A Brief Experiment in Cross-Breeding

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Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, I don't make any money from the writing of this story, and I don't own "Crossbreeding the Future" by NovaAlexandria

I'm going to slap a big ol' dislcaimer on here. So, in short, this story here is based on a fic that was already written by Nova Alexandria in 2009 titled "Crossbreeding the Future". Basically, I really, really like the concept. It presses my buttons. Originally I started doing a little re-write for funsies and my own personal enjoyment, but at this point I've logged enough pages and hours on it to think that hey, maybe someone else would enjoy checking out what I've worked on. I'd say at this point it's 20% of the original story. If you want to read the original, go. Go do that. Please. It's a fun read. I did do some mixing up with the timeline though so there's a lot more divergence further down the road.  

"GroovyGondolas, you theiving slut, didn't you just re-write an existing story and include your OC?" you shriek, tearing at your hair and foaming onto your computer monitor.

Yeah, basically. But, hey, at least I'm copping to it, right? Trust me, it comes from a good place (to put you in a good place. OOHHHHHH!!) I'm just trying to give porn to the people here. Hot, steamy, mostly minty-fresh and 80% original porn. 


Having been classified as the least volatile of all invading shinigami attackers, Unohana Retsu had been the last to be brought in after capture to Aizen’s great stone fortress in Hueco Mundo. She had gone quietly and without fuss, much to the relief of the three Espada who had been sent out to collect her and bring her before Aizen. While a perfectly formidable fighter in her own right, Unohana-taichou knew how to recognize a losing battle, especially when confronted by three of Aizen’s strongest soldiers at once.

She could see the apprehension in their faces as the Espada had approached her. Even outnumbered three to one, a captain level shinigami was still certainly a threat. However, she had shocked all of them by calmly stating that she would go with them without resistance as soon as she had finished healing the 6th Espada, who lay on the white sand at her feet, gravely injured. Surprisingly enough, the tall male Espada who the others had looked at for his answer, clearly the highest ranking among them, had lazily waved his hand and permitted her do to just that. After she had finished, Unohana, always polite, had thanked them and quietly let them lead her into Aizen’s stronghold and whatever fate awaited her behind the tall stone walls.

Once inside the huge white castle she had been led into a small antechamber and restrained at the wrists with a set of silver cuffs, unremarkable at first glance but upon closer inspection made entirely out of unbreakable kido. Around her neck was fastened a thin red collar. As soon as the latch had clicked closed Unohana immediately felt a reduction in her reiatsu, her energy bound completely, leaving her entirely powerless.

Now totally incapacitated, she was brought into a bright white room with impossibly tall ceilings. Upon a high alabaster throne sat Aizen, dressed in immaculate white robes, Ichimaru Gin standing at his right hand. In front of them, most collared and cuffed in an identical fashion as herself, were her fellow captives: Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji, Matsumoto Rangiku, Kuchiki Rukia, Kotetsu Isane, Hitsugaya Toshiro, and Hanataro Yamada. The first five were kneeling side by side; wrist strapped behind their backs, collars on their necks and ropes binding the two restraints together. All appeared well enough for the most part except Renji, whose skin looked clammy and pale. Unohana’s trained eye recognized that he had a severe injury that had been only partially healed, enough for him to survive but not much else. The last two were not far away, Toshiro lying on the ground similarly bound like the others but apparently unconscious and heavily wounded. Hanataro was the only one not restrained, or even sealed, and the glow surrounding him let her know he was doing his best to heal the wounds Toshiro had obtained.

“This is the last of the captives, Aizen-sama.” Reported the tall, dark-skinned female Espada, one of the ones who had brought Unohana in. “All others have escaped back to Seretei.”

“Thank you Halibel.” Said Aizen, his usual mild tone now openly tainted with a kind of cruel satisfaction. Halibel nodded and stepped back in line with the other Espada flanking Aizen on his tall throne. “Welcome, Unohana-taichou. I am glad you could join us.” He nodded in her direction with a mocking smirk.

Maintaining her composure, Unohana returned the gesture with a polite bow. Holding her head low Unohana asked to assist her subordinate in attending to Hitsugaya’s wounds. To her surprise Aizen granted her permission and allowed her collar to be removed by one of the attending fraccion guards. Softly but with urgency she walked over to kneel at the side of Hanataro, who showed obvious relief now that he was with the comforting presence of his captain. She quickly used kido to assess the young captain’s condition. He had received several severe wounds from battle, but it was well within the realm of her abilities to heal his injuries.

Aizen began to address the other captives and Unohana did her best to concentrate wholly on repairing the damage that had been done to her patient. It wasn’t until the room erupted in a chorus of shouting did Unohana turn her attention to the current conversation.  When she realized the cause of the uproar, her blood turned to ice.

Everyone in the room, the Espada and the unshakably stoic captain Kuchiki included, wore expressions on their faces that ranged from total disbelief to pure and unadulterated horror. For a few seconds her brain couldn’t process what she was hearing. Aizen had just made the declaration that in the interest of building his army and creating new, more powerful soldiers he would be attempting to create a shinigami-arrancar hybrid. He planned to accomplish this using the captive members of Seretei imprisoned before him and his own Espada.

Unohana did her best to continue healing Hitsugaya while her mind whirled with questions. Surely he couldn’t be serious; this had to be a trick to disturb and manipulate them. But if that were the case, why would Aizen subject his own subordinates to the same distressing announcement? Would Aizen go so far in the name of his own amusement? She wasn’t sure. If he wasn’t joking, would it even be medically possible to create a hybrid between hollow and shinigami, especially using the crude method Aizen was obviously implying?

The sounds of protest had reached an all-new level, most of the shouting coming from Rukia, Renji, Matsumoto, and Grimmjow. Hanataro appeared to be too shaken by Aizen’s proclamation to continue his efforts in healing and looked positively green with worry. Unohana couldn’t blame him, neither he nor the captain who lay incapacitated before her were old enough to think about sex, much less sex that would produce offspring.

Unohana gasped as Aizen, apparently having enough of the reaction caused by the announcement, silenced the room with a brutal crush of his reiatsu.  Unohana only remained upright due to her experience dealing with extremely powerful patients. Gin and the Espada remained standing but looked strained by their efforts to remain as such. All of the other captives, save Captain Kuchiki, had been flattened by the burst of spiritual pressure. Hanataro had been rendered unconscious and the young man she was healing had begun to struggle for air due to the increase in strain on his body.

“Aizen-sama,” she said, trying hard to sound calm as Aizen’s reiatsu seemed to squeeze her body from all sides. “Please lower your reiatsu. You are causing injury to Hitsugaya-taichou and Hanataro-san.”

Immediately afterwards the force lifted and the air seemed to return to the room, although Unohana had no illusions that Aizen and simply deemed them subdued to his satisfaction rather than following her request.

“Thank you, Aizen-sama,” she said anyway, quietly returning to her task. A cursory glance at Hanataro showed that no significant damage had been done.

“Aizen-sama, if you really are serious about this, can I have her?” Unohana looked up to see the tall Espada from before pointing directly at her, a childlike arrancar with green hair standing by his side. The Espada had wavy, shoulder length hair and a goatee and looked completely apathetic about the whole situation. By the indifferent expression on his face Unohana had the sneaking suspicion that he had chosen her simply because she looked like she would be the most easy to manage. Something that was probably true, considering the fiery protests coming from the other women.

“Granted.” Aizen smiled. Now that his Primera Espada had submitted to his order all the others were guaranteed to obey as well. “Now for the rest of you.”

“I want her.” Grimmjow declared, pointing at Rukia before anything more could be said. Clearly he had since recovered from the injuries Unohana had treated earlier.

A look of horror crossed the girl’s face, growing only when Aizen agreed. Hardly even waiting for the word of permission to finish coming from Aizen’s mouth the 6th Espada grabbed Rukia and left, dragging her kicking and screaming behind him without any difficulty. Renji, shaking and face pale, began raising hell as well until he was cuffed on the back of the head by one of the fraccion guards. He did not get up again, but lay on the floor, breath coming in labored pants. Unohana thought she could see blood at the corner of his mouth.

“Halibel.” Aizen looked at his 3rd Espada.

“Only two of them are old enough, and only this one looks like he’ll survive.” She commented coldly, looking at Byakuya with icy blue-green eyes.

“An excellent choice. And with Kuchiki-taichou providing such a powerful bloodline I expect strong results.”

Halibel merely nodded in acknowledgement and quickly walked forward, hauling Byakuya up by the back of his collar. Hardly giving him any time to get to his feet she began to heave him out of the room. Despite her efforts the captain managed to steady himself and walk upright, succeeding in preserving some of his usual composure.  He made no noise of protest or effort to resist, only looking briefly down the hallway where his adopted sister had been taken moments before as he was dragged in a different direction.

“Which leaves our remaining male to my newly appointed Septima, how fitting.” Aizen smirked, “hopefully you haven’t damaged him too much already.”

Tess Cross, 7th Espada, who had just been appointed by Aizen after the most recent battle, stepped towards Renji.  He had regained enough energy to stare at her, anger blazing in his eyes. Unohana guessed that this woman was the cause of the lieutenant’s grave injuries. The arrancar stood in front of him, either not noticing or ignoring the rage that seemed to radiate from his pale face.

“Walk, Shinigami, or you will be carried.” She said in a clear, unwavering tone. Shaking from anger and pain, Renji pulled himself to his feet.

“Fuck you.” He spat. Without even a buzz of sonido the arrancar extended her hand and placed it on the lieutenant’s chest. Before he could react, his body crumpled and he fell to the floor. Somehow this arrancar had managed to drain his body of reiatsu in an instant, causing a reaction similar to a sudden drop in blood pressure. She then turned her attention to one of the attending fraccion guards who wordlessly picked up Renji’s unconscious form and followed her out of the room.

“And my Segunda, you don’t appear to have any particular preference?” Aizen drawled lazily, looking over to the only Espada who remained unassigned. The final arrancar was old and stooped, but had a bulk that hinted at hard muscle underneath his many extravagant robes and adornments.  Unohana looked at remaining two women, Matsumoto-fukutaichou and her own lieutenant, and saw their eyes widen in fear. Barragan looked like a lavishly decorated embodiment of death itself.

“No, Aizen-sama,” growled the ancient-looking hollow from behind his white mustache, eyeing the two women with a sense of distaste.

“Well, in that case, you can have Matsumoto. Any objections, Gin?” Aizen asked, turning to face his former lieutenant.

“None in the slightest, Aizen-sama,” said Gin, constant smile unwavering. Matsumoto had gone silent, sending a pleading look of disbelief to Gin in response to his remark, but as soon as one of Barragan’s fraccion went to grab her she started to fight with all her strength. The 2nd Espada seemed no more pleased than her, but said nothing to object to Aizen’s choice. With a single smack to the back of his assigned captive’s head, the Espada knocked her out and tossed her to the larger one of his two surviving fraccion who followed him as he exited the room.

“If Starrk gets a pet, I want one too.” Complained the small arrancar who accompanied the first Espada.

Aizen actually chuckled.

“You can have the boy.” He offered.

Her eye lit up and fell on Toshiro.

“The other boy.” Aizen clarified.

With a pout she looked at the unconscious Hanataro, who was just starting to stir. The young man’s eyes widened in fear as Aizen carelessly commanded the youthful arrancar to look after her new servant. Unohana reached over and gave his hand a comforting squeeze, but even with her reassurance Hanataro looked ready to burst into tears.

His dread only increased as the young arrancar bounced over to stand in front of him. “You will address me as Lilinette-sama. No, Lilinette-hime. Do you understand, Dorei-chan?” she said in a commanding tone, a delighted grin on her face.

“Y-yes, Lilinette-hime,” stammered Hanataro.

“Well what are you waiting for Dorei-chan, let's go!” Clearly this girl was enjoying having a servant to order around already.

Only years of attending to the more intimidating patients of soul society allowed Hanataro to get to his feet. “Stop slouching and lets go, Dorei-chan!” Barked Lilinette. “Seriously, you are as bad as Starrk.” She exclaimed in exaggerated annoyance.

“Sorry, Lilinette-hime. Yes, Lilinette-hime.” He stuttered, meekly falling to her side.

That just left Kotetsu-fukutaichou as the only unclaimed shinigami, save Hitsugaya-taichou who was starting to show signs of coming back into consciousness.

“Starrk, why don’t you look after this one as well?” Aizan smiled at him.

The 1st Espada looked less than thrilled at the prospect of caring for two women.

“We have lost our medics and I believe we will require the use of this one’s abilities in the coming days.”

Unohana didn’t want to think about what Aizen meant by that. At least for now Isane seemed to be spared from Aizen’s breeding project, a small respite from the string of horrors they had all just been subjected to.

Toshiro had begun to wake and with the slight show of recovery Aizen gestured for Unohana’s collar to be re-fastened. “Don’t worry, Unohana-taichou,” said Aizen in response to the look of worry that crossed her face. “I’m sure you’ll be seeing dear Toshiro again in the near future.” Obviously his remark was meant to have the exact opposite effect as a pang of concern for the young captain shot through her body. It was obvious that, for the time being, Aizen was done with them. With a look of weary irritation Starrk motioned for the two women to stand and they followed him out of the room in silence. 

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