Halibel's Fourth Fracción

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Halibel's Fourth Fracción

Shortly after Ichigo regained his powers….
Hueco Mundo; Las Noches

The new queen of Hueco Mundo looked around and saw no sign of her subordinates. "Hmm…where could they be this time?"

Ever since she took over as ruler of Hueco Mundo now that Aizen and Barragan were gone Halibel had been focusing on rebuilding Las Noches. The process was slowgoing since Yammy had wrecked the place pretty bad and Grimmjow was hardly anywhere to be found. On the plus side, Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-Sun were taking delight in going through their deceased comrade's quarters, finding odd trinkets and curiosities.

Walking down the hallway, Halibel saw several destroyed pillars and sighed. "At this rate, it'll take forever to rebuild this place." With the threat of Aizen and Barragan no longer looming over them, almost all of the Numeros had fled Las Noches to pursue their own interests. Halibel had been working to get them back over to her side but like with the reconstruction efforts it was slowgoing.

Hearing clattering sounds, Halibel walked down the corridor to the ruins of Szayelapporo's palace. The place had been destroyed in the battle against the Soul Reapers and his vault had been ransacked but her Fracción were having fun digging through the remains. Feeling the rays of the artificial sun come down on her, Halibel walked over to the three who were gathered around a hole. "Well now, I see a bunch of idle hands standing around," she chastised. If they weren't fighting they were goofing around, much to her irritation.

Sung-Sun bowed as their master approached. "Our apologies, Master Halibel. But we were discussing about this."

Crossing her arms, Halibel looked at her subordinates with an irritated look. "Yes. It is a hole. Very impressive," she sarcastically said.

Mila Rose was the next to bow in apology. "It's not what you think," she quickly said, hoping that her master wouldn't punish them. "We were clearing the rubble and discovered this entrance."

Her interest piqued, Halibel moved closer and peered down the hole. She saw the rungs of a ladder and raised an eyebrow.

Apacci peered down below with a curious look. "Weird. The Soul Reaper who killed Szayelapporo took everything in the vault. So what's this? His panic room?"

Mila Rose bonked her on the head. "You dolt! He was an Espada. Why the hell would a an Espada have a panic room?!"

"Hey, don't hit me, Mila Rose!" Apacci shouted in anger.

Before the obvious scuffle could occur, Halibel held a hand up and silenced the duo. "Enough," she said before climbing into the hole. "Follow me. We'll see where it leads."

The four ventured down the hole, which almost seem to be neverending as they descended down the ladder. Finally, after several minutes of climbing down the ladder, the reached the end. "Geez, it's dark!" Apacci complained as she struggled to see. "There a light in here?"

Halibel reached into the darkness and found a wall. Running her hand along it, she found what felt to be a large button and pushed it. As she did, the lights that had been installed turned on, revealing the chamber's contents. Halibel had to fight the urge to throw up in her mask when she saw the disgusting creations suspended in vats, diabolical tools and machines litering the benches. Sung-Sun shivered as she stood behind her master. "What…what is this place?"

"If I had to guess…" Halibel said as she walked over to a desk cluttered with papers. "I'd say this was Szayelapporo's secret laboratory. Hmm…" she looked over the papers and while most of the scientific jargon went over her head she was able to understand the general ideas. "It seems he and Lord Aizen were continuing Hollowfication experiments on Humans."

"That's dumb," Mila Rose said. "Souls become Hollows naturally through the Encroachment. What would be the point of researching Hollowfication on Humans?"

"Hmm…" Halibel sifted through the papers until she found the answer. "It seems Lord Aizen was interested in Hollowfying certain Humans in Karakura Town." She went through the profiles of the Humans that her former master was interested in. She looked over at the tools and pulled out a small orb. "Hmm…it seems Szayelapporo was able to mimic the Hogyoku's Hollowfication functions. Interesting…."

Though her master's face was covered, Sung-Sun could tell that Halibel was smiling. "What are you thinking, Master Halibel?"

"These Humans. If they interested Aizen then they must have some worth."

Apacci peeked at the list of names and paled. "Um…Master? Those are the Substitute Soul Reaper's friends; those who have spiritual awareness? Are we sure we should mess with them?" She pointed up and gestured to the ruined palace above them. "He turned the place into a madhouse when we kidnapped that princess of his. If we kidnapped his friends and turn them into Arrancars he'll be really mad." She was concerned since she knew that Ichigo Kurosaki was able to beat Aizen, which meant he was a viable threat to her master.

Leaning back against the table Halibel tapped her chin. Apacci brought up a good point. Ichigo Kurosaki was not one to be trifled with and she had wish to make him her enemy again. She looked over the list again until her eyes focused on a single person. "Hmm…perhaps, Apacci. But…" when she looked up her emerald eyes gleamed with a deviousness that was strangely exotic to her friends, "If that person does not wish to be rescued, then he cannot do anything, now is there?"

The Tres Bestia looked at each other before looking at the name Halibel was pointing to. When they read about this Human all three grinned from ear to ear. "Does this mean we're going to get a new sister, Master Halibel?"

"Oh yes…" the lesbian Arrancar said. "Let's go appropriate our new comrade…."As the four left, Halibel let the papers fall to the floor. On them were the names, locations and their photos.

The one that Halibel was interested in was Chizuru Hondo.

Karakura Town

Off in the distance, Orihime and Tatsuki left the clothing shop. The two were getting new clothes for the summer and had gotten cute clothes. Hiding across the road in the bushes was a certain redhead lesbian, focusing on her object of affection through binoculars. She licked her lips when she saw the smiling face of her crush and cursed that she couldn't get closer. When she'd learned that Orihime was going clothes shopping Tatsuki had warned her to stay away. She'd almost clobbered her the last time she'd caught her peeking in the changing room.

"Grrr!" Chizuru bristled in anger. "How am I supposed to get close to her without that gorilla getting in the way."

A voice piped in from behind and Chizuru gasped when a foot stepped on her back. "I think you have bigger problems, Chizuru."

When the redhead turned her head, she saw three bizarre women standing over her. "Who…who are you?" she gasped in terror from the bestial expressions, like they were predators cornering their prey.

"Your new sisters," the bluenette said.

Chizuru opened her mouth scream out, hoping that Orihime and Tatsuki were still close by. But the large dark-skinned woman put a rag to her face and Chizuru quickly lost consciousness when she breathed in the fumes.

As the teen lost consciousness, Mila Rose picked her up and slung her over her shoulder. "We sure this girl will make a good Arrancar?" she said as she looked at the girl apprehensively.

"Are you questioning Master Halibel's judgement?" Apacci asked in annoyance.

"No, but-"

"If you're quite finished," Sung-Sun interjected, "We should leave before Ichigo Kurosaki senses us. I have no wish to get crushed in this town a second time."

For once her sisters were in agreement and they quickly opened up a Garganta and left Karakura Town, leaving Chizuru's friends none the wiser that she was abducted by the Tres Bestia….

Las Noches; Throne Room

The three girls arrived into the throne room and saw their leader waiting for them. Halibel had been busy moving several of Szayelapporo's devices out of his secret lab and was busy examining them. "We have her, Master Halibel," Sung-Sun said as Mila Rose carried Chizuru with them.

"Excellent." Halibel stood in front of a large apparatus which looked sinister in its design. "Then let's begin converting her into our new comrade."

"If I may, Master?" Apacci asked.

"Go ahead."

Apacci looked at the sleeping Chizuru with apprehensive eyes. "I know she's special as far as Humans go but she seems like she'd make a weak Hollow."

Halibel grabbed the small orb and walked over to the trio. "If Aizen and Szayelapporo's research is anything to go by, all of Ichigo Kurosaki's allies are spiritually aware and have hidden powers locked within them. Szayelapporo thought that Hollowfication could bring these abilities out. Even if he's wrong…" she reached over and caressed Chizuru's cheek. "It matters little. She'll still make a nice playmate for us."

That last sentence made the Tres Bestia grin. With the reconstruction efforts the four women had been neglecting their personal desires and now they had an opportunity to liven things up a little. Mila Rose laid Chizuru onto the ground and waited for her leader to begin.

Clicking a button, Halibel watched as the orb came to life, the white orb pulsing with the black energy of Hollowfication. Kneeling down, she undid Chizuru's buttoned-up shirt until the girl's chest was exposed. Taking the orb, she pressed against the spot where Chizuru's Soul Chain would be if she had been knocked out of her body. The orb opened up and expanded, swallowing the lesbian whole inside of it. "Quickly," Halibel instructed, lifting the large orb up. Mila Rose helped her carry it to the apparatus in the middle of the room. The metal arms clamped down on the giant orb and began to revolve around it, black electricity arcing out of it as it continued the process of Hollowfication. "What does this thing do, Master?" Sung-Sun asked as it continued to spin.

"The orb that Chizuru was encased creates a gas that causes accelerated Encroachment. Think of it as a Hollowfying Egg," Halibel explained as the machine spun on. "The rest of the machine converts her physical body into raw spiritual power, bypassing the need to remove her Chain of Fate. It only works for special people like her though," she pointed out.

"I see," Sung-Sun said as she watched the machine go to work. "So when will it be finished Hollowfying her?" No sooner did she say that when they all her a resounding noise come from the Egg.


The Egg exploded in a whirl of energy, almost knocking Halibel and her subordinates off their feet. While the Tres Bestia regained their bearings after the explosion, Halibel walked forward to the shattered remains of the Egg. In the middle of the contraption lay Chizuru, now transformed into an Arrancar. Naked as the day she was born, the redhead now had a Hollow hole on her chest. Multiple horns poked out of her head as she lay there, taking deep breaths as she regained consciousness. Sitting up, the newly created Arrancar looked up at the woman standing over her confused. "What the? Where am I?" Her eyes locked with Halibel's and a shiver ran down her spine. 'Who are you?"

"I am Tier Halibel." The woman held out her hand to Chizuru and smiled wickedly behind her mask.

"You are Chizuru Hondo, my new Fracción."

To be continued

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