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“Kaoru-chan.” Ikumi stuck her hand on her hips, giving a halfhearted look of disapproval while inspecting a plate still filled with vegetables. Kaoru had only been too happy to eat the fish she’d set on his plate – he’d since started asking for seconds when getting older – and the white rice had been a good side, but he was impartial to sweetness, and the lettuce went against that. “How do you expect to get big and strong when you don’t eat your vegetables?” Ikumi fussed, grabbing his shoulders and putting her cheek to the side of his face.

Kaoru immediately harrumphed, pulling away from his mom’s affections and crossing his arms, setting a firm stare upon her to emphasize his seriousness. “I willget big and strong,” he told her as an oath. “Then I can help out in the shop too.”

The curiousness that had taken her turned to the soft smile of a proud mother. “Oh my, Kaoru-chan. I would certainly appreciate the help…”

“And then,” he cut in hurriedly, his cheeks steadily turning cherry, his bottom lip pulling up tight to prevent the anxious quiver, “you won’t need to rely on that dummy anymore! You could fire him!”

What was supposed to be such a tender and heartwarming moment ended with that proclamation. Of course Ikumi didn’t want to see her little boy upset, and she would do anything to make him smile. But the issue with… him…

“Aw, Kaoru-chan.” She knelt down and opened herself up for a hug, but he refused to give her one; the struggle not to throw himself unto her bosom apparent by how his hands now steeled on his seat, resisting the gravitational pull to his doting mom. He would resist! He would not let up until she said those words: I’ll fire Ichigo. Whether or not she called him ‘dummy’ as Kaoru felt that she should, he’d be happy to know that Ichigo was gone from their happy lives.

“Ichigo…” She dispensed with the ‘-chan’ suffix; little good it would do Kaoru-chan to hear an endearing term linked to her helper. “He helps me with those jobs so that we can make more money.” She needn’t go into the harder times, when it was just herself in the office, scrambling underneath a mountain of jobs. Slacker though he may be, when he showed up, Ichigo was perfectly capable of bearing the load and keeping her pace; just less enthusiastically.

“He started to call you,” Kaoru pressed his point, grumbling and redder than ever.

Ikumi’s mouth clamped shut faster than if Kaoru’s own hand shoved her chin up. It was true. The accusation was true, and there wasn’t a rebuttal she could form on the spot to convince him otherwise. Once again, Kaoru-chan’s comfort was on the line, and telling him that Ichigo-chan actually called her would not bode well. Best she divert him with her sweetest, motherly tones. With apprehension reflected in the bead of sweat at her cheek, she preened at him and said, “Now, Kaoru-chan, why would you think such a thing?”

“Hmph!” He looked away, but kept his stern scowl; something he normally did when he acted justified for misdeeds. His cheeks puffed slightly and his lips puckered as he mumbled out, “I was awake when he called you in the office.” He didn’t look at her, so he didn’t see her eyes blink open wide. He didn’t need her affirmation. He knew what he had heard after walking in on his mom filing her work orders and lying down on the sofa. His back had been to her when the phone rang, but his eyes were open and he listened intently, though she turned away from him and spoke quietly. It was enough for him to just hear her say “Ichigo-chan” to get angry and suspicious.

Ikumi straightened, pursing her lips and looking at her son like he held indisputable evidence of a crime against her. She certainly felt like he had. “K-Kaoru-chan, you know Mommy has to take a lot of calls for work.”

“Dummy Ichigo shouldn’t be calling you,” he refuted swiftly, spinning back on her. His bottom lip quivered before he tightened his frown and secured his insecurities.

“But Kaoru-chan,” she hummed, leaning back down and setting her hand atop his head to comfort, “Ichigo-chan helps out by finding work for me. I can’t do everything by myself. You know this.”

Kaoru breathed in through his nose and prepared to give an uplifting speech about how great she was, how she could do anything, and how someone like Ichigo would only drag her down. Everything he’d said before, but he was cut off by the kitchen phone.

Ikumi turned, and Kaoru felt like she’d forgotten he was there by how quickly she picked up. “Who would call at this time?” she asked, though Kaoru saw the front. His scowl deepened and his eyes misted. She turned her shoulder to her son and spoke as quietly as she had when she had thought him to be asleep on the couch.

Stupid Ichigo…

Kaoru’s small hands made tight fists. His mom always acted so gushy around that orange-haired idiot. He saw her look at him, and it frustrated him all the more; the look on her face. She shouldn’t look like a wayward schoolgirl whose crush just asked a daring favor of her. “R-right now?” she stammered, once again fawning when, really, the boss should scowl and command her employee not to bother her with whatever trivial matters when she was with her son.

She turned away from Kaoru again, and he just barely heard her say “Okay…” before hanging up.

How much strength did it cost her to put on a happy face and act like she wasn’t under pressure? The sweat across her brow and the flush of her cheeks were dead giveaways, but she still passed along to Kaoru. “Now, Kaoru-chan, it’s time for bed. Wash up and brush your teeth.”

The matter of his untouched vegetables had gone out the window since Ichigo ruined their talk. Kaoru looked down, angry and pouting. “You’re going to see that dummy again.” Not a question; a statement.

“Now, Kaoru-chan,” she scolded him while gathering up her cap and fitting it on her head. She worked her hair into its work ponytail and tugged her gloves in place. She forgot to remove her apron… “I’m going to go on a quick job, and I’ll be back before you know it.” She kissed the top of his forehead and said goodnight.

He didn’t say anything back. He just sat and pouted, and was committed to pouting until his mom came home, even if it was morning. He glared after her, noticing how she hadn’t even waited to usher him to the bathroom to ensure that he brushed his teeth. Heck, she wasn’t even staying to tuck him in and give a proper goodnight kiss. All because of that pesky nuisance!

He kicked the chair of the table, causing it to rattle slightly. The lettuce bounced on his dish. He stared at his uneaten greens. For a good while – two minutes – he gave thought to his mom. Maybe he was a bit difficult lately.

Because of stupid Ichigo!

If it was because of his attitude that his mom felt that she needed help…

Kaoru sat up and leered at the leafy food. He hated it, but if it would help Ikumi rely on him… He held his breath, closed his eyes, and stuffed his mouth until it was full and his plate was clear. It was vile! He wanted to spit it out, but he resolutely consumed the last of his meal and swallowed like he was swallowing nails. Afterward, he stuck his tongue out and groaned. Though he suffered, this should make Mom happy. This consoled him as he, like a responsible boy, carried his dishes to the sink and set them in.

Now time for bed… If there was any justice, his mom would be home in time to pull back the blankets and help him in.

He was out of the kitchen when he heard the knock, creak, and scuff of someone entering the office. A knock? Who would knock? Not his mom, who had keys, and she was gone, so how did the door open?

“You’re being reckless!”

Kaoru’s eyes widened like someone had sucker punched his stomach. That was his mom’s voice! Unmistakable! And the one who answered – “Tch! You’re the one who told me to call.” – was, without a doubt, the dummy! Kaoru look down the corridor that met the office door. A light was on; not the main lights, but a lamplight. If Mother had gone, it would all be dark, and she could turn the lights on when she walked back in.  They were trying to be discrete. For just the briefest, wildest, most childish instant, he imagined that they were prepping a surprise birthday bash for the boy. He rejected the immature notion. His birthday was months off, and he would absolutely hatefor his nemesis to be involved in any way.

Kaoru drew nearer to the office, but he didn’t burst in outright. Instead, he pressed the side of his face against the wood and listen. A small exchange that was more or less normal for them – a back-and-forth of almost-insults – ensued, and Kaoru anticipated the eventual talk of work. There was a bid of silence, then swift footsteps – one-two! – and then a noise like his mom gasping beneath a hand. A shuffle of unbalanced feet panicked Kaoru, fearing the worst. Had that dummy become violent?! Concerned, but also afraid, he risked opening the door, the noise of it unheard in the sudden clutter of paper. He saw them, the papers falling from the desk… by his mom’s hand. An accident; she had to reach for leverage when the dummy cornered her… and kissed her!

It was all Kaoru could do not to scream out then and there as he watched Ichigo hold the buxom woman to his body, his hand cradling her head or cupping the small of her back. He’d lost it, finally driven mad by his repressed lust for Kaoru’s beautiful mom! It’d earn him a knuckle-sandwich that would cost him solid foods for life! Kaoru was looking forward to that, if only Ikumi’s hands weren’t busy now sliding up Ichigo’s sternum, touching his muscles until she held his face to hers.

The horrifying kiss ended – !smack! – and Ikumi could be seen leering at her employee, and Kaoru’s heart sank into turmoil. It wasn’t the eye of her preparing to slander Ichigo. Her hands, while forceful, were mere persuaders to get Ichigo to sit on the couch. He fell back, and swore softly; he wasn’t expecting that.

“You came over later than expected, Ichigo-chan,” she told him, sinking down to her knees and making herself a wedge between his thighs. “I could’ve said no. Would you have liked that, Ichigo-chan?”

Ichigo scowled above her, but his answer was innocent and childish as he gave a sidelong stare to nothing and grumbled a “No…”

“Heh!” Kaoru’s mom said nothing else in jibe and fiddled with his lap. Kaoru watched, dumbfounded and horror-stricken. What was going on? Was that the sound of a zipper coming undone? A bit of futzing around, with Ikumi pawing and Ichigo shuffling a little, the mom finally gave a sound of victory while the boy gave a noticeable sigh and slackened his posture. “Have I kept you waiting?” she asked, her hand bouncing some unseen object.

Ichigo answered breathlessly, but Kaoru could hardly hear over the thrumming in his ears. He had no idea what was going on, nor understood the dialogue that passed between them. All he came to conclude was that when his mom’s head bowed, she made a noise like she was choking. Understandably, Kaoru fretted for her, but her head moved on its own until the dummy put his hands atop her head, breathing in hitched intervals while bouncing her face on his lap.

Kaoru gulped, his hand still upon the doorknob like it kept him invisible. Stupid as Ichigo was – to Kaoru, that is – if Kaoru’s mom was choking, he’d do something about it, right?

Ikumi surfaced, bringing her head back up with a deep inhale. She panted a little, and a gloved hand wiped at her mouth. “Is that what you want, Ichigo-chan?” she cooed, and then suddenly, Kaoru watched his mom’s shirt lift and expose her naked back. Up the hem went until the fleshy sides of her breasts popped out and fell into place. He did not know why, but Kaoru felt uncomfortable in his shorts, roomy though they may have been.

“Or these?” she followed up, knowing the answer and thrusting her chest out to the high schooler. Like how he had before, he gave a noise as she saddled her breasts on his lap. “Ikumi-san,” he called to her in a hot breath, but she did not answer. Her endeavors, it seemed, had gone to securing her boobs.

Hopefully covering them up, Kaoru thought with dread. Stupid Ichigo! Why was Mama showing him this?

Without explanation, Ikumi went to motion again, this time with her head up, only tucking her sternum to the lounging lad. And Ichigo watched her intently. If she had not been so captivating, he would have clearly seen the cracked-open door, and the single eye peering in, reflecting the low lamplight. But no, Ichigo was satisfied watching Ikumi and nothing else.

What was she doing? Kaoru puzzled over it, though he felt in his gut that he would not like the answer. Ichigo sounded frustrated or stressed or… something! His groans were low and plentiful; Kaoru couldn’t help but instinctually know that it was inappropriate sounds that his mom would normally cover his ears to.

She whispered something that was lost to his hearing by distance and Ichigo’s noises, but the dummy nodded eagerly to her. There was sweat on his brow, glistening rivulets that dripped to his chin. Ikumi goaded him, it seemed, her head bowing just enough for Kaoru to properly assume that her tongue had flashed out and Ichigo liked it.

Ichigo suddenly gave a warning, and he sat on in desperate fists. “Ikumi-san,” he squeezed out like someone might in they had tipped a tower of boxes and it was too late to stop it. His urgent cry ignored, Ikumi went to more passionate action. Her own panting was heavier, her own moans overlapping his. “Gah!” His head threw back so suddenly, Kaoru believed he had somehow missed his mom’s straight jab. But she hadn’t hit him; her hands were still holding up her… her… Kaoru flushed… her boobs.

A longer cry than before rattled the office when Ichigo’s feet slammed down and his fingers tore at the couch. Ikumi’s pace finally stalled with a sound of happy surprise before she made a noise behind closed lips.

Though she had stilled, Ichigo buckled in a restless seizure. He looked to be in pain when he turned down to Ikumi, lips curled in something like a hurt scowl and eyes straining to hold up his lids. Something was happening between them where Kaoru could not peek from his hiding spot. Daring to answer his curiosity, Kaoru reached his head out, though he could not see around his mom. Only a brief flash of something; a streak of white that when up and came down in a wet spatter over Ikumi’s shoulder.

“Wow, Ichigo-chan. I didn’t expect so much.” She eased back, her head tilting down to examine the mess across her sternum. Her chin had shielded her face; she felt the bulk of Ichigo’s released heat glued along the bottom of her jaw and along her throat, all crawling thickly down her neck to soak into her shirt. “Have you been saving for me?” She leered at her winded apprentice.

Ichigo made the best grimace he could, looking to the door. “You don’t come every time I call,” he admitted with some difficulty. It was not easy for him to admit that his loins got the better of him. Yet for her mockery, he still offered her the sleeve of his jacket – set aside first thing upon arriving. She cleaned off her neck; her neck only. The warm splotches upon her luscious slopes could stay. Those splotches caressed her, reaching out around the swells with equally-warm trickles. One just barely passed outside a brown nipple before slipping underneath.

She lunged up and made Kaoru’s stomach ache when she devoured Ichigo’s lips. He was weakened, pressed into the couch without so much as a push of resistance. Ikumi growled into him, a sound of pleasure and exhilaration, and then came a tumble of words that Kaoru couldn’t rightly hear when her mouth was flush with Ichigo’s. “… favorite part” was all he got.

He blanched when she pivoted all at once, leaving Ichigo a melted mess on the couch, effective only to watch her posterior as it jutted to him. She made a show of it, a show of how indecently she could behave. Kaoru could now see her, the strange fluid clinging to her swollen tits that swung beneath her. It almost looked like milk; milk that did not drip but clung on sticky strands as her breasts dangled.

He thought she had caught him by how swiftly she had turned, the way she descended on him when he was stealing treats from their hiding spots. And by rights, she should have spotted him if the dummy wasn’t such a distraction. Kaoru did not know why it angered him that his mom didn’t spot him… He’d be in so much trouble! But at least he’d be noticed…

Ichigo watched. Ikumi could be so devious as well as doting. She flaunted. She knew her appeal, and he was drawn to it unconsciously. The work she did kept her toned. He admired that fact when her tight jeans came down, along with that black underwear that wedged up between her ass’ smile. Damn her, she was sexy! She just peered back at him, blocking the door to her apartment with her sassy smirk. He hadn’t even a chance to notice the ajar door, not when the opened cheeks taunted him with doorways of her own.

She normally shaved more since this relationship of theirs started, though he hadn’t complained their first night when he opted to shove his face in between her strong thighs. That night, she had actually been withdrawn, nervous, and adorably self-conscious, holding herself in a one-armed hug against his scanning eyes. “Don’t look,” she had said at first, believing that youngsters preferred their women bald down there. He hadn’t a preference and proved it to her. He had stayed down there longer than she had just done for him, licking and nibbling as best as a virgin boy could.

And now here she was, taunting him by drawing her pants down to her knees. One leg out; that was all she needed, unaware that her son was struck by the image of her nakedness. She let Ichigo a moment to take an eyeful, like it was their last time; her unbusy hands held either side of her pussy and opened it, presenting the path only he could charter. It was a magnificent load she had squeezed from him with her breasts, yet that did not weaken his lusts. The mast was risen again, muscle flexing proudly underneath the patches of white that had clung from the woman’s soiled breasts, ready to erupt with another batch.

Ikumi’s smirk pulled her lips tighter, pleased with his jutting show of preparation; not that it would have stopped her in any case, recalling a time when, right after drenching her thirsty mouth, she straddled him and set his yet-recharged cock snugly between her pussy lips. She was glad to see he had improved since then.

She situated her feet outside his, broadening her gap. He guided her, breath hitching often, but his support was sure. “Have you been wanting this all day?” she teased when the tip kissed wetly to her sopping folds. She swayed side to side to encourage him to answer. She leaned back, elbow on the couch, putting his head in the pocket between her arm and sternum. He smelled her sweet perfume, but it was covered mostly by the musk padded across her chest. Immediately, he made a bid for her trimmed cunt. His eagerness was anticipated, and she lifted out of his reach. “Hey, Ichigo-chan,” she said in that dangerous, husky voice. Her other hand came around, tilting his head up by the chin with a finger. He was weak and helpless; she needn’t duct tape for that. “If I recall, you skipped work yesterday.” There weren’t any big jobs, though it was the principle of the matter. “And you expect me to drop everything to let you fuck me?” She felt the jet of his precum land amidst her vagina. He loved her filthy mouth…

“Heh!” He tried to leer, but under a sheen of sweat and anxiety, he did not seem imposing. “Yet here you are,” he grumbled out.

Maybe if she fought him a bit more and put up some resistance, she could hold off against his downward pull. The moment his arms tightened and drew upon her, her knees had already left their tension. She exhaled, stress relieved as he invaded her. He supported her as she reclined, though one hand wandered around to rest atop her mound, idly touching the soft, trimmed hair and flicking along her clit.

All the while, Kaoru was mortified. His mom’s legs had stretched wide. He’d perhaps gleamed the hairy space there before when he was a bit younger and they would bathe together; now he showed more interest, and was thoroughly curious about what he was watching.

But why that dummy?!

With his curiosity came a surge of anger and sorrow that bunched tears in his eyes. He had a penis just like Ichigo’s – though more than just a few inches shorter – that could fit into that odd slot between Mommy’s legs! She looked so happy to have it stick inside of her. She was more that halfway down on it by the time she peered down at the process. She looked so very happy… and beautiful… Kaoru didn’t know why his hand grabbed at the stiffened and uncomfortable part in his pants, but it relieved some of the pressure. It even felt… good.


Throat choked by apprehension, he wheeled away from the door, out of the sliver of sight. He was caught! The door had steadily opened wider as his intrigue had continued, and his mom was now facing the door directly while sitting on Ichigo’s lap! He thought about scrambling to his room and throwing the blanket over his head and wishing she would believe he’d been asleep this whole time. Or, he paused mid-reach toward the step of his home, he could straighten up and march in and catch her in the act. It was bold authority that usually got him what he wanted. He could guilt her into ditching the dummy and letting him fill the spot between her legs.

“What?” he heard Ichigo wheeze before he had made up his mind. He listened; his mom hadn’t ordered him out yet, after all.

“The door’s open,” Ikumi hushed back to Ichigo, and there was a slight sound of a shuffle: her trying to get off maybe, Kaoru correctly guessed. But Ichigo fastened her onto his lap, for outside the air was brisk, and she was warm within… She murmured a moan, unable to unseat herself. “Kaoru-chan could come in.”

“You said you sent him to bed,” Ichigo reminded her, exhaling hotly between her shoulder blades as he snatched up more than a handful of supple breast. “You didn’t even close the door.” Not that he was sure or even thought to look upon arrival, but he was unusually risky tonight and wanted to bury his burden deep into his boss.

“I did,” Ikumi weakly insisted, and then began to lift and drop her hips on him again, the spear splitting her lips deliciously again. In no time, she’d just about forgotten the door and succumbed to hers and Ichigo’s shared desire. He kept one of her breasts in hand, letting the other bobble on its own, for his free hand dipped between her splayed thighs to test with his fingers how wet she was. Reflexively, her thighs jerked, muscles tightening when his hand invaded the furry bush between them and landed atop her slick pearl. She made a grab at his hand – her grip was tight – when he strummed against the nub and hood, but she could not or would not pull him away. She hissed his name, twisted as best as she could, and kissed him deep.

Another kiss… Kaoru’s back and neck perspired as he watched. His mom was making such a ruckus now that if he was caught, the blame would be all on her; a boy tipping from his bed to see why his mom was screaming so. But his eyes traveled along her, more than just the kiss; the breasts that once fed him, the stomach that carried him, the loins that birthed him… Stupid Ichigo had claimed them all in one fell swoop.

Ikumi’s head came back, but Kaoru only worried for a moment that she would spot him at the suspicious crack in the door. Her eyes went to where Ichigo’s hand fiddled energetically. Her mouth, streaming moans and half-swears, could hardly steal enough air to fill her bosom before it was turned to wails of pleasure. She said she was going somewhere, but Kaoru didn’t understand. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she said over and over.

Ichigo’s hand surged determinedly at her slit, fingers pulling against Ikumi’s grip to assault her in ways that made her scream and cringe. The thick thighs spread open quaked, and every muscle group visible to her son could be seen tightening. “Ichigo-chan!! Yah!” Mother looked so strangely helpless as her body was caught up in a series of convulsions that momentarily stole her from Ichigo’s lap. And following that still-going cry of helpless pleasure was an arcing stream from her loins that gushed and splashed down on her floor. It was a smooth albeit strong current until Ichigo jammed his cock back into her, deep and with a vengeance. He gave a yell near a roar, forcing her to stay on his undulating lap. Ikumi met his volume, screeching over and over, throwing an arm around Ichigo’s neck, pulling his head under her armpit to shove half his face against half her tit.

“Inside” was the only word she offered. Ichigo’s next hits to her quim were the hardest and the fewest before he came to a stop and sealed himself to his holding sac.

Kaoru felt good only when his small hand squeezed at his small groin. It felt right and natural, and watching Ichigo bury inside his beloved mother seemed to please the feeling. Dummy, he called him, but did not stop rubbing, unknowing what it meant when the muscles of Ichigo’s penis began to contract. A moment later, as he gave sharp grunts of exertion, timed briefly one after the other, Ikumi seemed to settle and relax, holding him still, but not as strongly as before.

The feeling at his small cock had started to build up to something before Kaoru spotted the white streams that had started to encircle Ichigo’s penetration, coursing down his balls and the insides of his legs, but the most remained inside Ikumi.

The tension and frenzy had both ebbed, and what was left were two sweaty and tired workers of the Unagiya Shop. Ikumi must’ve reclined first, and he carried her back into the couch with him. He embraced her around the middle, loose arms. One hand – the one responsible for the puddle in front of them – rested just above her pubic mound, just outside where his seed was spread. For a long while, he stayed inside her, though he felt her muscles move around his deflation; small pushes to extract him until he finally did, flopping out and hanging under the outpour of his own release. It ran out from between her two tired lips, down his hanging shaft until it also began to pool on the floor.

The wet hand remained, but the other lazily ran up her ribcage, catching a breast for a moment before heading back and leaving a trail of goosebumps along her slick flesh. She murmured and shifted her hips in rotation, barely able to grind her curls against him.

Neither spoke. The swell of silence made it hard for Kaoru to move from his spot, though he had to bite into his hand to muffle a rising cry of his own. He was certain that he wet himself; he certainly felt wet in his pants, but peeing had not felt so good before. And clarity rolled in fast. He hated Ichigo harder than before, felt more betrayed by his mother, and terribly ashamed of himself.

Minutes passed, and it was Ikumi who spoke and moved first. She unsaddled Ichigo while he stayed reclining and panting. She brushed her hair back and fixed her hat on her head. She moved to the desk, her pants dragging behind her from one ankle. One foot lifted onto her chair, opening her legs so that a thick wadding of tissue could clean through her gap. The cum Ichigo gave her was cleaned away; all that she could, at least, for the warmth stayed nicely pooled inside her womb. “On time tomorrow, Ichigo-chan,” she said to him. She turned to him with a firm look. “Or else I won’t pick up the phone next time.”

Ichigo agreed, but at the door, Kaoru knew it was a lie.

The dummy had been late after that, yet Ikumi still answered the phone and made sure Kaoru was tucked in before going to her secret meetings. Damn him, Kaoru thought all the time.

And it was one day nearly a month later when his mom came with a strange tab from the bathroom and a heartbreaking question with a flushed and helpless face: “How would you like a little brother or sister?”

It seemed Ichigo caused her to be late for once…


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