Sing Me a Lullabye

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Title: Sing Me a Lullabye

Fandom: Bleach/Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Chapter: Prologue

Chapter title: It Starts With Bruises and Blood

Characters: Ichigo, Shiro, Ciel, Sebastian, Pluto

Word Count: 1,503

AN: Ah and we start with this wonderful chapter. Things will be laid out and explained as the story goes and the pairings will be added.

I do hope that you enjoy this story. I want to thank CutsyCat for doing such a wonderful job beta’ing this story for me and for Affy-chan (Afriel) for being there as I wrote this in a month. Seriously, that’s the amount of time it took me to write this. Not including the week I spent in Washington last year for my birthday.

And to all of my readers who take the time to review, even just a one worded review: Thank you. I love you all.

Enjoy. See you Friday.


It hurt...It hurt so much. His body was in so much pain…blood running from his arms and dripping down his fingers. Blood dripping from his mouth.


He had to run, run away from the one who hurt him, made him bleed and bruise. He had to move...legs pumping...running...slipping over the white sand.

“Shi...” He choked on the name, brown eyes hazy as he fell onto his hands and knees. “” Spitting out the blood that was quickly filling his mouth, he looked up at the sight of black sandals in his view, white filling it as the person reached out and picked him up. White hair fluttered behind him as orange spread out around the prone body of the man that had called for help.

“Shh...I know just where to take you. Don’t worry, Ichi-chan, you’ll be just fine, far away from here.” The watery quality that echoed soothed the young man’s mind and he fell into darkness, never noticing the garganta opening. Never noticing them stepping through it. Never noticing that he was laid down near a mansion on grounds well tended and cared for as a large demon dog patrolled the area.

Never noticed when Shi disappeared, knowing that his Ichi would be well taken cared of. Even as his tenacious hold on his sanity slipped and shattered like a dropped mirror, leaving the two that were mirror images of his very soul to try and pick up the pieces.

It was Pluto that found them as he walked around the grounds, doing his duty of making sure that nothing was going on that didn’t happen without the young Master's express permission. He caught the first whiff of dried blood and new blood before he heard the soft whimpering and groaning. His head perked up as his eyes narrowed and he carefully made his way to the body that was covered in very little. A shirt that had no sleeves and bared a toned midriff and a pair of shorts that could barely be called decent covered a body that was littered with cuts in various stages of healing, bruises of various colors and blood, fresh and old.

He jerked back when the lean body mewled and brown eyes that were hazy and not all there looked up at him before the body once more went limp. Howling, Pluto called for his Master and his butler, lying next to the barely covered body, shifting so that he was curled protectively around it. His nose gently nudged the body once more, another mewl escaping it and telling him that the body was alive at least.

“Pluto, let me see what has you calling us so loudly,” Ciel demanded as he ran up to the large hell hound. Pluto sat up, tail still slightly curled around the hurt and broken body. The youthful mans eye widened in surprise before a string of curses that would make any sailor proud slipped past his lips. “Sebastian! We have a problem here! I need your healing help,” he called out, moving to kneel next to the prone body.

Brushing back the hair that looked like fire under the matting of blood and grime, Ciel very gently turned Ichigo over, finding that he was indeed a he and needed some very heavy healing. Hissing very softly, he trailed his fingers over the worst wounds, categorizing them as wounds made by manacles that had been struggled against. He knew that they would scar from how deep they were and how raw the skin around them had been rubbed, but the others wouldn’t leave any scars.

At least physical scars. He could attest to how the mental scars would form, but in what way they would appear wouldn’t be learned until the man was healed and awake.

“Master, let me see him,” Sebastian said, moving to kneel beside his younger master. His gloved hands brushed over bruised and dirty cheeks, a soft moan escaping from the unconscious man, telling him that the other was alive but not in very good shape. “We need to take him to the house. I dare not take him to a doctor, or have one come to us. His looks are far from normal and his wounds are indicative of light torture,” he said to Ciel, the younger demons eyes widening in surprise.

“What?” he hissed, eye narrowed as it flashed a dangerous red. “Let’s move him then. He will be placed in the room next to ours, with the connecting door. I shall call the others together and explain the situation to them while you take care of our surprise guest,” Ciel instructed.

“Yes, Master,” Sebastian returned, nodding his head and carefully picking up the unconscious man, getting a whimpering whine as the pained body was shifted. He shushed the young boy with soft words as he hurried carefully to the room, Pluto following close behind him, feeling the need to protect the new man, even as he shifted into a smaller version of himself. “Stay out of my way, dog,” Sebastian stated once they were in the bedroom.

Laying Ichigo down onto the bed, the demon butler was quick to gather towels, hot water, ointments, gauze, wrappings and other things to fix the wounds up as best as he could. Stripping the prone male down to nothing, he growled at finding that he would have to possibly hurt the body before him by giving him a full body bath to dispose of the grime and old blood that covered every inch of him.

Shaking his head and vowing to hurt whoever had done such a thing to an innocent like this, Sebastian moved to the bathroom as he wondered where the need to protect the young male on the bed had come from. He didn’t even know his name but already Sebastian already knew that he and Ciel would find the idiot who had put their hands on him and tear them into chunks before devouring their soul.

“And it shall be so sweet to do so,” he murmured as he filled the bathtub half full, making sure that the water wouldn’t be too hot. Once that was done, he went back to the bed and found that Ichigo had turned onto his side and curled up, holding his ribs which made the demon note that he would need to check on them when he bound the wounds.

Picking up Ichigo, getting a displeased, pained sound, Sebastian was quick to wash Ichigo down from head to toe, changing out the water four times before it came away milky from the specialized soaps and shampoos that they used whenever one of them were wounded. Once his surprising guest had been cleaned, the demon wrapped him in a large towel and moved him to the bed once more.

Sebastian worked methodically, drying his body and hair, binding his ribs and wrapping his wounds before braiding the rather long locks tightly and finishing with placing him in a night shirt that came down to his knees. As he was covering Ichigo with a blanket, Ciel walked in, looking harassed and ready to snap someone’s head off.

“I take it they took it well and started asking as many questions as possible?” Sebastian asked, raising an eyebrow as his red eyes glowed, hands smoothing down the bed sheets.

“Of course they did, Sebastian,” Ciel snorted before eying his servant with his visible eye. “You’re not wearing your gloves, jacket, vest, or tie and your sleeves are rolled up. Did you give him a bath?” he asked.

“Yes, Master. He was filthy and I was not taking the chance of him ending up with an infection just because of the filth on him. Someone kept him locked up for a very long time and in some not so healthy conditions,” Sebastian stated. He sat down and started to roll down his sleeves, fixing his shirt. It wasn’t often that he showed a softer side of his personality, but his Master, his lover, always seemed to pull it out of him so easily. “There is some evidence that he was taken cared of while in captivity but…”

“Ahh, but he was tak’n cared of. At least as much as they could, ya understand.” The watery echoed voice filled the air around them, making them look around. “Hey, over here. In the mirro’,” the voice chuckled. Both of them turned to the mirror, finding a colorless, harder version of the male in the bed standing in the mirror. “I woulda greeted ya in person but our Ichi’s mind is a bit of a mess and we’re workin’ to fix it as much as we can,” he greeted, waving a black nailed finger at them.

“Who the hell are you? And what do you mean by that?” Ciel was the first to ask as Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

“Me?” the albino asked, golden eyes sparkling, making the black sclera that much darker. “I’m Shirosaki and I’m the prone ones hollow…”


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