Orihime's Role Model

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Orihime's Role Model

After Ichigo got his powers back….
Orihime's Apartment
Yoruichi POV

The former Soul Reaper knocked on the door of Orihime's apartment and waited. She was sure Orihime was at home but was hoping that she wasn't intruding on anything personal. Something that she'd always tried to do was to keep out of Ichigo's and his friends lives as much as she could. Their lives were hard enough as is with their normal human struggles, why should she interfere?

Finally the door opened and there stood Orihime in the doorway, looking happy to see the werecat. "Yoruichi! Are you here for the bread Mr. Urahara ordered?"

Yoruichi smiled in eagerness. Lately, Urahara had been ordering bread from Orihime's bakery and sharing with the werecat, who absolutely loved it. "Of course. I've been waiting patiently all week for your bread!"

Orihime beamed with pride. "Goody!" she cheered. "Please come in while I go get your bag."

Yoruichi entered the apartment, smelling the scents of Orihime's unique food combinations coming from the kitchen. It made her stomach rumble and her appetite for her delicious bread grow even more.

However, as Orihime entered the kitchen, Yoruichi saw something when she peeked into her bedroom, curious for how the girl lived in the small apartment. She saw to her surprise sitting on the bed along with a number of stuffed animals a patchwork doll of…herself? Walking over to the doll she picked it up. There was no doubt that this was supposed to be her; the purple hair, yellow button eyes and orange shirt and black pants were a dead giveaway. She smiled at the stuffed her, it looked so cute!

"Yoruichi! I have your bread-oh! " Orihime saw Yoruichi her Yoruichi doll and blushed madly. "Oh, that's just something I made in crafts class!" she quickly said, embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed, Orihime. I'm quite flattered," Yoruichi said with a grin. "But why'd you make a doll of me?"

Orihime stared at the doll and then the floor, a bit ashamed. "Well, it's just…"

"It's just what?" asked Yoruichi.

"It's just…you've always been kind of a role model for me…."

Yoruichi looked at her with an amused look. She'd known that she had a tendency for people to admire her, what with Soi-Fon and Byakuya (though she knew he'd never admit it out loud) but hearing it from the shy, cute Orihime was something else. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, it's just… you're everything I'd always wanted to be." Orihime continued to look at the floor, a bit saddened. "You're everything I could never be…."

Sitting down, Yoruichi patted the space next to her. "What do you mean? You're a beautiful, kind young woman, Orihime. Don't let your insecurities cloud your self-confidence."

As Orihime sat down, she took the doll from her hands and stared at it. "Well, you're so tough and powerful, you don't really need anyone to protect you. Not only that but you're so graceful in a way I could never be. I tried to be strong like you but…" Orihime shook her head. "All I did was cause even more problems. But you…you fought Aizen with your bare hands! You have the kind of strength that I could never have…."

She was interrupted when Yoruichi wrapped her in a warm hug. "Orihime, you've always had strength. Nobody weak would've made the decision to protect their friends the way you did. You're strong, never doubt that. But…." An idea came to her….


"Hmm, perhaps I can help you feel more self-confident, Orihime!" Nodding to herself, Yoruichi grinned. "Alright, I'll train you!"

"But…but you already trained me," Orihime said confused.

"No no no!" Yoruichi wagged a finger. "Not in your Shun Shun Rikka. In Hakuda: hand to hand combat! Ichigo tells me you're pretty good at fighting, are you not?"

"Well…I do spar with Tatsuki a lot at the dojo."

"Well then, I'll toughen you up by teaching you Soul Reaper Hakuda. And then I'll teach you Shunko!" she declared.

"But I'm not a Soul Reaper!" Orihime insisted.

"True, but when I think about it, you are as close to a Soul Reaper as a human can get. Your Shun Shun Rikka is your version of a zanpakuto. Even Hachi admitted that. And the fact that you can use Kukkaku's cannonball shows that you can regulate spirit energy the same way Soul Reapers can." She ran a hand through Orihime's burnt-orange hair, making the girl sigh from the comforting gesture. "Don't worry, I'll make you tough. But first, I'll need to get you proper sparring clothes."

Orihime looked at her curiously. "What sparring clothes?"

Yoruichi merely sat there grinning….

Several Days Later….
Soul Society: Yoruichi's secret hideout beneath the Sokyoku Hill
Orihime POV

"Yoruichi! I can't wear this!" Orihime cried out embarrassingly as she stood in her training outfit. "It's so skimpy!"

The werecat had given Orihime one of her sparring outfits, a duplicate of the one she wore when she fought against Aizen during the winter war. The black outfit clung to Orihime's shapely body in ways that she had never fathomed. It felt tight around her chest, with nothing covering her bare back, her boobs bouncing with each step since she no longer wore a bra and the outfit couldn't keep all of it covered, her cleavage peeking out from the sides. Even more so than that, she felt like most of her butt was showing in the back. She wore shoes but her legs had no covering, revealing her smooth legs and tonged thighs. Not only that, but the outfit felt uncomfortable as it rubbed against her bare cooch. 'Did she really fight Aizen wearing this?"

Yoruichi stood before the girl dressed in an identical outfit. The werecat was grinning as she saw her student in her outfit, admiring the teen's shapely features showing through the thin black garment. "Don't worry, Orihime. You look fine! Like a real Commander of the Stealth Force. And don't worry, few people know about this place so you won't have to worry about people seeing you. Besides," she said with a sly grin. "You look quite sexy in that outfit!"

Orihime blushed at the admission. She could see Yoruichi's wandering eyes and the thought made her feel dirty. "Are you sure?" she asked, still keeping her chest covered with her arms as she was afraid her breasts might spill out.

"Just relax, Orihime. It's just the two of us. Now then, we'll start off with warm up exercises." Walking up next to her, Yoruichi squatted and began doing leg stretches. Orihime hesitantly followed suit, her hazel eyes looking over the woman. Like her, most of Yoruichi's assets were on display, though the werecat was less modest as she was. Her cheeks went pink as Yoruichi stood up and stretched her quadriceps, making her breasts bounce as she did….

For several tense minutes, Orihime followed Yoruichi's movements, feeling her muscles warm up. Turning to Yoruichi, her blush returned when she saw Yoruichi stare at her barely covered booty. "Yoruichi!" Orihime squealed embarrassingly as she tried to cover her backside.

Chuckling at Orihime's modesty, Yoruichi patted her head. "Sorry, couldn't help myself, Orihime. You have a cute butt!" Orihime's entire face turned red. "But now now, no need for modesty. You're here for training so let's get to it!"

Much Later That Day….
Yoruichi POV

The former werecat had to admit, despite Orihime's shy, gentle demeanor, she knew how to put up a fight when it came to hand-to-hand. While her technique was not as refined or as skilled as the style used by members of the Stealth Force, Orihime did show skill when it came to fighting. 'If only she had the self-confidence to use that skill…'Yoruichi noted.

Even more remarkable was her ability to use Shunko. As Yoruichi had suspected, Orihime was able to use the technique like a soul reaper could, learning the basics for the technique at an astonishingly quick rate. While it wasn't anywhere near completion by any means, Orihime was able to understand the principles behind the technique, though instead of a white spiritual pressure like hers and Soi-Fon's, Orihime's spiritual pressure lit up gold, like her Shun Shun Rikka attacks. She saw that Orihime's elemental affinity, in contrast to Yoruichi's lightning type, was wind, just like Soi-Fon's. 'Wind, eh? Maybe that's because she's an airhead….' Yoruichi giggled at her own joke.

But more importantly, Yoruichi kept admiring Orihime's beautiful body. As a Soul Reaper who'd lived through several centuries, she'd had more than enough time to experiment with her sexuality and was comfortable with the fact that she swung both ways, being bi. And seeing Orihime in such a skimpy, revealing outfit just pushed all the right buttons. Every chance she got she'd tease Orihime, giving her butt a nice smack ("You're too distracted," she'd say) or giving her breasts a quick squeeze when they stopped to eat lunch ("Tag! You're it!") and giving continuous glances to her bouncy ass or her barely covered pussy. Just the thought of having the pretty girl all to herself made her lower half begin to moisten in anticipation.

Orihime was feeling both empowered and uncomfortable. While she did have trouble controlling such a large amount of power, getting blown about like a leaf in the wind when she lost focus, she did feel stronger and she was getting used to the new outfit. She understood why it left her backside exposed, despite her reservations. If she'd been wearing her usual shirt it would've been blasted off, leaving her chest completely exposed. She knew she'd die of shame if any of her friends were around to see that happen, especially Ichigo.

By the time they'd stopped, it was well into the evening. Orihime panted as she bent over, her body covered in sweat. "Wow…that technique's so amazing. I'm completely exhausted," she groaned. Behind her Yoruichi was staring at her butt and was losing all semblance of restraint just looking at it….

"You're the amazing one, Orihime. Learning the basics of the technique in one day," Yoruichi noted as she walked up behind her. The orangette turned her head and gasped as the werecat wrapped her arms around her waist, pressing her well-endowed chest against Orihime's bare back. "Like I thought, Orihime, you're a remarkable young lady." Orihime blushed when her hands cupped her bouncy tits. "And this outfit makes you sooo sexy, I just can't hold myself back anymore…" she purred into her ear.

Orihime wanted to break away from Yoruichi and tell her to stop, but she was exhausted and the way Yoruichi was pressing against her while grasping her large melons felt so good. "Yoruichi…" she weakly said, turning her head to face her mentor. Yoruichi silenced her with a deep kiss. The girl melted into it as she felt Yoruichi's embrace tighten around her. As Yoruichi's lips left hers, Orihime almost felt disappointed. It wasn't her first time kissing a girl; one time she'd kissed Tatsuki on a dare, but Yoruichi's lips felt so soft and warm in comparison to the quick kiss she gave to her friend. It made her want more, even when part of her told her that this was wrong. "Yoruichi…."

Smiling sweetly, Yoruichi kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry, Orihime. I know that you have a crush on Ichigo, but looking at you know, I just can't hold back anymore…." Her hands grip on Orihime's breasts tightened. The orangette gasped as she felt Yoruichi's fingers go to her hardened nipples, the pink nubs poking through the thin black fabric. "Oooh! Somebody's aroused," Yoruichi purred into her ear. Orihime cried out in pleasure as her fingers pinched her nipples, the woman pulling on them until her boobs stretched. Orihime's vision became hazy as she pressed her butt against Yoruichi's hips, feeling the woman's cool skin touch her own heated flesh.

Dipping her head, Yoruichi dragged her tongue up Orihime's slender neck, sighing at the salty taste of Orihime's sweat. Her breasts pushed against the teen's back, making Orihime coo in pleasure. Goosebumps erupted on Orihime's skin as Yoruichi's delicate hands traveled down her bare sides, touching her intimately as they made their way down. "Ah!" Orihime groaned when the fingers reached the spot between her legs. As Yoruichi began to rub her through her outfit, Orihime's arms reached up and around her, hugging on Yoruichi's neck. Her eyes widened when Yoruichi's hands gripped her outfit, her left hand grabbing it up above her wet pussy and her right hand grabbing it at her ass. "Yoruichi!" Orihime cried when the werecat pulled up on them, giving her a massive wedgie.

"Heheheh, Orihime, look how wet you are," Yoruichi teased as she licked her neck again. Bringing her lips up to her ear, Yoruichi sensually licked her earlobe, making Orihime gasp at the feeling of her wet tongue swiping against her ear. "I never knew you were such a dirty girl. It's such a turn on…"

"No…" Orihime weakly moaned as she tried to fight the feeling. The thin piece of fabric dug against her wet pink lips, making it harder for her to resist. "I'm not a dirty girl…."

Yoruichi grinned at Orihime's denial. The innocent were always so much fun to play with. "Well then, I'll just have to keep it up until you admit it!" Orihime cried out in pleasure as Yoruichi continued to give her an erotic wedgie. The werecat even went so far as to use her strength to lift up Orihime, leaving her wailing as she dangled in the air, feeling the outfit dig into her pussy harder. She saw Orihime's juices start to drip down between her legs and grinned wider. "Admit it, Orihime and I'll let you down."

Orihime's eyes watered from the feeling. 'It hurts, but it hurts so goooood!' "Ah! Ohhh!" she moaned as Yoruichi began to bounce her up and down like a yoyo, making her head spin. "Yes! I like it! I'm such a dirty girl!" she screamed, her mind flaring white. Without even realizing it, she'd spread her legs wide, letting the thin strip of fabric wedge right into her lips and asscrack.

Yoruichi could tell that her student was close to cumming and stopped, wanting to enjoy the moment with her. "Good girl. It's better that you admit it. And since you'll be honest, you'll get a reward." She let her down onto her feet and hugged her tight again, breathing into her ear as Orihime panted like a bitch in heat. "Bend over and grab your ankles," she ordered. Nodding and burning with want, Orihime bent over, showing off her round firm booty being hugged by the tight outfit. Yoruichi licked her lips as she palmed her juicy cheeks. "Ooooh, look at this!" she cheekily smirked as she squeezed the white buns. Leaning forward, Yoruichi dragged her tongue across the exposed parts of her butt, loving the taste of Orihime on her tongue. Turning her attention to Orihime's sopping wet crotch, Yoruichi buried her face in Orihime's ass, sniffing the girl's musk. The scent of the teen made Yoruichi's brain short-circuit out of desire.

Orihime yelped when she felt Yoruichi's face press into her crotch. "Yoruichi! That's dirty!" she cried out embarrassed. The werecat merely chuckled as she gripped Orihime's slender thighs, continuing to sniff Orihime's pussy as she became lost in her smell. Orihime started to become light as she looked over and saw what Yoruichi was doing, her face matching her hair as she took in the erotic scene.

Yoruichi couldn't get enough of the girl's musk, but soon she began to want more. Not even caring that the outfit was in her way, Yoruichi's tongue peaked out of her lips and slowly lapped at Orihime's pussy. Her tongue ran against the thin black fabric covering Orihime's most private spot, not caring as the rough fabric brushed against her tongue, wanting to taste Orihime's sweet nectar. Still bent over, Orihime could do nothing but moan and pant as her mentor began the slow and erotic act of cunnilingus.

The werecat's eyes closed as she began to eat out her student. She loved the taste of Orihime as her juices dripped from her pussy, soaking the outfit completely. Deciding that she'd had enough of dealing with the obstructive garment Yoruichi hooked it with her finger and pushed it aside, revealing Orihime's moist, pink lips. "It's so cute!" Yoruichi teased as she ran her tongue against her wet folds.

"Yoruchi!" Orihime cried embarrassed as Yoruichi spread her lips. "Don't look!" she pleaded. Though as much as she wanted Yoruichi to do as she asked part of her felt a certain thrill watching her mentor stare up at her honeypot.

"Don't be embarrassed, Orihime," Yoruichi said bringing her face closer to the girl's cooch. "It's so pink and pretty, I want another taste!" Orihime cried out in ecstasy as Yoruichi's tongue dove into her moist core, eagerly licking the girl in all her sensitive spots. Yoruichi's hands were not idle as well. Her dark hands continued to palm Orihime's bouncy booty and dig her fingers into the white cheeks.

Orihime was seeing stars. Yoruichi knew how to lick a girl in all the right places! "Ohhhh! Yoruichi! That feels so good! I feel so goooood!" she moaned heatedly, her legs starting to wobble. Still bent over, Orihime had to fight with all her remaining strength not to fall over; a losing battle since every second she was weakening, getting closer and closer to sweet release.

Letting go of Orihime's cheek with one hand, Yoruichi rubbed a finger against Orihime's slit, letting it get nice and wet. Before the human knew it, Yoruichi slipped the wet digit inside, enjoying the feel of Orihime's tight walls enveloping her. 'Oooh, what it would feel like to fist her,' Yoruichi thought. 'Maybe next time,' she mused with a chuckle.

When she felt Yoruichi begin to assault her clit with her tongue, Orihime was driven over the edge. "OHHHHHH!" she screamed as she came, spraying her juices all over Yoruichi's face. "IT FEELS SO GOOD!"

As her face became soaked with her sticky juices, Yoruichi closed her eyes and sighed as she opened her mouth, letting several drops of Orihime land on her tongue. Swallowing it, Yoruichi licked her lips in an attempt to taste more. "Mmmh, you taste delicious, Orihime!" she said as she licked her lips clean. Seeing the swaying Orihime, Yoruichi quickly held onto her and laid her gently on the ground. "Heheh, I guess that was a little too much for you to handle all at once."

As Orihime rolled onto her back, Yoruichi took in her debauched look of pleasure and had to struggle not to cum from the sight. "Yoruichi…" Orihime cooed after several minutes, her mind beginning to refocus. "I…I…."

"Yes?" Yoruichi asked lying down next to her. She ran a hand through her orange sweaty hair and smiled, knowing what was on the girl's mind. "Speak up, Orihime."

"I…I want…" Orihime's face turned red again as she said what she wanted to say. "I want to lick you too!" she cried out loud, her eyes squeezing shut in embarrassment. She opened them when she felt Yoruichi's lips against hers. She moaned as Yoruichi's tongue dipped into her mouth, tasting her own juices on the Soul Reaper's tongue. "Mmmmh!"

Pulling away, Yoruichi sat up and scooted away from Orihime just enough to give herself some leg room. Grinning from ear to ear, Yoruichi spread her legs wide, showing her wet crotch just barely concealed by the black outfit. "Go ahead, Orihime. Lick me for as long as you like," she said with a smirk.

Orihime sat up and crawled over to the former captain. Reaching her, Orihime leaned down and buried her face into Yoruichi's crotch, mirroring the older woman's previous actions and losing herself in the werecat's scent. The smell of Yoruichi's musk made Orihime's head spin. Yoruichi chuckled as Orihime sniffed her pussy. Her legs spread wider when she felt Orihime move the black cloth covering her aside, revealing her wet pussy. "Yoruichi's pussy…" Orihime cooed before gingerly licking the soft folds. "It…it tastes good…."

Yoruichi's head rolled back as Orihime ate her out. Putting a hand on Orihime's head, Yoruichi sighed as she felt Orihime's hot tongue run up against her wet folds. "Ohhh, that feels good," she moaned. Feeling her nipples rub harshly against the outfit, she grabbed the thin black outfit's front and slid the sides towards her center, letting her dark-skinned breasts out. Cupping one of the huge mounds, she thumbed her hard nipple and pushed Orihime's face into her snatch harder as her mind became hazy with pleasure. "Hahhh, Orihime! Lick me more!" she pleaded.

As Orihime gripped Yoruichi's sexy thighs, she wormed her tongue deeper into the werecat's pussy, making Yoruichi pant and moan lewdly, her juices staining the teen's tongue. Already close from teasing Orihime, it didn't take her long for fireworks to go off in her head. "Ah! AHH! AHHHH!" she screamed as she came, her juices shooting into Orihime's waiting mouth.

Tasting her mentor's love juices made Orihime's head swim with pleasure. Pulling away, Orihime wiped her mouth of the sticky fluid and panted, her own pussy starting to heat up again. Sitting up, she looked over at her mentor with a happy smile. "Yoruichi…."

Returning her smile, Yoruichi gave Orihime a quick kiss. She enjoyed how Orihime's lips kept her own taste, Orihime moaning into the kiss as she could taste both of their flavors mixing into an erotic cocktail on their lips. As the kiss broke, a sticky strand of saliva still connecting them, Yoruichi pushed Orihime onto her back. Noticing how her pussy was still exposed, Yoruichi grinned as she lay back as well. "Orihime, you sure know how to turn a girl on!" She grabbed Orihime's legs and pulled her close. "It makes me want you even more!"

Orihime's eyes widened as Yoruichi pressed her own pussy against her wet cooch. "Oh! Yoruichi!" she cried, practically screaming at this point. "It feels so good!" She clawed at the ground as she returned Yoruichi's eagerness with her own, pushing back against her and making sparks of pleasure jolt throughout her body. Yoruichi threw her head back and moaned like a whore as she scissored Orihime, her hands going to her breasts and fondling them, teasing her dark nipples as she continued to push against her student. The wet sound of their pussies coming together filled the chamber, sounding like an erotic melody in their ears. Feeling frisky, Orihime reached down and rubbed her swollen clit, teasing the overly sensitive nub and making her back arch, her vison blurring white. "Ah! Yoruichi!" Orihime screamed as she felt the bubble inside her pop. "YORUICHIIIII!"

Feeling Orihime's juices spray all over her sensitive honeypot drove Yoruichi over the edge. "AH! AHHHHH!" she screamed along with her student as she came, her juices staining Orihime's white skin.

The two girls lay on the ground panting, Orihime feeling exhausted. Sitting up, Yoruichi crawled over to the girl and lay beside her, pulling her head against her bosom. Orihime sighed as she snuggled into Yoruichi's embrace, feeling the woman's warm body press against hers. Yoruichi smiled when she saw Orihime's fluttering eyes. "Sleep, Orihime. We can pick back up tomorrow." Nodding, Orihime quickly fell asleep, her soft snoring reverberating in her bosom.

Yoruichi smiled as she felt exhaustion take her. "Hmm, gotta remember to get Orihime another cute outfit tomorrow," she noted before falling asleep….

The End

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