Captured Kitty

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Captured Kitty

During the fight with Kageroza…

Just when it seemed like everything had gone according to plan, that the captains' unity had prevailed, things turned a bleak turn for the worse. Kageroza, whose cunning proved to be as sinister as Aizen's, managed to trick the captains and Yoruichi into thinking they'd won.

Retreating to a catwalk above them, Kageroza gloated over them while he reintroduced his enemies to his invading army of Reigai, even those who'd already been defeated. Kurotsuchi made his play and poisoned him with a cognitive-dampener, but even that proved to be useless. Kageroza merely used the Reigai Isane as a scapegoat and escaped Mayuri's poison.

And that was when everything went to hell.

The Reigai all converged on the captains. Yoruichi saw Byakuya getting overwhelmed and moved to help, but was intercepted by the Reigai of Unohana. Before the Flash Goddess had the opportunity to use her Shunko, a Kidō spell or even throw a punch, the copy of the Squad Four captain slashed her. "Gahh!" she cried out as she stumbled backwards, blood pouring from the wound in her abdomen, her black leotard covered in red blood.

Ever the brave fighter, Yoruichi righted herself and fought back the pain, putting a hand on her wound to apply pressure and staunch the bleeding. "You…" She clenched her teeth and prepared to fire a Kidō, her aim to create a distraction so she can get to Byakuya before he was killed.

But Unohana merely smiled her friendly, terrifying smile. Blue lightning crackled in her eyes as she held up her hands. "I don't think so. It's over, Yoruichi Shihoin."

Unohana gave a quick chant and unleashed her spell on Yoruichi. Red lightning shot out of her hands, its full fury hitting Yoruichi, who screamed in pain at the top of her lungs from the electrocution. Her vision filling with white light, Yoruichi crumpled to the floor unconscious, the last thing she saw before everything went dark were her friends being defeated…

Sometime later…

"Ughhh…" Yoruichi groaned as she opened her eyes. "Where…where am I?"

The room she was in was dark, only illuminated by vats that lined the walls. Next to the vats were a long human-sized cylinder with a panel next to it.

When the cold chill of the dark room hit her, Yoruichi looked down and found that she was naked, tied to an X-shaped rack. She was surprised to find that her wound had been completely healed. Not even a scar marred her beautiful flesh.

"Entertainment," came a voice from the dark. The figure moved in and out of the light from the vats until they were finally fully visible in front of Yoruichi.

Looking up, the werecat found herself looking at the Reigai Unohana. Blood rushed to the dark-skinned woman's cheeks when she saw that that the Reigai was wearing her Haori and nothing else. Wearing her captain's jacket open, Unohana's copy exposed herself to the bound Yoruichi, her body just as lovely and seductive as the real Unohana's.

"What's going on? Where am I and…" she looked down at herself and blushed. While she was more than comfortable flaunting her nudity in front of her unsuspecting friends, this was different. "Why am I like this? Where is everybody?"

The evil Reigai covered her mouth to suppress a giggle. "Goodness, so many questions," she chided like a mother to her child. "I'm afraid that your friends have abandoned you. Before we could put them down, Kukaku Shiba and Jidanbo interrupted our battle and they escaped. All of them…" her smile grew wider by a hair, adding an air of menace to her face. "Except for you. Oh you should have seen the pained look on Captain Soi-Fon's face when she was forced to leave you behind. Even I almost shed a tear," she taunted.

Yoruichi scowled. "So what am I doing here? If you're looking to torture me, you picked an odd place to do it in."

Walking forward, Unohana reached out and circled Yoruichi's naked stomach with a finger. "Oh, Kageroza has no use for you. So I decided to bring you here rather than let him execute you while you were unconscious."

"Lucky me," Yoruichi narrowed her eyes as the exposed copy continued to touch her toned belly. "So why am I like this?" she gestured to the bondage rack. "Last I checked, the real Unohana was never this kinky."

Her eyes crackling with blue lightning, Reigai Unohana trailed her finger up Yoruichi's front, taking her time in circling Yoruichi's breasts. "Oh, you haven't the slightest clue about what the original Unohana wanted. She was far more perverted and devious than you or the other captains imagined. I'm her, remember? So all those dark fantasies she's had over the years of having you as her plaything are in my head. Except I'll be the one who'll enjoy sinking my claws into you."

A nail pressed into Yoruichi's bosom. The werecat fought back the hiss and merely glared at Unohana's copycat. "Do you really think you can break me?"

Once again, Unohana suppressed a giggle. "Oh yes, I'm well aware that, as the former Commander of the Stealth Force, you'd have been trained against most forms of torture. But…" she shrugged out of her captains' jacket to reveal herself in all her splendor. "But you've never been at the mercy of another captain before."

Yoruichi bit her lower lip when the Reigai put her hands on her naked body. One hand roughly squeezed her breast while the other went to her bare pussy. "Nghh!" she quietly groaned when two fingers entered her womanhood but she didn't let her emotions show.

"How brave. That's what I always liked about you," Unohana noted, almost lovingly. "Oh how I can't wait to see you beg for me."

"Do you do this to your lieutenant every Friday night?" Yoruichi taunted, ignoring Unohana's touches. She continued to subtlety slip out of her restraints, hoping to free herself and escape the Reigai's clutches. But it was no good. Yoruichi couldn't break free.

Taking her fingers out of the bound werecat's snatch, Reigai Unohana licked her fingers clean, tasting the woman's flavor on her tongue. "No, I don't do this to Isane…" Yoruichi saw the copy's eyes glint with malice and couldn't hide the fear on her face. "I do this to her."

Reigai Unohana muttered a chant and red lightning shot out of her hands. "KYAAAAAA!" Yoruichi screamed as her body was electrocuted. Unlike before, the Reigai didn't use as much power, not wanting her captive to lose consciousness. Now, Yoruichi could only scream in agony as she was tortured. "AHHHHHHHHH!"

Finally, Unohana balled her fists and ceased her torture. Her body smoldering, Yoruichi slumped forward, panting for breath as she reeled from the pain. After a moment to gather herself, the purple-haired woman looked up and glared at the Reigai. "Is…is that all you got?" she spat. "That wouldn't even faze your lieutenant!"

A smile stretched across Reigai Unohana's lips.


The doppelganger kept shocking Yoruichi for her enjoyment. "My, what lovely screams you have. A shame the original didn't do this already. Still," her eyes gleamed with malicious lust as Yoruichi's naked body writhed and shake in pain. "This is a beautiful sight."

Again, Unohana ceased her Kidō torture and ended her lightning assault. The naked woman approached her abused victim and once again put a hand to the werecat's breast. "Much better…" she sadistically noted. Leaning forward, she stuck out her tongue and licked Yoruichi's breasts, her dark globes glistening with saliva. "I prefer my meat when it's been cooked."

"Ahh…ahh…" Yoruichi panted. When she felt something plug up her mouth, her vision came back into focus to find Reigai Unohana kissing her. "Mmmmh!" The older woman kept a hand on her chin, keeping her from turning her head.

Pulling way by a hair, Reigai Unohana licked her captive's lips. "You taste better than I imagined. I'm going to save every minute of this."

Yoruichi felt her captor kiss her again and did her best to keep her mouth shut. But when the Reigai pinched her nipples, she involuntarily gasped, letting the woman slip her tongue into her mouth. The evil Unohana moaned as she explored Yoruichi's mouth, continuing to play with the woman's nipples while teasing her tongue. When she pulled away she twisted Yoruichi's nipples and enjoyed the look of pain on her face. "My goodness, Yoruichi. I'd never have taken you for a masochist."

"What was that? You're babbling," Yoruichi taunted, trying to stay strong.

"Am I?" Unohana retorted, raising an eyebrow as her hands sparked lightning again. "Let's hear you be more honest."

"Kyaaaaaaaaa!" screamed Yoruichi once again as Reigai Unohana zapped her. This time the Reigai toned down the voltage to get a more appropriate reaction from her victim. The red lightning arced across her skin, her body trembling from its assault as it brought delightful pain. Despite her protests, she could feel her body respond. Her toes curled as she arched her back. Even now she could feel her nipples harden and her clit swell. While she wasn't a masochist by nature, Unohana's torture was causing her body to respond in kind. "Ahhhhhhhhh!"

As soon as the lightning ceased, Yoruichi was tortured with another kiss, unable to fight back even with a whimper as Reigai Unohana made out with her. "Mmmmmmh!" the Reigai moaned, pressing her tits into Yoruichi's.

"Nghh!" Yoruichi groaned when Reigai Unohana suddenly bit down on her lower lip. Reigai Unohana tasted the trickle of blood and licked her lips. Sliding down Yoruichi's steaming hot body, she faced Yoruichi's exposed womanhood and spread her lips. "You're so wet," Reigai Unohana smirked. "Are you sure you aren't enjoying this?"

"Go to hell!" Yoruichi spat, the defiance returning to her golden eyes.

"I believe, my dear, that you already fell into Hell," the Reigai taunted before she dined herself on Yoruichi's clam. She moaned into Yoruichi's muff as she ate her out, delighting herself in the werecat's womanly taste. Her nose pressed into the Flash Goddess's clit and breathed hot breath onto it, sending shivers up Yoruichi's spine. "Mmmh, you taste better than I imagine. Yum yum…"

Reigai Unohana buried her face into the bound woman's pussy and eagerly continued her torturous cunnilingus. Yoruichi squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her jaw while she tried to ignore the tongue that slipped inside her honeypot. She wasn't expecting this. True, as the former Commander of the Stealth Force, she had always been prepared for the possibility of finding herself a captive to someone who had more on their mind than information. But she'd been prepared to be taken brutally, to fight against her captor with all her willpower.

But the training she'd gone through had been a very long time ago and she couldn't fight the soft, sensual bliss in her loins as her captor licked her. She'd never taken Unohana as a lesbian but the woman's copy certainly knew how to eat out a woman. 'I guess that's why she keeps Isane around…' she thought, her breasts jiggling as she struggled to keep her breathing even. "Nghh…" she silently moaned.

Pulling away from Yoruichi's wet honeypot, Reigai Unohana licked her lips. "Well, look how horny you are. If only Soi-Fon could see this. She'd be ashamed of her so-called idol." Running a finger against her slit, the Reigai leaned forward and kissed Yoruichi's clit. "I wonder how she'd react watching her mentor being forced to orgasm against her will."

Yoruichi's breath hitched when her captor's lips wrapped around her sensitive clit, sucking on it viciously while the Reigai plunged three fingers into the werecat's dripping pussy. "Nghhhhhh!" panted the bound Yoruichi, struggling in vain to break free as she was forced to feel pleasure. She dug her nails into her palms to try stifle the pleasure with pain but it was no good.

"Mmmhh…" The Reigai's cunnilingus was relentless. She sucked on Yoruichi's precious jewel while her fingers pumped rapidly in and out of her snatch, silvery love juices covering her hand. The dirty sound coming from her pussy made Yoruichi's cheeks blush, knowing she couldn't fight the pleasure for much longer. Every time Reigai Unohana sucked and licked on her clit she felt sparks of pure bliss shoot through her. Reigai Unohana sensed Yoruichi's crumbling resistance and smirked. "Go on," she teased, her fingers pressing against the werecat's G-spot.

"Ah…ah…" panted Yoruichi, losing her mind as her tormentor fingered her and licked her clit. "I…" She clenched her teeth as her toes curled, unable to fight it any longer. The dark room disappeared in a cloud of white while her body tensed. "Nghhhhhhh!" she groaned, her eyes squeezing shut as she felt her orgasm hit her like a truck. Her pussy squirted all over Reigai Unohana's hand. "Ahhhhh!" she finally cried out, succumbing to tortuous pleasure.

Pulling her fingers out, Reigai Unohana stood up and licked her digits clean. "Mmmh! You taste even better when you cum against your will," she taunted. "You were so dignified and uptight earlier. Where's that spark of defiance now?"

"Ahhh…ahhhh…" Yoruichi panted. Her mind was spinning. She'd been made to orgasm before whenever she hit the sack with Kisuke or Byakuya but not even they could make her cum like that.

Chuckling, the Reigai slipped a Seki-Seki Rock collar around her neck. "There. You look perfect," she purred. Stepping back, the naked Reigai snapped her fingers. At the woman's command, the shackles binding Yoruichi's wrists and ankles opened to dump the sweaty, panting woman onto the cold floor.

"Ughhh…" groaned the panting werecat, her body aching from the electrocutions and orgasm. With the collar sealing her powers away, she couldn't use her Flashstep to escape anymore. And her body was too weak and exhausted from Reigai Unohana's ministrations to put up a proper fight.

When she saw legs standing in front of her, the golden-eyed werecat looked up and was shocked to see Reigai standing in front of her with the largest strap-on dildo she'd ever seen. "Why so surprised?" The Reigai's eyes sparked with lustful malice again. "Now it's time for me to have some fun."

Yoruichi was smacked in the face by the large dildo. Her vision reeled for a split second but when that second was over she no longer found Reigai Unohana in front of her. She looked around and tried to get up, but only got so far as getting on all fours before she felt hands touch her ass. She hissed when nails dug into her asscheeks and turned her head to find Reigai Unohana behind her.

"Why, Lady Yoruichi," the doppelganger smirked. "How'd you know doggy-style was my favorite position? Or would you prefer kitty-style?" Rubbing the thick head of her toy against Yoruichi's entrance, evil stretched across the double's lips. "You know, this isn't just some toy I picked up from a store. It's a very special one that I had Captain Kurotsuchi make for me." The head pushed into the captive's honeypot, making Yoruichi gasp at how warm it felt. "That's right. It simulates a real cock. As you're about to find out."

When Yoruichi felt the evil clone slam her realistic toy into her pussy, she couldn't fight the scream. "FUCK!" Her womanhood stretched around the thick toy, it feeling just as much as if a real man had speared Yoruichi with his cock.

Gripping Yoruichi's hips, Reigai Unohana fucked the woman with strength that belied her feminine appearance. "Ooooh," the Reigai moaned as she pounded the werecat into the floor. Yoruichi's walls gripped her toy and she could feel every bit of the woman's insides. "You're tighter than I expected. And here I thought you were servicing Captain Kuchiki every other night!"

"Ahhh! Ahhhh!" cried out Yoruichi. Feeling the thick cock pound her womanhood over and over again with all the fury of a machine piston, she clawed at the black tiles beneath her while she tried and failed to compose herself. "It's…it's too big!" she pleaded. Looking down, she saw Reigai Unohana's toy enter her pussy and blushed. Her large breasts swayed with every slam the woman made into her. "Ah! Ahhh! Ahhh!"

Reigai Unohana enjoyed the sounds Yoruichi was making mixed with the fapping sound of her hips smacking the werecat's booty. "You were so defiant earlier. But now you're just a pile of moans and cries. I very much like this new you."

Yoruichi's breath hitched when Reigai Unohana's hand suddenly came down on her ass. "Nghhh!" She yelped when the evil Reigai grabbed her ponytail and pulled hair, arching her back while she spanked Yoruichi's phat ass with her free hand.

"You're tightening up on me!" the Reigai noted, groaning as Yoruichi's walls gripped her faux-cock with every smack to her ass. "Enjoying this, are we?"

"No!" Yoruichi cried out, the only bit of defiance she had left. "Ahhh! Nghhhh!" She could feel Reigai Unohana's toy push all the way inside her, her pussy bottomed out while the thick head knocked at the door to her womb over and over again. If Yoruichi lived to survive this, she knew she'd be sore in the morning.

"No?" Leaning forward, the clone of Unohana pressed her breasts into Yoruichi's sweaty back and grabbed her swaying tits with her hands. "Then why is your pussy sucking me in every time I try to pull out?" She nibbled the Flash Goddess's ear before licking her cheek. "More importantly, how come you've been bucking into me for the past five minutes?"

As much as Yoruichi wanted to deny it, every thrust that the Reigai made was making her head spin. Her pussy felt like it was on fire from the lifelike manhood thrusting in and out of her. With her captor pounding her pussy, fondling her breasts and sucking on her neck and shoulders, Yoruichi could feel her body start to melt from the heat burning in side of her. And with that growing heat came the loss of control. As Reigai Unohana noted, Yoruichi had begun to buck into the woman's thrusts, her ass jiggling constantly as it smacked Reigai Unohana's hips harder. "Nggggghh!" groaned Yoruichi, squeezing her eyes shut and praying that someone would save her from the pleasurable hell. But her prayer went unanswered as that hot, boiling tension in her stomach start to grow unbearable and her toes curled again, her nails leaving scratch marks on the floor.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ohhhh!" moaned the horny, evil Reigai. Her hips moved as fast as they could, the woman reaching her inevitable climax. "You know, Kurotsuchi told me that it converts my juices into semen. I can't quite remember if he said whether or not it could impregnate a woman. Shall we try to make a baby?"

But Yoruichi could only protest through lewd moans. The room spun again as she felt that jolt of lightning hit her brain. "I…can't…cumming!" she shrieked finally, her pussy squirting around the thick cock inside of her.

"Mmmmmmmh!" moaned Reigai Unohana, unable to bear the tightness around her simulated cock. "I'm cumming!" she shouted into Yoruichi's ear, climaxing hard. The artificial toy attached to her crotch converted her love juices into synthetic cum, the tip of her toy erupting inside Yoruichi's womb, blasting her pussy with white, sticky cum.

"Ohhhh!" slurred the creampied Yoruichi, collapsing onto the floor while Reigai Unohana continued to fill her pussy to the brim with cum. Time stood still for Yoruichi as she panted on the floor, the white synthetic cum leaking out of her abused cunt as Reigai Unohana pulled out of her. Her vision was milky, obscured by a haze of pleasure. She only absentmindedly realize she was being dragged by the friction on her nipples. "Huh?" she mumbled as clarity returned to her.

By the time Yoruichi regained her senses, she found herself being picked up by the Reigai. "What're you doing?" she groaned as the clone picked her up.

"Oh, just letting you rest for a moment," the woman said with the fakest innocent expression on her face while she loaded Yoruichi into a large capsule. "That and doing a favor for Kageroza."

"Huh?" blinked the exhausted werecat before Reigai Unohana slammed the door to the capsule shut. "Hey! Let me out!"

"In a second, Yoruichi…" The Reigai walked over to a console next to the vats and started tapping buttons. "Fun fact: did you know that Kageroza tried and failed to create a Reigai of you?"

"What?" said the voice of Yoruichi, muffled through the thick metal.

"Yes. You came into the Soul Society as a cat. So he was only able to create a Reigai version of your cat form. But…well," she glanced at the cylinder and smirked. "Waste not." Hitting more buttons, she turned the red knob and turned it to maximum power.

The cylinder was dark for a moment before scanners lit up, illuminating Yoruichi with chilling red light. She struggled to free herself but without her powers she was as helpless as the next woman. "What are you doing?" she demanded, worried that this was some sort of perverted trap that Unohana had deviously devised.

"Just collecting your spirit energy data," Reigai Unohana said in a matter-of-fact manner while she watched Yoruichi's data pop up on the screen. Turning to the vat, she watched as it went to work, creating a new addition to Kageroza's army.

When it was over, Reigai Unohana opened the capsule and pulled Yoruichi out of it only to dump her back onto the floor. "Ooof!" groaned the sore woman. While the werecat tried to rise to her knees, a figure took shape inside the vat. When she turned her head to look up Reigai Unohana, her eyes widened in horror as the vat opened up, spilling red liquid all over the floor while a naked figure stepped out of it.

It was a Reigai version of herself!

Her eyes lighting up with purple light, the copy of Yoruichi leered down at her original. "Well, this is certainly a sight to wake up to," she said with Yoruichi's trademark smirk.

The two Reigai embraced each other and met in a sloppy kiss. Reigai Unohana moaned into her new friend's mouth, their breasts pressing against each other. Reigai Yoruichi reached down to stroke the toy beneath the black-haired woman's legs, feeling the tip rub her belly. "Tell me, did you have Kurotsuchi make two of these?" she asked.

The wicked smile returned to Reigai Unohana's lips as she looked down at the frightened Yoruichi, who knew instantly what was coming next.

"Actually, I have an extra one just for you…"

Thirty Minutes later…

"Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!"

"My, I didn't realize I was quite the howler…"

"Music to my ears."

The three women were on the floor fucking like rabbits. Yoruichi lay sandwiched between the two Reigai. Beneath her was Reigai Unohana, thrusting up into her pussy as hard and fast as the woman could manage. On top of her was her Reigai, the Flash Goddess copy enjoying the tightness of the original's asshole. The evil copy of Yoruichi gripped the real one's wrists and pulled them back, forcing her to arch her back and shove her breasts into Reigai Unohana's face.

"Ah! Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuuck!" Yoruichi slurred, her eyes rolling back. She had completely given in to her tormentors. Her body trembled as she climaxed again and again, her holes clamping down on the fake cocks inside her.

"Mmmmh, it's so fun to watch myself turn into such a slut," Reigai Yoruichi noted, her hips smacking the real Yoruichi's ass and driving her strap-on deep into the woman's backdoor.

"True. I think she's a keeper," Reigai Unohana smiled, licking Yoruichi's painfully hard nipples. "You feel so good, Yoruichi, I'm…" Reigai Unohana bit down on Yoruichi's tit as she prepared to climax again. Likewise, Reigai Yoruichi gripped Yoruichi's asscheeks and fucked her without mercy, nearing her orgasm as well.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" shrieked Yoruichi as she climaxed together with her tormentors, the two Reigai pouring their synthetic cum into her holes. The Flash Goddess's plugged cunt squirted wildly around the cock inside her while she was filled to the point of breaking, her ass and womb feeling like it was on fire. When she opened her eyes, Reigai Unohana saw that the fire of resistance in her had died while she collapsed on top of the Reigai.

The evil clones pulled out of the broken Flash Goddess, white synthetic spunk leaking from her holes. Reigai Yoruichi whistled as she looked down at herself. "Wow, you really shot a lot in her. She's probably knocked up by now if these things aren't firing blanks," the naked Reigai Flash Goddess noted.

"Perhaps. It'd be quite a thing to see. Perhaps I should make another baby with you?" Reigai Unohana suggested, smacking Reigai Yoruichi's ass.

Wiping the sweat from her brow, Reigai Yoruichi smirked. "You're going to need a lot more of you to do that," she laughed.

Reigai Unohana smirked back and snapped her fingers. Hearing the vats open up again, Reigai Yoruichi turned around and grinned.

Still lying on the floor, a broken mess of a woman with cum leaking out of her holes, Yoruichi lazily opened her eyes to stare up in horror when she saw that the number of Reigais in the room had grown. There were now five Reigai Unohanas and two Reigai Yoruichis!

The Reigai Unohana with the strap-on looked down at their captive and smirked. "Don't you know, Yoruichi? The more the merrier…"

The End

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