Office Affair

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Summary:  Efficient Miss Nemu is always there to take care of your needs. 


“Miss Nemu, come in here.  I need to dictate a letter”

“Right away sir.”

Almost before I can take my finger off the intercom button, she enters my office.  I don’t know how she does it.  Prim and proper in her uniform, she efficiently crosses the room, pen and tablet in hand.  Proper from the waist up at least.  As usual, she’s wearing a tight, decidedly non-regulation mini skirt and spike heels.  She sits down in her chair, crosses her legs and is instantly ready to begin.  I have to remind myself not to stare.  Her long, lovely legs are attractive all on their own, but what really draws the eye is the hem of her short skirt.  If you look closely, you can almost make out the dark line marking the top of her stocking mid-thigh.  I tear my gaze away even as I feel my dick swelling in my pants.

“This letter will be going out to the stockholders.  Put in the standard heading, standard greeting, so on and so forth.”

Nodding, she writes down my directions.  I remember hesitating before hiring her.  There was nothing wrong with her in theory.  Her resume was impressive and her recommendations impeccable.  The problem was, the problem I had with her anyway, was she was too pretty.  No that’s not quite right.  Beautiful, attractive, even sexy despite her impeccable manners and modest dress.  I thought she would be too much of a distraction. 

“And as we go into the next quarter, we can expect profits to rise due to summer demand.  Did you get that last part?”

“Yes sir.  Profits rising do to summer demand.”

“Get the numbers from accounting and add in a chart to illustrate that.”

“Line or pie chart, sir?”

“I think a pie chart would have greater impact, don’t you?”

“Pie chart it is, sir.”

Despite my misgivings, I hired her anyway. What can I say?  I’m weak.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well she worked out.  She had an unusual air about her, calm, cool, a little distant, almost unworldly, but she was always competent and efficient.  She soon came to anticipate my needs, often giving me what I needed before I even knew I needed it.  Appointments, interviews, meetings, even meals, she seemed to be able to juggle them all and slot them into my busy schedule effortlessly.  The fact that she was easy on the eyes was a welcome bonus. 

She shifts her legs, uncrossing them, then crossing them again the opposite direction.  Now I actually can see the top of her stockings.  Another inch or so and I’m sure I’ll see the bare skin of her thighs.  My erection, trapped in my underwear, is almost painful at its uncomfortable angle.  I can’t help it.  I carefully tug at my crotch to loosen up my pants and pull my boner upright.  I should just leave it at that.  It’s bad enough I can’t afford to stand up right now.  Unfortunately, Miss Nemu stops to stretch for a bit, arching her back, her skirt moving up even higher.  I start slowly stroking the cloth over my hard on. 

“Then finish it up with the usual boilerplate and my signature block.  Do you have all that?”

“What stationary would you like me to use, sir?  Standard rag paper?”

“I don’t think this calls for the embossed gilded header.  Standard rag will be fine.”

She’s driving me crazy without any effort at all.  I can hardly wait for her to leave. It’s all I can do to stop myself from whipping my dick out and jerking off right in front of her.  That and I love watching her walk away.  The sight of her miniskirt stretched tight over that perfect ass is exquisite, her hips swaying as she heads out the door. I only wish I could film it and watch it over and over again in slow motion.  I fumble at my zipper desperate to pull it down.

“And should I hold all your calls for the next half hour to allow you to masturbate, sir?”

Fear shoots though my body.  I can’t believe what I just heard.

“I..I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

“I asked if you would like me to hold your calls for the next half hour to allow you to masturbate in peace.  You usually ejaculate at least once, usually twice after I’m finished taking dictation.”

I’m panicking now. This could be the grounds for a lawsuit or an EEOC complaint.

“I, I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I’m, I’m not comfortable with this line of conversation Miss Nemu.  Perhaps you should leave now.”

“It’s not like you’re subtle about it, sir.” She calmly replies. “You make no effort to hide the tissues you throw in the wastebasket and you sometimes forget your lubricant on the desk top.  I had to return it your top drawer several times.  You never seem to notice.”

My brain seems cased in ice.  If she wanted to make a big deal out of this, it could cost me my job.

“It…it’s not what it looks like.” I barely managed to squeak out.

“I’m quite sure it is.” She contradicted.  “You’re been touching yourself the entire time you were dictating this letter.  Your elbow movement gives you away.  In fact, you’re still touching yourself.”

I jerk my hand away from my crotch like it’s on fire.  There’s no way I can deny it now. She’s caught me, ha, ha, red handed.

“Miss Nemu.  We can talk about this.” I plead.  “There’s no reason to get upset.  I’m sure we can come to a mutual understanding between us without any outside involvement.”

“I’m not upset and there’s nothing to discuss.” She responds.  “You have unfulfilled sexual needs and masturbation is one outlet for them.  Of course it would be far more efficient, and satisfying, to simply use me.”

I know my mouth is hanging open now.

“E...excuse me?”

She begins to toy with the top button on her blouse.

“I assume when I leave your office, you’re fantasizing about having sex with me.  I’ve noticed you seem to become aroused in my presence.  I have to admit, I also find you…attractive.  I assumed you would proposition me some point.  I’d already made up my mind to consent.  Instead, you seem content to use your hand.  This is inefficient and detracts from your duties.  It’s my job to look after your needs sir.  And you desperately need this. According to the monthly status reports you’re efficiency has been steadily deteriorating despite my best efforts. Let me take care of you now so you can get back to focusing on your work.”

She begins to rise from her chair.  I frantically wave her back. 

“No, no, Miss Nemu stop!  This is absurd.  I may have some personal issues, but I assure you, you don’t have to do this. I, I am married after all.”

Her expression alters.  Coldly efficient Nemu gives way to someone else.  Her face becomes softer.  Sexier.  Seductive.  She leans back in her chair, crossing her legs again, but somehow making the act the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. 

“Ah yes, your wife.” She says undoing her top button.

“I recall finding her rather unpleasant when we met.”

Another button comes undone.

“I did some research.  It seems your marriage was encouraged by your respective parents.  Yours because of your family’s manufacturing base and hers because of her family’s access to raw materials.”

Another  button.

“While this has led to great financial success, there have been no children from this union.  Your schedules keep you apart frequently and the few times you are both together, you come to work angry and frustrated.”

I can almost see her navel now.  I always suspected she had a nice rack under that conservative jacket.  I didn’t know the half of it.  Her black lace bra strains to hold in her ample flesh.  My blood is pounding in my ears.  I can barely hear as she continues. 

“I imagine she stopped sleeping with you soon after the wedding if she ever slept with you at all.  Any attempt you make lately to initiate intimacy is ignored or rebuffed.  Unfortunately, you can’t divorce her because the prenuptial agreement would ruin you.”

All the time she’s talking, she slouches lower and lower in the chair.  Her skirt rides up, exposing her creamy smooth thighs.  The lines of her garters lead up and up.  Can I actually see her panties now?  My mouth is dry, my heart is jack hammering.  I can’t look away.

“Since she isn’t taking care of your needs, you find yourself tempted.  You start to fantasize about other women.  About me.  Especially me.  You wonder what it would be like to take me, right here in this office.  This gets you so hot you can’t even wait to get to the bathroom to jack off. Am I right?”

Putting her pen in the corner of her mouth, she starts to swirl the tip of her tongue around it.

“Mis Nemu.” I gasp. “I…”

“Shhh.” She says getting up from the chair. “I told you.  I’m here to take care of your needs.”

Before I realize what’s happening, she walks, no, she struts around the desk and pulls my chair around to face her.  She smiles at the bulge in my pants.  Kneeling between my legs, she rubs at the swelling through the cloth.  I find I can’t will myself to move.  I can do nothing but gasp and groan, my hands clutching the armrests on my chair.  Slowly, she pulls my zipper down, reaching in to free my erection. 

“Poor little thing.” She coos stroking my hot flesh with her fingertip.  “You must have been so lonely.”

Leaning forward, she swirls her tongue around my purple cockhead like she did with her pen.  It feels amazing.  Gently teasing and kissing the tip, she strokes my shaft with her delicate little hand. It feels so good, but it’s not enough.  I want more.

“Miss Nemu…”I choke out.

As if waiting for that cue, she smiles, then engulfs me in her hot mouth.  Her head bobs up and down, my dick sliding in and out through her puckered lips. She hums in contentment, massaging my balls with her hand.  I place my hands on the back of her head.  I’m mesmerized by the sight of this gorgeous woman sucking me off.  Clearly she’s enjoying every second of it.  She stops to catch her breath.

“What do you think?” she asks pumping my shaft with her hand.  “Better than your wife?”

I can only weakly nod.  This is a thousand times better than the reluctant blowjobs my wife used to give me. If I begged her enough.

“I bet she never did this for you.” Nemu says pulling down her bra cups.  Her breasts are now totally exposed, her nipples pink and stiff.  She places my dick between them, pressing them together, rubbing up and down.  I have to admit, this is the first tit job I’ve ever received.   She smiles at my reaction before getting back to work with her mouth.  I lean back in my chair with my eyes closed, lost in the sensation.  My breathing grows ragged and my groans louder as I get closer to the edge.  Without thinking, I press down on her head, trying to make her go deeper.  My hips start to buck when I feel my orgasm building.

“No.” She says getting off the floor. “Not in my mouth.  Not today.  I want you to cum inside me.”

Pulling her skirt up to her waist, I can see her panties are a tiny black lace thong.  She tugs the small bit of material aside revealing her wet snatch.  Straddling me, she lowers herself down, guiding me inside.  I suddenly realize as I penetrate her that this is it. I am definitely committing adultery.  Visions of doom and disaster whiz through my head, from divorce lawyers and angry judges to my Catholic School teacher condemning me to hell for violating God’s commandments.  Fear and guilt flash though my body. 

“No, stop…” I mutter as I try to push her off. She puts her finger against my lips, silencing my protests.

“It’s all right” She whispers. “Let me take care of you.  Let me make you feel good.”

Then her mouth finds mine and I find I just don’t care anymore.  Her kisses are sweet and tender, her scent clean and spicy, her hair soft as it brushes my face.  Slowly she sinks down, her hot snatch engulfing my hard on. She doesn’t stop until she’s embedded to the hilt. We stay like this for several minutes, enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies.  

She starts to move her hips, slowly lifting herself up and down.  Her tight pussy squeezes me as I kiss my way down her neck.  She lifts her breast up for me to suckle.  I nip and tease her hard nipple, her hand resting on the back of my head, her soft moans vibrating her chest.  My hands roam down her back seeking that amazing ass I’d stared at so many times.  Her flesh is silky smooth under my hands.  I can’t get enough of the sensation.  She starts pumping her hips harder and faster.  The chair beneath me squeaks and clatters.  It’s becoming an annoyance.  It starts to move under the pounding, throwing us off rhythm, distracting my focus. 

With a growl, I sweep a space clear on my desk, papers, writing utensils and my name plaque tumbling to the floor.  I pick her up and lay her down on my desk top.  She laughs. 

“Good, good.  That’s what I want to see.  Take me. Let it all out.”  Her arms and legs spread invitingly, I embrace her and thrust my way back inside.  I’m taking the imitative now.  I pound her roughly making the desk shake.  She moans and arches her back, her legs locking around me.

“Yes, yes!  Just like that!  I love it!”

She’s so beautiful, her face framed by the burled mahogany of the desk, her face flushed and shining from exertion. I lean down to kiss her as I get closer and closer to the edge. Her fingers dig into my back as she writhes in pleasure.

“I’m cumming!” She cries out.  I can’t hold back anymore.  With a loud groan I cum inside her.  I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.  This is the greatest sex I’ve ever had and I never want it to stop.  All too soon though, it’s over.  I lay on top of her, my breathing ragged as I recover.

“Good boy.” She croons stroking my hair. “Good boy.  Feel better now? Good boy.”

After a minute or two, I get off her and sit back in my chair.  This whole thing feels unreal.  She takes a few tissues from the box that somehow didn’t get knocked to the floor and cleans herself off.  Standing up, she tugs her underwear and clothes back in place.  Once her shirt and jacket are buttoned, it’s like nothing happened.  Seductress Nemu is gone.  Secretary Nemu is back.

“I’ll have that letter ready for you in fifteen minutes sir.” She informs me as she heads to the door.  “I’ll also schedule some time tomorrow for us to discuss the details of my new…additional duties.”

A tiny hint of a smile and she’s gone.

Did that really happen? I ask myself.  Considering the mess in my office and the fact that I’m sitting with my pants around my ankles I would have to say yes.  Guilt, shame and fear start rushing back.  What the hell was I thinking?  She could blackmail me.  She could have me fired for sexual assault.  She could tell my wife and get me divorced.  I could lose everything.  

On the other hand, can I blame her for what happened?  I could have stopped her.  I could have said no at anytime.  But how could I?  She’s so beautiful and sexy.  Making love to her was better than anything I’d ever imagined.  And she says she wants to discuss her ‘additional duties’ tomorrow. Additional duties.  That’s an interesting way to put it.  So she wants to do it again. And we’re going to do it again.  The thought of her luscious body pressed against mine again is irresistible.  I can just picture her now, naked on soft satin sheets, alluring and inviting, willing to do anything I ask as well as things I can’t imagine.  Anticipating my needs before I even know I have them.  I can feel myself getting hard again just thinking about it.  I reach for the drawer that contains the lube…then stop.  Cursing myself for my weakness, I hit the intercom button.

“Miss Nemu”

“Yes sir?”

“Miss Nemu.  Please come in here.  I…I need you again.”

“Right away sir.”

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