Cool off

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Cool off

“What is with this heat?!” Karin exclaimed as she collapsed back onto her bed clad in only a thin vest and her soccer shorts having just left a game in the park, the late Summer sun had been unbearable that day and it had gotten to the point that Karin nearly threw the game just to get out of the heat

Reaching for her drink she took a sip before grimacing as she found that it had gotten warm, the ice in it having quickly melted leaving the juice weak and watery to the taste much to her displeasure “damn it!” she hissed slamming the glass back down on her bedside table before falling back onto the bed, she felt like she was melting, her vest and shorts clinging to her sticky skin as sweat ran down her body, she needed something cold, something icy, anything that could bring her temperature down

Hitsugaya was cold

A sly smile came to Karin’s lips as the realization hit her, Toshiro was always ice cold no matter the temperature and at that moment that was just what she needed, reaching for her phone Karin brought up the Captain’s number and pressed dial placing the phone to her ear drumming her fingers against the bed as she listened to the dial tone, when he finally picked up she couldn’t help but smirk when the first sound that came from the other end of the line was a heavy sigh

“Captain Hitsugaya speaking”

“Hey Toshi”

“……..Karin you know I hate it when you call me that” Toshiro groaned rubbing his temples, he despised the nickname Yuzu had given him and hated it even more when Karin herself called him it

Sniggering at his exasperated tone Karin couldn’t help but poke at his buttons more “what’cha doing babe?”

“Karin don’t speak like that, we both know it’s beneath you and you know full well that I’m working”

“You’re always working”

“I’m a very busy man Karin”

“You can’t come over for little while? You could use the break and I could use the company”


“Ichigo’s not here so you don’t have to worry about him, in fact I’ve got the house to myself to we don’t have to worry about my dad acting like an ass or him begging you to give him grandchildren again” Karin explained to which there was only silence on the end of the line “Toshiro?”

“I’ll be right over” Toshiro eventually sighed bringing a smile to Karin’s lips as he then hung up on her muttering about never being able to get any work done

Placing her phone back on the bedside table Karin then laid back and waited knowing Toshiro wouldn’t be too long as unless he was making a statement or had something urgent to do he was never late for anything, as expected barely ten minutes had passed when she heard her window slide open fully and Toshiro slide into her room “what is it Karin? It is far too hot to be out today” the Captain sighed having suffered greatly in the short trip over

“Well hello to you too” Karin rolled her eyes sitting up before holding her arms out “come here”

“You called me away from important work… cuddle?”

“Wow way to make me sound like a needy wimp, now stop being an ass and get over here, I’m too fucking hot and you’re a living ice cube” she ordered to which Toshiro just shook his head with a sigh before complying, despite his seeming reluctance on the matter some physical contact was far from the worst thing for him at that moment easily sliding into the bed with Karin taking him into his arms cracking a slight smile as she let out a content sigh at the feeling of his cold skin “mmmmm you’re like an ice cube” Karin breathed as she pressed her face against his cool chest

“I made sure Urahara made me a Gigai with a lower than normal body temperature, it helps me tolerate hot weather” Toshiro explained slowly running his hands down Karin’s back and arms marvelling at how soft her skin felt despite her extremely active lifestyle, it had been a good month since he had last laid hands on Karin and he had almost forgotten how she felt in his grasp

Relishing the feeling of his cold hands on her arms Karin then grimaced as her clothes prevented the majority of Toshiro’s cooling aura from reaching her body, pushing herself up to straddle his waist Karin then proceeded to pull her vest off over her head earning a raised eyebrow from the Captain “what? You’ve seen me naked before” Karin scoffed tossing her shirt aside before reaching back to unhook her bra “Ichigo’s not home either so we don’t have to worry about him going all protective big brother on us”

Over the months that she had been with Toshiro Karin had hit a fairly reasonable growth spurt with her breasts growing to a perky BB cup which at first Karin was nervous would be too small for Toshiro because of his near constant contact with Rangiku but those fears were soon put to rest by him, taking hold of his hands Karin placed them on her chest gasping with relief as the cold from his fingers soaked through her skin sending cool refreshing waves through her “that’s better” she sighed pressing down on his hands making his fingers sink into the soft flesh of her breasts

After a few moments of Toshiro massaging her chest Karin suddenly gasped and smirked as she felt something press against her leg giving her cold boyfriend a ‘really?’ look “don’t look at me like that, what did you honestly expect?” Toshiro scoffed as Karin pressed down harder on his hands making him squeeze her chest even harder “you spend far too much time around Matsumoto”

“And you should probably hang out with her outside of work, it might get that stick out of your ass” Karin sniggered before biting her lip as she felt Toshiro’s arousal press harder against her inner thigh “man that thing is not gonna go away is it?”

“Well if you let me let go of your breasts it might” Toshiro replied matter-of-factly

“I could but where’s the fun in that?” Karin grinned back starting to grind down on Toshiro’s groin loving how his eyebrow twitched wildly at the action, no matter how stony faced he kept himself he could never keep that eyebrow still whenever her actions affected him “you could seriously stand to lighten up a little and I wouldn’t mind this thick piece of ice in me” she purred reaching down to rub him through his shorts

Rolling his eyes at the sheer lack of romance Karin put into their couplings Toshiro moved his hands from her chest to her waist as Karin moved to sit up on her knees so that she could work her shorts and underwear down her legs “much better” Karin sighed kicking her undergarments across the room before lowering herself down to straddle Toshiro naked “you’re a little overdressed for this though” she breathed reaching down to begin unbuttoning his shirt

As Karin undid his shirt Toshiro relented to her advances and the fact that he wasn’t going to get any work done that day, sitting up slightly to let Karin rid him of his shirt before raising his hips to help her as she undid his shorts tugging them down his legs along with his underwear along his hardening erection to spring free, biting her lip as her eyes darkened with arousal at the sight of his manhood Karin gently wrapped her hand around his length moaning softly as she found it perfectly icy to the touch

Pushing her boyfriend back down she then proceeded to hover over his cock rubbing the head of it against her hot little slit making her gasp at the perfect contrast of fire and ice, balancing one hand on Toshiro’s chest Karin then slowly lowered herself down gasping and moaning with every inch of his cold cock that entered her burning pussy “oh fuck that feels so good Toshi” she gasped rolling her head back as she ground down on her boyfriend’s lap

Too engrossed in the feeling of her tight little pussy to react to the pet name Toshiro gritted his teeth to prevent himself from crying out with pleasure, it felt like his dick was melting inside of Karin and the way her inner walls clenched tight around him it felt like he was going to shatter inside of her “Karin” he hissed through his teeth bending his legs to give her something to rest against as she started to gyrate her hips

Reaching back to balance her hands on his knees Karin slowly started to bounce on his cock “oh yes….oh yes….so cold…” Karin panted as she rode him faster and faster, her breasts bouncing hard as she pumped her pussy along her boyfriend’s cock as fast as she could “feels so fucking good”

“Karin….you’re too hot….” Toshiro panted as his hips started to move on their own accord, thrusting up frantically into Karin’s cunt making her bounce even harder on his cock, his manhood starting to throb hard as her heat was becoming almost unbearable “I can’t take it….”

“Hold on….nearly there…..” Karin moaned feeling her lower abdomen start to tighten, rolling her hips as fast as she could Karin leaned forward capturing Toshiro’s mouth in a fierce kiss, their tongues wrestling frantically as she continued to roll and pop her hips driving them both to their climaxes

Reaching his climax first Toshiro grabbed hold of Karin’s ass pressing down hard on it forcing her to push her pussy down all the way letting him bury his manhood balls deep inside of her, his ice cold release rushing out and flooding her scolding hot pussy making her scream against his mouth as her orgasm hit her moments later “oh my god!” she keened against his lips as her hips started to buck wildly throughout her climax coaxing more cum out of the Captain as well as prolonging her orgasm for as long as possible before they both finally collapsed in a heap

Panting heavily as she rested her head in the crook of Toshiro’s neck Karin purred as he now felt even colder as the sex session had made her even warmer “so good, like fucking an icicle that never melts” she tittered squeezing tight around his manhood making sure that it couldn’t leave her cum packed slit

“Charming” the Captain scoffed rolling his eyes as he wrapped an arm around her slender form

“Oh shut up you love it” Karin tittered leaning up to teasingly lick his cheek “just like a popsicle”

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