Another Kind of Torture

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Another Kind of Torture?


Aizen sat on his throne, satisfied with the way that the recent turn of events had played out so far. He had acquired the hogyoku, assembled his army of Espada's, and taken out a portion of the Gotei 13's military power to boot; but as he was sitting there ruminating on his plans; a problem emerged in his mind. He knew that if left unchecked, this problem could have the good likelihood of throwing a massive wrench in his plans.

A problem named Ichigo Kurosaki.

Aizen had seen the power that Ichigo possessed; after all, he was directly responsible for the boy's transformation from human to soul reaper to vizard. The boy had been useful in distracting the captains long enough for him to obtain the hogyoku from Rukia Kuchiki, but now the boy's helpfulness had come to an end. He was now a nuisance that needed to be dealt with, the sooner the better. But it occurred to Aizen that it would be meaningless to just kill the boy, not after all he's done to ensure Ichigo's growth. No, he needed to him to get on his side or at the very least keep him out of the way. He pondered on several ideas:

A: Capture him and torture him into submission. Aizen knew the boy, for all his exceptional power, was still just a human, and everyone has a breaking point, but he quickly dismissed the idea. He wanted the boy in one piece, not a broken mess. There was also the possibility that the boy's Hollow would run loose if his willpower dropped. No, torture was out of the question.

B: Approach the boy and use his zanpakuto's power to ensnare the boy. Aizen was well aware that he purposely neglected to use his sword's absolute hypnosis in his fight against soul society. There was a possibility that he could use it to completely entrap the boy within an illusion, or if that failed, wipe his memories and forge "improved" memories. But as much as he liked the idea, he knew that there would be complications. Kisuke Urahara would undoubtedly find some way to undue it; for all of Aizen's faith in his blade's abilities, even he had to admit the man would find some loophole to counter it, so that was out the window too.

C: Capture one of Ichigo's friends and coerce him into joining him. He could easily have Ulquiorra grab that healer girl who was infatuated with the boy and use her as a leash to keep the boy in line. But the problem was only temporary. As soon as the girl was out of harm's reach, which he would keep striving for from the get-go, Ichigo would be back as an enemy again.

As Aizen shot down these ideas, a new one was raised, one that had no drawbacks. A smile spread across his face as he considered it. 'Yes,' he thought, 'That seems like a viable option and a win-win. Who knows, Aizen chuckled quietly, the boy might even enjoy it. Deciding that this would be the suitable action to take, he summoned three of his Espada: Stark, Ulquiorra, and Zommari.

Ulquiorra was the first to speak, " Your orders, Lord Aizen?" asked the ivory skinned arrancar. The other two remained quiet and waited for their leader to answer.

"You three will enter the World of the Living. Find the Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki and bring him to me. I will overlook any nicks and scratches but I want him in relatively healthy status. Understood?" The trio nodded, Stark taking a while to do so, and promptly left to complete their mission. "Gin."

The silver haired soul reaper appeared to his left, "Yes Captain Aizen?"

"Bring me the female arrancar; I need to bring them up to speed on their new… Assignment.When you're done with that, go and locate Nelliel in the desert, I have a feeling she might be of some use later on down the line."

The former captain cocked his head to the side as he looked at his fellow conspirator, "Oh?" he asked, "You wouldn't be planning something… perverted for our little strawberry, would you?" The only response he got was a curt chuckle from him.

"Maybe Gin, but I'd prefer to think this as an alternative form of persuasion."

"You mean torture?"

"Same thing really."

End Prologue

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