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Summary:  Yoruichi buys Soifon some sleepwear.  Unfortunately, its stuff Soifon would never wear.  Not even for Yoruichi. 

Soifon slipped the MP3 player into the dock on the speaker set and hit play.  She was delighted to hear music pouring out.

“Amazing!” She exclaimed.  “How can they fit so many songs into a little square?”

“Beats me.” Yoruichi replied.  “It seems like only yesterday they were putting music on big black disks.  The real world’s been exploding with change in the last century.  Do you like it?”

“Oh, yes.” Soifon answered.  “It’s so compact and convenient.”

“Then it’s yours.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t.” She demurred.

“I can get another one later.” Yoruichi assured her as she reached into her shopping bag.  “I got some more toys for you too.”

Soifon oohed at the knife she received. “What is this grip made from?”

“A non-slip polymer.” Yoruichi explained. “Never gets slippery even when wet.”

“I like it.” Soifon exclaimed testing its balance.

“Then you’ll really like these.” Yoruichi said pulling out two nondescript tubes.  With a flick of the wrist, she was holding two intimidating batons.

“Wow!” Soifon gasped as she reached for them. “These look fantastic.”

“Spring loaded collapsible batons, easy to conceal, made from titanium.  Light as aluminum, stronger than steel and never corrodes.”

The two women looked over several similar trinkets from the real world.  Soifon had to agree with Yoruichi’s assessment.  Things had changed dramatically in the real world.  Soifon could see a great deal of value in incorporating the new tools and technology into her division’s operating equipment.  She selected several items for later evaluation and a few just because they looked cool.

“And now for something a little more fun.” Yoruichi announced reaching into a different bag. “Check this out.”

Soifon’s eyes widened when Yoruichi held up a lacy black teddy.

“Is that for me?” She asked.

“In a way.” Yoruichi replied.  “It’s actually for me.  Would you like to see me try it on?”

Soifon could only nod.  She could only imagine how hot her mentor would look in the skimpy lingerie.  She couldn’t wait to see it if only to rip it off her again.  As it was, she could hardy keep from touching herself while Yoruichi stripped.  She was deliberately putting on a show for her former pupil, making the act of undressing erotic and sensual.  It was heavenly torture for Soifon to sit patiently as her idol teasingly revealed her smooth dark skin at little bit at a time.  It was all she could do not to pounce when Yoruichi taunted her by slowly pulling down her panties giving her a spectacular view of her perfect ass.  It was impossible for Soifon to look away.  The ex-head of the Shihoun clan had bewitched her.  And she did it so naturally, so effortlessly.   Dressing up in the lingerie was almost anti-climatic. Even so, Soifon drank in the sight of her dark skinned goddess while she strutted and posed in her new finery.  She longed to run her hands all over her, pull her down and make her shriek with pleasure.  Just as she was about to spring on her lover, Yoruichi surprised her once again.

“I also got some sleepwear for you little bee.”

Soifon could feel herself start to blush.   She could never pull off sexy clothes like that.  Could she?

“Oh no, Yoruichi-sama.” She said shaking her head. “You didn’t have to get stuff like that for me.”

“Oh, but I did.” Yoruichi insisted.  “I saw this little nightie in the store and I knew it would look great on you.”

Soifon could feel her face getting redder.  She felt more than a little embarrassed, but at the same time, curious.  What did Yoruichi get her?  Would it also be all black lace and frills?  Some other color?  Leather maybe?   Her anticipation mounted as Yoruichi knelt down to rummage around in the shopping bags. 

“Ah, here it is!” She said pulling the garment out of the bag.

At first, Soifon didn’t understand what she was looking at.  Once she did, her mouth opened in shock.  It was a “Pretty Pony Friends Forever” nightshirt. She numbly accepted it when Yoruichi handed it to her.

“Um. Yoruichi-sama…”

“No need to thank me.” Her mentor blithely replied.  “I know how much you love this stuff.  Look, I found a onesie in your size.  It even has feet! Look!”

Soison stared in horror at the “Magic Molly” footie pajamas. She’s doing it again, she thought.  This is the swimsuit shop all over again. What the hell made her think she’d want such childish things?  She’s treating me like a kid!  This was worse than that time they visited the real world and she made her wear that silly goth loli outfit. 

“And look at these slippers!” Yoruichi crowed. “Aren’t they the most darling little things?”

Why did she always do this?  And why did she always let her?  She was a grown woman damn it!

“Uh, Yoruichi-sama.  Can we talk?”

“And look at this hat! A cute little mob cap.  It totally matches the night shirt.”


“Come on, try it on!”


“Oh, come on.  Just lean forward and I’ll put it on for you.  I can’t wait to see it!”

“I’m not putting on the stupid hat, OK!”

Yoruichi’s mouth dropped open in shock.  Soifon couldn’t believe what she’d said either.  Still, now that she’d started, she found she couldn’t stop.

“These are children’s clothes.” She said, shaking them under Yoruichi’s nose.  “Why would you ever think I’d like them?”

“But you always wear stuff like this.”Yoruichi quietly protested.

“No.  You always make me wear stuff like this!” Soifon countered.  “Doesn’t it ever cross your mind that maybe I can make my own fashion choices?”

“I was just trying to get you stuff I thought you’d like.” Yoruichi explained. “You’re so small and cute, I just want to dress you up like a little doll.”

“That’s the point.” Soifon said with her hands splayed. “I’m not a little doll.  Yes.  I’m cute, but I’m a lot more too.  I’m also mature, and complex and, and…and I’m sexy damn it!  If you’re going to buy me anything, I’d think you’d respect me enough to get me something for a woman, not a grade schooler!”

Yoruichi’s face became an impossible to read mask. “You think I don’t respect you?”

Soifon felt all the blood drain from her face.  She’d just insulted her idol.  She would have to choose her next words carefully. 

“That might not be what I meant to say.  I just think you don’t really see me.  I’m not your little protégé anymore Yoruichi-sama.  I’m all grown up now.  I want you to acknowledge that.”

Stiffly, Yoruichi rose up.  She began putting all the clothes Soifon rejected back into her shopping bag. 

“All grown up you say?” She murmured. “Very well.  Let me think about this for a while.” 

She stalked her way over to the door.  “Sorry things didn’t work out tonight little bee.  I’ll see you later.”

Soifon reached out as if to stop her.  “Yoruichi-sama!”  

It was too late.  The goddess of flash was already gone.

“Youruichi-sama.” Soifon whispered.  “You forgot your clothes.”


Soifon stomped back to her quarters in a furious mood.  Everything Omaeda did had irritated her today.  The sound thrashing she’d administered hadn’t been enough to restore her good mood.  She was going to have to come up with something to make his life miserable.  Deep in thought as to how best to accomplish this, she was caught totally by surprise when a voice whispered in her ear.


Nearly leaping out of her skin, she wheeled about to see the grinning face of her favorite person. 

“Youruichi-sama!  You’re back.  I…I…I’m sorry for what I said the other night.  Forget I said anything. Forgive me for being so harsh.  I’ll wear whatever you want.  Please forgive me.  Please come back.”

Yoruichi chuckled.  “No, no.  Don’t apologize.  You were right.  I had this image of you in my mind that’s really out of date.  Here.  Let me apologize to you.  I got you a present.”

Reaching behind her, she picked up a shopping bag and handed it to Soifon.

“What’s this?” She asked.

“Some new sleepwear.” Yoruichi answered.   “Something more appropriate for a mature and sexy woman.”

Reaching into the bag, Soifon pulled shimmering, gauzy material.  It was a complete set of sleepwear composed of a short robe, spaghetti strap top and tap pants.  

“It’s beautiful.” She breathed.

“There’s more.” Yoruichi informed her. “Keep going.”

Reaching in again, the next thing seemed to be a few triangles of black cloth and, um, a lot of string.  Soifon’s face heated up as she imagined how the micro-bikini would look on her.  It would hardly cover anything!

“Keep going.” Yoruichi urged with a grin.

This time Soifon found nothing but fishnet cloth.  It was too big to just be stockings.  Was it a full body suit?  It was a full body suit!  And it seemed to have some strategically placed holes. Soifon could feel her heart pounding in her chest.  Realizing they were standing out in the street in broad daylight, she hurriedly stuffed the lingerie back in the bag.

“What’s the matter?” Yoruichi teased. “Is my present a little too sexy for you?”

Soifon tried not to glare at her mentor.  She knew what was going on.  Yoruichi was testing her to see if she’d refuse such scandalous clothes.  She thought she’d be too embarrassed to wear them.  Well she’d show her.

“N, no.” Soifon stammered. “They, they’re not too sexy.  I, in fact, I, uh, I’m going to use them.  Yes, I’m, uh, I’m going to model them for you.”

Yoruichi raised an eyebrow.  “Model them for me?”

“That’s right.” Soifon insisted. “Come over to my place this weekend.  I think you’ll be surprised.”

Yoruichi laughed.  “I have no doubt I will.  Later then.”

Leaning over to kiss Soifon on the cheek, she flickered out of sight, flash stepping to who knows where.  Soifon stood flat footed in the street, her mind racing.

Why did I tell her that? She asked herself.  What do I do now?


“Come in, come in.” Soifon urged.  “Have you had dinner yet?  We can eat first if you like.”

“I didn’t come here for dinner, little bee.” Yoruichi told her.  “I came for the show.  So far, I’m not impressed.”

She gestured at Soifon indicating the thick terry cloth robe she was wearing. 

“No peeking ‘till the curtain rises.” Soifon chided her. “Is that another shopping bag?  What did you get this time?”

Yoruichi pulled it away as if to hide it. “It’s a surprise.  If I like what I see, I’ll show you.”

“You’ll like this all right.” Soifon declared. “Now follow me.”

Amused, Yoruichi followed her protégé to the living room.  She immediately noticed a change in the décor. 

“A brass pole?”

“I told you I was putting on a show for you.” Soifon said.  “You’re never going to forget this.”

Yoruichi laughed.  “I’m sure I won’t.”

Taking her seat on a cushion next to the table, she graciously accepted the cup of sake Soifon poured.  Once she saw to her guests comfort, Soifon retreated behind a silk screen in the corner of the room to begin. 

Taking a deep breath, she tried to clear her mind and ignore her loudly thumping heart.  Installing the brass pole had actually been the easiest part.  The hard part had been finding examples of what the real world called ‘striptease’.  She had an idea of what that was.  She didn’t have a lot of time to research how to do it.  She thought she was going to die from embarrassment when she asked Captain Shunsui for help.  As expected, he had an impressive video library on the subject.  What she hadn’t expected was his kindness and discretion. He did everything he could to help her out without making her feel ashamed or uncomfortable.  She soon had a list of moves she thought would work for her.  It had actually been a positive experience with the older captain.  Right up until he asked her to film her routine and give him a copy. 

None of that matters right now, she thought.  Now it was time to show Yoruichi her little bee was all grown up.  Hitting play on the music machine Yoruichi had brought her, Soifon strutted out to show her stuff.

Yoruichi’s eye widened when she heard the pounding dance music play.  She cheerfully yowled at Soifon when she came out from behind the screen.  Soifon blushed and stumbled a bit, then steadied.  She was a dedicated professional used to focusing under pressure.  She was going to do this and do it right.  Opening up her robe on the right, she flashed her audience a glimpse of the colorful silk underneath.  Turning and striding, she flashed bit more from the left. Pirouetting on her toes, she revealed her shoulders, then whipped the robe off completely, standing proudly in the silk nightie, her arms and legs covered in mesh fabric.  Rolling her hips, she danced over to the brass pole.  Her assassin’s grace made up for her lack of experience.  She easily copied the move she’d seen the women on the videos perform, climbing up the pole and spinning rapidly.  Gaining enough momentum, she locked her legs around the pole and spun with her hand spread wide, earning cheers from her delighted guest. 

Dismounting with a walkover handstand, Soifon went back center stage.  Now the silks were coming off.  Taking off the short robe, she used it as a prop, holding it, waving it, then threading it between her legs to rub it back and forth while he pumped her hips.  Yoruichi clapped and shouted at the sexy display.  Filled with elation, Soifon flung the garment at her.  Yoruichi made a big show of rubbing it against her face and smelling it.  Soifon had no doubt her scent was all over it.  Using her body this way to seduce her idol was making her wet.  She joyfully pulled off her top and flung that at Yoruichi as well.  The black micro top over her body stocking was all that covered her pert little breasts now.  Turning her back to the audience, she bent forward and slowly pulled down the tap pants revealing her thong.

Now she can get excited by my ass for a change, she thought.  The idea of Yoruichi being turned on by her body made it easy to lewdly shake her ass.  Making her way back other pole, she went though her routine showing off her power and skill as well as her body.  Glimpsing at Yoruichi, she could see her staring, drinking in every move.  It made Soifon happy to make her drool with lust.  It was time for her final moves. 

Leaving the pole once again, she danced over to stand before Yoruichi.  Gyrating her hips, she slowly untied the bikini top, letting it drop to the floor.  The mesh body stocking did nothing to conceal her hard nipples.  She fondled her breasts, licking her lips in an obvious invitation.  Moving her hands to her hip, she untied the thong, first on one side, then the other. It too fell away, exposing her wet pussy.  She thrust and ground her hips in Yoruichi’s face, practically daring her to kiss her throbbing snatch.  When Yoruichi started leaning forward, Soifon spun away, her tease complete.  She strutted away without looking back.  Slapping her hands against the back wall, she rolled and pumped her hips, her exposed ass bouncing and jiggling in time with the music as she worked towards her big finish. 

This is all for you, Yoruichi-sama, she though feeling her juices start to drip down her legs.  Now you’ll finally understand the woman I’ve become.

Without warning, strong hands grabbed her from behind. 

“I can’t take this anymore.” Yoruichi breathed lustily in her ear. “I want you.  Now.”

Fierce joy flowed through Soifon’s body.  Her idol had been so turned on, she couldn’t even wait for the dance to be complete.  Turning around, she eagerly returned Yoruichi’s embrace.  Her upturned mouth soon found her lovers, their mouths parting, their tongues meeting and exploring.  Soifon tugged and pulled away Yoruichi’s clothes to run her hands over her smooth dark flesh.  Yoruichi in turn stroked and twisted Soifon’s secret places making her whimper. 

“Let’s take this to the bedroom.” Soifon suggested.

“That reminds me.” Yoruichi said hurrying over to get her bag.  “You’re going to love this!”

What few articles of clothing she still had on were shed as they made their way to the bedroom, Soifon admiring the play of muscles under her skin and the bouncing of her ample curves along the way.  Entering the bedroom, Yoruichi dumped the contents of the bag next to the futon.

“What are all of these?” Soifon asked picking up a strange phallic shaped object.  Everything on the floor looked unfamiliar, all made from metal, or that strange real world substance ‘plastic’, in bright colors and very suggestive shapes. 

“You want to start with that one, eh?” Yoruichi said taking the object from her hand.  “Good choice. Weapons are not the only advances humans have made recently.  Lie down.  I’ll show you how it works.”

Lying on her back, Yoruichi followed her down, unable to resist kissing and fondling her some more.  She was so irresistible.  The mesh body stocking was no barrier, her hard little nipples poking right through the fabric, her eager snatch completely exposed. They were more than content to taste and feel each other for several minutes.

“Now don’t be alarmed.” Yoruichi warned picking up the thing.

“Why would I be…?” Soifon began.  Her eyes widened when Yoruichi turned the thing on.  It buzzed and rattled in an unnerving way.

“It’s OK.” Yoruichi assured her.  “Believe me, this will feel great.”

Slowly, gently, she brushed the vibrator against Soifon’s clit.  As expected, she gasped in surprise.  Now that she knew it wouldn’t hurt, Yoruichi rubbed it on a little longer.  Soifon’s hips jumped and she gasped again.  After a few seconds, she began to moan.  Yoruichi took it off again.

“You like it?” She asked. “You want some more?”

“Yes, Yoruichi-sama.” Soifon begged. “I want it.  Do it more.”

Yoruichi happily obliged, rubbing the vibrator up and down, making Soifon writhe.  Yoruichi watched the younger woman close her eyes and fondle her own breasts, lost in the sensation racing up from her core.  Her eyes snapped open when Yoruichi shut the vibrator off.

“No, don’t stop.” She pleaded.  “More, more.”

“You’ll get more.” Her lover responded. “It’s time to take things up a notch.”

Picking up some lubricant, she squirted a line onto the sex toy then rubbed it all over.  Once she was sure it was ready, she put the tip against Soifon’s tight hole and turned it on.  Soifon bucked her hips at the feeling.  Once she calmed down a little, Yoruichi slowly pushed it in.    Soon she had it gliding in and out in a steady rhythm, making Soifon cry out from the pleasure.   Yoruichi sucked and lapped at her clit, pumping the vibrator faster and faster.  It was more than Soifon could bear.  Arching her back, she came.  When she woozily opened her eyes afterwards, she saw her lover grinning down at her.

“Well little bee?  What did you think?”

“I think I’d like to try some of these toys on you.” She responded.

Rolling over on top of the older woman, she took a few moments to languidly kiss her in gratitude before looking over the pile of sex aids.  Seeing something she liked, she straddled Yoruichi’s hips. 

“Let’s see how you like this.” She said dipping her finger into a jar of cream.  Reddish pink in color, it smelled spicy. 

“Hmm.  It says it’s edible.”

She smeared a generous dollop on Yoruishi’s nipples, first one, then the other. After a few seconds, the goddess of flash began to twitch.

“Ah!” Yoruichi exclaimed “That burns.”

“Oh stop being such a baby.” Soifon gently scolded.  “If you didn’t like it you shouldn’t have bought it.”

Looking around some more, she selected an egg shaped object attached to a cord with a button on the end.  Curious to what it could do, she pressed the button.  She almost dropped it when it began to vibrate.  Then she grinned.  A wide feral grin.  She had a very good idea how she was going to use it.  Yoruichi was both aroused and a little alarmed at the look on her face. 

Rolling over to her side, Soifon began to rub the vibrating egg around the inside of Yoruichi’s thighs, almost, but not quite, touching her soaking pussy before moving to the other one.  She kept it up for a few minutes before finally relenting, moving the vibrator first in circles around her vagina, then up and down her hot wet slit.  While Yoruichi shuddered and moaned, Soifon leaned forward to suckle her breasts. The edible cream was spicy and sweet, burning her mouth as she flicked and nibbled Yoruichi’s nipples.  The spices had made her already delicate skin sensitive to any sensation.  She was nearly ready to cum from Soifon’s licking and sucking alone.  She whined in disappointment when Soifon stopped.

“Don’t worry.”Soifon said selecting another toy.  “New toys are nice, but I think it’s time from something a little more old fashioned.

She waved a long double ended dildo she picked up and arched her eyebrow.  Yoruichi grinned and nodded.

“I like how you think. Let’s do it!”

Spreading lube on the fake phallus, Soifon fist inserted it into her lover.  Straddling Yoruichi’s thigh, she impaled herself on the other end.  Slowly, then faster, she pumped her hips, thrusting the instrument in both directions.

“Yes! Yes!  I love it Soifon!  You’re so good!”

Encouraged by her cries, she pumped even faster, making Yoruichi incapable of anything but high pitched cries of ecstasy.  It suddenly occurred to Soifon that this was the first time she could ever remember being the one on top.  Yoruichi had willingly yielded her dominance to her former student.  The knowledge made her building orgasm even sweeter.  She could tell Yoruichi was close too.

“You’re so good Soifon!  You’re making me cum!  I’m cumming!”

Soifon’s voice joined Yoruichi’s howls of satisfaction, wave after wave peaking and sweeping through their bodies. 

When they finally came down, Soifon pulled out the dildo and tossed it aside.  Crawling over Yoruichi’s panting body, she laid her head on her lover’s amble bosom, basking in the warmth of her skin, reveling in her spicy scent.  Yoruichi languidly stroked her pupil’s hair. 

“You were right, Soifon. I wasn’t taking you a seriously as I should.  I kept this image in my mind of you from when we first met and I guess I never thought of you any other way.  I was wrong and…I’m sorry.”

“My little dance convinced you I’m not a kid anymore?” Soifon asked.

Yoruichi laughed. “No!  Your little outburst did.  It really made me think how I see you. I do appreciate the stripping though.  We should do that more often.”

“You be on the pole next time.” Soifon ordered. They both laughed.  After that, they simply lay there in each other’s arms, enjoying the sensation of closeness.

“You know Yoruichi-sama.” Soifon ventured.  “I don’t mind if you want to get me cute little kid stuff once in a while.  Not so long as you remember I like gown up things too.” 

“That’s good to know.” Yoruichi said hugging her tight.  “Cause no matter what, you’ll always be my little bee.”

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