Strawberry and Hollow

BY : Demonized
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King finally knows the truth. About his heritage. About the old man. About what Zangetsu himself truly is…

King finally knows and hasn't really said much of anything on the matter aside from declaring that he will fight on his own. Yeah, there's just a bit more to it than just that but Zangetsu lingers on that part in particular, if only because King is an idiot if he thinks that he'll be fighting on his own. He has both of them after all.

Now if King will only spare him a moment so that Zangetsu can beat it into that thick skull of his. Seems like it's too much to ask of him, however, at least for the moment. He's got too much shit to deal with right now, and Zangetsu is content enough to silently lend him his support. King has earned that much from him.

"Whatever ya need, aibō," Zangetsu murmurs, and he settles down on one of the many skyscrapers that make up their shared inner world. He astutely ignores the old man as he appears in his periphery, seeing as he's the main reason why it's taken King so long to learn the truth. Well, he's one of them, anyway, and Zangetsu certainly hadn't done himself any favors in that regard either, but he blames the old man the most.

"I only wished to keep Ichigo safe," the old man states plainly, and Zangetsu can't suppress the irritation and anger that surges through him.

"Don't give me tha' crap," Zangetsu snarls, his reiatsu flaring as he twists to glare at the spirit that represents King's Quincy powers. "King wouldn'a been safe from th' hollows nor the Shinigami nor these damn Quincies. He'd a been helpless if ya had yer way."

The old man remains silent and bows his head while he averts his gaze from Zangetsu as if to say that he's right. He damn well knows that he is.

"Now tha' King knows th' truth, ya better believe I ain't gonna let ya suppress me ever again," Zangetsu grits out with another flare of his reiatsu.

"I have no such intentions anymore, Zangetsu. Ichigo will need both of us to get through what lies ahead," the old man says in a grave tone and lifts his gaze to meet Zangetsu's own. There's a fierce determination there that not even the old man's favorite sunglasses can hide, and his reiatsu flares out to match Zangetsu's.

"Will both of you stop?!" King's voice rings out sharply from in front of them, surprising both of them. They turn to look at the same time, and there he is in all of his glory with a scowl to boot. "You're giving me a headache," he adds as he scowls at each of them in turn.

"My apologies, Ichigo," the old man says with a bow of his head, and he lets his reiatsu recede.

"Tch." Zangetsu gives a scowl of his own and crosses his arms over his chest as he looks away from King, not caring if it makes him seem petulant. He's not going to apologize but he does reign in his reiatsu.

King sighs softly and the weight of his gaze shifts away from Zangetsu. "Can you give us a moment, Ossan?"

"As you wish, Ichigo," the old man says as he vanishes from the surface of their shared inner world, leaving King alone with him.

"Ya should be out there fightin' th' Quincies," Zangetsu gripes while he keenly avoids looking at King.

"Well, I have to wait until the Zero Division is done preparing us for the trip back down to Seireitei," King responds in a soft tone, and with a rustle of fabrics he sits down in front of Zangetsu. "And besides, we need to talk and there isn't going to be time for that later."

"There ain't nothin' fer us t' talk 'bout." At least not whatever it is that King seems to have in mind. It is, however, a good time for Zangetsu to give King that beating to remind him that he's not alone, but-


Zangetsu closes his eyes as his name leaves King's lips and he exhales slowly while a sense of peace sweeps over him. It's truly something else to have King addressing him by his name.

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