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Chapter 1: Soi Sauce

Soi Fon stormed down the corridor, her Captain's coat flapping as she went, a piece of paper clenched tightly in her fist. Wise Shinigami made way for the pissed off Captain, bowed, and murmured," Good evening, Fon-taichou." She paid no attention to them as she went; they were beneath her notice. She was intent on and focused on one person and one person alone: Zaraki Kenpachi. To her, Kenpachi was a lesser Shinigami, a nuisance and a disgrace to not only the title of Captain, but to the Shinigami in general. His power was ridiculous, he had no Shikai or Bankai, and his manners and squad were little more than dogs of war thirsting for battle.

Her spiritual pressure alone that she emitted due to her heightened state of irritation slammed the doors at the end of the corridor open with a resounding bang. Several Shinigami jumped in response but promptly bowed and murmured as she swept past. Her waraji made dull slapping sounds as she walked along the stone path towards Kenpachi's abode. She had never been there before and quite frankly had no idea where it was but she could feel his spiritual pressure, a familiar repressed energy begging to be released. It was uniquely Kenpachi's.

What she did know was that Kenpachi was at his home and Yachiru was out on a mission. That was just fine. To Soi Fon, Kusajika Yachiru was the epitome of annoyance. She came close to killing the girl the day before when the inferior officer had referred to her as 'Hornet Bitch' to her face. Soi Fon moved to kill the runt when she refused to apologize but her blade was stopped by Kenpachi's interference. To date, no one had been able to cut Kenpachi and Soi Fon was no exception. Kenpachi had pushed her back, intending to toss her to the floor when they were broken up by the presence of Kuchiki Byakuya and Aizen Sousuke. Aizen had managed to calm Soi down enough so that she would retreat and Byakuya distracted Kenpachi.

He and his annoying vice-captain may have been spared for that offense but the paper clenched in her hands was the last straw. The thought of the Main Courtyard littered with hundreds of copies of the paper in her hands and all the snickering and laughing Shinigami from earlier that day pissed her off anew. She had been humiliated twice. There would not be a third time.

Reaching the slightly wooded, isolated area that division 11 was encamped in, she made her way past clustered little 3 room houses that contained 4 or 5 Shinigami. They were a division of brotherhood in the art of war and liked being clustered together in a house. She also noted the few women in this division but that was alright. The opposite division to this one would be division 4, the medical team, which had the highest women to men ratio in the Gotei 13. However, women and men aside, this was also the most blood-thirsty bunch, worse than her own division who were tough as nails.

She could feel Kenpachi's spiritual pressure emitting from a building apart from the others, concealed by trees and a wall. It was no secret that Kenpachi enjoyed his solitude and purposely isolated himself from the rest of his division because he was a bit of a private man. Soi forced a smirk out at the thought of disturbing his solitude and practiced what she was going to say in her mind. Her spiritual pressure threw open the iron gates to his small compound and she blustered right past the guards. They knew better than to try to stop her.

Kenpachi was occupying himself reading a comicbook that Yachiru had spent two weeks drawing called "Super Ken-chan". Her art was getting better but he decided in his mind that her storytelling abilities, while amusing, sucked. Still though, she had done a good job on the line art for someone of her age and mentality. She spoke of getting "Super Ken-chan" published and it crossed Kenpachi's mind that the book might have a negative effect on his image. That did not scare him nearly as much as the words that were printed semi-neatly in kanji at the bottom: "Joukan". Volume one. That meant there would be a volume that came after it and perhaps a third. He shuddered and jumped slightly as the sounds of his iron gates banging open reached his ears.

The Captain stood up and waited calmly for the intruder to come in. He was kinda dull to the spiritual pressure of others but this level told him that this person was powerful. Licking his thin lips, he smirked. The leader of the 11th division was thirsty for blood and he prayed to whatever god there was to permit him a good fight. Footsteps echoed in the corridor, fast and sure with the familiar scrape of waraji on the floorboards. The door slid open and there stood his opponent, Soi Fon, with a look that could have given him heart failure if looks could do so.

"Captain Zaraki," she said coolly, containing her rage and bowing politely.

"Captain Fon," he replied, returned the bow, something uncharacteristic of him to observe tradition," What can I do for you today?"

His smile infuriated her further. How she wished she could just remove the skin from his face... perhaps she would get the chance today. The fact alone that he had been standing when she entered told her that he anticipated a fight. She was more than willing to give one if the chance arose.

"Your subordinate, Vice Captain Kusajika drew this," she spat, thrusting the paper forward," And put up several hundred copies all around the Main Courtyard of the Seireitei. I want to know what you intend to do about it!"

Kenpachi's dead eyes flicked to the paper and took it from her. On it, there was a picture of Soi Fon... with a hornet's wings, antennae, and a huge stinger protruding from her butt. The position of Soi Fon was suggestive, the stinger thrust towards the viewer, her knees slightly bent, hands atop her knees and Soi Fon looking cheekily over her shoulder at the viewer, a finger coated with what looked to be (and what Kenpachi hoped to be) honey in her mouth. Her Shinigami outfit was form-fitting and bordered on dominatrix style clothing. The caption did not help the image at all either.

" 'Soi sauce... the choice of Shinigami everywhere!'," Kenpachi read outloud.

He slowly started to laugh. The implications and suggestive nature of the combined image and caption was enough to damage ANYONE's reputation. It was without a doubt Yachiru's work (she had signed her name in scratchy kanji at the bottom) and that fact that entire courtyard had been papered with the flyers made Kenpachi roar with laughter. It was too funny. Soi Fon was getting angrier by the second and Kenpachi's laughter did little more than to speed up the process of hurling her into a whole new dimension of pissed off that she had never been in before.

"Stop laughing already!" she yelled," I demand to know what you intend to do about this blatant act of insubordination and disrespect to me!"

Kenpachi kept laughing. He was laughing so hard that tears were leaking out of his eyes and the bells on the ends of his spiked hair tinkled softly.

"Goddammit, answer me!" she almost screamed.

His laughter slowly started to wind down as he wiped a tear from his eye.


"Hahaha! Not a damn thing!" he chuckled.

Soi Fon blinked.

"W-what? What did you just say?"

"I said,' Not a damn thing'," he repeated, handing the picture back to her.

Soi Fon stomped her foot angrily, her hands on her hips, a white-knuckle grip on the paper. This was unbelievable... just... unbelievable!

"Goddammit Kenpachi, if you don't do anything about it, then I will," she said, her voice low and dangerous.

His smile vanished as he sensed Soi's temper at dangerous levels. He levelled his gaze at her and narrowed his eyes. His own voice was laced with cold steel.

"Like what?"

Soi Fon chose her words carefully. She was not afraid of this man, this poor excuse for a captain and disgrace in Captain's robes. Cautious was a better word for her careful choice of words at the moment. The lady Shinigami smiled sadistically.

"I'll cut off those pretty little fingers of her to prevent this from ever happening again, is what I'll do," she said," and if she insults me again, I'll-"

Kenpachi had moved, using his combined strength and spiritual pressure to push Soi Fon against the wall, his hands around her throat. His face was less than 6 inches from her own and their eyes were wide and locked. Soi's eyes were wild, hinting that she was playing him like a harp and his were cold, full of rage, and feral. Yachiru was dear to him, the namesake of the only woman he had ever loved and he did not take kindly to threats made on her life of being. No one, not even Yamamoto-taichou-dono, would be spared his wrath if they insulted or threatened to harm his Yachiru, let alone cause her harm. Soi Fon did not scare him. She could not put a dent in him and he knew that she knew that as well. But she could more than dent Yachiru. Kenpachi knew she could kill the girl in the blink of an eye. Besides, Soi Fon had a reputation of being a woman of her word. If she said she was going harm Yachiru, she would do it, no doubt. He would not let that happen, even if he had to choke the life out of Soi Fon at this very instant.

"Or you will do what?" he growled.

Soi Fon smiled cruelly, her eyes narrowing at his.

"Or I'll remove those vocal cords of hers," she said quietly.

Kenpachi tightened his hold on her throat. Breathing was becoming difficult and Soi found a strange excitement in being choked. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins and she was dizzy with excitement. At this precise moment, she was at Kenpachi's mercy and for some strange reason, she liked it. When he had attacked her, he had thrown her zanpakutou across the room and she was too hard-pressed for art to use the demon arts to get him off her. His spiritual power engulfed hers and made her feel small and repressed.

On Kenpachi's end, he could see her escalating thrill in being choked. One part of his mind wondered if she was into SM. The thought did not register in his rage-filled, clouded mind. Right now, he was feral and acting on instinct. Yachiru was in danger and that was in the forefront of his mind. His second thought was for how he was going to kill Soi Fon.

"You can't kill me, Kenpachi," she whispered," You won't kill me."

"An affront to Vice Captain Kusajika is a direct affront to me," he growled finally," I will have to kill you now. Goodbye, Captain Fon."

He raised both hands to her throat and hauled her up off the ground above his head. He started squeezing harder. Alarm finally registered in Soi's mind that this powerful man was deadly serious about killing her and she tried to fight back. She defiantly released her spiritual pressure and his hands loosened on her throat considerably. Soi put her hands around his throat as well and started to squeeze. Kenpachi took one hand off to rip his eye patch off and the pressure it released overwhelmed her. He lifted her higher on the wall.

Something in his peripheral vision caught his eye and he looked straight ahead to it to find out what it was. Soi was clawing at his wrist viciously but he ignored it for the time being. She had braced her feet flat against the wall, trying to get some leverage and her knees were slightly parted. His eyes were level with her flat stomach but wandered lower. The wide slits in her black hakama showed off her strong thighs as well as the side strings of whatever undergarment she wore. She was struggling for air, her small chest thrust out as she tried to gasp for air and her feet against the wall behind her small rear. Her Captain's robe was open and he could see all this very clearly as well as the spot on her hakama between her legs that was darker than the rest.

'She's getting turned on by this?' he wondered, his feral mind clearing a little bit at this unexpected turn of events. Possibilities ran through his mind. Not only was it the choking but the fear in her gasps and occasional whimpers. He decided to experiment a little. Just a little, mind you, a cautious touch to gauge her reaction and see how much he could torture the bitch.

Kenpachi released his grip for a split second to allow her air and then promptly squeezed again. At the same time, he 'accidently' brushed his fingertips along the bare skin of the side of her left breast as he reached up to choke her with both hands. Soi Fon gasped in a mixture of pain and delight at the touch. Kenpachi noticed small, twin shadows appear on each small, rounded hill of a breast and his suspicions were confirmed.

The 11th Captain was not much for scheming and plans and preferred action as opposed to underhanded means. However, he would undoubtedly be executed for killing Soi Fon and that would leave Yachiru alone- something he did not want to happen. He was a brute of man, insanely powerful and heartless- but he was not stupid in the least. No matter how much he wanted to kill her (and how at this moment it would be so goddamn easy to do so that it made him want to just finish her off now no questions asked), it occurred to him that he could not without losing his head. So, he would have to put this proud bitch in a position where she would not harm Yachiru for fear of retribution.

Therein lie the the solution to his predicament and Kenpachi smiled cruelly. Soi Fon's weakness was her pride and it always had been. Admittedly, the idea in his mind was underhanded and despicable but if she kept her mouth shut, all three of them would live. Really, a strange situation but Kenpachi flt it to be the best option. Adopting a little restraint, he allowed her short gasps of air occasionally and toyed with her.

One hand kept her pinned against the wall and skating the brink of life and death while the other was intent on making her skate the edge of pain and pleasure. Kenpachi ran the fingers of his right hand slowly over her collarbone. His fingers were hard and calloused, rough and moving over her taut skin. The hand slipped into her top but she was too focused on getting air to notice. It registered vaguely in the back of her mind when his hand cupped her small breast, his thumb rolling across her hardened nipple.

He allowed her some air and then roughly rolled her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. The air she had just gotten was forced out in a whimpering gasp of surprise and delight and she was permitted no more air. Her vision was distorted, spots of light dancing in her field of vision around Kenpachi's scarred and freakish face. She noted that he had a look of concentration on his face, as if serious thought was required to fondle her breast.

Kenpachi's eyes flicked up to meet hers when he felt her unsteady, lidded gaze on him. A smile inched it's way across his thin lips and Soi groaned under his pressure. He spread his fingers over her breast, her nipple pressed to his palm. Now came the tricky part. Kenpachi was used to being rough with his lovers but roughness could breed contempt and he could be in worse trouble. He would have to go slow and... ugh, gentle. His smile wavered at the thought of being affectionate to her but his smile returned when he thought of the confusion he would breed in her mind.

So, gently mind you, he squeezed her breast. Not too hard and Kenpachi found it to be very difficult to restrain himself. He forced himself to exercise restraint and it took a moment before he could develop a notable rythem. Being a fast learner, he developed a massaging rythem and set an easy pace- a pace which was aggravated by her lack of air. Soi was loathe to admit it but she rather liked the sensations Kenpachi was inspiring in her. There wasn't much room to expound upon that line of thought. The lack of air was making her brain fuzzy and thinking was difficult. Soi's quick thinking was removed and she had very little capacity to feel much beyond what was happening here and now.

After a few minutes of an awkward massage, Kenpachi had been gauging her reactions. Her ragged gasps for air carried faint notes of moans and when he had allowed her air, her chest swelled under his hand. Most pleasing, really so it was time to kick it up a notch lest she get bored. He rolled his wrist and pushed the left side of her halter top off, exposing the barely B cup breast to the open air. He forced her to tilt her head up so she could not watch him- he would lose his nerve if she did. Her hands were gripping his wrist but not nearly as hard, they were sort of resting on his wrist. He slid her down the wall a little so her breast was level with his face.

Soi's eyes shot open as his rough lips planted a rough kiss just below her nipple. Was this Kenpachi? Was this beast of a man capable of tenderness? She did not think it possible. Was the top dog of the dogs of war capable of being so loving? Kenpachi choked the thoughts away as he grasped her hard nipple between his teeth and bit down, not hard enough to make her bleed but enough to make her dig her nails into his wrist and squirm beneath him. He pulled his head back, raking his teeth over the sensitive flesh. She shivered noticeably and he rewarded her with a few breaths of air.

Soi was panting and gathering air into her lungs. Her rage had faded somehow, choked away probably by Kenpachi. He switched which hand he held her against the wall with and used his now free left hand to free her right breast from the top. Smiling a bit at her reaction, he continued his ministrations, nipping at her pale pink nipple, sucking gently and teasing her with the tip of his tongue. His left hand was full with her right breast, toying with the nipple there and massaging the mound of flesh somewhat roughly.

Kenpachi had counted on her getting turned on but what he had not anticipated was the effects of this torturous chirade on himself. He had always felt immune to women's charms and nuances. Women in genral did turn him on, yeah, but it usually took longer since sex had started to bore him a long time ago. Now, with every hint of a gasp, breath of a moan, every shudder and every squirming motioned she made, he found his heartbeat picking up. His muscles tensed and he found that he was exercising a lot more restraint than usual. He wanted to avoid being rough and cruel as he had with his past lovers so as to ensure that his plan would succeed. However, he was starting to think that maybe he had gone far enough for now.

Two hands on the back of his head convinced him of otherwise. He peeked an eye open and noted that her eyes were shut and she was still gasping for air but she was also encouraging him to continue. She wanted him to continue, it would seem, and Kenpachi decided he could go a bit farther. He bit down harder on her nipple- too hard- and she arched her back sharply, letting out a strangled cry that ended with a hitched moan. A dull, coppery taste hit his taste buds and his bloodlust roared within him. His massage of her other breast became noticeably more aggressive and he lapped at the cut. Kenpachi released her for a moment, aware that she could easily accuse him of assault for making her bleed. Normally, he didn't give a shit about rules and such and threw caution to the wind but he had a plan and he was too far into it to back out now.

The blood slowly oozed from the cut, over the nipple itself and dribbled slowly to the curve of her breast, pulled down by gravity. Kenpachi was breathing hard already, his massive chest expanding and deflating with every breath. He looked up at her face and his hand choked her sharply. She squeaked and pulled on his hair. Kenpachi let out a growl and flicked his tongue out, catch the blood just before it reached to the crease of her breast. Curving his tongue and keeping just barely the tip of it to her skin, he slowly cleaned up the rivulet of blood. He sucked on the small cut at the base of the nub, her blood splashing over his tongue.

Soi had somehow found her voice, which was starting to hitch with every passing second. Kenpachi had unconsciously loosened his grip on her throat so that the minimal pressure was enough to keep her pinned to the wall. She was writhing in his grasp already and quietly urging him on. Her body language told him that he was pushing all the right buttons and really, he was loving it. None of his previous lovers had been able to keep their cool after he drew blood ion him but Soi Fon who seemed to be one of the most prudish people he knew was loving every minute of it. Nevermind that fact that he knew she thought he was scum. This scum was playing her like a harp, using her and technically assaulting her though she wasn't doing jack to stop him. Later, it would hit her and she would be angry. She'd try to keep it quiet and deal with Kenpachi one on one. Kenpachi, however, was counting on that.

He decided to go for it. His free hand released her breast and tugged at her belt. She did not resist in the least. The belt fluttered to the floor and the hakama pants slid to her knees. Soi let her legs dangle freely, which permitted her pants to flutter off. Kenpachi had a few better positions in mind but he figured that he had to keep a grip on her throat to be able to stay in control of her. For now though, distraction.

The Captain squeezed her neck harder then he had before. She struggled a little as he slid her back up the wall. His gaze now fell on her white soire lowrider string bikini panties and the noticeable damp spot. Perhaps drenched would be a better choice of words, he decided. Kenpachi took note of how strong her thighs and stomach were. He found himself liking her body even more as he progressed along it. Now, staring at this thin cloth covering over her womanhood, he shuddered noticeably. He let her breathe for a moment but when she started to whimper a bit, he started choking her again.

As he squeezed for what seemed like the hundreth time, he reached two long, thick, calloused fingers to stroke her slowly through her panties. She gasped loudly and moaned under his touch. Soi had no idea that this... brute could be so skilled and be able to make her feel such feelings, to make her feel so... good? The thought repulsed her but was chased away when she felt those rough fingers slip between her panties and run along the length of her slit- slowly, in an almost prissy manner, goddamn him. He touched that ever-sensitive bundle of nervous and she shivered violently. No man had ever touched her there before making Kenpachi the first man to be there, obviously.

She felt him slip her panties off, discarding them with her pants. By now, her hands were limp at her sides, balled into fists due to anger and pleasure, Kenpachi finished the job of undressing her. He smiled. Her bare body was before him and he was still fully clothed. Kenpachi took note of the small but strong muscle that covered her body. Her moans and gasps for air were even more soothing to his ears than the heavy metal music he usually relaxed to. During this entire time, his body had begun to react to her stimuli and he was not liking that too much. His muscles were becoming notably tensed from his restraint and he was vaguely aware of the growing strain in his boxers*. It felt like he was losing control of the situation and right now, he needed all the control he could get.

Soi was still dizzy from the off and on breathing. Several times she felt as though she might pass out but then he would release her just a little and the rush of oxygen would ward off the fuzzy spots and the light-headedness. Right now, she was getting light-headed again and was dizzy from that lack of oxygen. However, Kenpachi's fingers were not only rubbing her hard, but dipping into her crevice to caress her internally. She managed to gather enough air to allow a short moan to escape from her lips. Her voice hitched slightly as she tried to say something. Kenpachi merely squeezed harder.

The female Captain was already very wet and Kenpachi fingering her was only making it worse, per se. Soi had forgotten why she was there in the 11th Division's area anyways, let alone what she was doing in Kenpachi's office. Whatever it was, it had somehow led to him stripping her down and pleasuring her. Maybe she'd remember later but right now, she just wanted... Kami-sama she wasn't sure what she wanted but she did know that she did not want him to stop.

What she did next only sunk her further in the hole Kenpachi had created.

Tightening her abdominal muscles, Soi curled her feet up and hooked them over Kenpachi's shoulders, her ankles crossing. He allowed her some air at this sudden turn of events and he wondered if she intended on fighting back. That was not the case and she pressed her heels into his back and thrust her hips forward shyly. A deep rumble of a chuckle escaped Kenpachi and he placed a hand on her backside which kept her pinned to the wall. Oh, this was just getting better by the minute in Kenpachi's mind. He eased her hips towards his face, grinning like a wolf who had managed to sneak past the shepherd to get to the little lambs. He had every intention of prolonging this moment as long as he could, making sure that she would remember every detail of what was happening, going so far as to tilt her head down so she could see him. Their eyes locked and a chill ran up her spine.

He allowed her to breathe for a short second as he ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top, swirling his tongue around her clitoris. Soi's hips bucked sharply and Kenpachi responded by tightening his grip. He chuckled again, the lingering taste of her counteracting the bitterness of her blood from earlier. Bitter, now sweet. Not a bad trade-off.

His arms shook lightly and he recognized that he was rapidly approaching his limit without noticing it. Annoyed, he would have to toss her out in 5 or 10 minutes tops if he wanted this plan to succeed and to save face for himself. Without further hesitation, he leaned forward again and proceeded to lick at her opening, his tongue parting her folds in that same prissy manner and worming his way into her. He released his hold on her neck a little so she could breathe and so he could hear her moans and soft cries of delight. It occurred to him that she was trying to be quiet. That merely inspired him to try and make her scream.

He massaged her throat, squeezing occasionally and became more vigorous with his tongue. Her breathing was picking up sharply and Kenpachi had to fight even harder to prevent from breaking down and reverting to his crueler, more baser instincts which were being stirred also by the mere taste of her. He fought to keep a rythem when she wound her hands into his hair and pulled. Kenpachi understood it was a way of releasing some of her tension and let her pull on his hair though he felt like she might rip his hair right off his scalp in chunks. Her moans escalated in volume and frequency and he thanked whatever god there was that this would soon be over.

Soi came and Kenpachi lost his cool a little, choking her as her body tensed sharply, her nails digging into his sore scalp. She cried out, breathing hard, and tired. Kenpachi lowered her a little and they leaned their foreheads against one another. Kenpachi also released his grip on her throat, noting the ugly purple bruise on her throat where he had been choking her.

After about 5 minutes, they managed to speak to one another.

"You are such a bastard... Kenpachi," Soi choked out, her anger returning.

"Heh, you liked it," he retorted.

Her fist slammed into the side of his head and he dropped her in response. Soi hit the ground hard on her bottom, not expecting to be dropped. Kenpachi stared down at her then squatted down so he could look at her. The shinigami was smiling broadly.

"Now, you were leaving?"

Soi slapped him hard at the implication in his remark. Kenpachi allowed his face to be turned but turned it back after a second. Her slap had failed to wipe that disgusting smile off his face and she slapped him again.

"Are you done yet?"

"Get out and let me get dressed," Soi growled.

"As you wish," he laughed and stood up.

Kenpachi strode out of the room into the corridor, closing the shoji paper door behind him. Soi watched him go and slowly started to collect her clothes. Kami, what the hell just happened!? She just let that scumbag... UGH! That INFERIOR imbecile, that warmonger had just made her... UGH! Soi's pride refused to accept reality but she was very sure of what had happened. Kenpachi's behavior, the rapid changing of direction from wanting to kill each other to pleasuring her, Kami-sama this wasn't a dream but how she wished it was! Or an illusion of some sorts. This was not the Kenpachi she knew. The Kenpachi she knew would have already fucked her by now or killed her probably. The possibility of blackmail did not occur to her. Kenpachi couldn't possibly be smart enough to engineer any form of plot or underhanded manuveur. Ichimaru Gin and Kurotsuchi Mayuri were the scheming bastards of the Gotei 13, not Kenpachi. Kenpachi was brawn of the Gotei 13, not the brains!

Slowly, she climbed into her clothes, trying to look as dignified as possible. While she was dressing, something colorful caught her eye and she walked over to Kenpachi's desk to see what it was. After gathering up her zanpakutou and throwing on her Captain's robe, she strode over to his desk, picking up the copy of "Super Ken-chan". Her emotionless face scanned the cover and flipped through a few pages. Good artwork, terrible story. Big surprise. She set the comicbook back down where she found it and headed to the door.

Kenpachi was waiting for her a little ways down the corridor, leaning against a beam. He stood as she approached and she noted that her had a pink scarf in his scarred hands, the same hands that... no! She shook her head to clear it and gave him a glare.

"New fashion?" she quipped.

"Not for me, for you," he replied, holding the scarf out to her," And Shunsui gave me this horrid thing. Why, I have no idea. That man is cracked."

"Why do I need it?" she snapped.

"Because that purple handprint on your neck isn't from finger-painting," he growled.

Her throat was rather sore now that she thought about it. Hesitantly, she took the scarf and wrapped it around her neck. Her pride refused to thank him for the kind gesture but rather said nothing. If she said something now, she would make a fool of herself and she had been a fool enough for one day.

"It suits you," he commented.

"... shut up," she spat.

She started walking down the corridor, intent on leaving with her head held high. He watched her go and wondered if he should warn her what would happen if she opened her mouth. No, she was smart. She would never tell anyone that she had let the Zaraki Kenpachi take advantage of her and nor would she tell anyone that she had willingly let him... do those things to her. Her brain was still refusing to register it and it was getting annoying. The best course of action was silence- and to smile and laugh off the pictures that Yachiru drew. Gods, who knew having a sense of humor would be so costly and infuriating?

Kenpachi grinned as she exited the gates of his tiny compound.

"Gotcha, Soi Fon," he laughed.

A/N: I guess it turned into porn with plot though it might've fizzled a little at the end. O_o Bah, whatever, it took me 11-12 hours to write, editing as I went. The story kinda wrote itself so I am starting to believe that I should drink hot sake with ice cold Dr. Pepper a little more often. Anyhow, if you all liked and are eager for another chapter, let me know in the reviews, okies?

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