For the Love of Orihime's Breasts

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Chizuru’s ears perked up at the sweet sound of her princess humming in the locker room. She sighed with sincere longing, wishing that for once, she could truly catch the eye of her lovely Orihime. If only she would have the courage to drop her absurd façade and show her sincere feelings.

She didn’t move from her spot, content to listen to the sounds of Orihime sharing and making up her own tune. Always making sure Tatsuki was present when she molested the princess was to guard her heart from Orihime’s eyes and to make sure she didn’t go further that she should, forever estranging her from her love.

Then she heard that familiar, grating sound of Tatsuki saying something to Orihime, and she grinned. So she wasn’t alone – now was the time. Just one moment of grasping those wet breasts would feed her fantasies for weeks.

Creeping around the row of showers, Chizuru headed towards the sound of Orihime’s shower with her hands poised like ready claws. She suddenly stopped in her tracks when she heard the squeak of knobs being turned off. With a pounding heart, Chizuru moved closer, all her attention focused on that shower. A white fluffy towel fluttered briefly, and the Chizuru pounced, quickly locating her towel wrapped breasts and squeezing.

“Oh, my Orihime smells so delicious!” She caressed the large breasts, wishing she’d made it to the shower while she’d still been dropping wet. Her clit throbbed at the thought of Orihime standing there naked and wet, drips of water dropping off her pointed nipples and into Chizuru’s waiting mouth. “Beautiful as always, Orihime-can. I could eat every inch of you!”


Only a couple of seconds passed before Chizuru realized that her nose was not broken and her eye was not swelling.

“Uh, wh-where’s Tatsuki-chan?” Chizuru asked, fearing she was lying in wait to ambush her.

Orihime didn’t move. “She left just a few second ago – for a match across town.”

Across town. Left. Chizuru’s brain spun, her hands still grasping her favorite breasts.

“Oh,” was all Chizuru could think to say. This was exactly what she had feared. Something real happening between them.


“Yes, sweet Orihime-chan?”

“Will you do something for me?”


 “Will you…will you keep going…with my breasts?”

Chizuru froze, shocked to the core.


“It’s just,” Orihime began. “It feels so good every time you touch my breasts. I…I always want more, but Tatuski…”

Chizuru was stunned. Her princess wanted more? From her?

She decided that to delay would hurt her chances and immediately set to work caressing the large breasts through the fluffy towel. Orihime’s face had been turned away this whole time until now when she turned her head to look at Chizuru, smiling with a look pure lust that shook Chizuru to her core.

“Orihime-chan,” she whispered as she leaned in. Orihime met her soft lips when hers and gently kissed. Chizuru wanted to yell from the rooftop that she was kissing Inoue Orihime, but stayed where she was, growing bolder as she sucked on Orihime’s bottom lip and pinched her nipples through the terry. Orihime gasped and wiggled her hips back into Chizuru’s. The kiss deepened as their tongues met and glided against each other.

When Orihime broke the kiss and stepped away, Chizuru’s heart sank, but she knew they should stop. When Orihime turned around and dropped the towel, revealing her dewy, naked body flushed with arousal, Chizuru nearly had a heart attack. She was perfect. Better than any fantasy.

Self-consciously, Orihime began to lift her arms, but Chizuru rushed to stop her.

“No! No…beautiful,” was all she could say before capturing Orihime’s lips in another kiss and grasping her naked breasts. They both moaned into the kiss at the simultaneous pleasure, and tentative exploration grew more sure and purposeful.

Orihime placed her hands on Chizuru’s hips and gently molded the flesh there through her skirt. Chizuru whimpered in happiness as her soft hands pushed up the skirt and did the same molding movement to naked skin.

Chizuru kissed her way along Orihime’s cheek and down her jawline and neck, sucking on the skin. Orihime tilted her head back, thrusting her breasts up and out for better access. With a near maniacal grin, her heart nearly pounding out of her chest, Chizuru leaned down and dragged her tongue along the top of one breast. Orihime moaned and pushed her chest out more until Chizuru’s tongue found her nipple.

“Oh!” Orihime cried out, grasping Chizuru’s hair. Chizuru wrapped her mouth around the pretty nipple and sucked. “Oh, Chizuru!” she cried out.

Chizuru took her time, memorizing the feeling of sucking on Orihime’s breast, the feeling of her nipple on her tongue and Orihime’s hands in her hair. It was glorious.

Reluctantly releasing the breast with a loud pop, she kissed and laved her way over to the next breast until she reach the perfect center, giving it just as much attention as the other.

“That feels…” Orihime panted. “Hevenly, Chizuru-chan.”

Chizuru grinned briefly before returning to her duties. One hand was caressing the other breast, but the other hand had begun to explore on its own. Down her side and over her naked hip, crossing the naked thigh until she reached the curls hiding Orihime’s hot center.

Chizuru combed her fingers through the short curls, listening to Orihime’s cute, aroused noises.



“Can I…can I…?”

“Yes,” Orihime breathed. “Please.”

Chizuru obliged and gently slid into the sopping wet heat beyond the curls.


Orihime was beginning to feel shaky on legs, so Chizuru pushed her back against the wall of the shower, moving a little deeper with her fingers, feeling the little nub slide between them. Orihime’s heavy breathing filled Chizuru’s ears as she moved to the other breast again while finding a rhythm between her princess’s legs.

“Oh, that’s…oh, my…Chizuru-chan…”

Chizuru finally lifted her head and captured those now reddened lips again, moaning into her mouth when small hands grasped her breasts through her school shirt. Chizuru moved until her thighs straddled one of Orihime’s placing her thinly covered center against Orihime’s skin.

“Orihime-chan…princess…” she mumbled into the kiss, too afraid to say more as she continued to stoke Orihime and rub herself against the smooth, firm thigh. She could feel she wouldn’t last long at all.

“Do you feel good, Chizuru-chan?” Orihime breathed.

Chizuru’s heart clenched at her sweet princess. “So good…ah!” Orihime fingers found her nipples and began to play with them, mimicking Chizuru’s actions.

Their hips were now moving in earnest motions as Chizuru pressed and rubbed harder against Orihime’s thigh and Orihime’s hips undulated against Chizuru’s fingers.

It hit Chizuru like a truck. Suddenly she was shuddering and moaning gibberish, nearly weeping in her ecstasy.

“Oh, Orihime-chan, that…”

She removed her fingers, quickly kissing away the whimpering protest from Orihime, and dropped to her knees, licking up the creamy lips.

“Ah! What…”

Chizuru licked every crevice until she latched onto the sensitive nub, sucking and licking. Orihime’s hips jerked almost violently as her fingers gripped Chizuru’s scalp. Her hips kept moving until they stiffened and shook while Chizuru heard the sexiest little noises coming from Orihime’s throats. She took that moment to suck on the nub with particular force and was rewarded with a long moan that ended in “Oh, Chizuru…”

Chizuru gently licked until Orihime jerked her hips away, whimpering with sensitivity. As she licked every delicious drop from her lips, Chizuru stood, watching Orihime’s dazed gaze and heaving chest.

“You’re so beautiful, Orihime-chan.”

“Th-Thank you…that…thank you,” Orihime said, her eyes at once hooded and full of wonder. “That was so…wonderful.”

Chizuru smiled warmly and moved forward to gather Orihime in her arms and kiss her with all the feelings she knew she could never say. This girl didn’t belong her, but she would cherish this afternoon of bliss for the rest of her days.

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