The Wolf and the Demon

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I sit alone in a cave, gnawing on a bone from my last meal. I'm getting hungry again, so I'll have to either hunt or steal something from the village nearby. It's been two days since I've eaten. I suppose the best idea would be for me to go terrorize the village again. It's been a few months since I've done that and the villagers are getting too bold, drawing ever closer to my lair with their traps and hunting parties. Little do they know I am not your average wolf. Not by a long shot. I hear twigs snapping outside and instantly I'm on alert.

Hearing nothing further, I make my way to the entrance of the cave and take a sniff. I only smell animals. Perhaps it was a curious critter looking to hunker down for the night and, smelling me, decided to leave. Smart move. I decide, since I'm already up and it's nearly dusk, to make my way into the village and find a new meal. I'm going to scare the shit outta the entire village. Might even kill a few of the braver ones to prove a point.

****Kenpachi POV****

"Kenpachi...find Blue. Give her the love I was never allowed to." Retsu says with her last breath, the light fading from her eyes.

"Wait! Don't die!" I yell at the woman in my arms. I shake her violently but she's gone, for good this time.

A knock on my door startles me awake. I sit up, rubbin' the sweat from my face. "The hell is it?"

"Captain, you've been summoned to the head captain's office for a special mission, sir." Ikkaku says, crackin' the door open.

I glance out of my window. "This better be fuckin' important. Sun ain't even up yet."

"There were no details other than Head Captain Kyouraku believes you're the best one for the job."

"I'll leave in a few minutes. Gotta get dressed first."

"Alright. I'll send a reply."

I hear my lieutenant retreat, closin' the front door of my house on his way out. I let out an irritated sigh. That goddamn dream again. The hell did she mean? It's been eleven years since my fight with Retsu. She's long dead and buried. "Stop hauntin' my dreams, you fuckin' hussie. You didn't tell me who Blue is and I ain't gunna go look for some other hussie that's gunna bother the shit outta me like you do." I grumble into the empty air. I swear, I can almost hear Retsu's laugh.

****Zaraki District - Wolf POV****

I dodge another crudely made spear, laughing inside my head. It's been about three hours from the start of my attack on this village. I've killed three men so far. The children around here have a little hope in their eyes for once, as I've been able to steal some food and water canteens for them. I always do this...I wish someone had offered the same compassion to me back when I was little like them. A sudden spike in reiatsu behind me makes me dodge down an alley and hide in a bush. That is no weakling soul reaper like the one I killed yesterday.

"So, rumor was true. Zaraki district does have a giant pest problem." a voice similar to a tiger's growl sounds from where the reiatsu has spiked.

"Captain's been such a long time since you came." a weak female voice says.

"Yeah, don't give a shit. What the hell happened?"

"This wolf has been terrorizing our village-"

"The wolf of Zaraki has surfaced again, huh? Tch. Here I thought I'd get a good fight."

"Kenpachi, you old dog. We don't need you around here either." a brave, albeit stupid, man yells.

"Wanna fight about it?"

I decide now is the perfect time to slink out of my hiding spot. I'm no coward by any means but this village is too cramped to fight very well with a captain class soul reaper.

***Kenpachi POV***

"Zaraki, I need you to go to your old stomping grounds."

"The hell for?" I grouch, ignorin' Shunsui's sly smile.

"There's been an attack on the village there and, from what the sensors are picking up, it's still going on. And the thing killed a squad seven member who was visiting relatives yesterday."

"What am I up against? An espada?"

His chuckle lets me know it's nothin' of the sort. "No. Something big, blue and furry, that's all I can tell you. It won't stay still long enough to give us a good look."

"Blue? The hell kinda sake you been drinkin'?"

"None. Nanao has hidden my stash."

I laugh. "Beat by a nerd again. When're you gunna learn?"

"Go on. You might get a good fight. The report says whatever this thing is is about six foot tall on all fours."

"Tch. People blowin' up shit. It's probably a goose chase."

"They say it howls."

I come back to the present moment. "So where is this magic monster, huh? I don't see shit other than the blood over there."

Some kids dart out of a house. "It's real, gave us food and water but attacked the adults who tried to take it back. I even got to pet it." the boy in front says, smilin' a little.

I crouch down to get eye level with him. "Describe it to me."

"Oh, it's big. Probably it's nose would be equal with your chest when you're standing, sir. It has beautiful blue fur, like a sapphire. And eyes like pools of blood. "

"What is it?"

"A big wolf, I think. I've never seen one so big though."

"Where'd it go?"

The boy points to an alley, so I stand and brush by him, drawin' my sword. I pop around the corner but it's empty...except for a paw print the size of a fuckin' dinner plate. I narrow my eye.

"Captain, do you plan to track it?" Ikkaku asks behind me.

"Don't got a choice, do I?"

"Well, you do, but I don't think you wanna piss off the clowns in the high places."

"Probably not. Damn bastards will take me off the active roster for fightin'."

I walk away from him, knowin' he'll follow. Sure enough, he's at my side in seconds. "What're you gunna do when you find it? Doesn't sound like a normal wolf."

"I'll fight it and see. If it's as good as the rumors say, chances are we'll need a cage from squad two before the day's over."

"You mean to tame it?"

"Tch. Maybe a little but I want a challenge. And if it ain't a wolf, then I gotta bring it in anyway so might as well bring it back to the barracks."


"I'm bored, alright? Lay off."

He snickers. "Alright, let's hunt this bastard down."

****Wolf POV****

I can hear the ones following me, though they're a long way off. If not for the children in that village, I'd stop right where I am but it's too close. I don't give a shit about the adults but I won't harm the children if I can help it. I'm not a complete monster. I travel about half a mile further into a clearing before turning. I let loose a defiant howl before sitting and waiting. They'll come.

"Well I'll be damned. I heard stories growin' up out here of a damn wolf but never believed em." the growly voice from before says. I sniff...and sniff again before my hackles raise. He's going to be trouble. As the owner of the voice steps into the clearing, I get in a defensive position, baring my teeth and lowering my head. The man stands around 6'7" tall and looks to be a muscular two hundred pounds. A long scar mars his face on one side, running from his jaw to almost his hairline on the left side of his face. His ebony hair is long, almost down to the middle of his back and really messy, though not unkempt. Whoever gave him that scar must've been aiming to take his eye out. They seem to have succeeded with his other eye, as he wears a patch over it. Cocky bastard turns to his subordinate and I snarl louder. Squad eleven. Fucking great. The one fucking squad I want nothing to do with.

"Sir, that's definitely not a wolf." the bald one says.

"Really? I thought maybe it was a poodle." the captain snaps back sarcastically.

"Should I go ahead and call for a cage?"

Cage? Oh hell no! I use shunpo and manage to tackle the bald bastard to the ground, snapping my teeth inches from his face. He blocks me with his arm, which is shielded by some sort of armor. My teeth cut through it, but not quite enough to get to his flesh. We roll a little ways down the hill before he hits a tree. I jump back, landing on my paws a few feet from him. I dart back toward him and he catches my mouth, using his hands to clamp it nearly shut. I bring a paw up and tear my claws down his chest, his blood spurting all over my face. His grip loosens just enough for me to get my teeth sunk into his arm and jerk him around to the side, slamming him into the tree again. He lets out a groan before dropping to the ground, blood pouring from his forehead.

"Tch. Fuckin' idiot." the captain says, having not moved from his spot other than to cross his arms over his chest.

I turn a heated glare on him. He reminds me of the past. I fucking hate him already. I lick the blood from my mouth and stalk back toward him. He simply draws his sword. I tilt my head. The damned blade is chipped and jagged, obviously he doesn't take care of it. I feel sorry for the damned thing. I sniff again. His scent reminds me of someone from my past. But he's not her. Not even a relation. I stalk to his right, keeping my eyes on him as I plan my attack.

"Well, I can tell you got a thing for fightin'. Those eyes may be full of hate but I see joy in em too. I think you're hidin' yourself in that form like a coward. Why not show me who you really are?" he says, not bothering to look at me directly.

I growl. A coward? Me? No, I just enjoy the freedom of this form. No paperwork, no rules to follow, no people to bother me...usually. However, I circle back in front of him, facing him down.

"Oh, you seem to understand me, huh? Either you're someone on the run or you're feral. Which is it?" I snarl and charge at him, landing on his chest before he rolls us so he's on top of me. His blade drops into my shoulder as my head darts up, grabbing his wrist and crunching down until I hear the bones break. He curses and removes the sword, bringing it back almost immediately but I roll us again, my teeth tearing into his chest before me knocks me flying with a haymaker. I manage to land on my feet, though my ears are ringing from the blow to the side of my head. My belly chooses this moment to give a loud rumble, reminding me I need to finish this quickly. Two days with no food plus the excursion earlier has worn my reiatsu down to dangerous levels. I charge at him again, managing to catch his thigh with my claws but I'm not paying attention like I should. His sword pierces my gut, exiting through my back. His other hand grabs my mouth, pulling my head so he can look in my eye. "I see you, Wolf. You can't escape me. You managed to wound me but I can feel your reiatsu flickerin' like a fuckin' candle in the wind. You're in no shape for this fight."

I shake my head, trying to dislodge his hand with no success. He pulls his sword out of me, holding it up and licking my blood off of it. This startles me. The man is crazy. Has to be. I look into his green eye and instantly stop fighting. I see the madness there, hovering beneath the surface. His hand releases me. "Don't even think about it, mutt. You bite me, I'll cut that throat of yours. You're too weak to continue. However, since you ain't at full strength, I want a rematch."

I back away from him but he grabs my mouth again, forcing me to sit as he's pressing down hard on a pressure point on my nose. I growl at him and shake my head again before laying down and presenting him with my belly. I hate him. I'll kill him later but right now, I'm keeping my sorry ass alive.

"Smart move. Now, who are you really?"

I growl and roll back onto my stomach. I won't answer. Not a fucking chance. He'll never have my name or see my face. I turn and lick my wounded stomach, raising my reiatsu a little and letting out a whine as the wound heals itself slowly.

"You and Ikkaku are a lot alike. He carries around a damn salve that makes him stop bleedin' durin' battle." he comments. I growl again. "Stop that damn noise, idiot. I won fair and fuckin' square. Not my fault you're a weaklin'. Now, you're comin' back to the Seireitei whether you like it or not. You belong to me until you can get strong enough to kill me."

I glare at him but I have no choice. By me conceding victory to him, I have to follow whatever order he says. He is now my least until I kill him. Who knows, maybe he can tell me why he smells like her. Oh wait, I can't ask him in this form. Oh well. Maybe someone else will let it slip. I haven't been to the Seireitei in two hundred years, give or take. I know it was pretty much destroyed about eleven years ago. I stood and watched it happen, laughing madly inside. So much for loyalty. Even the old man was killed. That wasn't as pleasant, as he was the alpha before this giant lug.

His hand reaches toward me, earning him a snarl but another glare forces me to be silent as he lifts my lip, examining my teeth. "Silver. Same with your claws. You ain't a wolf. I'm gunna take a stab at it and say you're a fuckin' coward ass soul reaper that ran away a long time ago. Couldn't be recent because you look like shit and I'da fought you before now. This your bankai?"

I sneeze, shaking my head in a negative manner. No, this isn't my bankai and this fucking idiot won't ever see my bankai if I can help it.


I lay my head down and refuse to answer.

"Tch. Be that way. Not like I care anyway, mutt. You wanna be a fuckin' dog, then be one, coward. But don't expect me to go easy on you just because you're too damn weak to show me who you really are. Bet you're a measly squad four-"

I snarl and get on my feet, walking away from him. Squad 4? Me? He has to be fucking joking. There's no squad 4 person with a sword like mine. I can't even use kido, let alone kaido so I wouldn't be able to be in squad 4. That bastard just insulted me. I hear him laugh as he walks past me to his fallen comrade. He pulls a hell moth from his uniform, relaying a message before turning the bald man over. He grabs the man's sword and removes the end off the hilt before smearing the stuff on the deep gash in his forehead. I walk up behind him and watch.

***Kenpachi POV***

I feel the wolf behind me but I don't sense any murderous intent. As soon as it had shown me it's belly earlier, that had disappeared as if it never had any. It's a fuckin' soul reaper. Gotta be. The joy I saw in those eyes while it was fightin' me could only come from a soul reaper. No animal would look like that. I briefly wonder if I wasn't wrong and the mutt is feral. Won't know unless it drops that form, whatever it is. Maybe it's somethin' like Sajin, that wolf faced bastard. I sit Ikkaku up against the tree before gettin' back to my feet and turnin'. I reach my hand out to the wolf but it snarls and backs away.

"Fuckin' scaredy cat."

It starts movin' away until it gets ten feet between us before layin' down. Those damn eyes never leave me, obviously not trustin' me. Good. That's a really good instinct. Somethin' tells me this wolf is full of surprises though. "You a male or female?" It doesn't bother respondin'. "Fine then. I'll figure it out eventually."

****Wolf POV - 2 hours****

People clear out of the way as I pull on the rope again, managing to drag the captain behind me a few inches before he plants his feet and jerks me back. "You ever gunna learn?" he grumbles. "You ain't gettin' loose. End of story."

"Zaraki...what is that?" a man with a straw hat and pink kimono over his captain's coat says. His brown hair and grey eye are familiar. He's lost an eye since I saw him last. One sniff has me stopped in my tracks, giving him a warning growl. He raises an eyebrow.

"That is the beast you sent me after this mornin'. The legendary Wolf of Zaraki." the man holding my rope says.

"Kenpachi, you know that isn't a wolf, right?"

I turn my head. Kenpachi? This man? Not unless...I take a long sniff. I don't smell her here in this city. His gaze isn't on me. "Yeah, I've figured that out. A wolf doesn't have steel fangs and claws. Think what we have here is a feral soul reaper."

"Feral? Perhaps. I think not, however. Head Captain, would you allow me to take it to my research facility?" a blue haired man with his face painted in a ridiculous fashion asks as he walks up beside Captain Kimono.

"No. It's mine. Not a fuckin' chance that you're takin' it. It'll kill you."

"Woah, easy. Mayuri, I think I'll allow some blood samples but I'm not keen on letting you experiment on it. Something is familiar about it. The reiatsu is tickling my brain but I just can't place it." Kimono says.

The man wanting to take me for experiments steps toward me. I snarl and back towards my new master but he follows me. "It's not feral. Not completely." he says quietly before reaching a hand out. I react quickly, clamping my teeth on his hand and shaking my head violently. To my surprise the arm comes off, leaving wires sparking in my face causing me to drop the arm. "Well now, that was uncalled for." is all he says before injecting something into the stump and growing a new arm. I snarl and lunge for him again but I'm caught around the throat by my master.

"Easy, Wolf. Much as I'd like to see you murder this freak, I don't wanna see you put down before I'm done playin' with you." he growls in my ear. I immediately cease growling and sit on his feet.

"See, it's not completely's immune to poisons though."

"What!?" Kimono yells.

"My blood is always full of poisons. This wolf got a mouthful of it, therefore, should be getting sick but it's not. Very interesting." The freak says.

I snarl at him again. The man in the kimono sighs. "Blood work. That's it. Zaraki, take it back to your barracks. You're responsible for it so if it kills anyone, I'll make you put it down, understand?"

"Got it. Come on, Wolf." I feel the rope pulled. I get to my feet and follow my master obediently for now, still sniffing occasionally. I don't smell her. The kimono wearing captain walks slightly behind me.

"Searching for something?" he asks quietly.

"Shunsui, if it's half feral and never comes outta that form, I ain't gunna kill it. It fights really damn good."

"Fair enough. Our laws say I'm supposed to kill it but I know this reiatsu. I know it but can't name it."

Shunsui? That's the kimono wearing head captain of the Gotei 13 now? Of all captains, they chose him? I laugh inside. Well, this won't be so bad. I was half expect old Yamamoto to still be here, though I know he can't possibly be. I stare at the once familiar gates of squad 11 and hesitate. I don't want to be here. Here is where bad things happen. Both captains notice.

"C'mon. Inside, mutt."

I continue to hesitate for a moment longer before stepping through the gates. I lunge forward, catching him by surprise, managing to pull the rope from his hands before taking off. I hear both captains running after me but I'm not up to anything bad. I run straight for the pond behind the office and stop, staring at the cherry tree. I take a few steps toward it until my head rests against the bark. I lay down beneath it.

"Take it you have a thing for cherry trees, huh, mutt?" Zaraki asks.

I glance at him then glance down.

"Zaraki, I think I know who this is, it can't be. That person was killed in battle two hundred years ago." Shunui says softly.


"A little girl I helped raise. Her dad was a real abusive prick."

Zaraki stares at me keenly. "We'll find out eventually. One way or another."

I give him a growl. He'll never know. Ever. I'll take my secrets to the grave.



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