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Orihime smiled to herself as she walked around her apartment lighting candles and getting things ready.  She and Uryu have been together now for over a year.  She could see that he was still unsure of where their relationship was because she still got quiet and shy around Ichigo.  But it wasn’t for the reason that Uryu thought it was.

Now that she was with Uryu, and in love with him, she just didn’t know what to say around Ichigo.  Normally she would say something crazy or stupid, just to try to get his attention.  Now it was more because she just didn’t know what to say to him.  So she hoped that with what she was offering to Uryu tonight would show him where her heart is and where she wants it to stay at.

Lighting the last candle that was in her window seal she smiled as she crossed her arms.  “Uryu will be here soon.  I hope he likes what I have made for him tonight.  And I hope he doesn’t see me as lose for what I want to do tonight.  But it is the only way that I can make him see that he is the one I am in love with.  Not Ichigo.”



Uryu wore a small smile as he walked up the stairs toward Orihime’s apartment.  He had begun to have feelings for her when they spent so much time together in the Soul Society saving Rukia yet didn’t let it go beyond that because of the strong feelings he could see she had for Ichigo.  And then there was Yoshino.  It took him a little while to get over her.

And in an odd way, losing Yoshino and Ichigo choosing Rukia over her is what drew them closer together.  But he often wondered if she was with him because he was good enough since she couldn’t have Ichigo or if it was because of who he was.  Sighing and pushing all negative thoughts from his mind he knocked on the door.  “Orihime?”

Orihime smiled as she opened the door.  “Uryu!  You are a little early.  I didn’t get to change, but come on in.”

Uryu walked in and his eyes went wide when he saw the many candles that were strew about the apartment and on the table.  “Orihime what is all this?”

Orihime smiled as she turned to look around the room.  “Well, I just wanted to do something special for you is all.  The food isn’t ready yet either.  I didn’t think you were going to be here for another hour.”

Uryu wrapped his arms around her from behind with a smile.  He kisses the back of her head and laughs.  “Well I may have spoiled what you wanted to surprise me with, but the thought of you going through so much trouble to surprise me does surprise me.”

Orihime turned her head and smiled up at him.  “You are?  Then I at least did surprise you.”

“That you did.”

Orihime sighed when she saw that flash of doubt that flew through his eyes again.  She looks down and lets her arms go limp.  “But there is one thing that would make this night perfect Uryu.”

Uryu looked down at her with concerned eyes when her mood changed.  “What is that?  What is up with the sudden mood change Orihime?”

“I see it in your eyes more often now than when we first became a couple.  Your doubt.  I know where it is coming from too.”

“I see.”

“Uryu, the only reason why I am not myself in front of Ichigo is because I just don’t know what to do around him.  I would act stupid and like an air head to get his attention before, but now that I don’t want that attention from him, I just don’t know what to say to him.  I am in love with you and…..”  Then she was cut off when he placed a gentle finger to her mouth to silence her.

Uryu turned her to face him and made him look into his eyes.  “It is true that I am holding back in this relationship but not because of that.  I know that things are different between you and Ichigo and I get that Orihime.  I understand that.  My reservations with this relationship comes because of how soon it started after Ichigo announced that he and Rukia were together.  Within two weeks we were together.”

Orihime turned her head so she could look down.  Hurt a little that he would think that she was using him as a rebound from Ichigo.  “Is that what you are still worried about Uryu?  That you are nothing more to me than a rebound from Ichigo?  Is that really all you think you are to me?”

The pain in her voice and the tears he could see dripping off of her chin caused his heart to break into pieces.  “At first yes.”

Turning fully from him and moving out of his arms Orihime crossed her arms.  “Are you serious?”

“Orihime I…..”

Orihime looked up at him with hurt tear filled eyes.  “Do you really think that I am that kind of person Uryu?  That I would just use someone and lead them on to find comfort cause I am hurt for any reason at all?  You would really think that I could do that to you?  If that is truly how you feel, that I am using you then you can leave.”  Then she turned and started blowing out the candles.

Uryu could only stare at her.  The hurt and pain in her eyes that he ever doubted her cut him to the core.  He should have known that with Orihime what you see is what you get.  Her feelings for him were always worn on her sleeve, everyone knew.  And yet he doubted her intentions for the whole year.  The one thing that she made clear to everyone what they were!  ‘Oh could I have been so stupid.  I have to fix this!’

He walked over and spun her around to face him and pulled her into a tight embrace.  “I am so sorry Orihime.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.  I could see your strong feelings for Ichigo even when we went to save Rukia.  And we started so fast after he said that he was with Rukia.  I didn’t even stop to think about what was slapping me right in the face.  And that is how you are.  The last person in the world that would use anyone.  The last person in the world that would do anything to hurt anyone else.  If you still want me to leave I will.  I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

Orihime latched onto his clothes with a death grip as she began to sob into his chest.  “I don’t understand why though Uryu?  I thought that it was because I still got quiet around Ichigo and that you thought that I still liked him.  I didn’t know it was because you thought that you were nothing more to me than the rebound guy.  I planned this night out to show you just how I felt about you to stop all your fears so we could move forward with our relationship.”

Uryu felt like he wanted to cry this time as he tightened his hold on her.  “Orihime.”  Then without warning he pulled her head up to look at his and seared her mouth with his own in an all-consuming kiss as he held her hard against his body.  Hoping that this would show his true feelings for her.

Orihime gasped then that same warmth flooded her as it did whenever he would kiss her.  She sighed as her hands ran up to wrap around his neck and she returned the kiss.  When he pulled his mouth only a hair from hers she gulped for air.  “Uryu I…….”

“I know.  I know Orihime.  Nothing more than this until you are ready.”  Then he started to move his mouth further away but gasped when she tiptoed and kissed him with the same desperation that he just had.  After she finally broke the kiss he was breathing heavy.  “You are sure about this Orihime?  You are ready?  We can wait longer if you want too?”

Orihime smiled as she kissed him again straining herself to get closer to him.  “I am sure Uryu.”

Uryu smiled then lifted her into his arms and carried her to her bedroom where he had bought her an actual bed to sleep on instead of on the floor.  He smiled when he saw the candles laid out to spell his name.  He laid her on the bed and then joined her.  “You are absolutely sure about this?”

Orihime smiled as she reached up and removed his glasses laying them on the stand next to the bed.  “I had it planned out to do this tonight with you anyway Uryu.”

Uryu’s eyes when wide.  “You were going to offer yourself to me tonight anyway?”

Orihime nodded as she cupped his face in one of her hands.  “To show you that the only man that I will ever want Uryu is you.”  Then she gasped as her eyes went wide when he closed his eyes and looked away from her.  Her entire body tensed and her eyes went wide.  “Uryu?”

“I have been so worried about this relationship from the get go.  As much as I tried to hold myself back from it I have fallen madly in love with you Orihime Inoue.  And then knowing what length you would go to show me that you love me just as much.”

Orihime relaxed as she turned the glaring face toward her.  “I am doing this because I never want to be without you Uryu.  Please?”

Uryu softened his eyes as he leaned down and gently kissed her as he turned her sideways and molded her to his body.  “No regrets?”


Uryu dove his tongue into her mouth as he shifted positions so that he was nearly fully ontop of her now.  His hand on her waist moving up the inside of her shirt on the side.  As he reached her bra he broke the kiss and then tilted his head to kiss her jawline and slowly worked toward her ear and one hand began to mold one of her breast through the bra.  “If at any point you want to stop hime, just tell me.”

Orihime shook her head up and down but was holding her breath at the moment.  The sensations that feeling him touching her was sending through her was more than she could have ever thought possible!

Uryu smiled as he raised up and looked down into her face, even though her eyes were closed he could tell that she was enjoying the feelings as much as he was.  Feeling like he could go on now he moved his hand and sat her up with him on the bed and pulled her shirt over her head, then removed her bra as well.  Then he laid her back down and kissed her again, this time both his hands on her breasts.

Orihime let out a small moan into his mouth then little gasps and moans as he kissed down her jawline to her neck, down her neck and eventually to her breast where he sucked one of the nipples into his mouth gently while kneading the other one.  Her first reaction was to arch herself closer to him.  Her hands gripping the bed sheets with everything she had.

Uryu moved from one breast to the other, then back up to her mouth and repeated for a little while.  When she was finally not so overwhelmed by that he moved on and undid her skirt and slid his hand down between her legs and over her most private place.  Rubbing his finger gently across the thin fabric of her panties while he kissed her.

Orihime tensed as she grabbed his shoulders at first, but as he started to rub his finger back and forth she found herself arching her hips toward his hand.  Letting a long low moan escape into his mouth.  When he broke the kiss she was shaking and breathing hard.  “Uryu please.”

Uryu was engrossed in what was going on that hearing her say his name in such a small voice shook him back to reality and his motions with his hand stopped.  “You want to stop?”

Orihime held on tight as she shook her head no.  “No, please stop teasing me.”

Uryu smiled as he once again began the movements with his hand.  “I will shortly hime.  I have to make sure that this is as less painful on you as I can make it.”

Orihime arched her head back with a gasp as she tried to give him a nod that she understood.  All she knew was that the feelings he was igniting in her would only be stopped by him!

Uryu used her arched neck and dipped his head down and kissed the hollow of her throat gently then around her neck and up to her ear.  When he reached her ear he smiled.  “Time for the next step Orihime.”  Then he slid his hand up to her stomach again only to push back down, this time under her panties.  He then wove his middle finger down through her soft tendrils of hair and began a circular motion around where her nerves were now centered.

Orihime jumped at his touch this time only to groan as she tried to mold herself against him and realized that he had on more clothes than she did!  She looked up at him through her hazed eyes.  “Uryu this is not fair.”

Not stopping his motions he smiled at her.  “What isn’t fair?”

“I am half naked and you still have all your clothes on.”

Uryu laughed as he pulled his now very wet finger from under her panties.  “I think we need to finish you then you can take mine off.”

Orihime smiled as he moved to her feet and removed her socks, skirt and panties leaving her laying there totally nude.  But what happened next shocked her.  Before she could sit up to start taking his clothes off she gasped and her whole body tensed then began to quake with the intense feeling.  He was using his tongue where his finger has just been!

Uryu gave a slight groan at her reaction to this.  But she was enjoying it and this was all about you enjoyment.  The more she enjoys it the less painful it will be for her, and the more satisfying to him as well.  He pulled back slightly with a husky voice.  “Just one more minute hime then my body is yours.”

Orihime barely heard him for her heart was pounding in her head.  She didn’t know what these feelings were but only that she didn’t want them to stop.  Before she knew it a intense warmth was stirring in the pit of her stomach and spreading at a steady pace throughout her entire body.  Then just when she didn’t think she could take anymore she arched herself toward him and cried out in pleasure as it felt like a bomb was going off inside her!

Uryu moved straight up to her face with a smile.  “Did you enjoy that?”

Orihime was shaking as she nodded her head.  But there was something still missing!  She needed him!  “Still not fair.”

Uryu sat her up as he did the same and leaned back on the bed.  “I am yours to do what you will with.”

Orihime smiled as she wasted no time and quickly had his shirt removed.  She ran the softest of touches across his chest and smiled as he let his head fall back with a groan.  She slowly ran her fingers down his stomach to his pants where she unfastened them.  But with him sitting down there was no way to take them off!  “Uryu could you stand up for me?”

Smiling he did as she bid him and stood up then turned around to let her finish undressing him as he had did her.  But what happened next shocked him and pleased him at the same time.  He watched as she pushed his pants to his feet and then freed him from the confines of his boxers.  He thought that she might touch him, but when she slid him in her mouth he about fell over!

Orihime smiled at his reaction to what she was doing to him.  But if doing this to her caused her to have such an exciting reaction, she figured doing the same thing for him would give him that same feeling.  And she was right.

Uryu let his head fall back as he ran his fingers through her hair.  She wasn’t ready for what was going to come if she kept this up so he wouldn’t let her go for too long but he would let her since she started it.  After a few minutes he groaned as he pulled her off of him and pushed her gently back on the bed.  “We will save that for another time hime.  Are you ready?”

Orihime laid down on the bed with a nod and a smile.  “I am.”

Uryu joined her on the bed, pushing her legs open gently with his knees.  He guided himself to her entrance and ran himself up and down her.  “The first entry will hurt Orihime.  I promise it won’t last long.”

Orihime smiled as she pulled him down to kiss his lips.  “I trust you with everything that I have Uryu.”

Uryu seared her mouth with his own as he started his slow entry into her body.  He could feel her tense but the hunger in her kiss told him that he was fine to go on.  When he reached her innocence he gave a slightly harder shove and then had himself fully inside of her.  Her sharp intake of breath and the way her body tensed caused him to stop.  After a moment he broke the kiss and looked in her eyes.  “Does it still hurt?”

Orihime was breathing heavy as she shook her head no.  “It did at first but now not so much.  I am fine to go on.”

“You are sure?”


Uryu smiled as he seared her mouth again, holding himself up with one arm while his free hand began to mold a breast.  He then slowly started his thrusts in and out of her body.  Very slowly and gentle at first. 

As she started to respond to his thrusts by thrusting up to meet his he groaned into her mouth as he quicked the pace.  Soon he was kissing down her jawline and to her neck and ear.  And keeping up a nice steady pace in and out of her.

Orihime kept pace with him thrust for thrust as she clung to his neck.  When he propped himself up on his arms and starred down at her she couldn’t do anything but cling to his arms with her head thrashing back and forth, cries of pleasure escaping her mouth.

Uryu spread his own legs, pushing hers further apart as he increased his pace just slightly.  Groaning when she willingly let him drive himself deeper still into her.  When she locked her feet around his waist he fell on her with a demanding kiss.  His hands roaming her body with soft, sensual caresses.

The only sounds in the apartment now were of their groans and cries of pleasure.  Finally Uryu could feel his end coming.  “Almost Orihime.  I will pull out.”

Orihime tightened her legs around his waist.  “Don’t!  Please…..don’t.”

Smiling to himself he nodded then increased his pace one last time and then seared her mouth as they both cried out their releases into the other’s mouth.  After a few moments he gently pulled out of her and lay down on the bed next to her, wrapping her in his arms.  “Does it hurt?”

Orihime snuggled into his arms with a smile.  “I am a little sore but other than that I am fine.”

Uryu smiled as he kissed her bare shoulder.  “That is good.”

Orihime turned in his arms to face him and looked into his blue eyes.  “Uryu do you still dou….”

Uryu seared her mouth again and this time when he pulled back, “I do not.  Nor will I ever again Orihime.  Aishiteru.”

Orihime smiled as she once again snuggled in against him.  “Aishiteru Uryu.”

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