Howling For You

BY : HardlyFatal
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Howling For You

Chapter 1

by HardlyFatal

Unohana-taichou was busy with the losers of the fight (i.e. the entire rest of the Eleventh Division), and everyone else flatly refused to step foot in the room.

Isane didn't want to go, either, so for the first time in her entire healing career she found herself poised on the horns of an ethical dilemma: should she steel her resolve and treat the patient, or give in to her frankly-admitted cowardice and flee?

 She stood outside the door for so long, going back and forth on the subject, that the other healers shrugged and deserted her, leaving her alone in the hallway.

The man was impossible and routinely refused medical care; if she left, no one would be the wiser, and the situation would be far more credible than trying to make anyone believe he had actually submitted to treatment. Isane turned; her foot was actually in the air, about to take a step away.

Then she heard it. It was just a slight hiss of pain, pitched low, but it was there, and now that she'd heard it, she couldn't ignore it. With a sigh, she squared her shoulders, drew a deep breath, and slid the door open.

Zaraki Kenpachi sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide, elbows planted on his knees, hands dangling between them. His hair had lost both bells and spikes, and fell limply to his shoulders. His top half of his shihakusho was missing entirely, and his hakama were so tattered that it was more like he was wearing an ankle-length loincloth; both legs were exposed down the sides to his feet. His well-muscled limbs were covered in slices and gashes, some of which were still oozing blood.

"Zaraki-taichou!" she exclaimed, forgetting her fear of him and approaching on the double, hands already glowing with diagnostic kidou.

"None of that crap," he growled, slapping her hands away. "Just help me clean up so I can get back to my squad."

Help him clean up? "Why can't you clean yourself up?"

He averted his eyes. "Can't reach."

Couldn't reach his own body? That could be his shoulders or spine, his nervous system... Isane reactivated the kidou, nimbly dodging his half-hearted swipe as she began to run them lightly over his limbs. It didn't take long to locate the problem: one of the cervical disks had dislocated in his neck. He had to have been in agony.

"Hold still," she told him and stepped between his wide-spread knees so she could place her hands directly on the injury at the back of his neck. Healing kidou sprang from her fingers, and she placed them gently on the afflicted area.

Kenpachi flinched at the initial touch, but as it quickly changed to the typical massaging warmth of healing, he relaxed, even let out a very faint sigh of relief.

Isane's healing style tended to be absolute; she put everything of herself into helping her patients, almost to the point of entering a trance where every ounce of her concentration was dedicated to the task. Therefore, she was jolted rudely back into herself at the feel of two massive hands attaching themselves to her hips.

"Zaraki-taichou...?" Had she hurt him? Was he trying to push her away?

To her stupefaction, those hands slid around to cup her butt.

"Za-za-za-za--" she began, too stunned to actually make it past the first syllable of his name.

"You got a great ass," he informed her, giving it a hearty squeeze. "Who knew?"

Isane stepped back out of the circle of his arms, making his hands fall away. "What--" She stopped herself; she wasn't so dim-witted that she didn't know what he'd done. "Why did you do that?"

He shrugged; carefully, as if experimenting to see if he could. "It was right there."

Indignation warred with fear and won; Isane snapped, "Well, your... groin... is right there! Does that mean I'm allowed to grope it?"

He shot her a delighted grin. "I wouldn't stop you."

Totally against her will, Isane's eyes travelled down his body to the tatters of his hakama, where his groin was framed by long, hard thighs. The layers and folds of dark fabric could not conceal the bulge that announced a gracious plenty was housed there.

 Isane squeaked and flash-stepped from the room in fright, while he laughed.

That night, after her long workday was over and Isane had bathed and gone to bed, she commenced her usual nightly ritual of masturbation.

Everything went according to the usual plan; she lay back on the bed and opened her sleeping yukata, parted her legs and took up her dildo. She rubbed it over her nipples until they were stiff, aching points, then ran it down her belly to tease at her vulva, coaxing herself to wetness, until the dildo was slick enough to glide easily through her labia. With firm pressure, she sank it deep between her legs, breath catching at the thick invasion, then moved it in and out until she brought herself to a wrenching climax.

Her usual practice was to fantasize about one or another of the men she found attractive; the previous night, it had been Renji, and the night before, Ukitake-taichou. The night before him had been that tall, silent ryoka with the strange name-- Chad? It never failed, providing her with a pleasant, reliable, relaxing end to her days.

The problem? Tonight, instead of imagining the newly-returned Kensei-taichou as her lover du jour, as planned, it had been the huge, ugly, and terrifying Zaraki Kenpachi who had featured so prominently in her pornish imaginings.

And she'd never come so quickly, or so hard, before. Ever .

Isane lay sprawled in her bed, flushed and sweat-dampened, and stared at the ceiling in horror.

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