Sakura Petals and Fairies

BY : Zarakiswolf
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"C'mon, Nanami! It's time for lunch, silly!" Father calls from my door.

I open my eyes. "I'm not feeling well today, papa. I think I'll-"

He rushes to my side and brushes a hand against my forehead. "Tsk. You do seem a bit fevered. Shall I call the doctor for you, sweetie?"

"No, I don't think that will be necessary. I've probably caught a cold from swimming so late with the boys yesterday." I give him a tired smile.

He pats my head gently, his sapphire eyes full of concern. "My little flower, you are so delicate. You know you're my favorite girl, right?"

"I'm your only girl, papa." I laugh. "Your other three children are boys."

"And, in a female led clan, that's why you're my favorite." he teases. "I will come check on you again later, my dove."

"Papa, before you leave, can we speak of Tayashi?"

His face darkens. "His name is forbidden now in the family, Nanami. He broke the law, now he must be punished."

"I understand. I wasn't going to argue it, I was simply going to ask if I am still to marry him or not? You know I've been against it from the start. I do not love him."

His face relaxes. "I know. I don't control the marriages of the clan but since he is a criminal contained in the Muken now, my wife has decided that it would shame the family for you to marry him. Your engagement is broken. However...this leaves us in a bit of a pickle. There are no other single men of noble status equal to ours for you to marry."

"Papa...I know blood lines matter but I hope that whoever I'm paired with isn't cruel. I wish sometimes that I had a choice so that I could fall in love before marriage." I say, my voice falling into a whisper as I blush. I know it's a girlish notion to expect love in an arranged marriage but I just want to have that comfort. I will never be able to take over the leadership of the Hayate clan, as my mother isn't father's wife and current clan chief. I've never been treated any worse than my brothers but it is clear that I'm illegitimate and can't assume the role due to that technicality. I'm glad, really. While I don't mind some authority, I prefer to stay in the background. I hate conflict and I don't really like large groups either.

"Well, I don't think you have anything to worry about for now, my dove. There are no eligible men available that are interested from other clans....If only we were of a higher station, like the four great noble clans." he sighs before smiling. "Don't worry. One day you'll hopefully be matched with someone that you can fall in love with."

"I hope." I say softly as he ruffles my white hair before retreating from my room. I allow my eyes to close again, letting sleep take over. 


I dream of...a small girl that would fit in my hand, with brilliant pink hair and beautiful golden eyes. She has little wings on her back, allowing her to fly from my hand to my shoulder. I smile as she begins braiding the hair on the side of my head. "Who are you, little one?"

"I'm your other half, Nanami."

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

"Your power is awakening at last. I will tell you my name when you are strong enough to wield me. For now, though, just know that you are destined to be a soul reaper like your mother was."

"My mother was a maid." I say softly. "I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone else."

"No, you are Nanami Hayate, the daughter of Lord Hayate and a soul reaper surrogate mother. She was no maid. However, she passed when giving life to you."

"I knew that." I sigh sadly, wiping my eyes.

"Don't cry, Nanami." the girl says, hugging my neck before flitting to my other shoulder and beginning to braid that side.

"What're you doing?" I ask curiously.

"Now that you have me, I've set you apart from other girls."


She holds the strands of hair she's braiding up so I can see. My white hair has turned pink, like fresh sakura petals. "Don't worry, it's just these two strands."

"But why?"

"To symbolize our bond, silly. When you open your eyes, my blade will be beside you. Get stronger so I can tell you my name, ok?"



"Nanami! Wake up, dove! You need to run! Our home is under attack! Your brothers are...they've lead them here!" Father yells, shaking me gently. "Please, get up and run!"

I open my eyes and immediately cough. Smoke fills the hallway. I hear many people yelling for help and feet running. "Papa?"

"You must run!" he orders again. He helps me to my feet and gasps. "Nanami...that sword, where did it come from? And your hair!?"

"I had a strange dream, papa. A little fairy told me she was my sword and she changed my hair, that there would be a sword when I woke." I say softly, my body shaking slightly.

"It's...your mother's blood. I knew you'd be strong but I never imagined this. We'll talk of it later, my dove. For now, you must escape from here. Please!"

I grab the katana from my bed and use the sash in my robe to keep it at my side before following him out of the room. The house is surrounded by small fires, explaining the smoke filled hall ways. I see soul reapers fighting with monsters in the yard. It's chaos. Many of the maids are huddled in a corner, crying. Why in the world would have caused such an attack?

A wall comes crashing down in front of me, separating me from my father. A black haired, bi-colored eye woman in white hakama and a white jacket with short sleeves appears before me. She glances around before eyeing me. "Well well, what do we have here? A little mouse with a sword, huh? Tell me, mousy, can you fight?" she asks me.

" I don't like to fight." I answer softly, not looking her in the eye.

"Tch. Of course not. Lady Harribel will fix that. Come on. You're coming with me."

"What!? No! I can't leave my family!"

"Found a hostage, Apacci?" a different woman asks. Her skin is dark, unlike the first woman's, and more of her skin is showing than is appropriate. I blush and look away.

"Sort of. She has a sword but says she doesn't like conflict. Anyway, I say we take her back to Master Harribel. She could be useful."

"Hmm, are we sure it's a female? If she is, she doesn't have very good assets. Poor thing." a third voice says from behind me.

"Really, Sungsun? That's rich coming from you, ya inchworm." The second woman says.

"Let's not fight. We need to get out of here before and of the Captains show up."

"I can already feel the captain who killed Nnoitora in the distance. We'll need Ayon to escape." the first one says.

"Sorry for this, little mouse. But we can't have you screaming and drawing attention."

My head explodes in pain suddenly and my vision fades to black.


"I can see why you brought her here. She is pretty, I suppose."

"She was in the Hayate manor." I recognize the voice of the black haired woman who called me a mouse earlier.

"She stinks of smoke. May I bathe her, Lady Harribel?" the third voice asks.

"No. You three go find food and something for her to drink, please. I'll worry about bathing her so I can explain to her why she was taken if she happens to wake up."

"Yes, ma'am!"

As the other women leave, a set of hands stroke my face gently. "You are weak, but yet have a sword. I will train you to be stronger, little one."

I open my eyes slowly, meeting the blue gaze of this yellow haired woman. "Who are you?" I ask shyly.

"Tier Harribel. I am a former Espada. The three women from before are my companions. I had them bring any women survivors that were carrying weapons here to Hueco were the only one they brought back." she says. I can't tell if she's smiling, as the collar on her cropped vest hides the lower half of her face. Her belly is bared, causing me to blush and look away out of respect for her privacy. This makes her laugh. "You're very modest. Are you part of the noble class?"

"My name is Nanami Hayate."

"Ah, so you are a noble. Well then, you should be used to having attendants helping you bathe?"

I blush. "Well, I had a maid that would help with brushing my hair. I've never been bathed since I was a very little girl."

"Well, I'd like to help you, if you don't mind. Smoke is a very hard thing to get out of skin. It takes a lot of scrubbing."

My face feels like a furnace but I nod, too afraid to tell her no. "As you wish."

She takes my hands and pulls me into a sitting position. "I've taken your sword and placed it next to the bed you will sleep in."

"I'm a captive though. Wouldn't that be dangerous for you?"

"You are no danger to me. You probably don't even know that blade's name yet, do you?"

I lower my gaze. "No."

"Don't worry. I plan to help you get stronger. I'm tired of seeing women be slaughtered on the battlefield, no matter what species they are. I decided to send my companions along with Grimmjow's little army to invade the Soul Society and see what they would bring back. Now, come along. Let's get you cleaned up."

I follow her to a bathroom with a deep tub, large enough for several people to sit. It's already full of hot water, the steam clinging to my skin. Harribel's hands untie my sash and gently push my robe away from my body. I back away as she reaches for my undergarments, blushing. However, I remove them myself and she nods before getting into the water. I follow her, though I keep a little distance between us. The water relaxes me and I sink down into it gratefully. My muscles slowly loosen, my eyes closing as I lay my head back against the side of the tub.

"That's better. Relax, little one. I won't hurt you any time other than training you." Harribel sighs softly in my ear. She lifts me from the water, though she stays in. I smell sakura blossoms as she pours something warm in a line from my chest to my hips. Her hands slowly work it into my skin, so I assume it's soap. She's gentle. I'm not sure what an Espada is but maybe they aren't bad creatures. I blush as she washes my more intimate areas as well, though she doesn't linger on them. I'm glad for that. I roll when her hands urge me to and, once again, she adds soap to my back. In a matter of minutes, I'm clean and, shockingly, very relaxed. She pulls me back into the water and rinses me. "Would you like me to wash your hair too? It's a little ash covered."

"Only if you want to."

She makes short work of that, unbinding my braids and combing them out with her fingers as she puts shampoo in my hair. "Did you dye these strands?"

"No. Somehow when my sword came to me she changed them."

"I see. They're very pretty against your skin and make those violet eyes seem more purple."

I blush again. "Thank you."

"You seem very calm, for someone who's been kidnapped."

"I...well, to be honest, I love my father and my brothers but...I'm an illegitimate child so I wasn't treated well by my step-mother."

"I see. A child, no matter whether it is blood or simply there, is something to cherish. Hollows and arrancar can't procreate so I envy women soul reapers and humans who can."

Now I understand. That's why she's kept her face hidden. I barely know what those words mean, Hollow or arrancar, but I know that Soul Reapers are enemies with them. "Will you keep me here forever?" I ask, my voice trembling slightly.

"Not forever, no. In reality, given your status, I would be very surprised if they haven't already sent a search party for you."

For some reason, I find myself not really liking the idea of being found. My father had always sheltered me from the world, so getting out and seeing new things is exciting to me. Meeting new people, while scary, is also exciting. "What if...I don't wish to return?"

"You must, sooner or later. Hueco Mundo isn't a place for souls like you. It's a place for Hollows. However, I can keep you hidden for a little while as I train you a bit."

"That seems fair. I find it's exciting seeing new things. I've never been allowed out past our manor."

She dumps water over my head several times to rinse my hair. "Then I'll do as much as I can to hide you."


I manage to knock Apacci down finally and let out a sigh of relief. With the endless night of Hueco Mundo, this endless desert, I don't know how long I've been here with these women. Occassionally a blue haired, cat jawed former Espada joins us for practice with a purple haired woman. I can't best any of these people, unfortunately. I'm far too hesitant to strike. My sword spirit seems to not like it either, though I'm not sure why.

"That was pretty good. Do you think you could-"

My breath catches as a strong spiritual pressure erupts from behind us. Apacci looks angry but sighs. "Guess the hide and seek game is over. That's the captain that killed Zomari and helped kill Yammy. You're no match for him."

I lift the visor on my training armor and wipe the sweat from my forehead. Harribel appears with Sungsun and nods. "You've gotten a bit stronger in the month you've been here. I think you won't get stronger until your sword gives you it's name." she says gently. Her eyes focus behind me and she gently pushes me behind her. "You are not welcome here, Soul Reapers."

"We were sent here, Queen of Hueco Mundo. A girl was taken during the raid last month. She must be returned, unless you seek war." a cool and calm male voice says. I shut my visor and turn to look at the soul reapers. My eye is drawn immediately to the one in the white haori. His black hair is long and looks so soft. He wears kenseikan too, one with three openings on the top of his head, and a smaller one with two openings on the side. He's a noble. That catches my interest. He's very cold looking but his fine features I'm sure make many women melt for him. His dark grey eyes pause on me for a moment as he frowns. I divert my gaze to his helper.

The red haired man beside him is fierce looking, but cute in his own way, with tattoos over his eyebrows and a white band over his forehead. His hair is drawn back, giving his hair the look of a rooster tail. The thought makes me giggle slightly.

"I've not seen any girls here, other than my companions." Harribel lies smoothly.

"Then who is the boy behind you?" the red head snaps, pointing a finger at me.

"A youngster I've taken a liking to."

"Let me see your face, boy." The captain orders, assuming I'll obey. I step forward and draw my sword. He eyes it and frowns. "That is a zanpakuto. You are not an arrancar, are you?"

I don't bother to reply, simply stare him down. I know why they think I'm a boy. This armor hides what small curves I do have and, since my hair is pulled up into my helmet, they wouldn't be able to see the pink strands. The red head begins to draw his sword but the captain stops his hand. I attack the captain. He's too fast for me, flitting away and dodging my attacks with ease. He hasn't drawn his sword yet, which tells me that perhaps he doesn't want to fight either.

"You are untrained, boy." he says haughtily. "It is too early but I'm out of patience. You don't deserve the honor to die by my sword, but you will." In a flash, his blade is drawn and descends on me, striking me from shoulder to hip. My armor absorbs most of the blow but it does cut me below the clasps on the side. The pain is unbearable and I stop moving, fighting down tears and a scream. His next strike hits the side of my head, knocking a dent in my helmet and the pain from the blow makes my vision fade.

****Byakuya POV****

As the helmet goes flying off the boys head, my eyes widen. White hair with two braids the color of sakura petals on the sides. We were told to look for a girl with white hair. Could this be her, I wonder? But no, it can't be. This is probably just a young boy, as I see no feminine curves, though the face is very girlish. I raise my blade again but Renji steps in front of me. "Excuse me, Captain Kuchiki, but maybe we should bring this boy home. He isn't an arrancar. I'm not sure who he is or how he came to be here but I think maybe an investigation is warranted." he says smartly.

I nod and sheath Senbonzakura. "Very well. You will carry him to the medical unit and stay with him. Then he will go to the holding cells of squad six for interogation." I order.

"Yes, sir." he says, though I can hear the irritation. He hates menial tasks. Zaraki's wife is a bad influence on my lieutenant but they seem close, as if siblings. Perhaps that isn't a bad thing, as that woman is a danger to Soul Society.

As Renji lifts the boy, his armor falls and I feel my face heating. A girl? There's a mark on her stomach and my hand traces it. It seems familiar...wait! "Renji, our mission is complete. This is the missing girl." I say softly.

He's blushing and not looking at her. "Sir?"

"This birthmark only occurs in the Hayate noble family." I say before removing my haori and covering her with it. She, like Rukia, is of slight build. Had her armor not fallen, I would never have guessed her to be a female. "Let us go, Renji. I will carry her sword." I say softly.

"Please don't tell Rukia about this, sir. I don't want to die for holding a half naked girl in my arms."

"I will not speak a word of it."

A shiver threatens my composure as I remember the last naked woman I saw. That feral heathen of Zaraki's. I feel a stirring of my loins though. I've been alone far too long since Hisana's death and seeing those two mating has caused problems in the long time since. But I do not wish to marry again and tristes in a noble family are frowned upon.

****Nanami POV****

"She seems in good health, other than that knot on her head and that small cut on her side." a voice says close by me. I don't recognize it.

"That's good. Captain Kuchiki will be glad to hear it, I'm sure, since she's a noble and all."

"I would recommend being easy on her when she wakes. I don't think there's any sign of a concussion but you can't be too careful. If she seems to have memory loss then that might be problematic. However, you can take her to your holding cell, if you must."

A pair of arms lift me and I continue pretending to sleep as the man walks with me. I'm assuming it's a man by the muscles in the arms and the manly cologne on him.

"Hey, Rooster...whatya got there?" a female voice sounds.

"Hi, Wolf. This is that noble we were sent after. We finally found her. Honestly, me and Captain Kuchiki thought she was a boy." the man chuckles.

"That's definitely a girl. Boys don't smell like flowers. She smells like sakura petals and a little like strawberries too."

"Yeah we figured that out. He accidentally cut the armor she was wearing and it fell off when I picked her up."

I hear a laugh. "Got an eye full, did you? I always knew your captain was a closet pervert."

"He is not!"

"Why don't you ask him about what he caught me and Pachi doing sometime. Watch his face turn red."

"I don't wanna know, sis. I really don't."

"Hey, your face matches your hair now! Are you having dirty thoughts? Hmmm? You pervert!"

"Shut up!"

"Does Rukia know you're a pervert?"

"I'm not a pervert! Shut up, you idiot!" the man yells.

"Alright. Geeze. Spoiled sport. So where are you taking her now?"

"Captain Kuchiki wants her in the squad six holding cells so we can question her about what happened."

"Princess Kuchiki is ruthless. First he gets her half naked then locks her up. That's just mean. I'm gunna tell Pachi to come rescue her."

"Why don't you rescue her?"

"Cause I like watching our captains fight. It's hot." another giggle.

"You know, sometimes I think you were dropped on your head as a baby and that's why you're so messed up."

"Wouldn't surprise me, really. Well, anyway, I suppose I'd better get back home. I'm starving and you know how Pachi is about me wandering off."

"See you later, Wolf. Say hi to the kids for me."

"Will do."

How strange the woman is. Why in the world would she be so friendly with this man? Are they siblings? I probably won't get my curiosity answered today. After a little while longer, I'm finally set down on what feels like a bed. It's not very comfortable. I suppose if I'm in a jail cell, it wouldn't be comfortable. I hear the door lock behind the man. I decide to sleep some more. My head still hurts and my side doesn't feel very good either. I poke it gently and gasp as I find stitches. This isn't good. I don't want to look more boyish with a nasty scar!

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