The Sinister Pride Of Perfection

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Hello All My Honeys, I apologize that this one's a bit late but I've been getting a little busy with the year again. Not that it matters, I suppose since I'm truly excited about this story. It's been a while since I've truly challenged myself and I've decided to work with something entirely new. Yes, my honeys, I'm going to working with Tentacles in this one so please be warned…this story will be controversial and based around dark eroticism.

I feel that it's time for me to return to Bleach and my favourite pairing of all time, I miss Shiro and Ichigo and it's also time for me to start on Soul Ignition soon too. But first, I want to explore this one first, it's a project I'd like to complete when I can and as soon as I can. So please, heed the warnings listed below:

The Sinister Pride Of Perfection Contains: M/M Lemons, Tentacles, Alpha & Beta Dynamics, Zanpactō Materialization, Dominant! Shiro Zangetsu, Submissive! Ichigo, Violence, Rough Sex, Spoilers for the newer chapters in Bleach, Canon Divergence Setting, Angst, Two-Shot, Dark Themes and Dark Eroticism.

The Set Pairing is: Shiro Zangetsu (白 斬月) x Kurosaki Ichigo (黒崎 一護)

Just a side note, please keep the controversial themes in mind…if any of the warnings have put you off…please don't read any further. I will not be hold responsible any further than this, the warnings are there for a reason.

Other than that, please enjoy:

The Sinister Pride Of Perfection:

本能 - Ho'nō. Instinct. 形作る - Katachi. Form. 力 - Chikara. Power. 強さ - Tsuyosa. Strength. - TamashiiSoul. The five fundamental forms of life that made up the essence of all existence. Creating a strict hierarchy that constantly influenced the ebb and flow of battle in the Reiou's Three Kingdoms, it unconsciously fuelled a desperate need that all beings had been born with. To prove superiority and dominance over those weaker than themselves, a strict sense of seeking combat had been deeply ingrained on the Hollows and Arrancar of Hueco Mundo more than those living in the Human World and Soul Society alike. Categorized by two forms of Ho'nō within that set system; the dominants (or Alphas as they were known), were inclined to seek those weaker than themselves to rule over rightly. And the rarer Submissives (Betas), yielded themselves naturally to the dominants that they deemed worthy of protecting them in the most vulnerable time of a Hollow's life cycle…when bearing young. Possessing an uncanny soul that was more resilient than even the strongest of Alphas during the peak of a Beta's maturing powers, they were often needlessly killed off because of the large threat their intensely protective nature posed. Those with the strength to dominate were unnecessarily intimidated by souls stronger than themselves, after all.

Thusly, when the scent of a maturing Beta was picked up by an Alpha unworthy of their strength; the dominants unconsciously sought to destroy that which was not rightfully theirs dictated by fate. Betas were a special breed of Hollow that were born with only one match and one being that they would yield themselves to instinctively. And unless that 'mate' was found before their first heat cycle was initiated at the age of twenty, instinct would ensure that their natural strength grow weaker and weaker until they were forced into submission by a lesser being or simply killed off for the alluring scent that their soul exuded. Natural Submissives were even harder to find in this day and age, though. To be considered an exceedingly powerful Beta was practically unheard of since the history and practices of Hollows had vanished into nothing several thousand years before. For Kurosaki Ichigo however, a natural Beta - only his strongest Zanpactō spirit had an inkling of what was awaiting him if he did not awaken his sleeping powers soon. Sadly though, the orange haired Shinigami was captive to too much regret, pain and sorrow since the Thousand Year Blood War had drawn to a bitter close two year ago. Even though Soul Society had been victorious after countless battles and mournful losses, Shiro Zangetsu's voice was often drowned out by the sound of Ichigo's despair regardless of the awakening instinct that was maturing his powers at an alarming rate.

Erupting in large torrents from the depths of a blade darker than midnight, vivid sparks of oppressive black reiatsu was shocking exploring fingertips harshly as Ichigo hissed in pain at the deadly flood of power that burst forth from his Zanpactō and encompassed the walls of a regal Throne Room with an invisible push. Sending intense waves rocking through the Palace of Duality, the Sixth Royal Guard of the Reiōkyū instinctively narrowed intense chocolate brown eyes behind pale eyelids as elegant fingertips reluctantly withdrew from the large blade balanced in his lap with perfect Jinzen (1*). An intense lash of pain was also cresting powerfully against the edges of a strained soul, the feeling of rejection so intense that the bewildered twenty-year-old was forced to tip his head forward in despair so that vibrantly coloured locks could artfully conceal his sorrowful gaze from sight. Ichigo couldn't understand what was wrong with Zangetsu anymore. Ever since the sakura trees had blossomed in Seireitei a week before, his soul companion had become increasingly unresponsive regardless of the orangette being drawn deeper into an emotional instability he'd rather not face by himself. Without Shiro Zangetsu's soothing presence by his side like he had been since they had been reforged, it was increasingly difficult for the newly instated Dexyuaru-Shin (2*) to not snap under the pressure he was forced to endure daily.

Ichigo couldn't help it, damn it! The moment that the Quincy Emperor had fallen in battle several years ago, the orange haired Substitute Shinigami had been told that he would no longer be permitted to return to his human body. The Reiou had decided he would remain a Shinigami for the rest of eternity simply because his power was too immense to contain. His soul was too strong to bind, his reiatsu too refined to seal and his existence so oppressive that it could easily alter, change and crush weaker souls beneath its touch without intending to. So, Kurosaki Ichigo had been given one proposition… Join the Royal Guard instead and help rebuild Soul Society. As the Deity of Duality, the orange haired teen was the first being whose soul was perfectly balanced between two spheres of influence. 生活 - Seikatsu, Life and 死 - Shi, Death. His mother's Quincy inheritance and the strong spiritual pressure Isshin had gifted him at birth, were linked to the sphere of 'life'. Whilst his father's powerful noble Shinigami lineage and the deadly Hollow powers passed over from Masaki's soul into his, were linked irrevocably to 'death'. Skilfully intertwined to make up the entire essence of his power, the Sixth Royal Guard was considered a haunting miasma of Human - Quincy and Shinigami - Hollow…four beings that were on the opposite sides of the spectrum and fate would normally never allow to mix.

Alas, with a Hollow-Tainted-Quincy for a mother and a Partial-Human-Shinigami for a sire; a twist in fate had created just enough leeway to bear a soul that stood on the same plane of existence as the ancient barrier that separated the Three Worlds, the Dangai, did. At the insistence of the High Priest, the orange haired Shinigami was likened to a pillar that could strengthen the flow between life and death whenever the Dangai itself was in danger of collapsing. However, being referred to as a 'fail-safe' was not something that Ichigo was particularly fond of. An irritated 'che' was spilling boldly from parted petal pink lips, a sweaty palm returning thoughtfully to Zangetsu's blade as the orange haired twenty-year-old tried very hard to steady the tremor that was shaking his limbs. Now was not the time to lose control, he thought to himself harshly. Sharp brown eyes were scanning the recesses of a private throne room around him as a large traditional Japanese mansion glittered brightly in the early morning sunlight. Seated regally atop a raised dais with one leg folded comfortably beneath him, a forearm came to rest contemplatively on a propped up knee as a long black and gold kiseru (3*) rested elegantly between long fingertips. A black waraji clad foot was also pressing absently against an intricate silk blanket, the pleated folds of a sensual hakama accentuating long limbs as the orange haired Shinigami reclined his back against several exotically colourful pillows.

An expert flick of his wrist accidentally pinned the larger of his dual Zangetsus through the silky fabric of a lengthy white haori that occupied several meters of the floor around him. Creating a haunting image that was highlighted by white and turquoise folds splaying in sensual silk waves around a tall, lithe, frame; a haze of silvery smoke soon flowed spellbindingly from lush petal pink lips. The messy length of orange hair, having settled into the scruffy style he had adopted before defeating Aizen, skittered playfully across pale cheeks as chocolate brown eyes glanced away wearily at the far too intense gaze that his morning guest possessed. The Tōshin of the Reiōkyū was scanning the younger being's form up and down without shame, a tray of traditional green tea and snacks the servants had provided staying untouched between them as the dark skinned Shinigami's usual playful demeanour melted away in lieu of intense curiosity. Witnessing the usual dynamic that was present between Ichigo and Zangetsu first hand, was enough to leave Ōetsu Nimaiya more than a little perplexed when one of the two of the most beautiful and astounding Zanpactō ever forged in his palace, remained unresponsive and unsettled by his Master's touch. Even whilst the Quincy half of the orangette's dual Zanpactō showed no inclination of rejection or bouts of defiance.

The love and pride that bound the orangette to his power was the strongest Nimaiya had come across in several centuries, he remembered. Enough to lull even his Asuachi into bowing down respectfully at a mere glimpse of the soul bind that existed between Zangetsu and his Aruji. But now, the largest and most powerful portion of the orangette's power seemed to be restless with something unknown that was eating away at both the Zanpactō and his Master's soul. Definitely a perplexing problem for him to mull over. Raising calloused fingers to his lips in a motion for silence, the older being quickly stalled the array of questions that he could see flickering behind turmoiled brown eyes as Kurosaki Ichigo curled a desperate grip around the elongated hilt of his sword. Elegant black fingerless tekkō-gloves, a gift from the Kuchiki family, were tensing around slim wrists as a bottom lip was caught valiantly between harshly biting teeth. The orangette shifting restlessly on a humble throne made of soft pillows and regal silk fabrics as a hiss of strain coloured the air and a rush of frustrated tears seared the backs of pale eyelids. A visible curl of reiatsu was snaking like a binding chain up the teen's right arm, solidifying with black chain links when Ichigo tried to draw away his hand and was left shivering instead with a strange sense of overwhelming heat and overpowering anxiety that curled painfully through the pit of his stomach.


'Chan-Ichi, yo?' The Tōshin interrupted suddenly, startling the younger Shinigami from his swirling thoughts as the God of Sword smirked dangerously and waved his fingertips through the air in an exaggerated gesture for peace. 'There's nothing wrong with Zangetsu over there. His blade is tempered perfectly with your soul, his edge sharpened expertly with your reiatsu and his voice as clear to me as it had always been. There is only one of two reasons why a Zanpactō would show unusual behaviour like this. The first is because you're losing your power. Which I find unlikely since you're emitting so much reiatsu, you could force a Gotei-13 Taichō to his knees. Or the second, your Zanpactō is trying to protect you from somethin' and your ears have become too stopped with emotion to hear him.' A deadly smirk of amusement was curling across dark lips, sharp eyes sweeping across the lavish throne room for several seconds before the older Shinigami wagged his finger at the teen in reprimand and forced himself to his feet. Deciding to indulge himself in a cup of green tea, an irritable hiss echoed through air as steam fogged up green sunglasses and a forefinger and thumb balanced a clay rim between long fingers. 'After all that time that I spent teachin' ya about lovin' yer Zanpactō and understanding yer roots…it seems that we're back to square one Chan-Ichi.' A playful baritone noted with mock sorrow, the older being shaking his head with rhythmic amusement.

'Yare, yare! Trouble, troubleyou cause a lot of it, Ichi-kun. Lucky for you, the number one Zanpactō Master has a solution for you. Now if I can only find Mera-chan…I could have sworn I brought her with me.' Trying to process the message that Nimaiya was imparting to him whilst pacing from side to side and muttering to himself in a stream of senseless words, Ichigo curled his fingertips tighter around Zangetsu's hilt as a swathe of pitch black silk suddenly sealed away the restless blade and he draped it across his back from a segmented sash. Strange though that the length of chain that wound up his right arm did not let go, even when he stood and turned his attention to the smaller blade that was suspended from a thick golden sash and several intricate golden chains wound around the outside of a white and turquoise haori. Something wasn't right, though. Zangetsu Ossan was too quiet as well, almost as if he too was—. Crying out in startled surprise when a yawning gate suddenly opened into a vast abyss beneath his feet, Ichigo barely had enough time to widen his eyes as a flicker of well executed shunpo closed the distance that separated him and the Tōshin and a heavy palm came to rest against the centre of his chest. In the corner of his eye, Ichigo paled in surprise as a spiky haired girl materializing into existence right behind him and held out her palms as if waiting for him to lose his balance.

'The only way to restore yer bond is te return to yer roots, Chan-Ichi. Shiro Zangetsu is called 'Shiro' for a reason. When you find the answer te that, Mera-chan and I will come fetch ya. So, have some fun ne? Remember what it's like to be a true Shinigami. I'm sure both of you will enjoy some playtime away from this stifling palace!' Before Ichigo could gather his wits and execute his own impressive display of shunpo, a powerful dual binding kido wound restrictively around his waist as his consciousness blacked out for several seconds and he lost control over the reishi particles that swirled protectively beneath his feet. A startling amount of gravity was pulling him down into the darkness not long after that, a distant memory of something similar happening to him before surfacing in his mind as an intense heaviness pressed down on his chest and it became increasingly difficult to discern and feel out the separated world surrounding him. No matter how much he fought against his bonds though, they only seemed to strengthen around him with every lash of his reiatsu until the gap of light above vanished from sight and chocolate brown eyes could no longer discern anything but pitch black darkness. His stomach was violently rebelling the swift and deadly descent his body was taking, making him glad he had not eaten anything that morning as time seemed to flow into an indiscernible stretch and a cry of ragging anger echoed into the vast distances.

'Bastard, Nimaiya! I'll get you for that!' A cracking tenor vowed promisingly, blunt fingernails digging painfully into pale palms as several heaving breaths lodged painfully in the orangette's chest and an intense flood of detachment enveloped a wavering consciousness and forced his mind into a different sphere of reality. Everything seemed to fade away from around him, his heartrate slowing considerably as a familiar sound tried to reach out to him from what seemed like a void of stillness inside his soul. Reverberating powerfully through every cell in his body, it echoed hauntingly through silenced thoughts with such crushing force and simultaneous gentleness that it was as if Ichigo was being embraced and torn apart from within at the same time. He could only liken the sensations to thunder crashing in the distance and lighting falling obediently into the palms of his hands, a heady mixture of invigorating power and stifling pain that forced several pained cries from his lips as it built a sense of dread to weigh down his body. Pure instinct was skittering near painfully across flawlessly tanned skin, chocolate brown eyes eventually snapping open as the pressure in the air changed abruptly and a cool breeze swirled invitingly around his form. Trails of silver reiatsu was disintegrating in the sky, his bonds slowly loosening from his body as his Quincy inheritance absorbed the reishi and unconsciously fuelled the naturally defensive Blut that was flowing through his veins.

A vast dome of midnight was spread hauntingly above him, animalistic cries echoing warningly into the night as black waraji found just enough leeway to descend upright in silvery sands and dark eyes had a chance to take in the desolate planes of Hueco Mundo spreading towards an even bleaker horizon. The orange haired twenty-year-old couldn't quite comprehend why he had ended up here when he was so sure he would be dispelled to the Human World like last time. It simply didn't make sense to him, this desolate and removed world of isolation was definitely worse for wear since the Kaiser and his troops had marched through here. They had left nothing but destruction and despair in their wake, several intense fires of blue reishi still burning brightly against the dark backdrop as the rich makeup of the dimension fed a two-year-old blaze that never seemed to burn out. It was simply frightening to think how close all Three Worlds had come to collapsing if he hadn't been in time back then, even the Zero Division had fallen and had to be resurrected by the Soul King after the battle. There was simply too much death and loss tainting his previous childish naivety, he thought mournfully. Ichigo truly didn't want to remember anymore, not when he was sure to get lost in the darkness of his own soul and the despair that encompassed his heart.

Raising a lit gold and black kiseru to petal pink lips, the elegant pipe had thankfully survived the fall without being extinguished or crushed as the orangette drew a deep breath of sweet smoke into his lungs and relaxed minutely when it seemed to calm the restless rustle of instinct that twisted through his stomach and the unusual heat of anticipation that was thrumming powerfully against his heart. There was no outward indication that he was truly paying attention to his surroundings though, until a swift movement unsheathed a large pitch black blade from his back. Using an impressive display of ambidextrous skill, the deadly edge of Zangetsu was sailing through the air behind him in an expert angle as it cut down a considerably large reiatsu that materialized into existence right behind him. A deadly smirk was curling across hauntingly beautiful features with dark satisfaction, the sound of a tinkling chain caressing strained senses as a miasma of silvery smoke spilled nonchalantly from luscious petal pink lips and created an erotic image of both awe-inspiring power and utter command. Intense chocolate brown eyes were shimmering brightly between three colours… Gold, light blue and haunting brown. The first cry of a Hollow's death unconsciously announced the casualties that the orangette was willing to offer up to Shiro Zangetsu's blade like sacrifices as the wind tugged playfully at the regal folds of a menacing black shihakushō and beautiful white haori.

'Amai (4*)!' Ichigo yelled, a flicker of shunpo guiding him towards the heavens as a circle of opponents tried to attack him at once and several Hollows descended on his position without paying attention to just who he was. The colour of his haori, the strength of his presence…it should all have served as a reminder to Hueco Mundo that attacking him was perhaps not the best idea. If left to his own devices, there wouldn't be as much carnage sweeping through their home. But Ichigo had forgotten that Hollows relied only on their instinct. Which in turn meant that he too would fall into Ho'nō without holding back. It had been ages since his entire being had thrummed with such excitement, his soul quivering with a strange need to bow to only one being he found worthy as he ignored the warning bells of fear that was echoing through his mind. He was forgetting what had prompted Nimaiya to send him here in the first place. Something was wrong with Shiro Zangetsu, even now the deadly blade was tightening the chain around Ichigo's arm as cackling laughter resounded powerfully through his mind and a powerful flood of reiatsu flowed challengingly into the dark planes without restraint.

'Yo, King! Ya really shouldn't 'ave come here!' Zangetsu purred with dark pleasure, stilling Ichigo's movements momentarily as dark eyes observed the shattered dome of Las Noches rising out of the sand in front of him and the several kilometre distance that spanned the desert sands. The haunting calls of Hollows seemed to be attracted to his presence much more than the orangette would have expected, chasing up his heartbeat as he flicked away the carmine rivulets still clinging to Zangetsu's deadly and tilted his head to side curiously. 'Why not, Zangetsu? You've been silent for so long but now you're talkative all of a sudden? What's going on, Bastard?'

'Hn, I wonder…' The Hollow considered playfully, purring against the orangette's soul with pure satisfaction as Ichigo rested gloved fingertips against the unsealed blade and allowed a flood of sparking reiatsu to flow into his veins without restraint. 'I was waiting fer ya to awaken yer instinct, Aruji, so that I could claim ya fer myself! I've always wanted te possess ya the moment I realized ya were a Beta. Now that sword master granted me the perfect opportunity to do so, fate will ensure that ya fall into my hands…Ichi-go! Ya will bow to me, Aruji, ya will belong to me just I will te ya in the end…'

'But first, make sure ya don't die, Aruji! Your opponents will become stronger and more vicious in their desires soon. Protect your soul well, if you call me out to materialize I will not hold back in claiming you.'

'You belong to me eternally, never forget that.'

1* - Jinzen – Sword Meditation, used by Ichigo when he trained in his Inner World with Zangetsu to defeat Aizen

2* - Dexyuaru-Shin – Deity of Duality

3* - Kiseru – Japanese Smoking Pipe (Isshin smoked one in the past)

4* - Amai – Naïve

Well that's it for my notes, I think. Thank you so much for reading, I truly appreciate it. If I could please ask for a small review, I'd greatly appreciate hearing back from readers. It truly means the world to me and influences me to write as quickly as I am able to. Part 2 I'm hoping won't take too long to write but I have a lot of appointments over the next two weeks.

I can only promise to get it done as quickly as my inspiration dictates. Thank you my honeys for always being patient, I truly appreciate it.

Until next time,

Yours Always

Chocolate Carnival

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