How Did it Come to This?

BY : Itzago-Lukia
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           Greetings world and all who inhabit! First, I’d like to thank anyone who reads this. It’s my first fan fic.  I’m not a very good writer, but I’m hoping to get better.

           Originally this was supposed to be a relatively short fic, but it there was so much that I wanted to add. Then I thought I should make it a two parter. There is also a chance I might add a second chapter or follow up. Anyway, without further dudes, please enjoy this lemon. 


How did it come to this?

                How did it come to this? Everything happened so fast. It was just supposed to be a simple get together. We would all watch Chad’s fight, the kids would play, and we’re would all catch up. But now his hand has gone to my cheek, after brushing my hair behind my ear. Those brown orbs full of passion were beaming down a signal that I’ve missed. He almost looked exhausted. As if he was holding on to something for so long and he finally had the chance to let it go. He was breathing heavy, yet quiet.

                How did it come to this? How did the right strap on my dress end up untied? I’m trying my best to remember how this all got started, but whenever I try, I get called back to the present when I hear him moan my name.


                It all happened so fast. The fight ended in a two minutes and seven seconds. We could all see Chad was trying to give everybody a good show. He had to be careful with the fragile bodies of professional boxers. If he used more than 10% of his full strength, he would turn the bones of mere mortals to powder with one punch.

                “Ahh Rukia.”

                And I’m back again to observe the present. I look up into his eyes again. They are half lidded, but starring with enough fire to melt me after using my bankai. I see him smile and fight back a noise that tried to escape past his perfect lips. I can see that he loves looking into my eyes. Although I hope the expression on my face isn’t too lurid. Hopefully he can see the compassion and devotion, I still have for him.

                Okay, luckily, I’m somewhat good at multitasking. So, let’s try to remember how the hell we got here? How did I end up on my knees? After the fight, we were chatting with our friends.  My husband--his wife--are downstairs with everyone else. Conversing. Laughing. He is holding his shirt with one hand. I can see his abs are still very prominent despite all the rest we have all had from battle.  I was sitting next to him on the couch. I could pick up his scent. Hell, I could smell him well when we first arrived. Now I’m close enough for it to be intoxicating.  

                “Oh…god, Rukia…”

                He whispers his admiration, yet it echoes within me. He blinks slowly, not trying to miss a second of my work. We’re both in disbelief I guess. How did I end up with my best friend’s cock in my mouth? His pants are midway down his thighs. His hand that was on my check as moved to my hair again. He smiles. I think he likes how long it’s gotten. All the better to pull when he’s behind me. My hands…my left is on his firm butt pushing his lower half forward. My right hand, beyond slick with my saliva, has moved from holding the base of him to lightly touch and tease his balls. I needed to move my had to have enough free up space so I could take him in his entirety.                

                Now that he’s all in, my moans are no more than hums around him. His grip on my hair got a little tighter. He always was a nice fit. Large of enough for me to be proud that I could tame such a beast, but not big enough to be uncomfortable. Eight solid inches thick meaty goodness, that I’ve missed having down my throat and other places of course. Oh no, what am I saying? I’m not supposed to be thinking this. But how could I not, my head is bobbing quickly. Back and forth from his sixth inch back down to his eighth.

                I slow down my pace so I can think. My checks hollow as I raise from his eighth, slowly back, back, back, back, just enough for the ridge of his head to touch the back inside of my lips. And back down I go to take him all the way in. His eyes clench tightly at the teasing. I hear him mumble a few curses. I smile to myself. It hit me! I remember! Him and I got up from the couch while were arguing. I was getting cotton mouth from dealing with the fool! I needed some water. He was even yelling at me while I was drinking! I couldn’t retort! I put down the glass and looked at him. We both smiled. We started laughing. Just like old times.

                I noticed there were some slight, and I mean very slight, alterations to the kitchen. New table clothes, which I queried about. To which he said, “Yeah, recently bought some new stuff for the house. Wanna take a tour?” I stupidly said yes! Why the hell did I do that?! I knew the place hadn’t changed much at all! For fucks sake I made a quip about that when we arrived!

                I should have known what being alone with him would lead to. Or maybe…maybe I did know. Maybe I wanted it to happen. Oh, what is wrong with me? He should me Kazui’s room. I saw what used to be Karin and Yuzu’s room was now just Karin’s. Yuzu had Ichigo’s old room. I had to peak in to the closet to see my old living quarters. It was filled with so many dresses and clothes. Being used properly now I guess. I remember the tight space fondly though. The room had so many memories. The juices we drank, the video games we played, the pictures I drew, the arguments. The “fun” we had.

Next, we moved into his and Orihime’s room or what used to be Isshin’s. They had new pillows and a comforter to match. I turned as was about to ask “Where is Ishi—“ I didn’t have time to finish the question. His mouth was already on mine.

                He held me tightly. I was so pathetic. I gave in immediately!!!! My mouth opened to except his tongue. I felt the kiss pervade my body. I almost went limp until I felt him slap and cup my ass. It jiggled like Dead or Alive tits and my eyes shot wide open. “Not too loud, idiot!”  

                “Shut up.” He said before kissing me again. His hands went to work. Quick fingers untied my right strap before I could react. He started kissing my neck, licking, and sucking. I’ll have to make sure that fool didn’t leave a mark. I don’t how we would explain that to everybody. He whispered in my ear as he kissed and licked. “This dress looks great on you and I love the easy access.” My shivers makes his statement sink further in me.

Kissed down my neck, past my collar bone, to the subtle swell of my chest. I was practically drooling as he used his tongue with miraculous expertise. Licking and sucking my exposed nipple. I fought back the moans as much as possible. He licked my earlobe and whispered something about feeling my plump as in his hands, it took some time for his speech to register.            

                I pulled him by his hair so I could kiss him again. He had to lean over and I had to stand on my tip toes just to do so. The momentum of my assault on his mouth back him into a wall. I smiled devilishly and worked my way down, kissing his neck and collar bone. He kept kneading my butt. I got the upper hand when I reached down and grabbed the straining bulge that was threating to rip his sweat pants. While distracting him with another kiss I freed the hot familiar flesh from its confines. It looked even bigger in comparison to my small hand wrapped around it. I made a few pumps, but I knew neither one of us would be satisfied if I just used my hand.

                I kissed my way down his abs and licked the top side of his dick from base to the head. My hand went to the underside of it. My tongue widened as much as it to give his length broad strokes. Each vein my tongue grazed over turned me on even more.  The quiet hisses coming from above me was all the approval I needed. My patience was running thin for teasing and my eagerness was running down my thighs. The sight of the pre-cum beaded at the head, pushed me over the edge. I had to have him.

                And here we are now. I’m finally over the temporary amnesia the excitement of all this has caused. Now I can fully focus on him. The twitching steel flesh down my throat. I look back up at him. The shirt he was holding was now between his teeth so he could get a clearer view and to help stifle the up and coming grunts and groans. I wish this moment could last longer but our absence will conjure suspicion. I know how to make quick work of him and I could if I wanted. I should enjoy him a lil while longer. The extra suction I apply to his cockhead takes him by surprise. He winces in pure ecstasy. I release his head with a loud pop. I wanted to take another moment to gaze and admire my work. His dick looks even more enticing when its glistening with my saliva. Wet sloppy sounds from my hand working his thick length fill the room. We stare at each other.     

                He looks down with half-lidded eyes. He almost looks like his going to fall over or just melt and flow through my hands like water. The look on his face is akin to the time I saw him after he lost his powers to that bastard Ginjō. Now is the time for shit talking. “Whats with the look, Ichigo?” Silence. “You look like you’re about to explode.” I punctuate my sentence with a quick suck at his head. I expel him “Whats wrong Ichigo, can’t use that talented tongue of yours to speak.”

                “Egh…” He finally speaks. “Shut up.” His voice is slightly louder than the sounds of our slick flesh.              

                “Shut me up.” I challenge him. I see his muscles tense. I know he’s close. I’m ready. Renji’s loving wife, Orihime’s friend, Ichika’s mother didn’t enter this room. Kneeling in front of Ichigo was woman who is a slave to her desire and desperate for his touch. Desperation can make a monster of us. Just as I’m about to voice another taunt, he pushes my head down and shoves him down to the hilt. My tongue works the underside of him and I wait for the geyser. The orgasm tears through him and exhales gutturally. My tongue doesn’t stop moving as he releases in my throat. I feel his hand go limp in my hair. I start bobbing again. Over sensitivity turnings him to a twitching writhing mess. “Ahhhh oh fuck RUKIA please!!! AHhh” I spare him of further stimuli and release him once again. He struggles to get his previous composure. 

                I get back to my feet, tie my strap and put it over my shoulder. Excitement has left the room and guilt is beginning to take its place. “We’ve been gone too long. We should get back downstairs. What are we going to tell them?” I ask and look back. He stands and opens his eyes, determined. I look I know all too well. Closed lids begin to part to reveal glowing irises, “They can wait a little longer” he removes his shirt and walks towards me. Guilt barely had its foot in the door but was beginning to go away once more. I walked toward him ready to do this dance again.

                I was in disbelief, seeing him like this is exhilarating I feel it go to my head. He picks me up bridal style and walks towards the bed. Everything is getting hazy again. How did it come to this?                              

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