Building Up to Something

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            Tatsuki-chan couldn’t stay, though she wished she could.  “I have to get to the dojo,” she said, smiling softly but lamenting that she had to leave Orihime at the school’s showers.  “I guess it doesn’t make much sense to shower before practice.”  She had sweated some in a brief afterschool bout with Orihime, but hardly drenched.  Orihime was owed one more.

            “Mmhm!  It’s fine, Tatsuki-chan!”  She turned towards the locker room and waved goodbye to her best friend.  “I’ll see you later!”

            “Yeah!  Later!”  Tatsuki rushed off to her dojo, leaving Orihime to remove her judo uniform and let loose her ponytail.

            Neither girl had any inkling of the demon lurking in the shadows of the currently vacant shower’s corner, its lensed eyes gleaming and a fanged Cheshire Cat’s grin pulling up underneath.


            Orihime sighed as she pulled her white undershirt overhead, her sports bra keeping her large bosoms from bouncing too much.  “It was good practice with Tatsuki-chan,” she reflected to herself, beaming to nothing in particular as she dropped her trousers, folding it into a square and setting it into her locker.  Her undergarments soon followed, and her nakedness was modestly withheld by a towel.

            But that would soon be taken as well.

            The floor was cold, though the early summer air made the shower room warm.  She picked out a spot and disrobed.  She tossed the towel over a convenient bar for afterwards.  Her feet padded on the tiles, setting her in place underneath the showerhead.  A quick gasp and retreat to the initial cold, but she hummed to the warming spray, easing underneath its cascade and letting to cleanse her of the late afternoon’s sweat.  She didn’t intend for anything but a superficial rinse; shampoos and soaps were better in one’s own shower.

            “Hmm-hmm-hmm-ramen and pickles,” she hummed musically as a song of life began to take shape in her mind.  She must be sure to write down the lyrics and melody.  Tatsuki would love it!  She tilted her head back, wet hair clinging to her wet back when she offered her chest to the water.  “Hmm-hm-hmm-mmm-peanut and sushi.”

            “Oh, Hime~”

            Orihime, thinking that she was alone, spun to the source of the voice, surprised but not frightened.  If Tatsuki was there, she’d warn against Orihime such naivete.  But she was not, and Orihime thought nothing of seeing splendid Honsho Chizuru in naked glory, standing square in the entryway, barring escape.  But… her Orihime was too serene to run, to pure to show fear… even as the predator licked her fangs.

            “I didn’t think anyone else would be here,” she lied, having staked out in the shower for the past week since learning that Tatsuki and Orihime practiced sparring afterschool.  Her eyes, lost in the gleam of her glasses, tracked across every bit of skin and hair.

            Orihime turned more to Chizuru, smiling and oblivious to the squirt of nose blood Chizuru hid behind her hand as her breasts swung into view.  “Hi, Chizuru-chan!”

            Stifling the perverted response to holy land, Chizuru composed herself and leered expectantly at Orihime.  “You… you look like you could use some help washing your back,” she wheezed, discretely wiping around some spittle at the corner of her mouth.  Her pink nipples had already stretched and tightened; her nether lips drooled more than her mouth.  Eagerly, mimicking a squeezing motion, she brought up her hands.  “I’ll gladly lend a hand~”  She slurred, too much salivation over a tantalizing treat.

            “No,” Orihime politely refused, and then lifted an arm, gesturing to her underarm.  “I’m just washing the sweat off.”

            S-sweat?  Chizuru gulped deeply, inhaling the scents in the air before the pesky shower whisked it away.  She held against the rush to her head, stabilizing her legs underneath her.  “W-well,” she slobbered, passing the back of her hand across her wet lips again, “you could still use the extra hands.”

            Orihime thought of it for a moment.  Two hands were quick… but that meant… four hands were twice as quick!  And if Chizuru-chan was offering, she saw no harm in it.  She wound up smiling and giving an affirming nod.  “Okay!  Sure, Chizuru-chan!”

            And as Pandora’s box unleashed sin upon the world, she was swept up in the deplorability that was Honsho Chizuru!

            “Of course, Hime!”  Chizuru latched onto her beloved’s back, squeezing her plump bust against Orihime’s back while curling her hands around Orihime’s boobs.  “If I had soap…”  She cupped the suddenly-anxious and furiously-blushing Orihime’s chin and turned her to face each other.  “… I’d scrub every inch of you.”

            “Th-thanks,” stammered Orihime, who was suddenly feeling jittery and knew nothing else to say to the provocative statement.  “Ah!”  She looked down, watching helplessly as her breasts were boldly molested.  Not different than any other sneak attack by the insatiable and daring redhead, but the lack of clothes and the pompous interest in her stiff, peach nipples resonated stronger stirrings than usual.  “Chi-Chizuru-chan!”  Her eyes squinted, and she felt a new sweat break out upon her brow as new heat set in.  “You’re… being rough.”

            “Forgive me, Hi~me~”  Chizuru forced her weight into Orihime and jabbed her rump with her pelvis; a motion very reminiscent of a mating dog.  The hair of Chizuru’s mound scrubbed against Orihime’s soft skin.  “Forgive me, but your perfume is driving me wild.”  The arm that had lifted earlier had gone up again, this time at Chizuru’s behest, for her to bury her nose against the bare armpit to whiff the little remnants of sweat.  The nuzzle gave Orihime the chills.  She tried to bring her arm down, but Chizuru’s refused; not until she breathed in her Hime and slid her tongue out for a sample.  The bespectacled pervert swooned as the assaulted squealed.  “Ahh~ the sweet scent of Heaven~”  She dove in for another dab of the tongue, cleaning Orihime much more thoroughly than this shower would.

            Orihime’s face glowed red.  She squirmed in Chizuru’s grasp, managing to wrench her arm free, but accomplishing little else aside from knocking her breasts together.  “Chizuru-chan,” she pleaded, “that’s enough!”

            “Never!” Chizuru fired back, frenzied and intoxicated on Orihime’s essence.  She strapped the buxom beauty, flattening her tits against Orihime’s back, digging her nipples against her shoulder blades.  She groped Orihime freely, knowing that Tatsuki was too far to interrupt as always.  Now…  Now was her moment, to plunder the treasure chest and go for the trove.  “I must…  I must have you, Hime!”

            Orihime wasn’t too sure what Chizuru-chan meant by that.  By all accounts, didn’t Chizuru-chan already have her, trapped in her surprisingly-strong and wiry arms, hefting her breasts each at a time, rubbing down the flat of her belly?  It was then that she realized that hand, the direction and haste…

            “Yah!”  Orihime convulsed at once when Chizuru discovered the orange pasture that surrounded her groove.  It must’ve been the water that made it so slick for Chizuru’s plundering finger.  Orihime raised on her toes as if to leap out of reach, but Chizuru locked her hand over her mound and dug deep.  It was slippery inside as well, where no water had gone.  Chizuru noted this and bathed in the slickening paste.  The passage was too narrow for more than a finger, and it thrilled Chizuru.

            “O pure Hime~ you’ll never be tempted, will you?”  She squealed in delight, going cheek to cheek with the outcrying Orihime.

            “Chizuru-chan!  It feels…  Gah!

            The thick thighs astride Chizuru’s busy hand quivered violently and came together, unsuccessful in stopping the violation, though was that even Orihime’s intent?  A girl prone to oddities and unorthodox mannerisms, it was hard for her to consider this good feeling as something terrible.  But Chizuru’s methods were too aggressive, catching her unprepared for exploration.

            The finger pressed hard against the walls until she found a very particular spot along the roof of Orihime’s tunnel; a ridge of sorts that, when fondled, made Orihime wail.  She fell forward and caught herself inches from the wall, Chizuru still latching onto her, unwilling to pull her finger out of her cleft.  Drunk on the sensations, near deaf by the thumping of blood in her ears even as Chizuru whispered enchanting vulgarities to her, the busty schoolgirl panted like a dog.  Of course, it was an opportunity that Chizuru would not pass up.

            “Glrk!”  Orihime looked helplessly to Chizuru when two fingers now claimed this mouth, shoving deep and making her gag almost immediately at their conquest.

            “When you look at me like that,” Chizuru whispered, and finally forced her ring finger to join the middle inside the tight quim, “I feel like I could melt.  Ooo~ you’re so beautiful~”  She padded the back of Orihime’s tongue where she found the slimiest deposit of saliva, and dragged it from Orihime’s mouth on a rope; a rope that she attached to her own waiting and extended tongue, bridging their mouths.  Chizuru fawned and seemed like she could pass out from joy… but not until she chased the rope and stuffed Hime’s mouth with her tongue.

            First passing; first kiss!  Chizuru intended to steal much more as she dove into her idol’s mouth, tasting everywhere, clicking their teeth against each other’s when Chizuru chomped and made for Orihime’s tongue.  All the while, her hands memorized the feel of Orihime’s body; the fullness of her breasts and the way her nipples puckered, which way twisted she would squirm and which would cause her to give a muffled sob of pain; the squeeze of her insides as she pumped her digits back and forth, working Orihime open steadily while her pubic hair brushed against her palm.

            Chizuru popped off Orihime’s breathless mouth, also panting desperately, though she licked at the drool that dripped from Orihime’s plump lips.  She stole another, hard kiss; briefer than before, but no less erotic.  When they came apart again, Orihime quivered helplessly.  “Hime, it looks like you have tears in your eyes.”  Chizuru brushed a thumb across the flushed cheek.  “Your happy face…  I’ve dreamed about it for so long!”

            Her fingers yanked quickly from Orihime’s convulsing insides and set upon the protruding jewel.  Her thumb and forefinger closed on it, pinching and twisting to make the bustier redhead call out in pleasure.  “Chizuru-cha~n!”  Tears in her eyes, but she was not crying; it was her happiness, the wicked Chizuru chortled.

            “Look, Hime!  I want you to see that I am doing this for you!”  She pulled Orihime away from the wall, supporting her as they both leaned back, jutting Orihime’s hips forward.  Breasts spread, gray eyes could stare helplessly between them to watch Chizuru mercilessly yank at her clit.  The ecstasy was pronounced with hard stabs of pain from Chizuru’s treatment.  When she stopped playing with the nub, she’d tug at the short hairs around it.  “It’s so lovely and soft~  Thank you, Hime!”  Then her hand slapped back over the mound, whacking water away and rubbing once more at the sensitive flesh that swelled with arousal.

            While stroked, Orihime could also feel Chizuru’s fur grinding against the left cheek of her ass.  Chizuru had separated her own thighs to straddle the back of Orihime to the best of her capabilities.  A warm wetness that did not come from the running shower rubbed into her skin.  But she’d no thought on it; no thought of anything as her mind began to explode with satisfying white.  The scream of her orgasm bounced off the walls, but did not make it inside the mental eruption.

            “Yes, Orihime!  Yes!”  Chizuru’s voice, muted underneath the white, was all that broke through that swirling silence.  When the stream rushed from Orihime’s snatch, Chizuru doubled and then quadrupled her efforts!  The hand molesting Orihime’s chest surged down to help its twin, spreading the lips of Orihime’s convulsing sex so that the other’s fingers could break the current, flourishing it back to slicken her clit and make it even more vulnerable.

            A similar rush was made against her ass; Orihime vaguely felt it, but Chizuru-chan was mimicking her, floundering and struggling to keep air down for more than an instant.  In no time and forever, the two wobbled in place, Chizuru’s hands losing their luster, though she made a successful grab for the large tits again.

            At some point, Orihime found as her heavy eyelids dangled above her gray stare, they had wound up on the floor, her sprawled underneath the panting, elated Chizuru.  The redhead waiting for quite a while before giggling and lifting up on one arm, low enough that her perky breasts brushed lightly against Orihime’s bicep.

            “Was it good for you, mademoiselle?” she hummed, lightly caressing Orihime’s cheek as she turned her head to face one another.

            Breathless, Orihime gave a subtle nod that earned her another deep, tongue-filled kiss.


            “Goodbye, Hime!” Chizuru cheered in the departing sunlight, dressed and dry and acting as if nothing had changed between her and Orihime.  “I’ll see you tomorrow~”

            Orihime, on the other hand, insecurely clutched the strap of her duffle bag with both hands.  Her cheeks remained red all throughout the shower, as Chizuru nonchalantly gossiped and chattered while scrubbing her down instead of herself.  She had even popped one of Orihime’s nipples into her mouth at one point, suckling twice on it like it was no problem, though Orihime still tingled from the earlier orgasm.  Chizuru’s hands had literally sought out every crevice, diligently every intimate part of Orihime, going down on her knees to enact the mission.  Orihime could say that she had never felt more exposed than when she bowed her against the wall and spread the cheeks of her ass; not even to clean, necessarily, just to have a good, long look with a satisfied smirk on her face.

            “Y-yeah.  Goodbye… Chizuru.”  Her legs pulled tight together.

            She was eager for another shower.


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