Sibling Snuggle

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Sibling Snuggle


​A bad dream…  Karin chastised herself for being so shaken by nightly images of her subconscious.  Worse yet, whenever these rare occurrences happened, she normally would just crawl into her twin’s bed; Yuzu always made room for such times, for Karin did the same for much more frequent visits.  Even though they were in junior high, they still acted like vulnerable children at times.

​Tonight, though, Karin had declined scooting in with Yuzu and left the room entirely to wander the corridor.  The moment she stepped into the hall, she could hear her father snoring loudly and mumbling in his sleep.  His bedroom door was always open and had little notes taped up encouraging his daughters to come cuddle with daddy-dearest if the night frightened them; a smaller note was left for Ichigo instructing him to ‘suck it up’ if he was disconcerted from nightmares.

​The nightmare Karin had wasn’t about anyone in particular; it was more of frightful images of those wretched Hollows. However, tonight, she planned to do something she hadn’t done since she was much younger.  She didn’t feel exactly proud shuffling over to her brother’s room.  As quietly as possible, she opened the door, slipped through the opened crack, and then closed it.  A spotless room, just like always; it made it very easy to take a direct path to where Ichigo slept underneath the somewhat rumpled blanket.  At least he didn’t toss and turn like their father.

​Still, even though he seemed to be asleep, Karin whispered out to him, “Ichi-nii?  Ichi-nii, are you awake?”  No response other than rhythmic breathing and the occasional shift on the bed.  Fortunately, he wasn’t sprawled out; there was enough space for her to ease in and lay comfortably on her side.  She’d given up enough pride by even deciding to spend the night with her elder sibling, but she wasn’t about to cuddle against him when she discretely slipped under the covers and faced away from him.  On her face was the redness of embarrassment for actually going into her brother’s room for comfort after a scary dream.  Well, he had reclaimed those shinigami or whatever powers of his, allowing her some peace from that over-eccentric candy store owner who offered her so much anti-Hollow supplies for the low, low price of free.

​She thought she wouldn’t fall asleep, that she would eventually realize that she was acting not unlike an infant and would get out of Ichigo’s bed, call herself stupid, and trudge back to her own room in silent shame.  Yet, the clarity never came, and she was sure that she had dozed off time and again, awakened only by subtle movements that were mostly her own.  Except for the last time…

​All at once, while she was resting her eyes and waiting for sleep’s embrace, Ichigo rolled over in a way that had him pressed up against her back.  Karin’s eyes flew open at this closeness and turned her head, believing that Ichigo had woken up or would soon.  He didn’t; he just kept breathing rhythmically against the nape of her neck, his face nuzzling her raven hair.  The feeling of his hot breath against her made her skin tingle like never before.  She had been given chills before, but this was different; it didn’t make her cringe.  It just felt… really weird to have such a sensation given to her by her brother.

​“Ich… Ichi-nii…?”  She swallowed hard when one of his arms lazily came around her midsection and brought her even closer to him until it felt like they were glued together.  He murmured in his sleep, and even though she couldn’t make it out, she was pretty sure he just uttered a girl’s name, and certainly not her own.

This tight embrace was awkward, but it only got worse from there.  While having dear Ichigo nuzzling the back of her neck, much more concerning was the subtle rocking of his hips.  He had to curl his waist a bit to match Karin’s significantly smaller frame, but he managed it, giving Karin the forever-ever-after awkward position of having her sleeping brother rocking against her backside.  And it didn’t take much imagination to know what the stiff object was rubbing against the crevice of her butt.

Dammit, why’d she had to just be wearing a nightshirt and panties tonight?  She scolded her choice of attire when Ichigo’s rocking hips began to bunch up the hem of her shirt to reveal the tight underwear underneath, clinging to her ass.  With less layers of clothing between them – and the thinness of his pajamas – Karin could feel the shaft rocking back and forth between her cheeks much better.

​“Ruki…ah…”  Ichigo barely breathed the name, and it made a bit of sense to Karin as she was helplessly pulled against Ichigo’s crotch.  In his drowsiness, he mistook his sister for Rukia, as they were of the same build – and same attitude, though that didn’t factor in while he was asleep.  In any case, there Karin was, in the arms of her brother who was stroking along her ass.  An embarrassing predicament in any case, which was a major reason why Karin did not immediately lunge out of his hug and bolt for the covers of her own bed and try to suppress the memory; Ichigo didn’t know what he was doing and would sulk for days on end for touching his sister in such a way, asleep or otherwise.

​Another building reason was… it felt strange.  Not good, not bad, just strange feeling the phallus of a man rubbing against her posterior.  She had come into puberty and just finished sex ed in school, so she knew the basics; what they didn’t cover in class was how to react if advanced like this.  Unconsciously, she pushed back against him, and he moaned deeply in response; the following thrust of his hips was stronger and slower and even made her quiver in delight.

​While this was happening, she wasn’t exactly sure where she should put her hands other than pulling them up to her chest and waiting for this experience to be over.  This, however, did not stop her brother’s hand from roaming as if he were hypnotized.  She whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut, resisting the natural urge to come about with a furious elbow to his cheek when his palm grazed over her budding breasts, first one, then the other.  If she wasn’t so certain he was asleep, she would be convinced that he knew exactly what he was doing as he molded her bust quite skillfully.  Surely, Ichigo wouldn’t have noticed the difference between her young body and Rukia’s, especially by the size of her breasts, as she had pretty much grown into a bra size equal to the shinigami’s.  Since she was not wearing a bra – rarely would she when going to be – Ichigo found her nipples effortlessly and plucked them gently into stiff nubs.

​“Ahn, Ichi-nii!”  Karin arched against her brother, gritting her teeth as shockwaves of pleasure were forced upon her by her brother’s hand toying with her sensitive nipples.  “Stop.  Wake up, Ichi-nii.”  Yet, even as she pleaded for this to end, she forcibly ground her backside against his crotch in a bodily need for him to continue.  Ichigo may have been stronger than her, but she could have still pushed free from him; the thought crossed her mind only once…

​Ichigo did not wake up – at least not enough to get a hold of his senses – and the intimate caresses continued.  His little sister made sounds she hadn’t made since before their mother died, but she could not maintain her tough guise now.  She set a hand atop of his as if to pry it away, though she never made the effort to.  The strangeness was still there, but she could say for certain now that it felt sinfully delicious.  Unless Ichigo woke up and ceased what he was doing, Karin saw no way out; she consciously chose to believe that she was unable to escape his hold, even though he was fondling her breasts instead of embracing her.

​Even while her taut nipples were being expertly tended to, Karin couldn’t really focus on much more than the shaft rubbing in between her butt cheeks.  The male anatomy, the erection, nestling against her backside and throbbing with need; her own brother was hard against her because he unconsciously mistook her for Rukia.  She couldn’t resist much longer, for the temptation was too great, and her young curiosity wouldn’t pass up this chance.  Since she couldn’t – or rather, wouldn’t – take away the palm groping her still-maturing chest, she slid her hand downward before reaching for the protrusion hidden behind her brother’s pajamas.  Hard… very hard.  She audibly swallowed when she squeezed the shaft, scooting her butt away just enough to have successful contact with his genitals.  Ichigo seemed to really appreciate this handling as he groaned out loud and arched his back, moving his cock against her hand.

​What an incredibly deep sleeper…  He must’ve had some sort of mental link to their dad to anticipate his presence even when in deep slumber.  Remembering some gossip that her friends would whisper in secluded parts of school during their time of sex education classes, boys apparently found pleasure from having their penises stroked when hard like this, and Ichigo’s pleased sounds confirmed this rumor.  It was a little difficult to pump him in this position, especially with it being her first time trying such a perverted thing, but it felt mildly natural.  When she took a moment to outline the prick behind her, she found something curious.  Was it normal for there to be a wet spot at the tip?  She didn’t know much about pre-cum.

​A decisive move was made, and by Karin no less.  This exploration of boy parts would be most enlightening, and she did not want to hold a cock that was still clothed.  She pushed down the elastic waistband to free his manhood.  With it exposed, she could not help stealing a peek over her shoulder at it.  Very big as well; no wonder he was popular with the ladies, despite his ignorance and modesty.  And though she was young, she could not honestly say that his was the first penis she had laid eyes on after a youthful exploration of gender differences with Jinta.  It was her idea when she noticed that he was sporting a boner in his shorts from a bit of roughhousing with her during a one-on-one soccer game.  Stealing away to a hidden corner behind the candy store, she asked to see what he had hidden, and for all of his toughness, Jinta was surprisingly weak-willed against a pretty face and exposed his young erection to her, but only if he was allowed a glimpse at her naked chest; she begrudgingly obliged, though it was nothing more than a brief flash.  Not like she had her figure back then; Jinta might as well have just looked at his own chest in those times.

​But unlike that time, she now had to opportunity to touch and be touched in return, something sleeping Ichigo was not shy in.  Well, with no awake eyes on her – and for once, no roaming spirits around – Karin was allowed to bask in the pleasures her brother’s hand was offering her.  She rarely experienced the sensation of being aroused, but she hadn’t been pushed to such a brink before.  Her chest heaved with bated breath and her panties were becoming saturated.  Would it be prudent to take them off?  She moaned softly when imagining it, for what would Ichigo do if he discovered that her sex was exposed as surely as his?  Would he take that final plunge, so to speak? Soil her even further?

​Her own brother…  Ichi-nii…

​Was it by Ichigo’s hand or her own that her shirt was pushed up to expose her breast, pink nipples stiff and pert in the faint moonlight piercing the curtains?  They were teased by his fingers, twisted and pulled, rubbed and encircled with lazy movements.  She moaned his name again, grinding back against him in place of her hand’s involvement, and he eagerly responded with humping motions that were much more gratifying to his nerves now that his prick was free.

​It was not a hard decision to make when Karin finally chose to descend her undergarments, especially when Ichigo began to murmur what he wanted from her.  Surely, if she did not coerce, he would take it upon himself.  The white panties moved down her slender legs to dangle from one ankle.  The crevice of her sex was flowering with the nectar of her heat, willing to receive a partner even if it should be one of a shared bloodline.  This was the first – and probably only – night that Karin hoped that her mother was not watching her.

​Oh, the immoral pleasure of feeling a thick slab of flesh grinding against her naked ass was incredible.  A part of her feared that Ichigo might’ve had a kinky side that would compel him to seek a hole other than her vagina, and she doubted she would have the will to remain then.  Fortunately, even while dry-humping her butt, Ichigo made no effort whatsoever to seek her rear entrance, and she was sure she’d not be able to stay in his bed if he sought that hole.

​Finally, Ichigo’s hand roamed away from the soft mounds of his sister’s chest.  His fingertips tickled her abdomen when they lightly dragged over her navel on a direct course to her crotch.  The obstacle of her underwear had already been removed, so when he came to her sex, he touched the fine black hair crowning her vagina.  His touches were still lazy, but when he stroked her slick sex, her body endured vicious tremors of pleasure she never felt when self-exploring.  She moaned and whimpered his name as his fingers continued their dance on her nether lips.

​This foreplay did not last long; Ichigo was fed up with waiting.  Karin made a soft whimper when her left leg was elevated.  Yes, this was it.  There was no stopping her older brother, but it wasn’t like he could do it alone while under the haze of sleep.  Holding her breath, she helped him keep her leg raised and waited for him to move into position.  Could he maneuver properly if he wasn’t entirely awake?  Apparently so, though his aim was a little off when he made a haphazard jab at her pussy.

​“Dammit,” Karin wheezed under her breath.  “Please wake up, Ichi-nii.”  He would have the strength to stop this, for she didn’t.  She reached down to direct her sleeping brother’s cock and lined it up with her waiting snatch.  Well, looks like it’s ‘goodbye, virginity’.  Ichigo didn’t give her time to relish the few remaining second of her purity when his cockhead was pushed to her entrance.  In a slow push, he eased into her virgin pussy, spreading her much more than any of her fingers had.

​Instantly, Karin’s hands threw out to either latch onto the edge of the bed or snag the bed covers.  Her hymen had already been ruptured due to her extreme soccer practice, but it caused a bit of pain as her brother pushed his nine inches into her, though her body could not handle his full length; he settled for six inches inside of the one he believed to be Rukia.  Even in his dreamland, he noticed that the petite shinigami was tighter than normal.  “Rukia,” he gasped, making Karin believe that he was coming to for a moment, “you’re so tight!”

​Well, of course, she wanted to say; she was as virgin up until a minute ago.  Jeez, and with how big he was, he was probably going to ruin her for all other men; her own brother being the only one who could satisfy her, what irony.  Yet she still couldn’t help herself from letting him have his way with her.

​Thankfully, he started off slow, testing to see how much deeper he could go without hurting ‘Rukia’.  When he tried to get past seven inches, a hand pressed against his thighs to keep him from advancing.  That was more than enough for him, and he started rocking his hips in a smooth rhythm.  Karin panted and moaned, staring down at where her body was stuffed by Ichigo’s cock.  Her high ponytail bounced with each thrust and she made weak moans each time she was impaled.

​Ichigo’s hand latched onto her waist to keep her in place as he steadily began to pick up the pace.  Before long, he was bucking against her with violent jabs that she could hardly stand.  “Oh god!  Ichi-nii!” she exclaimed.  Luckily, Isshin did not hear his daughter’s cries of pleasure that could easily be mistaken for frantic pleas for help.  Her small body felt like it could tear when Ichigo began to shove more and more of his cock into her.  Sure enough, with a little pain on her part, he was as deep as he could go from his position behind her.  His hips smacked against her butt as he ruthlessly and unknowingly fucked his baby sister senseless.

​Karin fisted the mattress as she tried to cope with the tidal waves of pleasure.  She wasn’t sure she had had an orgasm before since she didn’t know what it was supposed to feel like, but now she knew what it was.  She was wracking with rapture as her pussy clenched her brother’s cock in a desperate plea for him to spill incestuous seed into her womb.  However, he was more experienced than her and could hold his load a while longer, even in sleep.  Still, how the hell could he manage to sleep while giving Karin her first fuck – and quite possibly one of the best fucks of her life?  If he was this good unconscious, imagine his skill when actually trying.

​Karin grunted and tried to push back Ichigo’s thrusting hips to maintain a more tolerable pace, but Ichigo did not yield.  Did he fuck Orihime and Rukia this hard?  Karin was no fool and knew exactly what those noises coming from Ichigo’s room were when either of those girls was present in the evening hours, even if naïve Yuzu wanted to believe that their brother was incapable of giving into his hormones.  Who knew that one night, she herself would be making those exact same noises?  No wonder they kept coming back.  Did he ever have Tatsuki, Karin wondered?

​She did not dwell on those thoughts for long, not when Ichigo had her entire body buckling with his fierce thrusts.  His moans were becoming louder and louder, and even with her inexperience, she was sure what was about to happen.  Procreation, and she didn’t want any part of that, not so young and certainly not with her own brother.  But, it was actually up to Ichigo where his load was to be spent, for when Karin attempted to pull off of him and grasp him to tug him to completion, his grip on her waist became tighter so that she would bear a few more hard thrusts.

​Well, too bad for her since she was inexperienced and didn’t know what signs to look for when it came to a man’s ejaculation.  And even if she had any inkling, she couldn’t manage the thought to process it while her big brother fucked her while believing that she was someone else.  When his cock drove harder into her sopping-wet snatch and fingertips dug into her side with bruising force, she just thought he was becoming more passionate and returned in kind by pushing her hips back to help him plunge deep into her.  He grunted something out as if something important had come up, but Karin ignored it; he probably was just musing on how tight ‘Rukia’ was compared to how he remembered fucking her last.  Just let him keep going, Karin thought while reeling from a second orgasm that almost made it too difficult for Ichigo’s large cock to wedge in and out of her.

​He must’ve been willing to wait out this wonderfully intense contraction when he pushed as far as he could inside of her, cementing their hips together with his powerful grip.  Karin gasped and hiccupped from the pleasure she was riding on during her second climax.  She believed nothing could spoil this moment of serenity until Ichigo groaned again and his cock swell.  A sudden rush of warmth splashed inside of her lower regions to heighten her senses, and while it felt indescribably good, Karin had to wonder what was happening.  Was this part of a female orgasm?  When the following burst was added to the first gush now coating the walls of her womb, she was thrown back to reality with stomach-tightening comprehension.  Oh god, her brother was pumping her full of his semen!

​“No, Ichi-nii!”  Karin made vain attempts to pull off of him so that he could shoot the rest of his wad elsewhere, but his entire body was too tense, and it would take all of her strength just to pry one finger off of her waist.  She had no other option but to endure the incestuous pleasure of letting Ichigo finish pouring his seed into her.  Layer upon layer filled her.

​His hips convulsed against hers, his fingers squeezed her hip, and he gave one final grunt before exhaling heavily and going limp.  At last, Karin was actually free to go, but she did not move right away.  She stayed huddled against her brother, slick with sweat and gasping for breath.  Her first sexual experience…  She was one of the many who did not think it would happen the way she imagined.  Her hips drew up while her muscles tightened when Ichigo’s softening length dragged out of her.  When he was extracted from her channel, a trickle of seed oozed down to stain her thigh and ass.  Ichigo nuzzled against her hair and seemed like he would stay like that for the rest of the night, which wouldn’t allow Karin to escape and remove the evidence of their taboo delight; well, her taboodelight, his unconscious mistake…

​Fortunately, Ichigo rolled over at some point, and Karin immediately slid out of the bed to collect her thoughts.  Well, of course, the first thing to do was clean up so that Ichigo hopefully wouldn’t be any the wiser in the morning.  With no other choice since she was panicked, she stripped off her nightshirt, standing completely naked at her brother’s bedside while lifting the covers to begin wiping their mixed juices off of his flaccid penis, groin and lower stomach.  Handling her brother’s dick; how awkward, yet not much could be awkward after what they had just done.

​Now that Ichigo was prepped and his dick was soundly tucked away, Karin scurried to the bathroom to attend to herself.  Ugh, she could feel her brother’s cum spilling from her snatch, which just made her thought about all the rest of the load swimming around inside of her.  Well, with how often she heard Orihime and Rukia ‘visiting’ in Ichigo’s room, if they weren’t with child yet, what was the probability of her getting pregzerz?  Her spirits sank, for that reasoning did not help…


​Meanwhile, in the twin’s room, sniveling Yuzu was curled up on her sister’s bed, cuddling her pillow with tears in her eyes.  “Karin-chan,” she sobbed like a baby.  “Where are you?  I had a scary dream!”  Not knowing that Karin was in the bathroom, cleaning her cum-messy crotch, Yuzu felt that she was abandoned.  With nowhere else to go, Yuzu carefully slid off the bed and tiptoed fearfully towards the door.  “I… I wonder if Onii-chan will mind if I sleep in his bed tonight.”  Carefully, she toddled towards her big brother’s room for comfort… and boy, did he comfort her!...

​Or did he?


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