A Bleach Melody

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Title: Tasting the Strawberry
For: ash365 on Y!Gallery
Summary: Ichigo has a slight crush on someone but doesn’t do much about it until the crush comes after him.
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Ichigo couldn’t stop staring at the man. He just couldn’t!

Well, said man was really an Arrancar. To be precise, the Primera Espada, Stark. How in the world it had come to this, he had no real idea.

Ichigo had been kidnapped in place of Orihime, after having shoved her away from them and towards Urahara, demanding that he take her out of there and protect her. And the man had, and in return, Ichigo had been taken. Thrust into a room, Aizen had come to visit often with a now fixed Grimmjow or the silent creepy one, or even Gin.

Those three never watched him while he wondered Las Noches, seeing as Ichigo usually tried to kill them after a few minutes of being around them. The last time Grimmjow had watched him, the cat Arrancar had ended up with three broken ribs and several bruises.

Finally Aizen had broken down and had Stark watch him at night and for most of the morning before Gin or Tosen came to watch him during the day. He could stand Gin pretty well, as long as the fox shinigami didn’t make any passes at him again, but he could barely stand the blind shinigami. He annoyed Ichigo to the point of wanting to let his inner hollow out and letting him rip the jerk apart.

Of course, that lovely surge of power had several of the Arrancar following him around for three days before Ichigo got tired of it and started to throw things at them, threatening to rip their dicks off. How was he supposed to know his power would attract strong male Hollows? He knew next to nothing about hollows.

Since that day, he wore a bracelet to hide his power. He was still stalked by most of the male Arrancar running around, but they were easily shooed away with a swift kick in the ass.

But the one that captured his attention so completely had to have been Stark. The only one that didn’t show any interest in him what so ever and it drove Ichigo nuts.

Sighing softly, the shinigami slipped farther into the water, soaking out all the wariness that he had been feeling that day. Gin had taken to sparring with him, teaching him everything he would need to be a powerful shinigami in the war. Ichigo could tell there was more to Gin then he showed everyone else, including Aizen.

He just couldn’t pinpoint it though. It was the same with Stark. Ichigo knew that the man held no love for the hypnosis shinigami, the same as a few other Arrancar, but he still couldn’t pinpoint what was so different about the two of them.

Closing his eyes as his legs drew up until just his knees were poking out of the water, Ichigo let his arms lay on the sides of the tub, hands dangling in the water as his head laid on the back.

[i]’It really is a nice tub. Though I rather like the hot springs to, but after being stared at by a few of the others, I’d rather not go there unless I need to,’[/i] he silently thought to himself, purring quietly as his reitsu flowed over his body. The only bad thing about having the bracelet on was that he couldn’t feel the comforting strands himself.

Ignoring the sound of a door opening and closing out in the main room, he silently bid Tosen, who had watched him that day, a not so fond farewell. Shifting in the tub, he raised an eye brow at the feeling of Starks reitsu. Where it usually felt rather calm and lazy, much like the Arrancar himself, it felt…excited.

As if the man was planning on doing something soon and it was transmitting to his power.

It was odd and made the red head shift in his bath, opening his eyes only to slide down into the tub in his surprise. Coming back up sputtering, Ichigo shoved the smirking Arrancar out of the way and sat up on his knees.

“What the hell!?” he yelled, glaring at Stark, reaching for a towel that sat close by. Grabbing it, he stood up and stepped out of the tub as Stark stood up also and moved to the door.

“Are you done?” the lazy one drawled, his head tilting to the side, a smirk on his lips as he trails his eyes over the very fit body of the shinigami in front of him.

“Why?” Ichigo asked slowly, jerking back, or would have, had the Arrancar had his arms around his slim waist, pulling him close with a growling purr.

“Because, I’ve decided that I should do something that every one else wants to do,” Stark purred into one ear, delighting in the shiver that the move got.

“Do what now?” Ichigo asked. He could feel Starks lips curl into a smirk against his ear as the taller man pulled him even closer to his clothed body.

“You’ll see.”

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