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Summary:  Isane's shower is broken, so Unohana graciously allows her to come over and use hers.  

“Isane, why are you bringing a bag to work?” Unohana asked. “I think it's been two days in a row now.”

Her lieutenant instinctively hunched down in embarrassment. “Oh, uh, it's nothing captain.” she replied. “My shower's broken in my apartment, so, us, I've been washing up here.”

Unohana's brow creased in concern. “Didn't you put in a repair order?”

“Ah, yes, of course captain.” Isane said. “Only...they said it would take a week or so.”

“A week?” Unohana responded. “They wouldn't prioritize the second in command of the division any higher?”

Isane's face flushed with embarrassment. “Well, uh, I didn't want to push my weight around so I, uh, just took the first day they offered me.”

Now Unohana was getting angry. “Isane, rank has its privileges for a reason.  You need to be refreshed and ready to lead effectively. Using the showers at work is an inconvenience you don't need taking away your time and focus. Now I want you to call the repair shop tomorrow and have them bump up your work order.”

Isane stammered nervously “Uh, well, I think I can muddle along until...”

Call the repair shop tomorrow and have them bump up your work order Isane.” Unohana said with an icy cold smile.

“Ah. Yes. Of course.” Her lieutenant squeaked.

“And until your shower is fixed, you will use mine.” Unohana added.

“Oh no, I couldn't do that.” Isane protested.

“Nonsense.” Unohana refuted. “Your apartment is right next to mine and it will be much more comfortable than using the public showers.  I insist.”

“Well. I don't know...” Isane began.

“I insist.” Unohana repeated. “I will be very insulted if you refuse.”

Isane could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Use the captain's shower? Did she have no idea how her lieutenant felt about her?  To stand in the same place where her captain stood...naked...every day...

“Um, well, I...”

Fortunately for her, Third Seat Yasochika Iemura burst into the room.

“Big trouble!” He announced. “The 11th encountered a huge hollow invasion. The emergency room is full of casualties.”

“Let's go Isane.” Unohana directed.  The tall girl was only too happy to comply.  Casualties were unfortunate, but treating patients was better than embarrassing herself in front of her captain.

Entering the howling bedlam of the ER, Isane quickly lost track of her captain as she took charge of her team.  Clumsy and shy she may be, but incompetent she was not.  Indeed, there were no signs of hesitation or confusion as she triaged the wounded, treating the worst of the patients with her own two hands and directing several subordinates while elbows deep in gore. Time seemed to stand still and the faces and bodies before her melted and merged together in a swirl of chaos.  Before she knew it, the last stitch was done, the last patient was treated and the room was empty.  They were finished.

Isane congratulated her team on a job well done. They hadn't lost a single patient. Some were going to need follow-up surgery later, but they were all going to pull through. It was Isane's job now to make sure her team was properly relieved and cared for. She didn't even think about going home until her last subordinate was taken care of. It was only then the stress and strain of the day hit her. She looked down at herself. She was covered in dirt and blood and other fluids from the wounded.  It was going to feel great to take a long hot shower and...

She slapped herself on the forehead. Her shower.  It was still broken. She was going to have to use the public shower in the division compound again.  No wait! She couldn't do that.  Captain Unohana ordered her to use hers.  She fussed and fretted.  She didn't want to impose on her captain.  On the other hand, it would be nicer to use a private shower.  Being so tall and gawky, she was shy about other people seeing her naked and she would usually wait until everyone was gone for the night so she could bathe in private.  Her stuff was already here anyway.  It wouldn't take long for her to wash and change. But if the captain found out she'd disobeyed a direct order she would become cross.  Maybe even vexed!  With a sigh, Isane concluded she had no choice. She would have to use Unohana's shower.  Muttering under her breath, she reluctantly went back to the office to get her bag.

Though she dragged her feet, it didn't seem to take long at all before she was in front of Unohana's apartment.  She tapped at the shoji door.

“Captain?  Are you home?” She called out.

No answer.  Most likely she was still back at the division compound.  It wasn't unusual for her to work long into the night, especially where there were a lot of wounded to treat.  Isane felt guilty for not trying to find her before leaving for the night even though Unohana always insisted that wasn't necessary.  Sliding the door open, she took off her shoes and turned on the light. She took a moment to look around the living room.  She'd spent a lot of nights here with the captain, quietly talking and drinking tea.  She suffered from terrible nightmares that she could never remember when she awoke.  The captain would hear her shouting and screaming in her sleep and would always be waiting just outside her door, ready to invite her in for some comfort when Isane inevitably came out for some fresh air.  Although she could have done without the terrible dreams, Isane always treasured those quiet nights and long talks.  She would start feeling happy as soon as she realized the captain would soon be by her side to comfort her.  She often wondered how Unohana knew to be there when she was needed. And she would sometimes wonder if it could ever turn to something more.

She shook her head to chase away her fantasies of pale silky skin and full pouting lips.  She knew such things were impossible.  There were strict rules against fraternization between superiors and subordinates in the Gotei 13.  Pursuing an unprofessional relationship with the captain was forbidden.  Not to mention the age difference.  The captain was millennia old.  What could she find in common with a mere girl who was barely more than a century old?  No, Isane knew her secret lust for the older woman would have to remain just that.  A sweet, but unattainable dream.

So this is what her bedroom looks like, Isane thought as she entered.  Their apartment layout was the same, so Isane had no problem finding her way around.  The bathroom was in the back of the master bedroom just like hers.  Oddly enough, the lights were on.  Strange for the captain to forget.  She was a little surprised to see Unohana had a large four poster bed.  She assumed her captain would be more traditional.  She was also surprised at the pile of clothes on it.  Unohana was a slob?  No, that didn't fit.  The rest of the room was neat as a pin.  All the items on her vanity dresser were in place.  Nowhere else had any clutter.  Maybe she was gathering up her laundry and she forgot? Paying it no further attention, she stripped down for her bath.  It made her feel more than a little naughty.  She imagined Unohana in that huge bed naked under the sheets watching her with hungry eyes.  She giggled even as she felt herself getting aroused.  A silly fantasy indeed.  Picking up her towel, she was about to leave when she noticed something on top of the pile of dirty clothes.

'This is her fundoshi,' Isane thought.  She picked up the loincloth with trembling hands.  She couldn't believe her good fortune.  She actually had Unohana's used underwear in her hands.  An almost irresistible impulse seized here.  Did she dare do it?  She quickly glanced around the room.  It's not like there was anyone around.  Giving in to her urges, feeling depraved and perverted, she buried her face in the strip of cloth and inhaled deeply.  Ah yes!  The captains musky odor filled her nostrils.  She rubbed the cloth eagerly over her face, drinking in the heady scent.  'I'm so bad,' she thought as her groin ached, 'I shouldn't be doing this.'  But she found she couldn't stop.  She rubbed the soft cotton cloth over her stiff nipples and throbbing pussy.  This was as close as she was ever going to get to Unohana's body and she was enjoying every second of it.  Could she keep it?  Sadly, she decided she couldn't.  Unohana would surely notice if her underwear disappeared.  Still, it wasn't a total loss.  She was thoroughly turned on.  She was going to really enjoy her shower now.

She dropped the fundoshi back on the bed and entered the bathroom.  She was so exited she knew wouldn't take much rubbing before she pushed herself over the edge.  In fact, she was sure she's rub out a couple thinking about what a pervert she was being, masturbating in her captain's shower.  So naughty!  She was so lost in her lustful thoughts, she didn’t notice the lights were on when she entered.  She was caught totally by surprise by the sound of someone turning on the shower.

“Kyaah!” she cried, dropping her towel and covering herself with her hands.

“Eh? Is someone there?” a voice asked from the shower.  The glass door opened to reveal Captain Unohana herself, rubbing her now wet hair with a towel.

“Oh, it's you Isane.” She said. “That's right, I forgot. You came here to use the shower, didn't you?”

Isane couldn't say a word.  She was too mortified.  She stayed frozen in place, hands covering her breasts, slightly hunched over, her mouth open in shock.  It didn't help that the woman she idolized was casually standing naked in front of her.  She was everything Isane had imagined, her full, mature body lush and inviting.  She soon found she could think of nothing else, her eyes drinking in the glorious sight.

“Isane?  Is something wrong?”  Unohana prompted.

“Huh?  Oh, uh, no. Nothing's wrong captain.” she gibbered. “I'm so, so sorry for barging in like this.  I'll, uh, I'll leave now and come back later.”

“Nonsense.” Unohana contradicted. “I'm sure you need to shower after the kind of day we just had and there's no way I'm letting you walk all the way to a public bath now.  And will you please stop hunching over like that.  We're both women here and if I had a nice body like yours, I wouldn't hide it like that.”

'A nice body?' Isane thought. 'She doesn't think I'm too gawky?'  She had her doubts, but she did lower her hands and stand up straight.

“I, uh, I appreciate that captain, but, um, you're already in there, so I'll, uh, I'll wait outside until you're done.”

Unohana giggled. “I just had an idea. Why don't you join me?”

Isane fought to keep her jaw from dropping. “J-j-join you?”

“Sure,” Unohana coaxed. “It will be nice to have someone scrub my back. Come on in Isane.”

Reaching out, Unohana grabbed Isane's hand and pulled her in to the shower stall.

'This is it.' Isane thought as she heard the glass door close behind her. ' I can die happy now.'

The captain seemed to have no idea how the situation was affecting her lieutenant.  She acted as if they showered together all the time, happily going over the more interesting parts of her day while she stood under the hot spray and lathered her hair.  She was so unguarded, it made Isane feel dirty as she took in the sight of her superior's body, following the foam from the shampoo as it washed its way down her body, tracing her curves and lodging in deep crevices.  It was all Isane could do to act casual and copy the captain's actions.  The ache between her legs was becoming unbearable with the object of her desire so close, but still unattainable.  'Fraternization is contrary to good order and discipline' She reminded herself. 'A romantic relationship between superior and subordinate is forbidden. FORBIDDEN.'  Somehow reminding herself of these facts didn't help. She lusted for her captain even more.

“Turn around Isane,” The captain directed. “Let me scrub your back now.”

Fighting back a whimper, Isane did as she was told. Soon she was reveling in the sensation of Unohana rubbing her naked flesh.  She was only able to answer Unohana's various comment and questions with noncommittal grunts, afraid of what she might say under the stimulation.  Her eyes closed with pleasure as those exquisite hands rubbed and massaged her back.  Unohana spent some time on her shoulders too.

“You're too tense here, Isane.  You really should see someone about that.”

Her lieutenant managed to mutter something in agreement.  She never wanted it to stop.  Her relaxed mood quickly came to an end as Unoahan's hands slid around her wet body to playfully grope her tits.

“C-captain!” She gasped.

“I'm sorry Isane.” Unohana said. “I couldn't help myself. You have such big firm young breasts. I'm a little jealous. So who massages them for you to get them this big?”

Isane was stunned. She knew what Unohana meant. She was asking if she had a lover.

“I, I don't have anyone like that.” She murmured. It was difficult to think with the captain happily rubbing soap suds all over her tits.  Didn't she notice how stiff her nipples were growing? She was getting so turned on.  It took all her self control to stop herself from grinding her ass against her superior and moaning.  'No fraternization. She's just playing around. Control yourself!' she thought over and over.

“I find that hard to believe.” Unohana responded giving Isane a squeeze. “A beautiful girl like you? I'm sure you have dozens of suitors chasing after you.”

Isane shook her head. “I, uh, I'm not beautiful captain. I'm too tall and clumsy and AWK!”

Unohana had interrupted her with a sharp slap on the butt.

“Enough of that.” She spat. “Turn around.”

Mortified, Isane did as she was told. Unohana stood under the hot spray of water with her hands on her hips, looking quite cross.

“Yes, you are a very tall girl. You also have a beautiful face, a body most women would kill for and a sweet, gentle soul. You are the only one I know who thinks her height makes her unattractive. I want you to banish such thoughts from your mind. The only person who thinks of you that way is you. I think you need to change your attitude and realize what a desirable young woman you are. Do you promise me you'll do this?”

“I, I, I'll try captain.” She muttered.

“Not good enough.” Unahana insisted. “I want you to do it. Say it out loud. I am a beautiful, attractive, desirable woman. Say it.”

“I, uh, I'm a...beautiful...attractive...desirable woman.”

“With a little more feeling please.” Unohna ordered.

“I'm. I'm a beautiful, attractive, desirable woman.”

“Better.” Her captain stated. “Now I want you to repeat that to yourself over and over again until you believe it. Can you do that for me?”

Isane nodded. “Of course captain. Anything for you.”

Unohana smiled and stroked Isane's cheek. “Besides. Even if no one else sees you that way, I do. Now scrub my back please.”

Suiting actions to words, she turned around. Isane picked up the soap and began lathering down her idols' back.  It was heavenly to touch her naked flesh.  How much better would it feel to embrace the woman before her?  To let her hands roam freely over her body, not just her back.  'I can't do that' She reminded herself. 'Control. Control!'

“Um, how about, uh, how about you captain” Isane choked out. “Is there someone special in your life?”

She immediately wished she could take the words back. How impudent to ask about the captain's love life! Fortunately, Unohana didn't seem to mind. She chucked absentmindedly.

“I don't have the time or inclination for such things these days.” She answered. “My work is more than fulfilling. And time consuming. Of course, there were other times.”

“So you've had, um, special people before.” Isane prompted.

Unohana shrugged. “I suppose so. When you've lived as long as I have, you meet many people. Men. Women. Other. Looking back, I realize I've shared my life with so many. Sometimes for companionship. Sometimes for loneliness. Sometimes for reasons that are hard to explain. There are very few that I could really call special. Still, I will always remember the ones that were special to me. They'll always have a place in my heart. Oh look what you've made me do. I'm rambling away about nonsense. You must find it all so boring.”

“No, no. Not at all.” Isane insisted. “So I guess you're not lonely these days?”

“I didn't say that.” Unohana clarified. “A little lower please? Ah yes, right on that spot. No, I sometimes find myself very lonely indeed. Unfortunately, that's the price you pay when you accept a position of leadership. You trade off your personal needs to serve the needs of others. It's hard sometimes. I try to remember the reasons I took this job and why these sacrifices are necessary. I still wish it could be otherwise. That's why I enjoy these little interludes with you Isane. Like when we have our nighttime chats.”

“R-really?” Isane responded.  She could feel her heart pounding even harder in her chest.  Just what was the captain saying? “Um, how do you mean?”

Unohana ruefully shook her head. “I know this is going to sound selfish. After all, I'm supposed to be helping you. Even so, when we're together like that, it's's like there is no rank anymore.  No barriers.  Just two people talking like equals. Like friends. And I don't feel lonely anymore. And I...I wish it could last longer.”

Hearing her words, Isane's breath began to get ragged.  There was something she had wanted to tell Unohana for a long time.  Suddenly, it seems the time was perfect to tell her.  She forced herself to speak.

“Captain. I...I have a confession to make. I enjoy those times too. In fact, I, uh, I enjoy them so much I. I. Captain, I’ve been faking my nightmares.  I stopped having them after you spent so much time helping me.  But I didn't want the help to stop.  I still wanted to spend time with you. So I would lie awake until it was very late and then I'd scream and thrash and carry on until I was sure you'd heard me.  And be there.  And we could be together again.  Can you forgive me?”

The lieutenant could feel Unohana's body begin to shake under her still massaging hands. Was she crying? No, it seems she was laughing. A slow ironic chuckle as some joke Isane woudn’t understand.

“I'll forgive you Isane if you can forgive me.” She answered. “You see, I've valued your company so much, whenever possible I've taken to waiting by your door late into the night.  Hoping you'd have bad dreams.  So we could be together.”

Isane wanted to hold her captain more than ever.  Even as she told herself it was inappropriate, her hands seemed to move on their own, sliding over Unohana's slippery wet skin to circle around her waist.  'To hell with the rules!' She thought.  Her captain needed her.  Her heart pounded in her chest at her own boldness.  Nonetheless, she was determined to press on.  Her own need to be with the captain was joined and augmented by an even stronger need to ease her mentor’s distress.

“Isane, what are you doing?” Unohana asked as her subordinates hands snaked their way into intimate areas.

“I, I'm here for you captain.” She answered. “You don't have to be alone.”

The older woman gasped as the younger one fondled her breasts, teasing her nipples erect.  This was no harmless bathing horseplay.  Isane was being serious.  She half-heartedly tried to move the lieutenants hands away.

“Don't take what I said too seriously Isane.  I accepted my situation a long time ago.  There are very good reasons why we can't take things any further.”

“I don't care about reasons anymore.” Isane insisted. “You always make me feel so safe and cared for. I want to do this with you.  Captain I...I love you.”

Unohana turned around. “Isane..” she wearily began.

Her lieutenant didn't let her finish that sentence.  Cupping her superior's face, she pressed their lips together.  If she couldn't convince her captain with words, she would use deeds.

"Please captain." She murmured. "Please let me do this."

Pulling Unohana closer, she lightly kissed  and probed the smaller woman's lips, seeking permission, asking for acceptance.  With a sigh, the captain gave in to Isane's need as well as her own.  Their tongues met, testing and teasing before exploring the others mouth.  Isane felt like she was in heaven when she felt the older woman pawing at her ass, pulling her in tight.  When Captain Unohana made a decision, she didn't hold back.  The lieutenant felt herself being pushed up against the tile wall of the shower, the surface warm and slippery from the spray.

“See Isane. It's nice being tall.” Unohana purred. “I don't need to bend down at all for this.”

Isane threw her head back and moaned as Unohana suited actions to words and took her almost eye level nipple in her mouth.  She massaged the other breast with her hand as she flicked the hardened bud with the tip of her tongue, then swirled it around the aureole before sucking at the tip.  All the while, she stared up at Isane lustfully, the hot water making her long dark hair a frame for her beautiful face.  Isane found she was humping the captain's hip, running her throbbing clit over her jutting hipbone, moaning from the pleasure.

“Have I ever told you about this shower head I got from the real world?” Unohana asked as she took the shower off its holder. “It has some very useful settings.”

Twisting the nozzle ring, the shower went from a steady spray to a hard stream.  She aimed it at Isane's nipples, the sting of the water adding an erotic element, stimulating her breasts while the captain used her other hand to rub between Isane's legs. She pressed her hands on the tiles behind her and closed her eyes.  Her hips bucked involuntarily when the older woman penetrated her, her skilled fingers expertly hitting every sensitive spot.  Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, Unohana aimed the hot spray lower and lower until it hit the girl's pussy, the heat and pressure increasing her sensitivity making the captains stimulation like nothing she'd ever felt before.

“Captain, I, I can't hold on much longer!” she cried.

Unohana chuckled. “Then you're really going to love this.”

Giving the nozzle another twist, the water changed from hard stream to pulse.  Isane yowled when the water struck her clit, the pulsing stream and the captain's expert finger fucking making her cum in seconds.  She held on to the captains shoulders as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed though her body, her gushing juices mixing with the water to swirl down the drain.  As she came down from her sensual high, she sank to her knees.

“Your turn.” She breathed grabbing the older woman's hips.

Bending down slightly to bury her face in Unohana's crotch, Isane eagerly licked and sucked at her idol's snatch. There was no hesitation or embarrassment in her actions. This was something she'd fantasized a million times with no hope of it ever coming true.  She was enjoying every second of realizing her dreams.  The strong taste of Unohana's juices flowed down her throat as she lapped at her slit.  The captain began to groan and shake her hips.  She leaned against the shower's wall and spread her legs to let Isane get even closer. The shower nozzle dropped from her hand, spraying Isane's back where it landed on the floor.  Grabbing the back of Isane's head, she pulled the younger woman in tighter, fucking Isane's eager face.  The lieutenant added first one finger, then another, her heart filling with joy at Unohana's lustful groans.

As she busily lapped away, Isane had an idea.  Reaching behind her, she picked up the shower nozzle and turned it on her mentor.  Now it was Unohana's turn to gasp at the stinging pulses of hot water hitting her sensitive clit.  Isane alternated between tongue and spray, driving Unohana closer and closer to the edge.  Isane's tongue won the race, warm fluids spilling down her chin as the captain's strong thighs pressed the sides of her head.  She watched upward from her kneeling position in delight as Unohana's body shook, her eyes closed and her head thrown back, crying out in euphoria.  Coming down from her peak, the captain joined Isane on the floor to embrace her in the still flowing shower spray. They lay there for a moment, enjoying the afterglow amidst the swirls and splashes of hot water.

“Isane,” Unohana began “Did you call the repair shop yet about your shower.”

“No ma'am.” Isane replied “I was going to do that tomorrow.”

Unohana squeezed her tight. “I wouldn't bother.” She said. “In fact, let them know they can take their time.”

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