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Karakura High School: 3:10 P.M.

Ryo & Co. POV

School had just let out, and the gang was walking out the school gates when Ichigo suddenly jumped. "What is it, Ichigo?" asked Keigo. Their orange-haired friend reached into his pocket, pulling out a weird looking medallion. To their puzzlement Ichigo acted like the object set his hand on fire, juggling it before shoving it back into his pocket.

Heading back into the school, Ichigo waved to his friends. "Sorry guys! I gotta go back inside. Forgot something!" The gang watched as he disappeared back into the building.

Orihime, Uryu and Chad, knowing Ichigo's secret, shrugged and kept walking. Tatsuki and Keigo, who were used to this behavior by now, left along with them. But as Michiru and Mahana turned to leave Ryo stopped them. "Wait." The two turned to look at her.

Michiru was the first to speak. "What is it, Ryo? Did you forget something too?"

The dark haired girl shook her head. "Where does he go? Why does he keep ditching us? Aren't we friends?" The girl pondered it for a moment before deciding. "C'mon. We're gonna go see where Ichigo's going." The two watched as she walked back into the school. They both looked at each other before taking off after her, deciding that they too were curious about Ichigo's constant disappearing act.

The trio searched high and low throughout the school for Ichigo; but finally, as Michiru stuck her head in their third-hour classroom she saw a head of orange-hair. "Found him!"

As they entered the classroom, Ryo closed the door. They walked around the teacher's desk and saw Ichigo slumped over, leaning against it. Mahana nudged Ichigo, who didn't budge. "He's asleep? Why didn't he just go home if he's going to fall asleep?"

Ryo tsked, a bit annoyed at Ichigo's lack of movement. "I don't know. Well," she shrugged, "That's one mystery solved, I guess." She headed for the door. "C'mon. Let's leave Ichigo to his beauty sleep." Her hand grabbed the doorknob and twisted it.

It didn't budge.

"What!" Ryo banged on the door to no avail. "Hey! We're trapped in here!" Michiru and Mahana exchanged scared looks before joining her in banging on the door. To their dismay they saw that the thick door was still blocking their way. And since they were on the top floor they couldn't just climb out a window.

"What do we do?" Mahana asked, scared, "I think the janitor already left for the day."

Ryo kept calm and thought about it. "We need to wake up Ichigo. He should be strong enough to kick down the door." The two brunettes looked at each other and nodded.

Going back to Ichigo, they tried their best to wake him up. But no matter how much shaking or shouting they did, he didn't even stir. Mahana, having a curious idea, spoke up. "Maybe he's like Sleeping Beauty? You have to kiss him to awaken." Both Ryo and Michiru looked at her like she'd lost her mind. Regardless of their opinion Mahana got down on her knees and leaned close, kissing Ichigo on the lips.

Ryo watched as Mahana kissed Ichigo and felt a tinge of jealousy. She never got the attention of the boys. Still, as Mahana drew back they saw disappointingly that Ichigo was still asleep. She did, however, still spy something waking up in his pants. "Well, you woke something up." She pointed to Ichigo's pitched tent.

Michiru, the shy one, kept back as Mahana examined it curious. Her curiosity got the better of her and she unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. "Mahana!" Michiru shrieked, covering her eyes, "What are you doing?!"

"Well we're going to be here until someone lets us out. I thought we might have some fun." Mahana finished taking off Ichigo's pants. Three girls stared in awe at Ichigo's throbbing manhood, a good nine inches with enough girth to make even Mahana stare in shock. "Wow! He's bigger than I thought!" Ryo cocked her head at the statement, wondering how many times she wondered how big Ichigo's cock was.

Before either Ryo or Michiru could stop her Mahana bent down and licked the tip of it. "Wow, Ichigo's so hot…" Michiru stared slack-jawed as Mahana bobbed her head up and down, sucking off Ichigo.

Ryo, getting wet at the sight of her friend giving head, got down on her knees. "Move over, Mahana. I want some of this too!" Mahana watched with a gleam in her eye as Ryo undid her school uniform and took off her shirt, exposing her c-cup chest to the girls. "This is getting me really hot!" Ryo bent down and licked Ichigo's hard shaft, enjoying the taste of him on her tongue. Mahana joined her licking, first taking off her shirt as well, and gave the head a good licking as if it were an ice-cream cone.

Michiru watched as her friends gave Ichigo oral. Not sure of what she should do. She couldn't deny that this was beyond hot but she was always a little afraid of Ichigo. Looking at his sleeping face, however, assuage her fears. 'He looks so peaceful… not like his usual scowling self.' Deciding to take a risk she got down next to Mahana and kissed Ichigo, finding she like the feel of his lips against hers.

Ryo, emboldened as she sucked Ichigo's balls, stood up. The two brunettes watched as she pulled down her skirt and underwear revealing her wet pussy, dripping wet from giving head. "That's it. I want to take this further." Mahana scooted back as Ryo straddled his lap.

Michiru covered her shocked mouth with her hands. "Ryo! Aren't you a virgin? You're just gonna lose it here?" Even as she spoke, however, she could feel her own pussy start to drip down her leg.

Ryo hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Yeah, I've always wanted to give myself to a handsome man, and now's the best chance I've got." She lined up Ichigo's cock to her small snatch and dropped her hips. She sighed as she sank down, taking Ichigo deeper inside her. Reaching her barrier Ryo took a deep breath and pushed herself down, tearing right threw it. "AHH!" she yelled. She was taught that having her barrier taken hurt but still.

Mahana looked at her friend with concern, her face showed she was in some pain but Ryo was undeterred. Slowly she brought her hips back up and brought herself down. Ryo closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of Ichigo's cock pushing deeper into her with every thrust. Arching her back, her eyes widened as Mahana, feeling left out as Michiru continued kissing Ichigo and Ryo kept riding him, sucked on Ryo's breasts, moaning at the taste of her soft skin.

Ichigo, who had not stirred in the slightest, was unaware of the situation as his friend rode him cowgirl-style. She bounced in his lap as she felt herself being carried away from the pleasure. Unknown to her, Ichigo's body was starting to reach its peak….

Mahana, taking her lips off Ryo's pink nipple turned to Michiru and undid the girl's bow and shirt, stripping her out of her clothes. Michiru, too meek to fight back and also aroused as her friends, cooed as Mahana cupped her small breasts and played with her hardened nipples. Turning around Michiru pulled Mahana into a tender kiss, their breasts pressing against each other as they embraced.

Ryo saw her friends fondling each other and that turned her on even more. She bounced on Ichigo's lap like she was in a bouncy castle. "I'm gonna… I'm gonna… I'M GONNA CUM!" she yelled. She threw her head back and cried out as she came, feeling Ichigo's cock explode inside her. "YEEESSS!" She snuggled into Ichigo's chest, trying to soak up any lingering warmth. She was surprised when he stirred and gasped in shock and horror as Ichigo's eyes opened!

Ichigo POV
2 Minutes Ago….

Ichigo had finished slaying a small frog-like hollow, Uryu coming along for back-up. "You know, Uryu, I don't know why you felt you needed to come with me. I could've handled on my own."

The Quincy scoffed at the remark as he pushed his glasses up. They were standing on top of a building opposite the school. "Someone had to make sure you didn't make a mess. And…." Words failed him as his sharp eyesight spotted what was going on in their classroom. "Ichigo… did you leave your body at school?" Ichigo nodded. "You… you might wanna go back to it. Right now!" The Quincy turned and walked away, his cheeks turning beet-red from what he saw.

Ichigo wondered what he meant but hurried to the school. He didn't know what Uryu saw but suddenly he was starting to wish he'd brought Kon along with him to school. Jumping through the open window he was flabbergasted at the sight before him. Michiru and Mahana, both shirtless, were making out with each other as Ryo, who was fully naked, was riding his body like a stallion! "What. The. HELL!?"

He immediately entered his body but he was too late to stop himself from cumming inside Ryo. Opening his eyes, he gawked at Ryo as she lay in his lap, a fucked-stupid smile on her face as she snuggled into him. "What on earth are you three doing!"

Ryo & Co. POV

All three of them stared at Ichigo in shock. Ryo, still connected with Ichigo, blushed as she quickly thought up of something to say. She found her nerve as Ichigo pulled her off of him and set her down on a desk. "We got locked in here looking for you. So we decided to have some fun. And from the way you came inside me," she gestured to her leaking pussy, "you seemed to enjoy it too."

Ichigo stared at the girl. He couldn't deny how good it felt feeling her hot pussy as he woke but he had concerned. "But aren't you concerned about…you know… consequences?"

Ryo shrugged and hopped off the desk, pulling up Mahana and setting her onto of the teacher's desk. "It's alright. We can just go and get the pill afterward. No worries!"

Ichigo cocked his head at her words. "We?"

Mahana pressed her legs close, knowing what Ryo had in mind and let her take off her skirt and panties before spreading her legs before Ichigo. Ryo gestured to Ichigo as she walked to the other side of the desk. "Why don't you have some fun with Mahana and Michiru too? They sure look ready and willing."

Ichigo wanted to say no but he saw the look on Mahana's face. Standing there with his still-hard cock out and watching Mahana finger herself made any thought of leaving the room die quietly. Pulling off his shirt he walked over to the girls and got between her legs. "Mahana, are you sure?"

The small girl nodded. She knew from watching Ryo that it would hurt, since this was her first time but she was determined all the same. Michiru, staring at the scene meekly and wondering what to do, took off her skirt and underwear so that she'd be naked along with her friends. Mahana cringed as Ichigo slid himself in slowly, not wanting to hurt her. When he came upon her barrier Mahana wrapped her arms around his neck and nodded. Ichigo made a sharp thrust and punched through it, regretting the pain on her face but inwardly enjoying the hot feel of her tight, deflowered pussy. "Are you ok, Mahana?"

She nodded. "Please, Ichigo, fuck me!" It was a little awkward for all four of them, Mahana included, to hear her talk dirty but it turned Ichigo on. Drawing his hips back he slammed into her, making Mahana shake in pleasure as she wrapped her legs around him. Mahana moaned like she'd never before as Ichigo plowed into her, his thick cock plunging into her tight depths. "AH! Ichigo! You're so big! My cunt feels so stuffed!"

Ryo, who was turned on by Mahana's dirty talk walked over to where Michiru sat. Pushing several desks together Ryo pushed Michiru down on top of them before getting on top of the brunette. "Michiru, why don't we have some fun too?" Michiru slid her hands and groped Ryo's soft ass as she kissed her. Sitting up she pulled apart Michiru's legs and pressed her cum filled pussy against hers, scissoring with her friend.

Back on the teachers table Mahana was having the time of her life. Ichigo palmed her bouncing breasts as she arched her back moaning in pleasure. Ichigo saw Mahana's sex-face and just the sight of it got him close. "Mahana, I'm gonna cum again!"

"Me too! I'm so close! Cum inside me!" Mahana's vision blurred and she screamed in ectastsy as came. "ICHIGO!" Ichigo closed his eyes, throwing his head back and moaned her name as her tight pussy squeezed the cum out of him, filling her up. Mahana's eyes rolled into the back of her head as her womb was filled. "Ichigo… so hot…so good…" She squeezed her breasts and smile as the hot cum seeped into her.

Pulling out, Ichigo wiped his brow and turned to his other friends. Ryo threw her head back and moaned as she rubbed clit, cumming along with Michiru on the desk as they scissored. "Ah! Ahhhhh!" As she came down from her high Ryo looked and saw Ichigo pull out of Mahana and smiled. "Ichigo," she said as she untangled her legs from Michiru and sat the brunette upright. Nodding at Mahana, she picked up Michiru and carried her over to the table as Mahana hopped off. Laying her down on the table Ryo grabbed Ichigo's cock and worked it back to hardness with her soft hand. "Why don't you and Michiru get better acquainted."

Michiru gave Ichigo a week smile as she spread her legs, a little scared. "Don't be scared, Michiru," Mahana whispered into her ear, "It's going to feel soo good."

Like he did with Mahana Ichigo slowly popped the head of his newly erected cock into her wet folds and slid in. Ichigo's eyes almost crossed at the tightness. She was way tighter than Mahana and Ryo. "So tight, Michiru!" Deciding to just go with it Ichigo pistoned all the way into her. Tears fell down Michiru's eyes as her virginity was taken but Mahana wiped them away. "Just relax, Ichigo feels so good inside you, doesn't he?"

Unlike before, Ichigo had gotten into the swing of things and started a brisk and brutal pace, setting Michiru's legs on his shoulders and going deeper into her with every thrust. Michiru saw stars as Ichigo fucked her, her tongue sticking out as Ichigo punched his way past her cervix into the deepest part of her womanhood. "AHHH! ICHIGO! OOOOOH!"

Ryo and Mahana weren't idle while Michiru was getting pounded. Getting back on top of Ryo's makeshift table Mahana lay on the bottom licking Ryo's hungry snatch while Ryo lay on top of her licking Mahana's. They both could taste Ichigo's' cum leaking from each other and they licked it up like it was a delicious cream-filling.

Ichigo was beginning to lose himself again. Not once, not twice but three times in a row he fucked a tight virgin and the hot tightness of it made him snap. "Michiru! I'm gonna cum!"

"OHHHH! ME TOO! ICHIGO! ICHIGOOOOOO!" Michiru screamed as they came together. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head her tight hole squirted around Ichigo's cock, all the while moaning as her belly was filled with hot spunk.

Pulling out of Michiru, Ichigo sat down and took a deep breath, his eyes swirling from the hot sex. Ryo and Mahana, who were finished eating each other, got off of each other and licked each other's faces. Michiru, who recovered from her star-blown orgasm, decided to cut in before they spent all night here. "Um… guys? I think we forgot about the door." She pointed to the closed door, still shut.

As Ichigo got his clothes back on Ryo nodded. "Yeah, good point. Still, it was fun!" The three girls put their clothes back on as Ichigo headed for the door. "Ichigo, you think you can get it open? We couldn't even bud-"

She was cut off after Ichigo Spartan-kicked the door down. "Well ok then!" The four proceed to walk out of the school together. Before they separated, Ryo grabbed Michiru and Mahana. "Don't worry Ichigo! We're gonna go over and get the pills now so you don't have anything to worry about!"

Mahana waved as they walked away. "Bye, Ichigo! See you tomorrow!" Michiru gave a weak smile and waved, a little embarrassed over what transpired over the four of them.

Ichigo shook his head as they walked away Ichigo shook his head. "Yep! Definitely bringing Kon with me next time. Consequences be damned…."

The next day everyone was wondering why the classroom door was kicked open and their teacher kept wrinkling her nose, as if her desk smelled for some unknown reason. When Ichigo saw Uryu the Quincy started to laugh but stopped when he saw Ichigo's scowl.

"So… had fun, did we?"


The End.


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