Urahara no Mese

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Title: Urahara no Mese
Author: Sesshoumaru-Dono
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Urahara no Mese
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Characters: People in this story are from the anime/manga BLEACH
Disclaimer: Sadly none of these characters belong to me. If they did I doubt the storyline would have been the same.


For some reason Urahara had called Ichigo and asked him to come over to his shop that morning. Ichigo wasn’t really up for being bothered by him. But when he woke up he found the great Don Kanonji sitting at the kitchen table, and decided that it would be great idea to visit Urahara.

He walked down the street slowly, hands in pocket, wondering what it was he wanted. He arrived at his shop, The sign said it was closed and no one was there, except for Urahara at the door. He stood cunningly, with his hat, fanning himself.

“Hello Ichigo.” He said smiling.
“I’m surprised you came. Usually you tell me to fuck off and hang up in my face.”
“Well Kanonji was at my house and I didn’t feel like being bothered by him.”
“Oh…?” He opened the door and walked in and Ichigo followed him.

“Where is everyone?”
“I gave them the day off.”
“Really? You’re losing money, you realize that?” He questioned.
“You say it as if I’m money hungry.” He said laughing.
“You like a human Mr. Krabs.”
“Anyway come to the back room, I want to show up something.”

Ichigo rolled his eyes and followed him. He was starting to wonder if he would have been better off staying at home. He walked into the room and took a seat on one of the floor pillows. And Urahara took a seat across from him. He took off his hand running his hand through his blond mop. He closed his fan and removed his sandals. He crossed his legs and smiled at the teenager sitting across from him.

“Ura, why did tell me to come here?”
“You really want to know?”
“Yeah.” He said uninterested.
“Close your eyes.”

Ichigo started at him for a moment, then closed his eyes. Urahara got onto his knees and crawled over to him. He leaned in and kissed him on his lips. Eyes closed he felt soft lips touch his own. He opened his eyes giving him a bewildered look. He didn’t say anything, just sat there.

Urahara cleared his throat and a kissed him again. Ichigo didn’t kiss him back, but he didn’t pull away either. He slowly brought his hand to the blonde’s face. He bit his lower lip and kissed him back. He spread his legs a little allowing room for Urahara. He crawled in closer placing his hands on either side of his hips.

Urahara brought his hand to his chin and gently pulled on it parting his lips for entrance. He slipped his tongue inside. Their tongues swirled around each other. Ichigo whimpered, pulling away.

“I can’t breath.” He chuckled.

Urahara sat back and removed his poncho. He straddled Ichigo’s legs and pushed him onto his back. He continued from where they left off. He slide his hand under Ichigo shirt, running hands over firm muscle and smooth skin. There lips intertwined, as Urahara laid in between his legs. He ground their hips together, and his fingered pinched and twirled his nipple.

Ichigo moaned and rocked into his hips, wrapping his arm around his neck and tangling it in his fingers in the blonde strands. Urahara kissed his way down his neck, sucking the sensitive area under his ear. He tugged at his shirt and quickly pulled it over his head.

He continued kissed his way down the teenager’s body. He traced a harden nipple with his tongue and flicked over it lightly. He body beneath him squirmed, arching it chest further into his mouth. He sucked on it harshly, causing it to grow harder. He paid the same attention to the other nipple, then slowly worked his way down the young body.

He unbuttoned pants, pulling them down along with underwear, releasing a growing erection. He smiled standing up and tossing clothes randomly. He admired the body laying below him. He removed his clothes and returned to the floor.

He wrapped his hand around Ichigo manhood and kissed the tip gently. Ichigo shuttered, at the new sensations. He had never had a girlfriend, so for him to be with Urahara like this was strange, but he liked it. He chewed on his lower lip and he watched his manhood disappear within the warm, wet, cave.

Ichigo arched his head back and let out a loud grunt. He felt the blonde raise his head exposing his manhood to the cold air, and then disappearing back in the warm, wet, cave. He arched his hips wanted more him to enter., but he was held down. He moaned again, licking his fingers and playing with his own nipples.

He furrowed his eyebrows when felt something building inside of him. He started bucking his hips again trying to create more fiction. This time Urahara let go of his hips, and let him fuck his mouth. He whimpered as he felt this pressure grow until it exploded. Rocketing from his cock his cum coated the back of Urahara’s throat.

Ichigo shivered, and closed his eyes, as this felling washed over his body. He felt his limp manhood slip from the cave. He felt soft kisses travel up his body, licking sensitive nipples. Feeling the weight of another he opened his eyes. Urahara kissed his trembling lips.

Ichigo breathed heavily, trying slow his heart. Urahara laughed and top him not to move, he’d be right back. He got up a disappeared, returning a few moments later.

His carried a small tube and his hand was coated with a clear gel. Ichigo watched as he walked over to him. He kneeled down and lifted up his leg, exposing his opening. He told him that is would be a little uncomfortable, but he would like it later on. The teen nodded that he understood and relaxed himself.

Urahara inserted his finger slowly into him. He felt the opening tighten around his finger, then ease back to normal. He moved his finger around a little before inserting another finger. He removed them and rolled Ichigo onto all fours. He coated his cock with the same clear gel, and slowly entered him.

Ichigo grunted a little at the new invasion. They sat the a few moments unmoving, adjusting to one another. Urahara to the initiative and began to pull out and enter again. For a while he didn’t say anything, kneeled there wrapping his head around…this.

After a couple minutes he started moaning, and meeting Urahara thrust. The older man reached his hand around and began to pump his cock. Causing Ichigo to flinch in pleasure. Moans and the smell of sweat filled the room, at the two feverishly worked towards the same goal.

Ichigo could no longer support his own body. He let upper half fall to the ground, resting his head on the cool floor. This position felt even better than the one before. With ever pump Urahara hit a sensitive spot that brought him closer everything. He wanted to hold off the feeling a little long, but couldn’t.

He cried out in pleasure as his seed spilled onto the ground. Urahara continued for a couple more minutes before filling the shiningami with his cum.

They both lowered themselves to the ground breathing heavily. Ichigo started at the blonde for a few minutes.

“What?” Urahara asked.
“You’re an asshole.” Ichigo said breathlessly.
“I know.” Urahara said smiling foolishly.


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