Black Blade: Dance Of Despair

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Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any of the characters there within, it belongs solely to Kubo Tite. This is purely for my own pleasure, I make no money from this.

Right my honeys, I'm a bit early with this one because it took me away. This is an unexplored concept for me, so I'm playing with it for now because I enjoy it and it's time for me to try something new. There are several warnings for this fic that I need you to keep in considerations when reading, I'm throwing the Bleach world upside down because I need something different. This story is very dark and is currently only a two-shot in my mind. I don't know when part 2 will be posted, I'm too exhausted to think of it.

Please heed there warnings, this story contains: M/M Lemons, Angst, Evil!Soul Society, Sort-of-Good!Quincy, Canon Deviation after Ichigo regained his powers, different outlook on his powers than either just Quincy!Ichigo or Shinigami!Ichigo. Trauma, speech impairment, violent themes…a younger in appearance Yhwach. Meaning that Yhwach is Yhwach, make no mistake, he just carries the appearance of Zangetsu Ossan. Spoilers for the newer chapters, Traumatized!Ichigo and a different way to write him than before.

The pairing for Black Blade: Dance Of Despair is: Yhwach (ユーハバッハ) [Appearance from 1000 years ago] x Kurosaki Ichigo (黒崎 一護)

If this is not your cup of tea, I don't want to hear it. I'm not forcing you to read this so I return expect my readers to heed the warnings where they are placed, this story is NOT for the faint of heart. It is EXCEEDINGLY dark so consider yourself thoroughly warned…my stories is not a playpen for little children anymore. You either get it or you do not.

Also, I will humbly ask my German readers not to point out my mistakes. I am only fluent in Afrikaans so I apologize if there are any mistakes here. I'm not going to change them for convenience sake.

Black Blade: Dance Of Despair Part 1

'Lo, Prinz der Nacht, my beautiful Stille Marionette (1*)…' A commanding baritone echoed imposingly, the resounding echo of low heeled black boots ringing in tandem to powerfully reverberating words as a pair of dull chocolate brown eyes fluttered open obediently at the call of the Emperor's voice and two palms curled tighter around the pommel of a large black blade. A black chain, containing seven and a half links, was digging near painfully into pale skin. The heavy blade's curved tip, driven deeply into ice incrusted stone, as it acted as a merciful and supportive counterbalance to a tall, lithe, frame. Two black waraji clad feet were parted in an unmovable stance, the pleated folds of a black hakama brushing against the blunt edge of the sword as a lowered chin remained submissively bowed until calloused fingertips brushed against the back of his bared neck and a powerful presence came to a halt mere inches in front of him. 'Have you awoken the darkness in your heart to answer your Vater's(2*) call? Kurosaki Ichigo, Kind des Licht…geboren in der dunkelheit (3*). It's time to arise, my son.' Shifting forward instinctively at the resounding call of his name, stoic petal pink lips remained untouched by any shadow of emotion as messy orange locks skittered playfully across pale cheeks and fell forward artfully to conceal empty eyes in the dancing shadows of vibrant tangerine strands.

'My Child, beloved of the Moonless Skies and treasure of Obscurity. It is time to fell the trespassers against your soul, cut down your betrayers where they stand and shatter the fate of the world. Allow the heaven's to tremble beneath your feet, welcome the darkness that consumes the soul and yield to the flow of untainted purity.' Blinking lazily at the awakening words that his Kaiser (4*) spoke to him every rising eventide, Kurosaki Ichigo shuddered in dark pleasure when a forefinger and thumb tipped his head back tenderly and chocolate brown eyes collided apathetically with a pale blue pair hidden behind wraparound yellow glasses. 'I am forever by your side, the eternal strength of your resilient black blade…the Master of your soul and the Eternal King that you bow to. Triumph over this dance of despair, prevail only with your indiscernible strength and lock away your graceful kindness from all underserving souls. Animate the darkness of the night, my little Prinz. Your Emperor awaits his answer, his voice commands the flow of your strength and his fingers manipulate the strings of reishi connected to the beat of your silent heart.' A startling breath of gifted life was being dragged slowly into resisting lungs, spilling sensually from parted lips in a miasma of misty white as the sub-zero temperatures of the Schatten Bereich (5*) plummeted further the instant that night rose heavily across boundless horizons.

The ice encrusted Silbern Fortress was rising imposingly behind the orange haired teen's back, the white stairs leading up to the Quincy King's Eternal Throne as Ichigo remained loyal to the sentinel post he had not yet been ordered to move from. The rising wind was tugging restlessly at a billowing black shihakushō, a segmented sash that echoed the colour of blood; was drawn securely over his right shoulder as curious black brands were seared the backs of his hands and encircled his wrists, ankles and chest with protective X's. The defensive black and white addition that was curled around the back of his neck, was digging more securely into tanned skin as the tinkling chain, attached to the pommel of Zangetsu's hilt, rang out deafeningly to shatter the stillness of the night. Another slow breath of control was falling sensually from luscious lips, a quiet moan echoing through the air as a soothing warmth flooded the depths of his soul where gentle fingertips had cupped his cheek. He was leaning forward instinctively, the tip of a pink tongue peeking out to drag across soft lips when a pressing thumb parted them slightly before trailing downwards to rest calloused fingers against his heart. A thick black fog had descended across this terrifying world of shadow by now, obscuring the King and his Doll from sight as the uncontained magnitude of a powerful reiatsu rocked overwhelmingly into the distance.

'H-Heika… (6*)' Ichigo called quietly, unable to conceal the needy shivers that were racing down his spine as a guiding touch pulled his Zanpactō from the ground and sealed it away in a swathe of pitch black silk before it was draped securely across his back. He was waiting patiently for it, knowing that he deserved a reward for standing quiet guard as his King had stepped outside the Schatten Bereich for important business. Tipping his head forward when warm lips pressed against his forehead, a spark of pure pleasure saturated dulled eyes as an eternal warmth eventually slid over his mouth for a deep but languid kiss. Soft wavy brown locks were falling forward to tickle across pale cheeks, petal pink lips parting further to welcome a skilful tongue inside as long curling black lashes fluttered half-mast in purring pleasure. Cold fingertips were winding restrictively in the soft fabric of a flowing floor length, crimson, cloak. The colour, a regal prelude to Yhwach's utter command, as black booted feet shifted forward to bring two forms closer together and a stabilizing arm slid securely around impatiently shifting hips. The older being's form was towering over Ichigo smaller frame, the young Shinigami revelling contentedly in the intense echoes of rapture that was flooding through his veins as an erotic entanglement and domineering tongue echoed pure sensation through fast heating blood.

So good, his thoughts echoed eerily loud in the back of his mind. His breaths were shortening considerably as the world faded away from around him and all that mattered…was the deeply satisfying stimulation that was curling a scorching heat deep in the pit of his stomach. This was all that he needed, the only tether to reality as a quiet moan muffled against soft lips and his nose wrinkled whimsically when stylish yellow glasses dug into the bridge of his nose and a scruffy beard brushed almost playfully against his cheek. When a steady chin came to rest against the top of his head several seconds later, pulling him securely into a protective and an all-encompassing embrace, Ichigo quietly rested his ear against the steady rise and fall of his Kaiser's chest as he listened intently to the calm beat of a heart to match his own to. Several warm exhales were rustling through messy orange locks, the sound of an amused chuckle caressing sensitive hearing before the pad of a forefinger came up to brush away the trace of saliva that had spilled from the corner of his mouth. It had previously connected their tongues intimately, a physical representation of the pleasure he had been rewarded as Ichigo remained silent and waited obediently for the Emperor's next instruction.

'Such a good child I have, my beloved Prinz, always obeying my words. Come now, it's about time you and I retire for the night.' Ichigo remained unfazed by the deadly smirk that he was given, his light-footed steps completely silent upon the twenty-eight steps that he had been standing at the bottom of as the black fog his releasing power had induced, slowly retreated into wisps of vapour before disappearing back into flawlessly tanned skin where it belonged. He stayed only one step behind Yhwach, far enough away not to step on the trailing edges of a floor length cloak but close enough so that the eternal warmth of the dark haired being could still be felt through the fabric of his shihakushō. It was icy cold in this plane without the King's warmth, after all. The numbing sensations sometimes so overwhelming that it was impossible to breathe. But now that Ichigo had been awakened by his Kaiser's call once more, the cold that misted his breath was not so unbearable as all that mattered was his permission to stay close and he was allowed to accept the gentleness he was being given so generously. Chocolate brown eyes were scanning the icy distance constantly though, apathetically searching for threats as the Silbern Fortress Throne Room rose imposingly before him and several white clad Stern Ritters bowed respectfully at their approaching Emperor's distinctive and powerful presence.

Ichigo didn't mind the heated glares that his own presence attracted, his soul knowing intimately that he was protected fiercely exactly where he was…behind his Vater's back. Yhwach would never let any harm befall him, the King always kept his promises and he had never once lied to the orange haired teen before. So, Ichigo had vowed to keep his own word in return. Watching intently as the wave of a dismissive hand cleared the Throne Room within seconds, dark eyes blinked indolently with curiosity as the Quincy King seated himself on his throne and raised a beckoning hand to call the orange haired Shinigami closer to him. Reaching out his own left hand where the light of several sconces and blue reishi fires illuminated the Quincy Cross that was curled around his wrist with a delicate silver chain, the unusual medium, serving as a catalyst to call upon the second half of his inherited power, remained mostly hidden beneath the large black and white sleeves of his kosode as Ichigo took several uncertain steps towards his Heika. There was a glint of amusement swimming within the older being's pale blue eyes, a larger hand curling warmly around his before Ichigo was guided forward to stand between parted thighs and a soothing touch rose affectionately to ruffle through a messy array of orange locks that was quite dishevelled and long since he had first arrive here.

'Looking so bewildered and forlorn there, my son? When was the last time that you slept?' Averting dark eyes towards the ground guiltily, the orangette was left reeling internally when he was abruptly pulled into a warm lap so that his ear came to rest against the steady beat of a heart and warm arms wound him up in a gentle embrace. 'I'm not talking about the static state of your powers that I just awoke you from, but normal sleep?' Ichigo didn't answer. But that was alright, Yhwach had understood the tells in his son's soul when he himself couldn't speak. Only the King was able to hear his Stille Marionette's voice, to listen to the anguish of his soul and shield him from the world when an underserved and startling betrayal had left him without family and incapable of all but one word…Heika… Allowing for a soft sigh to spill from pale lips, the Quincy King pressed a soothing kiss to the top of spiky orange locks as the ebb and flow of reishi around him lulled the seventeen-year-old into gentle sleep that was not likened to the harsh oblivion he himself would be falling into through the next few hours. The fiery orange haired Shinigami was his chosen Heir, 'A', the Prinz der Nacht and considering that Ichigo had only been marked by the Initial Ceremony a few months ago…he had to be woken from the static state that his powers fell into during the day if the King's presence wasn't close by.

Seireitei's ruthlessness hadn't wavered an inch since a thousand years ago, he thought mournfully. They had eradicated the little Prinz's family a mere month after having given back his powers, all because the wrong person had discovered the sleeping inheritance that was threaded thickly through the orangette's veins. The sheer carnage that Yhwach had found him in that night three months ago, it was so devastating that it had shattered something fundamental within Ichigo's soul that couldn't be mended. A completely unnecessary act in the King's eyes, they hadn't even declared war on Soul Society by one had even known that Yhwach had awoken from his thousand year sleep. But when the Central 46 felt threatened, even by one of their greatest and most loyal allies, it only took one order from above before the top tier in the Gotei-13 lost all previous notions of kindness to their assets. Such sorrow should never stain the innocence of this world, especially not after everything that the child had already sacrificed so selflessly for them in the first place. He should give thanks for their incompetence really, they had only managed to push the Special War Potential that was on the top of his list, right into his arms and the range of his far reaching powers.

That was a big mistake, they had practically given Yhwach his victory. He would enjoy drawing out its sweet taste this time, crumbling them to dust beneath his feet without remorse…just like they had been eradicating his children whilst he had been sealed away and utterly helpless to save them. Leaning his head against the back of an imposing white throne, the transcendent soul never once minded the seventeen-year-old that was curled in his lap as he listened quietly to soft breaths that evened out considerably and eventually prompted him to bring up absent fingertips to pinch the bridge of his nose in thought. Shifting stylish yellow glasses that were settled across his eyes, a quiet chuckle spilled from the King's lips as he recalled meeting 'himself' the first night that he had shared a piece of his soul with his little Prinz der Nacht. To be drawn so deeply into the depths of a complex composition of power so that he glimpsed the intimate workings of a Inner World, it had been a startling surprise and an unusual amount of trust that the orangette had showed him unknowingly. Even though the presence of Quincy power in the predominant Shinigami's soul was not something entirely unexpected to him, he had felt its awakening presence after all. But it was the first time that Yhwach had gotten close enough to even see a Zanpactō spirit tied so irrevocably to its Master's soul.

In response to the sight he had seen, the Quincy King had adopted the image of Zangetsu's appearance himself. It wasn't that hard to revert his soul back to a younger age, especially when the brief trouble was worth the large amount of comfort that it seemed to bring the orange haired teen. His Stille Marionette, he struggled to respond to anything emotionally these days and on top of a debilitating and traumatic silence...he deserved all the comfort that he could get. For the precious treasure that his enemy's unkindness and cruel nature had gifted him, Yhwach would take his time to mould a stable soul that was befitting of the vast and encompassing strength that the orange haired Shinigami had been born with. Nothing less would do for his successor, he had decided. And so, no one within the Wandenreich would be able to question his choice in this matter…regardless of how eager they became to project Yhwach's eternal hatred of Shinigami upon 'A'. Resting the tip of his nose in a messy array of soft orange locks, the Emperor quietly memorised the sweet scent of orange blossom, mint, fire and blood that seemed to cling incessantly to Ichigo's soul. It was a heady combination, something that he wanted to sear into his mind for eternity as he tenderly carded gentle fingertips through softly textured strands to settle the unease that was creeping into his little Prinz's dreams.

Narrowing pale blue eyes when a bold presence dared to enter this room once the sun had set, Yhwach found his tensed shoulders relaxing slightly when he caught sight of 'B', his Grandmaster, making his way towards the dais with steady and perfectly controlled footsteps. Sharp blue eyes were quietly observing the sight that the two of them made, a ghost of a smirk dancing across usually stoic lips as Jugram Haschwalth came to a halt in front of the Kaiser's impressive throne for his last report of that day. There wasn't much to listen to that Yhwach himself didn't already know however, he had suspected that Soul Society would leave themselves open for an outside attack and internal upheaval after 'eliminating' what they thought would become their greatest threat if awakened fully. This was their grave loss, the little Prinz der Nacht may be withdrawn deeply into himself and traumatized by their shocking betrayal but he was not without cognitive thought or power for that matter. In fact, their biggest fears were about to be realized. It was causing a deadly smirk of pure satisfaction curl across pale lips, vibrant orange strands tickling his cheek when he breathed a shaky sigh across a pale temple that was listening quietly to the beat of heart as the seventeen-year-old slept on without any true interference of dark dreams.

'It seems, Your Majesty, that the more loyal of Kurosaki Ichigo's friends…including some Captains of the Gotei-13, have started stirring unrest through Seireitei themselves. Such a ruthless assassination can only be concealed in secret for so long before questions will demand to be answered and the political ramifications will send devastating shockwaves through Soul Society. As it is now, they will tear themselves apart from the inside out. It is almost far too easy to completely upset the balance and purge the city—.' Hushing Haschwalth with a shake of his head, pale blue eyes closed thoughtfully behind yellow lenses as Yhwach turned his eyes upon the Schatten Bereich that was spread out in front of his Throne Room. 'Let us not get ahead of ourselves, 'B'. Our plans have no need to be rushed, there is still a month left until I can ensure the complete fall of Hueco Mundo. It is best to stir trouble there first, Soul Society is likely to notice something is amiss fairly quickly and their actions have given themselves enough rope to hang by without my or your direct interference. Let us wait for the perfect opportunity, there is still plenty of unbalance in our own ranks to settle.' Nodding a thoughtful understanding at those words, the fair haired Quincy was just about to turn on his heel and head for the door at his King's dismissal when he stilled his movements expectantly instead.

'Would you like for me to take Kurosaki Ichigo back to his quarters? He's—.'

'Let him sleep where he is, 'B'. I need my own rest tonight and if I'm drawn away from it by his fear and panic at the loss of my presence, it is going to be detrimental to several of the Stern Ritter because I cannot become the Father to my children like I should be whenever the sun sets and darkness falls over this plane. I'll ask that you keep an extra eye on the seals surrounding this room, even add a few if you like. I suspect that the unrest in our own ranks is enough to force more drastic measures from the bolder and stupider of my Stern Ritter.' When the doors sealed shut after a quietly breathed 'Yes, Your Majesty'; Yhwach allowed a tired sigh to spill from between his lips. It had been a long day, far longer than he'd have liked but he could finally allow his own power to spill freely from beneath his skin as it engulfed the entirety of the Silver Fortress Throne Room in a tangible shadows that seemed to dance and bend to only to the will of his soul.

There was only one being that he could allow in close proximity when he released his own strength to such levels and that was the soul that carried the same epithet as he himself did. 'A', the Prinz der Nacht and his Stille Marionette that still waited to be awakened every night by the pleasure of his King's touch and the comforting control of reishi strings that were attached to Ichigo's heart and the tips of his Vater's fingers. His beloved child that had yielded his soul to 'Zangetsu' several months ago and had willing accepted the truths of his new life under the Heika's command without fight.

Yhwach had indeed been given a very treasured and beautiful gift, one he should remember to properly give thanks to his enemy's for the next time he… and they in turn…came face to face with their biggest and most lethal mistake.

1*- Stille Marionette – Still/Silent Doll

2*- Vater – Father

3* - Kind des Licht…geboren in der dunkelheit – Child of Light, born in the darkness

4* - Kaiser – Emperor

5* - Schatten Bereich – Shadow Territory

6* - Heika – Your Majesty

There you have it, my honeys. All done for now. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it. I'll ask for a small review for my hard work, please, it makes my day. Any questions raised in this part will most likely be explained in Part 2 but this is only the introduction so there isn't much explored here at all.

When and what updates next, I cannot tell…we'll have to see where my inspiration take me. But I'll hopefully see you soon with a new update.

Yours Always

Chocolate Carnival

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