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No, my Honeys, this is no joke…it's really here! I'm sorry that it took me such an unbearably long time to get back in order, I've been planning this story for a long time but only now have I found the will to continue it. Although, I'm a bit delirious with lack of sleep right now and I can't concentrate on much. This is the Sequel to Consort To The Three Kings, I will be posting a late update on my previous story too let my readers know it's being continued.

If you have not read the Prequel: Three Kings' Consort: Purity's Lament & Consort To The Three Kings then this story will make absolutely no sense to you. I've structured the Prologue like an introduction to the characters again to mark a new beginning but this story, I doubt it can be read as a stand-alone piece.

Please take note:

Ichiru & Ryuu are NOT OC's, they ARE Hichigo's self-cest characters…meaning they are his Triplets, they only have slightly different personalities and hairstyles. They make up the Three Kings. Mugetsu is NOT an OC, he is Ichigo's past self…which will make sense if you read Consort To The Three Kings. This entire Consort To The Three Kings' series was inspired by Masaki Rioka's Trippleberry Au Lait, Trust Me and Lollipop Carnival.

Soul Ignition: Consorts To The Triplet Kings will contain the following warnings: Multiple male character lemons, Heavy Angst, Toys, Voyeurism, AU – Canon Divergent Setting, Spoilers for the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, Submissive! Ichigo, Submissive/Switch! Mugetsu, Dominant! Hichigo, Dominant Ichiru, Dominant/Switch! Ryuu, Violence, Dark Themes, Controversial, Possible Double Penetration and Possessive Kings & Mugetsu.

The set pairing is: Shirosaki Hichigo (白崎 ひちご [H.一護]) x Shirosaki Ichiru (白崎 壱縷 [Means: One Thread]) x Kurosaki Ichigo (黒崎 一護) x Kurosaki Mugetsu (黒崎 無月) x Shirosaki Ryuu (白崎 竜 [Means: Dragon Spirit])

I know these are a lot of notes to take in, sorry, but I think it's done for now. If anything has put you off, please don't read any further…Soul Ignition is a plot heavy fic and I may be slow on the updates.

Other than that, please enjoy my Honeys, I'll see you at the end of the chapter.

Prologue: Hell's Two Consorts

Lay down your burdens for a while, talk to me as we tighten the bonds of fate beneath the fractal light of the sun's blazing rays. For me, there is no love and beauty greater than life worth living without the immortal strength that locks the heavens and the astounding pride that subjugates the everlasting eventide. Stay with me as we shatter the world beneath our feet and shake off the tainted red of bloodied and forgotten sins. I am yours evermore just as you are rightfully mine. The strings binding us like marionettes have become forfeit in despair, we have carved destiny into our skin from the past anguish of our lives and the honeyed triumph over bitter melancholy. We have declared our love in stone, acknowledge our hearts beneath the black rays of the moonless skies and bound our shared existence in inescapable shackles of lulling harmonies. So we plead: Oh, gracious Forbearer's of Fate… Let us march forward in a cadence of distorted fortune without a single touch of debilitating fear…

We shall Ignitethe Soul with new pride and promise.

The whisper of defiance that we now throw out at the world,

Let it echo into the distance with howling silence and hushed, saccharine-sweet, dreams…

'Five moves to check for Hichigo,' Shirosaki Ichiru claimed with a lazy drawl, a single golden eye observing the complex game of Shogi (1*) that was spread on the intricate chessboard between two-thirds of the Triplet Kings. Two evocative silk garments, spreading haunting floor length blue and silver haori around two identically tall frames; accentuated pitch black binding and belled himo (2*) as loose, pure white, shihakushō were partially hidden beneath flowing royal silks and formal kimonos. Identifying the oldest of the Shirosaki triplets by a vast array of hip-length white locks that swayed hypnotically against a bowed spine the moment that Hichigo shifted a chess piece forward with the end of a smoking gold and black kiseru, a deadly smirk of satisfaction was curling across pale lips as dark bell sleeve dragged playfully against the back of his hand and a slick blue tongue curled around the tip of a long traditional pipe the moment that a pair of shy chocolate brown orbs collided heatedly with inverted gold and black. Allowing a soft miasma of silvery white to spill sensually from parted lips with a purposeful exhale, the scent of sweetened tobacco tainted the surrounding atmosphere in a thickening haze of nostalgic fragrances as lazy inverted Hollow eyes lidded sensually behind long white lashes for several moments of reprieve before the oldest of the three turned his attention back to the board game that had yet to yield up a victor.

In contrast to his brother's nonchalant and lazy attitude, Shirosaki Ryuu was studying the lay of the pieces with a notable curse as black nailed fingertips raked irritably through long white locks, woven with fine orange strands, that trailed two evocative dragon-like tails between stoically tensed shoulders. A half-finished bottle of sake was in reaching distance from his elbow, his chin coming to rest on a propped up knee with a deadly scowl deepening the perpetual furrow between white brows as the low lighting of a traditional throne room danced playfully across the plain silver circlet resting on his forehead. Decorated with the eastern dragon crest of their eternal kingdom, it displayed the rightful inheritance that all three of them held over Las Noches' triple throne as two mirroring crowns also embellished the centre of his brothers' foreheads. Tying them irrevocably to the more elaborate circlet, carved with a bowing crescent moon, black Bankai links and a turquoise jewel suspended against the bridge of a straight nose; that adorned the vibrant orange head of their consort, Kurosaki Ichigo. Partially concealing finely worked silver from the world behind fiery tangerine strands that skittered playfully across pale cheeks, Ryuu frowned thoughtfully at curious brown eyes that were observing their game with a flicker of trepidation…almost as if the younger being was waiting for a pin to drop and shatter the eluding peace of their new and close entwined proximity.

Even whilst contentedly occupying the second King's lap on a small raised dais with gossamer black curtains tumbling from the high ceiling above and exotic, colourful, pillows spread comfortingly around them; Ichigo tightened his grip around Ichiru's hand as he eagerly welcomed several soothing kisses that whispered affectionately across the top of his head and sly black nailed fingertips that reached for a decorated box situated on the floor next to them. Withdrawing a sphere of sweetened chocolate from within, hazy brown orbs drifted shut with pure bliss when the taste of his favourite treat slipped playfully between strawberry red lips and melted across Ichigo's tongue with a sensual, honey-sweet, evocativeness that could not contain several shivers racing distractedly down his spine. The reverberating sound of his breathless enjoyment was tainted unknowingly with innocent ecstasy as it abruptly cut through the air like a thunderclap and interrupted several focused beings from their current tasks so that they could observe a subtle flush colouring two curving marks beneath a left eye a darker hue. The sight of which, caused a lingering smile to settle beautifully across mirroring red lips as the youngest being paid no mind to the single droplet of liquid sugar that trailed from the corner of his mouth and trailed a sensual rivulet down his chin.

'Really now, Denka (3*)!' A quiet tenor scolded with lingering exasperation. 'You barely escaped death a month ago and you're getting so lively over a simple treat? I cannot fathom why Ichiru is spoiling you like this. Unless it's for a more perverted purpose.' Using a haunting pair of intense crimson eyes to pin the younger of the two doppelgangers with a glare from behind semi-long tangerine locks that tumbled in unkempt, scruffy strands across a straight nose and brushed low against pale cheeks; there was only a small peak of two curving black lines below a left eye to be seen as Ichigo had the decency to look abashed at his twin's scolding words and gripped a pitch black hakama between restless fingertips to steady his unrest. Swiftly averting his eyes from the newly awakened Mugetsu's gaze before it became too much for him to bear, he tried to not stand out any more than he already was regardless of the two of them that were dressed in black shihakushō instead of the kingdom's standard white. With a formfitting black and red Bankai cloak conforming sensually to Mu-chan's form and a torn away sleeve making space for Tensa Zangetsu's winding chain that never strayed far from a gloved right hand. Adorning the top his head like an imperial symbol of status from the 1600's, were three Kenseikan that the Oyaji had gifted his son born hundreds of years ago with matching black chain-linked hairpieces that were clipped against the right side of his temple.

Wound around a thin waist in elaborate blood red silk, an intricately patterned obi trailed two long trails of fabric towards floor in evocative folds and created a regal image that Ichigo often times found himself intensely attracted to. Even now, with elegant fingertips stilling a leather-bound page - half-turned - in interrupted thought, the youngest consort could feel a rising flush colouring his cheeks as an intense crimson eyed gaze tore through his entire soul from the inside out. Seated one step lower than Ichiru and Ichigo with long hakama clad legs curled evocatively beneath him, the older orangette was close enough that Ichigo could feel the soothing warmth of his reiatsu and sense the amused emotions that were flowing so freely between their intimate soul tie. Whining in protest several seconds later however, when Ichiru leaned over the messy orangette's shoulder to bite the shell of his ear and simultaneously curl a lazy arm around restlessly shifting hips; a flicker of dark emotions were saturating chocolate brown eyes as they locked pleadingly with his transcendent doppelganger. Dressed in a black shihakushō and white haori himself, a regal garment was emblazoned with a crescent moon on his back and coloured the inside a haunting turquoise and gold that flowed spellbindingly from straightened shoulders and encompassed the raised dais around him in a sea of utter command and unwavering strength.

A pure white haori-himo in contrast to his beloveds', betrayed Ichigo's restless jerk of surprise with the resounding call of a silver bell as he pushed his beloved's playful teases aside with a warning glare and elegant fingertips curled restrictively in the heavy fabric of an inverted black haori. Several flickering oil candles were glinting off of the crown that was settled in the centre of tangerine brows, marking the orange haired consort's soul as the central existence that bound seven intimate beings to him eternally. Struggling valiantly to reign in the more perverted of his beloveds' actions, Ichigo shivered with uncontrollable lust when a teasing palm trailed intimately against his inner thigh and headed for a very intimate spot that should not be transversed outside of a private setting. 'OI! What the fuck?! Stop it, Ichiru!' Ichigo howled with raging anger, several heaving breaths lodging painfully in the back of his throat as the middle triplet stubbornly ignored his consort's words and pale lips pressed intimately against the side of his neck. Trying to reach for another chocolate truffle to distract himself and simultaneously capture the strategically inclined Mei-Ou's hand before things got too intimate, Ichigo was glad for the interruption when Ryuu shifted a chess piece across the board with a deep frown of concentration and hissed in annoyance when his opponent abruptly captured his knight without second thought or a single ounce of remorse.

'Well, well~! Would ya look at that? Onii-san is getting smarter. That's two moves to check for Hichigo.' Ichiru intoned with an amused purr, chuckling with insane delight when the younger consort squirmed pleasantly in his lap and eventually gave up on his futile resistance by resting the shell of his ear against the steady beat of a heart and listening intently to the calm thumping rhythm to match his own to. 'Shut up, Ichiru!' Hichigo suddenly called deafeningly, a deadly glare of reprimand pining the second King with a flash of rage as elegant black nailed fingertips raised a smoking kiseru to pale lips and a sneer of reprimand curled menacingly across previously stoic features. 'Stop teasing Ichi. The King doesn't like it! He's exhausted enough from such a tiring day by our side, he doesn't need your perverse mind to make things even more difficult for him!' Not really paying attention to the bickering argument that was ringing out over the top of his head, Ichigo closed his eyes for several moments of quiet as he struggled to lock away the wave of overpowering guilt that threatened to shatter his soul from within whenever he caught a glimpse of the square black eye patch that was drawn across Ichiru's blinded left eye. The horrific injury the accursed object concealed from the world, was something that the orange haired consort would never forgive himself for…no matter how much Ichiru, Hichigo, Ryuu and Mugetsu reassured him that it hadn't been his fault.

Ichigo couldn't help but feel like the irreversible damage created by Soul Society could have been avoided if he had been paying more attention to his surroundings on that day. If he noticed the threat of an escaped prisoner before it had been too late, things would not be so dire and painful to experience as they were now. Barely a month had passed since he had been healed by the Hōgyoku and Mugetsu had been awoken from his fractured soul, throwing the Three Kings' world upside down with a newly established dynamic between their relationship and a large adjustment to gaining not only one consort but the being they had lost two hundred years before. Now the younger of the two, was desperately afraid to leave any of the beloveds' side for extended periods of time. The fact that he also constantly struggled to conceal the adverse effects of the poisoning he had suffered, made it exceedingly difficult for Ichigo to function normally when his lungs refused to draw enough breath and the taste of blood saturated his mouth far too often when he strained himself physically and emotionally. Valiantly ignoring the bitter bile that rose in his throat at the mere thought that someone had nearly defiled and violated the intimate bonds binding him to seven eternal souls, left the fifteen-year-old hating the fact that he had been rendered so utterly helpless and completely shattered by his enemies simply because he was considered a threat to their existence.

He had vowed to his very soul that he would never allow it to happen again, a migraine-inducing frown furrowing tangerine brows as he turned his head to the side the moment Ichiru attempted to ease his restlessness with another chocolate truffle. He didn't want it though, his mind was too scattered to indulge itself in his most loved treat as he simply buried his nose in a warm haori and drew in a haunting scent of sharp spearmint, burning shadows, blood and silk that clung so evocatively to all his Kings' forms. The unusual shift in his emotions that he tried too hard to shield from his beloveds though, did not go unnoticed. The entire throne room falling silent with a collective gasp, a single transcendent being shifting out of place on the steps leading up the dais as a thick leather-bound vellum was pushed aside and Mugetsu pushed himself to his feet with a startling amount of fluid grace. Closing the few feet that separated him and Ichigo, crimson eyes gazed mournfully at his ward's pitiful attempt to mould himself to Ichiru's frame without drawing attention to the emotions that were shaking drooping shoulders and several rushing breaths that were heaving in struggling lungs with increasingly difficulty. Resting a soothing palm atop a head of spiky orange locks, gentle fingertips carded lovingly through silky soft strands as the older orangette knelt on one knee in front of Ichigo and tipped a bowed chin upwards so that chocolate brown eyes could collide with his own.

I can feel it, little one. A concerned voice rang in his mind, forcing chocolate brown eyes to avert to the side as a pale forehead came to rest against his own and a nose rubbed against his in an Eskimo's Kiss. How long do you plan to conceal your pain from them? You cannot protect them like this, King. Please, let us shield you and ease your suffering. Ichigo whined pitifully at those concerned words, having no proper response for Mugetsu as small whimper of confusion echoed passed luscious red lips and the pad of a curious thumb traced the corner of his mouth with a deep frown of concentration. 'What is that enticing scent? I cannot take it anymore, damn it! I want a taste too.' Before Ichigo could process what was happening, his world abruptly shattered into a million pieces around him as the tip of a pink tongue licked away a trail of chocolate and eventually transversed his bottom lip in the slide of an intimate kiss. That was—. Scruffy orange bangs were tickling fast reddening cheeks, desperate fingertips winding in the front of an elegant Bankai cloak as a tender touch cupped a red estigma marked cheek in tandem to the explosion of sheer bliss that shot down Ichigo's spine and strained his heart in his chest. Never before had Mu-chan expressed desires like these before, breaking the younger orangette's soul open with newly discovered sensations as the taste of sweetened chocolate and sweet tea flooded his mouth and he instinctively yielded to the erotic entanglement.

'Nnngh…' There was no beginning and end to them in those moments, they were born of the same existence. And the pleasures that they shared, were infinitely sweet. Neither consort was able to discern just who had made the deeply sensual purr, not even several oppressive lashes of insatiable reiatsu able to interrupt their new found intimacy as a slick tongue slipped into the depths of a warm, wet, mouth and twined sensually with his own. Following a pattern of bliss that came as easily to them as breathing, restless fingertips twined through scruffy and semi-long orange locks to ground himself as the cool touch of patterned kenseikan whispered across his palm and the sound of tinkling chains became deafeningly loud in the void of silence their actions had created. No one breathed, no one moved…three pairs inverted golden eyes completely captivated by the intimate exchange between two orange haired beings as Ichigo leaned upwards into a sensual dance and a subtle pink flush dusted Mugetsu's cheeks with rising enjoyment. They were like mirrors to one another, Hichigo finding his breath stalling in his throat as his strict control eluded his touch and every single coherent thought fled his mind. He had never seen anything more spellbinding, black nailed fingertips tightening around a black kiseru in surprise until the delicate pipe snapped in his palm with a sharp crack and a spray of burning ash rained down indiscriminately on a victorious chess match.

Watching disappointedly as the slightly taller being drew away after several minutes of erotic intimacy, a thick string of slick saliva were still connecting two pink tongues in an intimate tie as pleasure hazed chocolate brown eyes lifted shyly to connect with Hichigo's in a needy and vibrant bliss. Gazing imploringly into the hip-length white haired King's soul from behind a slightly shorter styled orange locks, a shift in movement brought Mugetsu closer to Ichigo's side as red lips pressed a calming kiss to the centre of a crowned forehead and steady hands guided the younger consort to fall sensually across two laps instead of one. Bracing himself on the palm of his hands, the younger orangette's nose collided with Mu-chan's chest as warm fingertips reached for the box of chocolates that was next to them in new interest. After having discovered a new and addictive taste for modern sweets, Hichigo was sure that the older twin wasn't going to leave it alone now as intense crimson eyes shimmered like a little child's when he slipped a truffle between his lips and bent down to share it with Ichigo. Igniting a fierce battle between the two of them to draw out the sweet taste, two simultaneous moans of enjoyment echoed hauntingly into the atmosphere as intense golden eyes followed a rivulet of chocolate tainted saliva that spilled sensually from the corner of Mugetsu's mouth and Ichigo's responding tongue that swiped it up to preserve a saccharine taste.

'Oi!' A reverberating baritone suddenly scolded, a deadly glare narrowing a single golden eye as Ichiru snatched away the box of chocolates before either of his consorts had a chance to reach for another truffle and managed to completely enrapture the triplet Kings with a raging desire that could not be contained no matter how strong their strict self-control was. 'I don't mind if you two share like that. But, damn it, if you are going to be startin' something that you cannot contain…at least allow the rest of us a taste too!' Finding a brief connection to sanity now that his brother's words were resounding so powerfully through the air, the eldest King forced himself to his feet with a lingering scowl as he glided passed Ryuu and managed to snap the youngest triplet into reality by tugging on a dragon-like tail that trailed evocatively down his back. Ignoring the deeply jealous glare that narrowed against Mugetsu's crimson orbs, Hichigo made his way over to his beloveds so that he could share a taste too—. Coming to an abrupt halt however, when a sudden heaviness entered the shadows of the throne room; a flicker of indiscernible sonido raced across several tatami mats until the Mei-Ou came to a halt in front of a raised dais and balled his hands into angered fists by his side. A vast curtain of white strands were danced restlessly around his form, a shimmer of crimson red colouring his eyes as the heady sensation of a heavy reiatsu flooded the palace without warning.

'Hichi? W-what's wrong?' Holding up his hand for silence, golden eyes narrowed in a deadly glare as an inverted white Zangetsu materialized in the palm of his hand and the oldest brother felt more at ease the instant that his siblings countered his unrest and moved closer to protect the twin beloveds. Whatever had unsettled him was no small matter, the sensation of an approaching reiatsu was unlike anything Hichigo had come across before. It was flowing, bending itself around the dancing shadows and strengthened in tandem to the sound of approaching boot steps that were ringing commandingly through the darkness. It was a threat, someone was infringing upon their territory again. And this time, Hichigo would not allow a single being to get close enough to his King to hurt him or bring harm to any of those falling under his protection. 'Sharp senses you have there, Ou-sama.' An unfamiliar voice noted courteously, the swish of a heavy fabric coming to a sudden halt as fathomless midnight blue eyes locked challengingly with fierce golden orbs and a menacing crimson cloak flowed like blood from strong shoulders. Accentuating a double breasted trench-coat and intricate white uniform beneath, the First King of Hueco Mundo eyed the slightly familiar, curved, sword that was clasped in the interloper's calloused hand and a flicker of blonde hair that came to a halt several inches behind a tall frame.

'Drawing a weapon in my palace,' Hichigo said quietly, thankful for Ichiru's whispers keeping Ichigo quiet and calm as he nonchalantly balanced Zangetsu's heavy blade across his shoulder and listened intently to the chain links that were attached to the more completed hilt. The deadly Zanpactō was already thrumming in his hand, flooding the entire chamber with oppressive reiatsu as he took a subtle step forward to balance his stance. 'You don't mind if I answer that challenge in kind, stranger? I don't take well to bastards invading my personal space.' The swing of a white blade was lightning fast, an impressive ocean of light blue reiatsu shattering several concrete walls and racing into the palace as a single Getsuga Tenshō betrayed the white haired King's rage and tore through a vast tower until only crumbling concrete and flying debris was left. His cry of rage was startlingly loud, a single leap of sonido closing a several metre distance in the blink of an eye as Hichigo wielded his blade with expert precision and deadly accuracy. Faltering only once, though, when a gloved white palm caught the edge of Zangetsu without even trying; a hiss of anger spilled heavily from pale lips.

'Just as I expected, the range of your strength is utterly remarkable.' The cloaked stranger claimed absently, his blade dissolving into particles of drifting reishi as waist-length black hair danced menacingly in the wind that snuck inside from the throne room's shattered walls. 'So which one are you, my son born in the dark? I'm looking for that little consort of yours but you all look near identical to me. I haven't yet had a chance to study your reiatsu patterns.' Narrowing enraged eyes behind pale eyelashes, Hichigo pulled Zangetsu back from a firm grip as he briefly glanced over his shoulder to make sure that he hadn't accidentally hurt Ichigo. Thankfully the younger orangette was shielded in Mugetsu's arms with Ryuu and Ichiru standing protectively in front of them, prompting a quiet sigh of relief to loosen the tension between the eldest triplet's shoulders as a bout of insane laughter refused to answer the question the strange man had asked.

'Like hell I'll tell you that, bastard! This is my castle, my kingdom…strangers are supposed to introduce themselves first. Only then will I decide whether you are worthy enough to bow to my will or die painfully by my sword.' A burst of amused laughter echoed darkly passed pale lips, fathomless blue eyes glancing unnervingly into Hichigo's soul without fear as a strange shimmer of affection and pride crept into his gaze. Just about to part pale lips to demand an answer for such clear disrespect, Hichigo trailed off surprisingly when a stern baritone interrupted him once more and threw the entire palace into new found chaos and confusion.

'You're right, forgive my rudeness, Ou-sama. I am the Quincy Kaiser, Yhwach. And I've woken from my thousand year sleep to destroy Seireitei from the bottom up, I'm here to negotiate an alliance between our races and to claim the Heir to my throne. That heir, young as he is, is the centre of your entire existence.'

'Kurosaki Ichigo…my true son born in the dark, consort to Hueco Mundo's Three Kings, I have come to offer you the head of the Soutaichō on a plate if you willingly align yourself with us.'

1* - Shogi – Japanese Chess

2* - Haori-himo – They are those tasselled ties that look like balls of fluff on men's formal kimonos white is the most formal colour)

3* - Denka – Your Highness/Prince (A way that Mugetsu call Ichigo instead of King)

So, there you have it my Honeys. I'm utterly exhausted right now since I have three stories that have to be completed and I don't know if I have the strength to sit down in the next few days. I'm SO tired, I just hope it fades soon. I'd ask you to please show your support for this story, it would mean the world to me to know it can still be enjoyed.

Please leave me a little review if you'd be so kind, I'd be eternally grateful to you. Other than that, I'm off…I need to rest and take the night off from thinking so much. What update comes next between Soul Ignition, Halcyon Eyes and Cardinal Sins…we'll have to see since I can't decide.

I'll see you again soon,

Yours Always

Chocolate Carnival

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