Healing the Moon

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Chapter 1: Moonlight Meeting


(Tuesday Night)
A quiet sigh was the only sound in the Squad 6 office. Byakuya gazed down at the paperwork that he'd spent the better part of the last several hours on. He signed the last form and set it neatly on top of the equally neat stack of completed papers.

Another small sigh escaped him; now that all of today's work (and some of tomorrow's) was done, there was really nothing for him to do except go home. Everyone thought he liked doing paperwork, but in truth, he detested the monotonous task. The only reason he spent so much time doing it was that filling out forms and signing reports was slightly less depressing than going back home to his usually empty, silent, gods-forsaken manor with all its memories.

Byakuya leaned back in his chair, allowing himself to stretch a bit to ease the stiffness that had dared to creep into his muscles. The raven-haired noble permitted a small ghost of a smile to curve his lips as he realized it was past midnight, and so the Seretei was asleep.

Spirits lifted a fraction, he stood and left the office, his steps becoming swifter as he neared his one pleasure- the quiet, solitary night. These nights, walking in the cool breeze and moonlight while every other soul slept... it was the only thing that brought him even a glimmer of peace or joy.

Leaving the building, he glanced around as if someone would actually be out at this hour to -gods forbid- see him relax. He smoothly removed his kensaiken and raked his slender fingers though his liberated hair. That was better already! He flash-stepped to the top of the nearest building, tilting his face up to the full moon.

Here, he was at peace, at least partially. It was a sensation he could rarely capture.

The night breeze drifted by, playing with his hair and clothes. He found himself smiling as he removed his captain's haori, folding it up and tucking it into a voluminous pocket to join his kensaiken. His scarf and tekkoh followed, leaving him with the impression of being unbound by his responsibilities.

Byakuya began to dart along the rooftops with no real urgency, enjoying the freedom of the night. No paperwork, no fighting, no drama, no annoying redheaded lieutenants. He almost stumbled as an image of the Rukon Dog flashed through his mind. Tch, the fool. That man irritated him beyond belief, always managing to get under his skin one way or another. Just today, the brash crimsonette had come blowing into the office, going on about wanting a few days in the Living World. Of course, he had denied his permission, already irritated over other matters and unwilling to cut his second-in-command any slack.

Byakuya frowned as he continued casually running and flash-stepping over the buildings. Perhaps it would not hurt to grant his lieutenant a day or two. The man did as he was told... most of the time. And Byakuya had heard how the younger man had fought to defend his reputation during his absence while he'd been infiltrating the Zampakuto Rebellion.

Renji had not had any cause to trust him, yet, according to several people, the Rukon Dog had defended his mysterious behavior and suspicious actions to the point of violence.

It had been some time since that mess, but his lieutenant had never broached the subject. Hmm, didn't subordinates usually want their superiors to know the loyalty they'd shown? So why had Abarai never bragged about defending his captain? Byakuya had never given it much thought, but his solitary night wanderings often cleared his head. Now that he was thinking about it, this thing with Renji was bugging him... actually, thinking about the redhead altogether disturbed him. Well, that was unusual.

Shaking his head, Byakuya refocused on his running. Suddenly, a flare of kido energy caught his attention, and he skidded to a stop as his head whipped around. Who in the hell was using kido this late at night? And why? He didn't sense any dangerous energies... there! A red flash.

Byakuya narrowed his eyes and shot across the rooftops like a shadow.


Renji shook his hands, all but growling in frustration. Fuck! Why couldn't he get this? Other Soul Reapers, including most of his friends, could use kido consistently, but him? Well, of course not!

It wasn't bad enough that he was the Rukon Dog, a title not worth any respect among his stuck-up 'peers', though once again, he was thankful for his friends that had come from the Rukongai as well, so none of them had to only deal with Soul Reapers who'd been proper-raised and tended to look down on them.

He could let off a few decently-aimed shots, then he'd blow himself up. Did anyone else ever blow up their own fuckin' hands? Keh, definitely not a certain someone who could use kido like he'd been born doing it.

Renji quickly shook his head, desperate to avoid thinking about him. He glanced around his 'training ground'; an abandoned courtyard that sat on the border that seperated the Seretei from the Rukon. He'd come across it a few days ago, and thought it was perfect for his secret training. There was also a poetic beauty to its location- it sat on the border that seperated his old life from his current one.

Renji tilted his head to gaze up at the full moon... pale, cold, and always out of reach. Whoa! What the hell? He needed to stop thinking about him. No more looking at the moon; it always reminded him of that beautiful jerk.

With a frustrated growl, he refocused on his target and got ready to try again. The night breeze swirled around him, cooling off his bared upper body and fluttering his unbound hair. A smirk curled his lips; even if his kido practice was failing in the most spectacular way, at least he felt good, dammit!

All alone, bathed in moonlight, he always felt better than usual. Instead of feeling like a piece of shit street rat masquerading as a Soul Reaper, he felt like some kind of magnificent predator. Sure, it was ridiculous, but Renji had decided a long time ago that if something made him feel good about himself, he'd embrace it.

Just then, he sensed another presence nearby, suppressing its spiritual pressure. Forgetting about his kido training, he whirled to face the presence, his first thought being that someone was invading the Seretei. There, on a rooftop, was a dark figure sillouetted against the moon.

Renji's hand shot to Zabimaru's hilt, only to be stayed by a calm, cold voice. "Even you could not be so foolish as to draw your blade against me again, Lieutenant Abarai."


Byakyua watched as surprise flashed over the face of the man in the courtyard below. "Ca-Captain?" He dropped lightly to the ground and eyed his lieutenant. Such a disgraceful state. The bigger Soul Reaper was not wearing the standard shihakusho, only a pair of black hakamas. And his hair was down, cascading down the tattooed body like a waterfall of blood.

Byakuya's mouth suddenly dried for some reason, and he had to swallow before speaking. "What are you doing out here at such a ridiculous hour?" he snapped, and saw Renji flinch as though struck. "No-nothing, sir. Just training, sir."

Byakuya frowned at the fearful tone, noticing how the coppery eyes were focused on the ground. "Lieutenant Abarai, look at me when I am speaking to you." Again, his voice cracked through the night air like a whip, and Renji visibly jumped, the dark honey eyes obediently lifting to his.

Byakuya's frown deepened; his lieutenant seemed truly afraid of him. Byakuya did demand respect, both as the Head of the noble Kuchiki Clan and as one of the 13 Captains. But even he knew respect and fear were not the same thing. Renji had never seemed this afraid of him, even during their previous fights; the redhead's boisterous cockiness was one of the few things he actually liked... sometimes. The longer he was silent, the more Renji fidgeted, and the bronze eyes darted around the courtyard as though seeking escape. Finally, Byakuya asked quietly, "Were you practicing kido?" The younger man nodded slowly, looking ashamed. Byakuya thought for a moment; he didn't know anybody else that would be awake and training at this hour. He murmured, "I am impressed by your dedication, Lieutenant."

Immediately, Renji shook his head, looking mortified. "No, sir, you shouldn't be impressed. I'm not doing any better."

Byakuya arched an eyebrow as he replied in a cool tone. "I most certainly did not say I was impressed by your progress, Abarai. I said I was impressed by your dedication. There is a difference."

He saw the faint blush that shadowed the younger man's cheeks, hearing the quiet reply. "Oh. Well, um, thank you, Captain Kuchiki." The crimsonette bowed his head respectfully, but Byakuya barely noticed the gesture. Hmm, had his lieutenant always said his name like that? For some unfathomable reason, the sound of Renji addressing him sent a shiver up his spine.

He squared his shoulders and frowned, noticing how his subordinate tensed. In the authoratative tone he had mastered decades ago, he spoke firmly to his second-in-command. "Well?" Renji's head snapped up, confusion in the unique cinammon eyes. "'Well', what, sir?"

Byakuya gestured with his hand. "You have been practicing kido, have you not? Show me what you have been working on."

There was a moment of hesitation, then Renji nodded, lifting his hands.

Byakuya's eyes narrowed when he saw the mild burns that were scattered over the tanned skin of his lieutenant's hands, wrists, even up the forearms. He watched and listened critically; the bigger Soul Reaper's position was good, and the incantation was spoken almost perfectly. The red ball of energy formed between Renji's hands and he launched it.

The small blast hit the target dead center, but Byakuya saw the backlash of energy that whipped across his subordinate's hands just as the Hado was fired. The fact that the younger man didn't flinch bothered him; just how many times had this happened? New burns joined the previous ones, wisps of smoke rising from the abused flesh.

Byakuya stepped closer, and Renji sighed, looking as if he fully expected a reprimand. "So, what am I doing wrong?"

He frowned as he looked at the burned hands. "I am not sure. Your stance and position were fine, and you said the incantation very well. Perhaps the problem lies in your focus." He stepped in front of the younger man. "Hold out your hands."

When his lieutenant obeyed, Byakuya raised his own hands and began healing the Rukon Dog.


Renji watched in shock as his captain's hands began to glow, and the pain started to recede from his injured hands. "S-sir? I didn't know you could heal."
The ravenette kept his head bowed over their hands, replying quietly. "I do not wish to broadcast that fact. I am not exceptionally skilled, and even if I was, it is not what I want to be known for."

Unable to resist teasing, Renji smirked. "What, you'd rather be known for your ability to take lives than an ability to save them?"

Sharp violet eyes rose to his, and he froze, wiping the smirk from his face as a desperate, automatic apology demanded to be said. But it refused to come out as he found himself staring. The glow from the healing energy illuminated his captain's face, and Renji swallowed, hard.

The older man was not wearing his kensaiken, silky black hair feathering down around his face. Renji also realized his superior wasn't wearing his other accessories or his captain's haori, and so almost looked like a regular Soul Reaper.
If only... but this was not only his captain, this was a noble, someone so far out of his league... he really was the monkey chasing the moon. Stupid-ass monkey.

Renji clenched his jaw and lowered his eyes from that intense, dark violet-silver gaze. Fuck, why did he have to feel like this?

He watched the slender hands hovering above his own, the golden glow chasing the burns from his skin. He frowned when the glow wavered, and he looked back to his captain's face, opening his mouth to ask what was wrong. Shock flashed through him when he saw that the Kuchiki heir was not looking at his hands, but at his chest, the surprisingly wide eyes following his markings.

He stayed silent, ignoring the unsteady waver of the healing energy as he watched the older man's eyes roam his torso as though fascinated by his intricate markings that combined a geometric neatness with a tribal wildness. Most of the exotically elegant patterns had appeared on his body to correspond with any real progress he'd made with Zabimaru, the rest had come after just communing or training with his zampakuto. He was so caught up in how his captain was looking at him that he didn't realize the dark eyes were lifting until they met his.

Renji had heard the phrase 'like a deer caught in headlights', but hadn't really understood it until this moment. Not only could he not move or look away, the noble in front of him seemed paralyzed as well, deep platinum eyes staring up at him.

The moment was broken when the soft golden glow between them began flickering madly. Both looked down to see that Renji's burns were gone... and Byakuya's hands were shaking. Seeing that the burns had healed, the older man dropped his hands and the healing energy dissipated.

Renji flexed his hands, relieved that the pain was gone. He spoke softly, unsure of exactly what had happened in the last few moments. "Thank you, Captain. That feels a lot better. I know you said you aren't exceptionally skilled, but you did really good. Some of those burns were kinda deep."

The ravenette nodded, dark eyes focused on something Renji couldn't see as he replied quietly. "I do not want anyone to know that I am able to use healing kido."
Renji nodded. "Yes, sir. Though, I mean, you're really good at all the others, so people might assume you can heal, too."

He watched as a small frown marred the pale features of his captain. "That is logical. However, I appreciate you agreeing not to confirm those assumptions."

Renji was surprised; had the Kuchiki heir ever thanked him for anything?  "No problem, sir. Everybody has things they don't want other people knowing about them."

The dark eyes, silvered in the light of the moon, slid to meet his, and he realized they still stood rather close to each other. This man had always made him so damn nervous; a captain, a noble, and a man who could cause unimaginable agony with just two words. When he'd first realized just who'd caught his secret training, he'd been terrified, not knowing what kind of reaction his strict superior might have.

But Byakuya hadn't seemed angry, and was sorta being nice, and here in the moonlight, the older man didn't seem quite as intimidating as usual, devoid of his captain's haori and trademark heirlooms. The noble looked even more beautiful than he normally did, and Renji felt his chest tighten.

Why couldn't he have fallen for someone he actually had a chance with?

Detemined to distract himself from this thought, he took a deep breath as his mind scrambled for a new subject. The first thing he came up with was how his captain had been looking at his markings in an almost fascinated way. "Sir? If you're curious about them, you can ask. I'd tell you."

Byakuya's shoulders stiffened a bit, then slowly relaxed as the ebony-haired Soul Reaper asked quietly, "Where did you get them?"

Renji smiled and began proudly explaining his unique markings. "The main ones have developed and expanded to mark my progress with Zabimaru. Every time, like when I was first able to commune with them, and obtained shikai and learned bankai..." he gestured at each set that had appeared with each achievement-"I'd feel this tingly burning sensation, and they'd appear. Sorta faded-looking at first, but they turn solid black overnight."

He pointed out the smaller secondary markings on his skin, lifting his hair to gesture at his forehead and the side of his neck. "These ones started showing up when I first started dreaming about him, forehead first. These smaller ones appear when we commune, or when we train together to strengthen our bonds."

Smiling brightly at his captain, he asked, "Anything else, sir?"


Byakuya was conflicted. A small part of him was cursing the fact that he'd followed that kido energy, but the rest of him was surprisingly happy that he had. It was rather nice, just talking like this, and he was learning things that he probably should've already known about his subordinate.

He saw Renji smiling at him, and those pronounced canines caught his attention. He found himself gazing at them; his lieutenant didn't have fangs, that was ridiculous. But the pointed eyeteeth were long enough to support the nickname of Rukon Dog.

Byakuya had noticed them before, but for some reason, the sight of them now made him feel odd, like it was getting hard to breathe.

What was wrong with him? He should go... but he was still curious about the unique markings, and Renji seemed excited and pleased by his interest.
"I always thought they were simply tattoos. Are they sensitive?" Oh, gods, what kind of question had that been?

His lieutenant tilted his head thoughtfully, then nodded. "Yeah, kinda. They're actually more sensitive when something's up with me, like if I have a fever or if I'm upset or excited."

Byakuya nodded, then glanced up at the position of the moon. "Go home and get some sleep, Lieutenant. I'll only approve of this training of yours as long as it does not interfere with your normal duties."

The younger man bowed his head respectfully. "Yes, sir. And thank you."

Byakuya continued. "By the way, until you figure out why the offensive kidos backfire on you, you would be better off practicing defensive or binding kidos instead. If they fail, they will not harm you like the hados do."

The bigger Soul Reaper nodded. "Yes, sir. I'll keep that in mind. Good night, Captain."


Renji saw the dark eyes widen a bit at his politeness, then the older man nodded. "Good night, Lieutenant. Do not be late to work in morning." He nodded obediently, biting his lip as he watched his superior leap gracefully to the nearest rooftop. "Captain?"

The Ice Prince of the Seretei paused, violet eyes glancing back at him. He asked softly, "Sir, does the monkey ever catch the moon? Is there any way for him to have the one thing he wants more than anything else?"

The amethyst eyes widened, then rose to the full moon above them. "I suppose he could find a way; this is a very persistent, resourceful monkey. However, I think he would be happier if he just forgot about the moon."

Wondering if his superior had caught on to his double meaning, Renji whispered, "Why?"

Not looking at him, Byakuya replied softly,"What the monkey does not realize is that while the moon appears whole, it is actually broken into a thousand pieces beyond repair...and so is not worth catching."

Then his captain was gone.



Well, then. What a cryptic thing for Bya to say, ne?

Next time on 'Healing the Moon'- Chapter 2: In the Office
In which we see the boys the next day. Maybe a tired Bya and a frustrated Renji losing control of his riatsu? Guess we'll have to see...
*For my fellow freaks, it takes a minute for this story to get to any kinda citrusy goodness, but I swear on my plot kittens that there is a good reason.

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