The Cycle

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“Ichigo! Get in here man!” The substitute soul reaper bolted into the welcome shelter as fast as his legs could carry him. Ikkaku slammed the door shut and barred it. Once he was sure the door was secure, he turned to see to this new guest.

“Lucky we saw you coming.” Ikkaku said. “You could get ripped to shreds out there right now.”

“Are you all right?” Yumichika asked. “You look pretty shaken.”

“What the hell is going on out there?” Ichigo panted. “They were everywhere. When I got here the place looked deserted. Then this woman showed up. She came up to me, then she, she, um, she started, uh, coming on to me. Then another woman came by. Then another…”

“It’s OK.” Yumichika assured him. “We had an idea that’s what happened.”

“You should have known better than to be walking around out there just now. It’s your reiatsu.” Ikkaku explained. “The more spiritual pressure you have, the more women you attract. That and you suck at hiding yours.”

“What do you mean ‘attract’?” Ichigo demanded. “This never happened before.”

“Of course not.” Ikkaku replied. “It only happens during the cycle.”

“Ikkaku, I don’t think anyone’s ever explained that to him.” Yumichika pointed out.

“Oh hell, I keep forgetting he was raised in the real world.” Ikkaku responded. “Look Ichigo. It’s like this. Every twenty years or so, the shinigami women get, well, baby happy.”

“The science division thinks it has something to do with having centuries long life spans.” Yumichika added. “When you live that long, reproduction takes a lower priority, so nature gives things a little push every once in a while. The average is every twenty years. It only affects women with high reiatsu though. People with low spiritual energy can’t have children.”

“It’s not a big deal for couples.” Ikkaku continued. “They just hole up somewhere and enjoy the ride. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that leaves the unattached women roaming around looking for the strongest mate they can find.”

“You’d think guys would be taking advantage of the situation.” Ichigo observed.

“Some do.” Yumichika admitted. “Unfortunately, there are more women than men in the population at the moment. There’s not enough to go around. Also, there’s all the social and relationship issues you have to deal with afterward, especially if a child is involved.”

“Exactly.” Ikaaku confirmed. “If the Eleventh wanted me to have a family, they’d issue me one I always say. I don’t need that kind of distraction in my life, right Yumichika?”

“Oh, of course.” He replied looking up at the ceiling. “I’m the same way.”

“Wait a minute.” Ichigo said. “You mean right this minute, Rukia is…?”

“No, no!” Yumichika assured him. “Being a noble, I’m sure Byakuya has her secured somewhere surrounded by low energy maids.”

Ichigo’s face immediately turned beet red.

“It’s not what you’re thinking.” Ikkaku said.

“Or maybe it is.” Yumichika allowed. “We’ll never know. The important thing is she’ll still be pure enough for marriage as far as the nobles are concerned.”

While struggling to get his head clear of some very naughty images, Ichigo asked “So what do we do now?”

“Me and Yumichika here planned ahead like we usually do.” Ikkaku explained. “This is a shielded room. We’re going to sit here, drink saké and play cards until it all blows over.”

“And how long will that take?” Ichigo asked. “A few more hours? A day?”

“Oh no.” Yumichika replied. “It will last for another week.”

“A week!” Ichigo exclaimed. “I can’t wait here a whole week! I told my family I’d be right back.”

“It’s not like you have much of a choice.” Ikkaku responded. “You’ll never make it back to the gate before you get swarmed.”

“And once they corner you, it’s all over.” Yumichika continued. “Right now the women are producing a pheromone. Its strength varies depending on the owner’s spiritual pressure. Get a good whiff of it, and your will to resist melts away.”

“That’s not going to happen.” Ichigo declared. “I can outrun them.”

“Not if they can feel your spiritual pressure.” Ikkaku argued. “They’ll cut you off and pile up on you in no time.”

“Then teach me how to suppress my reiatsu.” Ichigo demanded.

“It’s not that easy.” Yumichika warned him. “It can take months to learn the skill.”

“Just show me the technique.” Ichigo asserted. “You know me. I learn fast. Trust me. This is going to work.”

This isn’t working! Ichigo thought as he fled. Apparently he couldn’t master the art of hiding his pressure in fifteen minutes. He must be leaking spiritual energy like a sieve.

“What’re you running for stud?!” A blond woman shouted. “Don’t you want to have a good time?”

“I can show you pleasures you’ve never thought possible!” A brunette promised.

“Stop running and father my children!” A third one demanded.

There was no way that was going to happen. Even if he’d wanted to stop, he was sure the crowd following him would tear him apart. He had to find a way out. Turning a corner, he felt an open area ahead of him with no energy signatures. That meant it should be clear of any marauding women. Bursting into a full out sprint, he figured he would use the space before him to find a way to shake his pursuers. As he was planning his next move, he noticed something odd. One by one, the lust crazed shinigami stopped chasing him. A few seconds later, they all stopped, as if there were some kind of invisible line they could not cross. As Ichigo slowed to a stop, he saw them turn away with angry, disgusted looks on their faces. What could be happening? He decided not to question it. After taking moment to catch his breath, he pressed on ahead. He had no choice. He couldn’t go back the way he came. On the other hand, where was he going? He’d lost his way back to the gate home while shaking his pursuers and these damned streets in Seretei all looked alike! He decided to keep walking until he could spot some kind of recognizable landmark. The near identical streets and walls passed by while he tried to get his bearings. Suddenly, he spotted a familiar figure walking down the middle of the street. His heart rose with relief. He ran up to greet her.

“Captain Unohana!” He shouted. “Boy am I glad to see you.”

“Is that you Kurosaki Ichigo?” She replied. “What are you doing here?”

“I just stopped by to visit.” He explained. “I had no idea things were so crazy up here just now. Ikkaku and Yumichika filled me in. Now I’m just trying to get to the gate so I can get home. The problem is, I’m totally lost.”

“If you’re looking to go home, then you’re going to need to go that way.” She said pointing.

Ichigo groaned. He’d just come from that direction. “There’s no way I can go there now. There’s too many women between me and the gate.”

“I have a room rented nearby. You can stay with me if you like.” She offered. “I was going to meet someone here, but he’s late. Very late. I have to say I’m a bit upset. On the other hand, you’re here now. And you do have a powerful reiatsu. Perhaps it was destiny that brought us together.”

“W…what, what are you talking about?” Ichigo stammered.

“I’m thinking a change in lovers might be fun.” She clarified. “It’s not often I get a chance to try out a new partner. And you are very strong. I’m looking forward to seeing how you perform Kurosaki-kun.”

Fear and understanding exploded in Ichigo’s mind. For some reason, he didn’t really think of the captain as a woman. He only just now realized Captain Unohana was also affected like the other women in Seretei by this weird cycle of theirs. The women chasing him had stopped because they could feel her presence. The presence of an Alpha female they could never challenge. He began to slowly back away.

“I, I, I’m flattered Captain, but I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Oh, no?” She replied. “Perhaps a little preview might change your mind.”

To Ichigo’s astonishment, the captain pulled open her haori showing…nothing underneath. His mind ground to a halt as he tried to process it. On the one hand, he respected Captain Unohana as a leader and an officer. Seeing her as a sexual being was not normal for him. On the other hand, her body was incredible. Her full, voluptuous breasts, her wide hips, her thick thighs all appealed to his basest desires. Even as he fought against them, he could picture his hands running over her smooth, silky skin, imagine cupping her abundant flesh in his palms, pulling her tight against him, smelling her fragrant hair. He could smell her even at this distance, spicy, sweet and musky. He suddenly realized what happening.

“Captain.” He struggled to say “This isn’t right. This is just the hormones talking. You don’t really want to sleep with me.”

“Fu, fu, fu.” She chuckled. “You think I’m not aware of why I’m acting this way? Why should the cycle make my desires invalid? I do want you in my bed Kuroskai-kun. More than anything right now, I need a strong man. And what about your needs?”

Reaching out, she cupped his groin, easily finding his rock hard shaft. “It seems to me you are in need of some relief.”

He fought to keep from whimpering as she rubbed his dick through the cloth of his hakama. Her scent was even stronger now. He knew her pheromones were working on his body. Even now, he found it difficult to deny her. Why not go along with her? Why not enjoy her magnificent body? He struggled to come up with one last counter argument.

“What about the one you were waiting for?” He asked “What about him?”

Unohana humphed. “Perhaps this will teach him to be prompt next time. Come Kurosaki-kun. The room is right over here.”

He knew he should resist. He knew if he gave in now, there was no way he could escape. He also knew it was too late. The effect of her powerful pheromones had worn his resistance down to nothing. He could barely hear the little voice inside his head screaming this was a bad idea as she took him by the hand and led him away. Everything felt like a dream. It seemed to take no time at all until they were there. He was treated to the sight of her slipping her haori from her shoulders as soon as they entered the room. Her back was all elegant lines flowing towards the curves of her amazing ass and powerful legs. He wanted to bend her over and take her there and then. She turned to him, their lips joining as she expertly disrobed him. He relished the feeling of her bare skin on his, their hands roaming and exploring. It was everything Ichigo had imagined and more. Now completely naked, Unohana led him to the futon. It looked like she had planned ahead as usual. There was an assortment of bottles, jars, tissues and toys laid out ready for use. She had him kneel down facing each her.

“Drink this.” She commanded pouring a reddish fluid into a ceramic drinking cup. He took the vessel from her hand.

“What is it?”

“Something that I think will help make things more interesting.” She answered. “Drink it. Trust me.”

Not seeing any reason to deny her, he drank it down. Almost immediately, a warm feeling spread through his body. His cock, already throbbing with need, grew even harder. He felt an urgent need for release. Without even realizing it, he began to stroke himself, trying to satisfy his desperate urges. Unohana laughed.

“I see the aphrodisiac is working perfectly. Keep it up Kuroaki-kun. I want to see you cum.”

Ichigo’s eyes widened in surprise. She wanted to watch him masturbate? Knowing that, shame and embarrassment quickly turned into an erotic thrill. He saw her hand slip between her legs as she hungrily watched him. She was getting off on the sight of him furiously trying to bring himself to climax. He wanted to please her even more than he wanted to cum. Soon she was moaning with enjoyment, cupping her breast with one hand as she fingered herself with the other. The erotic sight pushed Ichigo over the edge. With a gasp, he shot his load into the air. Reflexes honed by centuries of practice, Unohana already had tissues in hand. She kept him from spilling all over the futon as he came in gushes.

“My, that was quite a lot.” She observed “And yet I’m sure you’re ready for more.”

That was an understatement. The aphrodisiac still coursing through his veins made him recover instantly. Unohana had him lay back on the futon. He groaned with relief as she took him in to her hot, wet mouth. She stared into his eyes as her head bobbed up and down, both pleased and amused by his reactions.

“You’re the best, Captain!” He moaned.

“No need for rank here kurosaki-kun.” She gently teased. “You may call me Retsu if you like. Now let’s see you return the favor.”

Turning around, she straddled his face, moving her dripping wet snatch over him. Ichigo eagerly lapped at her cleft, overjoyed to be in the haven between her thick, muscular thighs. Unohana gasped with pleasure, her hips rocking against Ichigo’s face. Taking him once again in her mouth, she concentrating on sucking him off, trying to make him cum first. Not to be outdone, Ichigo lavished her pussy with his tongue, running it along her labia and flicking her clit. He even penetrated her with his fingers, making her moan even harder. It was close, but Unohana’s skill and experience won out, forcing him to cum in her mouth. Even as he came, he concentrated on pleasing his lover. He was rewarded with her cries of joy as he brought her to completion.

“Enough with the foreplay.” She declared. “It’s time to get down to business.”

Moving forward, she positioned herself reverse cowgirl style over his still firm and throbbing cock. She sighed in bliss as she slid him inside.

“So good!” She crooned slowly pumping her hips up and down. “Are you enjoying yourself Kurosaki-kun?”

“You’re incredible.” He exclaimed. “I’ve never felt anything like what you’re doing to me.”

She laughed. “And we’re only getting started.”

Picking up the pace, she rode him harder and faster. Ichigo stared in fascination at the play of muscles across her elegant back, the bounce and jiggle of her amazing buttocks. He stroked, massaged and occasionally spanked her sumptuous flesh, making her gasp and yelp in delight. Feeling playful, he teased her asshole with his thumb.

“What are you trying to do, Kurosaki-kun?” She asked.

“I’m sorry.” He replied. “You don’t like that?”

She responded by grabbing a bottle of scented lube and putting it in his hand. “If you’re going to go there, use this.”

Pleased his instincts were right, he poured some of the lube into his hand and began to massage it between her ass cheeks. He ran his finger in circles around her tight sphincter before shoving it in. She squealed in delight, pumping her hips faster and faster. He matched her rhythm and tried to hold back his orgasm. Unohana came first, her pussy tightening around his shaft as she groaned in ecstasy. Ichigo let himself cum, filling up her cunt to the point it spilled on to his balls. Coming down from her orgasm, she got up to crawl on her hands and knees to the foot of the futon.

“That’s not enough Kurosaki.” She growled. “Get over here and fuck me in the ass.”

Even after what they just did, Ichigo was a little shocked to hear a lady like Unohana use such language. “Um, what?”

She turned to give him the full effect of her glare. “I said get over here and fuck me in the ass!”

He knew better than to argue with her when she used that tone. Rubbing his still rock hard dick with the lube, he go up on his knees to mount her. He’d never done anal before, but the sight of this amazing woman bent over offering herself made him eager to try. He placed the tip of his cock against her puckered entrance and pushed. Even with the lube, she was wonderfully tight. The ring of muscle gripping his shaft was a new and welcome sensation as he slowly pumped in and out. She made low pitched moans every time he entered her. He began to speed up, her moaning turning to whines.

“Yes, yes, faster!” She urged “Pound my ass good!”

He had no trouble obeying that order. He could hardly believe what he was doing, violating one of the most powerful captains in soul society while she begged for more. He relished the sight of the ripples washing through her flesh every time he slammed into her back door. He leaned forward to play with her clit.

“Oh yes, keep doing that!” She insisted. “There, right there! More!”

I’m never going to forget this, Ichigo thought. This is the greatest experience in my life. She came to a shuddering orgasm under his dual assault. He could feel her hot juices squirting over his hand. With a cry, he came in her ass, feeling like he could cum for hours. It was actually only a few minutes before he pulled out. He collapsed on the futon, the aphrodisiac at last spent. She lay down next to him, his cum dripping from both holes. After a minute or two to allow them to catch their breaths, she spoke.

“Not bad Kurosaki-kun.” She complimented. “That was a nice start. Now let’s retire to the baths and get ready for the next round.”

He liked the sound of that. Even without the aphrodisiac, he could feel himself growing hard again. He cheerfully followed her to the bathroom. Unfortunately, an unhappy thought occurred to him as they walked.

”Retsu,” He began. “About that other guy? You know, the one you were waiting for? Am I as good as him?”

Unohana laughed. “You’re an excellent lover Kurosaki-kun. True, you lack technique, but you make up for it in enthusiasm and energy. And don’t worry. We’ll have a whole week to practice.”

That certainly made him feel better. He could just imagine the kind of guy Unohana would select as a sex partner. He was sure he wasn’t going to measure up. How could he have been late to their rendezvous? A whole week of sexual bliss with her was worth making sure you’re watch was working. Wait a minute. A whole week? Wouldn’t that cause some problems for him? After thinking about it for a second, he realized he really didn’t care.

“Captain Unohana!” Hanataro called out. “I finally made it! Are you here? There were crazy women everywhere and they slowed me down. Captain! Where are you?”

The sad little man shook his head. “I am so going to catch it when this is over. And how am I going to get home? There must be a thousand women between here and there.”

Shoulders slumped, the young healer headed towards his certain doom.

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