Partners in Control

BY : LiquidPhazon
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“Now that was a fun girls’ day out, wouldn’t you all agree?” Rangiku asked as she sat on the couch in the living room of Orihime Inoue’s apartment, looking around to see her friends, Sui-Fen and Yoruichi by her side, while Orihime, Tatsuki and Retsu were on the floor together, sitting on some pillows, all smiling and in agreement with Rangiku’s words.

“First that wonderful lunch at that restaurant, and then that show at the mall.” Orihime said in reply, remaining as cheerful as usual.

“That was enjoyable. Who knew that hypnotists could be anything but boring and draining?” Yoruichi commented with a grin, her arm around Sui-Feng, making the raven-haired girl blush slightly.

“The thing I liked the most about it was...” Yoruichi then began to say, only to stop.

“Uh... was... That’s weird.” She said, sounding a little puzzled, causing Tatsuki to ask in a curious tone. “What’s weird?”

“I can’t remember what happened while we were on the stage.” Yoruichi said in reply, before she had to ask. “Can you guys remember anything we did?”

“Now that you mention it’s all blank. I remember we were called up to the stage and introduced ourselves, but after we sat down, it’s all foggy.” Retsu said.

Curious and a little worried they might have acted in ways they’d regret, Rangiku asked. “Did we even do anything while on the stage?”

“I’m sure we did. Perhaps the hypnotist made us forget as what we did was probably something we didn’t want to remember.” Orihime suggested, agreed by Tatsuki, who teased. “Maybe he had Yoruichi act like a cat or made Rangiku act like a proper woman.”

“As if!” Both shouted, crossing their arms at the mere mention of it.

“I may be able to transform into a cat, but there is no way I’d ever act like one as a human, and I know for a fact Rangiku would rather kiss her captain then act respectful to anyone.” Yoruichi said with a grin, making Rangiku glare at her and say back. “As if I’d even do that.”

As the girls continued, namely Orihime trying to keep the girls from fighting, Orihime heard her cell-phone ring, causing her to reach into her pocket, withdraw it and moved aside for some privacy.

“Hello? Orihime speaking.” She chirped.

“Pleasure me, my beauty.” A voice whispered sensually.

The second those words filled Orihime’s ears, her head slumped slightly and her eyes glazed over.

“Now put me on speaker.” The voice then instructed, making Orihime obey as she held the phone out for the others to listen.

“Who is it?” Tatsuki asked her friend with a small frown at how weird she was acting.

“Pleasure me, my beauty.” The voice said again, and just like that, the other five women slumped where they were sitting, their eyes glazed over just like Orihime’s as they all fell under the voice’s influence, their minds left completely vulnerable to suggestion and commands.

“Good, now you are to go to Ichigo Kurosaki’s house immediately.” The voice commanded, before hanging up, leaving the six women in their entranced states.
Doing as they were told, they left Orihime’s apartment, with the orange haired woman locking the door and they walked off, soon arriving at Ichigo’s house, to which Orihime knocked on the door gently, where it then opened, revealing Chizuru, dressed in her underwear, a deep red bra and matching panties, while by her side was Ichigo, who was only wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts.

And upon seeing the six, he smirked, telling they had heard the phrase and each were in a hypnotized state.

“Well it seems our little plan worked, Chizuru.” Ichigo said, making the red-haired girl grin and nod.

“Come on in girls,” Chizuru commanded.

With her words, the six girls obeyed as they walked into the house, with Ichigo shutting the door behind him so he and Chizuru wouldn’t be disturbed.

And after locking the door, Ichigo turned to see Chizuru smirking.

“I still can’t believe you’re not Ichigo but rather some stuffed teddy bear who took over his body.” She commented, making the orange haired man smirk back.

“Well since Ichigo had to go to the Soul Society to do a year’s worth of Shinigami duties, training and learning how things work with Rukia, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.” Kon said in reply.

“And it was easy to bribe the hypnotist to make these six go into a trance when you said a certain phrase.” He then added with a grin, making Chizuru nod and grin back, before the pair turned their attention to the six hypnotized women.

“Now girls, once I snap my fingers you will happily obey Kon and I. You will happily follow any of our commands and be our loving and devoted slaves.” Chizuru said, before snapping her fingers, which caused the six women to blink, their eyes returned to normal as they looked at Kon and Chizuru, making them smile to see their new Master and Mistress.

“We live to serve you Master Kon and Mistress Chizuru.” The girls all said in blissful tones. “How may we please you?”

From their question, Kon faced Chizuru.

“I assume you want Orihime correct?” He asked, making Chizuru giggle and nod from her obviousness and chance to make love to her Hime.

“But I also want Tatsuki and Retsu to join us.” Chizuru then added, pointing to the other two women.

“Alright. It’s not like I won’t get a chance to enjoy them during the year Ichigo is gone.” Kon commented in reply.

“Rangiku, Sui-Feng, Yoruichi with me.” He then commanded, walking off to Ichigo’s bedroom, causing the three brainwashed women to happily follow him, while Chizuru turned to the girls.

“Come with me my Hime.” Chizuru cooed grabbing Orihime’s hand and walking off with her.

“Tatsuki, Retsu, come along. We’re going to have so much fun.” She added, feeling her pussy getting wet from arousal.

“Of course, Mistress. We live to please you.” Orihime replied, earning a kiss on the cheek from her Mistress, making Chizuru smile and say. “Just what I wanted to hear.”

----Meanwhile, with Kon: Upcoming Lemons----

The orange haired man had removed his shirt, showing off his muscular chest, making the three slave girls blush at his body.

But remaining in control, Kon focused and said with a commanding voice. “Ok girls, I want you to tell me how sexy I am and how you want me to make you my women.”

“Oh, Master Kon, you’re so sexy, you’re the sexiest person I’ve ever known.” Rangiku purred, licking her lips in the process, where Sui-Feng added. “You’re so handsome. I just want you so badly. Please, make a woman out of me. I’ll do anything to please you.”

“Anything you say?” Kon asked Sui-Feng, who nodded and was rewarded as Kon pulled her into a passionate, one she gladly returned, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt her Master’s tongue enter her mouth.

And after several minutes of making out, Kon pulled away, leaving her out of breath, but still full of lust.

“I want you to pick one of the other two women and make love to them.” He told Sui-Feng, who smiled, turned and walked towards Yoruichi, where she pressed her lips against Yoruichi’s, making the purpled hair’s Shinigami’s eyes widen at first, before she returned the kiss and moaned when Sui-Feng began groping her breasts, impressing Kon at the lesbian action before him, as well as Sui-Feng’s perverted side coming out.

“Master Kon?” Rangiku spoke up, getting his attention.

“Shall we begin?” The orange haired woman then asked with a flirty smile, making Kon smile and nod in reply, before he pressed his lips against Rangiku's passionately, making her moan into the kiss, which lead to her returning it with enthusiasm.

Chuckling, Rangiku opened her mouth and felt his tongue enter her orifice and intertwine with her own tongue. 

Kon finally pulled away after feeling his lungs burn from lack of air, and both inhaled and exhaled to regain their breaths.

After getting enough air, he leaned back in and nibbled on the woman's earlobe.

“You have no idea how much I desire you. I've been wanting to do this for as long as I can remember.” He growled into her ear., which made Rangiku chuckle and purr. “Why don't you show me how much you love me?”

“Gladly!” Kon replied, before he grabbed Rangiku's shirt and pulled it up and off her, tossing it carelessly to the side and out of the way, leaving her in her jeans and bra that really emphasised her massive bust, before she proceeded to take off her shoes and then sports bra, afterwards Kon bent down and pulled down her jeans and undergarments worn underneath. 

When he stood back up he was taken by surprise when the hypnotised girl suddenly jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist, leaned in and kissed him on the lips, cheeks and neck.

Groaning in pleasure, Kon held Rangiku by her thighs and carried her over to the bed. Laying her on the mattress, he laid himself on top of her, and in-between her legs as they leaned into each other to kiss again.

They moaned together as they started rubbing and petting each other.

Kon grabbed one of Rangiku's tits and started rubbing and kneading it, which she enjoyed immensely, before he pulled away to take one of her nipples into his mouth and lightly suck and lick at it making her moan once again. 

“Oh, so good...” She moaned, before gaining a naughty smirk and flipping Kon onto his back with her on top.

She straddled his head, before she positioned her vagina right above his mouth and winked down at him before dropping onto his mouth, causing her to immediately throw her head back and gasp as she felt Kon's tongue flick against her labia.

Bit by bit he began to lick her cunt up and down and as he did so Rangiku began to slightly rock her hips in motion with the tongue.

He gently pushed apart moist and rosy lips and carefully wiggled his tongue inside her as deeply as he could possibly manage. 

Her back arched and she let out a loud moan when she felt his tongue start thrusting in and out of her snatch rapidly.

Her frilly walls tightening and loosening around the moist organ as it tried to keep it inside. 

Enduring minutes of this had made the woman whimper, before finally cumming over Kon’s cheeks and mouth with a loud cry of pleasure.

She panted, and leaned forward against the wall to recover her stamina, while Kon took advantage of her current weakness and managed to push her off him.

Feeling his massive erection pressing uncomfortably up against the fabric of his pants he was quick to remove them, his shoes, and his boxers before settling himself in between the hypnotised girl's legs.

Holding his ten-inch cock, Kon slowly eased himself into her and they both let out pleasured hisses and groans when their two sexual organs touched, before his shaft slipped inside her vagina.

Rangiku threw her head back and hissed as she felt her walls get stretched out for the first time ever, and he kept going down and down, and down until she was filled up.

Kon groaned as he felt the woman's inner walls figuratively trying to suck him in while squeezing his shaft.

To him it was agonisingly slow, but, not knowing if this was Rangiku's first time doing something like this, he went slow so she could get used to it.

Nearly a full minute went by when Kon decided to move things along and with a thrust, he made Rangiku squeal in surprise and pleasure and wrap her legs around his thighs, before he moved his hands to her sides and began to thrust in and out of her at a fast pace.

Her moaning and gasping directly into his ear was like music to his ears.

It felt downright satisfying knowing that she was enjoying this.

"So good... Ah... it’s so good... Oh, fuck me...!" Rangiku moaned, causing Kon to smirk cockily.

He didn't need any more motivation to fuck than that.

And with that thought his thrusts increased and the force of the pounding made the mattress squeak and bounce.

"God damn...!" He grunted as he sped up his thrusts, feeling great pleasure from Rangiku’s tight pussy.

He growled in the back of his throat at a feeling building up in his balls, getting close to his orgasm.

And from how her inner walls reflexively tightening around him, Rangiku was close as well.

He wanted to keep thrusting, to keep going, but at the same time he didn’t want to cum in her, for fear of getting her pregnant.

And after a few minutes of relentless fucking, Kon could feel his end rapidly approaching with the force of a sledgehammer.

"R... Rangiku, gonna... gonna cum...!" He groaned out.

"Do it... Please do it... Ah... inside me... Fill me with your seed...!" Rangiku moaned as Kon's thrusts sped up, with the mattress squeaking in protest.

Then, with one final thrust that buried him deep inside, Kon orgasmed, and painted Rangiku’s insides white with his semen, which caused Rangiku to scream as she had her climax.

And with their orgasms over, Kon then slumped forward, collapsing on top of Rangiku’s chest.

Both lay together, breathless.

"That... that was amazing..." Rangiku panted, nuzzling her face in the crook of Kon's neck.

Both were completely drenched in sweat after what had to be the most intense ‘training session’ of their lives, making Kon concur with that statement wholeheartedly.

“Yoruichi, Sui-Feng come here and clean us up.” He then called, looking over at the two Shinigami who now were only in their bra and panties, but ceased their actions and turned their attention to their Master.

“As you command, Master.” Both said with smiles, walking over, where Yoruichi began licking Rangiku clean of any cum that was on her body, while Sui-Feng licked Kon clean, enjoying the taste of Rangiku’s juices all over her Master.

“Good girls.” Kon said, praising the pair at their loyalty toward him.

“Now it’s your turn to please me.” He then told them, making both nod, while Rangiku got off of the bed slowly to give her Master and slave sisters more room to make love.

With Yoruichi and Sei-Feng on the bed, Kon’s hands roamed over their bodies, rubbing along their breasts as he relieved the pair of their bras and examined their breasts, before continuing his examination as he placed his hands on Sui-Feng’s breasts and began to massage and fondle them, making the her moan in pleasure.

“Master, that’s it... Ah... Feels good...!” Sui-Feng moaned making Kon smirk upon hearing that, before he heightened both his actions and Sui-Feng’s pleasure as he kissed her deeply on the lips, while moving his right hand down to her thighs, pulled her panties down and groped her ass.

“Master!” Sui-Feng gasped as she broke from the kiss, allowing Kon to continue pleasuring Sui-Feng as he kept massaging her right breast, groping her butt and moved his head down to Sui-Feng’s left breast and began lashing at her hard nipple.

But after several minutes, Kon stopped, faced Sui-Feng’s flushed face and asked in a sly tone. “Ready for more, my sexy slave?”

Sui-Feng nodded her head in reply, to which Kon then laid down on the bed, making a motion for Sui-Feng to join him, which she obeyed, before Kon grabbed Sui-Feng by her hips and pulled her on top of him, causing his manhood to enter her vagina.

“Master, it feels amazing... Ah... You are... You are so big...!” Sui-Feng gasped in pleasure as she continued impaling herself on Kon’s cock.

Hearing that made Kon smirk, but not as much as he remembered he had beauties at his command.

“Yoruichi...” He groaned.

“Yes Master?” Yoruichi asked in a curious tone, wondering how she could be of service.

“Come here and join us...” Kon replied, to which Yoruichi nodded her head obediently before she removed her bra and panties, positioned herself on her Master’s chest and began to moan out in pleasure as she felt her Master’s tongue invade her womanhood, while Sui-Feng moved her hands up to Yoruichi’s chest and began to grope her breasts from behind.

“Oh, Master... Ah... Sui-Feng... So good... So Deep...!” Yoruichi moaned in pleasure.

“Oh, yes, Master... Ah... Give me more...!” Sui-Feng cried out, which Kon was more than happy to oblige, thrusting harder and faster, while placing his hands on her breasts, causing him to ask. “And how’s that feel...?”

“Yes... That’s it... Oh, Master!” Sui-Feng cried out in reply, loving the pleasure she was feeling, not wanting it to stop.

However, after another hour, the pair were reaching their climaxes, making Kon groan out. “I... I can't hold on much longer... I... I'm going to cum soon...!”

“Me, too... Ah... I can't... I can’t contain myself...!” Sui-Feng moaned in reply, managing to hold on for several more minutes, before she was unable to contain herself and cried out in ecstasy as she had her climax, releasing her cum all over Kon’s manhood, which caused Kon to groan out loudly as he had his orgasm, cumming shortly after Sui-Feng.

With their climaxes over, Sui-Feng rolled over to her side; a satisfied smile graced her face as she gazed upon Kon.

“Master, that felt amazing.” She told him, which made Kon smirk and say in reply. “So were you.”

But Kon then turned his attention once more to Yoruichi and said, showing his manhood was still erect. “But now I have to get the rest of my money’s worth. Yoruichi, give me a blowjob.”

“Whatever you command, my beloved Master.” Yoruichi replied obediently, before positioning herself down to Kon’s member, which she then took into her mouth and began sucking him off, filling Kon with pleasure.

"Oh, yeah... Ah... that feels great...!" Kon groaned in pleasure, placing his hands on the back of Yoruichi’s head, forcing all his cock into her mouth, making Kon’s groans of pleasure increase.

But after a few minutes, she could feel Kon's manhood quiver in her mouth, which caused him to then groan out. “I... Ah... I can't hold it in... I'm going to come...!"

And moments later, Kon let out a loud groan, as he released his load into Yoruichi's mouth, who swallowed it without question or a single thought, making her ask in a curious tone, after taking Kon’s manhood out of her mouth. "So Master, did you like that?"

Kon nodded his head in reply, satisfied so far by Yoruichi, but wanted to experience more pleasure, causing him to grab her hips, flip her over and reposition the dark skinned woman, so she was on all fours and then began to thrust his cock in and out of Yoruichi's vagina, which caused her to moan out as she felt the same amazing pleasure Sui-Feng had experienced.

"Master... Ah... Oh, Master, I love it... Ah... It feels so good...!" Yoruichi moaned out.

Continuing, Kon then groaned out in ecstasy, feeling the wetness of Yoruichi's vagina and the tightness of her pussy, clamping down hard on his cock, giving him huge amounts of pleasure, causing him to groan out further.

But after another hour, both of their movements turned frantic as they could feel their climaxes coming.

"I can't... Ah... I can't hold on... Ah... I'm going to come real soon...!" Kon groaned out, making Yoruichi moan out in reply. "Y... Yes, Master... Ah... I want to feel you in my pussy... Ah... Oh, yes... Yes...!"

And true to her moans, Yoruichi couldn't take anymore, screamed out as she had her climax, followed by Kon, who then came as he filled Yoruichi with his seed.

----Meanwhile, with Chizuru----

The red haired girl was sitting on the bed with Orihime in her lap and both were making out passionately and she looked over at Retsu and Tatsuki who was the only one of the girls naked and she smirked as Retsu was sexually teasing Tatsuki with two fingers in her womanhood with her other hand playing with her nipples and breasts making Tatsuki moan and whimper softly in pleasure. “So my Hime do you think we should move on to the real fun?” she purred to Orihime who smiled.

“Yes Mistress, I live to serve you.” She purred, making Chizuru giggle with glee and say. “Oh, I’ve wanted to hear you say that for such a long time. Orihime, I command you to strip me and once you are done, strip yourself.”

Orihime nodded as she obeyed, stripping Chizuru of the rest of her clothes, leaving her completely naked and taking in the sexy and seductive form of her Mistress.

And with Chizuru naked, Orihime then she stripped herself of her clothing, revealing her large breasts and soaking wet pussy before Chizuru, before Orihime lowered herself onto her hands and knees, where she started to kiss Chizuru’s feet in a show of love and loyalty.

As Orihime continued to worship her Mistress's’ feet, kissing around her feet and licking her toes, her mouth soon moved upwards, kissing along Chizuru’s slender legs, before arriving at Chizuru’s pussy, staring blankly.

And as Orihime stared at Chizuru’s pussy, seeing it was getting wet, Chizuru could see Orihime was getting wet too.

“What are you waiting for, Orihime?” She asked, before commanding. “Pleasure me.”

“Right away, Mistress...” Orihime replied in a trance-like tone as she began to kiss it gently, earning moans of pleasure and approval from Chizuru.

“Ah, yeah... That’s it... Ah... Orihime... Keep it up...!” Chizuru moaned out, feeling her pleasure heighten as Orihime then kisses it more passionately, which lead to the brainwashed girl to start sucking on her clit, making Chizuru gasp and moan in pure pleasure.

“Orihime... Ah... I’m gonna... Ah... Gonna cum...!” Chizuru warned, only to then command. “And when I do, swallow it all... Enjoy the taste of your Mistresses’ honey...!”

Then, with a loud cry of pleasure, Chizuru had her climax, filling Orihime’s mouth with her sexual fluids, which she swallowed without hesitation, becoming addicted to the taste.

“Very good...” Chizuru panted.

“Now clean my pussy.” She then commanded, which Orihime did so obediently, licking all the cum from Chizuru’s legs and womanhood, before moving her head from out between her Mistress's’ legs, staring blankly at Chizuru as she awaited further commands.

Commands Chizuru had planned and looked forward to.

“Lie down and spread your legs out.” Chizuru instructed, where in Orihime did as her Mistress had told her, making Chizuru smile at the sight of Orihime lying on the ground naked and presenting her body to her, causing Chizuru to climb on top of Orihime and kiss her deeply, causing the entranced girl to moan in her Mistress's’ mouth, not only from the kiss but the sensation of their breasts and pussies pressing and rubbing against each other.

However, after a few minutes, Chizuru broke from the kiss, stared deeply into Orihime’s eyes and told as she began to gently rub and massage Orihime’s right breast. “Listen to my voice, Orihime. I am everything to you, your whole existence is to make me happy and do whatever I command you to do, no matter what that command may entail. After I make you cum you will be my loyal and obedient love slave and will not only serve my without question, but will desire the other girls to join you. Nod your head if you understand."

Orihime slowly nodded her head in reply, causing Chizuru to cease rubbing Orihime’s breast, smirk and passionately kiss her Hime, a kiss which Orihime willingly returned, allowing her Mistress's’ tongue to enter, invade and explore her mouth.

Breaking from the kiss, Chizuru started kissing and licking around Orihime’s neck and collarbone, before Chizuru soon moved her head from Orihime’s neck and down to her breasts, taking Orihime’s left nipple into her mouth as she began to suck on it.

“Mistress... Ah... You are so good... You are amazing... Ah...!” Orihime cried out, through her hazy and pleasured filled mind, never feeling such pleasure or sensations beforehand, which made Chizuru mentally smirk as she pulled away from Orihime’s left breast, gently pulling at it with her teeth, before moving her mouth over the right, Chizuru inserted her middle and index fingers into Orihime’s pussy, making the girl scream in pure pleasure.

“Mistress...!” Orihime cried out, arching her back as Chizuru continued to pleasure her, switching between licking and biting her nipples, while her fingers continued to enter and exit Orihime’s vagina, coming out every so often to rub and pinch her clit.

The pleasure was becoming so great to Orihime, her mind felt like a haze, while an expression of bliss and pleasure crossed her face, making Chizuru slow down her actions and say. "Orihime, once I make you cum you will be bound to me as my love slave, do you still desire this fate?"

Though she already knew the answer, all Orihime could do was nod, before managing to reply. “Please take whatever free will I have left and replace it with undying loyalty and obedience to you my Mistress."

Hearing Orihime begging made Chizuru smirk, before she then said to her brainwashed love. "So be it then, I will tie your body, mind and soul to me now by making you cum."

Chizuru then lowered her head down to Orihime’s pussy and began to eat her out, sucking as hard as he could to bring Orihime to her orgasm.

And then, it happened.

Orihime cried out in ecstasy as she had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids into Chizuru's mouth, who swallowed it all, enjoying the sweetness of her Hime.

“That was very good, Orihime.” Chizuru said with a smile, before turning her attention to Tatsuki.

“Tatsuki, come over here.” She commanded, to which Tatsuki stepped forward, while Retsu stood in place, still waiting for her next command.

Tatsuki crawled towards her Mistress and licked her clean of all of Orihime’s fluids and other juices over both women, making her Mistress smirk at Tatsuki’s loyalty and seeing her no longer trying to attack her for groping Orihime, but was now happily serving her.

“Good girl.” She said, liking the new Tatsuki and her submissive attitude as she moved her fingers down to Tatsuki’s pussy, rewarding her loyalty as she began to finger her, making Tatsuki moan and cry out in pleasure.

“Mistress Chizuru, your fingers... Ah... they feel so... so good...!” Tatsuki moaned. “Please forgive my ignorance of trying to stop you from making Orihime happy in the past...”

“Of course.” Chizuru replied, before claiming Tatsuki’s lips in a deep and lustful kiss.

“So long as you continue to obey me and let me be with my Hime.” She then told Tatsuki, who could only moan and nod in reply.

For several minutes, all Tatsuki could do was moan from the pleasure her Mistress was giving her, loving the feel of Chizuru’s fingers moving in and out of her womanhood.

And just like Orihime, Tatsuki then had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids all over Chizuru’s fingers, which the redhead then removed and held them up to Orihime’s face, making the orange-haired girl blush heavily, before she slowly took the fingers of her Mistress into her mouth, licking the cum off, enjoying the taste of her slave sister.

After removing Chizuru’s fingers from her mouth, Orihime was once again rewarded with pleasure as her Mistress and Tatsuki moved behind her and groped her breasts, while Chizuru walked in front of her, moved down and began to lash at her wet pussy, making Orihime’s cheeks flush.

“Oh, Mistress... you’re fingers feel great... Ah... So deep...!” Orihime moaned, loving the feel of Tatsuki continuing to massage her breasts and her Mistress continuing to lick her vagina, their actions lasting several minutes until, with a loud cry of pure pleasure, Orihime had her climax, releasing her sexual fluids into her Mistress's’ mouth, who gladly swallowed, enjoying the taste of her Hime once again.

With her climax over and after removing her face from Orihime’s pussy, Chizuru decided to switch roles, where in she approached Tatsuki and began eating her out, while Orihime returned the pleasure Tatsuki had given her and began to massage and fondle her breasts, causing Tatsuki to let out nothing but moans of pleasure as Orihime continued groping Tatsuki’s breasts, while Chizuru’s head remained in between Tatsuki’s legs, feeling her Mistress’s tongue go deep within her pussy.

The pair continued to pleasure Tatsuki until she was unable to contain her pleasure, making her let out a loud cry of ecstasy as she had her orgasm.

And while Tatsuki was catching her breath from her climax, Chizuru turned to Orihime, pushed her onto the bed, before inserting a dildo she had brought with her to increase her ‘fun’ with her slaves deep inside of Orihime, causing her to arch her back in pleasure.

“Oh, Mistress... Ah... Oh, yes... keep going...!” Orihime moaned, loving the pleasure as she felt the dildo continue to slide in and out of her vagina, which continued for another hour, making her moans increase as they continued.

But after the hour passed, Orihime’s movements turned frantic as she could feel her orgasm approaching, causing Orihime to moan out. “Mistress, I... I cannot hold it... Ah... I’m cumming...!”

And after several more thrusts, Orihime arched her back and cried out in pure pleasure as she had her orgasm, releasing her cum all over the dildo and the bed.

With her Hime satisfied for the second time, Chizuru smiled seeing the pleasured face of her slave, before the redhead then turned her attention to Tatsuki, where she grabbed Tatsuki, laid her over the bed and inserted the dildo into ass, making Tatsuki moan out in surprise, pain and pleasure.

“Yes, oh, yes... Mistress, that’s it...!” Tatsuki cried out, making Chizuru smirk as she then pulled most of the dildo out, before she continued.

“I’m glad you like it, my slutty Tatsuki.” Chizuru replied, enjoying the dominance over the girl, making Tatsuki reply. “Yes Mistress... Ah... I... I’m your slutty Tatsuki...!”

Chizuru continued thrusting in and out of Tatsuki’s ass, making her continue to moan in pleasure, before her moans grew louder as it looked as though she was going to have her orgasm.

And after several more thrusts, Tatsuki threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as she came, experiencing her orgasm as she covered the dildo in her sexual fluids.

Chizuru grinned as she pulled the dildo out of Tatsuki, both she and Orihime moaned in pleasure as both crawled off the bed to rest, while Chizuru had energy to spare.

“Retsu, come here it’s your turn,” She called, making Retsu smile, approach her Mistress, while Chizuru removed the dildo for the time being.

“Let’s begin.” Retsu said, before she ripped off her clothes, causing Chizuru’s eyes light up in glee, with a perverted desire seeing Retsu naked, before the redhead was unable to control herself as she moved behind Retsu and groped her large tits.

“Oh, Mistress, that’s it... You are wonderful...!” Retsu moaned out from the pleasure, before it increased as Chizuru pinched and twisted and pulled Retsu’s left nipple with her left one hand, while her right had moved down, fingering Retsu’s pussy.

Retsu continued to moan from the pleasure her red-haired Mistress was giving her, causing her to rock back and forth on the fingers, while grinding her ass against her Mistress’s pussy, before Retsu was soon unable to contain herself.

“Mistress, I’m gonna... gonna cum...!” She then warned, which caused Chizuru to continue for several more minutes, until Retsu had her orgasm and cried out to her Mistress as she came all over her Mistress's’ fingers, which Chizuru then removed and licked her fingers clean, enjoying the taste of her slave’s cum.

And after cleaning her fingers, Chizuru then pushed Retsu onto the bed, before climbing on top her, kissing the Shinigami deeply and passionately, which Retsu was more than happy to return.

Breaking from her lips, Chizuru kissed down her slave’s body, kissing her neck, breasts, chest, until the redhead had reached Retsu’s pussy, which she began to lick, her tongue lashing at her folds.

“Yes... Oh, Mistress, I love it... it’s so... Ah... so good...!” Retsu moaned in pure pleasure, making Chizuru mentally smirk, before the redhead moved her head away from Retsu’s womanhood, before she repositioned herself so her pussy was above Retsu’s mouth.

Filled with lust for her Mistress, Retsu moved her head up and started to lick Chizuru’s pussy, making the redhead moan pleasurably, enjoying Retsu’s actions and enthusiasm, before Chizuru resumed to pleasure her slave, lashing at her folds.

For another thirty minutes, the pair continued eating each other out, until the redhead and her slave were unable to contain their pleasure and had their orgasms as one, releasing their sexual fluids into each other’s mouths, which they both were more than happy to swallow.

After breaking from her pussy, Chizuru sat up, removing herself from Retsu, where she said. “You have done well.”

“Now then, be a good girl and get the dildo so we can continue our fun.” Chizuru then told Retsu in a sultry tone, exciting the girl, who nodded in reply, before the Shinigami picked the dildo up in her mouth and handed it to her Mistress, who strapped it back on, laid Retsu back down and pushed it inside of her pussy, making Retsu arch her back and moan in pleasure.

“Yes... oh, yes, Mistress... Ah... That’s it... Yes...!” Retsu moaned loudly, loving the pleasure Chizuru was giving her, which caused Chizuru to smile from the combination of pleasure and the pleasure filled moans from her slave’s mouth.

As she continued, Chizuru moved up into a sitting position, pulling Retsu up with her as she continued to thrust the dildo in and out of Retsu’s vagina, before she engaged Retsu in a deep kiss that she gladly returned.

After breaking from the kiss, Chizuru continued to pleasure her slave, thrusting the dildo in and out of Retsu’s vagina for another hour, until the Shinigami then moaned out. “Mistress, I can feel it... Ah... I... I’m cumming...!”

Letting out a cry of pure ecstasy, Retsu then threw her head back as she had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids all over the dildo, before collapsing, letting the dildo slide out of her as she fell onto her back.

----End Lemon----

Chizuru smirked as she stood up and took off the dildo and heard someone knock on the door.

She walked over and opened it to see Kon, also naked, making both smirk at each other.

“So I take it you had fun?” Kon asked, looking over Chizuru’s shoulder at Orihime, Tatsuki and Retsu, who now were asleep with content and satisfied smiles on their faces, also taking in their naked forms.

“Sure did. My Hime is so wonderful and so sexy.” Chizuru replied with a grin, looking back at Orihime, before asking. “So think we should now make sure we can have fun with our slaves even when they’re not our slaves?”

“Excellent idea. We have a year before Ichigo returns, but it’s a perfect opportunity to get it done quickly so that we can work out any problems that might occur.” Kon said with a grin, causing both to laugh as they began plotting a new plan.

----One Year Later----

‘Finally I’m done with all the stuff I needed to do, I’m just glad Kon didn’t ruin my body or do something stupid.’ Ichigo thought, examining himself as he walked down the street.

“I’d better go see the others, they may have missed me.” He then said.

“Ichigo!” A familiar voice called, making him smile, turn around, where his eyes widened as he saw Orihime running over, with Tatsuki following, only something about them was different.

Orihime was wearing a black shirt covering only her shoulders, leaving half her cleavage and stomach exposed, while tight blue jeans hugged her thighs and heeled boots adorned her feet.

But what shocked Ichigo further was Tatsuki, who was wearing a pink dress that had a distinct French maid white lace pattern and showed off her bust, which appeared to be made for slight athletic purposes, while her hair had grown longer and was styled in a girly manner.

“Uh... Orihime what’re you wearing?” Ichigo asked, trying not to look down at her breasts, making Orihime smile.

“New clothes. I was feeling it was time for a little change in my wardrobe so I bought them while you were gone.” Orihime replied.

“Do you like them?” She then asked, crossing her arms under her breasts, making Ichigo blush a little and stammer. “Well, they are... definitely unique...”

“You think so? And what do you think of Tatsuki’s outfit?” Orihime asked with a grin, pulling her friend forward, which made Tatsuki blush.

“H... hello Ichigo. I... it’s good to see you again...” Tatsuki replied with a shy stutter, confusing Ichigo at her attitude.

“Uh... hey Tatsuki. I see you’ve grown your hair out.” Ichigo said, making Tatsuki smile slightly.

“Do... do you think it makes me look pretty...?” She asked playing with a strand of her hair, while Ichigo remained just as confused, trying to figure just what the heck was going on.

But being nice to her, Ichigo then answered.

Yeah, you do look pretty.” He finally said, making Tatsuki smile.

“See, told ya he’d think you were pretty.” Orihime said, before turning to Ichigo and asking. “So, do you wanna hang out now Ichigo?”

“Why not? I haven’t seen you in a year so it’d be good to catch up.” Ichigo answered with a grin, making Orihime and Tatsuki smile and nod, before the three walked off.

But as they made their way through the streets, Ichigo Sui-Feng and Yoruichi, with Sui-Feng wearing a cute girl outfit, while Yoruichi wore a short denim skirt with booty shorts underneath and she also wore a tight orange shirt that showed her midriff, but what was most surprising was Sui-Feng and Yoruichi were locked in a deep kiss, while their hands roamed around and grabbed each other’s ass.

‘Well I knew they had feelings for each other but I was sure it was just close friends.’ He thought, confused, but also happy for them since they seemed to be truly in love.

“Now Rangiku I expect you to keep up this extraordinary work rate that you’ve achieved the past year, and you just might become captain after me.” He heard a voice and turned and saw Rangiku speaking with her captain, Hitsugaya.

“Thank you, sir, I will do my best.” Rangiku said in reply, revealing she too was in a different ensemble, a tight business suit that was buttoned up showing nothing of her giant breasts apart from what could be seen from her just wearing the suit.

With their conversation over, her Captain smiled and walked off, where Rangiku noticed Ichigo, Tatsuki and Orihime, smiled and walked over to the three.

“Welcome back Ichigo, I assume that you’ve completed all your assignments for the Soul Society?” The orange haired woman asked.

“Yeah, at least I hope so. I shouldn’t be needed unless something big happens.” Ichigo replied, but had to ask. “But why are you wearing a suit?”

“I’ve been wearing a suit like this for the past year. I realized that my actions were unfit of a Shinigami such as myself so I decided to improve, I did more work at the Soul Society, I did my paperwork on time I became more respectful to my captain and things could not be better if I say so myself.” Rangiku replied with a smile.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I must report to a team meeting in twenty minutes, so see you around.” She then said, before walking off.

‘Can things get any more different?’ Ichigo thought, before getting a confirmed answer when he saw Retsu nearby, wearing a revealing dress that showed off her ‘assets’, while she flirted with two men around her age.

“Now that... that’s just strange.” Ichigo commented, just loud enough for Retsu to hear, making her smile, kiss both men on the cheek, before she approached the three.

“Uh... Retsu...” He greeted, further confused.

“Hello Ichigo, I’m so glad you’re back. I missed you.” Retsu cooed, pulling him into a hug, making Orihime glare at Retsu in jealously.

“Do you like my dress; do you think it shows my sexy body off more than my old clothes?” she asked, making Ichigo blush and pull away from her.

“Hey Retsu, leave him alone.” Orihime suddenly demanded, grabbing Ichigo’s arm, continuing to glare at the Shinigami.

“Why? Do you want him all for yourself?” Retsu asked, causing Orihime to blush slightly.

“What the heck is going on around here, did you all hit your heads or something?” Ichigo questioned, pulling around from Orihime.

“Ichigo, there you are.” He turned and saw Rukia run towards him.

“Rukia, what’s the matter?” he asked concerned.

“There is a nest of Hollows we just discovered. You’re needed to help the captains get rid of it.” Rukia said, making Ichigo nod and Retsu  smile.

“Oh, this is going to be so fun Ichigo. We’re going to spend so much more time together.” Retsu stated as she grabbed Ichigo’s arm and headed off with the orange haired man.

And once both were gone, Orihime and Tatsuki turned, their gazes falling upon the confused Rukia.

“What’re you doing here?” Orihime asked with a small frown.

However, before Rukia answered they heard a voice behind them.

“Pleasure me, my beauty.”

As they heard the voice, their eyes glazed over, including Rukia’s, before the three entranced girls turned to see Ichigo walk over, only now he had a smirk on his face to see the girls under the hypnosis.

“Kon is back in control.” He declared.

“Excellent work Rukia, it was so kind of you to keep Ichigo busy for the last year while Chizuru and I broke in our new slaves.” Kon then told Rukia as he cupped and stroked her cheek.

“Thank you Master Kon. I live to serve you and Mistress Chizuru.” Rukia replied with a content smile, making Kon smile back, remembering  the day after Ichigo and Chizuru met and came up with their plan, they managed to get Rukia hypnotized so she could help them and managed to keep Ichigo occupied in the Soul Society.

“Ah, there you are.”

Hearing her voice, Kon looked behind Rukia and smirked to see Chizuru walk over with a grin, where the redhead then asked. “So you ready for some more time alone with our slaves?”

“Yep.” Kon replied, excited, before asking. “Who do you want this time?”

“Well I had my Hime all week last week, so I’ll take Tatsuki today.” Chizuru said, grabbing Tatsuki’s hand, making her blush as she followed her Mistress back to her place, knowing the moment they got there, Chizuru would be all over her, pleasuring her in ways that would leave her panting, sweating and begging for more.

And with Chizuru heading off, Kon faced Orihime and Rukia.

“Come along my darlings, we’ve got a lot of fun to have before Ichigo returns.” He instructed, causing both girls to smile at their Master, before they walked off to Ichigo’s apartment, where Kon wrapped his arms around Orihime and Rukia, pulling them close and placing his hands on the girl’s butts, while he thought of all the fun he was going to have with his slaves, as well as the fun he’d have in the future.

The End.

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