Magenta Beneath Purple

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Magenta beneath Purple

Riruka peeked out from beneath her cover, hearing her opponents cry's from being smothered with her cute stuffed animals. The black haired soul reaper was having a hard time trying to get by them without actually trying to cut them. Her back was completely open to the fullbringer. 'Maybe I should just shoot…' but as she aimed her weapon at Rukia, she sensed something outside the pocket dimension the two were in. She felt the spiritual pressures of Giriko, Jackie, and Tsukishima all vanish. 'What!? They're all dead! NO!'

Now as she sat there contemplating the loss of her companions, new fears began to arise. Yukio's pocket dimension would only open if one of them was left standing, but even if she did win the fight and kill this girl, she'd be going from the frying pan into the incinerator. She'd be outnumbered and worse Ichigo, who would most likely already hate her guts for what she's done, would be even more enraged at the thought of his best friend dead at her hands. But since she couldn't run away, she knew that only one option remained. 'Oh well, if this is the only way, so be it'. She aimed her gun back at Rukia's exposed back. Before she fired, Riruka adjusted it to "Ultra L" setting and fired….

Rukia was trying to shake off the rabbit on her left leg when she felt her body struck by something, right in her back. It wasn't something solid like a bullet and it didn't harm her like a cero would, but she felt it. But as she reeled back from the impact she started feeling something else. She felt … hot. Her body felt like it was being bathed in warmth. Rukia's knees started to shake as the sensations racked her body with pleasure. Whatever reason that Rukia had had now begun to break down in seconds, with her hands going to her breasts; fondling them as she pinched her nipples, letting out a lewd moan. Before she could react, thin arms crept around her, joining her hands in fondling her nipples.

"I just realized: why are we fighting? I think it's more preferable for the both of us if we went with an unconventional type of close-quarters combat." Riruka whispered into her ear, giving the earlobe a little suck. Her hands turned the blushing girl around before turning their attention to her clothes. In a few short moments the lieutenant was on her knees before her attacker naked as the day she was born. "My my, you look sooooo cute!" said the fullbringer reaching for her own clothes. In a flash, gone was her dress, freeing her breasts into the cool air, and then she reached down and peeled off her heart-covered panties, revealing her wet maidenhood to the lust-filled girl. Getting down on her knees she pulled Rukia into a passionate kiss.

Rukia moaned into Riruka's mouth at the feeling of her tongue entering hers. When they separated Rukia reached forward, grabbing her head and pulled her into another fervent kiss, their tongues mixing and battling each other. As they pulled themselves closer into a tight embrace, their breasts came into contact, gently rubbing against each other. She could feel her nipples harden as they connected with Riruka's, making the pleasure all the more intense. As they were making out, she could feel the magenta-haired girl grip her ass and gently massaged her cheeks, making her body tremble at the touch.

Riruka inwardly grinned at her reaction. To make the aroused girl even more pliable to her needs, she directed her hand to Rukia's dripping pussy. The kiss between them was broken as Rukia threw her head back when she took the opportunity to start rubbing her delicate folds. Riruka sucked on her skinny neck, licking and nipping her soft skin.

To Rukia the pleasure was more then she can bear. As her opponent started rubbing her clit the coil in her stomach snapped. "I'M-I'M CUMMMING!" Her tight hole gushed with silver juices, soaking Riruka's hand with it. As she climaxed her body shook like a leaf in the wind while Riruka held her. As she panted she laid her head on her shoulder, taking deep breaths while coming down.

The horny fullbringer licked the juices off her hand, the flavor turning her on more and more. She could feel her own juices start to drip down her leg as she was licking her hand. "Mmmmh… for a stupid soul reaper you taste so good!" When Rukia lifted her head she saw that the same lustful glint in her eyes were still there. It didn't surprise her; she knew that her fullbring's effect wouldn't end just like that. 'Speaking of which….'She took her gun and held it to her front of her. Setting it to "P" mode, she pointed the gun at herself and pulled the trigger.

Rukia thought she was going to fire one of those amazing beams again, but her assumption was wrong. With a bright flash of light the gun disappeared, taking on a new shape. Around her crotch was a large bright pink strap-on. With a hungry look in her eyes she slowly grabbed the base of the cock, marveling at how warm it was. It was almost like she was touching a real one.

"You like? Thanks to the power your friend loaned me, I can bear my fullbring like a mantle. Well, maybe not a mantle but you get the idea." She directed the head of her phallus to Rukia's lips. "Well? You know what to do." said with a cocky smirk.

Rukia didn't waste any time in giving the smug girl head. Thanks to previous experiences, she could do a mean blowjob. Her tongue slid and licked the underside of the shaft. Her irrational mind took pleasure in how warm it was. She took it until the head hit the back of her throat, then preceded to go further, giving her a nice deepthroat. Her hands, meanwhile, snaked up to squeeze her lovely breasts.

Riruka was in heaven. She moaned in absolute bliss, enjoying the feel of Rukia's cute mouth. Because her strap-on was an extension of her own power she could feel everything, as if she really did have a hard cock. The feeling of Rukia's deepthroat felt amazing. To add to her own pleasure along with her hands giving her tits a good massage, Rukia hummed at the taste and flavor of her cock, moaning deeply. Riruka felt the vibrations echoing throughout her body, making her moan as well. "Ooooh! You're so good at this! You must be the whore of soul society!" Despite her obvious insult, she felt the girl chuckle, taking it as a compliment. But as much as she enjoyed watching her debase herself before her enemy, she knew she couldn't cum. Not yet, anyway. "Stop!"

Rukia slid the hard phallus out of her mouth, head making a tiny plop! as it left her lips. Her disappointment turned to confusion as she saw the girl call forth one of her stuffed bears. As the creature moved toward them, Riruka ordered it to sit with its arms and leg out. She hopped onto it and sat down like it was her personal throne in her own kingdom. As her eyes connected with Rukia's she beckoned her with a finger; a sultry smile on her face. Rukia panted as she made her way to Riruka; climbing on top of her until she was resting on her lap. "Please," she whispered, "Fuck me!"

"As you wish cutie." Riruka kissed her passionately as she lined the head of her fullbring to Rukia's dripping cunt. She gripped her hips as she impaled the girl with her hard shaft. She pulled her down all the way to the strap-on's hilt. The warmth of the soul reapers tight hole was sheer bliss for her. As she started raising the girl back up, she could hear her moan from the feeling of being emptied, only to bring her back down hard on her cock.

"OH FUCK! FUCK ME!" was all Rukia could let out over her loud moans, as the girl drove her up and down on her shaft she gripped Riruka's shoulders, giving her even more leverage. She arched her back as she rode Riruka as if it was the last fuck of her life. She could feel the cock being driven deeper and deeper inside her warm depths, bringing her mind to the brink of ecstasy. Her arching caused her breasts to be shoved right in front of Riruka's face. Riruka took that moment to suckle on her cute breasts, delighting in the taste of her sweet nipples. She could feel her release coming again, this time with the force of train.

Riruka could feel her own orgasm coming as well. The feeling of Rukia's tight, wet hole was too much for the fullbringer, 'So this is what men feel…' Regardless, she knew that the moment of her plan's critical moment was coming. As much as she wanted to enjoy the moment she knew she needed a bit of clarity to make it work. She increased her thrusting into Rukia's pussy, reveling at the feeling.

Rukia was on the brink of ecstasy when she felt the Fullbringer pull her head into a tight kiss. She moaned into it as she could feel the hard cock fill her again and again. Finally, once again she threw her head back, the pleasure too much to bear for hear. "I'M GONNA CUM!"

The magenta-eyed grinned as she felt the girl's hole begin to tighten like a vise around her cock. The tension was too much for her, bringing her to an orgasm as well. 'This is it!' Her body began to glow as she fucked her with a few hard thrusts"Rukia Kuchiki! I PERMIT YOU!" she screamed as she came into Rukia's hungry pussy. As she was climaxing her body continued to glow brighter and brighter….

Rukia couldn't ponder why she was glowing or the mysterious meaning of her words when she came at that moment. The pleasure that washed over her was too much for her, making her howl from it. It was easily the greatest orgasm of her life. But as she was reveling in the pleasure she could feel Riruka come inside her. But something was off, it didn't feel like semen she was getting pumped with, it felt something else. Suddenly she was filled with happiness, as if her whole being was smothered with sweetness and love. As her body was filled with Riruka's spiritual energy, she saw the girl literally explode in a flash of light, leaving the sweating, panting girl lying on top of the teddy bear, an "R" mark appearing over her heart.

"What? Where… did she… go…." Was all she could say before collapsing. Violet eyes closed from weariness and pleasure.

But when they opened they were a lovely shade of magenta….


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