“A fat breasted Anal fuck toy that craves for her mistress to fuck her filthy loads of ball-chowder up her tight shitpipe or dumped down her greedy throat-cunt?”  

By the time Nel managed to groan out her answer, Giselle had already tit-fucked the feeble resistance right out of her, forcing the sluttified Arrancar onto her knees where she knew she truly belonged as her hands dangled limply at her sides. Nel’s lips parting as she opened her mouth only to tangle herself deeper into Giselle’s wanton web of submission as she moaned out, “Yes, please feed me! Your dumb Arrancar fuck-sow needs more delicious ball-slop to gargle down...”

Nel stared at the cavernous pisspipe of Giselle’s cock with her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a panting dog, her dignity withering away as her conditioned addiction to cum became a desperate hunger that begged to be sated; but she was far well-trained and far too submissive to take the initiative. Giselle’s hands caressed her face in an unusual display of affection, tilting her head up to stare up at her through unfocused eyes as she simply ordered, “Get up and turn around.”

Nel whimpered as she clumsily rose to her feet and obediently turned around, unconsciously thrusting out her ass as if expecting Giselle to inspect each bulging bubble-shaped globe. She yelped as Giselle spanked her roughly, a non-verbal reminder to bend over but also a telltale hint at what her undisputed mistress wanted to do to her. In the past, Nelliel would resist to the point where Giselle would merely force her into position and fuck her in every hole for hours on end until she craved the carnal delight in being used as a cocksleeve for her majestic fleshy organ. But now, Nel was akin to a Bimbofied Nymph in denial, feeling only the melted remnants of her resistance and dignity consumed by the excited buzz of her depraved anticipation. That filthy feeling only amplified into a perverted need to be dominated and ruined as Giselle pulled down her arousal-soaked spandex shorts and flung them away. Nel let out a submissive squeak as Giselle took her place behind her and spread her legs apart, bending her over with her knees bent forward as she grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. 

A torrent of need moans escaped Nel’s mouth as Giselle rubbed her smooth tubular shaft up her cum-glazed asscrack, hotdogging her ferally to milk every ounce of pleasure from her sluttified body. Nel’s eyes crossed as Giselle rubbed her ample girth against the recovered pucker of her tight anus, that very elasticized hole that seemed to dictate all of her decision making since falling prey to her Quincy Mistress’s carnal depravities. It was only when Giselle pressed the thick bulge of her crown against Nel’s recovered puckered anus did the Arrancar Bimbo finally surface from the carnal depths of her slutty euphoria. Nel’s eyes widened and her mouth parted once more as a silent scream of masochistic delight poured from her lips as Giselle pressed her bulbous cockhead against her anus, grunting and pulling on her arms until she penetrates her tight ass with a loud “Splorch!” 

Instantly, Nel’s eyes rolled up in her skull as the mind-melting combination of excruciating pain and filthy pleasure sent her careening into a masochistic orgasm that left her body spasming violently as Giselle began fucking her pale bubble ass brutally. A series of grunts, moans, and animalistic squealing poured from Nel’s lips as she transformed into a dumb-fucked needy animal that reveled in the bursts of overwhelming pleasure that pulsed up her spine and liquified her brain. The loud sound of flesh slapping on flesh filled the musk-choked room as Giselle rammed her fleshy log up Nel’s domesticated asspipe ferally, her thighs quivering with each thrust and her messy aquamarine hair covering her face, concealing a fuck-drunk smile as her eyes crossed and uncrossed as her carnal masochism obliterated any sense of dignity or shame she had left. Nel barely registered the shift in position as Giselle latched onto both her wrists with a single hand as she reached into her trenchcoat and brought out a syringe with a fresh dose of her bimbofication serum. 

“I brought you a present,” Giselle playfully announced, slamming her tumescent shaft deep inside the tight slutty maw of Nel’s clenching ass just to elicit another of her delicious moans. “You get to be the first one to try out the latest serum I cooked up!” 

Nel’s ears perked up at the mention of the degrading gift, but all she could do was loll her head forward, appearing more like a submissive sluty sex-doll than anything resembling a shred of dignity or self-worth. But something remained of the Old Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, a flicker of her legendary resilience that refused to melt away even as the rest of her was twisted into a hypersexualized parody of her former self. It was that ebbing resilience that shined through as Nelliel groaned out,” No..don’t inject me with that! I-I don't want it!”

But that resilience was the last shred of Nel that withered away as Giselle injected the contents of the syringe into her right asscheek, sending an animalistic pulse of delight that caused Nel to arch her back and groan like a gluttonous slut-pig. Nelliel’s body undulated like a wave as her asscheeks began to swell and glisten in a thin coating of sweat, the same with her already massive breasts as they enlarged by a few cup sizes and rip more of her gown as the tattered green one-piece struggled to contain the new heft of her swollen mammaries.   

“You look like such a slutty breeding pig now!” Giselle said, sneering in disgust even as her cock grew even harder at the sight. But Nelliel didn't even hear the degrading common, torn apart by her inherent dismay and the addictive carnal masochism of her bimbofied self destruction as the serum sent her remaining higher functioning and mental faculties tumbling down like a stack of dominoes. Giselle latched onto both of Nel’s hands with her own as she viciously resumed pounding her slutty ass, her balls slapping wetly against her drooling cunt as she plastered Nel’s anal tunnel white with her gooey pre-cum. It didn't take long for both Nel and Giselle to transcend beyond the realm of their perverted depravities and into a world where only what they truly desired ruled their bodies. For Nelliel it was to be dominated and used; for Giselle, to enslave, breed, and experiment on a race she considered as nothing more than primal animals. But while their transcendent identities contrasted sharply with each other, both still appeared like wild sex-addicted animals, grunting and growling as they fucked each other senselessly. 

Nel received no warning when Giselle finally orgasmed, her balls squirming against her clit as she packed the hot gooey contents of her swollen cum factories deep inside the constricting tunnel of Nel’s slutty ass. Nel joined her in that ceaseless landscape of carnal ecstasy and wanton lust, squealing and spasming like the masochistic fuck-pig that she tried to desperately to resist becoming, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as her slutty eye rolling and stupefied expression only made her look like a pleasure-addled brain-damaged bimbo. Nel didn't even notice that Giselle had let her go to fall on top of the massive bed, clawing mindlessly on the terrain of soft cum-glazed sheets as she shuddered in the throes of her primal orgasm, unknowingly finding herself in the same position she was in when she first regained consciousness. When she finally came to after an eternity of overwhelming pleasure, she found herself gasping for breath and trembling as she watched Giselle wipe her still-hard shaft all over her cum-splattered town gown. 

“You could have resisted becoming my brainless plaything for a while longer,” accused Giselle, feigning a derisive tone as she climbed on top of the bed and positioned herself once more behind Nel. “Instead you’re just giving in and becoming my personal experimental slut-pig jizztoilet. I have so many of those, you’d just be another useless one lost in the shuffle…”

Nel might have been dumbed down by the ceaseless orgasms of her bimbofied body, conditioned to submit and regard Giselle as her owner and mistress, and trained to worship cock with every single one of her holes and gargle down the addictive byproduct of their animalistic copulation; But Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck had not broken. Not yet. Even as her legs were spread apart by Giselle’s deceptively dainty grip, Nelliel extended her arms in a last-ditch effort to claw her way forward and escape her sexually-depraved fate. Nel’s massive doughy breasts squished on either side of her body as she softly groaned and slowly pulled herself away, but her efforts were for naught as Giselle grabbed hold of her waist and slammed back into the sloppy gaping hole of her cum-drowned asspipe. The inner walls of Nel's cum-glazed ass prolapsed slightly each time Giselle slid her prodigious girth out of the slop-filled tunnel, clinging to the cum-lathered shaft like a bubblegum pink condom or a thin veneer of latex. The raunchy sight alone made Giselle animalistically lay on top of her, drilling away into her ass repeatedly as she dominantly licked up the Tres Espada tattoo on Nelliel’s back and growled softly in her ear. 

As Giselle crammed every inch of her shaft inside Nelliel’s bubble ass and forced her domesticated brainwashed fuckpig to elicit a melody of animalistic groans and nonsensically babbled pleading, she growled out, “But there is one thing you can do to make yourself useful again, one thing that will forever set you apart as something more than just a tamed cocksleeve and a receptacle for my experiments. And I would give you the one thing you’ve always longed for, Something deep deep down that you desire above all else. Becoming a Mother.”

Nelliel could see that future plastered in front of her vision as her body shuddered in delight, a future where she could spend an eternity having mind-melting sex and getting knocked up, used ceaselessly to breed a new generation of Arrancar and become a Mother to thousands...if not more. All fucked ruthlessly into her by her undisputed mistress, the benefactor of the addictive cum splattered all over her room, and her omniscient goddess that mind-fucked a new personality into her body and taught her to love being the domesticated Arrancar fuckslut. Nelliel turned her head to the side and stared at Giselle in anticipation even as she unleashed a string of helpless moans as Giselle used her ass like a cheap condom to dump her vicious ball-batter. 

“But there’s one thing you have to do first,” Giselle said, breaking the pregnant pause as she groaned and slammed her massive cock deep inside Nelliel’s fucked-out ass, her balls popping the small wet bubbles drooling from her puffy folds. 

“Lure Ichigo Kurosaki to Hueco Mundo.”

Nel closed her eyes for a long moment an overwhelming tide of animalistic desires flooded the remnants of her tattered mind, sweeping them aside and replacing them with a primal urge to breed. If luring her treasured friend onto Hueco Mundo was how she was going to fulfill that seductive urge, the new Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck intimately knew what she would do. When she opened her eyes once more, an animalistic hunger flared in her hazel-colored irises as she smiled in a fuck-drunk stupor   
“I’ll do it…”

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