The thrill of the chase

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The thrill of the chase

Nel sighed as she checked her phone for the umpteenth time that hour, no messages, no calls, no jobs or emergencies, at that moment it seemed both Hueco Mundo and Soul Society were at relative peace within themselves which meant a very boring day for her “I wonder what Ichigo is up to” she pondered checking the time on her phone finding it to be 2:39 in the afternoon

Was that the time when Ichigo was normally in class? Did he even have school today? It was completely impossible to even remotely guess what day it was when staying in Hueco Mundo for so long as the constant night time made it impossible to tell the passage of the days, it could have been two days or even two weeks since Nel last visited the human world and she would never know which “come on something needs to be happening, Kenpachi normally messages me by now with a fight challenge or a play date invitation from Yachiru”

Ever since Aizen’s downfall Grimmjow and Harribel did their best to stay out of Soul Society and Shinigami affairs only entering the Seireitei when they were called in to report on the condition of Hueco Mundo’s  security, Nel on the other hand tried her best to be a part of the Shinigami world having been proven by Ichigo that they weren’t evil beings that slaughtered Hollows just for the fun of it, as expected the Shinigami were at first hesitant about her sudden appearances in the Seireitei but eventually they all warmed up to her to the point of welcoming her as one of their own, it was only last month that she was offered a seat in the Soul Society Women’s Association which she happily accepted

Letting out another sigh Nel scanned the vast landscape hoping to find at least one rampaging Hollow when her phone suddenly vibrated making her jump, opening it she was surprised to find that the message wasn’t an assignment from Hitsugaya or an invitation to do something from Orihime or Rangiku, it was from Grimmjow and it contained only two words

“Run prey”

 A shot of excitement ran up Nelliel’s spine as the words sunk in, a good chase was just what she needed and to add effect to the message the sand a meter to her right suddenly exploded making her jump again, it was just a small Cero blast, barely enough to even mark her skin but it was enough to show that Grimmjow wasn’t joking around, looking over to where the Cero was fired from she caught sight of Grimmjow’s silhouette on the moonlit horizon and she could have sworn she could have seen his broad toothy grin from where she stood

He then suddenly launched himself towards her filling the air with his feral roar making her giggle as she quickly turned on her heels and darted in the opposite direction causing Grimmjow to miss by mere millimetres as he swiped at the air where she was, the near miss only made the Sexta grin broader though watching Nelliel stop a few yards away from him with a teasing smirk on her lips “just you wait until I catch you woman” he growled scraping his claws across the rock Nel had been sitting on moment before to sharpen them before running them over his tongue

“You can try” Nel tittered back blowing the Sexta a kiss teasingly before taking off again smiling as she heard Grimmjow quickly following like he had done many a time before, ever since Nelliel, Grimmjow and Harribel had been assigned at the protectors of the way between Hueco Mundo and the human world the Sexta and the former third Espada regularly found themselves with nothing to do, since Noitra had been revived and now resided in Soul Society where Grimmjow refused to set foot unless he absolutely had to Grimmjow had no one near his level to fight with and after having his ass handed to him about a dozen times by Harribel he finally learned that it wasn’t worth challenging her and since Nel was at the same level as the new third Espada Nelliel wasn’t worth challenging either leaving him with a lot of pent up energy and an even quicker temper

Whilst Grimmjow was left extremely frustrated on a daily basis Nel had found that she had gained a few problems as well now that she had her true form back, mainly that her chases with Dondochakka, Pesche and Bawabawa were no longer anywhere near as fun and satisfying as they used to be as they now had no chance of keeping up with her at full sprint causing their races and chases to end much quicker than the green haired Arrancar liked

The first chase that Grimmjow and Nel shared had started by complete accident when Nel had inadvertently insulted the Sexta with an innocent comment causing him to lunge at her in a rage to which Nel kept dodging, the sudden thrill of having someone that could keep up with her on her tail was the rush that she had been craving and when she finally slipped up allowing Grimmjow to catch her the pair ended up in a tangled naked mess of sweaty limbs feeling the most relieved and sated they had been in weeks

Slowing herself down to give Grimmjow a chance to close the gap between them Nel giggled again as she could practically feel his fangs on the back of her neck, the thought sending a rush of heat and excitement straight to her loins making her legs buckle slightly which cause her foot to slip on a loose rock, catching herself on her hands and knees Nel kicked back hard hitting Grimmjow firmly in the chest as he pounced on her sending him flying back and allowing her to get back to her feet to resume the chase

“Bitch!” Grimmjow snapped as his body collided with a large boulder sending a deep crack along it, digging his fingers into the rock Grimmjow launched himself forward tearing through the sand in hot pursuit of Nel as she was now a mere speck on the horizon “get back here!!!”

Smiling broadly as she heard Grimmjow’s furious roar echo on the wind Nelliel drew her Zanpakuto slashing at the ground cutting several dozen feet into the dirt before sending a small Cero through the crack causing a fifty foot wall of rock to rise through the ground making a makeshift barrier between her and her hunter, the wall doing nothing to slow Grimmjow down through as he crashed through it effortlessly with a feral roar “you can’t run forever!!!”

“Who said I wanted to run forever?”  Nelliel smirked internally as she took a detour into a large canyon area knowing that it was a dead end, smiling coyly as she was ‘forced’ to stop by the huge rock wall in front of her Nel then simply turned around with a hand on her cocked hip waiting for Grimmjow to reach her and within two seconds he appeared in front of her, creating a small shockwave with his sudden stop and sending deep cracks along the stone wall as he slammed his fist against it “oh no, looks like you got me” she tittered sarcastically running a finger along the teeth of the Sexta’s mask

“You gave up, it’s no fun when the prey gives up” Grimmjow snarled as he grabbed hold of Nelliel’s throat slamming her back against the wall making her gasp and moan at the jolt of pain the action brought her “yeah you like that don’t you prey?” he grinned maliciously squeezing Nel’s throat tighter

“Sometimes…the catch is better than the chase…” the old Tres Espada panted as she placed both hands on Grimmjow’s encouraging him to squeeze harder making her eyes roll back and her knees buckle slightly

“Fucking freak bitch” Grimmjow smirked as he smelled the tell-tale aroma of Nelliel’s arousal running down her thighs as he choked her, grabbing hold of her rag tank top with his free hand the Sexta roughly tore it off making her huge tits bounce free “that’s what I like to see” he growled lustfully groping her huge chest mounds digging his claws in hard into the supple flesh making Nelliel’s back arch in pained pleasure

Raking her nails along the stone behind her Nel slammed her head back against it with a long moan of pleasure adoring every jolt of pain that ran through her system from Grimmjow’s rough groping, letting out another sharp gasp of pleasure as Grimmjow leaned forward sinking his fangs into her throat she slid a hand down the front of his body, tracing the six pack around his Hollow hole before cupping his groin through his robe pants biting her lip as she found him rock hard already “mmmmm so hard for me already Kitty?” she breathed only to squeak as Grimmjow suddenly punched a hole in the wall by the side of her head

“I am no ‘kitty’, I am the fucking King!” the Sexta snarled as his eyes turned dark from a mixture of rage and lust sending shivers down Nelliel’s spine

“King Kitty” Nelliel purred back smirking knowing that she had struck a nerve which was made even more obvious when Grimmjow grabbed hold of her skirt and ripped it off leaving her completely naked before him “oh, did I say something bad Kitty?” she continued coaxing another angered snarl from the Sexta’s throat, since she was in no danger from him what so ever Nelliel had quickly found that invoking Grimmjow’s ire was both highly amusing and strangely arousing as it brought with it all the pluses of angry sex with none of the drawbacks since she could literally just snap him in half if he went too far

Snarling again Grimmjow roughly spun Nelliel around slamming her face first against the rock wall making her cry out at the pained pleasure it brought, raking her nails down the stone Nelliel then gasped as Grimmjow spanked her ass hard making it ripple and bounce making her bite her lip with a heated moan before she heard the Sexta undo his robe pants “ooooh is the Kitty going to punish me?” the green haired Arrancar purred before gasping again as Grimmjow spanked her ass again

“You asked for this bitch” Grimmjow growled lustfully reaching forward to grab a rough handful of Nel’s hair wrenching her head back with it as he guided his thick cock to her dripping cunt, relishing the little mewls and keens she let out Grimmjow slowly teased her slit with his cock head grinning ferally as Nelliel dug her nails deep into the rock wall with a needy moan

“Grimmjow….just fuck me already!” the old Tres Espada demanded as she reached back to take hold of the Sexta’s jacket, pulling hard on it trying to pull drag him inside of her making Grimmjow smirk at her need

As much as he enjoyed watching the much stronger Arrancar beg him to fuck her the urge to do so soon overpowered the urge to tease her, taking hold of her waist with one hand and a rough handful of her hair with the other the Sexta lined himself up with her dripping slit before ramming in balls deep with a feral roar “take it bitch!!!”

Crying out with pleasure Nelliel raked her nails down the rock face harder as Grimmjow started to rail into her from behind, her tits and ass starting to bounce and ripple as she bucked back against the Sexta’s thrusts “fuck! That’s it! Right there! Harder! Make it hurt!” the green haired Arrancar panted as Grimmjow dug his claws into the supple flesh of her side, not enough to draw blood but enough to inflict the pain she craved

Grinning maliciously Grimmjow wrenched her head back harder pulling her away from the wall before moving his hand from her hair to her throat, starting to throttle her prompting the old Tres Espada to let out a choked gasp of arousal “Grimm…jow….yesss…” she croaked wrapping her hands around his pressing down hard on it desperately trying to make him strangle her harder

As he squeezed Nelliel’s throat harder Grimmjow brought his other hand from her waist to her chest grabbing one of her bouncing tits groping it hard, his claws digging into the soft flesh of her breast making Nel keen as her eyes rolled back into her head, rising up on her toes as they tried to curl from the waves of agonizing pleasure that ran through her, Grimmjow’s cock hitting every sweet spot inside her tight pussy soon having her on the verge of orgasm

“Grimm…jow…harder….” she wheezed as she started to go light headed from the mixture of his brutal pace and the tight grip he had on her throat

Grunting louder as his thrusts got harder Grimmjow grinned broadly with pride as Nelliel then began to orgasm hard on his cock, her entire body shaking in his grasp as he felt his own release approaching, moving his hand from her breast to one of her legs he lifted it by her thigh forcing her to balance on one foot as he railed into her even harder

“Oh god….oh god….oh god…” Nelliel mumbled as she placed her hands back on the cliff face for balance feeling Grimmjow throbbing inside of her “cum in me you bastard!” she then demanded starting to buck back against him as hard as she could on one leg, her tits bouncing even harder as the Sexta fucked her harder and faster with every passing moment

Letting out a primal roar Grimmjow soon obliged Nelliel’s demand driving his cock as deep as he could inside of her, making the green haired Arrancar scream with pleasure as his red hot seed flooded her insides whilst he continued to rail into her “oooh fuck yesss”

Continuing to pound into the old Tres Espada until his release finally ended Grimmjow then released his hold on her leg letting her stand on two feet as he slowly pulled out of her “good kitty” she purred biting her lip as the Sexta spanked her hard in retaliation, giggling the green haired Arrancar turned around to face Grimmjow finding him still rock hard “ready for round two already?” she smiled licking her lips

“You know the King ain’t satisfied with just one round bitch” Grimmjow growled lustfully in response sending a shudder along Nelliel’s spine

“That’s good” Nelliel breathed back running a hand down Grimmjow’s chest “but here’s the thing though, if you want me again you’re going to have to catch me first” she tittered before delivering a powerful shove to the Sexta’s chest, adding a small Cero to the push to send Grimmjow flying back several yards before she jumped up clearing the cliff face in a few bounds leaving Grimmjow in the dust

Digging his claws into the ground to stop himself Grimmjow let out a feral growl as he watched Nelliel disappear over the cliff face, his annoyance quickly giving way for primal desire though as his hunting instincts kicked back in “the hunt begins again, good” he snarled soon detecting Nellie’s silhouette in the distance “just you wait prey, just you fucking wait”

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