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“So these are the best you have in stock?” Orihime asked as she held the box of incense sticks, she had never burned incense before and had only heard about how it helped with relaxation and with the rough week she had had with her classes and after school job at her local bakery she definitely needed help with relaxing

“Of course, I never sell shoddy products” Urahara grinned from behind his fan “that box is in fact the last we have in stock, that particular brand is extremely popular among Shinigami that wish to put their feet up between missions, Rangiku is a regular buyer since the scent of this brand also greatly helps with hangovers” the shopkeeper explained as Orihime narrowed her eyes continuing to inspect the box of incense

Shopping at Urahara’s had become so much easier when Ulquiorra started working there since he was a terrible salesman and only told customers the absolute truth when they asked him about the items on sale, that way she knew what worked and what didn’t without Urahara fast talking her into buying things she didn’t need, since Ulquiorra was on a delivery job to Soul Society though all she had was Urahara’s word and all she wanted to do was to get home as soon as possible and rest after the hectic day she had had “alright I’ll take them” she finally concluded placing the box on the counter before pulling out her purse

“A very wise choice” Urahara grinned his signature eerie smile as he took Orihime’s money “I advise that you only burn one at a time though, the scent can be overpowering if burned in abundance” he told her to which she nodded placing the incense in her bag before bidding him goodbye

As the door closed Urahara’s grin broadened with a dirty chuckle “make sure to give Ulquiorra the rest of the night off once he comes back from the delivery, the weekend too, he’s going to need it” he called out over his shoulder to which Yoruichi stepped out of the back room with an equally dirty smile on her lips

“Oh she is lucky that tomorrow is Saturday” the dark skinned Shinigami laughed as she sauntered out to sit on the counter “you made sure to sell her the box I had specifically put out right?”

“Of course, I even removed the ‘extra strong’ label to make sure that she didn’t have any second thoughts on the purchase, no being of any spiritual power can resist them, even Ulquiorra will crack” Urahara responded proudly making Yoruichi laugh again “I just hope our little Orihime is up for the night she has ahead of her”

(At Orihime’s apartment)

Orihime hummed happily to herself as she filled up her bath tub enjoying the feeling of the steam on her skin as it filled the room; the heat coming from the water was already helping to relax her tired muscles aching to just strip out of her uniform and sink into the steaming water, turning off the hot tap the redhead then proceeded to undo the buttons of her blouse letting the clothing slide down her arms to fall uncaringly to the bathroom floor

Sighing at the slight relief of restriction Orihime then moved onto her bra letting it fall to the floor “much better” she smiled as her large breasts bounce free, taking a long stretch the redhead then proceeded to slide her thigh high socks off of her legs and undid her skirt letting them join the pile of clothes before her panties landed on top to finish the pile “so much better” Orihime sighed as she finally climbed into the bathtub sinking down up to her chin in the steaming hot water, the temperature was heavenly immediately easing more of the ache in her tired limbs “oh the incense!” she gasped realizing that she had forgotten to burn one reaching out of the bathtub to pick up the box out of her bag that she had brought into the bathroom

Picking out a stick of incense Orihime lit it with one of the matches that came with the box before placing the stick in its holder on the bathroom window sill before sliding back down into the water to relax, within seconds the bathroom was filled with the sweet pleasuring aroma of the incense which seemed to seep into Orihime’s pores and soothe her tired bones “ooh that’s nice” the redhead cooed stretching feeling the scent of incense almost warming her lungs as she breathed it in

The warmth didn’t stay in just her airways for long though making Orihime gasp lightly as it travelled along her veins until it reached her core catching her completely off guard “oh my!” she exclaimed softly feeling her nerves start to tingle with the beginnings of arousal, her nipples hardening and her groin starting to burn as her breathing got slightly heavier, biting her lip Orihime tried to think back to the last time she had touched herself, masturbation was never a major thing for her being too young for such things before she had met Ulquiorra and since his revival she found herself not needing to indulge herself as her stoic boyfriend was always there to see to her needs whenever she needed tending to

Feeling her fingers twitch Orihime slowly ran her hand down her body arching her back at the sudden rush of sensations the slightest touch now brought her, her skin feeling a thousand times system “oh!” she gasped as she used her other hand to squeeze one of her large breasts surprised by the sudden rush of pleasure that coursed through her body from the simple action “oh that’s good” she moaned squeezing her breast harder as her fingers met with her clitoris causing her head to roll back and a cry of sheer ecstasy to escape her throat

Orihime’s mind quickly became clouded with lust as her fingers worked on autopilot, arching her back as far as it could go as her fingers plunged into her needy core fucking herself frantically feeling an orgasm building up much faster than normal “oh god! Yes! YES!!!” the redhead screamed as her body exploded in ecstasy, throughout her climax Orihime’s fingers continued wildly as if they had a mind of their own preventing her from coming down from her orgasm for several minutes “what’s…….me?” Orihime panted starting to get a little worried now as she felt her body temperature steadily rising along with her arousal

Gripping onto the sides of the bathtub Orihime tried to climb out finding her legs near completely numb, staggering out of the tub she was only just able to press her hands to the wall as her legs buckled nearly face planting as her core continued to ache with need, unable to resist the urge for a moment longer Orihime turned to rest her back against the wall returning her hand between her legs moaning and panting loudly as she began to rub her clit again, her loud pants of pleasure blocking out the sound of the front door open

Shrugging off his jacket Ulquiorra let out an almost silent sigh of relief to finally be home, whilst his work day hadn’t been hard it had been a long one as Urahara’s shop had gotten very few customers that day leaving Ulquiorra just stood at the cash register in total silence for most of the day, he was normally used to such silence and solitude thanks to his many years in Hueco Mundo but ever since his relationship with Orihime had started he had begun to slowly crave interaction over solitude even considering Yoruichi’s offer to drink with her on his break “Onna, I am home” he announced as he normally did removing his shoes and to his surprise Orihime didn’t immediately response like she usually did “Onna?” he called out glancing around the kitchen and living room, Orihime was always home at this time and on the rare occasions that she wasn’t she always told him beforehand

Raising an eyebrow in confusion as yet again he was met with silence Ulquiorra checked his phone just in case he had missed a call or message, finding nothing he pocketed it again and headed from the entrance hallway into the living room where he detected the faint aroma of the incense which alone was enough to make the hair on the back of his neck stand on end and his heart rate increase drastically “what?” he gasped as he suddenly lurched forward, his hand slamming against the wall as his legs became completely weak “what….is this? My legs…..I can’t feel them….”

Clutching at his chest as his body began to burn Ulquiorra staggered forward through the living room in an attempt to reach the bedroom before his legs fully gave way, it was the room Orihime was most likely to be in at that time of day and if he was suffering this much from the scent he could only imagine what his woman was going through, staggering out into the hallway the ex-Arrancar paused by the bathroom when he heard soft pants and moans coming from behind the door “Onna?” he called out pressing his hand to the door as he clutched his chest harder, his heart pounding to the point that he feared he was going through a cardiac arrest “Orihime….are you hurt Onna? Open the door”

Upon getting no response aside from another loud moan from behind the door Ulquiorra grabbed the door handle finding it unlocked to which he swung the door open expecting to find Orihime injured on the floor or something to that effect, to his great surprise though Orihime was on the floor but far from injured, the redhead was sat against the wall, her eyes shut tight and her mouth hung open with pleasured pants, one hand squeezing one of her large breasts whilst the other was stuck between her legs playing her with aching core completely dead to the world let alone completely unaware of Ulquiorra’s presence “Onna!”

Gasping at the sound of the ex-Arrancars voice Orihime’s eyes snapped open as she turned to face Ulquiorra, his piercing grey eyes meeting her now completely glazed over ones “Onna? What’s gotten into you? This is unlike you” Ulquiorra questioned as Orihime just started at him breathing heavily

And then the incense hit him

Clutching his chest as his heart rate skyrocketed Ulquiorra doubled over grabbing the door frame with his free hand, his breathing becoming as heavy as Orihime’s as his body started to burn and his pants started to tighten “what is….?” he started before noticing that Orihime had moved onto her hands and knees and was now crawling towards him with a lustful glint in her eyes “Onna?”

Not answering him Orihime instead grabbed at his pants borderline ripping off his belt before yanking down his zipper along with his pants revealing his bulging underwear, grinning in a predatory fashion Orihime then proceeded to bite down on the hem of his underwear slowly pulling them down as the incenses strong effects kept him from stopping her, able to hear the blood rushing in his head Ulquiorra just stared as Orihime freed his erection, the redhead sighing in almost relief as it sprang free from its confines and landing on her face making her giggle, in his head he was screaming at himself to do something, to make Orihime stop, to tell her that such a vulgar act was below her but as the incense continued to take a stranglehold on him all he could do was stand there as Orihime opened her mouth and slowly took every inch of his manhood into it

As Orihime’s lips pressed against his pubic bone Ulquiorra rolled his head back with a gasp of pleasure, his body shuddering as his hand went to cup the back of his girlfriend’s head before he could stop it “Ori…hime….Onna….” he panted as she put up no resistance to his hold, simply gagging lightly around his shaft as she nuzzled his groin, he could have never imagined that Orihime’s mouth could feel so good, whenever Grimmjow would brag about getting oral he would just shrug it off calling him a vulgar degenerate but at that moment he almost felt like he owed the Sexta an apology

Feeling his body heat up yet again Ulquiorra proceeded to unbutton his shirt as Orihime started to briskly bob her head along his cock, her large bust bouncing in tandem to her head as Ulquiorra dropped his shirt haphazardly to the floor uncaring where it landed as his hands returned to Orihime’s head, his fingers weaving between her fiery locks as he took a firm hold of her head starting to slowly thrust into her mouth making her gag louder as his cock pushed deeper down her throat

Orihime’s head swam as she moved her head faster along her boyfriend’s cock, in the back of her mind was her old self in total shock and awe at what she was doing, Rangiku had talked about oral sex multiple times at school but she had never even thought of doing it herself and since Ulquiorra never brought it up which wasn’t surprising she thought she would never have to do it but for the first time sucking cock she was amazed at how well she was doing, the fact that Ulquiorra’s cock tasted a lot better than she thought it would was a major bonus as well

Purring around Ulquiorra’s manhood as she felt it begin to twitch and throb against her tongue Orihime placed her hands on her knees and relaxed her neck to allow her boyfriend to turn the blowjob into a face fuck, Rangiku had told her that even though men loved being orally serviced it was even hotter when they were in control of the action and she had to admit the promiscuous Shinigami wasn’t wrong as she felt her pussy start to ache with arousal as well as tasting Ulquiorra’s precum on her tongue

Gritting his teeth with pleasure Ulquiorra picked up his pace pounding into his woman’s mouth and throat as his climax quickly approached, all logical and coherent thought having abandoned his mind leaving only the primal urge to cum and to cum hard, driving his cock balls deep into Orihime’s mouth the ex-Arrancar came with a long shuddering groan, his manhood pulsing and throbbing in her throat as he unloaded down her windpipe straight into her stomach “Ori….hime…” he moaned her name as she gagged lightly around his manhood again but didn’t try to pull away letting him finish his release straight down her throat

Feeling Ulquiorra’s cum run down her throat like warm thick syrup Orihime’s eyes fluttered as she realized that she quite enjoyed the taste of it from what landed on her tongue, it was nothing compared to chilli seasoned chocolate cake but it was far from terrible so her giving Ulquiorra blowjobs in the future wasn’t out of the question

As his release came to an end Ulquiorra relaxed his grip on his girlfriend’s head letting her slowly pull away from him, her lips still sealed tight around his girth dragging along even inch making him shudder with pleasure as his legs began to shake “you….taste good…” Orihime panted as the incenses strong effects still clouded her mind, her core aching with need as she stared at his still erect manhood with almost feral lust

Before she could act on her lust though Orihime cried out as she suddenly found herself slammed up against the bathroom wall, her breasts bouncing and her fat ass shaking as Ulquiorra pinned her several inches above the floor, one of his hands holding her up with a firm grip on her ass whilst the other grabbed hold of her leg hiking it up and around his waist to press his cock against her dripping slit, no words were exchanged between them, just smouldering stares into each other’s eyes before Ulquiorra surged forward burying his cock deep into Orihime’s soaked pussy making the redhead shriek of pleasure

“Oh god Ulquiorra!” Orihime cried out wrapping her arms tight around her lover’s shoulders panting and gasping with every deep thrust he took into her, her body feeling like it was about to burst into flame as sweat poured down her hourglass form “harder! Please harder! Fuck me! Use me!”

“Onna….” Ulquiorra groaned back, his own body in the same state of burning as his skin glistened with perspiration, his fingers digging deeper into her thigh and ass cheek as he thrust faster and harder into her causing her body to slam back against the wall over and over making her breasts bounce between them and her fat ass shake and ripple every time is smacked against the wall

“I’m cumming!!!” Orihime suddenly shrieked as her body began to shake and spasm, her nails digging deep into Ulquiorra’s back as powerful waves of ecstasy coursed through her system “fuck me! I want more! I need more!”

Gritting his teeth as his woman’s core clenched tight around his shaft Ulquiorra set her down on her feet making her whimper as he slowly pull out of her to which she whined with disapproval, her disappointment didn’t last long though as she was then briskly spun around and bent over forcing her to press her hands to the wall to balance herself screaming with pleasure as the ex-Arrancar drove his cock back into her needy cunt “oh my god yes!!!” she wailed as her large breasts started to bounce immediately whilst her ass clapped and rippled against Ulquiorra’s waist

The next few hours were a complete haze for the couple as the incenses effects continued to keep their arousal at impossible heights, allowing them to climax more times that they could possibly imagine until the incense stick finally burned down to ashes, the strong aphrodisiac aroma slowly fading away as Ulquiorra released for the final time deep inside Orihime’s pussy, flooding her womb with yet another load making her keen loudly at how much his cum burned her insides

After they were finally finished it was another good half an hour before they came back to their senses and were able to remotely move “Onna….what….was that?” Ulquiorra inquired as he sat against the bathroom wall with Orihime resting against his chest, his ground, waist and lower back ached in a way that he thought was impossible aside from the aftermath of combat and along with his physical discomfort he had never felt so ashamed of losing control in such a way

“I don’t know” Orihime replied wincing as she shifted slightly, her core feeling like a tree trunk had been shoved into it “I bought some incense from Urahara’s earlier and…”

“What?” Ulquiorra interrupted her as his eyes went wide “where is the incense?”

“In my bag” Orihime replied pointing to her satchel next to the bath to which Ulquiorra reached over to rifle through it, his pupils becoming almost demonic as he pulled out the box of incense and read the brand name “is something wrong?”

“No” Ulquiorra responded after a deep breath “I just need to make a very serious call”

(Back at Urahara’s shop)

Humming happily to himself as he locked up the cash register Urahara was about to stand up to lock the door when his phone suddenly rang “Moshi Moshi” he greeted answering the phone before a sly grin graced his features “ah Ulquiorra, how can I help you? What? No! It couldn’t be! I had no idea….it must have just been a terrible mix up, of course I’ll give Orihime a full refund tomorrow….ok…ok I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early” he replied before hanging the phone up and letting out a loud warm laugh

“So I see the incense worked” Yoruichi commented from the doorway to the employee lounge making Urahara grin even wider

“Like a charm”

“Was Ulquiorra happy with Orihime’s purchase?”

“By the sound of it no”

“You think that Orihime will let him return them”

“Not a chance in hell” Urahara chuckled lightly “oh and it turns out that it wasn’t the last box in stock like I had thought, I found another box in the back just as little Karin came in complaining about school stress”

“You didn’t” Yoruichi mock gasped

“Of course I did”

“Isn’t Captain Hitsugaya visiting Karin tonight?”

“Why do you think I sold her the incense?”

“You’re evil”

“Oh I know”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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