Estate Managed Love

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Title: Estate Managed Love

Fandom: Bleach/Kuroshitsuji

Pairings: Ciel/Sebastian/Ichigo

Characters: Ichigo, Isshin

Chapter:  1

Word Count: 1674

Warnings: Nothing much

AN: Okay, so quick info…


Posting date is Monday (I’m starting on Wed because I was busy Monday). If I’m unable to post on Monday, as long as I can, I will post Wed. If I am unable to, I will post the next posting day.


This is all about the fluff and smut. I’m working on two different Avengers based stories for after this with a longer Naruto 3-way pairing story. There is sex between 3 people a couple of times in this story but one is more fluffy side eyed kind of writing but still fun.


There are 25 chapters total. After this will be an Avengers/Bleach shortish fic. I think We’ll see.


But I hope you enjoy!




As he played with the cup in his hands, staring at it as the sweet scent of sake teased his nose, Ichigo looked over to his father. Isshin just sighed at the look and slumped in his chair before he downed his own cup of sake. “Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this?” he asked.


“Yeah. We both know that I need to get away. I’ve been hiding away who I was for so long that it’s starting to wear at me. I need to stop hiding me,” Ichigo said. “Can you just imagine how much they’ll start to rely on me again if they found out that I can touch my power? Call up Tensa and Zangetsu again? That it won’t ever truly go away but just has to rebuild when drained?” he asked. He sipped the sake and pulled a face at the taste, not used to it.


He rarely drank despite the fact that if he asked, his father would let him do so. But he didn’t because he didn’t want to lose control or be that vulnerable without a good reason. Leaving home because the Seireitei was constantly watching him and he wanted to be free from those chains was enough to drink.


“Do you want to transfer your trust fund?” Isshin asked him. Ichigo nodded as he waved a hand to the large manila envelope on the table. “I take it that Urahara set it up?”


“Yeah. He moved everything that had to be moved around already. Got it put under grandmother’s maiden name and he even found me a possible job. I have an interview in Tokyo to act as an on-property estate manager for the Phantomhive household,” Ichigo told him, shrugging a shoulder. “It would provide me with housing and money for shit. My bosses wouldn’t be around a lot since they’re usually in England, but I would be watching over the crews that take care of the cleaning and upkeep. Make sure that everything is kept up to date, pay the bills. That sort of thing.”


“I suppose that it would let you stay hidden,” Isshin mused, Ichigo nodded his head. “You would stay in contact with us?” he asked.


“Yeah. Urahara is setting up some phones that you can’t be traced so we can call back and forth. I already have one until I can get a better one,” Ichigo said. “I’ll be heading off to Tokyo tomorrow afternoon, spend the night at a hotel. Then I’ll have the interview with some guy named Tanaka, give over all of my needed information if I’m hired. It’s a high possibility that I’ll get hired because I’m about to graduate and I’m planning on an online university for a year or so,” he continued. “I won’t be moving for a good two weeks minimum anyways.”


“E-mails?” Isshin asked. He allowed Ichigo to pour some more sake into his cup.


Ichigo made a thoughtful sound, putting bottle and cup down before he picked up the envelope. Opening it, he dug around before he removed a piece of paper. On it were three different e-mail addresses that had passwords. “Here. Use these on computers outside of the house, or on the phones that you’ll get. Not on a house computer,” he instructed. Isshin nodded and took the paper.


Isshin sighed as he looked at his son with a soft, sad look. “You’re planning on going back to what you used to look like before you turned fifteen, aren’t you?” he asked.


Ichigo blushed slightly as he ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah. I cut off my hair and started to dress the way I did because I was tired of the idiots. It was easier to do that during the last years of my school. I suppressed who I was because I couldn’t deal with the shit that they gave me. But with a job like this? They won’t care if I dress like a man or like a woman or some odd combination. It’s not like I haven’t been buying things whenever I found something in the last couple of years,” he said. He ran a through his hair again, feeling the softness and grounding himself once more.


Isshin stared long and hard at his child, taking in the almost softness of him. Despite what people often thought of his son, Ichigo wasn’t all strong edges, but a subtle soft curve. His muscles weren’t quite as defined as you would have thought with him hauling around Zangetsu for so long. His hair had always been fast to grow, and since he hadn’t been trimming it in the last couple of months, it had started to grow down around to curl around his face.


It was so much like the way his mother’s hair had been, highlighting the same wideness of his eyes that she had had. But no one really noticed when he scowled.


But while they sat there, together and safe, his son was relaxed, his eyes open and wide, framed by thick eyelashes and with a sweet tilt to them. For all that he was exotically colored compared to most Japanese, Ichigo still showed his heritage in his own way.


Smiling at him, Isshin reached out and cupped Ichigo’s cheek, getting rich brown eyes to look up at him. “I’m so damn proud of you, Ichigo. I’ll explain to your sisters just what is going on and that you have to go into a kind of hiding for a time,” he said. Ichigo smiled softly at him. “How about you go ahead and start dinner? I think Yuzu was going to stop by the store after school and pick up some things. I bought some things this morning for our more interesting dinners, so we do have things.”


Ichigo snorted at him. “I can do a simple enough casserole and some salad for tonight,” he said. He shook his head and stood up. Grabbing his cup of sake and the envelope with his new information, he headed up to his bedroom. He hid the envelope in his travel bag and put the bag into his closet. With that taken cared of, he drained his cup and walked back down the stairs to start cooking.


By the time that he heard his sisters arrive at home, he had gotten the ingredients for dinner out and was boiling the noodles for a mac and cheese casserole. He smiled softly while he listened to his father greet them and ask them to come talk with him for a few. After he had drained the noodles and was using a double boiler to start melting the cheese, Yuzu came into the kitchen with a sniff and wrapped her arms around his waist.


“Dad told you two, huh?” he asked, looking over his shoulder at his youngest sister. He felt her nod against his back. “You do realize that we’ll still be talking right? I’m not leaving forever, little one,” he promised. Moving the boiler from the burner, he turned around and ran his fingers through her soft hair.


“I know. But I really don’t like that you need to hide at all,” Yuzu sniffled. She looked up at him with wet eyes.


Ichigo sighed, wiping her cheeks with a small smile. “You look more and more like mom every day. And you love just like her. I need you to stay strong okay? I need you to help make sure our idiot father doesn’t destroy the house. And make sure that Karin actually does her homework while I’m away.”


Yuzu nodded her head, pulling away slowly with a sniffle. “Can we sleep with you tonight?” she asked. The fact that she sounded so much younger than her near sixteen years hurt him.


Ichigo smiled though. “How about the three of us camp out in the living room with that moving fireplace? Like we used to when we were younger. We’ll do a giant movie night of it for all of us since I have to spend a little longer tonight and tomorrow to finish getting packed,” he said.


Yuzu beamed up at him and nodded. “Can we also make a lot of cookies?” she asked. Ichigo chuckled and pointed to the long counter that was covered in ingredients that he had already laid out. Most of the things she knew by sight just what they were for, and she squealed happily at the makings for peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies.


“Karin! We’re having a sleepover tonight with Ichi-nii!” she called. She beamed at her sister who was standing in the doorway.


“I heard that. How about you go get the first shower, Yuzu? Then while you and Ichi make the cookies, I’ll take it,” Karin said. She smiled as Yuzu squeezed Ichigo around his waist before she rushed off to shower. As soon as she was gone, the brunette female turned to her brother as he started to stir the sauce. “Do you think that Toshiro was a part of all of this bullshit that is making you leave?” she asked.


Ichigo shook his head with a smile. “No. Just some of the harder core old timers,” he said. The small smile from her was relieved that her friend wasn’t someone out to get her family. “Now, let me finish putting this together and pop it into the oven. I can use your help making the rest of the dinner before your shower.”


“That sounds good,” Karin said. She opened the refrigerator and pulled out the salad makings that they had. Ichigo turned back to the cheese sauce and put the boiler back onto the burner, adding a mix of milk, butter, and cheese very slowly.


Isshin watched his children from the doorway of the kitchen.


They all knew that things were going to change starting the next day. It was going to be hard for them to adjust but they could only hope that things would go back to normal sooner rather than later.


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