Bleach: Chizuru's master plan

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“Everything is almost ready.” Orihime said to herself happily, finishing setting the table before she looked at the clock, making her smile and think a loud. “The other girls will all be here soon. Time for the final touch.”

With that, Orihime then pulled out a vial, which was made of pink crystal and had a red heart design on it, making her smiled warmly.

“I will do as you desire my beloved mistress.” Orihime whispered, before hearing a knock at the door, causing her to gasp and pocket the vial as she then walked to the door and opened it to see her friends Tatsuki Arisawa, her best friend, along with her friends from the Soul Society, Rukia Kuchiki, Yoruichi Shihōin, Suì-Fēng and Rangiku Matsumoto.

“Hey Orihime.” Tatsuki greeted, hugging her friend, making the orange haired girl return the hug and smile.

“Tatsuki, you made it!” Orhime said happily, making Tatsuki nod in reply before she told her friend. “Sure did, I had some difficulty convincing the others, but they eventually came along when I told them it was just us girls having fun.”

Breaking from the embrace with her best friend, Orihime looked at the others and called out joyfully. “And I’m glad you could make it, Rukia, Yoruichi, Suì-Fēng, Rangiku.”

“I’m in it for the free booze.” Rangiku told Orihime, making Sui-Feng remark. “Of course you would be.”

Remaining her ever-cheerful self, Orihime spoke up.

“Well come on in, the food is nearly ready.” She said, letting the women into her house, where the orange haired girl then closed the door and walked towards the kitchen, while the others took their seats at the tables.

“Where’s the booze?” Rangiku asked, noticing the water in the glasses.

“Maybe Orihime doesn’t want you to get drunk right away and would rather have a nice polite evening.” Yoruichi replied, in which she and the rest of Orihime’s friends were unaware that from the kitchen, Orihime smirked slightly, a smirk which did not belong on her face.

‘Yes, a nice polite evening, just not what you’re thinking about.’ Orihime thought, carrying several plates of food.

“Okay everyone dig in!” Orihime called out, before saying to her friends. “It’s five cheese pasta with garlic and chili powder, topped off with squid.”

“Sounds nice.” Tatsuki replied with a nervous smile, being nice as Orihime’s cooking had improved a little, but still looked questionable.

As everyone began to eat, trying to keep the food down, Orihime smiled as she too ate, the only one there who was enjoying the food.

However, her smile was a mask, in which the orange haired girl was preparing to carry out the plan her mistress gave her.

After eating what they could, Rangiku said, wanting to rid her mouth of the taste of Orihime’s attempt at cooking. “Okay we’re done, time for the booze.”

“Alright, I’ll get something stronger, sit here and wait.” Orihime replied, before walking to the kitchen where she found a bottle of wine in the fridge, poured the alcohol into the six glasses before she then took out the crystal vial and smiled as she poured the potion into five of the six glasses, causing a small cloud of smoke to rise up in the shape of a pink heart from the five glasses.

And, with that done, Orihime then walked back to the dining room. With the drinks.

“About time.” Rangiku said as Orihime handed each girl a glass, keeping a hold of the one which she didn’t pour the potion into.

“Down the hatch!” Orihime called, raising her glass, which made the others nod, before Orihime put the glass to her lips and took a small sip while the other girls drank the wine, allowing the liquid to pour down their throats.

However, after they swallowed the drinks, their postures relaxed and slumped in their chairs, making Orihime smile when she saw pink hearts appear in her friend’s eyes, showing the potion had taken effect on them all.

Curious, Orihime asked. “So how do you feel?”

“Amazing.” Rangiku said in pure bliss.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to serve our mistress.” Tatsuki added, making the other girls sigh happily and causing Orihime to giggle.

Seeing their ssmiles made Orihime smile again, before she sat up and said with an authoritive and commanding tone, while still maintaining her cheerful personality. “Alright girls stand up.”

The girls obeyed as they all stood, waiting for their new mistress or Orihime to command them.

“Now I wonder what I can do with you before I fetch mistress.” She wondered, before an idea came to her mind.

Walking towards Rukia, Orihimin wrapped her arms around Rukia’s waist, kissing the Shinigami passionately on the lips, making Rukia’s eyes widen at first before she closed her eys, wrapped her arms around Orihime’s neck and kissed Orihime back.

After Orihime broke from the kiss, Rukia was left dazed.

“Wow...” Was all Rukia could get out, making Orihime smile.

“Glad you found it as amazing as I did.” Orihime replied, only to then bend Rukia over, with her ass facing the staircase.

Confused by Orihime’s actions, Rukia had to ask. “Huh, what’re you doing?”

“Don’t worry, mistress told me to do this.” Orihime replied, reaming her usual cheerful self, which caused Rukia to smile, knowing her mistress wanted this, before Tatsuki was then bent over like Rukia, her ass also facing the staircase.

“Perfect.” Orihime smiled, spanking both girls, which caused both women to blush, while the other three women chuckled.

That was until Orihime grabbed Suì-Fēng’s left arm, put it behind her head, followed by grabbing her right arm and put it on her hip, before Orihime did the same with Yoruichi and Rangiku, in which she took Rangiku’s hands and made them cup her large breasts, causing the Shinigami to slightly blush.

“Okay, why does mistress want us like this?” Rangiku had to ask.

“Because she wants to see how sexy you girls are before we all have fun.” Orihime answered.

“Oh, I like fun.” Rangiku said in reply, making the other girl nod, as did Orihime, who then turned to face the stairs and called out. “Mistress Chizuru!”

Walkingdown the stairs was Chizuru Honshō, who once she saw the girls, gained a perverted gleam in her eyes.

“Hime!” Chizuru shouted as she rushed down, approached Orihime from behind and hugged her tightly, while groping the orange haired girl’s breasts, making Orihime blush, while Chizuru smirked, knowing Orihime wouldn’t resist her advances or Tatsuki would interfere with a swift punch.

As Chizuru continued to feel Orihime’s breasts, the orange haired girl had to ask. “Well mistress did I do well?”

“You did wonderful, my Hime.” Chizuru replied, kissing Orihime on her left cheek lovingly, which made Orihime blush and smile at her mistress’s affection.

“And such a nice group too, you sure know how to pick them.” Chizuru commented, continuing to fondle Orihime’s breasts, before she stopped.

“How about you go to your room and change into your outfit while I get to know your new ‘slave sisters’.” She whispered into Orihme’s ear enticingly.

“At once mistress.” Orihime replied obediently, walking off to her bedroom to change, before she let out a surprised gasp when she felt the hand of her mistress smack her ass as she passed, making Chizuru giggle and causing Orihime to then smile, hearing her mistress’s angelic laughter.

With Orihime now gone, Chizuru turned her attention to the other women in the room.

“Now time to get a better look at you.” Chizuru said as she walked towards Rukia, who stood up, allowing Chizuru’s hands to move freely across her body, removing her clothing and leaving Rukia completely naked.

This caused Rukia to blush, being naked before her mistress, before her blush grew when Chizuru began to grope and play with her breasts.

“Oh you are so perky and firm.” Chizuru told Rukia.

“Thank you mistress.” Rukia replied with a smile, before she moaned as Chizuru gave her breasts a firm squeeze.

“You’re welcome sweetheart,” Chizuru said, giving Rukia a quick, but loving kiss, before moving over to Tatsuki, doing what she had done to Rukia and relieved her schoolmate of her clothing, leaving Tatsuki naked as well.

“Oh you’re absolutely perfect. Curves in all the right places, perfect boobies, and a tight ass.” Chizuru purred, spanking Tatsuki’s butt, which made her gasp and blush.

“I’m glad you like my body.” Tatsuki said, blushing, but she also smirked flirtatiously at Chizuru, who returned the smirk before kissing the bridge of Tatsuki’s nose, before moving over to Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng, feeling her body getting hornier at the sight of the pair and their erotic poses.

“Nice look girls.” Chizuru complimented, making the pair blush and smile at her, before Suì-Fēng’s blush increased as she watched on happily as her mistress stripped her, relieving the Shinigami of her clothes and showing off her naked body.

Chizuru and Suì-Fēng smiled at one another, before the red head groped Suì-Fēng’s breasts, making her moan in pleasure.

“Mistress...” Suì-Fēng moaned, enjoying the feel of her mistresses’ hands on her breasts, before Chizuru then stopped, moved to Yoruichi and stripped the dark skinned girl of her outfit, taking in in her exotic appearance of the naked beauty before her.

“So soft.” Chizuru said dreamily, running her hands up and down Yoruichi’s skin, making Yoruichi blush from the words of her mistress, as well as her loving touches on her body, wishing she could remain in the loving embrace of her mistress forever.

“I’m glad it pleases you mistress. I live to make you happy.” Yoruichi then got out, making Chizuru smirk, kiss her dark skinned lover deeply, before she replied. “Oh I know, as do the rest of you.”

Breaking from Yoruichi’s lips, Chizuru turned to Rangiku and removed her outfit, leaving the voluptuous beauty completely naked, making the red head blush seeing Rangiku naked, as well as seeing the size of her massive breasts.

“Oh wow, they’re so big!” Chizuru said happily, groping Rangiku’s large breasts from behind, causing the Lieutenant of the 10th Division woman to blush and smile at her mistress’s happiness.

“Well I’m happy you like them.” Rangiku replied, before turning to face her mistress and hugged her, pressing her chest into Chizuru’s face, making Chizuru blush bright red as she rubbed her head up and down her slave’s breasts.

And as much as she loved the current situation, what happened next was absolute joy for her.

“Mistress.” Chizuru heard Orihime call to her; making the red head turn and blush upon seeing her orange haired beauty walking down the stairs in her new outfit.

Orihime now was wearing a scarlet red belly dancer outfit that had a golden necklace around her slender neck.

A scarlet red see through skirt and a small scarlet red thong underneath adorned her legs, while gold bracelets were wrapped around her wrists and ankles, giving her the appearance of a palace girl.

“Oh my Hime you look beautiful.” Chizuru said, making Orihime smile in reply.

“Did you find the other outfits I picked out for the girls?” Chizuru then asked, making Orihime nod in reply as she then held up a bag filled with clothing and causing the red head to smirk and reply. “Goodie.”

“Now girls, I want you all to change.” Chizuru then instructed.

“Yes mistress.” The five naked women replied in loving and obedient tones, walking over before they began to change, while Chizuru’s eyes never left the girls bodies as she watched them changed.

After putting on her outfit, Rangiku spoke up.

“Well mistress?” She asked, showing Chizuru she was now wearing a tight black satin teddy while lace trim struggled to contain her ridiculously large breasts.

Fingerless gloves of white lace covered her hands and black fishnet stockings ran down her legs to the shiny black pumps.

“Yeah what do you think?” Rukia asked, showing her outfit that consisted of a short white dress, barely covering her private parts.

It was tight and was showing a large amount of her breasts, while she wore a nurse’s hat on her head.

“I think I need a check-up.” Chizuru said slyly, blushing, making Rukia smile and giggle.

“What about my outfit mistress, is it purrfect?” Yoruichi asked in a seductive tone.

Chizuru turned to see Yoruichi was now wearing a black corset, which showed off her ample breasts, covering only the outer sides of the breast.

It was laced with pink colored frills; only kept together by a few strings in the middle.

Her skirt was replaced with short shorts of the same color and lace at the top.

On her hands and feet were paw-like gloves and shoes.

Lastly was a combo of cat ears atop her head, a long black tail, and a collar with a large golden bell attached to it, she then meowed playfully reflecting the outfit she now wore.

“Oh yes, very purrfect,” Chizuru said, smiling at her pet.

“Well what about me little lady?” Sui-Feng asked in a southern drawl, showing Chizuru she was now wearing a plaid sleeveless blouse that was tied off just underneath her generous breasts; showing off her tight, smooth stomach.

A short white leather skirt hung around her waist, its fringed hem barely covering her ass, while she wore a large white cowboy hat and high-heeled black leather cowboy boots that encased her feet.

The finishing touch was the lasso she held in one hand.

“You’re looking mighty fine.” Chizuru answered, feeling herself getting hornier.

“Thank ya kindly ma’am,” Suì-Fēng replied, tilting her hat to Chizuru, who giggled and nodded at Suì-Fēng playing her role.

“What about me, mistress?” Chizuru then heard Tatsuki ask.

“Sexy enough for ya?” She added, showing her mistress she was now wearing a black vest and short shirt with a red bra, which was showing under the shirt and she wore a red thong and had a flirtatious look on her face.

“Very sexy.” Chizuru said, blushing, as some blood flew from her nose at her lovely dressed sex slaves.

But remaining in control, Chizuru wiped the blood away; she sat on the couch and smirked.

“All of you kiss my feet one at a time.” She then ordered, removing her shoes and socks, before wiggling her toes.

“At once mistress.” The girls replied, before Rukia knelt down first and kissed her mistress’s feet, Sui-Feng followed, kneeling down and kissing her feet, then Tatsuki and Yoruichi and Orihime.

But as Rangiku bent down, Chizuru stopped her.

“Mistress is something wrong?” Rangiku asked, thinking she had done something to offend her mistress.

“Nothing at all, but since you’re my maid shouldn’t you be cleaning?” Chizuru asked, causing Rangiku’s eyes to widen.

“Of course mistress, forgive my disobedience.” Rangiku begged in reply, before she stood up and bowed in respect, showing her mistress full view of her breasts, which her outfit was struggling to contain.

“You’re forgiven.” Chizuru replied, making Rangiku smile before she turned around, only for her mistress to smack her ass, making Rangiku blush.

“Get to work sexy.” Chizuru commanded, in which the Shinigami nodded and walked off and began to clean the house while Tatsuki moved back down to her mistresses’ feet and gave her a foot massage.

“You’re so beautiful my mistress, it is an honor to serve you.” Tatsuki said, kissing her toes every so often, while Rukia moved behind Chizuru and massaged her shoulders, making the red head sigh in content and pleasure.

“Yes, I am proud to serve you my mistress.” Rukia said in a warm and submissive tone, making Chizuru smile, before she got an idea that was sure to make her smile widen.

“Hime, dance for me sweetie.” She commanded.

“At once mistress.” Orihime happily replied as she began to dance for her mistress, while Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng stood still, awaiting for Chizuru to give them commands.

Noticing the pair, Chizuru smiled and said. “Yoruichi you’re a kitty cat right, so act like it.”

Yoruichi’s eyes widened before nodding as she dropped to her hands and knees, letting out meows as she nuzzled against her mistresses’ leg, making Chizuru laugh and causing all her slaves to smile at her happiness and hear her lovely laugh.

With her last slave, Chizuru commanded. “Suì-Fēng, sit beside me.”

The cowgirl nodded and sat beside Chizuru who gently held her chin and kissed her on the lips, making Suì-Fēng moan in pleasure, before Chizuru then broke from Suì-Fēng’s lips and whispered into her ear, enticingly. “Come on sweetie, let’s go somewhere more private.”

Getting off the couch, Chizuru pulled Suì-Fēng along with her, making Suì-Fēng smile as they headed for Orihime’s bedroom.

And once they were in the bedroom and Chizuru closed the door, Suì-Fēng asked. “What shall we do now, mistress?”

“I think you know.” She whispered into her slave’s ear, giving it a little nip, making Suì-Fēng shiver and blush.

----Upcoming Lemon----

Turning Suì-Fēng around, Chizuru wrapped her arms around Suì-Fēng’s waist as the red head kissed her slave deeply and passionately on the lips, making Sui-Feng moan in pleasure

As Chizuru and Suì-Fēng continued to kiss, Chizuru moved her hands from Suì-Fēng’s waist and around her body, relieving the Shinigami of her unifom, before she then moved her hands up to Suì-Fēng’s chest and groped her breasts.

Unable to help herself, Suì-Fēng  broke from her mistresses’ lips.

“Oh, mistress... It... it feels so good...!” Suì-Fēng moaned in pleasure, before her pleasure was increased as Chizuru then twisted and pulled her nipples, making her moan louder.

The pleasure Suì-Fēng was experiencing felt amazing, making her gasp and moan loudly, before chizuru increased the pleasure of the Shinigami once more as she moved her right hand down from Suì-Fēng’s breast and to her pussy, making her moan as she felt Chizuru start to trace her fingers around her lips and across her clit.

Moving her head forward, Chizuru whispered huskily into her left ear. “Do you want this?”

Sui-Feng could only nod in reply, before she managed to moan out. “Yes I want this mistress, please give do with me as you desire.”

Chizuru smiled at Suì-Fēng submitting to her, in which the red head responded to Suì-Fēng’s begging with pleasure, inserting three fingers into the Shingami’s pussy.

“Yes mistress...!” Suì-Fēng cried out, rocking her hips back and forth on Chizuru’s fingers, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter, and loving it.

“Mmm... Your fingers are so deep... Ah... Mistress, you are amazing...!” Suì-Fēng moaned as Chizuru continued to let her fingers slid in and out of Suì-Fēng ‘s pussy.

Chizuru continued to pleasure Suì-Fēng, letting her slave move her hips around her womanhood, until Suì-Fēng was unable to contain her pleasure, letting out a loud cry of ecstasy as she had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids all over the fingers of her mistress.

With her orgasm over, Chizuru removed her fingers from Suì-Fēng, only to bring them up to her face.

“Be a good girl and lick my fingers clean.” Chizuru commanded, making Suì-Fēng nod in reply, before she obeyed, licking the cum off her mistresses’ fingers, enjoying the taste of her own sex, before Chizuru then removed them as she wanted to continue having fun with her slave.

“I’ve seen you naked, now strip me and take in my beauty.” Chizuru said, unable to smirk as Suì-Fēng obeyed her command, removing her clothes and leaving Chizuru completely naked.

“Mistress, you are beautiful.” Suì-Fēng said as her cheeks flushed as she stared at her naked Goddess.

This made Chizuru smirk, before she approached Orihime’s bed and laid down on her back, unable but to enjoy the fact she was on the bed her big breasted, orange haired slave slept.

But shaking her head, Chizuru focused her attention back on Suì-Fēng, in which the red head then spread her legs out.

“Suì-Fēng , pleasure me by eating me out.” Chizuru said.

Suì-Fēng nodded in reply as she then joined Chizuru on Orihime’s bed, moving her head in between her mistresses’ legs before she began to lick Chizuru’s pussy, making her gasp and moan in pleasure.

“Oh, that’s it... Ah... Keep going until I cum...!” Chizuru moaned, loving the pleasure Suì-Fēng  was giving her, while her thoughts drifted to Orihime, imagining how good their first time together would be now that she had practiced.

But then the red head was distracted, her thoughts broken as she cried out loudly and had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids into Suì-Fēng’s mouth, which she managed to swallow.

After Chizuru finished cumming, allowing Suì-Fēng to moved her head from her pussy, the red head sat up.

“How did that feel?” Suì-Fēng asked, making Chizuru reply. “Very good. Now, get on all fours.”

Not wanting to disobey her beloved mistress, Suì-Fēng followdd the command, positioning herself on her hands on kness, while wondering what Chizuru was planning.

But then, to her excitement, Suì-Fēng got her answer as she watched Chizuru pull out an orange coloured nine-inch dildo from the bedside table draw that she then strapped it on around her waist.

Her hands grabbed onto the bed tightly as Suì-Fēng moaned in pure pleasure, feeling Chizuru push the dildo in Suì-Fēng’s ass, making the Shinigami moan out in pleasure.

Chizuru then pulled most of the dildo out, before she continued.

Thrusting in and out of Suì-Fēng’s ass, making her continue to moan in pleasure, before her moans grew louder as it looked as though she was going to have her orgasm.

And after several more thrusts, Suì-Fēng threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as she came, experiencing a powerful orgasm as she covered the dildo in her sexual fluids.

Chizuru then removed the dildo out of Suì-Fēng’s ass, glad to see her slave’s pleasured face as she laid on her stomach with a dazed smile on her face.

----End Lemon----

Chizuru smiled happily as she put looked down at the dildo with Suì-Fēng’s fluids dripping off it.

“Oh sweetie, could you clean this for me?” Chizuru asked her slave.

“Of course mistress.” Suì-Fēng said slowly in reply, before she got to her feet, kneeled and licked the dildo clean, making Chizuru smile and gently caress her cheek.

“Good girl.” She said upon Suì-Fēng loyalty, before the red head told her slave. “Now you stay here and rest.”

Chizuru then walked to the door and poked her head out, calling out to her slaves.

“Yoruichi, come here my sexy little kitty.” Chizuru called down the stairs.

As much as Chizuru wanted to have her way with Orihime, she felt she needed to have some more practice and fun before she could give her Hime the best orgasms she’d ever experience.

It was then Chizuru then turned her attention back to the door, hearing the soft noise of feet approaching and she saw Yoruichi walking towards the room on all fours like a cat.

“Well you’re certainly getting into the mood.” Chizuru commented, making Yoruichi smile and rub against her legs.

“I’m glad you’re pleased mistress.” Yoruichi replied in a loving tone, before she asked. “Now then, did you need something of me?”

“Why yes there is.” Chizuru answered in a lustful tone, leading Yoruichi into the bedroom, where she then turned her focus back on Suì-Fēng and said to the Shinigami. “Suì-Fēng can you get off the bed for me sweetie? We need the bed.”

“Of course mistress.” Suì-Fēng replied, climbing off the bed and allowing Yoruichi on it.

“On the bed kitty.” Chizuru commanded, making Yoruichi nod and jump onto the bed, before stretching like a cat, raising her butt into the air as she stretched, which made Chizuru’s face flush at seeing Yoruichi showing off her figure.

Oh you’re teasing me, bad kitty,” Chizuru said, causing Yoruichi to smirk at her, making the dark skinned woman purr. “What’re you gonna do about it mistress?”

Chizuru grabbed Yoruichi by the chin and smirked, causing her slave to gulp as her mistress leaned forward.

“Oh you’re going to love what I will do.” Chizuru whispered into Yoruichi’s ear, giving it a playful lick, before the red head moved to Yoruichi’s face, kissing her lips and making her blush and moan into the kiss.

“Now then, let’s begin.” Chizuru said, breaking from the kiss.

“First lick my feet like a good kitty.” The red head then commanded, in which Yoruichi smirked playfully and meowed, watching as Chizuru put her feet on the bed, allowing the purple haired woman to happily lick them with small, gentle strokes with her tongue.

“Good.” Chizuru then said, making Yoruichi stop.

 ----Upcoming Lemon----

“Now we can start the real fun.” Chizuru then told Yoruichi with a lecherous smirk, causing her to return it as she purred, before Chizuru then kissed Yoruichi again, only this time more passionately, causing Yoruichi to purr and moan in her mistresses’ mouth.

Pushing her onto the bed, Chizuru then broke from the kiss and began remove Yoruichi’s outfit, stripping her and leaving the dark skinned beauty completely naked beneath her.

Lowering herself, Chizuru began kissing around Yoruichi’s neck and collarbone, before she moved her head down to Yoruichi’s chest, to her breasts, which she began to kiss and lick around.

“Mmm, that’s it...” Yoruichi moaned. “Mistress, that feels really good...”

Chizuru was glad to hear that, in which the red head to continued pleasuring her purple haired slave, placing her hands on Yoruichi’s breasts, groping and playing with them, making Yoruichi moan and arch her back in pleasure.

Breaking away from her neck, Chizuru looked down at Yoruichi and smiled, making the dark skinned woman smile back at her mistress, before the pair leaned in for another heated and passionate kiss, causing both to moan as they felt their breasts and pussies rub and press against the other’s.

Parting lips, Chizuru then looked over, seeing Suì-Fēng was still in place, aroused from watching her mistress and her former trainer kissing and pleasuring each other, giving Chizuru an idea.

“Yoruichi, look how wet she is getting.” Chizuru said, before asking. “Do you think she should join us?”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, mistress. It would be nice if the two of us did something together again.” Yoruichi replied, smiling at Suì-Fēng, who smiled back.

“Very well then.” Chizuru said, removing herself from Yoruichi.

“Get on top.” She then commanded.

“As you command, mistress.” Suì-Fēng replied as she then joined her mistress and former trainer, before she positioned herself so she was sitting above Yoruichi’s head, while facing her mistress.

Smiling loving at her mistress, Suì-Fēng was unable to help but to kiss her, which Chizuru gladly returned, only with more intensity, making Suì-Fēng moan in the red head’s mouth.

And Suì-Fēng’s moans only increased as she felt Yoruichi’s tongue lick around her pussy, while Chizuru’s skilled hands groped her tits, massaging and fondling them to her heart’s content.

But not wanting to favour any of her slaves, except for her Hime, Chizuru then removed her left hand from Suì-Fēng’s right breast and moved it to Yoruichi’s, causing both to moan from the touch of their mistress.

“Mistress, you are so good...” Yoruichi moaned, loving the feel of her mistresses’ hand playing with her breast.

But then the dark skinned woman’s moans increased when she felt Chizuru push the dildo against her lips, before entering her pussy, making Yoruichi moan out. “Yes... Oh, yes... Ah... Mistress, that’s amazing...!”

Breaking from her kiss with Suì-Fēng, Chizuru smirked, seeing her slaves enjoying her pleasure, before turning her attention back to Suì-Fēng, kissing her once more, while moving her hand from Suì-Fēng’s breast down to her pussy, which the red head began to rub and massage.

But soon Suì-Fēng had to break from the kiss as the pleasure was becoming too much for her.

“Mistress, I can feel it... Ah... I’m going to... to cum...!” Suì-Fēng moaned in warning, which just made Chizuru smile and continue to finger Suì-Fēng womanhood until she was unable to hold back.

Letting out a loud cry of pleasure, Suì-Fēng had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids all over Chizuru’s hand and Yoruichi’s face.

And seeing Suì-Fēng experience such pleasure, Yoruichi soon followed as she too climaxed.

However, Chizuru, after removing the dildo and licking her fingers clean, then said in an alluring tone, gaining a lustful glint in her eyes. “Oh, we’re not done yet.”

Making a motion for Suì-Fēng to move, she obeyed and watched as Chizuru pulled Yoruichi up, before repositioning the purple haired woman on all fours and inserting herself inside of Yoruichi’s ass, making her moan loudly, arching her back in pleasure.

“Yes... Ah, yes... It feels so good... Ah... Mistress...!” Yoruichi moaned out, loving the pleasure as Chizuru continued to thrust back and forth, allowing the dildo to continue to invade Yoruichi’s ass.

Two hours of pleasure passed by as Chizuru kept thrusting in and out of Yoruichi, making them both moan out in erotic pleasure, until the dark skinned woman could feel her climax drawing closer and closer.

And unable to take anymore, Yoruichi cried out in pure pleasure as she experienced her climax, cumming all over the dildo as she had a powerful and mind numbing orgasm.

----Meanwhile, with Orihime: End Lemon----

As Chizuru was in her bedroom pleasuring Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng, Orihime was sitting in the bathtub, her breasts floated in the water, as her thoughts turned to her red haired mistress.

“Oh this is relaxing, mistress Chizuru must be really happy with the other girls, I wonder when I’ll get to experience her pleasure.” Orihime sighed, as her mind turned to the thought of her naked mistress and the pleasure she’d experience with her.

But then broken from her thoughts, Orihime turned and smiled to see Chizuru walk in with the dildo still around her waist, glistening with Yoruichi’s juices, which she removed, filled the sink with water and put the dildo in it before approaching the bathtub and the blushing Orihime.

“Hey there, my Hime.” Chizuru said seductively.

“Mistress.” Orihime said as a warm smile appeared on the orange haired girl’s face, which increased as Chizuru then slipped into the warm water.

“Mind if I join?” Chizuru asked, pulling Orihime towards her with her back gently pushing into Chizuru’s breasts, causing Orihime to reply in a joyful and loving tone. “No I don’t mind one bit mistress.”

“That’s a good girl.” Chizuru replied, cupping one of Orihime’s breasts and squeezing it, making the orange haired girl blush and moan in pleasure.

“Oh Hime, they’re so big and soft. You used to resist my advances didn’t you?” Chizuru asked as she continued rubbing and massaging Orihime’s breasts.

“Yes mistress, and I now regret every second I did.” Orihime moaned in reply, before Orihime couldn’t help but to moan out as Chizuru then pulled her nipples.

“Please don’t tease me.” She whimpered.

“Aw okay Hime, let’s move on to the real fun then.” Chizuru said into her Hime’s ear, making Orihime blush and reply in a loving and loyal tone. “Whatever you wish, mistress Chizuru.”

----Upcoming Lemon----

Turning around to face Chizuru, their breasts pressed against each other’s as the pair engaged in a deep and passion filled kiss, making Orihime moan in her mistresses’ mouth.

And her moans only increased as Chizuru took control, pushing her tongue into her slave’s mouth, their tongues swirled around each other before Orihime gave in, allowing her mistresses’ tongue to enter and explore her willing mouth.

After breaking from the kiss and pulling away, leaving a trail of saliva between them, Chizuru grabbed the back of Orihime’s head, guiding it down to her left breast, which the orange haired girl then sucked on as she took it into her mouth.

“That’s it, my Hime... Ah... Keep going...” Chizuru moaned, enjoying the pleasure Orihime was giving her, making Orihime blush and moan, not only from the comforting words of her mistress, but from the pleasure she felt as Chizuru’s free hand sunk into the water and started to rub her thumb along Orihime’s clit.

“Mistress...!” Orihime gasped out, feeling the fingers of her mistress continue to pleasure and tease her as they began to move around her lips and then inside of her, causing her moans to heighten.

For several minutes, Orihime continued to moan, loving the pleasure her mistress was giving to her, her moans increased she could feel she was going to have her climax.

However, Chizuru then smirked and removed her fingers, much to Orihime’s confusion and shock.

“Why did you stop? Have I displeased you?” Orihime asked in a tone full of worry and sadness.

“You could never do such a thing, my Hime.” Chizuru replied, cupping Orihime’s cheek, while pressing her forehead against Orihime’s.

“I was just thinking it was time you got to enjoy more of me and my body.” She then said, lifting herself up to show Orihime her dripping wet body, as well as her wet pussy.

“Of course. Anything for you.” Orihime replied submissively, before moving her head in between Chizuru’s legs and began to eat her out, enjoying the warmth of the water, her mistresses’ skin and taste of Chizuru’s pussy.

“Mmm, my Hime... That’s it... Your tongue feels so good...!” Chizuru moaned in pleasure, before the red head had to ask. “Have you... have you been practicing...?”

Removing her face from Chizuru’s womanhood, Orihime nodded her head.

“I have mistress, with lollipops. I wanted to please you to the best of my abilities.” She replied, making Chizuru smile, while imagining Orihime licking and sucking on a lollipop in a highly alluring way.

“Thank you for your dedication.” Chizuru then replied, before wanting to reward her Hime, in which the red head gently leaned Orihime back against the tub’s wall and began to eat Orihime out.

“Mstress, oh, mistress... you are so deep... so good... Ah... I love it...!” Orihime moaned, before her moans increased as she could feel her climax approaching, causing the orange haired girl to say in warning. “Mistress, I can’t... I can’t hold it... I’m going to cum... and soon...!”

Hearing Orihime’s warning, Chizuru removed her tongue from Orihime’s folds, brought her face up to hers’ and told her. “That’s ok. Just relax and let it go.”

“Are you sure?” Orihime had to ask, but received her answer as Chizuru moved back down and continued to eat Orihime out, making the orange haired girl then cry out as she climaxed, releasing her sexual fluids, which Chizuru was more than happy to swallow.

“You taste as sweet as you look, my Hime.” Chizuru said, making Orihime blush at the compliment, before the red head then asked. “But tell me, do you love me licking your pussy?”

All Orihime could do was nod in reply as her cheeks remained flushed from her orgasm, causing Chizuru to smile before she got out of the tub, allowing Orihime to take in the view of her naked, wet mistress, who then grabbed the dildo strapped it back on and returned to the tub, sinking into the water and positioning herself behind Orihime.

Guiding her down onto the dildo, Orihime moaned in pure pleasure, feeling as she felt it push inside her womanhood.

“Ah... mistress... that’s it... Ah... feels so... so good...!” Orihime moaned in pleasure as she moved herself up and down, impaling herself on the dildo, which continued to slide in and out of her, before her pleasure increased as Chizuru moved her left hand to Orihime’s breasts and began to massage and fondle them, while kissing and licking the orange haired girl’s neck, taking in her sweet scent.

However, after thirty more minutes of pleasure, Orihime was unable to hold back and cried out as she had her climax, releasing her sexual fluids all over the dildo in her vagina, before she fell back and sighed in content and rested her head on Chizuru’s breasts, making both smile.

Orihime from her orgasm and Chizuru from having the girl of her wet dreams resting in a tub with her, stroking her long orange hair as they remained in a deep embrace.

----End Lemon----

“Mistress, that was so wonderful.” Orihime said in a blissful tone, making Chizuru giggle, from her words and the orange haired girl rubbing her head against her breasts in a loving show of affection.

“Glad you enjoyed it, my Hime, but it seems we made a mess.” Chizuru replied, looking at all the water splashed onto the floor from their fun. “It’s dangerous to get out, we might trip and break something.”

Moving her head away from her mistresses’ chest, Orihime tilted her head and asked in a curious and cute tone. “Then what do we do mistress?”

“Rangiku!” Chizuru called out, answering Orihime’s question, in which the door then opened and Rangiku stood at the door.

“Yes mistress?” She asked before noticing the mess and she sighed.

“Mistress, now look what you’ve done. You’ve made more work for me and now I won’t get to please you until I’m done.” She whined with an adorable pout on her face, making Chizuru and Orihime giggle.

“Sorry Rangiku, but I promise we’ll have lots of fun when you’re done cleaning up,” Chizuru replied, making Rangiku smile.

“Very well mistress, but I want to please you for a long time until you can’t move no more.” Rangiku then said, making her mistress laugh and nod before the Shinigami then turned, shaking her hips and walking off to fetch the mop and bucket.

“Come on, my hime, let’s get going.” Chizuru said, climbing out of the tub carefully before she picked up Orihime bridal style, making the orange haired girl blush as her mistress walked out to the bedroom to find Suì-Fēng and Yoruichi kissing each other.

“Oh girls, could you do me a big favour and make my Hime feel better?” Chizuru asked, kissing Orihime on the cheek and making her blush again.

“Of course, mistress.” Yoruichi replied, purring as she Suì-Fēng walked over to their mistress, taking Orihime in her arms and walked over to Yoruichi, before both began to kiss and tease Orihime, making the orange haired girl blush and giggle.

Glad to see Orihime was enjoying the pleasure of her other slaves pleasuring the orange haired girl, she was then broken from watching the three as she heard another of her slaves call out to her.

“Oh mistress.”

Chizuru turned around to see Rukia and Tatsuki at the doorway.

“I believe it’s time for your check up and the nurse is in.” Rukia said with a smile, making Tatsuki lick her lips.

“Yeah, time for me to suck on that.” Tatsuki told her mistress, eyeing the dildo hungrily.

----Upcoming Lemon----

“Well come and get me.” Chizuru replied with a smirk, which Tatsuki returned, while Rukia smiled.

“It’s time for your check-up anyway mistress.” Rukia said, before wrapping her arms around Chizuru’s neck and engaging her in a deep and passion filled kiss, which the red head gladly returned as she wrapped her arms around Rukia’s waist.

As the pair continued to kiss, Chizuru moved her right hand up from Rukia’s waist, to her left breast, which she squeezed, causing the Shinigami to break from the kiss and gasp in pleasure, not only from the pleasurable sensation of her mistresses’ hand on her breast, but the added pleasure of the feeling Chizuru’s dildo brushing against her pussy.

Breaking from her lips, Rukia‘s moans increased as Chizuru moved her right hand away from Rukia’s breasts, replacing it with her mouth, taking her nipple into her mouth and began to lick and suck on it, while moving her right hand down from Rukia’s chest, to her vagina, fingering Rukia’s pussy.

“Mistress, that’s... Ah... that’s it... you are so good...!” Rukia moaned, loving the pleasure from her mistress licking her breast and massaging her vagina.

But after several minutes, Rukia was unable to contain her pleasure, making the Shinigami cry out loudly as she had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids all over her mistress’s fingers.

With her orgasm over, Chizuru removed her fingers from Rukia’s vagina, before the red head smiled as Tatsuki approached her, taking the fingers of her mistress into her mouth and licked clean.

“Good girl.” She said, liking the new Tatsuki and her submissiveness as she licked the red head’s fingers clean, enjoying the taste of Rukia’s cum, before Chizuru then removed her fingers from Tatsuki’s mouth, moved them down to Tatsuki’s pussy and began to finger her, making Tatsuki moan and cry out in pleasure.

For several minutes, all Tatsuki could do was moan from the pleasure her mistress was giving her, loving the feel of Chizuru’s fingers moving in and out of her womanhood.

And just like Rukia, Tatsuki then had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids all over Chizuru’s fingers, which the red head then removed and held them up to Rukia’s face, making the Shinigami to blush heavily, before she slowly took the fingers of her mistress into her mouth, licking the cum off, enjoying the taste of her slave sister.

After removing Chizuru’s fingers from her mouth, Rukia was once again rewarded with pleasure as her mistress and Tatsuki moved behind her and groped her breasts, while Chizuru walked in front of her, moved down and began to lash at her wet pussy, making Rukia’s cheeks flush.

“Oh, mistress... you’re fingers feel great... Ah... So deep...!” Rukia moaned, loving the feel of Tatsuki continuing to massage her breasts and her mistress continuing to lick her vagina.

And then, with a loud cry of pure pleasure, Rukia moaned loudly as she had her climax, releasing her sexual fluids into her mistresses’ mouth, who gladly swallowed, enjoying the taste of the Shinigami.

After removing her face from Rukia’s pussy, she decided to switch roles, in which she approached Tatsuki and began eating her out, while Rukia returned the pleasure Tatsuki had given her and began to massage and fondle her breasts, causing Tatsuki to let out nothing but moans of pleasure as Rukia continued groping Tatsuki’s breasts, while Chizuru’s head remained in between Tatsuki’s legs, eating her out.

The pair continued to pleasure Tatsuki until she was unable to contain her pleasure, making her let out a loud cry of ecstasy as she had her orgasm.

And while Tatsuki was catching her breath from her climax, Chizuru turned to Rukia, pushed the Shinigami onto Orihime’s bed, before inserting the dildo deep inside of Rukia, causing her to arch her back in pleasure.

“Oh, mistress... Ah... Oh, yes... keep going...!” Rukia moaned, loving the pleasure as she felt the dildo continue to slide in and out of her vagina.

For another hour Chizuru continued to pleasure Rukia, making her moans increase as they continued.

But after an hour, Rukia’s movements turned frantic as she could feel her orgasm approaching, causing the Shinigami to moan out. “Mistress, I... I cannot hold it... Ah... I’m cumming...!”

And after several more thrusts, Rukia arched her back and cried out in pure pleasure as she had her orgasm, releasing her cum all over the dildo and Orihime’s bed.

With Rukia satisfied, Chizuru smiled seeing the pleasured face of her Shinigami slave, before the red head then turned her attention to Tatsuki, in which she grabbed Tatsuki and laid her over the bed, before inserting the dildo into ass, making Tatsuki moan out in pleasure.

“Yes, oh, yes... Mistress, that’s it...!” Tatsuki cried out, making Chizuru smirk as she then pulled most of the dildo out, before she continued.

“I’m glad you like it, my little slut.” Chizuru replied, enjoying the dominance over the girl who continued to interfere with her and her Hime, making Tatsuki reply. “Yes mistress... Ah... I... I’m your slut...!”

Chizuru continued thrusting in and out of Tatsuki’s ass, making her continue to moan in pleasure, before her moans grew louder as it looked as though she was going to have her orgasm.

And after several more thrusts, Tatsuki threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as she came, experiencing her orgasm as she covered the dildo in her sexual fluids.

----End Lemon----

The door then was opened and Chizuru turned to see Rangiku walk into the room.

“Mistress.” She said with a seductive smirk. “I’m done cleaning and now I want to please you like the other girls have.”

A smirk appeared on Chizuru’s face as she pulled out the dildo of Tatsuki’s ass, making her moan, as the red head walked over to Rangiku and pulled the dildo off and held it up to Rangiku’s mouth.

“There is one more thing to clean.” Chizuru said, making Rangiku pout before she began to lick the dildo clean, before Chizuru then dropped it to the floor, in which the Shinigami then purred. “Now we can begin.”

----Upcoming Lemon----

Ripping off her clothes, Chizuru’s eyes lit up in glee, with a perverted desire seeing Rangiku naked, before the red head was unable to control herself as she moved behind Rangiku and groped her large breasts.

“Oh, mistress, that’s it... You are wonderful...!” Rangiku moaned out from the pleasure, before it increased as Chizuru pinched and twisted and pulled Rangiku’s left nipple with her left one hand, while her right had moved down, fingering Rangiku’s pussy.

Rangiku continued to moan from the pleasure her red haired mistress was giving her, causing her to rock back and forth on the fingers, while grinding her ass against her mistress’s pussy, before Rangiku was soon unable to contain herself.

“Mistress, I’m gonna... gonna cum...!” She then warned, which caused Chizuru to continue for several more minutes, until Rangiku had her orgasm and cried out to her mistress as she came all over her mistresses’ fingers.

Chizuru removed her fingers from Rangiku; she then licked her fingers clean, enjoying the taste of her slave’s cum.

After cleaning her fingers, Chizuru then pushed Rangiku onto the bed, before climbing on top her, kissing the Shinigami deeply and passionately, which Rangiku was more than happy to return.

Breaking from her lips, Chizuru kissed down her slave’s body, kissing her neck, breasts, chest, until the red head had reached Rangiku’s pussy, which she began to lick, her tongue lashing at her folds.

“Yes... Oh, mistress, I love it... it’s so... Ah... so good...!” Rangiku moaned in pure pleasure, making Chizuru mentally smirk, before the red head moved her head away from Rangiku’s womanhood, before she repositioned herself so her pussy was above Rangiku’s mouth.

Filled with lust for her mistress, Rangiku moved her head up and started to lick Chizuru’s pussy, making the red head moan pleasurably, before Chizuru resumed to pleasure her slave.

The pair continued eating each other out, until the red head and her slave were unable to contain their pleasure, in which the pair both had their orgasms, releasing their sexual fluids into each other’s mouths, which they both were more than happy to swallow.

After breaking from her pussy, Chizuru sat up, removing herself from Rangiku.

“You have done well.” Chizuru said, making Rangiku smile.

“Now then, be a good girl and get the dildo so we can continue our fun.” She added in a sultry tone.

Rangiku nodded and smiled in reply before the Shinigami climbed off of Orihime’s bed, and picked the dildo up in her mouth and walked over to Chizuru, handing it to her mistress, who strapped it back on herself, laid Rangiku back down and pushed it inside of her pussy making Rangiku arch her back and moan in pleasure.

“Yes... oh, yes, mistress... Ah... That’s it... Yes...!” Rangiku moaned loudly, loving the pleasure Chizuru was giving her, which caused Chizuru to smile from the combination of pleasure and the pleasure filled moans from her slave’s mouth.

As she continued, Chizuru moved up into a sitting position, pulling Rangiku up with her as she continued to thrust the dildo in and out of Rangiku’s vagina, before she engaged Rangiku in a deep kiss that she gladly returned.

After breaking from the kiss, Chizuru continued to pleasure her slave, thrusting the dildo in and out of Rangiku’s vagina for another hour, until the Shinigami then moaned out. “Mistress, I can feel it... Ah... I... I’m cumming...!”

Letting out a cry of pure ecstasy, Rangiku then threw her head back as she had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids all over the dildo, before collapsing, letting the dildo slide out of her as she fell onto her back.

----End Lemon---

“Did you enjoy that?” Chizuru asked Rangiku, who smiled in reply.

“I did mistress...” Rangiku replied in bliss.

“What else can I do to please you?” She then asked, causing her mistress to smirk as she removed the dildo and strapped it around Rangiku’s waist.


“How about you please all of us, starting with my Hime?” Chizuru asked in reply, motioning for Orihime to walk over to her, which she was more than happy to obey, while Rangiku smiled and nodded.


“Right away.” Rangiku replied, pulling Orihime closer while Chizuru walked over to Yoruichi, Sui-Feng, Rukia and Tatsuki with a smirk.

Licking her lips, Chizuru was glad she had visited Urahara’s shop earlier, not only to buy some wine in the hopes it’d lead to a chance of her to get into Orhime’s pants, but was also glad about finding a little drink hidden away that was believed to turn those who drink it into loving slaves.

‘I’m going to have so much fun from now on.’ Chizuru thought lustfully.

The End.

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