Celestial Lightning: Imposing The Heavenly Realm

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Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Percy Jackson & The Olympians, they belong to their creators Kubo Tite and Rick Riordan respectively, I make no money from this, it is merely for my own pleasure.

Hello all my Honeys, it's been a while again but at least I have sat down to write something special and different for a change. I know I've been planning many things but nothing seems to be going my way lately so I'm just writing what comes to me. I've been dragging on with part 1 of this two-shot for long enough and it's about time that I hand it over to you before completing part 2. I was planning on making it a one-shot but it'll take too long and contain too many details. Sorry, I'll have split it.

Oh well, at least you get a treat for now. I'm still sick and not feeling well so I'm taking it slow, this story is very dear to me because it's my first Crossover. I'm hoping to make both worlds of Bleach and Percy Jackson & The Olympians fit together seamlessly but that takes a lot of work. I'm enjoying it though and I have much planned for the future. Just some warnings for this story please, it's going to be different than what I usually write so please heed them well.

Celestial Lightning: Imposing The Heavenly Realm contains: M/M lemons, Crossover, Angst, Dark Fic, possible Dub-con/Non-con themes, 'sacrifice for safe travel' (like offering one's virginity to be protected whilst travelling the sky), infidelity (yes Zeus is married) and violence. Possible use of Zangetsu/Lightning/Lighting Bonds in the lemon and so forth. BDSM themes. This is a two-shot, meaning part 1 is the introduction to the characters and part 2 contains the lemons.

If any of the warnings have put you off, please turn back now. This fic is concentrated on taboo and dark eroticism, it's NOT for the light hearted.

The set pairing is: Zeus (Ζεύς) x Kurosaki Ichigo (黒崎 一護)

For now, please enjoy.

Celestial Lightning: Imposing The Heavenly Realm

A kaleidoscope of colours bloomed, dispersed and fell hauntingly across the vast expanse of a beautiful early morning sky. The heavy darkness of a bitter night drawing to a close with a burst of blinding light as the rising sun illuminated distant steel and glass obelisks that were situated several thousand metres below two precariously halted sneaker clad feet. An interstellar blanket of glowing blues, oranges, purples, reds and magentas; birthed breathtakingly from the heavenly stratus, were suspended directly above a complex labyrinth of tarred streets, concrete buildings, small parks and skyscrapers that reached their pointy claws towards the emboldened heights of heaven. Manhattan, New York was throwing off the last vestiges of a sleepless night, the glittering lights extinguished one by one as an immense maze stretched so far into the distance that no focused eye could see the natural form of the land or rolling hills passed the outskirts of the city. Kurosaki Ichigo was struggling valiantly to sort through the magnitude of shattered dreams, helpless souls fallen from grace, the stench of death and despair and the number of otherworldly beings, so complex in composition with reishi and reiatsu, that he possessed no knowledge of their names. There were simply too many things vying for his attention, too much to focus on that the young Shinigami was straining his senses to their limits simply by using a platform of hardened spirit particles to stand upon.

A malevolent wind was swirling restlessly around his form, tugging cautiously at the heavy cloak that the Zero Division had gifted him several years ago and the complex half-turban-like bandana of turquoise and gold silk that was meant to measure his shunpo so that his soul did not disintegrate when his speed became too much or the kido and magical barriers, spanned across the globe beyond Japan, had a chance to incinerate his existence when he broke through them by sheer force alone. It was just too bad that the protective fabric didn't shield him from the icy coldness of high altitudes, Ichigo thought with a delayed shiver. The Royal Guards of the Zero Division, Ichigo, several of his friends and the surviving Gotei-13 Captains had all been trying to track down the faintest trace of Yhwach's presence across several continents for over two years now. Ever since the Quincy Emperor had vanished into the shadows after realizing his defeat was imminent, they had been attempting to find him and seal away his power before he had a chance to rebuild a stronger and much more frightening Wandenreich Empire than before. Soul Society had already been reduced to ruined ashes from the might of the Schatten Bereich (1*), they could not risk another chance that would turn the Thousand Year Blood War into a Two Thousand Year Blood War instead.

So, whilst the Soutaichō, the Zero Division and several Gotei-13 Captains protected the Reiou and rebuilt Seireitei into a stronger fortress several thousand miles and countries away; scouts with speed and agility like Ichigo were sent out across the world to search for any trace of the Kaiser's presence, his two companions, Jugram Haschwalth and their former friend Ishida Uryuu. Ichigo had been tasked with this mission alone several weeks ago, however; Urahara having explained to him that his half Quincy inheritance was more likely to give him a better chance to sense Yhwach in large American cities where Shinigami tended to become overrun with the sensation of human souls, other worldly monsters, beings and forgotten Hollows that were unimportant to his task. So much for doing something useful on the battlefield, he thought vindictively. The young Shinigami had no idea how he was supposed to keep track of Yhwach even with the link that bound them by blood. He had never been tempted to try. It honestly frightened him to think that he was related to one of the worst enemies Seireitei had ever encountered and he would one day have to face in battle by himself. Were it not for his intense loyalty to his friends and his unshakable sense of right and wrong, Ichigo would have been sure that the uneasy feeling twisting through his stomach were Seireitei's suspicions of his movements and fear of the Quincy power that flowed through his veins.

It was as if they were keeping him deliberately separated from important meetings and facts, downplaying his power and sealing away his potential to protect themselves if he were to turn against them. A startling revelation that made the seventeen-year-old more than a little sad when he was several thousand miles away from home. Transversing foreign countries, left without the ability to protect those close to him should they need him… Ichigo may be fast, able to travel large distances with single leaps of shunpo, but it would take more than a week with his fastest speed to reach any entrance into Seireitei from where he was today. But that didn't really matter, he had made it all the way to New York on a tip from Akon and a whisper of pure instinct that had guided him into foreign territory with a faint vapour trail of pure excitement. There was a strange sense of disturbed power humming through the air in this part of the world, causing a slow breath of unease to spill from petal pink lips as intense chocolate brown eyes narrowed down in determined challenge. It wouldn't be the first time that Ichigo had run into hostile Hollows, strange monsters that he was unable to recognize and indiscernible souls that rode the winds. Those who opposed him, fell by his blade easily enough as it became his duty to put an end to the purposeless sacrifice that had engulfed Soul Society for far too long now.

Spending years in suspended anxiety whilst a war remained unfinished, left behind an uncontained sense of destruction that could engulf the world at any moment and Ichigo didn't like it. He had been unable to age a day in physical appearance since Zangetsu has been reforged, his newly awakened powers making it completely impossible to return to his human form without disintegrating it and causing more sorrow than was necessary. There was literally no more going back. His soul was too powerful, his reiatsu too vast to contain and Kyōraku Shunsui had warned him that he'd have to live as a Shinigami for the rest of eternity. The Shiba Heir was needed for tasks that only he could complete, the Last Sentinel, the Sixth Royal Guard and Soul Society's most powerful ally. But only for as long as they could keep his loyalty. Ichigo was not stupid. The day that his family and friends were harmed or he was pushed too far, he would turn against Seireitei just as easily. He already felt like a prisoner on a leash, a bitter frown of disgust furrowing tangerine brows as the wind howled deafeningly in his ears. It didn't really matter, he supposed. He had other things to accomplish that day, like replenishing his reiatsu for example. Kirio-san had packed several special snacks for the long journey, telling him that he'd need all his strength if he were to enter a world beyond the influence of Soul Society and Shinigami.

Knowing fingertips were already curling gratefully around a traditional bamboo-leaf wrapped package, chocolate brown eyes gazing wistfully at the coming dawn as the entirety of Manhattan was bathed in the haunting light of a cheery summer morning. It truly was a beautiful sight. A hardened platform of reishi proving a wide berth for the orangette to sit down upon, absent fingertips breaking off little pieces of onigiri to nibble on as Zangetsu's dual presence hummed and purred contentedly against the edges of their Aruji's soul. The larger of the black Zanpactō were resting across a straightened back, only an elongated silk-wrapped hilt visible over Ichigo's left shoulder as the smaller companion blade, forged from the Quincy power running through his veins, brushed reassuring against a right thigh with the same sensation of overpowering strength as the Hollow portion of his dual inheritance did. The modern array of human clothes that Senjumaru had dressed him in beneath a beige travelling cloak, was so much more comfortable than the stifling black robes of a standard shinigami shihakushō. Secretly admiring the way that tight dark green jeans conformed sensually to long legs, white and black sneakers were settled on his feet and the folds of an intricately patterned short-sleeved green shirt, partially concealed by an array of stylish black belts and twining chains to suspend Zangetsu's small form from, shimmered proudly in the early light.

Four delicate golden chains were curled stylishly around a single belt loop, leading towards his back pocket where a wallet stuffed with human and Soul Society currency was kept for emergencies. A white, light green and turquoise zip-up hoodie, made from the Goddess Of Weave's reishi enriched fabric and immense skill, practically made the seventeen-year-old the most fashionable Shinigami to ever walk the surface of the earth. Not to mention the turquoise and gold pattered Arabic scarf that was tied around his hips, forming a triangle of silk for Zangetsu's sheath to rest against his right thigh as a mess array of tassels danced furiously and hypnotically to the whimsies of the wind. 'Shihakushō are bad omens in western civilization,' The Royal Guard had said. 'Plus I've never tried to designed modern fashions before.' Those last words had been a clear indication that Ichigo was about to be taken advantage of. Not that it mattered much in the end. The clothes were comfortable and easy to move in, protecting him from harm even if they were a little too fashionable for his tastes. Breaking off another piece of his rapidly diminishing snack, the intensifying morning light illuminated four silver loop earrings that were pierced, two-by-two, in the shell of his ears respectively. They had been a parting gift from Urahara-san, a clever invention constructed from a compilation of kido and technology to became translators capable of interpreting several different languages.

They could easily be used to understand dialects Ichigo was unfamiliar with and simultaneously translate words that the person he was communicating with, were unable to understand themselves. Though, no one had yet possessed the ability to talk to him. Shinigami were death gods after all, mortals with low reiatsu were incapable of sensing them. But Ichigo had a feeling there were several beings that possessed enough reiatsu to see him if he were to walk the city streets below. Which was why he stuck to the clouds, suspending himself in the heavens where large buildings became small and insignificant beneath his feet and only a vast horizon of clouds and endless azure planes stretched out before him. Ichigo had always loved travelling through the sky. The icy touch of the wind enveloping his form, the scent of ozone, brewing storms streaking like electricity across his skin… It made him feel alive, invigorated and lightheaded with bliss all at the same time. Even though there was a crumpled map nestled in his back pocket, marked with a page telling him where he was supposed to go in the vast stretch of steel, iron, concrete mass in front of him; the orangette had pretty much forgotten about it. He felt naturally drawn to the imposing and vast presence of the Empire State Building instead.

Ever since he had crossed the border into North America, he had been instinctually following the one specific area that was much more spiritually charged than even Seireitei and Hueco Mundo combined. New York seemed like the perfect place for the Quincy King to conceal himself in, it was so vast and overrun with natural reishi that it would be hard for anyone in the Zero Division to feel his presence through the reiatsu interference that was ebbing and flowing through the atmosphere alone. Forcing an irritable hiss to roll from the tip of a pink tongue, the vibrant hair coloured teen cursed the bad fortune he had encountered as a scruffy array of messy orange locks fell forward dejectedly to conceal contemplative brown eyes from sight and simultaneously snap a fatigued mind back into the flow of reality. There was still much to do, so little time to complete it in and Ichigo had rested for long enough. Carefully wrapping up the remains of his impromptu breakfast to put away when he might need it later, sneaker clad feet had barely found a solid platform of reishi to balance himself on when the heavy press of black storm clouds abruptly surrounded him from all sides. There was a threatening rumble echoing through the sky, the wind picking up speed as a condensed blanket of clouds completely obscured Ichigo's vision of the city below and a sense of panicked entrapment skittered warningly across flawlessly tanned skin.

Something was wrong, his mind screamed. Proud shoulders were tensing defensively, a warning hum from two awakening Zanpactō echoing deafeningly through the depths of his soul as a flood of adrenalin saturated the erratic beat of a previously rested heart. Before Ichigo could contemplate shedding his travelling cloak to move more freely, he was forced to leap to the side when a blinding arc of lightning materialized into existence right where he had been standing. 'Fuck!' He cursed wildly, the blast had missed him by a hair's breadth. If the orangette had not sensed an unusual amount of killing intent swirling to life above him, he would have been struck down by white-hot rage without remorse. The lingering sensation of static electricity was still dancing uneasily across his skin, the edges of a beige cloak smouldering with the remains of overwhelming heat as he hastily tugged the protective fabric and turban-like bandanna over his head and prepared to draw Zangetsu to defend himself. But something unnatural stopped him in his tracks, a startled yell forced painfully from heaving lungs as the atmospheric pressure increased exponentially around him and captured his form in a vice-like grip. A groan of anguish was echoing mournfully from luscious petal pink lips, several shivers of fear racing down Ichigo's spine as the temperature dropped dramatically and his breath frosted into ice crystals before his very eyes.

'So cold! Perhaps travelling so high wasn't a good idea—!'

'You dare reach for your weapons whilst trespassing in my domain, boy?' A commanding baritone boomed powerfully, reverberating hauntingly through every cell of the orange haired teen's body as chocolate brown eyes widened with sheer trepidation and the very air was stolen from his lungs. It felt like he was breathing glass, unimaginable pain filling his lungs with every shallow inhalation as the world spun in dizzying circles around him. If Ichigo had not already been a soul, he was sure that he would have perished within seconds. It was becoming more and more difficult to control the defensive Blut that was countering the crushing force enveloping him from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He couldn't see who was attacking, he could only feel. And as his reiatsu rose in response to his panic, his instincts pressed back a wall of overpowering reishi to escape the invisible prison that was enclosing him against his will. The clouds rumbled threateningly in response, another flash streaking through the air as the orangette's immense speed aided him with just enough time to unsheathe Zangetsu's smaller blade and call upon the power of his own soul. The Zanpactō's surface was darker than pitch, glinting menacingly in the overcast light as a razor sharp tip created a rip of blue light in the air and an apathetic whisper of 'Getsuga Tenshō' ignited the angered storm around him with a powerful and ceaseless ocean of blinding light blue reiatsu.

And not a second too soon. The echoes of his heavenly lunar fang had just intercepted another explosion of lightning, severing a thick column of searing power before it could have engulfed him whole as his power tore through the heavenly planes and heavy black clouds to dispersed the oppressive force seeking to push him to his knees. But it wouldn't be enough to stop the next attack, Ichigo was sure of that. There was something otherworldly about that lightning…it was far above any watered down version that the Quincy 'T' had tried to overpower him with—.

'I've been observing your travels through my domain for a week now, child. You have outrun every storm and monster I have sent, you stand before me in bold challenge and I don't know whether to be infuriated or impressed.' The baritone claimed angrily, this time softening its frightening volume as the air shimmered light blue several metres in front of Ichigo and a tall figure materialized into sharp focus with a booming clap of thunder. Before the orange haired Shinigami could draw Zangetsu's larger blade in defence, an intense pair of electric blue eyes pinned him down with a well-aimed and commanding glare. The shadow draped form was raising his right hand out in front of him regally, almost as if he was calling upon the currents in the air and simultaneously used a dense mass of clouds to stride across nonchalantly. The howling winds were tugging restlessly at a thigh-length trench coat, spreading black folds menacingly behind him as neatly polished black shoes stepped across a downy surface with fluid and graceful ease. 'Sheathe your swords, Son of Hades. If you dare draw Stygian Iron in my presence, I will strike you down and chain you to your father's throne for eternity.' The words were reverberating with such power that Ichigo reluctantly obeyed, narrowed chocolate brown eyes struggling to focus on anything around him as the heavens became so dark with storm clouds that it was dimmer than midnight.

The brief shaft of light that his Getsuga Tenshō had created was already closing, the heavy shadows making it near impossible to see until another flash of lightning and a deafening boom cracked the heavenly plane. The Son of Hades? He asked himself. Stygian Iron? His father's throne? Ichigo had no idea what this man was talking about, his mind was already spinning enough as it was…he couldn't—. Before a single query could leave his lips, he was forced into silence by sheer surprise. Standing before him now was a tall man with dark, messy and chin-length black hair. Neatly combed, falling across a furrowed forehead into intense stormy blue eyes and perfectly styled; it looked strangely dishevelled but well put together even in the grips of howling windstorm as tailored clothes accentuated a strong frame that held itself with such regal poise and awe-inspiring power that the orangette had an overwhelming urge to bow his head forward out of pure respect and beg for forgiveness. A neatly trimmed black beard was only adding to the severity of the ethereal being's angered scowl. He was timeless, ageless, the personification of the storm he was clearly keeping under strict control as clutched in his right hand, was a two metre mass of blinding, dancing and arcing light.

Only when the orangette forced himself to look closer, did he realized that it was a live and sparking lightning bolt. This was the wrath of the heavens. A deadly weapon that could incinerate his soul and kill him within seconds and it was already charging the air with shocks of electricity and heated arcs of spidery blue light to capture its intended target with an inescapable net. For the first time since Ichigo had ventured into unknown lands far beyond Japan, he was struck with a whisper of fear. He, who had stood in front of the Quincy King, the Reiou, the Royal Guards and Aizen without flinching, was now shivering with cold sweat in the presence of a celestial being he could not understand. But he would not admit defeat, sharp eyes lifting upwards boldly even when the pressure in the air forced him buckle and bend down on one knee the moment that regal low-heeled shoes came to a halt in front of him. A forefinger and thumb was tipping his chin upwards firmly, forcing chocolate brown to collide with stormy blue that were glowing just as brightly as lightning as they searched dark brown eyes intently for something that only the older soul could understand. A black silk scarf was tumbling forward to tickle a dainty nose, forcing a sneeze from Ichigo's throat as the dark colours complimented his captor's pale skin and a pinstriped waist-coat accentuated a sky blue tie that was just as unruffled and unfazed as the rest of the man's appearance was.

He was definitely foreign… Shapely eyebrows, an exceedingly tall frame and double eyelids gave it away instantly. Just as the source of his power was completely different from any ally or foe Ichigo had ever faced before. He didn't know what was going on anymore, his mind was—.

'A Child of Hades unafraid of invading my territory? A sword strong enough to counter a blast from my Master Bolt? Do you even know whose presence you are standing in? I am Zeus, Lord Of The Sky, King of Olympus, Emperor of Gods, the God Of Honour, Justice and Lightning and you have trespassed on my domain. I want to know what in Hades' name you are doing here and how are you able to travel the skies so freely and with such unimaginable speed to outrun my storms?' Ichigo shivered deeply, his mind reeling with the information that he had just been given as he tried to comprehend any words or find an appropriate answer to appease the Lord Of The Sky's anger before it could become worse.

God, he corrected himself. He was kneeling in the presence of a god… But his mind didn't want to believe that. The Reiou and Aizen's weak attempt to become a god had been nothing like this, they were completely different and yet…Ichigo had a feeling that he just unconsciously pissed off the most powerful being of them all.

1* - Schatten Bereich – Shadow Territory

I know this is a crossover and many will not understand the entire Bleach world and Percy Jackson world at the same time, if I have mentioned something you don't then please PM your questions and I will explain them to the best of my abilities. I more an expert in Bleach so I tend to forget that not everyone has the same knowledge as I do, I'll be happy to explain any confusing parts to you from both worlds.

Other than that, thank you for reading. I really appreciate it. If I can get a small review for my work, I'd be eternally grateful to you and may even update faster. I'd like to know if my first Crossover has been a success so far. But for now, I need to run. I hope you enjoyed.

Yours Always

Chocolate Carnival

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