Chronicles of the Moon

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The Time Before

Below and all around stood a valley that sheltered a small village within the Western Lands. Asuna knew these lands as well as her sire and she was weary as always but she made herself move forward. The fight was still on and her heart as heavy as always. She had to make a base for herself to help avoid a paradox. So far she had avoided too much of one but sooner or later things could always go wrong; with her luck they would. She had come back to try and track down her lost son and she intended to do it before Maec. She smiled when she felt Naraku and she turned.

“You are wayward inu.” He snorted.

“I am in my own lands hanyou.” She said smiling.

“Mhmm.” He stated as he jerked her to him with a tentacle.

She thrilled and his kiss was demanding as he left her breathless. He felt her belly and he felt their Angel move under his fingers. He had read the letter and this Naraku had been heavily affected but he refused to show it to her and he had burned it. He knew his mission and he knew love. That was all that mattered.

“Come mutt. You need a bath and I need to make you submit.” He said darkly.

“Oh please.” Asuna muttered.

Naraku chuckled and he pulled her into his miasma. They reappeared at his Northern Castle and he began to undress her slowly. It became apparent that she was missing in this era and she knew things were not good at all.
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Asuna was obsessed with reading and she was lying next to her hanyou mate. The Ryuku Islands took place in the nineteenth century and the battles with the Shouten took place over many, many eras. She realized she would have to fight throughout time. She needed the ability to travel like Kaito and Kaimei but she had not the ability. She also did not have several of her other yoki down either and they only appeared when she was in danger. She was stumped and she looked over at Naraku.

“Will you go see your neko? You are keeping me awake.” He growled.

“Well good Kamis!” Asuna snapped.

“Sorry my love but you have been reading for days. I need sleep to regenerate.” Naraku said testily.

“God you bitch like an inu bitch.” She snapped again.

He leveled her a stare and she made a face. She stood up and she had not seen Jagaharu Grimmjow in a while. She ported to the Southern Kingdom and she knew they knew her well. She scented him out and he met her first.

“Esposa?” He asked shocked.

“Haru.” She whispered.

He grabbed her and she was in his arms so fast that it made her head spin. He was kissing her passionately and he did not care who saw. Her hands ended up in his wild hair and she ended up against a castle wall. They heard the clearing of a throat and he finally pulled back.

“Sorry Otousan.” He mumbled.

“Lady Asuna.” The Neko lord mumbled.

“Lord Hikaru.” She said guarded.

“General Grimmjow please take your mate to your chambers.” Hikaru stated with authority.

“Hai.” He purred.

Jagaharu pulled her along and as soon as the shoji was shut; he began to undo her hanfu. She was trying to talk but he could not stop kissing her. She growled and slipped her hand to where if he had a tail; his tender spot was. He yelped and stared at her.

“I need you to listen to me and I need you to listen now.” Asuna stated firmly.

“Do you know how long it's been? Months! I have not seen you in months!” He snapped.

“I am sorry my love. Things have been bad for me in the other time. I am here and I will be here for awhile. Rest assured of that.” She said softly.

“Where's my boy?” Haru demanded.

“I will bring him here. In fact I will bring all my pups here to be with me whilst I hunt.” She said thinking.

“Yeah well I've fucking missed ya. I want to feel you like yesterday.” He said in a temper.

“Haru, I have said I need to speak with you.” She said then she found herself flat on her back.

He had his famous manic grin and he split open her clothing. She had no will left when he began to pleasure her ruthlessly. She really had no will left when he used his tongue to bring her to climax and then she was just mush when they made love.
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She was actually searching for any signs of herself and Juria had chosen well. She was supposed to be on the mainland. She snorted and her Tengu was a crafty bitch. Asuna was again in the Western Lands but near the shores of Kyoto. She was trying to think where Juria would hide her and she watched the ships of various business men of the West. She recognized the crest on one ship as from the House of Yuu. She nodded to the captain and him at her. She could run around and not worry because her younger self was nowhere to be found.

“Where is your lord?” She called to the captain.

“He is at his castle in Kyoto my lady.” The sea roughened old inu said bowing.

“Thank you Tatu.” She said smirking.

“Hai my lady.” He grinned.

Yuudai and she had the run of his ship when they were pups and there many good memories. She ported when out of sight and she appeared at the Yuu Castle in Kyoto. She knocked on the door and it was answered by an old loyal servant. The old servant bowed low to her and Asuna bowed in return. She handed her a large bag of gold and the old inu was surprised.

“I know your family has seen hard times Gana. Please accept that as for your loyalty to the West.” Asuna said softly.

“My lady?” She asked with moist amber eyes.

“Thank you. I will find Sir Yuuta.” She said smiling.

The servant was awestruck and she found her future mate in his office and he looked up. She wondered at the timeline and it was obvious he knew her in an intimate manner. She slipped in and she shut the door with her mind. Yuuta did not think and their lips collided. He was enamored with this bitch and he could not wait and he leaned her back. Asuna moaned softly as their clothed bodies pressed against the other.

“Hello.” Yuuta whispered feverishly against her mouth.

“Hello.” Asuna replied in like.

“Beautiful onna.” He mumbled as he undid her silks with ease.

“Yuuta! Not here.” She cried softly.

“Oh hai here. My beautiful bitch.” He murmured hoarsely.

“Sir Yuuta this is not you. You are discrete remember?” Asuna said fevered.

“I normally am. Oh Kamis port us then.” He muttered in a lust.

She ported them to his futon and he stripped her quickly. Yuuta was in a mood and he actually grabbed her hips and guided her to her hands and knees. He took her like a proper inu bitch and she was groaning and begging him within seconds. She clawed at his futon and she always felt like her inu self with this man. He collapsed against his futon later and his chest was heaving, she lying on her side catching her breath. He held her hip and she was with child and it made him insane with jealousy but he managed to keep it in. He spooned her form and moved her hair to feel all of her skin.

“So what is my princess doing here?” He asked in a husky tone.

“Hunting. What is my handsome councilman mate doing in Kyoto?” She asked smiling.

“I am seeing to imports and exports as you will. I have a council meeting in two days time and I am tired.” Yuuta chuckled.

“Well you are as gorgeous as ever.” She said leaning over him and he stared up at her.

“Kamis you are stunning. I still want to see my girl.” He said holding her face.

“I think I can meet that request. May I ask something of you?” Asuna asked.

“Please! Anything.” Yuuta said watching her earnestly.

“May I take up residence in one of your little used castles along the coast? I am going to be here often and I should like my small pups with me. I do not like to be away from them too much.” She said frowning.

“Please! One request.” He said touching her nose.

“Okay.” She nodded.

“I should like to meet them.” Yuuta smiled.

“They are many. I am in a fertile period.” She laughed.

He nodded and he felt good at the moment. She laid her head against his chest and this Asuna made him mad with desire. She made him crazed with lust and by the Kamis he was madly in love with her. He never thought it possible but he was. She was sleeping and his inner inu was pleased beyond measure. He closed his eyes and fell into slumber with the mother of his beloved but unknown daughter.
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She had returned to the modern era and she was packing her children up and bringing an army of clothing and medicines. She was bringing Hinata, Haruya, Chiyo, Justinus, Hana, Nayu, Noe, Naota, Shen, Lifen, Khellian, Itsuyo, Miku, Celeste, and Manami. Sakina stayed with Jouichi always and Minkah and Kizaki were already grown in the modern era. Ichigo was having a fit and so were other lovers. She did not care and she was not going to be separated from her babes. She knew several of her mates in the past and she would reunite them with their children. Hinata would have to come back and forth. Yuzuna came in dressed in a pewter hanfu and they smiled at each other. She had one son with her; Uzuru. Asuna had found a stash of crystals as Juria was still recovering but she knew she would have to figure it out quickly. She threw the crystal and she led her little procession through the crystal. She looked up just as she was fixing to leave and Amedeo walked right up.

“I cannot believe you would just take him and not me.” The basilisk growled.

“He is mine too.” She snapped.

“Si he is but he is mine.” He growled.

“Come or go but he is staying with me awhile because I must stay in the past. I refuse to be away from my children anymore.” Asuna stated.

“Fine. I come.” He said making a face at her and he picked up his boy.

Justinus kissed his father's cheek and laid his head against his chest. He was five now and Amedeo loved him so much. Adelphia was around and he had a relationship with his daughter but Justinus was with him always. She still had not forgiven his stupidity in getting captured. Fabius had not been seen again and Asuna was thrilled with that but then she had not gone seeking him either. They appeared in the splendid castle on the coast and Yuzuna recognized it.

“Wow! I have not seen this place in forever.” She said looking around.

“You recognize it?” Asuna asked.

“Hai. Yuudai would bring me here when you were on campaign.” She smiled.

Asuna nodded and she brought her little ones into the nursery and she had gone about interviewing a very trustworthy staff. She needed this base and she took Haruya's hand. Hinata scowled and stood by his brother.

“Where is he going?” He demanded.

“Hinata! I am taking him to his Chichi.” She said narrowing her eyes.

Her child was eight years old and very protective of Haruya. They were not far apart in age and he took the silver haired boy's hand.

“Nata, I'm okay.” Haruya said sighing.

“Nope.” He said shaking his strawberry blonde head.

“He is going to the Southern Kingdom to see Grimmjow.” Asuna stated tapping her foot.

“Not without me. Chichi thinks his Chichi is a Grimmshit.” Hinata stated.

“Kurosaki Hinata!” Asuna said horrified.

“My Chichi is good!” Haruya whined.

“Well mine says he is a shit head. I ain't going let my little brother outta my sight.” He said making a face.

Asuna realized how much Hinata was like Ichigo and she covered her mouth. She was absolutely horrified at his mouth and intended to get a tutor to shape him up. Jagaharu's mouth was not much better. She sighed and grabbed both boys' hands. She ported to the Yamaneko Kingdom and she walked with them both. Hinata took it all in and he was strutting like his sire. Haruya was truly not much younger and Jagaharu stopped when he saw his son. Haruaya's eyes welled up and he let go of his mother's hand. He ran to his father and they hugged tightly.

“So that's what Grimmshit looks like without a hole?” Hinata asked.

“Watch your mouth!” She roared.

“Sorry Haha but Chichi swears that's his name.” He said innocently.

“Your Chichi is teaching you bad manners!” Asuna growled.

Jagaharu mouthed thank you and she nodded. Hinata jerked away from her and he walked over to Haruya and planted himself behind his half brother.

“He ain't going nowhere without me.” He said narrowing his eyes.

“Who the fuck is this?” Haru asked in surprise.

“This is my older brother Chichi. This is Kurosaki Hinata.” Haruya said.

The arrogant looking boy stared up at the seasoned Yamaneko warrior. Haruya looked embarrassed and Asuna walked over. Ichigo had more brawn then brains at times and it seemed passed onto their son.

“Hinata! You will not command your younger siblings.” She growled in inu.

He got really red faced and he whirled on his mother. She stared at a miniature Ichigo and he had that same “fuck you” look on his face. Haruya was shocked at his brother and Asuna raised her hand.

“He's my brother! He's my responsibility! I couldn't save Masami but I can save the rest.” He said stubbornly.

She knelt by him and Jagaharu looked at the obviously hanyou boy and he was intrigued. His wife was speaking softly and she pressed her forehead to his.

“You were too young to save Masami and it was my job. I am sorry I could not. I failed her and I will always be sorry for that but I will punish those who did it. I am working on that. It may take me a long time but I will avenge your baby sister.” She stated.

“Okay. You and Chichi were never the same after she died. It's because the Shouten killed her.” He said suddenly crying.

“I do not know Hinata but your Chichi and I are still friends. He is a good man and a good Chichi. Now let us let Haruya visit his Chichi and we will discover this glorious past, okay?” She said brushing the hair out of his eyes.

“Kay.” He nodded.

She met Jagaharu's eyes and his face held surprise. She brushed his mind and she kissed Haruya's head. She ported with Hinata back to the castle near the coast. Hinata was now in a bad mood and he jerked away. He stormed off and she sighed.

“Haha, he will be okay. He is just like his sire.” Yuzuna stated.

“Hai that is part of the problem.” Asuna sighed.

She heard a loud knocking and she answered it herself. Yuuta stood at the door and she was surprised to see him so early. Yuzuna was in the hall and the sire knew his pup instantly. Yuzuna was stunned and she did not move.

“Chichi.” She whispered.

“Asuna? Our pup? That is our pup?” He asked stunned as well.

“Hai. Please come in.” She said bowing.

Yuzuna had seen him once and he realized now that it had been her. She smiled at him and he was so surprised. She walked the short distance and he grabbed her. She made a noise and he held on tight. Yuuta's eyes were closed as he held the daughter he had always wanted and Asuna had to look away as a few tears fell. Amedeo came out holding Justinus and he saw a silver haired dog daemon. Things were calm for the moment and they were just settling in.
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Muguruma Kensei was rubbing his face and if he had to deal with his idiot lieutenant Kuna Mashiro one more time this day then he would scream. He stood up and he was red faced.

“I'm going on patrol! The Captain General said there was an increase in hollow activity in the land of the living.” He barked.

“Hai sir.” Another subordinate said.

He walked along and he was cracked his knuckles. His black fingerless gloves showed off his physique and he walked to the gate. Tachikaze was strapped to his side and he walked through to the living world. He was on the West side of Honshu and he knew all about the current youkai lord. Fearsome beasts the inu were but they did not bother the shinigami and he doubted they knew about Soul Society. He heard a ruckus and he saw a blast of energy rush past him. He was surprised as it smashed a tree to nothing. He heard a feminine voice talking and instructing and he grew curious. Kensei went to find out what it was and he saw a female inu youkai and she was surrounded by small children. It was obvious they were hers and she had a beautiful weapon in her hand.

“Now my son; hit my fang again.” She commanded of a red haired child.

“Hai.” The boy said.

The boy had reiastu and it surprised Kensei. The mother was sure footed and she was training the boy well. He could not help it and he was impressed. He watched for damn near two hours and she instructed for the children to be taken inside. She waited until they were gone and she turned and stared in his direction.

“You may come out shinigami.” She smiled.

Kensei was surprised but he did come out. She covered her mouth when she saw him and he cocked his head to the side. She smiled a little and she bowed low before him.

“How'd you know?” He asked gruffly.

“I know Head Captain Yamamoto. I refer to him as Old Man Yama.” Asuna said with a small grin.

“Well you do know him then. I am Muguruma Kensei.” He said bowing.

“Captain of Squad Nine.” She said smirking.

“How'd you know that?” He demanded.

“Your haori.” She laughed.

“Oh yeah.” He said feeling dumb.

“It was good to meet you Muguruma Kensei. I am happy to know you.” She said moving past him.

“Do I know you?” He asked.

“Perhaps. Maybe you knew me in your ningen life.” Asuna stated with a tight chest.

“Yeah right.” Kensei said actually laughing.

His laughter affected her as she had heard it so rarely. She turned and she was suddenly in front of him. She pressed her forehead to his and he was shocked at her display.

“You would be surprised who I knew Captain Muguruma. You have a beautiful smile. Please do not be so red faced in the future.” She said in soft whisper.

Kensei had to take a deep breath and he was affected. Why he was so affected he had no clue but it felt like a magnetic pull. Asuna had to fight to keep herself from kissing him as she knew his habits and it was not to fall into bed with a stranger. She was growling and he was shocked to see red eyes. She was fighting her beast and she crushed her lips to his. Kensei was again surprised as she sought entrance into his mouth and for a moment he gave in. She tasted sweet and he was again affected. He jerked himself backwards and she was suppressing tremendous snarls.

“What the hell. Sorry onna. I ain't loose morally speaking.” He said roughly.

“I know.” She said in a heavy growl.

“I've gotta kill some hollows.” Kensei stated dumbly.

“I am staying at the castle near this shore. If you like, there is an extensive library on military campaigns. I am sure you are busy as captain but I can leave the scrolls with you.” She said looking away.

“I'd love that.” He said grinning.

“I will return tomorrow with the history of the Western House.” She said bowing.

Kensei watched her leave and she was honestly the neatest female he had ever met. The kiss had been downright awesome and his hakama was a little tight. He was more then intrigued and he made up his mind that the hollow killings needed to take a couple of days.
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She had brought simple foods; sushi, sashimi, gyoza, and soba. She also brought scrolls with rich histories and he was tempted and she was beautiful. Asuna would sit and picnic with the handsome shinigami and he was enthralled with reading as he ate the simple food that he would make himself back at his own barracks. She was lying on her back and she was sleeping as he read and it was simply the most amazing thing. He found out she was the Western princess and she was half inu and half uppyr. She had traveled the world and she knew all about Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. She had undid her hanfu some and it was a hot day. She had brought a large pitcher that held water and he poured some and he gently roused her.

“Hey! Wake up princess.” He said shortly.

“Hmm? Was I snoring?” Asuna asked sleepily.

“Naw. It's hot and you girls wear too much silk.” Kensei said as he held the cup to her mouth.

She drank the cool water and swallowed slowly and he sat it down. She looked over at him and his hair was slightly longer on top then in the future era and no piercings but he was the same. She was insanely drawn to him and she suddenly crawled over to him and sat in his lap. Kensei looked at her face and her eyes were red.

“What's up?” He asked non-chalantly.

“Fighting myself everyday for the past four days. Kensei.” She said as she lowered her mouth to his.

He accepted her kiss and he groaned as she explored him deeply. It had been awhile since he had been intimate. He just was not a whoremonger. She was stroking her tongue to his and then tasting his hard palate. Kensei was fighting his needs and not really wishing too and heat coursed through his body. She slowly withdrew from his lips and suckled his bottom lip for several moments. He was hot and bothered and wanted a cold stream at the moment.

“Okay onna. I'm gonna go and pretend that I'm somewhat of a gentleman and find some cold water somewhere, okay?” He said flushing.

“I need you.” She said against his ear.

“Not like that. Shit your mouth is like a damn drug.” He said slamming his lips against hers.

They kissed passionately as her hands separated his inner kosode. His chest was exposed and so was his “sixty-nine” tattoo. Asuna lovingly ran her hands over her pectoral muscles and he knew he could not stop himself at this point. His own hands went to her hanfu and she went to undoing his captain's haori and his hakama. She pulled the gloves off of him and carefully took his zanpakuto from him. She laid it on his haori and he stared at her.

“Onna. Asuna, sense please.” He tried one last time.

“We do nothing wrong.” Asuna stated.

She undid her hanfu and it fell to her feet. His eyes roamed her form and she pulled him to her. They kissed again and their hands wrapped around the other as they pressed their heated bodies to the other. Asuna wanted him now and she pulled away from him. She guided him down on the blanket she had brought and she began to kiss his chest and his belly. His body was on fire as she tasted his skin. She was licking at his salty taste and Muguruma Kensei was surprised at how much and how slowly he felt like he was loosing his mind. She licked down his groin and she met his golden eyes. She wanted his permission and he was lost.

“Hai.” He said hoarsely.

She licked up his throbbing member slowly and he hissed. She continued to lick slowly and the heat was making him nuts. Asuna was mad about this man and she continued to sample his member. Heat continued to pool in his belly and Kensei's chest was heaving. She lapped her tongue against his head and Kensei partially sat up.

“Onna! I am going to come. Shit, I'm going to come.” Kensei moaned out.

She swallowed him and his body reacted instantly. His hand threaded in her hair as he groaned out and he arched against her mouth. Asuna swallowed his release and he was drowning in the experience. He fell flat on his back and she pulled back slowly. She licked her lips and his eyes were closed to the small trembles that wracked his body.

“Kensei?” Asuna asked as she ran her hand over his torso softly.

“Hai?” He asked in a forced whisper.

“Are you okay?” She asked with passion.

“Hai. I'm great.” He rasped.

Asuna had taken up slowly stroking his member to hardness again and he was responding. He was unsure of what she wanted exactly but when he felt her core at his staff; Kensei's moan was heady. She slipped down him and he was sweating heavily. He sat up and met her lips in a passionate dance of lips and tongue as one hand rested on her lower back and the other in her hair. She did not move and only accepted his offerings. He should have been hunting hollows but by the Kamis he was lost in this amazing female. He felt something pressing in on him and he was sweating bad. He did not want to stop kissing her but he had to breathe and he moaned out loudly.

“Kamis what's happening?” Kensei asked desperately.

“Your reiastu and my yoki. Feel you magnificent man.” Asuna mumbled as she devoured his mouth again.

She rocked back and forth and it was too shallow but it made him groan. He was crushed under the raw amount of power and he was trying to take deep breaths as she continued to move on him. He pushed her back and their mouths kissed and sucked at their lips. He moved his lips to her jaw and neck as he thrust harder and she met every single one. Kensei could not brace himself for the slamming of the energies and he barely managed to keep himself from falling against her. His arms were shaking and he felt completely drained. Never in his life had he felt such a coupling and she rolled and reached for the water. He managed to sit and he proceeded to drain the pitcher of water. Asuna had a soft smile on her face and he looked over at her. She said nothing and she proceeded to dress as he regained his bearings.

“What is this?” Kensei asked almost ashamed of himself.

“It is intense attraction and need.” Asuna replied.

“I don't do casual. I don't fuck around.” He said turning red.

“Good because I do not want casual and perhaps the second on occasion but I think I prefer to make love to you.” She said smirking.

He just sat there and she was staring at him softly. Kensei looked up and it truly hit him what she wanted and what she was saying. She wanted to have some sort of relationship. Then it occurred to him that she had spent the last few days preparing him. He cocked his head to the side and he had been “handled” expertly. Asuna watched a myriad of expressions cross his face and she still could barely hear anything telepathically from this man. Kensei dressed and he turned to stare at her

“I'll see you soon, okay?” He gruffed out.

She smiled and she took his hand. She left lingering and soft kisses on his fingers and shudders went down his spine. Asuna looked up at him and his eyes were wide. She winked and she back up to let him think and get back to his duties.
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Asuna was furious and she could not find her past self at all. She had been well hidden and she actually had to make appearances here and there to keep the timeline correct. She was beginning to get extremely anxious but the only thing going normal was the ending of her pregnancy with Naraku's youngest daughter. She was naming her daughter Tenshi and Naraku was inflamed with her. Kensei had remained fairly busy with his life in Soul Society but she had surprised him by showing up once. Their moment had been rather passionate and he had been rather red faced at his behavior. Asuna had given him a knowing smile; Kensei was determined to find out her secrets and he had begun to research his amazing lover. The days were lazy and normal and that drove her insane. No Maec, no wyvern, and absolutely no Akemi. Nothing was happening and she was just building stronger ties with her pups and her loves. Life was peaceful but she still ached for the boy that her nemesis had given her and she did not know. So when she went into labor with Tenshi, she was surprised. The pains started in the morning and it was so completely normal that it made her hopeful. Asuna ported to the Northern Castle and her mate blinked at her surprised.

“She comes.” She whispered.

“Now? She comes now? Is it not too soon?” Naraku asked concerned.

“No. This is normal.” Asuna laughed softly.

The rest of the evening and into the next day she spent bringing what should have been part of a set of three. Tenshi had black hair with her stripes and soft brown eyes. Naraku stared at her in shock at her tiny self and she was amused beyond belief. She could only deal with certain lovers at this point and he was one because of their history. Mizuki was not even born yet so this was his first glimpse at fatherhood but she would have to bring Tenshi to the future. She needed her brothers; Yunru and Yong. Lei had named his Yunru which meant charming and she had stared at him in his arrogance and laughed. Yhea had been a little bit more sentimental and named Yong which meant brave. The brothers were getting along well now and that made her happy. They both adored Naraku which made the hanyou grin. He liked to be adored; he was arrogant enough to enjoy hero worship. She allowed Naraku a few weeks with Tenshi before she returned to the modern era and gave her infant to her hanyou. He was very affected and her brothers were around the same age because of the time shifting. Asuna had planned carefully; they had been womb mates after all.
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She began to venture further and further away from her base and she decided she was going to have to be brave and search in Hueco Mundo. She would search in Soul Society next. She felt good and she was not pregnant. She had seen her Aunt Kagome and she was taking the herbs to suppress her body for now. It was not very effective but it did help. She wanted to grab herself a Shouten and have a talk but that would alert the Shouten in charge that she was here. She felt his aura and she turned to see Muguruma Kensei and she had a wistful look on her face.

“Hello Captain Muguruma. You look well.” She said bowing.

“Been busy killing a bunch of freaking hollows. What're doing?” Kensei asked arching a brow.

“I was hunting.” Asuna shrugged.

He saw her stomach and he frowned. She watched him and he was shocked her baby was not there anymore.

“I had her recently. She is with Naraku.” She replied.

“I see. What're you onna? You tell me you're half blood drinker but the more I read the more I realize there's like a whole bunch of them.” He stated flatly.

“I am empusae.” She said to see if he recognized the word.

“You're one of those kind?” He asked shocked.

“Hai. Distasteful? I am sorry to hear that from you. I can see that it bothers you. I have a little Ramanga in me as well but the empusae blood dominates.” She explained.

“Yet you look inu?” He asked.

“Hai. I favor my father in color and I do have the true form of an inu.” Asuna murmured as she neared him and ran her fingers along his chest between his kosode and shihakusho.

“I don't think it's gross or nothing but I like to know. I told you I'm not casual.” Kensei said flatly.

“I know this Kensei.” She said pressing against him.

He lifted his gloved hands and he kissed her deeply. She kissed him in return and Kensei wanted to properly be with her. He stepped back and sighed.

“I've gotta get back. I came looking for you.” He admitted.

“What are you thinking Kensei?” Asuna asked.

“I'm thinking I want you in Soul Society so I can take my time properly.” He said running a hand through his hair.

She nodded and she took his hand. She ported them back to the gate and he was surprised. She smiled and she followed him. He knew she could get in and he had no clue how but she could. They went through and they ended up at the Ninth Squad Barracks and he stopped by his office to check on things. She could see him tense and she could remember him this tense in his ningen guise as well. She came up behind him and she began to massage his shoulders and he let out a surprised moan.

“Onna. You hungry?” He asked trying to think about something besides making love to her.

“Hai I am hungry. You are a good cook no?” Asuna asked running her hands on his shoulders.

“Yeah. I'm decent.” He murmured.

He led her to his private room and she was watching him like a hawk. He was getting bothered and he managed to put together katsudon. She watched him cut up the pork, eggs, and onions as he served it over rice. She picked up her chop sticks and ate with him. He poured some sake and handed it to her and she sipped on it as he did his.

“You did know me didn't you?” He asked suddenly.

“What do you mean?” She asked raising a brow.

“You said you knew me when I was ningen. I thought you were joking but you weren't.” Kensei stated.

She shrugged and he was sitting there dumbly as she ate.

“Did I live a long time ago?” He asked.

“Hai. You were a soldier, same now as then. No, I will not tell you anymore. Just know you look almost the same and you were an incredible man then as you are now.” She smiled.

“I'm surprised.” Kensei stated flatly.

“I am not. I was meant to know you then and now. Kamis your food is so good.” She grunted as she finished it off.

He smiled as she downed the sake and set aside the bowl. He finished his off and they sat on a small porch area outside of his rooms. He chose to stay with his squad and she noticed no tabi socks. She smirked at the memory when he told her he had hated them. They were speaking of most things military and they ended up drinking his whole stash of sake. She was watching him and she made no moves to touch him. She wanted him to come to her on his terms this time and he was so relaxed that it was nice. Hatred grew in her gut of what Aizen ended up doing to him.

“Aizen?” He asked sitting up.

“I said nothing.” She said surprised.

“No, I heard you say Aizen.” Kensei snapped.

“I did not say anything Kensei. I was thinking the name.” She said shocked.

“You know that little rat bastard?” He asked.

“Not really. I know Captain Hirako briefly.” She said leaning back.

“Yeah ole Shinji.” He smiled.

“May I share your bed? I am slightly inebriated and I should like some sleep.” Asuna stated rising.

“Hai.” The Ninth Squad captain said gruffly.

She rose and she entered his room. She slowly undid her dark blue and white hanfu. Her obi was patterned in floral and one subtle stripe of blue silk ran the length of the heavier silk. Asuna slowly undid the obi and undid the first robe and it was short sleeved and it revealed an under robe of sheer white silk with wide sleeves. Kensei was in his door as she slowly removed the layers. She pulled a couple of combs out of her hair and his heart was hitting his chest in a steady staccato rhythm. She was bare to his hungry gaze within minutes and she looked over her shoulder.

“Are you sleepy too?” She asked.

“Naw. I'm gonna take a walk.” Kensei murmured scratching the back of his head.

“Okay.” Asuna nodded.

She lay down and she faced him as she lied on her side. He bowed a little and he slid the door shut behind him. His chest was nearly heaving and he wanted to spend time with her. He didn't want to jump her like a fucking teenage boy. He shunpoed to a nearby lake and gazed at the water to get himself back under control and he saw his good friend the Captain of Squad Five; Hirako Shinji.

“Hey.” Shinji remarked.

“Hiyori giving ya shit again?” Kensei asked smirking.

“I swear no one can love that girl! She hit me again and I'm supposed to take it. What's a man to do Kensei? Rumor is you gotta hottie in your room ” He chuckled.

“Hirako!” The other captain bellowed.

“I'm just saying! A man's allowed some love here and there.” The blonde said in defense of himself.

“Asshole! It's not like that and I'm not a skank like you.” Kensei snapped.

“I'm wounded!” The Fifth Division captain stated with a wide grin.

Kensei saw himself getting no peace and he left. He went back to his room and she was asleep. She only had his blanket over her hips and it made him groan almost. He changed quickly into sleep pants and settled in beside her. He could smell her hair and it smelled so freakishly good. His right hand rested on her hip and shifted a little. His senses became filled and he moved her hair softly and he placed a soft kiss below her ear. She made a breathy sigh and his lips lingered on the silky skin. Asuna slowly woke up and he was brushing his mouth against the skin below her ear.

“Kensei.” She said as it just flowed from her lips.

He lost his mind and he claimed her mouth. His mouth was demanding and coerced entrance into hers. She obliged as he actually growled as he took and swept his tongue and mated it to hers. She wrapped her arms around him as it was deliberate like a long slow dance. Sucking of tongue and nibbling of lips as he built up an intense fire of desire. The need for air caused him to wrench his mouth away and she arched her long neck and Kensei hissed softly. Fingertips ran along the front of her throat as she whimpered for him. He was in daze as she reached for his light sleep pants and pulled them down. He said nothing and he realized he did not need to. He nudged her here and there and she seemed to blossom for him. He kept his lips unhurried and leisurely as he sampled her pink flesh. When he came to her pale pink buds; he softly kneaded the full breast and breathed against the sensitive tip. Asuna was moaning softly and withering as he warm mouth suckled for a moment then would let it go.

“Please do not keep me this way Kensei.” She whispered in need.

“What way onna?” he asked nipping the same tip with his blunt ningen like teeth.

She gasped and she stared at him with her youkai eyes. He was mesmerized as he did it again. She growled weakly as he watched her face. He let fingers trail down her flat belly to her sex and slipped a single digit into her hot, moist center. He continued to watch her amazing ruby colored eyes as he worked her. Kensei went back to barely biting her tit and she was growling in short gasps. The only thing he wanted at the moment was to see her how she would react to her climax. He stroked her to bring about that end and she was getting louder as he hit a sweet spot deep within her.

“Hai. You are gasping in now. Let me see you come onna. You got to see me that time and you got to taste me. I'm going to do the same.” He whispered as he stroked faster.

Asuna was too far gone in her inner beast to answer intelligibly. She threw her head back as she gulped in air and she whined softly as her knees shook. Her back stiffened as her walls clamped down and intense waves flowed along her belly throughout her. She yelped out as she rode her high. She felt him and his tongue and she whimpered in inu. Kensei was suddenly flush against her body and his mouth crashed against hers. He was commandeering this and he wanted her to taste her release. She groaned as he lashed his tongue to hers. He lifted himself up by one arm and pulled one leg up alongside him and thrust with some force into her. Asuna screamed out and he moved in and out of his lover fluidly. Kensei could see her face and he pulled her up by the back of her head. He eagerly met her lips and she kissed him with such intense hunger. He actually growled more and he jerked himself back. He maneuvered her to her belly and angled her hips just a little and Asuna was like putty in his hands. He clutched her shoulders and lightly bit at her neck as he thrust wildly. She too was wild and he was not giving her a chance because she had reached climax several times already. She was shaking and her rational mind was gone. It was almost like he could read her mind and she could not reach his throat. He heard her plaintive whines and low whimpers as their bodies united time and again. Kensei heard her gasp out a strange name and he stopped fully.

“Hey! You there?” He demanded.

“Hai! Hai! Why did you stop?” Asuna growled out.

“You know where you're at?” Kensei demanded.

“Captain Muguruma Kensei. Squad Nine. Damn it! Why did you stop?” She whimpered.

“What name did you say?” He hissed in annoyance.

“Your name in Latin. Damn it Kensei!” She said clawing his futon.

“Oh.” He said turning red.

She was annoyed and drowning in him She had said his ningen name in her passion and he had been jealous. She bucked her hips and he made a noise. He was embarrassed and he suddenly pulled back. She refused to let him act the fool and she was on him. She slammed her lips to his and the passion was mounting again quickly. She lay against him and he again took control. Kensei threaded his hands in hers and she drew her legs up. He thrust hard and their bodies were slick with heat and sweat as the sound of their joining flesh became intense. He relaxed into the furor and the damn annoying build up reiastu took place again. His lithe and beautiful youkai lover began to moan and beg incoherently and their bodies were so slick.

“Oh Kamis. Shit!” He ground out.

The onna under him shook violently as their shared energies exploded in them. A guttural groan escaped his throat as he was thrown into agony of beauty and perfection. The immense pleasure was mind numbing to be sure but the purity of the bliss made him shake as well. This time he did fall against her and her arms held him to her tightly as she gained her senses.

“What the fuck?” He rasped out.

“Our energies. It is no issue.” Asuna said weakly.

“No issue? You call that no issue?” Kensei stated and he realized she had passed stone out.

He was in shock and he realized she had felt this before. She was not surprised like he was. She knew some of his quirks very well and he could only surmise that she must have indeed known him very well in his ningen guise and probably was his lover then too. He found the idea somehow odd and exciting but he pulled back from her body and pulled the blanket over them. He ended up passing out as well.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Asuna came to and she felt good. She was still in Soul Society and she sat up. Kensei was already gone and she figured he had to be in his office or with his squad. She stretched and she found a note with hiragana on it. Simply stated; working. She decided to search for lost child here in Soul Society and she knew of a hot springs not too far from here. She dressed and she ported over to the hot springs. She slipped into the hot water and she groaned. She soaked for awhile and she felt eyes on her.

“I know you are watching me shinigami. Who are you?” She called.

“Just wondering who you are.” She heard in a silky smooth tone.

She rolled over in the water and she saw Aizen himself. She narrowed her eyes and she could not raise a stink no matter how much she wanted to. She bared her fangs and growled.

“What is a youkai doing in Soul Society?” Aizen demanded.

“Head Captain Yamamoto is an old friend and I am also mated to a Tomoshibi. Mind your business shinigami.” Asuna said sneering.

Aizen knelt near her clothing and he looked over at her with his ever present pleasant smile.

“Fine clothing. Seems to need cleaning.” He said as he chucked it in the water.

“You little bastard!” She growled.

“Have a pleasant stay.” He smiled warmly.

“Watch your back boy!” Asuna yelled.

“Thank you for your excellent advice madam. I shall remember your lovely face and your beautiful breasts.” Aizen said with a nasty smile.

She was furious and she was also without any clothing. The bastard needed a pummeling and she ported directly into Kensei's room. He was there and he was filthy. He stared at her completely wet and she blushed hotly.

“Sorry.” She said looking down.

“Need some clothes?” Kensei asked.

“Hai.” She nodded.

He went to his closet and he pulled out a black shihakusho and hakama for her. She pulled it on and tied the stays and she pulled on her slippers she had worn the previous evening. It was sleeveless and Kensei shoved down his lust. She felt better and she knew he had things he needed to do.

“I will be around. I have some searching to do here in Soul Society.” Asuna remarked.

“Okay. When I get done with my crap and patrol; you wanna have dinner in the Seireitei?” He asked.

“Hai.” She nodded.

He nodded and he changed into fresh clothes. He left and she ported to where Seagaia would be and she saw Kaita. He was shocked to see her and the brother of Kaimei and Kaito came forward.

“Any idea where your brother would hide something?” She asked.

“Uh no idea. Why are you here inu?” He asked surprised.

“I am furious with Kaimei and I am in search of someone before Maec finds him.” She said bluntly.

“Kaimei is in the future.” He said.

“I know. That is where I am from.” She said turning to leave.

“You risk much.” He chided.

“I risk much by not coming here. I will not allow Kaimei to dictate no matter if I bore him Kazaki and Hikari or not!” She growled.

“Oh man. What a mess.” Kaita stated.

“If you hear anything, will you find me? I am in the Seireitei right now; Squad Nine.” She said bowing.

“Hai. Why the shinigami? Kaimei would have a fit.” He murmured.

“My business.” Asuna said porting out.

She continued to try and feel anything or anyone that was of the Shouten or Tomoshibi but not a soul did she find.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Amedeo had taken off into Europe but she made him leave Justinus and they had fought. They had fought so badly that he had slapped her rather hard. She still had not budged on her decision. Asuna had called him selfish and reckless when he had been captured before. Amedeo was pouting and he had a nasty temper. Her relationship with Kensei had become rather intense and it was obvious he was fighting his own heart. She already knew hers in regards to him. She did not bother it and just let it run its course. She poured over maps of Soul Society; courtesy of Kensei and of the world. She was going to have to face some Shouten. She had information about previous lovers of Maec and she wondered who the mother of Nveid was. Yuuta was at the castle and he saw her deep in contemplation and it hit him how much she looked like Sesshomaru when she was thinking.

“What is on your mind?” Yuuta inquired.

“Finding myself.” She stated honestly.

“Are you serious?” He asked shocked.

“Quite. I am missing.” Asuna said sighing.

“Good Kamis. How? Why?” He asked stunned.

“Because I think I carry the son of my enemy.” She said standing.

“Asuna?” Yuuta asked in alarm.

“No fear. Maec wishes to possess me and use me. He wants me alive in order to do so.” The inu princess said.

“Use you? Do you mean for rutting?” He demanded.

“Hai.” She said looking at the gardens.

Yuuta was growling and she looked over at him. She wanted to smile at his almost innocent response. She was beyond such and she hated how she had used herself to get what she needed and wanted in the past. She also found the Shouten king to be gorgeous and addicting. She hated his guts as well but the son of a whore was just so damn good at being a male harlot. Yuuta watched her and she seemed ancient almost. There was none of the innocence in her that she had as a pup. It almost grieved him now that he truly saw it and he was upset by it.

“You are missing and what Asuna?” He asked.

“My pup. My son is dead or missing and he was taken or killed by two people I should have been able to trust with my life but they betrayed me.” She said clenched her teeth and fists.

Yuuta watched as blood dripped to the floor from her palms that she had gouged with her claws. He could tell things were not black and white for her anymore and he wondered at this Shouten. He knew he had seen him once and the creature was something. She sighed heavily and she walked past Yuuta and kissed his cheek. She ported as she walked and he astounded by what she had told him.
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////
She stood in valley and this had been the place of a major battle in the extreme past during the One Great War. Touga had managed to lead the West to victory against Ryukotsusei in a decisive victory. She was pondering deeply at so many things and she stiffened.

“How did I know you would search?” He asked coldly.

“The same reason I knew you would.” Asuna retorted.

“You have found nothing I presume.” Maec said with narrowed eyes.

“You think I would tell you?” She said clenching her teeth.

“Of course not. Did you have your brat?” He asked cruelly.

“Hai I did. Kaito fixed your screw up.” She said walking past him.

“Because I asked him to.” He said smugly.

“You asked Kaito to do that?” Asuna asked shocked.

“Oh yes Isha, I did. So shocked? I can keep my word occasionally.” Maec laughed with no mirth.

“Do you miss Sanra? I put her head on display you know. I burned her body.” Asuna taunted with a nasty smirk.

Maec's face twisted in anger and he neared her. He grabbed her jaw and pressed his nose to hers.

“Such a mean little bitch. Was that supposed to piss me off or something?” He asked gripping her jaw too tightly.

“Perhaps but I know Shouten traditions. I have seen the graveyard in Hueco Mundo.” She said snapping fangs.

“Oh? How very depressing. Shall you like to see the tr'Awnhi graveyard?” He asked grabbing her hanfu.

She breathed too hard and Maec noticed. He was feeling it too as he gave up the adversary thing for the moment and slammed his mouth to hers. She buried her hands into his lush, dark hair as they kissed like they normally coupled, desperate and out of control. He ripped his mouth from hers and kissed her throat.

“I want our son. I want to see what he looks like.” He said in her ear.

“Hai.” She acknowledged.

“You are so beautiful my hateful, harpy like enemy. I know he will be beautiful to gaze upon.” Maec said kissing her mouth several times.

“He is mine. Do not think I will let you have him. I will not.” She hissed.

“Oh? He is mine.” Maec smirked.

“Then this will not end well.” Asuna growled.

“I do not expect it will end well for one of us. You are just too stubborn.” He grinned.

Maec stepped back and he went to phase and she grabbed him. He was in Astana and she looked around in disgust. He smirked at her face and he slammed her hard against his bed. She slapped at his hands and he ripped open her hanfu. He found the sight of her in old fashioned clothes to be strange but they were rich and beautiful. Maec was in one of his moods and he lowered his mouth to sample her breast. She snarled and he lost his head. She had birthed the blasted female and by his Gods she tasted so sweet. Quivers began in her belly as he ravished her breast and she could not think but then she could not really when it came to this bastard of a man. She truly had to admit she hated him in the same breath as desperately wanted to save his soul. She also desired him badly and she also refused to admit she might have feelings for him. She hated his guts profoundly. Asuna was not fighting him at the moment and he was astonished. She ripped his clothes off and she growled at him.

“You want them off?” He asked amused.

“Hai! Off now!” She hissed.

Maec phased them off and she jerked his face down to hers. She was growling and snarling and he was getting so bothered.

“You want me?” He asked nuzzling her neck.

“Wanting your body is not wanting you wraith, very big difference. Female rulers had their studs all the time.” She retorted.

“Oh really? Am I a stud Lady Asuna?” He growled in her face as he snapped his hips.

She whined as pain and pleasure washed through her.

“I hate you!” She said raking her claws deeply down his back.

“Every damn time I see you! I know you do.” Maec said in sarcasm.

“Kamis hai!” She screamed out.

“Shhh lover they do not know I am home yet.” He hissed in her ear.

Asuna lost her head yet again with this man and she sank her fangs into his neck. Maec was seized up in the washes of pleasure and he used his body to pin her.

“You evil bitch.” He whimpered.

She yanked on one nipple ring and he groaned more. She was suddenly very much into being evil and she shoved him off. Maec sputtered in anger and annoyance but groaned out as she swallowed him. He was getting very much into it and his eyes were closed. Asuna fully pulled back and she closed her hanfu.

“Stupid ass. Rot!” She said porting out.

Maec fell backwards on the bed and he was furious. He had not a clue where to look for her and by the Gods he was hard as a freaking rock and wanting to pummel her to the ground.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
She had scrubbed her skin raw and she was getting out of the onsen. What she did not expect was to see Aizen again. She saw his face and it was apparent he was alone. She threw him with her will and he hit a tree. She grabbed her yukata and he was behind her.

“You seem to be overly aggressive towards me. What have I done to you?” He asked calmly.

“You are a con artist of the first rate.” Asuna stated knowingly.

“I am?” He asked innocently.

“Hai. Are you here without permission or are you here with your squad?” She demanded.

“My captain is nearby. You intrigue me. I am not easily intrigued.” Aizen stated bowing.

“Inu youkai Aizen. Nasty temper and bitches are known to bite dicks off and shove them down the males' throats.” She said with a nasty smirk.

“Sounds like foreplay.” He laughed softly and then he was gone.

Asuna really wished she could bash something in the head. This was not going how she planned. She had planned to find her son or what was left of him and that thought made her sick. She sat down at the base of a tree and she tried to think. She wanted to see Kensei and she did not wait long simply because there was hollow activity. She sighed and she went to observe. She saw her shinigami lover and she saw Shinji. The Fifth Squad captain amused her endlessly. He was good natured and extremely intelligent. He acted a buffoon to disarm others. They were again in the West and she wondered if her family had targets painted on their backs. Maec was here in the past and by the Kamis he looked good. She hated the self centered, evil bastard but he was a god in the male form. He made her salivate and that was one of his weapons. He was made to look good and fool others. Her mind was deep and she felt Kensei near but she also had no counted on her issues within the youkai world to reach out and slap her in the face. She was tackled to the ground by none other then Katashi himself. She blinked up at the gorgeous male inu and he looked pissed.

“What the hell is going on with you?” He demanded.

“Pardon?” She asked him confused.

“You are supposed to be on the continent! You are supposed to be with Sheng!” He snarled.

Katashi was exasperated. He had scented his mate and he had lost his head. He was here searching the islands for the damn whore from his past and here she was but he scented closer. Katashi looked at her face and her flat belly and he made a noise. He jumped up and he looked furious.

“Again? You lost the pups?” He asked in sudden upset.

“What in Kamis name are you going on about?” Asuna asked confused.

“The pups Asuna! Our pups!” He yelled.

“Katashi you know about me.” She said softly.

“You are not you and oh Kamis! Why are you here now?” He demanded.

She knew the shinigami were out and about and she sighed. She took Katashi's arm and she began growling fiercely.

“You have a lot of nerve to come back.” She aloud and it appeared to nothing.

“Asuna?” Katashi asked confused.

She whirled and she used her considerable mental prowess and Maec was thrown. He rolled as he appeared corporeal and he stared up at her just really pissed off.

“What the hell?” The Manchu lord asked surprised.

“You left me hurting Isha. I am not a very patient man.” Maec growled.

“Many would say you are not a man at all and I do agree sometimes. Who mothered Nveid? Was it this Nia Besud?” She asked in a taunting way.

“Yes as a matter of fact she did. I rather enjoyed her until she got it into her head she had an opinion.” He retorted.

Katashi pulled his fang and Maec slammed him backwards with a glass like pike.

“Do you not recognize me fool? Yes, I am the one that was kissing your lovely mate's lips. I was the one making her flood as I made her scream. You on the other hand were taken in by my lovely sister.” He said cruelly.

“Maec!” Asuna snarled.

“What? Afraid green eyes here to know the truth? You seek it often. Let me see. Sanra was lover and Bai was her daughter. I arranged the marriage between Sanra and Shan Lao when I saw the look that little twerp gave my lovely sister. You know why I had him as my pet Isha?” Maec asked in a very nasty tone.

“Please enlighten me.” She snarled.

“Let me see. He told me I could take my dictates and dictate to myself. His words! Imagine my surprise when Jing Shan Lao grew a pair. No one thwarts me and lives.” He said as his eyes began to change.

Katashi was in shock and he was bleeding.

“I live Maec.” Asuna said suddenly slicing into his chest with her claws.

He snarled in pain and withdrew from Katashi.

“You live because I have not tired of you yet but with you the way you are that will be soon enough.” He retorted.

Katashi was growling in fury and Maec looked amused. Asuna saw her old mate suddenly back up and the winds blew up around him. She stared at the black inu and she suppressed her lust. He was just so pretty it was shocking. She felt the shinigami around but with Maec around she did not want to risk too much. Unfortunately for her and her luck; Kensei appeared after killing hollows and feeling the strange power. Maec's head whipped around and he saw the bastard he saw before in the future era. He saw the robes of the Soul Reaper and he stared at her.

“YOU!” He said growling.

“Maec!” Asuna yelled as she ported near Kensei.

“Who're you?” Kensei demanded.

Asuna saw Tachikaze in its shikai state and she grabbed Kensei's hand. He felt the upsurge in power and so did Maec. Katashi watched in surprise and Konkisaiga appeared in her hand. Other shinigami appeared and Kensei was surprised when she pushed him behind her and she had him wrap his hand around the hilt. The flare of reiastu and yoki exploded and she released a nami that would have obliterated Maec if he had not phased out in time. He was furious for one, his hair was messed up and two; the sheer amount of power the two possessed together told him this was most definitely another elemental being. Kensei was panting and she was fighting back so much.

“Katashi! Go to Akita. I will be there tomorrow.” She said breathlessly.

He barked but she had to port Kensei and herself. Neither could contain what it was and he slammed her hard against the ground but not on purpose. Kensei felt out of control as he ripped at his clothes and hers. She struggled with her stays and their joining was desperate. His breathing was uneven and he was never out of control. Asuna's beast was also out of control and he hit her in a way that drove her over an edge. Kensei had a violent release as he felt tremors shoot through him of such intensity. He became distantly aware that she was at his throat and he could feel her tongue. The orgasm had been riveting and now this was threatening to overtake his senses.

“Onna? Asuna?” He croaked.

She released his throat and her lips were stained with his blood. She was growling and she stared at him.

“Mine!” She snarled.

“Onna your inu self out of control? What happened back there?” He asked in a stronger voice.

“Mine!” She growled again.

He made a frustrated noise and she was wild. He pulled back and she was on all fours and her markings were jagged and untamed. Kensei found the sight erotic and exquisite but she did look dangerous. She moved over to him and she grabbed his chin. She kissed his mouth slowly and it made him moan. Asuna leaned him back and she straddled his hips. Never once in all his life had he lost total control of his spiritual powers or his self control. Asuna was not in control of herself and she fell against him.

“Mine.” Asuna's beast snarled softly in his ear.

“What's up onna?” He said trying to be calm.

Kensei was not afraid of her; quite the opposite but she was not in her rational mind. He knew enough about youkai and she was out of it. She was liable to do things her rational side did not agree with. Little did he know that her rational and primitive natures were in total agreement on him. This male was superior in both sides of her mind and superior males needed to be marked and needed to mark the female. She bit into his throat again and it was harder but she made it that agonizing bliss again. There was no pain and he was not prepared for that. He did not expect her bite to bring such raptures and he was sucking in deep breaths. She brought back her mouth and she crashed her mouth to his and he tasted his own blood. She slowly withdrew from his mouth and he stared at her.

“Bite me.” She growled loudly.

“What? No.” Kensei grumbled; frowning.

“Mine!” She yelled at him.

“Onna if you're suggesting what I think you're suggesting then no. I'm not a reckless man.” He reasoned.

“You are ours. We have known you too long. You were Marcus before you were Kensei. We loved you as the Ulpii and now as our shinigami.” She said in her raw animalistic way.

Kensei blinked at her and she told him his ningen name and it was the same one she had said when they had coupled in his rooms the first time.

“I can't.” He whispered.

“Kensei please do not deny us.” Asuna said licking along his ear.

“What were we?” Kensei demanded softly.

“You were married. We could not be more then we are now. We refuse to have you away from us again. We were younger and foolish.” She said clutching at him.

He mouthed the word married and he could not fathom the idea. She possessed his mouth again and he loved the intimacy.

“Please Kensei. Please make us one. Please.” She begged of him.

He could not handle the begging and he closed his eyes. He had no idea what the hell he was contemplating but Kensei gently nipped at her jaw till he reached her juncture. He felt so crazy at the moment but he heard her panting and moaning softly.

“Bite down. You cannot hurt us.” She demanded.

Muguruma Kensei bit down and he thought he would be disgusted. He cries of ecstasy startled him and his tongue flicked against the wound. She physically shuddered against him and she held the back of his head.

“Take us in. Please Kensei. Please!” Asuna gasped.

He could not believe what he was doing but he swallowed and then he did not want to stop. The held each other tightly as he took in her rather potent blood. Kensei finally needed air and he nuzzled her neck as she was running her hand through his hair.

“What did we do?” He asked in a heavy voice.

“Youkai mating.” She said sleepily.

“Good Kamis.” He uttered.

“We are stronger together or did you not see that?” Asuna mumbled.

“No fucking clue what happened. I know I've never seen that kind of power.” Kensei replied.

“It is the result of your type of zanpakuto and my own type of yoki. I am an air elemental. Tachikaze is an air or wind zanpakuto.” She yawned.

“Hai. So when we make love or hell even touch?” He asked shocked.

“Our natural and latent powers meld and we can channel the other. I have been wanting to see you channel my yoki. I have not had a chance to train with you yet to do so.” She murmured as she started to fall asleep.

“What do you mean yet? Onna?” He asked sitting up.

She was staring up at him with heavily lidded eyes.

“I will always know you.” She said cupping his cheek.

“Crap. How in the hell?” He asked stunned.

“My son is gone. I want our own someday too. I would love to feel…” Asuna mumbled drifting into sleep.

He was stunned and they were out in the open. They were also vulnerable and he picked her up after straightening their clothes. He felt his neck and it was already healing; the idea that a bite from a youkai could heal this fast was unreal to him. He heard ancient tellings of passing through time but it seemed impossible. This onna seemed proof that indeed it was possible and he had given into his passion. He saw the mark on her neck and it was actually already healing too and it was strangely striking on her skin. Kensei became aware of the malicious presence and he whirled with her in his arms. He saw the dark haired being across the way and he looked downright pissed off.

“I suggest putting her down.” Maec stated in a hateful tone.

“Screw off.” Kensei replied.

“I have faced you twice now and I will defeat you Soul Reaper.” The Shouten King said in fury.

Asuna came to but she was exhausted. She saw Maec and Kensei let her down. She had a physical tie to him now and she grabbed his hand. The Western heir surged her yoki through him and he was amazed at the sheer raw energy. He pulled Tachikaze with his other hand and commanded it to its shikai state. Maec went to phase but he was cut into by an invisible wind blade. Kensei put his hands together and released a whitish energy that spread and it shock waved out. Maec had to steel himself as the speed was so fast. He was slammed into a jagged rock and he gasped in pain as the volcanic sediment pierced his corporeal self. Asuna surged her yoki again through Kensei's hand and his blade took on greenish hue.

“Slash him!” She said quickly.

Kensei shunpoed and Maec was cut across his chest deeply and he roared out in pain. The Ninth Squad Captain appeared beside Asuna again and she watched Maec suffer. Part of her twitched but she knew he would do the same to her.

“Do not threaten him again Maec.” Asuna whispered with anger.

“Oh Isha. Bitch!” He yelled.

Kensei shunpoed with her away and Maec had to phase off the rock. It was as he suspected and the fucking Soul Reaper was a slightly less powerful version of her.

“Fuck!” He yelled in pain.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Delight bubbled up in her at the same time as self recrimination. She shoved down the recrimination and watched Kensei as he tidied up his rooms.

“Are we like a couple?” He asked.

“Something like that. I am empusae.” Asuna remarked.

“Yeah onna I got that. I'm also a captain in the Gotei Thirteen. Not exactly a normal situation here is it but then how many youkai go around screwing with shinigami?” Kensei demanded.

“You would be surprised. You were magnificent.” She stated in a soothing tone.

He looked in a small looking glass and the mark she made was healed. He felt really energized all of a sudden and he just felt great.

“What the hell's going on?” Muguruma asked impatiently.

“My blood is worming its way through you and it will change you subtly. I mean it will not change you into a youkai but you will feel a little different. If you had been mortal then you would have my life span.” She shrugged.

“So why didn't we get like this before?” He asked pointedly.

“I asked and you told me no. I wanted you but you said no and I took it at face value.” She shrugged.

“You wouldn't let me tell you no out there.” He said jerking his head indicating the other plane.

“I love you Muguruma Kensei! Why should I continue to live without you? Why should I continue to be without you in my life?” Asuna demanded.

“Because I'd like to plan my life. You didn't ask. You demanded.” Kensei snapped.

She growled and he watched her as it obviously displeased her that he was upset. She sighed and did not feel like fighting with a man she adored so much. She ported away to let him sort his emotions and she knew how to get out. When she appeared back in her plane; she decided to check in Europe for Amedeo. Justinus missed his Chichi and they were in Italy. They walked along and they made it a splendid villa. She knocked on the door and she was admitted by a mere ningen onna. Amedeo came from other rooms and Justinus ran to his sire.

“Si! My boy!” Amedeo cried hugging his youngest.

“You needed to see him. I am sorry that we fought.” Asuna sighed.

“No you are not. You are angry that I was taken by surprise and that we were taken. Well I can say that I am sorry till I am blue in the face femmina. You are like a damn barracuda when it comes to your children.” He said making a face.

“Well I am sorry I am not like every other succubus out there and have many babes and just say oh well! Not that manner of empusae okay? I may have been surprised by his birth but Justinus was no less wanted thank you very much.” She growled.

“Haha?” Her boy said softly.

“Please do not argue in front of him.” Amedeo said calmly.

She grew angry and she stormed off. She slammed open the villa door. Asuna walked down the streets of Rome in the seventeenth century and she felt a presence she knew. She began growling softly and she could not escape her minor distractions. On a hill was a very well dressed man. She knew him and it was obvious he knew her. Amedeo was not far behind her and she stared up.

“I was not done speaking femmina!” He snapped.

“Amedeo.” She breathed.

“What?” Amedeo snapped.

“That bird brained bastard!” She hissed and she ported out.

She appeared on the hill and Plinnius watched her. His face held anger and he was watching the dog female carefully.

“You arrogant whore. You have nerve to come here?” He asked in his rich tone.

“I go where I wish bastard.” Asuna growled.

“You ruined a perfectly good venture for me.” Plinnius said getting right up in her face.

“I really do not care buzzard. You are nothing to me and I was glad to see you humiliated.” She replied in anger.

Amedeo appeared on the hill and Plinnius looked over at the obvious reptile. He was not dumb and he knew the legends of the basilisk.

“This is the missing mate? Brilliant lizard. Your mammal here is quite the trouble maker but she is a tight fuck.” He said smirking coldly.

Amedeo made a hissing noise and his arm changed to that of his reptilian nature and he wrapped it around Plinnius's throat.

“You would do well not to insult my wife in front of me bird, si? I do not take kindly to winged things as they normally served as food. Now get the hell away from us.” He said in a very nasty way.

“You made me your enemy woman and I will tell you that I will make it my mission to harm you. You basilisk are apart of a dying breed. Your enemies shall be my friends and you will regret getting in my way!” He snapped as he ported away.

“Charming femmina. When did you meet bird brain?” Amedeo asked snorting.

“When I came looking for you and Justinus. When I woke up Fabius and when I delivered Miku and Itsuyo.” She replied sighing.

His face clouded in anger at the mention of his half brother and he crossed his arms.

“What the hell is going on with you and him?” Asuna demanded.

“I was the rex and he wished to be. He always pushed me to the edge and tried my patience.” He growled.

“He wanted the throne.” She said in understanding.

“Si. Our father's death happened when I was fairly young but I was his heir.” Amedeo stated flatly.

“I think it time you shared all of your history with me Amedeo.” She said sighing deeply.

“Why femmina? What does it change?” He demanded.

“Because I do not understand everything and Gabrielus is still gone! I should like to help establish your tribe again but you have to wallow in your old pain! Well I need your information to help save part of my family you pompous idiot!” She snarled.

“By the Gods it was so long ago Asuna. Where do I begin?” He asked softly.

“Start when you took the throne.” Asuna said gently.

“When I took the throne…when I took the throne? There were no humans in Italy; only the reptiles and the occasional mammal. When I took the throne; Egypt was my contemporary and I was the biggest fool the Gods ever put on this earth. I will start from then.” Amedeo said in a lilting way.

Asuna listened and she realized that for the first time she might have a clear picture of the Black basilisk history.

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