Soi Fon vs Urahara

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Soi Fon vs Urahara

It wasn’t fair

For as long as she could remember Soi Fon had worshipped the ground the Yoruichi had walked upon, spoke nothing but praise for her and held her in the same regards as the Spirit King himself but yet the Shihoin seemed to refuse to see her as anything more than a friend

So why did Urahara get the right to her body?

Hiding in the rafters of Urahara’s shop Soi Fon had to grit her teeth to the point of bleeding as she watched her goddess ride the shopkeeper ride in the middle of the store’s floor, her perfect caramel skin glistening as she rode her childhood friend, her hips gyrating and rolling as she kept her back arched to keep her breasts as high up as possible

“Why HIM? Why of all people she chooses to bed him?!” she mentally screamed digging her nails into the wooden rafter she was perched on, he may have been Yoruichi’s childhood friend, someone that she trusted above anyone else but that didn’t mean that she had to DEBASE herself by lowering herself to have sex with him

“She must owe him something and this is how she has to pay him back” Soi Fon tried to justify her goddesses actions to herself “or maybe he’s forcing her…no, not that’s impossible, he could never overpower Yoruichi, she must feel sorry for him and this is pity, yes that’s it, just pity, her moans can’t be real”

They sounded real though

Biting her lip as she found herself staring at Yoruichi’s bouncing breasts Soi Fon felt her core clench with need, her pants starting to soak through as she found herself unable to hide her arousal, one of her hands slowly sliding into her clothing to slowly tease her needy core unable to stop herself as Yoruichi’s moans and cries of pleasure only got louder and more intense “Yoruichi…”

What Soi Fon didn’t know however was that both Yoruichi and Urahara were completely aware of her presence having sensed her reitsu the moment she stepped into the building, the fact that her admirer was watching her making the act all the better for the Shihoin as she made sure to put on a show for Soi Fon

Yoruichi had always known of Soi Fon’s near worshipful attraction to her and whilst she didn’t reciprocate her romantic feelings she could never resist teasing her over her attraction, arching her back further to further push her full bouncing breasts to the air to give Soi Fon a better view of them “oh fuck Kisuke!” she cried out as Urahara thrust up harder into her hitting her sweet spot perfectly “again! Just like that!”

Feeling Yoruichi tightening up around him Kisuke obliged gripping her hips tightly as he drove himself up deeper inside of her making her shriek with delight, the Shihoin throwing her head back as her orgasm hit her hard, her scream of ecstasy nearly making the windows shake in their holdings

“Yoruichi…” Soi Fon moaned through gritted teeth as her hand worked on his own accord, rubbing her needy clit as her other hand dug its nails deeper into the wood of the rafter, imagining that she was the one making Yoruichi scream for her instead of Kisuke

Going weak at the knees from her orgasm Yoruichi fell back fully to which Kisuke followed her, sitting up on his knees whilst she laid back to change positions giving Soi Fon an even better view of her goddesses bountiful chest, on the other hand though with Yoruichi on her back she had full view of the rafters above giving her the chance to see her little admirer

Knowing full well that she should move and make her escape if not find a better place a hide Soi Fon found herself rooted to the spot completely mesmerized by the sight of Yoruichi being so passionately fucked, her fingers working her tender little pussy faster as she bit her lip harder, getting so close to cumming at the side of her beautiful goddess in throes of passion and ecstasy

As Kisuke reached his limit he drove into Yoruichi even harder and deeper, a moan of her name escaping her lips whilst she screamed his name in ecstasy, the hot rush of his cum flooding her insides making her cum again even harder from before and with the sight of Yoruichi in borderline tears from the pleasure Soi Fon could no longer hold herself back or remain silent any longer

“Yoruichi!” she screamed out in ecstasy as her own climax hit her like a cero blast, the Captain losing her footing on the rafter sending her plummeting to the floor right next to Yoruichi and Urahara, her orgasm throes numbing what pain the fall would have brought her

Groaning as she picked herself up Soi Fon then gasped in shock as she realised that Yoruichi and Kisuke were now looking right at her, both with a coy grin on their features “well, well, look who finally decided to join us” Kisuke chuckled warmly as Soi Fon scrambled to remove her hand from inside her clothing, the Captain not caring at all about him ignoring him completely as she stared in shock and shame at Yoruichi

“Yoruichi…I…I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to…” Soi Fon apologized profusely prostrating herself in front of the Shihoin begging for her forgiveness

Pressing her head to the floor expecting Yoruichi to be angry Soi Fon prepared herself for the worst only to feel her playfully poke her on the back of the head “you are adorable sometimes” the older woman teased as Soi Fon looked up “you honestly thought that you had the drop on us? That we didn’t know you were holed away in your little dark corner? Touching yourself like a little pervert” the Shihoin tittered making Soi Fon blush “did you enjoy our little show?”

Her confidence growing and her nerves calming from the fact that Yoruichi wasn’t angry with her Soi Fon let everything out “no! I mean yes! I mean…”

“Oh? And what was wrong with it? I’ve never had any complaints before”

“Him!” Soi Fon blurted out pointing and glaring daggers at Kisuke who just stared back confused

“Me? What did I do?”

“You defiled her!” she snapped back “you have no right to even touch her!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Yoruichi commented making Soi Fon flinch “and who are you to say who I can have sex with? If Kisuke isn’t worthy of me just who is hmm?” she asked poking Soi Fon on the forehead to which the shorter girl immediately went silent, her cheeks flushing as she seemed to struggle getting her words out “my lord, you truly are in love with me aren’t you?” she then gasped finally realising the full extent of Soi Fon’s affection towards her

“You’re just so perfect, you deserve only the best, if given the chance I’d worship you” the shorter girl admitted letting everything pour out, her confession bringing a soft smirk to Yoruichi’s lips

“Is that so?” the Shihoin purred, the husky tone in her voice making Soi Fon shudder “prove it”

With the last two words from Yoruichi’s lips Soi Fon’s eyes immediately went wide, her heart pounding in her chest and her core clenching “l…lady Yoruichi?”

“You heard me, you say that Kisuke isn’t worthy of me so I’m assuming that you believe that you alone are worthy enough to touch me so prove it, show me that you’re the only one worth my time, I’m sure Kisuke could do with some recharge time and wouldn’t be against a little show” the Shihoin responded casting a glance at Urahara who simply grinned back giving a thumbs up showing that he was more than happy with that arrangement “well that’s a yes from both of us so now it’s down to you, are you going to put your money where your mouth is and prove you’re the best for me?”

A few heavy seconds passed as Soi Fon registered the information that had been given her, the fact that Yoruichi was finally allowing her to touch her seemingly far too good to be true to the point that she felt like slapping herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming

After nearly ten seconds Yoruichi raised her hand to snap her fingers in front of Soi Fon’s face only to gasp as the smaller woman suddenly grabbed her by the wrist using it to drag her forward into a deep hungry kiss, her amber eyes growing wide as Soi Fon’s sudden dominant action before fluttering closed to enjoy the feeling of her tongue melding with the smaller woman’s

Whilst Yoruichi was simply enjoying the kiss Soi Fon felt like she was in heaven, the Shihoin’s tongue so wet and hot against her own as she kissed her deeper, her tiny hands grapping and groping wherever they could reach on the taller woman’s body without care or technique simply letting all of her want run wild

Breaking the kiss Yoruichi tittered at how flushed Soi Fon’s face was and how heavy she was breathing as her hands went to her tight leotard “let’s get this off of you, it’s not fair for you to be clothed when we’re naked” she purred to which Soi Fon just nodded allowing Yoruichi to slowly disrobe her, normally she wouldn’t dream of being naked in front of anyone but Yoruichi but since Urahara was keeping his distance she would let it slide this once

Before long Soi Fon knelt completely naked in front of her goddess, her core dripping onto the floor as she felt Yoruichi’s amber eyes scan every inch of her “not bad, you should show yourself off more often” she praised making Soi Fon blush harder as she then sat back and spread her legs “well then, get to work”

Biting her lip at the Shihoin’s command Soi Fon eagerly took action, bringing her hand between her goddesses legs whilst her mouth went to her breast, her teeth latching around her nipple as she slid two fingers into her still wet core “mmm fuck that’s it, show me just what you’ve always wanted to do to me” Yoruichi moaned as Soi Fon’s fingers easily found her sweet spot working it hard

As she sucked harder on Yoruichi’s breast Soi Fon felt her head swim with lust and desire adoring the taste of Yoruichi’s skin, ignoring the fact that her pussy was still full of Urahara’s cum as her fingers explored and worked her hot tight perfect core, her thumb working her clit as she focused solely on making her goddess cum

Moaning louder as Soi Fon’s fingers reached deeper Yoruichi cupped the back of her head pressing her face deeper into her breasts “that’s it, good girl, just a little more” she moaned looking back at Urahara to see if he was enjoying the show and by the grin on his face he was enjoying it and then some, the store keeper slowly stroking himself as he watched

Ignoring Urahara’s eyes on them Soi Fon worked her fingers harder until finally Yoruichi let out the sound that she had been dreaming off for years, the dark skinned woman’s face contorting in ecstasy as Soi Fon’s fingers sent her soaring over the edge into orgasm making her clench tight around her digits, Soi Fon pulled her head out of her cleavage to watch in total awe as Yoruichi bucked her hips wildly against her hand

Orgasming for near a full minute Yoruichi then slumped back, panting hard enough to make her breasts bounce whilst her skin shone with perspiration “holy fuck…when I told you to get to work you really put in the overtime…” she panted pressing her legs together around Soi Fon’s hand holding it in place to which the smaller woman seemingly had no complaints

“You’re so beautiful” Soi Fon fawned leaning forward to kiss along Yoruichi’s stomach making the taller woman titter at the sensation “have I proved myself lady Yoruichi?”

“Mmmhmmm” Yoruichi moaned back gently stroking Soi Fon’s hair “you’ve proven that I should have given you a chance years ago” she purred “but I’m not entirely convinced to give up everyone else for you just yet” she then added making Soi Fon’s expression suddenly fall “hey don’t take it too hard, all I’m saying is that you’re going to have to repeat this performance a lot more times before you can fully convince me”

With that Soi Fon’s mood immediately soared again completely ignoring the fact that Yoruichi had admitted that she’d still be sleeping with Urahara in the meantime which she couldn’t really do anything about as she had no claim over the Shihoin and had no right to tell her what to do, she still had the chance to stake that claim however and that all she wanted to hear

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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